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Your model for today has been featured in gifs but has never been a headliner until today. (PUPSTER EDIT:  MY BAD, MJ featured her in 2013.) Born in Kiev, Ukraine on August 19th, 1988, and standing 5’7″, 42H-24-38 and 112-lbs, she has so many aliases I’m not sure what her momma named her, but please say hello to Katya Sidorenko AKA Sha Rizel, Ekaterina Sidorenko, Katya Gennadievna Sidorenko, Kate Gennadievna Sidorenko, Катя Геннадиевна Сидоренко, and Sophie Nova.


  1. She picks up aliases like your mom picks up sailors

  2. Trying to think of a good caption for that last picture

  3. Under the boob-walk?

  4. Invasion of the pod people?

  5. Get in their face and punch back twice as hard?

  6. Horrifying.

  7. Under the boob-walk?


    Out of the sun, under the boob-walk, we’ll be having some fun…

  8. She seems boobs.

    wakey wakey.

  9. Two mounds in every package?

    She’s the perfect BBF spokesmam.

  10. So, during last night’s period of insomnia – I thought up ways to improve my coop. It’s smaller than I’d like – more roosting bars would be nice.I think I can fix that if I move the door. I’m also going to make one of those “chicken walk” things around the parameter of my garden. That way I won’t have to weed along there.


  11. holy moly

  12. 112 lbs – pup wins funny for the week

    good joob Prince Pupster teh Onest

  13. I either need to set up our new coop to make manure harvesting easier, or find some bedding material that’s more compostable.

  14. The fine shavings eventually compost. I use them as weed suppressors while they compost. Spread them where I’m actually trying to build a new garden and need to kill off what’s underneath.

  15. one of you chicken ppl got me researching fowl that were less space / work / resource intensive and also mawr village friendly –


  16. there’s a quail farm near by –

    i’m gonna give it a shot this year

  17. Cracking tiny eggs is too much work. My hands work best at the L to Jumbo range.

  18. If you do it, make sure you get good ventilation. Small birds breathe a lot more frequently and can drown quickly if they are in an enclosed space. One of the vloggers I used to follow lost her greenhouse quail flock because she sealed it up too well and didn’t make it out there to open/close the door one day.

  19. My hands work best at the L to Jumbo range.

    Heh. That’s exactly what your mom says.

  20. I have a friend who raises guinea fowl, they are noisier than chickens with smaller eggs but bigger than quail. She uses them as her alarm system, they make a lot of noise when something spooks them. Her issue has been they don’t like nest boxes and prefer to lay eggs all over her yard, and they don’t like to come back into the hen house at night. She used to chase them around at sundown to get them in the coop. Now she doesn’t care because they are assholes.

  21. Guineas are semi-feral at best. I am pretty sure someone had too many and talked them up so they could sell theirs off. Nearly every vlogger I follow says “don’t get guineas” after having had them.

    Goats get love and hate. No one seems to hate sheep, chickens, or rabbits.

  22. Friends of ours had/have guineas. They were more for an alarm system and to keep snakes down, than for eggs. Goats are a pain in the ass. They climb on cars and crawl through fences and they eat decorative plants first. Mules are assholes. Sheep are really, really stupid, and they smell pretty bad.

  23. One of my neighbors has guineas. They like to run out into the road.

  24. LMAO over Hillary getting paid $7K less than Snooki to speak at Rutgers.

  25. Roamy, to be fair, one has actually accomplished something with her life.

  26. I’d rather hear Snooki.

    Sheep are really, really stupid, and they smell pretty bad.

    I don’t hear complaints about behavior/noise, I guess. I’m still planning to try them at the new farm. No one seems to hate them, at least no one I’m watching regularly on youtube.

  27. With all the turkeys running around up here in southern canada, I wonder how hard it would be to encourage them to hang out on your land. I don’t know turkey habitat or habits, but I always seem to see flocks of them in the same general areas. Maybe set up some feeding stations and strategically place some brush piles and tall grass pastures? I doubt you could fence them in, but you could make them comfortable on your property, maybe take out a Tom or two every fall for the table just to keep them on their toes.

