Going Dilema

Spring in South Canada has been temporarily postponed.








  1. ww

  2. I love this post.

  3. *tosses Pupster a bacon-scented squeaky toy*

  4. Sorry to hear about your deer collision Pupster. I’ve had many close calls but never connected with one. Only a matter of time. Paula got nailed by a deer that ran right in front of her relatively new Jeep about 5 years ago.

  5. Sorry about your weather, man. That sucks. It makes me understand why old men yell at clouds.

  6. I just feel bad for the poor deer. His insurance is definitely going up.

  7. My spring totally blows too. We’re supposedly getting an ice storm today. Raining like a mofo right now but temp is still above freezing. 36. It’s supposed to fall below freezing as the day progresses.

  8. 24 degrees here, but the wind finally broke. Supposed to gusts to 35 this afternoon, though.

  9. Friend of a friend of the wife was shot dead by a friend of his who thought he was holding an Airsoft gun. Turned out it was the victim’s 9mm.


  10. Oh my God how awful. Two family’s lives ruined forever in a moment of misapprehension and stupidity. Holy shit. Wouldn’t an airsoft gun feel way lighter?

    I just feel bad for the poor deer. His insurance is definitely going up.

    I thought you said it was a hit and run, Pupster.

  11. My .38 weighs 17oz, and Airsoft guns are built heavy on purpose so they can be better training aids.

  12. I just feel bad for the poor deer. His insurance is definitely going up.

  13. That’s because your friend of a friend is an idiot and did not use any gun safety rules. Airsoft safety is the same as any other gun.

  14. Sorry about the deer hit, Pupster. Mr. RFH had a similar event – he said if he hadn’t slowed down when he saw the deer, it would have made it across the road. Instead, it smacked into the left rear quarter panel.

  15. I’m looking over my FB activity log, and I sure wasted a lot of time playing Farmville.

  16. That’s because your friend of a friend is an idiot and did not use any gun safety rules.

    I’m sure the accidental murderer tells himself the same thing.

  17. I thought you said it was a hit and run, Pupster.

    I stopped to exchange information but yaknow, Blizzard. I didn’t get a plate but his ass-hair is all over the side of my vehicle, so I’m hoping for a DNA match at the forensics lab.


    The white lines are not scratches, they are whitetail deer hair. The dent is down low and hard to see because blizzard donchano.

  18. Mr. RFH had another (literal) run-in with a deer, and that one bounced off the hood and took out the windshield. I was amazed at all the deer hair stuck in the broken glass.

  19. I’ve never liked toy guns. Just teaches people to treat them casually and develop bad habits.

  20. I had forgotten that one of my FB friends had taken over his deceased wife’s account, so old posts about “my husband” makes him look gay.

  21. I’m sure the accidental murderer tells himself the same thing.


    Are you joking?? This is exactly how people become accidental murderers. Not following basic gun safety rules. BB gun, air gun, any firearm.

    It being an airgun had no bearing on the story. Firearms instructors often teach with a wooden or plastic replica until they can “trust” the student.

  22. According to the libs on my timeline, “Cheeto” started WWIII today/last night.

  23. “According to the libs”

    if only we could use them as cannon fodder

  24. anyway – it’s bound to happen at some point; so we may as well get rolling

  25. Bleh. I’ve got a project for school to work on all weekend, plus I need to see why my truck is making that weird noise…

  26. I love how prior military experience is so important now, like BillyJeff, Obama, and Hillary had that.

    **offers up another prayer of thanksgiving that Hillary is not President.

  27. the fish were not interested in eating this morning –

    my fishing expedition turned into a nice hike up a stream

  28. “It being an airgun had no bearing on the story”

    Don’t they shoot one another?
    I thought that was the whole point of them..

  29. i see art bell left the building

  30. Aliens murdered him.

  31. Art Bell’s previous wife died at the age of 47. He was 60.

    A cute 22 year old girl from the Phillipines called him to offer her condolences and 3 weeks later they were married.

