ADHD Tuesday – pos ramblings

It’s been a weird few weeks. Supposed to be spring but we’ve had snow come and go every couple of days. I saw a patch of green grass near the highway today – that’s hopeful.

The birds are starting to nest and the squirrels are getting all squirrelly. The tree buds have stalled their emergence; that’s a good thing for the fruit farmers I suppose.

How big a pile would humanity make?

Anybody doing any spring cleaning?

Trimming the bushes?

Getting the lawn mower ready? Be careful otherwise jimes’ll make a couple extra bucks.

Turning your fancy to what’s her faces mom?

I see that the same old shstuff is going on with the trump probe

Where’s cyn?



  1. do some thing


  3. Horse sneaked out last night when wife was feeding them, went wild, and trampled the fence getting back in. Horses are recovered, but I’ve got 4 fence posts to replace and hotwire to splice ASAP.

    I only have 2 spare posts.

  4. Tractor supply won’t open for an hour, but it’s a 30 minute drive.

    *twiddles thumbs*

  5. This sounds like a math problem

  6. one. Make list
    #deux. Take crap
    %treis. Drive to TSC

  7. 1+2 can be combined for maximum efficiency

  8. I caught a glimpse of some cherry trees on the way to work yesterday that had just started to open their buds.

  9. No sign of my rhubarb coming up yet but there are a few crocuses starting to emerge.

  10. Hoses get bored. They make their own fun sometimes.

    1) take apple with you to feed the horses
    2) let horses see and smell apple
    3) throw apple as far away from the gate as you can
    4) enter pasture, close the gate

    When I had a paper route, there was one house with a german shepherd that could snap at my hand/arm when I put the paper in the mailbox, it was above the fence but easily within Max’s jumping range. I used to pay other kids a quarter to run along the fence to keep him distracted when I delivered. The owner called my parents and accused me of “teasing her dog”. Bitch. I did a google street view the other day and everything looks so much smaller now. That fence I could have sworn was 6 feet high, looking at it now it is barely 4. Things look different when you are 11 years old I guess.

    This is Max’s house on the street where I grew up.

    We live in an age of wonders, no doubt.

  11. Pup, the feeding routine has been the same for 6 years. For the first time, one horse hooked the gate with his snout and pulled it in, then ran. Never happened before, they usually follow the food to the feeder.

    We’re selling him.

  12. One of the kids who delivered papers near my route feared a dog in a customer’s house. If I was walking on my route and he spotted me he’d offer me 50 cents to deliver the paper. It made no economic sense because we made about a nickel per paper per day but 50 cent is 50 cent so what the hell. To be fair I even offered to trade him a customer and take it over for him but he declined. I wonder where Jessie is now.

    And yes, returning to your home town after years away everything does seem smaller. I moved to a different city at age 22 and used to stop by my folks house until they moved elsewhere ten years later. I’ve driven through for a nostalgia tour a couple of times and all the houses seem so much smaller and the bad areas seem worse. To be fair, it was a pretty crappy city but it was big enough for there to be all sorts of neighborhoods.

  13. i grew up in a rural catskill mountain community –
    solidly middle class families on average with at least 25% of the parents having a bachelors degrees or higher –
    the villages in the county where relatively clean (as memory serves)
    6 black families
    2 hispanic families
    1 of the black kids was valedictorian
    i don’t remember racial tension

    i only rarely go back there – it’s an absolute fucking dump now

    this from Neighborhood Scout dot com:

    ” just 10.14% of people have at least a bachelor’s degree, which is quite a bit lower than the national average for cities and towns of 21.84%.

    The per capita income in 2010 was $19,178, which is low income relative to New York, and lower middle income relative to the rest of the US. This equates to an annual income of $76,712 for a family of four. However, xxxxx contains both very wealthy and poor people as well.

    xxxxxx is an extremely ethnically-diverse village. The people who call xxxxx home describe themselves as belonging to a variety of racial and ethnic groups. The greatest number of xxxxxx residents report their race to be White, followed by Black or African-American. xxxxx also has a sizeable Hispanic population (people of Hispanic origin can be of any race). People of Hispanic or Latino origin account for 29.95% of the village’s residents.

    xxxxx also has a high percentage of its population that was born in another country: 15.98%.

