Here Comes The Sun

Roamy might recognize this place


Looks like Barb got too much of a good thing. She was just going for the D


Let me apply the aloe vera


Two scoops of rabbit turds in every box


Stamp that tramp!


Don’t drink and drive fool

I’d walk a mile for a camel toe


Sick of the snow. Spring is allegedly on the way, right groundhog? Spring better shake a leg and get here soon. Until then, make the most of your hobbies like knitting tea cozies, darning socks and whittling assorted tchotchkes.




    I am amazed at how fast time seems to move on this side of 50. It’s the middle of March 2018. Good gravy.

    I logged into my gmail account on a work machine to grab a contact’s email and left it on, then went to google pictures and found that google has helpfully stored a bunch of photos from my phone that I never explicitly told it to save. I guess I never told it to NOT, but I don’t understand why these random pictures from 2014 are there. Why not all my pictures? Can you guys see this?

    That is Nessie the Wonderdog’s first day Tennessee in 2014, she was pretty tired after the long car trip, and we were still putting away boxes and moving furniture.

  2. Nice photo, I see a sleepy dog catching some Z’s and dreaming of chasing rabbits

  3. great poot j’bro

  4. that whole gmail thing is another reason why i hate (with a capital fuck you) google et al.

    ppl around me laugh at my stance on digital footprint – yet here we are; nothing seems to be out of bounds for any big company offering a digital product or service…
    ahhite, rant off

  5. yesterday’s thread was kilt with this gem:
    “play Hide the Salmon”

    appropriate +

  6. Hide the salmon made me chuckle in my coffee mug

  7. Workie workie

  8. ^^^
    don’t click on that if you’re trying to relax over some tea and crumpet

  9. Court documents made available to Journal Review revealed that the alleged abuse stemmed on for five years even when the family moved house four times.

    This is not the meaning of the word stemmed. Hang the parents and a good public beating for the article writer.

  10. Getting bullied on twitter? That sucks. It’s imaginary to me, but others take it more seriously.

    Twitter for teens is made up of everyone you go to school with. It’s not the same.

    wakey wakey.

  11. I forgot my google password. I want to see the picture but I’m too lazy.


  12. I ♥ Acadia. Did that once – got up at o’dark-thirty, drove up to the top of Cadillac Mountain, watched the sun rise, then drove six hours to Boston to fly home. Flying out of Portland or Bangor is much better.

    It’s not in the plans for this year, but we might be traveling to Maine next year to celebrate Mini-me’s graduation. Maybe we can make that meet-up happen this time.

  13. In another ten years the left will argue that there’s nothing wrong with incest.

    Also, these sort of stories always seem to involve a mother and stepfather.

  14. Tesla continues to have problems.

  15. Tesla = Agile development on cars.

  16. My computer just had some sort of massive failure. Got it up and running again.


  17. Why is this Hogg twerp still in the news? His fifteen minutes shouldve been up a month ago.

  18. I cannot see that picture, pupster. I see a pale checkerboard with a negative sign in the center.

  19. Alex, the left already thinks incest is okay.

  20. Just finished my Raisin Bran and will now contemplate when to go out to get some D. It’s going to hit high 60s today.

  21. Beasn,

    I know, but they’ve still tried to keep it quiet. I mean that in ten years it will be where gay rights was a few years ago, and where tranny rights are now.

  22. You should prolly get yer “D” earlier rather than later ….or you could just go for a double “D” day and get some now and then again later. Or maybe you could skip the “D” completely, have a non “D” day…

  23. Looks like I’m about to release my chakra —>

  24. People are generally leftists because they have an underdeveloped sense of disgust.

  25. Another post or two and it’ll be time for the “official question”. Since Hotspur is traveling, who would like the honor of making the inquiry?

  26. pretty sure that’s a sockpuppet

  27. I shouldn’t be laughing so much at this article, but I am.


  29. That article reads like an Onion piece!
    Every quote from the boyfriend is golden – reality really does trump fiction.

  30. Looks like I’m about to release my chakra

    And you haven’t even gotten the D yet.

  31. Florida is sunny and warm.

  32. So is Iowa!

    Well, warm relative to last week.

  33. Has Florida Man tried to bite your face off yet?

  34. Bridges. Bath Salts. Some assembly required.

  35. Watch out for assault bridges when you’re in florida, hotspur.

  36. Dear God – where did those people to go Engineering School?

  37. It just boggles the mind, Teresa. How does such a HUGE miscalculation happen?

  38. This is unfortunate:
    “The bridge was installed just last week. During the ceremony, FIU President Mark Rosenberg said, “FIU is about building bridges and student safety. This project accomplishes our mission beautifully.”

