Let The Coup Begin Already

We want the coup!

Coup d’etat, Coup d’main, Coup de grace, Coup d’urmom


Oops, wrong one




Still Wrong


Wrong but as funny as a fart on an elevator at a funeral while wearing a wetsuit


Let one rip, no one is around, probably


Jamz got skills. Tiki Thor wants rum


MJ mentioned the slow motion coup the other day. Lots of good discussion about crazy world events followed. Keep your powder dry I guess.



  1. wakey wakey.

    Let’s not forget Hannah’s friend who went cold turkey on his depression meds and had a complete psychotic break.


  3. 7/9 would smash


    You wish.

  5. This is bullshit.

  6. Lots of social commentary in Ready Player One, Car in. Loving all the 80s references though.

  7. Watched my 5 minutes of local news. Wind gusts to 70 mph today. Plus they found the people who killed an 89 year old woman by zip tying her hands and then putting a plastic bag over her head.

  8. Hopefully they incarcerate them using the same method.

  9. Wiser, Ben, and I are doing a very special hour long broadcast tomorrow to summarize the news of the week.

    I’ll refrain from saying anything bad about YOU people.

  10. No I won’t. That was a lie.

  11. This is what young, liberal NYC women are obsessing about now


    They care not a whit about the poison gas in Syria and secretly wish Trump grabbed their pussies years ago so they could be sidelining with Stormy on the news shows

  12. People would be a lot more informed if they actually read the communist manifesto and realized when they were acting like a communist.

  13. No I won’t. That was a lie.

    This is why we have trust issues.

  14. I’ve seen a few stories about the all women club called “The Wing”. Here’s a caption from a picture in one of those stories: “The Wing’s just-opened space in Dumbo, Brooklyn, offers members a strictly women retreat, intended to foster female empowerment.” Substitute men and male in that sentence and watch heads explode. Crazy shit.

  15. So am I depressed because my brain chemistry is off, or because the world is a shitshow?

    I’m thinkin’ a little of both…

    Eh, fukkit.

  16. The nipple story is totally why I hate people.

  17. I felt my IQ drop as I watched that video, Jimbro.

  18. How long before Ms. Jenner changes sex? Probably after ratings drop.

  19. fuggin’ cameras are everywhere –

  20. Poor girl’s nipples never get hard because all the men in NYC are wearing skinny jeans and a man bun. She needs to get on FarmersOnly.com.

  21. There are people in this world who honestly believe this will make them happier and more attractive. These are the same people who steamed their vaginas or vajazzled their vage when those were trends.

  22. nothin’ like a john’s deer to get ya going;
    or so mj was sayin’ t’other day

  23. Say you meet a man who is interested in your high beams and nature takes its course. Can you even milk those puppies after the nip rehab?

  24. So am I depressed because my brain chemistry is off, or because the world is a shitshow?
    I’m thinkin’ a little of both…
    Eh, fukkit.
    The world is out of your control. Your brain chemistry is not.

    And besides you’re funnier when shit’s right. Think about me in all of this, will you please.

  25. There are people in this world who honestly believe this will make them happier and more attractive. These are the same people who steamed their vaginas or vajazzled their vage when those were trends.

    I suspect that many of these folks have nothing inside themselves. No interior life, no interests, nothing to that would make them attractive to someone else beyond physical appearance.

  26. And besides you’re funnier when shit’s right. Think about me in all of this, will you please.

    True dat. I’ve been a little morose with all the crap lately.

    Besides, I work better as a drive-by…

  27. “let the coop begin”

  28. Besides, I work better as a drive-by…
    Nope. You gotta stick around and be funny. Its better that way.

  29. remember when posting links like this earned you a kick in the poon from pjm and others on dial up cuz it fucked with their program?

    7 of 9 fucks not given

  30. Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

  31. MJ, who is Ben?

  32. Mr. Dover

  33. Mare, the Schlichter books aren’t available on Audible. I can’t “read” bools anymore because it puts me to sleep within minutes. I’ve been listening to books for more than fifteen years. I have hundreds in my library.

    So until he gets his books on Audible, I’ll have to pass.

