MMM – Car-in’s version because Possum is sick

First a bit of motivational music- this is a real toe tapper.



Let’s see who I have in my binders of women.

The woman on the left is doing a chest to bar, which … bad-ass.



This looks pretty hard-core too, but I don’t want to try it.


The dreaded wall balls. I hates them.


Kettlebells are good.


The way I feel after most workouts.


See? Kettlebells are hard. This is kettlebell girl.



Are you motivated? I am.


/side note – I’m happy to see that “beer tree farm” has made it to our categories. Well played.


Closing song:


Update: I can’t believe I didn’t include this!





  1. Excellent. Most excellent.

    Now wakey wakey

  2. I’m half-convinced that chest-to-bar is a function of leverage. Even when I was doing weighted chins with 45# and deadlifting near 4 plates I only did pullups to my clavicles at the lowest. My elbows couldn’t go any further, my lats were in the way.

  3. Well, for most people it involves a kip. It’s a scale, working toward the muscle up.

  4. Apparently there really was not rush to put up a poat this morning.

  5. My crossfittin’ wimmin says it took her a while to figure it out but she can do CTB now. Long term goal is a muscle up which she feels is something that involves strength plus learning how to actually do it in equal amounts.

  6. My shoulder issues put CTB attempts on the low priority. I’m just happy I can usually kip the pullups for the WODs/ Murph, etc. That’s enough for me. I actually work on my hang more – because the shoulder strength and grip strength is more applicable to my terrain race things.

  7. WTF is a beer tree?

  8. Oh, poor J’ames. I forgot you brew your beer – you make it the hard way.

    My teenager planted beer seeds in my forest, which I’m sure are going to grow into beautiful beer trees in a few years. Unfortunately they planted PBR.

  9. Oh come on, they couldn’t have sprouted yet. They were just planted!

  10. Oh, of course not. But since they were planted in the winter, they should sprout early spring.

  11. I’ve got what appear to be last year’s leeks coming up in my main garden.

  12. re: bullet lists.

    These are great to keep track of everything that you have finished, and you are now waiting on somebody else to finish something on. This helps you keep track for the unnecessary multiple days of idle state, while others finish up their Facedouche projects and fantasy team status. You can have everything in a list that is waiting to be done. Mind you, none of this is your work, or responsibility.

  13. Good morning. How were the Oscars last night?

  14. I put “Buy a bullet list book” on my do to list. Then I lost it.

    Sad really.

    Hotspur – I have no idea how the oscars were last night, and we had a minor tiff in the house about it last night. I basically had no patience for even seeing what bullshit was being pulled, and let it be known.

  15. The Oscars were on?


  16. Hope Possum feels better soon. I am very tired today, hoping meds and coffee kick in soon and that I’m not coming down with something.

    Back in the days of chalkboards, there was one engineer with a very large board filled with fantastically detailed lists of all the things he needed to do. I never saw anything taken off the list.

  17. We skyped with Rocketboy. Much better than the Oscars.

  18. We think she just had a full tummy and crawled wrong on mommy and it made it come up. Scared her more than anything, and probably felt awful. No fever and she’s been fine since.

  19. I couldn’t pull off a chest to bar if you paid me.
    Like Leon, I used to tie weight to my hips for pullups and worse – dips. Between that and years of construction work, my shoulders are shot.

    Supposed to go down the street and check out/maybe pick up this “free” minivan later. We’ll see if that’s going to happen or not. It looks good from 200 ft away, but it’s a real hooptie.

  20. You should learn how to make tea out of your weeds, Car in.

    I have officially joined the stinging nettles cult.

    Tendonitis is gone.

  21. My hands are too small to grip one of those bars for CTB –
    I would just end up rolling right off…

  22. Both shoulders and a knee went pain-free about 3 days after I started eating weeds.

    I am breathing better too.

    * puts on robe / shaves head *

  23. This is the same lady that gave me a 1986 MB 560diesel a year or so ago, then a few days later, wanted it back. Now, she wants to give me a minivan, then work out an arrangement for me to take the same Mercedes again just because she wants them gone.
    That Benz hasn’t moved an inch in over a year. It’s actually a clean car, but what will I have to agree to to get it? That’s the question…

  24. Heh. There’s been so much rain that SLS hardware being shipped by river has to wait for the flood stage to pass because it won’t fit under the bridges.

