ce more into the breach

I found a new comic artist that I like, right about when someone in CT was talking about corned beef recipes.


I haven’t gotten to the end of his portfolio yet, I have to cook breakfast here in a bit.





That’s a nice tie, Alex.





How would this poat rate on a scale of MJ to Mare?





  1. That song is in your head now.

    But may beee

  2. Meme-tastic!

  3. Hi Tom, how are the swiftys?

  4. you’re gonna be the one that saves meeeee

  5. I got 11 empty boxes and a “you don’t matter” cartoon.

    What does that mean?

  6. ….and the links don’t work.

  7. Check the glow plugs.

  8. and now it all works.

    Must have been the glow plugs.

  9. Tree nurseries don’t have websites.

  10. I need 285 white pine saplings to place one every 6′ along my unguarded perimeter.

  11. I can get bare root seedlings as low as $1/tree, but those can fail more easily and will take longer to provide privacy/windbreak/muffling/biosecurity against glyphosate. Plug transplants bring the price up to $5-6, but that might be worth it. They’ll be my height or taller a few years sooner.

  12. White cedar might be a better choice, and two rows might be better than just one. Can’t sell them as Christmas trees in a pinch, but the lumber is more useful.

  13. Do you have a state/ city regional market you can go to for wholesale nursery stock? Check the blue pages.

  14. I wouldn’t plant white pine anywhere. After the snow breaks the bottom branches off you no longer have your privacy. And it’s hard to get anything else established under them.

  15. I’m looking. There are nurseries near there, but none have sites. Been doing pricing with http://www.nurserymen.com/store/white-cedar-plug-seedlings/ who would at least ship to me.

  16. Food Netwook cook is wearing a shirt that looks like a bed ruffle. Now I have this image of her singing “Copa Cabana”.

  17. Our local Soil And Water Districts have spring sales of trees and perennials. They allow pre-ordering or you can just roll the dice and show up day of sale. If you do that the risk is you’ll only get crumbs.

  18. Leon,
    Create a website with a decidedly Leftist bent. Complain. A lot. Especially about Trump, guns, Republicans, global warming, pollution and the like.

    Then, offer carbon offsets – “buy a tree for only $5 and we will plant it for you in much needed Michigan in a carbon neutral manner. Buy five trees for $20 to offset Trump!” or some such nonsense.

    Assuming you can get the right idiot to start re-tweeting it (Rosie?, Chelsea?,Alyssa? CNN?) you’ll have more trees than you know what to with before Possum wakes from her next nap.

  19. Brilliant, Chi. Then advertise for volunteers to help plant them.

  20. I’ve been listening to a YouTube Throwing Muses channel today. It was prompted by a Boston Herald article describing a reunion gig in a Boston club of step sisters Kristen Hersh and Tanya Donelly. I picked up a copy of Throwing Muses first 4AD album back in college when I heard one of their songs on the then Brown University radio station (they’re from Newport, RI). It was like a car crash for the ears, jarring but you couldn’t help but listen. When I read the Herald article I learned she left home at 15 and formed the band at 16. So that album was out when she was probably 18. Crazy stuff.

    Here’s one of their more popular songs, definitely more of a pop tune


  21. This is my favorite throwing muses song:

  22. *likes*

  23. no offense to carins selection – but

  24. good funny pup!

  25. went to a poker game last night
    lost 20 bucks

  26. Kristen Hersh (lead singer Throwing Muses) is Bipolar. Her lyrics reflect that, especially the early stuff. She’s mellowed with age I’d say.

  27. I didn’t do it.


  28. https://is.gd/5T4SSG

  29. Bringing truckers bombs to the private sector?

  30. As for early Throwing Muses – is could be discordant. But it was the energy, emotion that made it so amazing.

  31. Oso! Sneaky Pete, season 2, starting right now…

  32. *crop dusts blog*

  33. *adjusts gas mask*

    *seals all exits*

  34. Big whoop on the ‘car pool’ for men. Where is the one for women?

  35. I am grossed out already and must go was my hands now, but – for Beasn (supply your own Gatorade bottle):


  36. Wait…. you guys rate poats on a scale of douche to morbidly obese now?

    Hos exactly does that work?

  37. Chi, that’s not gross. This is gross —

    “The 1,200-page dossier, replete with explicit WhatsApp messages, erotic photos, and lurid descriptions of priests involved in gay sexual activity and drug use, was forwarded to the Vatican by the Archbishop of Naples. …..

