Hello  mother-helpers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.






Your model for today was born in London, England on September 22, 1991.  She stands 5’5″, and measures 36DD-31-39″ and 132lbs.  Please chill-out and say hello to Miss Harmony Reigns!





  1. The early boob catches the warm.

  2. This one is particularly trashy. Nice job, Pups.

  3. When you order her type from the madam, what exactly do you say you want?

  4. “Do you have anything that’s, like, two steps below Bettie Balhaus?”

  5. You know that little girl in the header, that is my face right now.

  6. But seriously, good job, Pups, she’s perfect for BBF.

  7. meow meow meow mare
    meow meow meow mare

    Harmony Reigns rules this world as a goddess.

    When you order her type from the madam, what exactly do you say you want?

    Fish and Chips Friday Special

  8. Robust Haunches

  9. It has been a while since I have recommended the app “Hover Zoom”. I use it with chrome, it opens a small (adjustable) preview window when you hover your mouse cursor over a picture link or thumbnail. You can turn it on and off by site and it will revolutionize the way you read BBF, no more opening my gif links and leaving the page, just hover. It doesn’t help you with phone/tablet but it is a game changer for laptops/desktops.

    Pup says “two paws way up”.

    Cyn was the pioneer of hover zoom and it makes me sad she is gone.


  10. Sorry, not really an “app” but a plug in browser accessory.

  11. I use some version of it on firefox. When I finally figured out wtf it was about 5 years ago (after hearing it mentioned here) Scott welcomed me to the 90’s IIRC

  12. Harmony Reigns…that’s a good one. I wonder if her first director (IYKWIMAITTYD) gave it to her?

  13. I remember Cyn talking about the hover zoom…Cyn, she is still missed.


  15. Re: BBF Model

    I think I have some insight into how sausage is made.

  16. Holy crap, that’s awesome, Pups.


  18. AWESOME JOOB Sir Pupsalot!!

  19. for Sean

  20. Wakey wakey

  21. Thumbnail Plus is another, but it doesn’t seem to like imgur links.

  22. Hmmmm, Jam has a type.

  23. I was thinking about SCOAMF and his “scandal-free” time. Here’s one people aren’t talking about – all the czars. Sinecures for all his friends and big donors, I remember two of them were basically the same thing. I think Trump has one drug czar, and that one went through Senate confirmation, so there’s *some* oversight. Anyone else?

  24. Remember how many Michelle had on staff? I have to think that Mrs Trump doesn’t have as many, or we surely would have heard about it.

  25. I bet she smells like daddy issues and a GED. The tats are a nice touch. Really classes her up.

  26. Yep. Melania has a staff of 4. Michelle had 16.

    The complete staff (of both) is larger: “he details are contained in an annual report the White House sends to Congress showing the names, positions and salaries of all its personnel. Both the Obama and Trump administrations acknowledged several additional staffers beyond those listed in the report with the term “first lady” in their titles. But even counting all those employees — 24 for Michelle Obama and nine for the current first lady — Melania Trump’s office is relatively small.”

  27. Dennis Quaid is on Fox, and I didn’t recognize him. Wow, drugs are bad, kids. Stupid haircut doesn’t help.

  28. The Hover Zoom sounds like something Oso has to dodge at work.

  29. She doesn’t spot for Mexican Hover Zoom drivers.

  30. Dennis had a horrible alcohol and drug problem. My dear friend saw him at a hotel near a film location and said he looked REALLY rough. And he wasn’t all that friendly but that could have been just the day or circumstance. I never think too much about a celebrity not being friendly. That part of being famous must be hell.

  31. Yarrgh! I get to fight with the Illinois Department of Employment Security today. Apparently they will entertain unemployment claims for former employees who leave to seek other employment (and admit same on initial application) instead of dismissing the claim as invalid from the get go. I despise bureaucrats, and I especially despise the “judges” in these telephone “hearings.”

  32. It’s all a big game at this point.

    People can literally call the FBI and tell them multiple times a kid is going to commit mass murder and no one cares.

    The FBIs response? We need more money to connect the dots of, er, this guy’s name and address.

    And you know what? They’ll get it…and more. No one will be fired and the agents will get better tools. They’ll have a 29 billion dollar laser guided remote drone spying machine when a simple pencil and phone call would have sufficed.

