Hello forest friends,  and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born September 16, 1988 in Prague, Czech Republic.  5’5″ 34G-27-38 and 143 lbs, please don’t fall in love, just fall in line and say hello to Miss Krystal Swift!

(AKA Cherlyn, Cristal Swift, Crystal Swift, Kristal Swift, Krystal, Petra D, Trista, Sophia)






  1. Cute? Meh – kinda, I guess. I’m working on two hours sleep, so my standards aren’t exactly up to par

  2. **clicks on model link

    I’ll be in my bunk, thank you.

  3. sweet boobs of creation!!

    another fine joob by the Pup Pack!!!!

  4. As I’m scrolling through the boob pics our breast surgeon walked by

    “Hi Sue!”

  5. That dress with the arrow point detail is simply dangerous on her.

    Classic Rosetta choice.

    Krystal Swift…..hahhhhhaaa

  6. Krystal Meth

  7. Something not right with that smile…

  8. wakey wakey

  9. My laptop was on yesterdays post…Roamy I lol’d at the link and the “Angry girl shakes brush” Thanks!

  10. aww man, I can’t see the video of Mulvaney eviscerating Maxine Waters in Congress. Stupid filters.

  11. Ug-oh!

    6/10 would smash

  12. Yah, Hulk smash.

  13. More cushion for the pushin.

  14. Smash. With a 2 by 4.

  15. Fleshy. No danger of hip bone crashin’ with her.

  16. But.

  17. 2/3 of kids don’t know what Auschwitz is.No wonder they are fucked in the head.

  18. aww man, I can’t see the video of Mulvaney eviscerating Maxine Waters in Congress. Stupid filters.

    Clickbait hype. He didn’t eviscerate her. If anything she schooled him on who is in charge.

    Much as I can’t stand her, she held her own in the hearing.

  19. Comment by Jay in Ames on April 13, 2018 10:30 am
    2/3 of kids don’t know what Auschwitz is.No wonder they are fucked in the head.

    When I read about this I felt sick. We’ve lost a whole generation to school districts teaching absolute bullshit. Reading, writing and arithmetic? Hell no, condoms on bananas, insane common core math and what state legislature just passed a law about teaching homosexual history in every school?

    I know there is value to lefties having really stupid voters, but it’s such a waste of our tax money giving to schools. Unless you’re in a private school, you’re Asian or incredibly pushed/monitored at home or self-motivated you’re screwed.

  20. And gender isn’t fixed.

  21. I didn’t see the hearing and I don’t care. But I’ve never heard Maxine Waters say anything intelligent. Or even something stupid in a measured, coherent fashion.

  22. The worst part of kids coming out of our educational system is how absolutely certain they are about issues they are entirely wrong about.

    See: David Hogg

  23. well, I’m glad I wasn’t able to watch, then. Thanks HS!

  24. If anyone is interested, article about Weather Underground destruction

  25. My message for these whiny little fucks of the latest generation.

    Riddle me this you little turds, who the fuck do you think invented ALL THIS SHIT? Was it you or the “old people” you’re busy disparaging? You have the audacity to think that you can immediately jump to the head of the line and tell the people that created this current world what to do with it? By what right? How did you earn that? You haven’t. STFU, and get in line. Your time will come after you’ve earned it.

    This “youth” movement is very similar to other “youth” movements in recent history. The Chinese and the Germans both intentionally targeted the youth and (as we all know) the results weren’t pleasant. *for a really crazy example see what and how Pol Pot did what he did in the 1970’s.

    So I think there is a very real reason why the leftists don’t teach our youth about the holocaust, or the genocide in China, or Pol Pot…..whats the quote?

    “Those that fail to remember history are condemned to repeat it?”

  26. WTF? This blog eats every other comment I post?

  27. “Those that fail to remember history are condemned to repeat it?”

    The kids today haven’t learned history. They let some leftest teacher summarize it for them, or they swallowed whole the Howard Zinn version like your mom on a friday night.

  28. I’m going to ask if my nephews and nieces know what Auschwitz is.

  29. I’m pretty confident all my kids know. They all read the Diary of Ann Frank, and our homeschooling covered all that.

    Plus, lots of history channel.

  30. Of course, my argument has always been that kids ONLY knew about Hitler. Had no clue about the crimes of Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot … etc.

  31. I agree with that. They are stunned to find out Hitler is so low on the body count list.

  32. Furthermore, they only hear about the jews. They are not taught that 6 million more people (approx.) were exterminated because they were queers, or communists, or gypsies, or mental patients, etc.