    ..Mangiacapra reported Morini to the diocese of Massa Carrara-Pontremoli. The diocese, however, failed to take action until it discovered that a television news show, Le Iene, was preparing an investigative report on the priest’s hidden lavish gay lifestyle.

    The diocese quickly tucked Fr. Morini away in a €200,000.00 house it had purchased for him, with monthly utility bills and maid covered by the diocese. “These were allegedly obtained from the bishop of Massa Carrara-Pontremoli, Giovanni Santucci, through blackmail,” according to a Church Militant report, “as Morini had ‘threatened to expose to the public eye unpleasant facts about many diocesan priests.’….

    “The episode aired by Le Iene shows footage of Fr. Morini snorting cocaine and parading in the company of several male escorts, as well as interviews with many of the parishioners, who testify that the priest was constantly pestering them for money, even during confessions,” according to Church Militant.”


    Manwhore should have gone straight to the media. Francis/Vatican seems to want to cover and make excuses for their fellow travelers.

    I miss Benedict.

  38. I miss John Paul II

  39. Heh, I’m always up on Fridays. Work late.

    Just took the briskets out of the bath after a 48 hour soak. Gonna shock them cold, and smoke them tomorrow.

    Put some steaks in the bathtub for a 2 hour soak, then gonna grill em. T bones on sale!

  40. Just walked back inside, made a drink and sat down to see what’s coming on TV tonight. I see “Hello White People” as an option starting soon. That sounds like ‘must see tv’ for sure – NOT!

    Luckily, to wash that away, PBS looks like it’s airing an hour and ½ of Postmodern Jukebox starting a 8pm. That sounds fun…

  41. I would soak in a tub with your mom’s t-bone.

  42. I miss Urban II.

  43. https://is.gd/TqAtvt

  44. “Hello White People”


  45. shmoopity derpity doop

  46. Derp derp doowap doop

  47. “shmoopity derpity doop”

    “Derp derp doowap doop”

    seems hotspot’s bio-weapons attack was successful

  48. I miss Urban II.

    Did Keith & Nicole have a son? I did not know that. I hope they don’t raise him with that same gay haircut.

  49. *leaves quickly*

  50. Who put the derp in the herp a derp a derp?

  51. I miss Urban II.

    Said it before I could.

    Heck, I miss Alexander VI.

  52. A cop was shot and killed by a guy who had barricaded himself into a house a few miles from here last night. His body was taken to the L.A. County Coroner this morning, and cops and firefighters lined up to salute him along the route. I got off at the exit before this one at about 6:45, and they looked to be mustering on the bridge at that point. R.I.P.


  53. R.I.P. indeed. I’ve mostly taken the day off from news but heard about that while listening to UMaine playing Providence in hockey on the radio.

  54. CoAlEx, I have to wait until April. We don’t even have Netflix right now and 2nd Season of Jessica Jones is on!!!!

  55. Jessica Jones! I need to watch that as well.

  56. I gotta check that out too.

  57. No spoilers!!!! 🤣😜

  58. Jessica Jones discovers that she was dead the whole time.

  59. Don’t forget to spring forward, Morons (and smart folks).

  60. I always miss Rosetta when I see the boss meme. I still call WB “Richard” in my mind. I GLAR when I read Steve. (GLAR makes me miss IB Michael) ❤️👋🏻

  61. I don’t think y’all even do DST out there in OsoLand, do you?

  62. New Mexico. I wish we were AZ and DST. Our legislature sucks. Instead of just following AZ, we keep voting to stay MST.

  63. My Lobos were expected to finish 9th in the MWC. We got hot these last few weeks. Lost to SDSU today. I had to grab the work remote. Assholes were watching a Jackie Chan movie. Today was our Bonus/Sam’s Share cookout. Crappy sirloin. Dan is making our St Paddy’s dinner tomorrow. Mmmm…corned beef

  64. Oh, we did a full audit of books on Friday. 3K in theft. I scanned 2 Wonder MTI and 1 Wonder HC. Today, all 3 books stolen. Poof! Gone.

  65. I still can’t believe that people have the nerve to steal Bibles there… Who would actually do that??

  66. making pastrami tomorrow. mmmm, pastrami

  67. Good God, I’m easily bruised
    So often in derp to her flame
    And the things that she’s asked me to do
    Will see a city of saints forgetting his name

  68. We’ll make our corned beef next weekend. I like to buy a couple after St Patrick’s Day when they go on sale.

  69. Question for leon. I’m on the 3rd bar of soap, and I can’t figure out what kind it is. It doesn’t smell like much, it’s dark blue, but the suds are gray.