    How many kids were killed trying to cross the street there?

  39. I read another crosswalk was installed at the university because 12 years ago a girl died.

  40. Everyone deleting their involvement from social media.

    I’ll bet it involved a payoff.

  41. I’m surprised more people haven’t died here, the way students walk out in front of everything. This happened even before they had their heads buried in a cell phone.

    There was one death a couple years ago. A bus turned a corner, clipping a girl. The driver just kept going

  42. Accelerated schedule sets off a big warning bell.

  43. How diverse and sexually equitable was the development team? Were those things prioritized over, say, merit?

    Just curious.

  44. They teach civil engineering at FIU.

  45. Yea … might want to switch majors.

  46. That was what I was thinking, leon.

    Damn thing looks like the bridge just sheared off of the supports holding it up. From one angle, it almost looks like the supports weren’t even attached to the ground.

  47. Did they miss class the day they discussed the Kansas City Hyatt Hotel disaster?

  48. To the ground building….


  49. How do you spell irony?

  50. The bridge was under construction, to be finished in 2019.
    Scroll down to see what it was going to look like when completed.

  51. Great idea!

  52. ChrisP, the finished version looks like it would have been nice.

  53. Supposedly the bridge was being stress tested at the time. Just spitballing, but I’d say it failed.

  54. Perhaps a bad place to stress test?

  55. why would you stress test it before you’ve attached the support cables?

  56. Who wants to tell her?

  57. and over traffic.

  58. and over traffic.

    Diversity. d’uh.

  59. Why would you install the bridge without it’s supporting cables?

    That was a rendering. Not a real picture. Check out TiF’s link above

  60. Sorry, I mean ChrisP’s link.

  61. Should have gone with a tunnel

  62. Yes, but if it was intended to have cables, then part of the support system was missing.

  63. Looks like they were stress testing the anchor points.

  64. I have a feeling the results of the investigation will be interesting.

    Not that we’ll be ever allowed to actually see them, mind you.

  65. Yes, but if it was intended to have cables, then part of the support system was missing.

    Which goes back to my original question.,.. why would you stress test before the entire support system was in place, especially, as Scott said, over traffic?

  66. This was caused by tax cuts

  67. I bet they intended to stress test it while it was on the ground wherever they built it.


    Only the government can screw something up this bad.

  68. This was caused by tax cuts

    and Russian bots

  69. and pulling out of the Paris Accords.

    Or Paris Hilton.

    One of those things…

  70. Pulling out of Paris Hilton never happened. Must be the other.

  71. Hey Jay! Did you hear that latest pizza joke?

  72. So, hubris.

    And they were just touting the wonderful job done by the university’s own “Get ‘r done quick” construction center….

  73. Huh. I just learned that Figg, the group building the FIU bridge, was the same company that was responsible for building the Jordan Bridge a few short miles from my house a few years back.
    It also collapsed during construction, but only onto the railroad tracks below, not traffic.

  74. Hundreds of years after the fall of Rome, peasants walking on the roads they’d built assumed they’d been built by the gods, for men cannot build such things…

  75. Hundreds of years after the fall of Rome, peasants walking on the roads they’d built assumed they’d been built by the gods, for men cannot build such things…

    And hundreds of years later, a vast majority of our so-called “intellectuals” believe that banning guns will stop mass shootings.

    Humans are inherently a very stupid species.

  76. BBF candidate for Pupster

    Christina Khalil

    She apparently has a YouTube channel dedicated to monetizing her T+A

  77. butterface

  78. There should be a butterface category for Pups. That’s chick is candidate #1.

  79. Ha! GMTA?

  80. Ha! GMTA?

    Not exactly a tough call here….


  81. There should be a butterface category for Pups. That’s chick is candidate #1.

    To be fair, she’s no Emily…..

  82. Ugly as homemade soup, but MJ would still smash.

  83. Emily Nostalgia

  84. Should I be glad that I’m the new guy here and don’t know who Emily is?

  85. $550,000 | 3 Bed • 4 Bath

    Ought man. I hope it comes furnished.

  86. Emily.

    she was one of MJ’s BBFs

  87. Ought=ohhhh above. Phone again.

  88. Looks like Liberace’s crash pad

  89. $550,000


    In Detroit???

    That place better come with it’s own fully operational meth lab for that price.

  90. Somebody is swinging for the fence.

  91. Somebody is swinging for the fence.

    Like the million-dollar hotdog. Only gotta sell one.