  25. SLS hardware? Space launch systems?

  26. My hands are too small to grip one of those bars

    How YOU Doin??!!?

  27. Scott, do you eat them, or make tea?

  28. Ground up leaves in capsules. A months supply is about $7.

    I couldn’t find the tea.

  29. Chi, yes, the new NASA rocket.

  30. How do I know if I have the right kind?

  31. I think it’s just the regular stinging nettle. You should try making it a cash crop now that it’s trendy.

  32. I have them everywhere.

  33. If it doesn’t taste like poison ivy you should be good to go.

  34. Find a wholesaler and offload them for cash moneys.

  35. Now we know what Leon will be growing when mushrooms aren’t in season.

  36. Great, now we’re eating weeds and our babies are bulimic.

    Thanks Obama!

  37. Turns out the really potent psilocybes on the market now won’t survive outside of a growing lab nowadays. I can’t compete with that without some infrastructure buildup.

  38. Leon, I’m going to need you to research how to make wine, where to grow it, find a nice plot of land, and get that started for me.


  39. We’ve moved on from browns – skating over grays- and now am studying Greens for my home.

  40. That’s pretty easy, but my new farm isn’t on a slope, so a vineyard is probably a bad idea. We could do melons or strawberries, though.

  41. Mmm, boone’s farm wine!

  42. I’m on the green train, Car in. That’s my favorite color.


  43. We’ve moved on from browns – skating over grays- and now am studying Greens for my home.

    Avocado Green and Harvest Gold.

  44. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 5, 2018 12:02 pm
    Mmm, boone’s farm wine!

    He could make American-Style charcuterie!

  45. Can you grow barley, and wheat? We can have a regular brewery. You’ll have to convert some space to a malting operation, though.

    I’m not sure we’ll have enough room. You need to find a bigger farm.


  46. Sherwin Williams “oh pistachio” – or maybe the next one over, “romaine”

    Theyre pretty close to what my living room is now. Kind of a grayish green.

  47. I have ten acres of winter wheat due to harvest in July. No barley, though.

  48. I saw that Americano commented on the previous poat. Welcome back, we missed ya.

  49. Hops. Grow hops.

  50. Please, no rabbits in my beer!

  51. Oh, you don’t want to know what we put in your beer.

  52. Just spit ballin here, but I think Emma Watson has a penis.

  53. Hops. Grow hops.

    No thanks, I like having erections.

  54. Favorite comment: it’s referring to her career.

    2nd favorite comment: it’s referring to the New York Slimes.

  55. Millions of dollars, shitty haircut. What’d they use, hedge clippers?


  56. Just spit ballin here, but I think Emma Watson has a penis.

    Does this mean she’ll be featured on next week’s MMM?

  57. No thanks, I like having erections.

    Erections have consequences.

  58. No big deal.

  59. Just spit ballin here, but I think Emma Watson has a penis.
    9/10 would still smash

  60. Comment by Hotspur on March 5, 2018 12:40 pm
    Just spit ballin here, but I think Emma Watson has a penis.

    My guess is that she’s had more than a few penises, probably starting when she was very young, which is why she’s the way she is now.

  61. I bet that roach is sporting a soul patch, too.

  62. I saw 30 seconds of the oscars. ‘Nasty woman’ whatsherface, Penelope Cruz, and some other chick was talking about ‘time’s up’ and diversity and inclusion.


  63. For some reason, I veer away from green paint unless it’s a dark shade for a diningroom or a super light green for a bathroom.

    Really don’t know why it’s at the bottom of my preferred paint color list.

  64. I like green as an exterior color, inside a house it looks… medical.

  65. This is the color, but on my monitor it’s … not the same as on my wall.

  66. I approve, car in. I like that.

    Ok – time to get off my ass and go look at that “free” minivan. Probably have to charge the battery to even get it to start so I can bring it home.

  67. 9/10 would still smash

    You’re hopeless.

  68. “free” minivan.

    Two in the front, five in the back.

  69. Two in the front, five in the back.

    Just like Emma Watson!

  70. Emma has developed a serious case of assfacia.

  71. Best cat picture!


  72. “Two in the front, five in the back.”

    is that for when you become bored of the shocker?