  70. Hint: if its gray, that ain’t soap, Roamy…

  71. I got five bars of handmade soap as part of my Secret Santa gift. First one was spearmint and is still my favorite. I think the remaining ones are another coconut and one that smells like orange.

  72. Eau de Lance-Flammes

  73. Does the soap smell like pastrami?

    It’s odd, but I just don’t care for pastrami. I LOVE smoked meats, fish, vegs, everything. Corned beef is my absolute favorite, but I just can’t worked up about pastrami for some reason. It’s basically peppered, smoked corned beef, right?
    The best summer sammich ever is cold corned beef on rye with coleslaw (instead of sauerkraut), Russian and a slice of Swiss. No grilling – served cold. Manna.

  74. We are also making pastrami today. I’ll be neck deep in awesome sandwiches as soon as I get a good recipe for sourdough rye.

    I have some chunks of corned beef swimming in brine still, too. Those can wait until next weekend. Equilibrium brining means never having to say I oversalted it. I hope! We’ll see how it goes. Meathead’s recipe and salts calculator seem to be rather conservative compared to others I have seen.

  75. my brain is so completely destroyed by hanging out here i’m almost non-functional in the outside world:

    “I LOVE smoked meats, fish, vegs, everything. Corned beef is my absolute favorite”

    there’s nothing wrong per se with this statement – yet my mind turned it into a sewer….

  76. You can’t blame the blog for that, mister

  77. i picked up a corn-ed boeuf yesterday, it was 2 and change a pound at one of the local wholesale joints –
    i’m planning on cooking next weekend

  78. you’re prolly right –
    this place was most likely the little extra push that sent the fat kid flying off the merry go round

  79. Question for leon. I’m on the 3rd bar of soap, and I can’t figure out what kind it is. It doesn’t smell like much, it’s dark blue, but the suds are gray.

    I’ll get back to you. I don’t recall that one, and we decided the frankincense was our favorite, so we’ve just been buying that.

  80. ^^^

    Hard act to follow

  81. I have a very simple goal for the day: sip on a beer or two while I wait for my scrap guy to come pick up this van and a little Ford ranger. If he pays me what I think he should, I’ll then go to Pepe’s site & order a Cuatro.

  82. I like bar soap over liquid hand soap. Liquid soap didn’t exist when I was a kid so it—does—not—compute. I saw a huge bar of soap on Amazon and got it before Christmas. Still going strong and larger than an average size bar of soap still (and yes, I do actually use it!)

    From this place butt off of Amazon


    Paula is younger than me and has gone all in on liquid soap so I’m the sole bar soap user in my household.

  83. don’t click on this if you’re eating


  84. Darkest Hour was a good movie.

  85. Carin, some dipshit for the Washington Compost called Churchill a war criminal, but I’m not paying to read that.

    Jimbro, my MIL was the same. I kept some of the hotel bar soaps just for her visits. The kids use liquid hand soap at the sink and body wash in the shower.

  86. Who has a direct line to Pepe, anyway?
    I just did a Bingle search and see that I can get a Cuatro for $40 – $45 on multiple sites. I want him to make as many nickels as possible, so – should I go direct to him & spend the extra?

    Hook me up, Monsieur Le Pew! Let me know what up.

  87. I’ll use whatever my host has Roamy, “When in Rome” and all that. At least the kids know what bar soap is because of me!

  88. Chi – https://tinyurl.com/yblcjb67

    If you hit shop it comes right up

  89. Oh, thanks – I know that, Scott. But if I can save $10…
    Meh – ID rather he make a dollar than me save 2. Maybe he’ll send me a free t-shirt?

    As an aside, I have this for Pups and Pups only:

  90. ome dipshit for the Washington Compost called Churchill a war criminal, but I’m not paying to read that.

    It was honestly the most conservative movie I’ve seen in a long time. They basically shredded the pascifists arguemnent, making them look all the more ridiculous in retrospect.

  91. Gary oldman is an incredible actor

  92. watching the darkest hour reminds me of the reaction to Reagan’s stance against the ussr. who was right, again?

  93. Gary oldman is an incredible actor

    Yes, he is. But why do so many of the best ones come with the baggage of drug/alcohol problems and a history of wife beating?