    The most common language spoken in xxxxxx is English. Other important languages spoken here include Spanish”


    it’s looks like mexico and guatemala emptied their prisons on the various villages streets

    rural communities are being systematically raped by our government

    but i’m the bad guy for noticing

  14. i forgot to mention – we had one asian family – they had 2 daughters who were both smokin’ hot

  15. one of my buds growing up went back after school and the army and is now a lieutenant in the sheriff’s dept –
    i hear stories from him – crime, bad crime, is rampant. he’s counting the days to retirement – gonna head south.

  16. wakey wakey. Really bad insomnia last night.

  17. I’m a jerk. I once had wealth, power, and the love of a beautiful woman. Now I only have two things: my friends, and… uh… my thermos. Huh? My story? Okay. It was never easy for me. I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin’ on the porch with my family, singin’ and dancin’ down in Mississippi…

  18. I grew up on military bases. Not a bad way to do it.

  19. Had never heard of mewe, beasnsnsns. Had to look it up.

  20. Who sent me the invite to mewe?

  21. *spams everyone with mewe invites

  22. Man, this is the slowest coup of all time. Just get on with it already!

  23. Mental spring cleaning here.

    Not a drunk, but…

    Step one.

  24. My parents moved out of my childhood home in 1978. I’ve never been back. No reason to.

    My high school had about 800 kids. Not one black, not one asian, not one hispanic.

    I guess we were just a bunch of racists.

  25. If a school in Africa has no white kids, that’s fine, it’s diverse.

  26. Its all a huge scam.

    If there are too many white men, that’s bad, regardless of whether or not anyone else wants in. We NEED more black transwomen plumbers. If not, paying a fine for not being diverse will be ok too. (wait, that’s coming)

    But we don’t need more white men working at Vogue. There aren’t more white men working there, its just that they don’t want to work at Vogue and have made other choices.

    But those transwomen plumbers. Man, if they could just break into that industry we’d all have super flushing toilets.

  27. Africa is a shithole. Good luck with it, China.

  28. dude, don’t use alcohol for a mental problem. Talk to someone.

    I hope I’m misinterpreting that comment, cavil.

  29. MJ, it’s the patriarchy that’s suppressing women from taking STEM classes.

  30. Where I went to school 1st through 3rd grade there was me and two other white students in the entire school. PS 123 on 121st St and Amsterdam in NYC. After that, 4th & 5th grade at PS 125 was pretty much the same. This makes sense when one considers both schools were in Harlem. I cant tell you how much fun it was being in that “diverse” environment 1969 through 1974, its not like real Black Militancy was around or anything, And I wasn’t attacked nearly everyday of the fucking week for just existing or anything….

  31. Only Cowards Carry

    Saw this sign on a drop box in UK (picture, obviously). Note their is a hammer, and a screwdriver. I think you know what’s next on the horizon in the UK. Licensing for tools, too.

    Try and fix something without a screwdriver, or a hammer. Morons.

  32. I suspect China is colonizing Africa as a prelude to ethnically cleansing it. That or just enslaving the natives on their own turf.

  33. Saw this sign on a drop box in UK (picture, obviously). Note their is a hammer, and a screwdriver. I think you know what’s next on the horizon in the UK. Licensing for tools, too.

    Ever wonder why all the “ninja” weapons look like garden tools?


  34. China has been interested in Africa for a long time.

  35. They want the resources, and somewhere smog free for glorious party leaders to retire.

  36. I suspect China is colonizing Africa as a prelude to ethnically cleansing it. That or just enslaving the natives on their own turf.

    I figure that the Chinese want to put up a couple of military bases, and then eventually stage anti-ship missiles and aircraft where they can threaten major shipping lanes.

  37. MJ, it’s the patriarchy that’s suppressing women from taking STEM classes.
    I think this whole argument is hilarious.

    FEM: There needs to be more women in STEM!

    Logic: What if there aren’t women in STEM because they don’t want to be in STEM?

    FEM: Not possible. At least 52% of STEM jobs should go to women.

    Logic: What did you study in college?

    FEM: Kabbalah dance theory and gender studies.

  38. I suspect China is colonizing Africa as a prelude to ethnically cleansing it. That or just enslaving the natives on their own turf.
    I assume they’ll outsource the ethnic cleansing to a favored group, rape the country for whatever scarce natural resources are there, and set up a few military bases close to Europe. And then in 200 years they’ll realize its not worth it.

    Just like everyone else since the Persians/Greeks.

  39. Right, pitting tribes against other tribes until significant depopulation occurs is the easy way to clear the land. Then they can follow up with genetically-engineered virii that kill fertility, give everyone a flat screen TV and Netflix, and in 50 years Africa will be majority Chinese.