  73. Comment by Hotspur on March 5, 2018 1:45 pm
    Emma has developed a serious case of assfacia.

    Like most starlets she’s likely starving herself, and like most leftists she’s bitter all the time.

    She needs to add about ten pounds, and then about eight pounds of bouncing baby boy.

  74. For reasons we won’t go into, I’ve seen more of Emma than any man but a husband or doctor should. She needs crossfit and a paleo bulk.

  75. Yep. Battery is deader than my love life.
    Time to drag the charger over there, I guess.

    It’s a decent looking vehicle for the price, really. Interior is a real shitshow, thought. Looks like what you would expect from a tweaker that abandons a vehicle when he gets evicted.
    How hard is it to get a title from DMV, I wonder?

  76. For reasons we won’t go into, I’ve seen more of Emma than any man but a husband or doctor should. She needs crossfit and a paleo bulk.

    What he said. And hence my comment above.

  77. She’s a frail waif of a thing, with a brittle body to match her mind.

  78. Like most starlets she’s likely starving herself, and like most leftists she’s bitter all the time.

    Yeah, there isn’t much nutrition in jizm.

  79. Good grief batteries got expensive.
    $109 at the cheapest for a new one for that Windstar? $49 for a used one. That’s highway robbery. The lead industry must be flourishing.

  80. heh, just spent $150 on the biggest cranking amps one I could find.

  81. That’s a big battery. Walmart johnson control group 65. Don’t worry about the warrenty. $60.

  82. We sell used ones at the same price, but with a warranty.

  83. Batteries are a scam.

  84. I used to drive a diesel F250. The TWO 100 CCA giant honking batteries were not cheap to replace, but it’s been a while since I had to buy one. I had no idea the price had skyrocketed like it has for a small passenger car job.

    I’ll have to check WallyMart and Costco. I only called Interstate so far.The only saving grace is that the lady I’m getting the van from is a hoarder. I just saw five old batteries beside a pine tree in the back yard, so that will pay for a used one.

  85. Yeah, there isn’t much nutrition in jizm.

    Your mom somehow manages to survive on it.

  86. *1000

  87. Chardonnay is a scam.

  88. LOL No doubt.

  89. Speaking of scams and chardonnay, where is Mare today?

  90. I was wondering who sold Johnson Controls now.

  91. Appraisal on new house came in good, so we should be able to buy it as planned.

  92. Awesome. Congrats Leon.

    House goes up for sale this week. Moving to ATL in the next few months.

  93. ‘Sup, wimmens and Butt pirates?

  94. Ah, one caveat. All of Michigan is flooded right now, so both basements have some standing water that the appraiser says the value is subject to. I’ll have to let my agent know so she can pass that to the sellers for toweling/pumping.

    I need to add some gutters and some grading fill to the workshop, possibly a sump pump as well. House could use some grading fill, but that’s trickier to add. Better guttering might help there too, maybe a drainage ditch.

  95. Yeah, I’ve gotten water in the basement twice. Once when the sump pump gave up the ghost, and the other when it rained 7 inches in a couple hours. There just wasn’t anywhere for the water to go.

  96. When did MJ become black?

  97. Have you broken the news to your neighbor, leon? Was he upset?

  98. Yeah, most of MI is flooded right now. If I already lived there the dehumidifier would have taken care of it in the house. The workshop basement needs a sump pump, there’s a bare-earth/”Michigan basement” section that I’m sure is wet at this point, even though it’s probably 10′ above the highest normal water table.

  99. MJ has been hanging out with me too much. It rubs off, yannow!

  100. My neighbor’s expression wasn’t especially readable when I told him we had a good offer. I assume he’ll be pleased to see us go, or at least to see Benny and Donny go.

  101. I just had to turn away a cute little girl scout trying to sell me cookies.
    Is it wrong that I told her I can’t in good conscience support GSA because of their continuing to give money to Planned Parenthood? The innocent little 12 year olds have no idea their hard work is funding the baby murder industry. There is so much wrong there.
    I feel guilty and dirty now…

  102. She’ll get to have a conversation about it with an adult who ought to give a damn. It’s not her fault that they’re letting her unwittingly serve Moloch.

  103. Well, I may never be invited back to Michigan.

  104. Did your son finally disown you?

  105. Leon – No. A disagreement with the D-I-L

  106. Probably brought all the rain with him.

  107. You always have us, MCPO.

  108. you gotta tell us though. Don’t worry, we’ll take your side.