  34. Oh, I know him!

  35. I just read “Indian Country” on the way to this trade show. I like the author but I think he could use a better editor/proofreader. The premise of a divided America is frighteningly plausible, and his descriptions of the inner workings of The People’s Republic would be hilarious if written 15 years ago. Reading them now they just seem like yesterday’s Onion is today’s Washington Post.

  36. Ben owns a company that used to sponsor Wiser’s show. He cohosted for a year and is really thoughtful. Mostly libertarian.

  37. Where is Leon? I found our Press Secretary–she lives South of Detroit. Super cute, presentable, well spoken, very hard right.

    Hope Hicks, type.

  38. Where is Leon? I found our Press Secretary–she lives South of Detroit. Super cute, presentable, well spoken, very hard right.

    Hope Hicks, type.

    Age? Marital status? Photo?

  39. Sounds perfect. We aiming for this year or 2020?

  40. Early thirties, married. No pictures, you perv.

  41. I think 2020 to ride the Trump wave.

  42. This is still bullshit.

  43. No pictures, you perv.

    It’s a man, baby.

  44. ” I can’t “read” bools anymore because it puts me to sleep within minutes.”

    I’ve been that way for years.

    4-5 pages and I am out.

  45. Then to top it off the book falls out of your hands and you have no idea what page you left off, so you end up reading the same chapter over and over.

    Plus with audiobooks I can listen while I’m driving, so I actually get a lot more “reading” done.

  46. Bools are a scam.

  47. I have trouble listening to audiobooks. They are okay while I’m driving, but usually my attention wanders at some point, and I miss stuff. No problem reading reading books. I really have a hard time watching television, most of the programs are just so stupid.

  48. No pics? I smell a trap…

  49. I read a lot and somehow got on Tor publishing’s e-mail list. Probably a free book offer. They constantly push the lefty SJW bullshit and send links to articles like this:


    Does this help them sell books?

  50. Does this help them sell books?

    I get the impression that the SJW crowd, BLM and the rainbow mafia brigade are really big readers.

  51. Mare?


  52. Guns for Children!

    (it’s Bill Whittle, watch it)

  53. They have no children or worthwhile hobbies and can’t live in the real world, so that’s no surprise.

  54. Interesting, Pups. When I’m reading my kindle I’m sending in “content error” (mostly typos but some grammar) to be corrected at least a few times a book. I only remember 2 reading both of Kurt’s books. I must not have been reading them very carefully.

  55. Mare?


    Ahhhh, pretty much.

  56. Thinkin about you today Rosetta. You’re missed.

  57. This morning I was thinking about how I called Rosetta, “Assface” and it made me laugh out loud.

  58. The impression I’ve gotten is that all they read is crap fantasy and scifi. And fanfiction where Harry Potter is a bisexual furry in a polyamorous relationship with Ron and Mary Sue, a young fat-acceptance activist who blossomed into magic late but who quickly learns so she’s skipped ahead three years, which puts her into competition with Hermione but they are still best friends, and she’s in no way a stand-in for the author..

  59. Fanfiction killed it, as it kills all nice thing.

  60. James Dodd points out the fact that we all suck.

    This is the two year anniversary of us learning about Rosetta’s passing.

  61. Oh, and https://tinyurl.com/y7zg2p56

    Oh, and if you have a brother named Chris, give me $50 and I’ll tell you who peed on his boat.

  62. Everybody sing along! https://tinyurl.com/ydbyqth2

  63. To be fair, I think Sean got the ball rolling on FB.

  64. I was going to put the candle in the header picture, but I just didn’t want to bring the room down.

    Godspeed Assface.

  65. I think people like to buy books. That’s good enough. Reading them is hard.

  66. Getting them read to you is much easier.

    Will someone peel my grapes for me?

  67. You know who peels grapes, jay?

  68. People who read.

  69. No one peels grapes, Jay. That’s real retarded.

  70. I just finished a book the other day and I basically have no idea what was going on. Part of the problem is that I read it a lot while falling asleep.

    But part of me just thinks the book kinda sucked and not a lot happened.

  71. It got great reviews, bla bla bla. Maybe I’m just stupid.

    Was Jeff Vendermeer’s “Annihilation.”