  40. Ignore me, I think I’m just writing a novel here, or at least sketching out a plot.

  41. You were, J’Ames. Appointments set up for head docs, talky and bio both. Some standing problems that are out of hand and need dealing with properly. Never was much of a drinker…

  42. I assume they’ll outsource the ethnic cleansing to a favored group, rape the country for whatever scarce natural resources are there, and set up a few military bases close to Europe. And then in 200 years they’ll realize its not worth it.

    Just like everyone else since the Persians/Greeks.

    The Chinese are quick studies. They’ll just grab what they can and bail within a century.

  43. I’m heavily invested in tech stocks. I wonder if I should make some changes.

  44. Don’t keep all your eggs in the same pinata.

  45. I’m planning to prioritize my land strategy and infrastructure for the next few years. I no longer trust the market or the currency.

  46. So Leon, I’ve been meaning to ask you…

    What if the 4th turning bullshit is going to be the fallout from the Trump crisis?

  47. Something big is going to give, soon, but I don’t know if it’s the coup that will cause it. If we get into a major war, that might delay it a while, and shift where the faultlines are.

  48. I think all of the bullshit from the Boomers is going to blow up on Gen Z. We might not be around, but our kids will have to deal with it.

  49. Or the war–if it’s the fiasco I fear it would be–might be the final straw. As frequently it tends to be.

  50. Very likely. The entitlements alone are going to destroy the dollar or the they’ll be dropped altogether to save it.


  52. Heh, looks like Pepe has quite a following in the Craft Beer crowd on FB.

  53. Man, this is the slowest coup of all time. Just get on with it already!

    Oh, but the process is all part of the punishment. Drip drip drip….while bankrupting those on the receiving end. See Flynn, who did nothing wrong. FBI – “We didn’t think he lied.”……Mueller charges him for lying to the FBI.

  54. Srsly, how the f*ck is paying off a hooker a campaign violation and paying a foreign spy to collaborate with Russians to make up a bullshit uncorroborated dossier that is then used to spy on the other campaign and then newly sworn in president, not?

    How is it okey dokey to investigate a $150K donation to Trump’s charity, by some Ukrainian, but ignore the millions upon millions plus favors given to Hillary by the same Ukrainian?

  55. Will we not ever get to enjoy one of these crooked f*ckers pay a heavy price for their Banana Republic justice?

  56. You are only supposed to pick up hooker tabs of $2700 or less.

  57. I’m pretty sure I’ve said, ‘Its a coup!’ a few times before but this time it kind of seems like there’s some real shit here.

    I’ve never heard of a lawyer’s office getting raided before. Hell, I’m so old I remember people refusing to answer questions about themselves because of attorney client privilege–to the FBI.

    My guess is there will be selective leaks of Trump’s tax returns because of this. Its the weirdest obsession but a compelling one for the taint lickers on the Left.

  58. He faces 30 years if he lied to a lender? 30 years?

    That can’t be right.

  59. Who faces what now?

  60. My guess is there will be selective leaks of Trump’s tax returns because of this.

    Yes, and how clever of Mueller to refer it to SDNY to make it look like he would have nothing to do with it and won’t get fired when the leaks started.

  61. Have any of them in the SDNY every gone after Hillary or Huma for classified info being on the pervy dick’s laptop? That has disappeared into the ether.


  63. They are going after Cohen for bank fraud.

    I doubt he got his $130,000 line of credit by telling them he needed the money to pay off a hooker.

  64. They are going after Cohen for bank fraud.

    He should scream anti-semitism.

  65. How does a special investigation in Russian collusion have the authority to raid a private citizen’s office on a matter completely unrelated to the purview of said investigation????????

  66. The left is evil. Period. If your mom, daughter, husband, friends believes in and supports this shit, they’re nuts.

  67. I’ve asked this question before. Exactly how are we to use a completely corrupted system to fix the same corrupted system?

  68. Constitution 2.0 think about it. Its not a question as to whether or not there is going to be a fight, its a question of what happens after the fight is over.

  69. Cohen got a loan to pay off a hooker? How is that bank fraud? We got a line of credit for home improvements but didn’t tell them we were going to do home improvements. We could have done anything we wanted with that money (minus buying sex slaves or blow) and it wasn’t any of their business so long as we paid it back.

  70. I’ve decided Brad Thor is a c*nt.

  71. If the loan was secured, it wasn’t bank fraud. I got the HELOC to buy land, but I just had them write a check on the account when it came time. Anything could have been on the “TO” line and it was on me to pay it back or get a lien on the house.

