It was a normal flight Amsterdam to Chicago, except Phat was flying

Flying at 32000 ft, all was good.

Until the left engine decided to shit the bed.

We got it under control and landed in Goose Bay, Canada.

From the engine indications, I wasn’t real sure what was happening  with the engine. I’d never seen anything like it before.

Here’s what the rear turbine section looked like after landing:


  1. Fuxxored

  2. I’m glad to be reading this here and not hearing it on the national news.

  3. Packed trucks until 11pm. Making coffee now, then I pack barn stuff until I can go get more boxes at 8am. Then packing boxes until 11 or 12, then driving on roads that just had a mid-April ice storm. Might have to drive down to O hi O and take the toll road.

    MMM will need a pinch hitter this week.

  4. Hope your trip goes smoothly Leon.

    Cold here, wet stuff here with snow/ice/rain starting tonight/tomorrow.

  5. Is all that stuff supposed to be in there? Looks messy.

    Leon, I’ll be happy to do MMM for you.

  6. I have binders of chicks if need be.

    wakey wakey

  7. Glad you’re okay, Phat. At least you got a free vacation in Canada….

  8. Yikes, I’m with Jimbro, better reading it here than in National News. Gulp!

  9. I should point out that those “chicks” I mentioned are actually … chicks. Some chickens.

  10. Went to bed at 9 last night. This cold is kicking my ass, although I’m trying to pretend I’m better. Just zapped my energy. I work tonight and don’t feel like just sitting around until it’s time, but gosh it’s boring around here.

    Maybe I’ll paint.

  11. Is phat the same pilot that used to visit the ONT?
    Glad you alit safely and all are safe, btw.

  12. Dang Phat. Do you get in trouble when you break their planes?

  13. wholly metal shards phatman!!!

  14. I’m glad to be reading this here and not hearing it on the national news.

    Me, too.

    I had a turbopump rip itself apart like that once, but 200 lives weren’t dependent on what I did next. Glad you are okay.

  15. Yikes, phat! Since you mention landing in Goose Bay, were you over water when this initially happened?

    Glad that you and your passengers and crew are all safe!

  16. What got in there to make it all shreddy?

  17. Maybe sucked in a goose.

  18. 32k feet. No gooses.

  19. Your daughter is cute and has her shit together. How the hell isn’t she married by now?

    *runs out of the room crying*

    *considers getting allergy shots so’s I can collect cats*

  20. Her aunt and I have already told her to tell the boyfriend to piss or get off the pot. That is what we had to do. They’re 25 for gosh sakes.

  21. 32000 ft? I’m sure there are plenty of “gooses” occurring if youre in the six mile high club.

  22. I can neither confirm nor deny that one of those turbine pieces is currently serving as a paperweight in my office.

  23. You earned it Phat.

  24. TiFW, we had just coasted in. Our route had us flying way north over the south end of Greenland and then down in to northern Canada.

    The reason this never made the news is that no one got hurt and the airline had a rescue plane up to us 5 hrs after we landed.

  25. Metal fatigue in one of the turbine blades?

  26. You must have really needed a paperweight.

  27. We’ll all have metal fatigue if Car in fills in for MMM.

  28. “… the left engine decided to shit the bed.”

    Soooooo, how many engines does that plane have?

  29. If it’s a 767, two.

  30. Yep, it was a 767-300.

    The maintenance investigation is still ongoing, so no definitive cause yet.

    Engineers are still doing that magic science stuff with boroscopes and slide rulers that only Roamie understands.

  31. Fuckin’ engineers…

  32. The maintenance investigation is still ongoing, so no definitive cause yet.

    “Pilot error.”

    “The engine literally tore itself apart mid-air!”

    “Yes… due to pilot error.

  33. Right before the engine went tits up, did Phat utter the phrase “Hold my beer …”


  35. Are you really going to do a Monday poast, CARin? Because I could whip something up to cover Monday if needed. I just finished this weeks BBF.

    I had to dig out the deer denter so the neighbor guy in the bobcat could shovel my land lady’s driveway where I park also, I slipped him a $20 to dig out the end of my driveway so I can move Mrs. Pupster and Boy2’s cars. Boy1 and Boy2 are out there digging out the rest of it right now. We got about 23″ so far, and it is still coming down.