  109. Another Nor’easter on Wednesday.

    That’s gotta suck for those that that still don’t have power.

  110. MCPO, this reminded me of DG when she was younger. She looks like she outgrew it.

  111. Sideways snow for rush hour. Yay.

    I’ve got to go pick up Boy 1 from work. Double yay.

    Hey MJ, buy a duplex in Atlanta with a big yard and privacy fence, I’ll meet you down there. Free babysitting.

  112. Catman is near Atlanta, IIRC.

    I have family near there.

  113. LOL, that sign reminds me of the old local multiplex signage, which my friends and I were convinced were arranged for maximum snide and somewhat prurient comedy value.

  114. Greetings, Engleberts and Humperdinks.

  115. Cassidy knows I can sing like a Welshman.

  116. Roamy- DG’s hair has gone through several iterations. We’re currently in the no body, flat, and straight phase. It’s not bad when braided or in a pony, which she rarely allows.

  117. I know you sing like a DIRTY MOTHERFUCKER!!!

  118. I had a son in law who I bit my tongue over for years to keep peace in the family. Eventually I snapped and it all came tumbling out. It wasn’t pretty, and I kicked myself for not speaking up from the beginning.

    Live and learn.

  119. Hotspur – This was her first big step over the line with me. I told her that I don’t respond to emotional blackmail and that her selfish attitude wasn’t doing anything but making me angry.

  120. Made it through half of the pick up process.

    Avenge me.

  121. Well, kudos, because it sounds like you kept it one on one.

    Unfortunately mine boiled over on Easter in front of the entire family – grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and assorted guests.

    Heh, it took place in my house, so I wasn’t the one to have to storm off.

  122. Hotspur – Yeah, I only gave it 24 hours before I responded to her. I try not to lose my temper, which is what would have happened if I had answered her immediately.

  123. We haven’t had a good meltdown in here for a while. Who shall we set off?

  124. We prefer to have mini-fights at every get together. That way the pot doesn’t boil over.

  125. We haven’t had a good meltdown in here for a while. Who shall we set off?

    BRB. Gotta delete some tabs.

  126. “Don’t make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry.”

  127. I might like you when you’re angry. Give it a try.

  128. Shut the fuck up, Jay.

  129. Green is a horrible color to paint a wall. Anyone who chooses green has horrible taste.

  130. When your three year old has a horrible cold, and a huge glob of snot comes out their nose, guess what color it is. Yep – green.

  131. Oh, and hold the avenging. Made it home.

    Mrs. Pupster has me on standby if she can’t get her car out, the snowplow is rather indiscriminate about who gets out and who stays.

    There is a Boy2 aged girl who works at the store with both of them, she’s manager-on-duty tonight. Her name is Kate, and she is a tiny little thing, cute as heck. I just found out she is out in this blizzard shoveling the sidewalks, and I suggested Boy2 go and help her out. “She’s getting paid for it…”.

    I’m never going to have grandchildren.

  132. Hey CARin, before you move off the browns, get a can of Chicory Root by Behr. It’s a dark brown with red/purple notes, I used it on my shed and garage door in Ohio. You might not like it as permanent, but the fun part is when it is wet it is PURPLE as all get out. Paint a wall with GO VIKINGS! when Pay is around and freak him out.



  135. *hides*

  136. *licks lauraw’s face*
    I ain’t scared!

  137. * questions MCPO’s integrity *

  138. *turns into a newt*

    well, shit

  139. Scott – You assume I had integrity?!

  140. Scott is a scam.

  141. Scott is LauraW’s sock puppet.

  142. OMG. Someone sent me mare’s voting record. She voted for Obama.


  143. I KNEW IT!

  144. Mare is moving again?! How many states are still trying to get her on the check kiting scam?

  145. I sure hope Car in gets back from exploiting Keno customers soon.

  146. I’m never going to have grandchildren.


    It’s like we’re twins.

  147. Hey there, beasn! Back from making calls for McCaskill so soon?

  148. I’m looking at my physical therapy bill and the invoice thingie from the insurance. PT bills anywhere from $441 to $749/hr. Insurance will only ‘allow’/pay $129. (Plan discount is $318 to $620.) Until I met the deductible, that was my share. Once I met it, my share is $25.