  72. Speaking of which, it pisses me into Tourette’s Central when I go to the bank to wire money to purchase something and the bank person asks me for what. It’s my money and NONE OF YOUR F*CKING BUSINESS WHERE IT’S GOING. F*ckers.

    Or if I want to deposit cash into my account and they demand my ID along with my deposit slip. (If it’s over a couple of hundred $$). You’re not paranoid when they are really out to give you an anal.

  73. If the loan was secured, it wasn’t bank fraud.

    Which tells me their Stasi tactics are just that. This has the odor of the John Doe raids in Wisconsin.

  74. A commenter at althouses’ supposedly grew up in a commie state. Said it smacks – of a coup – and they are plinking off any allies to isolate Trump. Everything else is just noise.

  75. This might backfire on the left.

    Everyone knows this is wrong.

  76. It doesn’t matter. If they can make it awful for Trump and his lawyer, then they win in the short term. No one will care about procedure or process on the Left. Just gotta get Trump cuz pussy grab.

    But HO LEE FUK the Trump people are going to blow a gasket. He may actually win 40 states in 2020.

  77. Listening to Republicans whine that they’re getting shut out of Facebook is exactly why they are losers.

    How about you build your own dumb internet thing rather than begging to use the service offered by people that hate you?

  78. There are a lot of Clinton seat sniffers on FB who think because Hillary wasn’t charged with anything, she and the dirty cops in our intel communities are the good guys. Even when you show side by side comparisons…and them knowing mishandling classified info is illegal…unsecure private servers are illegal…playing with Putin’s balls for personal gain is illegal.

  79. Pretty sure that the Inspector General investigation into the FBI better start arresting people. Im losing faith that they will get anything accomplished.

  80. It’s all a dog and pony show. The oligarchs have spoken. Their foot soldiers will do what they’re told. Half the population have their head up their asses.

  81. Cruz questioning The Zuck was AWESOME!!!!

  82. Did y’all know that the home invader that the pensioner killed with a screwdriver was a traveler? (Old dude kills gypsy. Now gypsies are getting pissed that their descanso for the dead guy keeps getting torn down and tossed)

  83. i truly believe our government is lost to us. mj’s coup is well underway.

    since the comey thing was front and center it’s obvious that the fbi is a subverted terrorist run organization –
    the only reason to obey anything they say is because you can’t out gun them in a gun fight –
    i hear ppl talking about there are good ppl in the fbi, blah, blah, blah –
    about the same as saying there are good ppl in the mafia, in abortion clinics, etc

    if you’re a good person you don’t work for an organization that goes around ruining ppl’s lives, using the threat of deadly force, in order to promote a power driven agenda.

  84. Ben Sasse was pretty solid on Zuck today, too Oso.

  85. “i hear ppl talking about there are good ppl in the fbi”

    It’s true. They aren’t the ones in DC.

  86. He was, but Sasse is a Never Trumper that gets on my last nerve. The Coup is underway. I think Page and Strozk are talking. DFC. Why is it we have Pruitt’s travel expenses and yet we’re still waiting on just about every fucking thing from TFG and his agencies?

  87. Scott, Boston FBI missed Flashbang and Speedbump. Miami missed Ears Castro. PHX followed Geller shooters to Garland. Orlando cleared Mateen. Mueller was a Whitey Bulger guy.

  88. I’d shit a buffalo laughing if under RICO statute someone had the balls to bring the fbi to heel:

    there is precedent:
    “In two stunning rulings last week, a federal judge said that when the Los Angeles Police Department behaves like the mob, it can be sued as though it is the mob. And like mob kingpins, the mayor, the city attorney and council members can be taken down with the police.”

    anyone willingly participating in organized crime is in fact a criminal

  89. No good cops? Not buying it.

  90. his might backfire on the left.

    Everyone knows this is wrong.

    Scott was right about Hillary.

  91. I think I worked out too much today.


  92. I’m with scott. There’s good cops, and good FBI. It isn’t dirty from top to bottom. They do good things.

    Let’s not get too far over the edge.

  93. Did anyone ask Zuck about the Obama data mining operation?

  94. unfortunate about Robert Bork

    too bad about that Lewis Libby situation

    Yaaahh – Trump maybe could’ve really made a difference, but his impeachment was a real embarrassment … so we need to reach across the aisle a little farther

    progress is great

  95. Pleh.

  96. “Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242 – Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law

    This statute makes it a crime for any person acting under color of law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom to willfully deprive or cause to be deprived from any person those rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution and laws of the U.S.”

