Grab A Pig … It’s National Pig Day!

Welcome to March. Rabbit rabbit for all those who do that nonsense. Ides of March, St Patrick’s Day, increasing daylight, all that means is warmer weather is on the way. And that means it’s a perfect time to put this classic video on repeat ALL DAY LONG

This pales in comparison

Somewhere down in Florida probably


Hip pig


Come back on Friday pig


Mmmm, bacon


Smoker season is right around the corner


Now get to makin’ bacon and have the best Thursday evah!





  1. pork um if you got um

  2. “Comment by Car in on March 1, 2018 6:53 am

    I’ll wait”

    wait no more little miss skorts a lot….

    King Jimes hath commanded thee to grab your pig and hie thee…

  3. ho


  5. fuck salt

  6. Wakey wakey

  7. I never heard of saying “rabbit rabbit” for good luck on the first of the month before.

    The Weather Channel keeps interrupting itself with a severe thunderstorm warning so it sounds like they are bleeping the weatherman.

  8. We’ve got a snowstorm today, apparently. I’d better bring the green house in. I’m sure the tirefire will go out.

  9. this is kind neat and easy –
    and depending how good you are at stealing shit from the dollar store would be a fairly inexpensive way to heat your little greenhouse:

  10. snow coming in tonight – tomorrow supposedly

    the schools are yammering about closing



  13. I would grab a pig, but your mom already left for the day.

  14. I need art advice. Where the hell is Chumpo?

  15. i see trump is screwin’ with sessions again

  16. i think there’s another west coaster that can give you advice too

  17. i wonder if mitchell lurks around here anymore

  18. i’m off –
    gotta go engineer something
    if any trains derail today it wasn’t me

  19. Mrs. Pupster comes home today, I’m taking her car to have it cleaned before I pick her up this afternoon.

  20. I never heard of saying “rabbit rabbit” for good luck on the first of the month before.

    HotBride and our daughter try to be the first to call one another on the first of the month to say “White Rabbit” then laugh their asses off.

    I don’t get it, but it is funny to see who can be first every month.

  21. Power finally came back on around 11:00. Yay! Nice to have water and heat and all that good stuff.

    Just saw a story on the news, they are replacing detention at school with yoga. It’s super successful!!!

  22. Smoker season is right around the corner

    Awww, that’s cute. He thinks I quit for winter.

  23. Maybe you should have a greenhouse, pepe, with a big tank of water.

  24. I had the top down yesterday, 62º. It’s raining now, 36º, and supposed to snow later.

    Oh well, having the top down in February is pretty neat, even if it was the last day of the month.

  25. I’d like to remind you that Wal Mart also stopped selling AR’s in 2015. And they just raised their legal age to buy to 21.

  26. Six years since Andrew Breitbart died.

  27. I could’ve gone the rest of the day with getting that shitty White Rabbit song stuck in my head, TYVM.

  28. So, Eastern Michigan University unveils a mural dedicated to combatting racism. The mural was triggered by some anti black slurs painted on campus last year.

    Elephant in the room: the slurs were painted by a black student. And these people know it, but went ahead with the racist mural anyway.


  30. Just got out of a meeting. Besides being busier at work the other consequence of my partner leaving is attending more meetings.

  31. Maybe the racist black folks will learn something.

  32. The left fricken ruins everything:

  33. As an EMU alumnus (grad school) I’m disappointed but unsurprised.

  34. For Laura, no one else look.

  35. I wonder what happens when universities solicit donations from alumni, and the alumnus says, “You know that racist mural you SJWs are celebrating? Cold day in Hell before I support your bullshit anymore. Take me off the list.”

  36. You ask ask Mizzou.

  37. They haven’t called. I’ll let them know if they ever email again.

  38. The CF at Mizzou is amazing. One of the worst backlashes for a University. Evergreen College getting hit hard also. And well deserved.

  39. UMich lost me as an alumni supporter when I was a junior.

  40. the problem with painting one room … is then I want to paint ALL THE ROOMS.

  41. Pace yourself, Car in. There are plenty of parties in the future to ruin.

  42. Multi Color Rumpus Room Painting Party

  43. Regarding the booth babe issue, they’ll be back. They will wonder why the revenues from exhibitors and entrance fees are falling and realize they’re not moving product at the shows because of lack of interest from attendees who are staying home playing GTA.

  44. True.

  45. I can partially answer the donation calls, as my nephew spent some time doing that job.

    They have low level employees calling from a list. If they say take them off the list, they get a little checkmark by them. this is a minimum wage person calling.