  33. Krystal certainly puts the “big” in Big Boob Friday.

  34. Crazy / hermit lady next door has all of her windows wide open.

    I have never seen an open window over there, not even in the summer and she doesn’t have AC. I’ve also never seen light escape that house. Never.

    Guessing she has no heat and she’s letting in some 60 degree air.

  35. It’s probably to get rid of the odor de la putrefaction

  36. Maybe there’s been an intervention

    Any strange cars in the driveway with state plates?

  37. Hotspur, you know who is a ***t through and through?

    James Comey. That’s who.

  38. The house is falling apart. It looks abandoned.

    She stopped cutting the lawn a couple years ago.

    Just what I want next door.

  39. on FB we were remembering Auschwitz columns and blogs, and someone mentioned an excellent piece by Rachel Lucas (remember her?)

    Powerful. I miss Rachel.

  40. James Comey. That’s who.

    Yeah, first the left loved him, then they hated him, and now they love him again.

  41. /puts band-aids over nipples

  42. Guess I’m ready for work.

    I hope these don’t chaff.

  43. What did I miss? WHy is Carin putting band-aids over her nipples?

  44. 75 degrees!

  45. They are everywhere


    I’ll send Oschi right over. She’s our great snake hunter.

  47. Shame, Mare. shame.

  48. Lizzy Martinez, 17, decided not to wear a bra under her gray long-sleeve shirt on Monday, and school officials felt she became a target of her classmates’ st

    A bra doesn’t even help – or it didn’t when I was a teenager. I hated it. But apparently it’s a thing now and girls are getting nipple injections to have them do it.

  49. My daughter says her fourth grade students know what the Holocaust was. And this is in a podunk, poor, district.

  50. Have I told you all how much I hate that cunt obama, lately?

  51. You know who the titted heffer looks like? McCain’s daughter.

  52. Remember when Rosetta was a little girl and would put smiley face bandaids over his nipples so that wiser would stop pinching them?

  53. Good times

  54. Ongoing drama in the take down Greiten’s witch hunt….

    1. So, the prosecutor allegedly didn’t have a videotape of her questioning the mistress because something ‘broke’. And she claimed noone took any notes. Many, many weeks ago.

    2. A committee released their report yesterday claiming Greitens did all sorts of sordid things to this gal…tied her up, smacked her around, took pictures, threatened her. They only interviewed the woman and her ex husband.

    3. The circuit atty comes out this morning claiming..’My bad. I had the videotape the entire time.” And after reviewing the tape, the atty she hired from outside the state which is against state law, is seen taking notes.

    4. In the videotape, when asked if there was any violence against her person, the mistress laughs off the question and said, ‘no’. She also said there was no camera.

    This shit needs to be stopped yesterday.

  55. Trump pardons Scooter Libby. Bush was a spineless dick for not dealing with the travesty of justice when it happened. Fitzgerald…friend of Comey.

  56. Comey kilt it.

  57. Comment by beasn on April 13, 2018 3:35 pm
    Have I told you all how much I hate that cunt obama, lately?


    Agree 100%. His administration was wildly pro Iranian. Obama was a small, small man.

  58. Beasnette came home for the weekend…or at least today. She has an interview close to home. Keep your fingers crossed for her (me) please!!
    She has two more interviews later in the month within the special school district…but those schools are not in the nicest areas.

  59. I’m disappointed that article didn’t show the shirt the girl was wearing that caused the controversy

    There, I said it.

  60. Car in is just trying to get bigger tips at work.

  61. They are not taught that 6 million more people (approx.) were exterminated because they were queers, or communists, or gypsies, or mental patients, etc.

    Priests, regular people who didn’t fall in line quick enough…

  62. I think I found Rachel Lucas first, then Ace, and then slid all the way downhill and ended up here.

  63. Yes, Pepe, we are always the bottom where crap has rolled down hill.

  64. I followed Rachel’s site too, loved it. Didn’t she have something to do with Bill Whittle or vise versa?

  65. Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.
    Hot Air.
    And now, like a drunk hitting skid row, I’m here.

  66. Crush Kerry (which I think turned into Ankle Biting Pundits)

  67. I saw a youtube video by a woman trying to get Holocaust education mandated in PA. (She succeeded.) She interviewed students at the big PA universities, and all the same-state public school-educated kids were just ig’nant. I asked Mini-me the questions, and she correctly answered all of them except for the one about Eisenhower, she said Patton, and I’m okay with that.