  28. People do that, Pupster, ditto for deer.

  29. Sheep are really, really stupid, and they smell pretty bad.

    You know what else is stupid and smells bad?


    And your mom.

  30. She’s a green card and two kids away from getting fat and very Orthodox.

    Also, did MJ get lynched in Texas or something? I’m pretty sure his proclivities are still frowned upon out there.

  31. No one seems to hate sheep, chickens, or rabbits.

    My friend just slaughtered her sheep – after only a year or so. She did NOT like them. Smell and they bite. She’s had lots of different things horses, alpacas, ducks, chickens, turkeys.

    She hated the sheep.

  32. She used to chase them around at sundown to get them in the coop. Now she doesn’t care because they are assholes.

    Yep. Guineas are dicks. And they aren’t an “alarm system” either. They don’t need a reason to make noise, it’s just what they do. All the friggin’ time.
    Never could try an egg, because once they escaped the coop, they just roosted wherever they wanted in the woods and made noise all day/night. Yes, they fly.

  33. I’ve heard you REALLY really have to get them used to living in the coop. Like … not let them out for a long time.

    I’d love to get some – to take care of the wasps I get around here. If the chicken guy would have had some I would have picked one or two up.

  34. Breaking: Noor Salman found not guilty on all charges.

  35. The alternatives to sheep are either bigger or worse to be around, so if I want to turn grass into red meat my options are limited.

  36. Veal

  37. I did score some guinea fowl eggs from my friend, they were speckled and pretty but didn’t taste any different than chicken eggs to me.

  38. Veal would require keeping cows. Not interested, at least not at the moment. Maybe small-breed alpaca, but selling the wife on eating alpaca might be tough.

  39. Oh wait, nevermind. Alpacas cost as much as used cars, no wonder no one eats the damned things.

  40. I wonder why nobody has bred a miniature cow or beefalo yet?

  41. You can’t just buy calves and then slaughter them before they get too large, Leon?
    Meh – I guess that wouldn’t be very cost effective.

  42. There are miniature Jerseys, but they also cost an arm and a leg because the population is tiny and in high demand.

  43. Exactly. With sheep, you can start with a few ewes and a ram and breed for quite a while before you even need to get a new ram. Feeder pigs make sense economically, as do feeder steer, but both are much larger animals than I can butcher without specialized equipment, or keep without much more serious fencing. The new farm has power lines through it and a couple of the big towers, so I can’t permanently enclose those in fencing, but temporary electrical fencing to move sheep around on the pasture would be no trouble.

  44. There are miniature Jerseys, but they also cost an arm and a leg because the population is tiny


  45. It was a double entendre. They are small and I think the breeding population is still <1000. The developer of the breed has a waiting list for calves.

  46. Just needs goats.
    You can truck them down to the mooslims in Dearbornistan. It’d be like printing money.

  47. *breed, not needs

  48. Goats are gremlins by another name, near as I can tell.

  49. I would love to have a goat or two simply for lawn maintenance.
    I’m in the city so it’s illegal, but I’m on a very rare acre lot. I could let them clear my back forty, then rent them to everyone else on the block.

  50. New place has 8 acres of cornfield. Some of that goes to horses, either as pasture or hay, but 2-4 acres just for sheep and chickens would let me raise way more than we could ever need.

  51. Sidewalk crouches at her feet
    Like a dog that begs for something sweet
    Do you hope to make her see, you fool?
    Do you hope to pluck this dusky jewel?

  52. I know you’ve crunched the numbers because you are who you are, but wouldn’t 8 acres of corn farmed by somebody else be somewhat of a sweet deal for you?

  53. Am I the only one here who longs to punch David Hogg’s face straight?

  54. Under the boob-walk

    “My eyes are up here!”

    “Oh hai, you must be MJ”

    Mount Boobmore


  55. Pretty universal feeling Chief

  56. Might net $1000-$1200/year, Pupster, and I’d have to live next to it without using 80% of the land. No sale. I’d rather wall off the neighboring fields with evergreens and have a big field of grass and clover that I can eat by proxy. Horses eating free grass and hay is worth $2000/year, and that would only take 3-4 acres.