  33. “Hmmmm, Jam has a type.”

    hahahhaaaaaa –

  34. her interview is classic
    talkin’ anal without breaking stride – that chick is a real catch

  35. “WE MISS YOU CYN!”

    hear, hear!!

  36. i had to toddle out for an appointment this AM –

    it’s a tad shitty out there

    intellicast was predicting 5 – 9, it’s more than that already

  37. now they have it as 3 to 5 inches
    i think they’re looking out of the wrong window

  38. With a pistol. We’re going to have to ban those too.

  39. Can we get someone to kill a bunch of people with a rainbow flag, so we can ban those too?

  40. CMU is one of those … party schools. I’m sure when the story comes out it will not be … surprising.

  41. I need help finding a part!

  42. Ha ha ha

    Another return trip to Lowe’s…be sure to yell at the guy in the electrical department about their shitty inventory.

  43. Mare?

  44. I don’t think this is Jimbro’s nor’easter, just a coastal storm. Beautiful sunny & blue skies. But we’re getting hammered by wind today. 70 -75 mph gusts. Frigging giant trash bins are tumbling down the street like dice.

  45. Trump, regarding tariffs basically said… “if you tax us, we’ll tax you the same.”

    Economists…”he’s going to start a trade war!”
    …”it will kill jobs and drive up costs!”

    Stock market tanks.

    Am I the only who sees it as a threat to other countries to lower their tariffs?

    If it breaks that way it will be yuge.

  46. Scott, that’s the point.

    Free trade is nice, but China’s moves are deliberately trying to undermine US capabilities as well as influence over the Pacific. I think Trump realizes this. Forcing them to lower tariffs and accept US exports on an equal footing with their local manufacturing will help our economy in the long run.

  47. Even Adam Smith recognized that there were situations where restrictions on imports or tariffs were advantageous to a country.

  48. Kind of like when OPEC bottomed out the price of oil, to put US synthetic oil development out of business?

  49. Maybe it was tar sands or fracking, but the point is the same.

  50. Yup. Smith’s example is British shipping, which could provide ships and sailors in times of war.

  51. Plus this is why NAFTA is being reexamined. Countries subject to US tariffs ship the items to Mexico and Canada, then import them into the US to avoid tariffs. Trump is putting a stop to the abuse and the other countries are going to take a financial hit.

  52. The wind today is really somethi,g else.

  53. CMU shooting, kid shot his parents. Today is the day everyone gets picked up for spring break.

  54. Moar: “The suspected shooter was hospitalized Thursday night after what may have been a bad reaction to drugs, police said. “

  55. He shot his parents on the 4th floor of his dorm room. So he either had the gun with him (it’s a gun free campus) or his parents brought it.

  56. The Hobbit Hole on top of the hill (as opposed to Underhill) is rockin’ and rollin’ in this wind! Some of these gusts have me wondering if the sill plates have shifted! 😳

  57. Our power has been out since 3PM yesterday.

    It came on for about ten minutes at 11am, but now it is off again.

    Took the generator in to have the carburetor cleaned. The guy got right on it, and now it is ready to pick up.

  58. Woo hoo! Drive safe Hotspur. We’re out driving our giant sail around. Scott is gripping the wheel pretty hard.

  59. 6 showings scheduled for today. I can’t really go home anytime soon. I think the last one ends at 6. I might have a break in the action between 4 and 5.

  60. Trump, regarding tariffs basically said… “if you tax us, we’ll tax you the same.”
    Economists…”he’s going to start a trade war!”
    …”it will kill jobs and drive up costs!”
    Stock market tanks.
    Am I the only who sees it as a threat to other countries to lower their tariffs?
    If it breaks that way it will be yuge.
    This was kind of my question that no one seems to be asking. What is the tariff placed on American goods in China or Canada or wherever?

    For some reason all conservatives that wear ties just seem to prostrate themselves at the altar of free trade. Or maybe there is no tariff on American steel and aluminum on in Canada or China. And maybe these tie wearing faggots are correct.

    But no one seems to offer that point so my guess is this levels rather than tilts the playing field.

  61. The only real tariff I know we levy is on sugar imports, to protect the American market for high fructose corn syrup.