  68. *high-fives Mini-me*

  69. My favorite response is the young lady who said that African-Americans were targeted by the Holocaust. (5:35) I wonder if she ever got a clue.

  70. Blorf.

  71. Home at last.

    When is the next big date Sean? You should take her and her friends to see this:

  72. Creative (NSFW)

  73. Laura needs to lay off the caffeine.

  74. Drudge
    Michelle Malkin
    H1 —> H2

    That was years ago when Malkin was on Fox quite often in the pre-Hot Air days

  75. Jimbro, did you see this


  76. Just watched this again with the boy

    I bought a copy years ago and it’s been one of his favorites that we haven’t seen in a long time. Definitely a cult movie.

  77. It says no longer available but I looked on YT and saw it.

    Pretty amazing play

  78. I’m sorry Mare, I’m just not ready for that kind of commitment.

  79. Huh, now it’s playing on your link. weird

  80. Good one, Puppeh. I actually haven’t seen much of her this week. She said she was doing a down week after running around and doing all kinds of crazy shit last week. And this weekend is a bit of a minefield, since it’s the anniversary of her fiancee’s death.

  81. Heh… the Anti Idiotarian had so many flame wars, they made a seperate “collesium”. Some of those fights lasted days.

  82. “………the anniversary of her fiancee’s death”

    Only the one fiancee died, right? You may want to be careful there, Romeo. 😉

  83. Airstrikes against Syria under way.
    I think the “gas attack” was a set-up. It happened right after Trump talked about getting us out of Syria.
    I question the timing…

  84. Yes, Peps. He drank himself to death, apparently unaware that he had a genetic condition which had rendered his liver weaker than that of the average person. You might think this would turn a person off from drinking, but it actually precipitated her descent into alcoholism.

  85. Anyone have thoughts about Airsoft guns? Youngest has friends who have them and in light of straight A’s last quarter he has been dropping hints.

    Other than the “you’ll shoot your eye out” factor I don’t see much downside. He’s demonstrated excellent safety around real firearms when I’ve taken him shooting and with his grandfather with hunting and I don’t expect the Waldo County deputies to mistake him and his buds for gangsters.

    What am I missing?

  86. Jimbro,
    There have been some real close calls out here in the county. You hear “Three men with rifles approaching Rodgers High School from the south” On the scanner and shit starts to happen very fast.

  87. We haven’t had a chance to talk it over yet since Paula is at work. She texted me that same concern.

    I’d rather pay for him and his friends to go to a paintball course for the day than risk that happening.

  88. Just drove through a blizzard to pick up Boy1, a deer made it 3.5 lanes across a 4 lane highway and then t-boned into my drivers side back door. I think he was in a hurry to get bread, milk and eggs. I just saw a flash of tan/white and heard the thump, looked in the sideview and he was getting up, car behind me went sideways trying to not hit him again. He scampered off into the woods. Big dent in the door. Road conditions and visibility were extremely poor, high winds and sideways snow. I should have stayed in Vegas.


  90. Jeebers, Pup. That sucks, but I’m glad you didn’t hit the damn thing head-on.

  91. Oh dear, what can I do?
    Baby’s in derp and I’m feeling blue
    Tell me, oh what can I do?

  92. Time to swim with the fishes

  93. Wait

  94. Catch some fishes

  95. Yeah that’s better

  96. J’bro – re air soft – better under your tutelage If he’s a good student it’s a nice (and inexpensive) reward.

  97. Plus the very frank discussion about use can get you “cool step dude” points.

  98. We’re gonna have the discussion with him on what the plan for him and his friends are to use them and where. I looked at a few models last night and a lot of them resemble AR’s.

    I’ll offer to host a paintball party for him and his buds as an alternative to judge his true feelings on it.

  99. All kids should know how to use a gun safely.

  100. I actually love swimming with fishes. Just not the Mafia way.

  101. Just keep moving or they nibble.

  102. This is on the way

    Apparently my backyard is the planned designated Airsoft course. One of the kids suggested the woods —- NEAR THEIR SCHOOL —- and was lambasted by the other kids in his clique. I stopped mowing paths in the fields a few years ago when it became apparent the kids weren’t interested in running around out there on a regular basis. This is good news, I’d rather they play in the fields and on the riverbank then indoors or online. Tick checks will need to be a thing.

  103. Good morning, jackwagons.

    Whose turn is it to make bacon and eggs for everybody?


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