  57. Not by a long shot, Master Chief.

  58. Am I the only one here who longs to punch David Hogg’s face straight?

    Me, too. I keep wondering when his 15 minutes are up. Same for Little Miss Castro.

  59. Hogg is going to end up dating some 400 lb pink haired gothopotomous.

  60. In Texas, they clear underbrush with goats. They overstock a pasture and the goats eat everything they can reach. Every edible branch below about six feet is gone. They stand on their hind legs. Looks great after they re-seed the grass. Also “if a fence will hold water, it will hold goats”. They get out a lot.

  61. I don’t understand how CNN and their ilk keep giving him a platform. There is video evidence of him lying about being at the school! He is NOT a “survivor,” fercryinoutloud! He is a grandstanding attention whore.

    I predict that his will backfire on the media bigly eventually.

  62. The media and Soros have a lot invested in him. They’re not going to let him just go away.

  63. And I don’t believe the stuff about him not being a student or being at home. He’s a little shit w/o all that stuff muddying the water.

  64. Ugh. I don’t want to go to work. I’m in one of those “I hate people” moods.

  65. What’s not to believe car in? He lied about being at school – this came straight out of his own foul mouth.

  66. I heard that/saw. it’s rather unclear when he meant (later in the day). I’m not defending him at all, but in other interviews he mentioned hearing the “pop pop” sounds.

  67. He was 3 building away when the murders happened. I was on the USS Forrestal when the USMC barracks in Beirut was blown up. By his reckoning, I guess that makes me a survivor. 🙄

  68. Huh.
    I grew up with a man that was on the Forrestal about that time. Maybe earlier?
    The name Friar ring a bell?

  69. I’m tired today. I only worked from 0600 to 1200 and then headed home to overflowing kitchen trash can, piles of dirty dishes and piles of dirty laundry and the family all lounging around in their jammies, staring at their phones or laptops. I might have raised my voice.

    I’m going to make myself a drink and grill some chicken for dinner.

  70. I am now a tenant. Time to pack.

  71. Anyone know of a good podcast to listen to while I work?

  72. Radiolab

  73. I don’t listen to this guy’s podcast but I read his blerg from time to time, he seems like a thoughtful, if dark, individual. I read his stuff. I think I’ve linked him before.

  74. idea after all, Leon.

  75. Crown just broke off. Not enough left of the tooth for another, I don’t think. This should make for a fun weekend.

  76. If you are in the market for a real good pair of ear buds, especially bass, check out, BSR. Best ones I’ve ever heard.

    Collective Soul: Simple

  77. What tooth? When I broke an upper rear molar the dentist said I was better off without a new one Any other one I’d get a fake tooth. I miss it every once in a while but I don’t have phantom tooth pain or anything like that.

  78. I always see Guinea hens brought up when people are talking about controlling ticks. They like to eat ticks is what they say in the articles.

    I’ve had quail eggs on sushi. Uni is sea urchin and it looks like baby poop on rice. Tastes like low tide smells.

  79. Upper right molar. Dentist is seeing me Monday, said to just eat carefully and keep the area clean in the meanwhile.

  80. Ugh, I broke a tooth on Friday afternoon of father’s day weekend, so I know how long that wait until monday is.

  81. Yeah. Easter dinner will be nice.

  82. Ham smoothie!

  83. That sucks, Leon. Guess you’re chewing Easter dinner on the left side this year.

  84. Ham-burger.

  85. I broke my rearmost upper left tooth a couple of years ago. No pain, so I’ve been ignoring it. Went to the dentist a few weeks ago to get it pulled.

    Me: I broke a tooth.
    Dentist: Yep, you need an extraction.
    Me: Okay
    Dentist: come back in 2 weeks for a cleaning, then make another appointment in a few more weeks for an extraction.
    Me: I have to drive an hour and 45 minutes to get here, do it all in one appointment.
    Dentist: No.
    Me: Bye. (actually FOAD, but I was being polite)

    2 weeks later
    Go to another dentist

    Me: I need a tooth pulled
    Dentist: Yep. Here’s a referral to a specialist.
    Me: Seriously?
    Dentist: Yep, we don’t do that here.