  94. It all stems from the same place. Insecurity, a need to be loved, a desire to escape your problems and be someone else, a desire to manipulate others…

  95. It sounds like I would make a great actor!

  96. For the record – I’ve never hit a woman.

    On that note, I’m going out to prep these vehicles to be towed away and crushed. I wish I could record the process because it’s really cool to watch a minivan turn into a cube the size of a toaster oven. Sadly, I won’t be there for that. Maybe next time.

  97. They crush them, they don’t part them out? I have a cousin who buys a car for $500 and makes $2000 or more from the parts.

  98. ‘Sup, hawt chicks and forlorn dudes with ED issues?

  99. Yeah, Roamy. With very few exceptions, he crushes everything he gets.
    I’m taking the tail light assemblies and anything else easy to remove off tye van before tow guy gets here so I can sell it all on eBay.

    Taking a break for a fresh beer before I walk the 350′ to get what I can off the old Ford Ranger pickup (I really wanted that thing for myself – I used to have one and it was a great little truck).
    I hate seeing stuff get thrown away, but I guess it’s how the world works….

  100. Hi MCPO, hope things are better with your daughter-in-law.

  101. Nope. Uninvited for Labor Day weekend.

  102. Hi everyone, sorry for the hit and run.

    If anyone cares about cinematography, or stunning colors, watch this video from an Indian movie:

  103. I am sorry to hear that, especially for DG’s sake. Hopefully DIL will change her mind between now and then.

  104. Pastrami experiment done.

    Pastrami 1


    Desalinated overnight, sous vide at 150 for 48, shocked, refrigerated, then smoked the next day.

  105. Whose recipe did you use, Jay? Hmmm. Sous vide eh. Did it stall when you put it on the smoker? How long did you smoke it and to what final internal temp?

  106. Pastrami Porn

  107. chicka chicka boom chicka bow bow!

    I’m using Meathead’s recipe, which calls for smoking and then steaming to 203.

    Got it just done and letting it sit in a faux cambro for an hour.

    If I decide to pastrami one of the other pieces, I’m going to choose a piece of eye of round for that and do it the way Jay did it.

  108. I’m a little more than 48 hours away from dinner with Diana, and I’m a nervous wreck.

  109. I used Meathead’s recipe, too.

    Smoking only went to 130, so no stall. It’s already cooked.

  110. I’m a little more than 48 hours away from dinner with Diana, and I’m a nervous wreck.

    Did you clean the pipes?

  111. Ixnay on the Leancay the ipespay!

  112. Do not ‘clean the pipes’. It will drop your T and she’ll smell your lack of masculine energy ‘n’ shit.

  113. Haven’t cleaned the pipes since sometime before Chrimmas.

  114. I clean the pipes regularly with an enzyme treatment I purchase at Home Depot.

  115. Sean, I missed the official, “asked out on a date deal” but you’re going to have fun!
    I don’t know shit about shit but being honest with her and telling her you’re nervous, breaks the ice and is charming.

  116. +as long as you don’t do it naked

  117. *tell her you’re nervous that is

  118. “Pastrami porn” sounds like something I really shouldn’t Google, but almost can’t help myself.

  119. Let us know what you find. I’m betting on some kind of meat flap.

  120. Bangor Daily link to a WP article lauding Stormy Daniels on twitter


    In their minds, she’s the hero America needs right now!

  121. Right, mare. So I should be naked and confident is what I’m getting here.

  122. Sean, NO NO NO, be charming and NOT naked. I never said shit about confident!!!

    This chihuahua and I are simpatico!

  123. https://tinyurl.com/ya6fj4p8

  124. Dang. My pastrami came out dry and salty. No good for sammies. I’m gonna shred it up and use it a little at a time in other recipes. Oh well, won’t go to waste.

    I think:
    1) the tiny brisket I chose was simply too lean and thin
    2) desalinating for 8 hours was not enough time.

  125. Overnight is what I did, changed the water once.

  126. I don’t particularly like diarrhea, either.

  127. http://nautil.us/issue/58/self/its-time-to-make-human_chimp-hybrids

    But what about those presumably unfortunate individuals thereby produced? Neither fish nor fowl, wouldn’t they find themselves intolerably unspecified and inchoate, doomed to a living hell of biological and social indeterminacy? This is possible, but it is at least arguable that the ultimate benefit of teaching human beings their true nature would be worth the sacrifice paid by a few unfortunates.