    April. Goddamn.

  36. We got about 23″ so far, and it is still coming down.

    *Insert obligatory “your mom” joke here*

  37. “got about 23″”

  38. “You must have really needed a paperweight.”

    ““Pilot error.””

    ““Hold my beer …””

    some funny showed up today

  39. How long you planning on living in Southern Canada, Pupster?

  40. I can if need be Pupster. I work tonight, but if I wake up tomorrow and nothing is in the hopper I’ll do it.

    No real snow – but we’ve got about an inch of sleet built up and everything is coated in ice. Most church’s cancelled service this morning and it’s only getting worse … but my restaurant is open.

  41. I think I have a comment in the penalty box.

  42. You’re FREE xbrad

  43. I think I have a comment in the penalty box.

    Don’t call Phat a hosefucker or a window licker on other websites.

  44. Gotcha. That article says the engine was replaced. Pretty quick work there.

  45. Derp, you were talking about the spamcatcher here. I was looking for comments on the aero website. Carin is quick.


    Ghoul alert in 3, 2, 1…

  47. Two factual errors in that article.
    1. We had 8 FA’s and 3 pilots. I don’t have roamie’s slide rule handy, but I think that adds up to less than 14 crew members.
    2. We never attempted a restart, we shut it down per the checklist.

  48. 23″ is a lot of snow. Hopefully it will melt quick.

  49. Ummm, I already volunteered to do MMM. I don’t know why you hosefuckers are discussing doing it, and ignoring me, like I don’t even exist.

    *goes back to plucking images off*

  50. Warning! Extreme curves ahead.

  51. Warning! Extreme curves ahead.

    Why was I expecting pics of hot chicks with humps on their backs?

  52. I already did one already, it’s scheduled.

  53. 23″ is a lot of snow. Hopefully it will melt quick.

    It’s still coming down.

  54. Our weather has been weeks of 30, 40s, then a few days ago mid to high 80s for two days, then 40s… 31.

    Supposed to be maybe hitting 50 the rest of the week.


  55. How long you planning on living in Southern Canada, Pupster?

    I dunno Beasnseses. I like the owner of the company and I’ve got a good boss, the workload is high and so is the stress level. We haven’t put down permanent roots so we could go anywhere. This winter took the bloom off the MN rose. I’ll give it another year I think.

  56. Husband took his mom and daughter to go see Pops yesterday. He walks in and the room reeks of sh*t, is uncomfortably cool, and the window is wide open with the outside temp being 40ish.
    Goes into the bathroom and the toilet is full of crap and stopped up. Mr. Beasn immediately goes to find an aide and ask her WTF? She says that they called ‘the guy’, but he can’t come until Monday. My husband says, ‘I don’t think so. My father is not going to be staying in a room smelling like a sewer, with the window open. You are going to deal with it right now.”

    She goes off, finds a plunger, unclogs the toilet, which they constantly clog up with piles of non-flushable wipes, herself, and leaves.

    They are lucky I wasn’t there. If my husband does not go to the office and bitch up a storm, I will.

    Also —
    At $9000/month…300+/day, why isn’t every bathroom equipped with a plunger?
    Why are they not using flushable wipes? We bought Pops three packets of them some weeks ago, and there are two left.

    And while we are at it, why are they allowed to use the personal hygiene items of one inmate…on other inmates? We have taken up two nail clippers, which immediately disappeared for weeks…..and then suddenly are back in his drawer.

  57. They were so fucking lazy, that instead of finding/using a plunger to unclog the toilet, they took our frail Pops out of his room to another toilet.

  58. Dayum, Beasn.

  59. I always thought the patients who had regular visitors received better care.

  60. IKR?
    My MIL is already upset that he has to be there and she walks into that?
    Beasnette went down to tell her goodbye before she left to go home and she said grandma was crying. She doesn’t like to see him ‘suffer’…part of the suffering is being at the mercy of shitheels. Good thing we placed him close enough for Mr. B. to go see him every day.