  72. Re: Greitens

    The mistress and her lawyer wanted privacy and to be left alone. The circuit atty brought the indictment anyway.

    The house committee only spoke to the mistress. They didn’t talk to any witnesses, didn’t have any evidence, and didn’t interview Greitens. But yet the f*ckers ‘investigated’ and brought forth their ‘report’ anyway. In the report she at first said she may have been coerced but in the latter part of it, she said she had a crush on him, went back again and again, and kept in contact on FB.

    A lot of this is driven by a vindictive ex-husband who the mistress is afraid of, who told her that he would ruin Greitens,…”The woman testified that during Greitens’ run for governor, her ex-husband would send her texts, telling her, “You have coming to you what you deserve. I can’t believe people don’t see behind, you know, what you’ve done. … If this POS gets into office, this is absolutely insane, he doesn’t deserve this, just wait.”

    Someone is paying the ex-husband’s legal fees. The mistress and Greitens are on the hook for their own. “The identity of this anonymous benefactor was not revealed during the man’s testimony last month before a special committee of lawmakers.”

    Some interesting testimony of both, here….the ex-husband comes off as the bigger weasel.


  73. I’m reading afterlife by Marcus sakey now and it good for stoopid peeple like me to understand.

  74. I meant the committee talked to only the mistress and the ex-husband.

  75. I’ll lose sleep to keep reading a book I like, most of the time I’ll read 20 pages or so before bed. I don’t recall the last time I read anything other than an e-reader, it might have been a stone tablet.

  76. I need something to read on the flight home tomorrow, I’ve heard good things about Gravity’s Hammer, maybe I’ll check it out.

  77. Former SEAL Officer Matt Braken has some good books. I think there is a short story titled “What I saw at the Coup” for free on the net. His books are also entertaining.

  78. Besides reading through the Bible, I’m reading Keynes’ General Theory at the moment, as well as A Thousand and One Nights.

  79. That one sounds good, pupster.

  80. $3 on kindle. It’s downloading now.

  81. I’m trying to find the audiobook to go with my peeled grapes.

  82. I got a better deal than Car in on amazon. Only $2.99 instead of $3!

  83. AoS book thread got me into BookBub and they send daily emails of .99 to 2.99 ebooks. If I never bought another ebook I’d have enough reading to last my whole life.

    Which I’ll reluctantly admit, proves MJ’s point about people buying books > reading books

  84. Don’t let him hear you, jimbro. He’ll be insufferable.

  85. I’m sure it’s been asked and answered but WTF is Alex’s avatard?

  86. I got a better deal than Car in on amazon. Only $2.99 instead of $3!

    I guess amazon likes you better.

  87. It’s the loony Facebook shooter.

  88. I think I’m at the point (for me) wherein Rosetta being gone from us is eclipsed by his utter and complete hilariousness. It simply has to be that way.

    He once commented to me (as close as I can remember), “Mare, when I meet you I guarantee I can make you laugh so hard you’ll have liquid coming out of every orifice.”

  89. Which book did you buy, Carin? I’m going to see if Amazon likes me better than Jay.

  90. Nobody can like me more, mare. I’m customer alpha, the one. I move lots of boxes every month.

  91. I’m reading a biography of Hitler. I think its called Hitler.

  92. The book pupster mention. Gravity’s Hammer. The title is a tad too close to Gravity’s Rainbow for me to be completely comfortable, but I’m taking the risk.

  93. Oh, I thought he was joking because it sounded like Gravity’s Rainbow and it’s a slog.

  94. Gravity’s Nipple: A Coming of Age Story

  95. It’s an actual book. See if you can get amazon down to $2.98

  96. mare, I’m always completely serious.

    Except when I’m not.

  97. https://tinyurl.com/y9joujn3

  98. 23 year old substitute teacher got arrested for holding a fight club in his math class.

    Great way to kick off your career.