  97. “Heh, we do have some corners of the internet:”


  98. Well the FBI screwed up the Nightclub shooting here in Florida. And the FBI screwed up with regard to the High School shooting in Broward. They completely sold themselves in the Hillary investigations. There are about 3 more prominent recent cases that escape me. I’ve yet to see a high profile case wherein the FBI was involved where they didn’t screw up. The FBI are cover your ass sell outs. NOT impressed. Even the recent show sucked.

  99. The top of the FBI is a friggen lying embarrassment.

  100. Oh, just read Oso’s examples those are the FBI eff ups that escaped me.

  101. i never tuned into the zuckerberg the lizard kerfuffle – i’m with mj on this one…

    private business dude. never heard of anyone coerced into accepting his TOS to use his platform

    if ya don’t like it, build your own arena

  102. we should pool our not considerable brain power and create a new social network platform:

    The Poon!™

    Come for your Mom
    Stay for the Lithium

  103. we could have special areas:



  104. Holy shit, the POS FBI raided Cohen’s home!

    Yeah, the FBI are awesome, just a few bad ones.

  105. I know Scott is right, but I’m ready to clean house at the FBI. Use the US Marshals to clean house…start over. The shooter in Aztec fucking NM was interviewed by the FBI in September. Killed 2 kids at Aztec HS in December.

  106. Vegan YouTube Shooter was identified by family…LEOs questioned and released. Priest killer in Cali was 5150’d 24 hours before killing a priest friend of Moron priest a few years ago. Shit gets old.

  107. Scott, I’m being dramatic!!!!! 😜

  108. I know that rank and file FBI are glad that 7th floor Swamp Creatures are finally being outed. Previously, I didn’t know that the 7th floor was the politicized Coup floor.

  109. From what I understand most terror plots are stopped by regular people. Much like how the TSA does nothing. Flyers are the ones who stop the nuts. Oh, and the FBI cocked up 911 too.

  110. I love the Zuckerberg memes about him not wanting a border wall and yet he wants a 6-foot high fence all the way around his chic Hawaii property.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    The locals are really fighting it.

  111. Mare, you have too many cats.

  112. hahahaaaa
    too many cats

    scott you are truly a funny lad.

    i was in a lab today trying to sneak a peak at this chat room – saw the kid with the window thing and started laughing….
    so much for being subtle in my webbing

  113. Is Rensselaer a customer of yours?

  114. Spent my afternoon fixing one of these. The distal cartilage and patellar tendon slip/tear off the body of the patella and the retinaculum tears across the entire knee. Pretty impressive gymnastics injury.

    No gymnastics for a while

  115. i’ve done work at rpi

  116. regeneron has a manufacturing facility there that i go to

  117. that doesn’t look good

  118. how much force do you have to use to bring that back together?

    are they on muscle relaxants after surgery?

  119. Got one of those PCH sweepstakes scam calls yesterday. Missed it and they left a message. Roboscammers, bah.

  120. BC!
    hope you’re feeling better today bruh

  121. chi chi –
    ever get any of these at your feeders?

  122. Oso to Dan: WTF is up with Raul and the purple ties? He needs a personal shopper. Random comment about Trey Gowdy and purple ties. Oso bings Soros a and Purple ties. Oso adjusts tin foil

  123. I wish, jamms! The only ducks I see on a regular basis are plain ole mallards. Used to have a pair visit daily.

    What are those things? Mandarins?

  124. I’m in Vegas for a trade show. One member of our entourage got upgraded to a suite bigger than my house. This should be interesting.


  125. Friend had a suite at the Golden Nugget. Went to suite with him so he could change clothes for alumni party. Suite was amazing!!! He spent less time in suite than Dan and I did in cheap group rate room.

  126. I thought I had paid off my work credit card, which I don’t use since I no longer travel. Nope. Fuuuuuuuck. Oops.

  127. cheech – they’re wood ducks

    they are actually fairly nimble at climbing around in trees

    i had a pair out back last week perching in trees trying to find a nesting cavity

    it’s funny that they turned into moochers at the bird feeder


  129. Beautiful creatures. I love that the males sport a mullet.
    “Business up front, party in the back!”

  130. Little derp you probably don’t know it
    But on the night we met you stole my heart away.
    Little derp I can’t help it if I show it,
    But I wish that you could love me too
    Just as much as I love you.

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