  61. I was there for a couple of hours, one day early on. It took two aides to help him toilet….they clogged the toilet…and I’m guessing because I was there, one went immediately to find the plunger. And I wondered then why his bathroom wasn’t equipped with one.

  62. My dad spent his last years in a unit 10 minutes from where he and my mom lived. She visited daily and my cousin (both are retired nurses) stopped by when my mom traveled to FL or to quilting shows with my sister. She caught a lot of stuff they were missing and learned a lot about letting the little things go.

  63. Holy crap, Beasnsnsnsnsn (no pun intended) that’s ridiculous. My mother was in a memory care place for about the same amount of money a month and it was a gorgeous facility. Hair done, nails done, daily scheduled activities, musicians who play for them weekly, beautifully decorated common rooms, daily showers in private room and of course, the place was kept spotless. One of the things we liked best was the complete lack of “nursing home smell.” None, nada. They would not have allowed that kind of situation.

    You’re FIL is getting screwed for the money being paid. And the workers should be flogged. No doubt they have a hard time finding good help. It’s a tough job. Really tough but the situation you mentioned is ridiculous. A problem easily solved. And the place should have cartons and cartons of flushable wipes, as company policy for the patients and the efficient running of plumbing.

  64. My oldest sister was there almost every day and my other sister was there the days the oldest wasn’t. My brother was there 3 times a week and of course, I was there daily when I was home. Lots of people there to see what was going on. I’m sure they didn’t let stuff slide with regard to my mother because we were there so often. On the other hand, we know patients who were dumped off by rich kids, who NEVER had visitors and apparently well taken care of.

    I feel for those who can’t afford decent places or can’t closely supervise their parents.

  65. Oh, and did I mention Paul Ryan is a ***T? Good riddance, you disingenuous piece of crap.

  66. There needs to be a letter written, and notarized, to the management of that home. Someone has to sign off on that, and upper management needs to know.

  67. The weekend people are sometimes the last ones hired, and might not be up to the level of the weekly staff. If you let mgmt know, a procedure might be put into place that will aid a lot of workers, and will benefit all members.

    Then again, they might be lazy assholes, and they will be looking for a job next week. Either way, win for you.

  68. If bean counters are calling the shots, management might not care.

  69. CNN Reveals What Some FBI Sources Think About Comey’s Book – And It’s Not Good…


    Scott, if lots of FBI agents get vocal about Comey’s dickish book, that would go a long way in improving the FBI’s image. There have to be guys whose integrity cannot take the crazy that has been going on.

  70. Was I wrong in thinking that Barbara Bush was pro choice? People keep talking about her “great faith.”

    On the other hand, I’d love for one of you to show me that the pro-choice deal is garbage. As it very well could be.

    If it is true, talk of her, “great faith” is of course garbage.

  71. that sucks, beasn ;

    my wife was all over the mil’s place like a rabid hawk with a personality disorder

    my uncle was in a place that the people truly gave a shit – they were special (in a very good way). he was completely incapacitated and quite frankly a pita – but they treated him amazingly.

    they ran around the same-ish cost.
    9 – 11k/month

  72. All the Bush women are Pro Choice. I believe HW Bush is too.

  73. the fbi has lost all credibility.
    they’ve abused the faith and trust we gave them –

    they’ll have to go a lot further than having a few in their rank with a bad opinion of a book by a guy that should actually be in prison

    i despise what they’ve become

    the dept of ed has armed their 1811’s with automatic weapons – put them in charge of tracking down some bad guys

  74. For Mare:

  75. horrible news on the home front:

    my instapot shit the bed today

    in lieu of flowers i’m requesting cash for a new one

  76. awww, poor instapot. You’ll be missed. Like mine, it has a special spot on the shelf. I use my stovetop one more often.

  77. Dude was “co-parenting” a daughter with another dude and two chicks. She’s not gonna be messed up, no sirree, bob…..

  78. -gay-rights-lawyer-burns-himself-to-death-in-new-york-to-protest-global-warming.

    Dude. Duuuuuude. You are not helping.

  79. When Leon gets back or Geoff shows up, I expect a detailed report about resultant toxic emissions and carbon footprint, estimated scientifically, of the immolation of this waste of atmosphere.