  32. “Aliens murdered him.”

    hahaaa – that’s what i was thinking.

    i’ll bet the witches are all bummed out

  33. didn’t know about his wives –
    i looked up his latest, found this on a art bell forum:

    “I am not sure she has finished puberty, but then again, I am not acquainted with the culture.”


  34. I was born a poor black child….

  35. My Goddaughter just got engaged. Had to tell her mother I found out via facechimp.

    My daughter’s best bud’s brother is getting married too. Arranged marriage. Daughter is invited to the wedding. In India.

    *wishes I had ten kids because then one of them would be married by now*

  36. If I had a cat, I would totally put wiggly eyes on it’s ass.

  37. I bought a pack of googlie eyes for the office. They show up on various objects from time to time. That’s the office culture I support.

  38. I’ve got a pack of googly eyes at the ready for the next time I visit my kids apartments.

  39. *wishes I had ten kids because then one of them would be married by now*

    Your daughter is cute and has her shit together. How the hell isn’t she married by now?

  40. Oso. Osooooooo. OSSSOOOOOOOO!

    Bosch, Season 4.

  41. I looked it up. The whole point of airsoft is to shoot people, like paintball.

  42. ^Scott knows stuff.

  43. We have Spring!

    Winter comes back tomorrow.

  44. It horrid here. Absolutely horrid. I don’t even want to describe it.

  45. This is from last night, around midnight. We have another foot of snow right now.


  46. If you jump that forward to 1 minute you get the slo-mo godzilla version. The bamboo wind-chimes are the soundtrack.

  47. I hate to say it, but I’d prefer snow. It looks like we have snow on the ground, but it’s actually a build-up of sleet or something. They’ve not just been talking about ice build-up on shit, but how THICK it’s going to be.

    I’m just hoping that it stays further north. My roof is covered, and the roads are apparently already bad. Everyone’s preparing to lose power.

  48. Just downloaded a bear bell app.

    Who knew?

  49. 80°, sunny – absolutely beautiful here today. I was tempted to go to HD or Lowe’s to look at tomato & eggplants, but it’s just too pretty to leave the yard.

  50. It was blowing sideways snow this afternoon, and you could hear the birds chirping. Surreal.

  51. Just downloaded a bear bell app.

    Who knew?


  52. Scott, exactly my point. A gun is a gun.

  53. mare, if you followed gun safety rules, there would be no airsoft game. I believe that is his point.

  54. Yep. Teaching kids to shoot each other guns that look and feel real.

    Disaster waiting to happen.

  55. Mother of the year

  56. from colex’s link


  57. Why is it always Florida? Is there something in the water?
    (other than gators, pythons and dead bodies)

  58. https://is.gd/VizZQL

  59. Why is it always Florida?

    A. Because, apparently, a lot of trashy-ass psychos live there.

    B. They have one of the most open and transparent public records laws in the country. This means that arrest reports for practically every kind of crime are available to news agencies all over the country, so they know they can search for weird stories out of the Sunshine State to drive traffic.

  60. https://is.gd/__When_Dan_met_Oso

  61. Florida has nice weather, which means weirdos can live there with less fear of sleeping out in the cold. Add in all the elderly and the resulting medications floating around…

  62. Ha!

  63. Got a bit more snow.


  64. https://is.gd/ikDGl9

  65. https://is.gd/lFCf91

  66. https://is.gd/XtXDIS

  67. Change of subject:
    Who has tattoos that they regret?
    I’ve been seriously thinking of getting one (two, actually) lately.
    One, for years now, but have put it off. The latest is probably ubiquitous, but I really think I want to now…

    Convince me not to?

  68. Where’s MJ when you need him?

  69. never felt the urge to get one. Mrs Jay got lilacs on her foot, to remember her mom. I can dig that.

  70. I had a neighbor when I was a kid who had a tat on his arm that he got when he was in the Navy back in WWII. It was the most blurry godawful mess you’ve ever seen. Put me off of getting one forever.

  71. Has she ever expressed regret?
    Mom is still here, but that’s the one I’ve wanted for years – the typical American Classic style biker “Mom/heart” – maybe with a gardenia or two. For her.
    That one would be easily hidden with a T-shirt.