    So here I sit with a broken tooth. Life used to be simpler.

  86. Yeah, I’ll likely end up going to see the guy who did my gum planing.

  87. Best place to get a extraction done is at the denture place. Dentists want to save teeth, the denture ones dgaf and pull teeth ALL day long every day. Very proficient.

  88. I might have to get an implant just to keep the opposing molar in place.

  89. boken toof killed it

  90. Speaking of boken toofs, I’m baking bread again.

  91. The National Floors Direct saleslady reminds me of Cyn.

  92. My teeth are so soft, I once broke one on a pierogie.
    When I told the dentist, he said “what’s a pierogie?”
    Both assistants beside us looked at him like he was an idiot. I think he was.

  93. This one died 13 years ago and got a root canal, then a filling, then a crown, then another crown ten years after the first. There isn’t enough tooth left to attach a new crown to.

  94. Laura – What kind of bread? Will there be local butter and jam to go on the warm bread?

  95. A nice crusty sourdough, part rye. I’ve held it in bulk-ferment in the fridge for several days. Took it out after work today, did a couple stretch-and-folds, and let it rise in a warm place. Baking now. After that long of a cold rest it should be nice and sour.

  96. Oh, FFS.
    Some city in TX is celebrating hiring the first female deaf police officer. Yay Diversity!
    What’s next? A blind black lesbian transgender firefighter? This country is doomed.

  97. I have some Irish butter in the fridge. We don’t really do jam or jelly anymore.

  98. What’s Irish butter? Whiskey and butter whipped up together? I’m game!

  99. Peat and butter, whipped together.

    Irish cooking sucks.

  100. I cracked my upper left molar a few years ago and they repaired it. It lasted a year or so and when I bit something just right it cracked again. I waited it out, unaware of anything significant, while mouth bacteria slowly set up shop and raising families in my tooth. Pain drove me to the dentist. He got my wisdom teeth out first in a clever moneymaking scam. Then a few weeks later when I couldn’t take the pain anymore I asked his partner to extract the cracked molar a week earlier than scheduled. Took a while to get the pain under control from all of that. Ketorolac was my friend.

  101. Am I the only one here who longs to punch David Hogg’s face straight?

    No. Little f*cking weasel.

  102. What really gets my goat is when he keeps referring to his weasel-assed pinched face self, as a ‘children’. When I was 17, I was an adult and left home.

  103. Jimbro gets all the good drugs. Must make birthday and Christmas shopping a snap. 🙂

  104. I have broken many toes, almost every finger, ribs, dislocated my elbow (never set correctly), and my skull. Stitches everyday here on my body (including my face).
    There is no pain I can imagine worse than the tooth pain I endured. Maybe that sinus infection headache I had when I was a kid?

    *no – we don’t need to hear about childbirth, dammit!

  105. peety butter

  106. So paranoid about writing scripts now. Back when I started it was nothing to pull out your Rx pad and write a nurse, tech or secretary one for a Z-Pak, Bactrim, amoxicillin, Naprosyn and very rarely Valium or Flexeril. No one ever asked me for narcotics. Everything is so locked up now I wouldn’t dare. Which really sucks because it was a nice thing to do for people you worked with.



  108. Ha! Double Ha!, even.
    That’s the first thing I thought of when I read “peety butter.”

  109. peenie butter

  110. MJ has a recipe for that.

  111. McCabe and Comey are gonna walk. Sucks that this country’s governance is so far gone away from the rule of law.

  112. I still believe.

  113. At this point the Left only likes Hoggwarts cuz the Right hates him so much.

    What no one realizes is that he’s Obamaing.

    He simply uses his victim status as a shield and then deploys a ‘teachable moment’ heap of dumb.

    And he knows the media will cover for him when he says something mean.

    One moment he calls his Senator a child murdering nazi, and then issues a plea for finding common ground on common sense solutions that are common sense and also common.

    Hogg is the new Obama.