  80. Still snowing.

  81. R. Lee Ermey passed away.

  82. that’s a bummer

  83. Sorry to hear that, XBrad. Saw him at the Blade show a few years ago. Signed autographs all day. Was super nice to everyone and “on” the whole time. It was impressive.

  84. weird that hasn’t hit drudge yet

  85. Born in March of ’44 so not super elderly at 74 if I did my math right.

  86. my wife was all over the mil’s place like a rabid hawk with a personality disorder

    I’ve kind of been ‘at a distance’ because the husband wanted to be the main one helping his dad. When I asked what part I’m supposed to have in all of this, he told me to keep my MIL company.

    Um. Okay. Whatever. My SIL and I have this running joke that we are not the ‘in-laws’, we are the ‘out laws’. (Her own mother treated her daughter-in-laws like that and she sort of felt our in-laws were doing the same to us….with the aid of their sons, our husbands.)

    I’ve been walking on eggshells until yesterday. And then Mr. B. told me when he went to visit today, late afternoon, Pops was still in his p.j.s because his laundry was still not finished. I’ve finally pissed him off enough with my yapping about it that he has released my leash. I will be paying them a visit tomorrow.

    The place is a year old. There are eight cottages each with ten rooms for residents, each resident has their own full bath/toilet, big kitchen open concept common area beautifully decorated and four shared garden areas. For $9k/month every f*cking toilet should have a plunger standing by.

  87. Semper Fi, Gunny.

  88. Dude. Duuuuuude. You are not helping.



  89. Oh, I had to look him up because I didn’t know him by name but I really liked that guy.

    R Lee Ermey…R.I.P.

  90. Suicide by self-immolation? I don’t buy it.

  91. “For $9k/month every f*cking toilet should have a plunger standing by.”

    i’m with ya on that – and by plunger i mean a staff member immediately available to deal with it.

    when you’re paying 108 – 132K per annum for a room, basic shit needs to work –
    put a macerating throne in for fs

  92. Godspeed, Gunny.
    I’ll have an extra one for you tonight, sir.

  93. the interviews i’ve seen with Ermey were very positive –
    seemed like a good guy

    74 is kinda young


  95. Hahaha, love that, Scott.

  96. Our experience mirrors Mare. MIL had the best care. Hospice is still bugging us.

  97. Anyone else reading that DJT muscled Paul Ryan with the list of sexual abusers in Congress?

  98. That would be awesome.

  99. Oso, I hope that’s true. Ryan deserves it.

  100. I used to like Ryan, I’m hoping that isn’t true.

  101. not a ryan fan

  102. Ryan might be one of them.

  103. Ryan used to say all the right things.

    He just doesn’t do them.

  104. i’ve listened to a number of his town halls and interviews – he strikes me as an incredibly douchey little douche

    he’s also a very uninspired and uninspiring speaker

    retirement will be good for him
    hopefully he’ll be able to convince his girlfriend nancy to do the same.
    they’ll be able to play hide the salmon and relive the good ol days of fucking the usa

  105. Ryan used to say all the right things.
    He just doesn’t do them.

    He and Trey Gowdy are 2 peas in a pod, then.

    On a different (maybe related?) note, Fuck any and all of the sexual predators. Drain. The. Swamp.

  106. pelosi & ryan: increases

  107. jamjam:

    That pool party got desegregated, then postponed.

    The Claremont colleges are right up the road from me, and my dad does a radio show there on Fridays during winter and summer breaks.

  108. sean does that mean i don’t have to change my name to moc2 (monkey of color too)?

  109. Until the list is released, I will believe the Trump leverage. He has been going after sex trafficking too.

  110. that was prolly racist

  111. or something

  112. oso i’m glad ryan is leaving – for whatever reason he’s doing so.

    he says it’s for his kids

  113. I suspect that Ryan was selected as Speaker because he knew that the GOP establishment would walk all over him. He’s like Arnold: he talked a good game at first, but once he realized that no one wanted to fix anything he gave up. His leadership of the House Republicans these past two years has been horrible.