  92. “Should have gone with a tunnel”


    ceiling tiles would have probably fallen off and killed someone

    Little Big Dig™

  93. Miss Khalil has Jimmy Carter teef.

  94. For ½ million, I could buy that size house in my ‘hood and have enough left over to buy an Emily + Miss Khalil and the bottle of bourbon necessary.

  95. not sure who came up with the test protocol let alone the installation protocol; but if it was an engineer they didn’t pass any core classes: except maybe gender studies

    this is REALLY weird because of the obvious danger. we don’t even have to armchair QB this one – that’s gross negligence and someone should go to prison over this.

  96. Upon further reflection, a tunnel would probably end up flooding in the swamp. Tunnels are good for us northerners to avoid the cold.

  97. not sure who came up with the test protocol let alone the installation protocol; but if it was an engineer they didn’t pass any core classes: except maybe gender studies

    this is REALLY weird because of the obvious danger. we don’t even have to armchair QB this one – that’s gross negligence and someone should go to prison over this.

    Is jam² talking about Emily’s bathing suit, or the bridge?

  98. Christina Kahlil looks like half my Lebanese relatives who I haven’t seen in ages. Face-wise I mean, they really didn’t prance around in bikinis at holiday get togethers so I can’t comment on the booty factor

  99. Stress testing during rush hour shows they had confidence in their product.

  100. Stress testing during rush hour shows they had confidence in their product.

    You’d think a company that has already had catastrophic failures in the past would be a tad more careful

  101. If you look at the rendering of the finished bridge, the suspension cables are parallel to the diagonal beams in the bridge with the anchors at the top of each beam, pulling in-line with them.
    The crane was pulling straight up, about 45 degrees from the way they were built to be stressed.
    Seems wonky, to me…

  102. If government is behind this it will be 2 huge failures in a month.

    They will have to change their name.

    Florida Solutions.

  103. They might have been stress testing with a weight.

    One eyewitness claims the crane cable broke and a large blue “box” fell onto the bridge.

  104. ” Lebanese relatives”

    there’s a great restaurant near one of my customers that has a Lebanese Salad that is really quite good -the gang of dumbasses (cow-orkers) that i sometimes go there with call it (of course) the Lesbian Salad….

    so we had clients with us a number of months ago and cow-orker who is usually mr rico suave accidentally orders the lesbian salad by name….

    i cough snorted, tried to compose myself (while he turned red) – loudly (for me) axed the nice waitress lady for a coffee refill and tried to move on.

    it was a little awkward for a few minutes

  105. The lesbian salad is tossed, but comes without nuts. Except for at certain bars near college campuses.

    Don’t eat the ones with yogurt dressing.

  106. I am a Lebanese trapped in a man’s body.

  107. I want to be a man trapped in a Lebanese body.

  108. BBF candidate for Pupster


  109. i’m fascinated with the picture of the destroyed bridge –
    i’m doing my own little how the f did it fail like it did exercise.

    the design looks like a minor variation on a truss –
    the bottom chord mid-span is completely pulverized –

    chord design should be such that it’s nearly impossible (outside of destructive testing) to exceed the various moduli of materials (young’s, shear, tensile, yield, etc) under normal conditions.

    it does look like the report of a cable breaking might be true – the bridge/truss would have acted like bow limbs being fired/shot and the resulting force on the bottom chord would have been a squared factor (f=ma)

    so my back bench (private obvious) thoughts are :
    poor equipment maintenance (crane cable)
    poor testing and installation procedure
    human error (dumbass at the control of the stressor)
    and possible material and/or workmanship flaw

  110. $20

  111. &

  112. I’m with you, Jam. The total pancaking on one end is weird. The order of building is weird (decking before towers, really?). A comment I saw elsewhere was to look at the change orders and see what happened there.

    I thought there were building codes associated with hurricane-prone areas, but I’m not a civil engineer.

  113. Looks like the weight broke the support on the left. And there is no center support per the rendering of the final product. And is that the crane they were using? If so, looks really small for such tonnage.

  114. I’m not seeing any cables either.

  115. I have not heard the latest pizza joke.

  116. The center support for the final bridge is the support in the left hand side of the picture. There was supposed to be another section of bridge to the left of that support tower.

  117. I seem to remember there being special building codes for hurricane prone areas, places that have sinkholes, places where there are earthquakes, and places with lots of high rise buildings.

    I am sure there are several that I am missing.

  118. When there’s loving in the air
    Don’t derp it, just keep breathing
    I can’t help myself but stare
    Double check for double meanings

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