  114. Meh.
    He’s the most recent recipient of The Soros.

  115. Comey’s probably gonna walk, but I think Horowitz will get McCabe.

  116. I got Horowitz from your mom.

  117. Weird moment at the Good Friday service tonight. Elderly gentleman went up during Adoration of the Cross, held his hands out, shrugged his shoulders like confused Travolta in Pulp Fiction, then sat back down.

  118. Perhaps he was waiting for an According-to-Hoyle Miracle.

  119. If Comey walks but McCabe and other flunkies go down, that might be better. Show the rank and file that they wont be protected if they go along with misbehavior.

  120. The folks that have turned are still on the payroll. The ones going down have been fired, or quit, see McCabe,,,

  121. Really hoping, ChrisP. Hoping the guy at The Conservative Treehouse is right and they’ve been getting all their ducks in a row and are going to start hammering people.


  123. Need a companion
    A hidden prayer
    You know you’re not losing your mind
    What’s left you make something of it
    The derp and what’s left above it
    The way you want nothing of it
    Baby I’m yours

  124. 5 teens over last night. Two for Boy 2, one for Boy 1. An entire 12 pack of Mt Dew has vanished. A ginormous pepperoni pizza was gone 20 minutes after we brought it home. Oddly enough the veggie pizza I got for Paula and me was left undisturbed by them. Paula was up and out the door by 6:15 for work and I’m left here to manage the chaos in her absence. Odds are good they’ll be sleeping till 9.

  125. Have you hidden the eggs yet? You should get that done soon.

  126. *calls for beanseses*

  127. Bean slippers would be an awesome prank. Bean Crocs are disgustipating.

  128. I bought Sour Cherry Peeps and Reese’s Rabbits for the younger crowd. They’re more likely to eat that shit and wash it down with a Dew than the older ones.

  129. wakey wakye2

  130. I’ve now had two nights of relative calm.

    I’m suspicious.

  131. Sour Cherry Peeps? We live in a world of wonders.

    I woke up to 4 inches…of new snow. The egg hunt will be complicated.

  132. How many rooms are you painting right now?

    Lauraw talking about baking last night reminded me how Rosie always called PJM “Bread”.

  133. I have to finish/touch up, do the wall by the dining room, and then decide how I’m going to do the entryway. I think I need to repaint the doors too.

    Crossfit in a bit, Then i have to paint/figure out what I’m cooking for tomorrow. I really don’t think everyone would be pleased with a “I’m counting my macros” meal.

  134. I was worried flippy hair was coming back into the picture, but maybe she’s got more sense.

    He’s resorted to apologizing/begging again.

  135. Oschi LOVES to play fetch. It’s weird how some dogs love it, and some don’t really care. She’s got this green stuffy thing, and she’ll run up with it and it’s just about the cutest thing ever with her black hair and this green thing in her mouth.

    Plus, she’s absolutely adorable. I think she’s going to look like a puppy forever.

  136. Pay’s at work, Ethan is with him. Erin works at 4. None of my chillens are here.

    I guess I can crank the Tool and get shit done.

  137. I thought you said Pay was at work.

  138. Well this is awkward.

  139. Star absolutely refuses to play fetch. She likes walks and chasing water from the hose or splashes at the lake. Rowan lives for fetch. Frisbee, ball, stick, snowballs, whatever. Star did a fetch exactly one time. When we brought Rowan home from the breeder and were in the backyard we started playing fetch with a ball to see if Rowan would retrieve it. Star chased it and brought it back ONCE. Never again. I swear she is a reincarnated fat chick who had green hair and didn’t like sports.

  140. I guess I can crank the Tool and get shit done.

    I think it’s fair to assume that the romance is gone.

  141. I guess I can crank the Tool and get shit done.

    I hope you use a better euphemism if you leave your to-do list lying around where the kids can see it.

  142. I guess I can crank the Tool and get shit done.

    If your arm gets tired, they sell machines for this now.

  143. I guess I can crank the Tool and get shit done.

    This explains why Pay always looks like he’s in pain and happy at the same time.

  144. I guess I can crank the Tool and get shit done.

    It’s this kind of ‘can-do attitude’ that settled the American West’s whorehouses.

  145. You done yet?

  146. I’m guessing she sees that as a challenge

  147. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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