    So, if I didn’t have insurance, would I be stuck with a $441 bill? Or would I get $129 if I paid cash?

    And wtf is up with a range of 441 – 749? I was only there for one hour. the routine was the same. A few times, I left ten minutes early and didn’t get the electrobe treatment nor ice. I may have to go pay my bill in person and ask wtf?

  149. *tackles Jay and pulls his underpants up over his head*

  150. *ties up Jay like a roast and puts him in a smoker*

    *adds toenail clippings and used Depends from Hillary to coals*

    *cackles like a loon*

  151. amongst coals…


  152. you don’t smoke with used Depends.


  153. Noone stole Oscar weenis. It’s there all tucked up warm and cozy IN HIS ASS!

  154. Hated the electrode treatment, loved the ice on my knee.

  155. you don’t smoke with used Depends

    HA! Have you ever tried? With a pair of Hillary’s, it would be like lighting up a canister of cyanide.

  156. I would try coating wings with hot sauce and candy corn.

    I would not smoke with Hillary’s Depends.

  157. I liked the electrode treatment. Especially if they placed them just right..on the sorest tendons.

  158. ” I liked the electrode treatment. Especially if they placed them just right..on the sorest tendons frontal lobe.”

  159. The electrode treatment always made me feel worse and kind of jittery. After the second time, I refused it. I’ll admit, I was paranoid my heart was going to get out of rhythm with it.

  160. ” I liked the electrode treatment. Especially if they placed them just right..on the sorest tendons frontal lobe.”nipples

  161. roamy, I wondered about that after one time I felt something akin to jitters or a heightened sense of anxiety? Perhaps it was set near a nerve? Felt weird that day.

  162. “on the …. frontal lobe”

    The way my brain is aging, it could only help.

    “on the …….nipples”

    *stares off into the distance* …………hawt

  163. I sat you down and told you how
    The truest derp that’s ever found is for oneself
    You pulled apart my theory
    With a weary and disinterested sigh
    So yes, I guess I’m asking you
    To back a horse that’s good for glue and nothing else
    But find a man that’s truer than
    Find a man that needs you more than I

  164. I wonder why those lazy fucks in the eastern time zone aren’t up and atom yet?

  165. I’ve been up since 3am.

  166. Alarm went off at 0500 and since I had nothing on my schedule for today I managed to sleep in till 0615 until Paula shouted for Boy #1 to get his ass out of bed. I’ve been sipping coffee and pondering my life decisions since then.

    Mostly good, a few epic misfires I’d like a do over on but for the most part pretty good for a white guy

  167. I missed my chance to tell everyone why they piss me off?.

    This is going to boil over if I don’t let it out soon.

    wakey wakey

  168. 12th in the state for my division right now

  169. I looked at the crossfit place near my new farm, and it’s $100+/month. $1200 for a year would buy me an entire set of weights and decent rack for them. Not even worth it as marketing for my future grassfed lamb operation.

  170. Obviously you can buy the shit for less. But with crossfit you’re not paying for access to their materials. It’s for the training, coaching, pushing.

    It’s not for everyone, but I love it. I’ve made good friends there (something I don’t do easily) – and they really push me beyond what I’d push myself.

    I cleaned 117 last night because it was the open and I was hyped. I hadn’t cleaned over 105.

  171. When I work out at home, unless it’s just running or spinning- I can do technique, but I NEVER push myself as I do when I’m there. The competitive aspect really helps.

    One gal is stronger than me, but I can beat her time on things occasionally. Last week, I beat her (18.1) so she redid it and beat me. And texted me to say so – lol. So this week, she beat me the first time, so I re-did it and beat her time by ONE SECOND. She lifted more than me (that was the second half – you do this workout, then you do a max clean), but that was going to happen anyway. I, of course, texted her that I beat her on the first part.

    Good times. It really is kinda fun.

  172. I don’t even like to train with a partner, so I’d probably hate it.

  173. The guy who owns it is really into helping vets, so we do all sorts of things to raise money for them. Plus they are usually my go-to team for the terrain race things I do.

  174. I used to hate working out with people- and I still don’t like to run with anyone.

    It was/is my private time. But I’m in a lot better shape now.

    Just my observation.

  175. I was in better shape before I had a kid and when my gym was right next to my office. I don’t lack motivation, I lack time and access to equipment.

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