  99. We should start a book club.

  100. We should start a fight club.

    *punches CARin where her kidney used to be*

  101. Everyone knows fight clubs dont belong in math class, they belong in third-grade.

  102. hahah
    “– https://tinyurl.com/y9joujn3

    scott’s starting his summer early at the lake

  103. the weekend is supposed to be ok –
    i’m gonna try to sneak away for a few hours and terrorize a trout or 2

  104. Here is a preview of my weekend: https://is.gd/Xshr4I

    Why do all weather sites suck? I mean, wunderground was great years ago, now they suck as bad as everybody else, just clogged full of ads and flash bullshit that it won’t even load. It’s so frustrating. Just tell me the forcast you dickless dipshits.

  105. That screenshot is european. Do the math in your head.

  106. As of today, a dozen or more California cities have voted to opt out of the state’s sanctuary policies.
    Tennessee has refunded Planned Murderhood (and all other abortion Mills).
    There may be some hope for this country yet.

  107. Metric weather

    Agree on WU, it’s slow to load and crashes more often now.

  108. *defunded. It’s an actual word, autocucumber.

  109. We’re getting rain and temps in the 30’s.

    There trout will be hunkered down sipping coffee

  110. The Weather Channel bought Wunderground just before it started to suck.

    They tanked it.

  111. Out of boxes for books again. Home Depot is open until 10.

  112. stupid books

  113. Now I want to go fishing, dammit.
    I can walk to a lake that separates my neighborhood from the bad townhouse neighborhood behind us in a matter of minutes.
    It’s supposed to be high 70’s & 80° for the next two days. I don’t know what, if anything, is in there. I’m guessing bluegill, small mouth, some kind of catfish and probably carp.

    DGIF has told me that there are no snakeheads, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find some. I ain’t scared – I’ll try grilling anything I can catch.

  114. You can move books, or give them to Goodwill and get a tax break.

  115. I wondered what happened to Weather Underground. Used to be great.

  116. By the time I was tired of boxing books for the move, I had already come too far to start culling them again. I have already decimated my library twice trying to downsize.

  117. snakeheads – those fucking things have made it into PA. it’s a straight shot up the Susquehanna to nys

    asian carp in the mississippi river system
    snakeheads on the east coast
    longhorn beetles
    ash borers
    Wooly Adelgid
    zebra mussels
    chinese privet
    spiny water flea
    asian clam
    goby (various)

    i’ve been muttering bad words about this invasion for years – i’m convinced a lot of this shit was done on purpose as a form of industrial / economic sabotage.

  118. for weather tracking ive been using intellicast
    it’s been pretty stable for me

  119. i just checked out intellicast –
    yesterday it said 72 ish for saturday NOW –
    DAMMMMNNIIITTTT!!!! Pupster!!! keep your south canada shit where it belongs

  120. i’ve been wanting to build an off road toy to goof around with –

    wiserdude (re)built a soozookee sam-you-rye i think –

    one of it’s cousins (geo tracker) http://tinyurl.com/yao6vduh
    is going at a local auction – i might pick it up if it’s cheap enough

    ppl turn them into neat little fishing/hunting/holdmybeer rigs on the cheap –

    a turbo kit for them is about 200 bucks (http://tinyurl.com/yaneors5)

  121. happy birthday michael :

  122. Can’t think of Rosetta without thinking of hosefuckers, 20 posts in a row ending with “Mare’s going to be pissed”, this song, and tackle-hugs.


  123. English house Sparrow
    European starling

    That list could go on and on, jammy.
    Although I must admit – last time I went out & picked up an Asian Clam, I wasn’t exactly complaining…

  124. For every book I buy, I have to donate two. Blah blah blah hoarding is a sign of mental illness. How many times do you plan on rereading all this crap? (Dan has over 200 baseball/sports ball caps)

  125. I dreamt about you last night
    And I fell out of bed twice
    You can derp and mount me like a butterfly
    But take me to the haven of your bed
    Was something that you never said
    Two lumps, please
    You’re the bee’s knees
    But so am I

  126. wakey wakey. Icemageddon is on tap for today. Hopefully the temp cooperates and everyone is disappointed.

  127. Although I must admit – last time I went out & picked up an Asian Clam, I wasn’t exactly complaining…

    Is this a euphemism?

  128. cough
    wrong thread

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