    The latest thought, not so much?

  72. Sean,
    The man that I called Dad had a few of those old Navy tatoos. Pinups & such that you couldn’t discern what they used to be.
    The ones he regretted but never hid from us – on a drunken dare one night, he had “sweet” and “sour” tattooed over his nipples. Still legible after 50+ years.
    He hated the fact that he did it, but he owned it and never hid them on pool days.

  73. Go through that pain and then cover it up?

    If you hire a painter to render some nice idea like that on canvas instead, you won’t have something too personal/ potentially badly done/ugly on your body that you’ll have to hide.

  74. She misses her mom a lot, so no regrets at all.

  75. I’m gonna get a tattoo of a heart with “Your Mom” written across it.

  76. If you get a tattoo, make sure you choose the correct artist.

  77. OK. I’ll count that as one vote from Laura that I should get the MomHeart tat on my forehead. Got it.

  78. It’ll go nice with your Daddy’s Girl tramp stamp.

  79. Go through that pain and then cover it up?

    In the immortal words of Dalton, “pain don’t hurt.”

  80. The Roadhouse quote killed it…

  81. Everyone went to watch clips from Roadhouse on YouTube.

  82. Sometimes you just let it go, amigo.

  83. Citizens! sorry I’ve been gone for a bit. Combination of life events and job travels. I’m just not awake when you guys are.

  84. Phaaaat!

    How’s things, flyboy?

  85. Also, this happened last week.

    Shelled a motor flying Amsterdam-Chicago. Had to divert to Goose Bay, Canada. It kinda sucked.

    The entire rear turbine shit the bed at 32,000 ft. I’ve got a great pic of what was left of the ass end of the engine, but not sure how to post it.

    Bottom line, we safely landed at Goose with 200 passengers.

  86. Heh, like everyone is ever asleep.

  87. One of my old AF buddies said, ‘Phat, in the last six years at United you have destroyed two engines and had a baby delivered over the North Atlantic. I shudder to think what is next.’

    Me too.

  88. Does it need to be private, phat?

  89. if anyone else likes ramen noodles, the instant ones, I recommend this cooking method:


  90. No, I just think, just like my Johnson, the pic may be too big.

  91. we have plenty of space here.

  92. Upload it to tinypic.com ,maybe?

  93. Phat, email the engine pic to bariejr@gmail.com

  94. Jeebus but that link is a clusterfuck, Jay. Nothing bit continuous pop-ups on my phone. F the NYT.
    And I’m really interested! I love me some ramen.

  95. https://is.gd/XZbjgp

  96. Pic sent to xbrad. Maybe he can post it.

  97. cook your ramen like usual, then crack an egg in it. Cover the egg with noodles, and let it poach for 1 min (off heat). then mix in a slice or 2 of american cheese.

  98. I thought phat was admin here.

  99. The aftermath is kinda weird.

    I assume it’s a union/company deal.

    Got lots phone calls from the union reps. Telling me about PTSD and to stay away from alcohol. HA.

    I’ve been shot at in A-Stan, this was no big deal.

  100. Jay, maybe because i’ve Been off for a while?

    None of the usual WordPress tabs are there. Maybe because i’m Using a new device?

    WordPress still logged me in, so I don’t know.

  101. Good/bad news, i’m batching it tonight.
    The phatwife is in Champaign for Mom,s weekend.
    I’ve got time to unfuck this and still drink!

  102. Alright, Jay.
    I usually spring for the hoity-toity ramen that goes for 59¢ per serving instead the 10 for a dollar college kid crap. It’s actually pretty good stuff. Yakisoba & Chow Mein are the two brands that come to mind. Lots of different flavors available.

    I like to add in fresh scallions, herbs and whatever protein is leftover (shredded chicken or pork usually).
    I’ll have to try that egg trick. Thanks for that.

  103. New Poat UP

  104. I know I can’t express
    This feeling of tenderness
    There’s so much I wanna say
    But the right words just don’t come my way
    I just know when I’m in your embrace
    This derp is a happy place
    And something happens to me
    That’s some kind of wonderful

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