  62. The FBIs response? We need more money to connect the dots of, er, this guy’s name and address.

    And yet it took the Reddit spectrum less than an hour to find everything needed to know about the guy. For free.

  63. 8chan doxxed him within minutes, dug up all the prior reports. You’d have to be thoroughly disinterested in law enforcement to have bungled this up with everything they had on this guy.

  64. Power is out all over DC and FedGov is closed. The server bank I work with is offline for the day. I guess I’m doing some reading while I sip my Americano, at least until there’s a break in the showing schedule.

  65. Power is out all over DC and FedGov is closed.

    Win win.

  66. I know, right?

  67. Comment by PepeLp on March 2, 2018 11:41 am


    Nailed it, Pepe.

  68. Worky

  69. Power is back.

  70. I’ve been at this coffee shop for 4 hours now. I feel dirty, like a hipster.

  71. Leon have you started collecting vinyl records? Writing on a typewriter?

  72. Seriously tempted to order some cold brew. Somewhere I still have the Flash Gordon soundtrack on vinyl.

    Okay, I’m outta here. Got a 20 minute drive but can’t go home until 6, but I’m dying here.

  73. I’ve been at this coffee shop for 4 hours now. I feel dirty, like a hipster.

    Did you bring the ur vintage Leica camera?
    Take pics of all the hot moms in yoga pants.

  74. I was there for 5 hours. One mediocre mom in slacks.

  75. Banana hammock

  76. These are the students who rotate through my place in their 3rd and 4th year. She was a first year killed by a psycho in her hometown library

  77. 93 MPH wind gust in Barnstable.

  78. Cat watching a horror flick!

  79. That was hilarious, Scott!


  81. Starting a homemade corned beef cure tomorrow. Booyah. Should be ready just in time for St. Patty’s Day. A chunk of it is going to get smoked and become homemade pastrami.

    Weather is going to be perfect for slow-curing it on the porch over the next week or so. yayyyy

  82. Saucy-looking wench today, Puppeh.

  83. Speaking of saucy-looking wenches, Sean……

    Any news on the potential girlfriend front?

  84. In a holding pattern for now, Peps. Still getting advice on how to proceed from friends in AA. Got her a book on sponsorship that I think will help her to work with her sponsees, and I’m gonna give that to her tomorrow.

  85. I LOVE corned beef. Never cured one myself, though. I just buy the brisket at the grocery with the seasoning packet in the wrapper and plop it all in the crockpot.
    I may have to try to do one now…

  86. Andy did Meathead’s recipe and said it came out phenomenal. A lot less salty than the storebought. He made it into pastrami, too.

    I’m going to blog our try over at CTBRC in a week or two.

  87. Holding pattern?

    Didn’t she already ask you out?

    Pounce like a boss.

  88. Well, scott, while I’m encouraged by the fact that she asked me to go to a concert that time, I also know that she’s incredibly sociable and friendly and goes out and does stuff with friends a lot, so I’m not sure how much I should read into that. I’m likely going to ask her to grab a cup of coffee or something in the coming weeks and see how that goes.

    I believe I’ve mentioned ten or eleven times that I’m emotionally retarded, right?

  89. I wish you the best.

  90. I got 2 of the store bought ones for 2.99 a pound, cheaper than brisket

  91. doing sous vide corned beef Laura?

  92. The corned beef at Sam’s doesn’t look that good this year. Pretty sure we’ll be getting our St Pat’s corned beef somewhere else. Dan will probably make me go to Sprouts with him. I H8 Sprouts

  93. Freezer/Cooler truck was delayed due to weather. I had to spot for Fernando. I was able to avoid him, we had 3 lifts out.

  94. Heh. I shop at Sprouts about once a week. Pick up chicken and fish and tabouleh and such for lunches. I’ve also discovered that I really dig dates and figs.

  95. I should make tabouleh again. I made a low carb version with cauliflower rice. Everyone liked it, but Mini-me picked the mint out of hers.

  96. Sean, more hippies than Whole Foods. Sprouts makes Trader Joe’s look like corporate cronyism.

  97. Tabouleh? Cultural appropriation!!!!

  98. I also get cherry juice there, which is good for El Goutcho. And mine isn’t too hippieish. Finally, thanks to the intermittent fasting and the kind of food I’ve been eating, I’m close to what I weighed in high school. Right around 170.