  114. and i agree with chi-chi
    something is not right with trey gowdy.

  115. “he knew” = “they knew”

  116. I go back to Matthew Condenetti (the man raising Bill Kristol’s grandkids) and his article prior to the election, where he declared conservatism dead for a generation. He said that we should instead focus on selling ourselves as the better managers of big government, and in twenty years try again to reign things in. I suspect that a lot of Republicans in office feel the same way. Even if they personally believe in cutting the budget and social issues like abortion or immigration, they’ve given up and aren’t willing to fight for those issues because they think that the population doesn’t want it. Trump’s victory was a humiliation for them, because it proved them wrong.

  117. He was probably the one sleeping with Roberts.

  118. “His leadership of the House Republicans these past two years has been horrible.”

    yep –
    he let chuck and nancy bind him nice and tight, ball gag him and shove the speakers gavel up his ass, repeatedly –
    never made a sound

  119. Purple ties!!! True Story. My cousin is a Soros puppet. I started ranting to Dan about Raul’s stupid purple ties. Tin foil guy commenting about Gowdy and purple ties. I binged.

  120. Trey Gowdy: all hat, no cattle.

  121. Ugh. Don’t say the word purple.
    It rained all day, so taking a cue from Car in, I decided to paint today. Just the front door. I knew I had 3 pints of paint on hand – a dark green, a mauvish pink kinda color, and a purple/plum that I wanted to use for something different.

    I took the flag banner off the door, took the the knob & deadbolt off, scrubbed the door and lightly sanded it…
    Guess which can of paint I can’t find to save my life

  122. We haven’t had a new episode of Lapeer Creek in a while. I hope it’s not on hiatus.

  123. Wait til the beer trees start blooming. This season promises to be a good one.

  124. Welp, here in the Wild, Wild West, DD#3 has been an royal PITA for the last few months. We’ve been cutting her some slack since Michelle died, but she has just gotten worse.

    Paul finally confronted her tonight, and it turns out – despite her telling me otherwise – she quit taking her antidepressants a while ago.

    Her reason? She is going to have to pay her own insurance come August, and she won’t be able to afford to pay for her meds.


    She’s got a significant case of bipolar, so she is still at home – it’s the safest place for her. Unfortunately, she treats Rebecca like a rabid dog, so we can’t leave them alone together for any length of time.

    And I tell you guys this because I can’t stand to admit to friends outside of the Internet what an abject failure I am as a parent.

  125. You’re not a failure, Teresa. You have complicated people in your life, and they happen to be your children. They may irritate the hell out of you, but remember that, try as you might, you can’t control them any more than you can control anybody else. Try to be patient and understanding, make suggestions where appropriate, and talk to God. He’ll help you, if you seek the help. Just remember to stay out of the results.

  126. you’re not a failure, TiFW. Sean got it exactly right.

  127. Sean got it exactly right.

    Welp, we had a good run but I guess that’s the end of the world. Good work, everybody.

  128. Thanks, guys. Mostly, I just needed to vent. I know that God has this; I just wish I could get a sneak peek of things getting better in the long run!

  129. What Sean said, TiFW. Kids don’t come with an instruction manual, so you didn’t skip any chapters.

    My dad was hospitalized earlier this year with a bleeding ulcer. He is positive it is a side effect of the Eliquis he is taking for Afib. I talked to him yesterday, and he said he’s going to ask for an alternative to the Eliquis or just not take a blood thinner. He said he’d rather have one good year left than five years of bleeding, weakness, and fatigue. I’ll admit I’m nervous about him stopping a medication but am not going to argue with him.

  130. Yeah, I’m kinda wondering about all the people that aren’t running for re-election. I was wondering if any of those sexual misconduct payments were being used as leverage to move them out. I figure with all the spying that Obama was doing they had dirt on a lot of them and that’s why they always caved. I would bet that he had compromising info on Roberts and forced the Obamacare ruling.

  131. Trouble me, disturb me with all your cares and you worries.
    Trouble me on the days when you feel derp.
    Why let your shoulders bend underneath this burden when my back is sturdy and strong?
    Trouble me.

  132. Insomnia sucks worse than CNN does.

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