    To get impact, you would have to promise to give a whole lot of money. Then you would get bumped up to the supervisor. Enough money, and the administration will want credit, so they will handle it. That is where the complaint will fall upon ears that matter.

  46. Regarding the booth babe issue, they’ll be back.

    They should just put them in sundresses, ponytails or braids with ribbons, and have them wear naughty librarian glasses.

  47. Or have them all dress as Velma.

  48. Starting to snow.

  49. I’ll take snow over rain. We’re having an open house on Saturday and a light dusting will make it prettier (and dryer).

  50. If I’m a fudgepacker and go into your bakery, and you won’t bake a cake for my gay wedding, I can sue you. And win.

    If I’m 18 (legal adult), and there is no law prohibiting the sale of guns to me, and you refuse to sell me a gun based on my age, that is A-ok.

    Lawyers are going to have a field day with this.

  51. Ooohhh.
    Sundresses and cowgirl boots. Be still my heart.

  52. Ground is turning white.

  53. Still brown up here.

  54. The ground near hotspot must be racist.

  55. My yard is white too. As a racist, I approve.

  56. No, Carin’s ground is racist.

  57. Lack of white = diverse and good, don’t you know anything Hotspur?

  58. I dream of the day when my children’s ground will be judged by the composition of its soil rather than the colors its surface.

  59. Ground is actually pretty green already down here. Early bulbs are in bloom, as are that variety of magnolia I can’t remember (tulip tree?).

  60. Rabbit Rabbit thing. Nevah heard of it. Is it a regional thing or ethnocentric? Religious sect thing? I’m curious

  61. Leon, dont forget the wide brimmed hats…

  62. Here’s the rabbit story

    (anyone at work ought to wait till they get home)

  63. The rabbit died.

    Carin can relate to that.

  64. Rumpus Room Painting Party was one of Frank Zappa’s less appreciated albums.

  65. Last Rumpus Room Painting Party I went to got raided by the cops. Eight women were arrested for public nudity, and six guys got busted for weed.

  66. Anyone drop a guitar case?

  67. Is it really national pig day?

  68. First showing scheduled ahead of open house.

  69. you need to remember to put out plenty of bowls of medical marijuana and shrooms – happy buyers are medicated buyers

  70. Second showing scheduled ahead of open house. Going to have to attend a meeting from my car.

  71. Indeed it is MJ.

    Get your hog on brother.

  72. Comment by Hotspur on March 1, 2018 3:09 pm
    Last Rumpus Room Painting Party I went to got raided by the cops. Eight women were arrested for public nudity, and six guys got busted for weed.


    Sheeeeesh, Hotspur. What the hell was going on?

  73. Strippers?

  74. Alright, this one is a little horrifying

  75. Sheeeeesh, Hotspur. What the hell was going on?

    Everything was going fine until the vicar showed up with potatoes and a huge sack of pennies.

    Next thing you know the SWAT team broke the door down and started busting heads.

  76. Jimbro, Rosetta would have loved that one.

  77. Your mom was the first to get the cuffs.

  78. White here now.

    This is bullshit.

  79. I’m debating gray tones for upstairs.

  80. The nettles experiment is underway.

  81. Still snowing like a banshee.

    HotBride has been without power since about 3PM. I might have to get out the generator.

  82. So you’re rubbing Jennifer Nettles all over your body? Let us know how that goes…

  83. Storm is turning into a nasty Nor’easter tomorrow.

    People on the coast are going to get hammered.

  84. I dont know about yall, but Im all wintered out. I need me some 60+ degree temps and some fookin sunshine.

  85. “Your mom was the first to get the cuffs.”

    She actually had them on before the cops arrived.

  86. HotBride has been without power since about 3PM. I might have to get out the generator.


  87. We’re getting a little rain and a lot of wind from that Nor’easter. That’ll melt more of my snow and make some mud for Rowan to track in the house.

  88. Local HS is playing in the basketball championship tonight. Boys and Girls teams from Hampden and Greely made it. So far our girls are getting killed by theirs. Hopefully the boys team does better.

  89. Beautiful last few days. Today was 60 degrees. March is gonna suck, but now I’ll be working full time so who cares. BOOYAH.

    Here’s to a speedy March and a sunny April on the way.

  90. Crawlspace has water again after 6″ of rain followed by 4-5″ of snow.

    Let’s hope none of the 3 showings tomorrow look at it.