  99. They never changed my weight on my Driver’s License, so it still says 164. Which was true in 1992. The photo shows dead-eyed, vodka-bloated 225 lb Sean from the renewal several years later.

  100. Did I say congrats on the six and a half years, Sean? Because that is awesome!

  101. Culturally appropriate all the things!

    I’ve made shu mai, butter chicken, and Tuscan soup in the last couple of weeks.

  102. Sean, congrats on the 55 lb. loss, too!

  103. Thank you, roamy. I spent a long time taking piss-poor care of myself, so here I am in my 40s trying to play catch-up. I feel better, though, and it’s kind of nice buying smaller clothes.

  104. Dan misheard the dates and figs part of your Sprouts comment. 😜🤣🤣🤣

  105. Sean, are you crushing on Ohtani?

  106. Haven’t been able to see much of him yet, oso. But I saw an insane breaking pitch he threw against the Brewers in a B Game today. Struck out 8 of 12 batters faced.

  107. Holy shit, oso. If you didn’t already hate the Doyers, get ready for this.

  108. Never mind. I guess LCS rings are a thing. I had no idea.

  109. Just makes me H8 MLB so much more!!! Ruins my Opening Day tradition. Old guy talking baseball to me at the Club…lived in Spokane in 57. Dodger fan for years. Loves the Dukes. Doesn’t understand why we wouldn’t become the Albuquerque Dodgers to keep the “History”.

  110. True ambien and alcohol story,
    Sunday night at 9 I was tired took an Ambien and went to bed. I tossed and turned and was wide awake until 3AM I decided I really needed to sleep. I forgot I had taken the Ambien, and threw down 6 shots of Val U Rite.

    When I awoke I opened my eyes to find myself fully clothed (thank god) sitting on the arm of my recliner, holding 1 dog leash in each hand, with a dog attached to each. I guess I walked the dogs.
    The strangest thing to me is bang, I am awake, open my eyes and whaaaat?

    I looked at my watch, 10:00 am, first thought is holy crap I am late for work!

    Went into the bathroom for find it wrecked! What happened here? Soaking wet towels in the tub, shower curtain rod and curtain in the tub, trash can turned over, and light switch plate shattered into a million pieces. Huh? How did this happen? Seriously how do you break a switch plate? I have never done it before unless it was with a hammer deliberately.

    Showered Shaved and went to work, made up the time I missed and am seriously WTF!? That is some dangerous stuff!

  111. Jeebers, Vman. Did anybody see you out and about?

  112. whoa –
    glad you’re ok vmax

  113. Wow! Glad you’re ok. We have lots of Ambien stories in local news.

  114. I went to work and hung my head in shame

  115. I don’t know Sean but that is why I said TG I had clothes on

  116. I’m just glad you didn’t get hurt. Hopefully, you didn’t drive anywhere.

  117. I did not, thank goodness

  118. Alone from night to night you’ll find me
    Too weak to derp the chains that bind me
    I need no shackles to remind me
    I’m just a prisoner of love

  119. One of our friends got into a car accident with Ambien. His family saw him get up from an afternoon nap, get dressed to go to work, and get into his vehicle and drive off. They didn’t know he wasn’t scheduled to work that day, didn’t know he was sleepwalking.

    That shit is shit.

  120. Zombie Vmaximus is a terrible band name.

  121. Sounds like something Carin would listen to.

  122. Zombie Vmaximus is a bad band name, but an even worse name for an aftershave.

  123. Day 2 of house sale. No offers yet. Why!?

    Also I’m on my own today with Possum. Guard weekend again. We have to disappear from 12 to 3, then come back so I can tell a set of prospective buyers who want to get up close to the lean-tos in the pasture that one of the horses is aggressively friendly and that if the barn cat follows them they should not get close to Donatello.

  124. Oh, and then we have to leave again until 6.

  125. What’s the deal with the cat and Donatello

  126. Donny guards you instinctively, and sees Lars as a threat. He has charged and kicked in the past. The cat, not people, but I like the cat.

  127. Aggressively Friendly and Stay Away from the Donkey are terrible cologne names.

  128. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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