  128. I was pretty emotionally involved in the POTA reboots. I rarely cry, but I was emotionally hooked by all 3 movies. TBS I really liked Serkis in Black Panther

  129. You should do something to help you relax, Sean.

  130. Dan isn’t feeling all the DST recovery nonsense. Dan privilege “Do these losers never go to HI or FL?”

  131. That’s where perverts go.

  132. Are they suggesting that human-chimp hybrids should be produced as vegan propaganda or something? That sentence is as incoherent as me after six martinis.

  133. You should do something to help you relax, Sean.

    What do you suggest? Try to kill someone with my mind?

  134. I think that they mean hybrids should be produced in order to “teach” us that we are not superior to animals. Humans aren’t special, you see.

  135. Try to kill someone with my mind?

    Have you tried hitting some golf balls?

    Maybe watch some porn?

  136. Hybrids always become “Woke” and kill everything

  137. Dan could be Florida Man.

  138. Nessie the Wonder Dog got her back leg tangled up with Boy2’s headphone cord today, ran through the house yelping like she was on fire with the headphones trailing her like an angry snake. I finally got a hold of her collar before her third screaming lap around the living room. She’s scared of cords. Dogs are funny.


  139. https://is.gd/qhzitt

  140. Have you tried hitting some golf balls?

    Yes. I don’t care for it.

    Maybe watch some porn?

    Since I’m not “cleaning the pipes,” that would likely wind me up more.

    Better just stick with telekinetic murder.

  141. https://is.gd/qhzitt

    You’re a bad man.

  142. Human-animal hybrids have a long, rich history in science fiction for a reason: anyone with any sense knows it’s a bad idea. God’s got a great sense of humor*, but doesn’t care for being mocked.

    *platypus, LOL

  143. Dan is FL man.

  144. Dean Koontz Watchers.

  145. Sean, do squats.

  146. Excited for Sean’s date.

  147. Since I was sick this week, I skipped the gym. I’ll be heading back tomorrow morning.

  148. You’re going to live stream it, right Sean?

  149. Sean, we are here for you. Live blog your date and we’ll chime in.

  150. I’ll be trying to speak coherently and not be covered in flopsweat. You’ll have to settle for a report several hours later.

  151. Yeah…about that…

  152. Excited for Sean’s date

    I’m more excited for Sean, but that works too I guess.

    I finally ordered myself a Cuatro!
    I didn’t make the $ I expected to from the scrap vehicles, but F it – I deserve a treat today. And Mrs. Pepe sounded like a real sweetheart when she returned my call.

  153. Oh, shit…

    Does this place have a barrel?

  154. No. We don’t double post.

  155. Thanks for the support, Chi.

  156. https://tinyurl.com/ybncmh6s

    Keep an eye out Carin and Leon.

  157. You are quite welcome, sir. And thank you. Always prefer to sustain a friend vs a stranger.
    Now, work on getting that Arc available to us plebes.

  158. They have an ARC right now, Chi. A few times a year, the new products group looks stuff over. They have engineers, marketing, etc. look over everything and decide on which products to take to production. If they select something, it’s about 18 months until it’s available.

    Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

  159. Crossing my fingers for the Arc, too! Beautiful knife!

    Loving my Cuatro!

  160. *prays that giant chunks of Chinese space station crash into 19 empty, damp acres of Kalamazoo County*

  161. If you think it would help, I’d be happy to drop CRKT an email to prod them once I get this thing and check it out.
    FWIW, The YouTube vids I’ve watched & reviews here tell me that I’ll be more than happy.
    Enough to order more as gifts for buddies.

  162. “The humanzee is both scientifically possible and morally defensible.”

    i don’t have time right now to read that thing –
    i hope it’s a goof & he’s kidding about being morally defensive –
    as a scientist i find that morally & ethically offensive

  163. If you should awake in the still of the night
    Please have no fear
    For I’ll be there, darling you know I care
    Please give your derp to me, dear, only

  164. *prays that giant chunks of Chinese space station crash into 19 empty, damp acres of Kalamazoo County*

    The lunatic neighbor?

  165. No, the land I’m not building on and will eventually sell.

    MMM in about 20 minutes.

  166. “The humanzee is both scientifically possible and morally defensible.”

    We should be prioritizing female only human-cat hybrids for domestic ownership, assuming anime has taught us anything.

  167. I figured as much, but also thought a smoking chunk of space station on his perfect lawn would be funny.

  168. I think it would instantly improve the value of that land, or at least the price. Neighbor’s lawn is about to be someone else’s problem.


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