  91. Raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock here.

  92. The nettles experiment is underway.

    Did you buy dock leaves Scott?

  93. Pat can’t make it home. Got stuck on the rouge river bridge with ambulances, so he gave up.

  94. It’s horrible up here. Went from “This is no biggie” to OMG in about 2 hours.

  95. We’re forecast for sustained 30mph winds with gusts to 70 until tomorrow evening. I’m just hoping the electricity stays on!

  96. Most of the mitten appears to be flooded, surely that has to count.

    Sorry Pat is stuck, Carin. Did Pay make it home?

  97. Nope. Neither nor.

  98. Dock leaves? No.

    Nettles leaves.

  99. Dock is a cure for nettles … topical relief of the stinging nettle

  100. Second open workout is interesting. Dumbell squat and burpee over bar ladder – 1-10. Then the heaviest clean you can get. 12 minuets. Women’s got 70 lbs on the squat (2 -35 -ers).

  101. Stay safe, Michigan..ianergans. Michiganders?

    Please be well and stay safe and warm and dry.

  102. I still have to pick up Erin from work. I can’t believe they haven’t let her go yet. It can’t be busy.

  103. Trailer loaded for a morning run to the storage unit.

    In true Hostage fashion, I’m tempted to just hide in the crawlspace tomorrow during showings so I can stay on my wi-fi and see if anyone tries to go down there.

  104. Michiganasms

  105. “We’re forecast for sustained 30mph winds with gusts to 70 until tomorrow evening”
    This is pretty much Spring in New Mexico.

  106. Raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock here.

    Same here yesterday and this morning. Enough rain to trip the ground fault interrupt somewhere.

  107. “Enough rain to trip the ground fault interrupt somewhere.”

    that’s odd –

    if you have a pool you should probably have it checked out before use this year… you’re obviously bleeding current to earth somewhere (i know – captain obvious statement)…

    not trying to be an alarmist but ground faults and in-ground pools can be fatal.

    the most likely problem is an outside receptacle getting wet – sometimes you’ll see corrosion in the box, many times it will be extremely subtle

    i had a porch light at one of my houses years ago that was bleeding to ground – that was a bitch to find

    i see this in labs once in a while – lots of shit gets sprayed around by “scientists” that don’t really get it or even give a crap

    anyway – 2¢ (now back to being a jackass)

  108. No pool, probably an outlet cover somewhere outside left open.

  109. GFI is a scam

  110. one of the local grocery places has been selling little plastic containers of sliced chorizo – holy moly, it’s addictive

    they also have a fairly extensive selection of cheeses….
    i picked up a garlic bread cheese(?) kinda like this:

    that’s pretty good too

  111. Lauraw,

    Your greenhouse problem may be due to the amount of water you have in it that can evaporate. Water evaporating from your open water containers is cooling the water and that heat get dumped to the greenhouse walls where is condenses and is given up to the outside environment. You could test this by measuring the water temperature and compare it to the air temp inside. I’m willing to bet it’s colder. This is happening all the time, but during the day the sun overcomes the cooling. As soon as the sun is gone the water acts like a heat sink. This is why the containers you painted black helped since they were sealed and just stored heat with no cooling.

  112. Therm!!!!

  113. aa-ite
    i’m out

  114. GFI is a scam

    You don’t know the half of it.

    They are designed to fail – which they do quite regularly.
    Wait until laws are passed that require arc fault circuit breakers on every circuit in your house – a $3 breaker will now cost over $20. Multiply that by every breaker in your panel.
    The benefit is that you’ll have to replace it every few years instead of every 20. Plus, the breaker will trip whenever you screw in a light bulb with the switch in the on position.
    Win/win for Cutler Hammer or Eaton and the dirty Congresscritter!

  115. No power at HotHome. Got out the generator. Been a few years since I’ve needed it, so guess what. Won’t start. FUCKKKKKK!!!

    My fault. I should run it every now and then.

    But the Kero-Sun heater works like a champ. Gas fireplace works like a champ. Oil lamps work like a champ.

    So fuck you, March bullshit snowstorm. Your shit won’t even be around by tomorrow or the day after.

  116. Sorry Pat can’t make it home, Carin. It sucks being stranded.

  117. She’s got guard bears, she’ll be fine

  118. Guard bears are a scam.

  119. Though I dream in vain
    In my derp it will remain
    My stardust melody
    The memory of love’s refrain.

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