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Good morning, sunshine!






Have a wonderful day or wait until something better comes along.


  1. Damn shame. This is a masterpiece of global importance.

  2. Save it for tomorrow or something.


  3. Best post in the history of poats.

  4. Back from the ether!

  5. Everyone is still sleeping off the excesses of Monday?

  6. sheet of ice here. motivating myself to drive on it

  7. booyah, thanks Leon

  8. Fuck a duck
    Screw a guinee
    This poat
    Is no worse than many.

  9. I got a lot of stuff done yesterday. Finished cleaning up from having company over for Sunday dinner – dishwasher crapped out on me, so I ran a cycle with vinegar, and that seemed to help. Four loads of laundry, downloaded all the latest anti-virus and Windows updates, installed tax software but watched the Olympics rather than do the taxes, decluttered the master bedroom with one kitchen bag of garbage and two Walmart bags of books for donation. Best sleep I’ve had in a month, but I can’t seem to get it in gear this morning.

  10. ww

  11. That last pic = me waking up in the morning

  12. I’m hoping to do an audit of the “doc box” and the pile of papers in my office today. Big piles of paper I don’t need, but I have to look at it to be sure.

  13. I could paint the basement today … calculates out the time required …

    Nope. Too early.

    Perhaps I can take everything off the walls and fill the holes?

  14. Lib cousin has posted the link where Mike Bloomberg will match your donation to a gun control lobby. 23 likes, $55 so far from among her friends. That’s putting your money where your mouth is, Dems.

    Reminds me of Joe Biden’s charitable donations – one year was $125.

  15. Kittens are back, baby!

  16. I think we’ve given MJ plenty of time with his baby. It’s time he came back.

    I’ve been patient.

  17. He’s got a nanny, too, Car in.

  18. If you are attending a funeral, and they request a donation in lieu of flowers, I am assuming that the amount would be the cost of the flowers, right?

  19. It’s bullshit. That’s what it is. How am I going to impart all of my super awesome parenting advice to him if he’s not here?

  20. Probably, J’ames.

  21. The 2 white guys in Black Panther

  22. Horsey Ride!

  23. Wait a minute, I’m the one who should be iced in, and not doing anything. WTF are you guys doing!

    There are 2 people in the office. I’m 30 minutes away and made it. Lovely.

  24. Michael Moore has morphed into an amorphous blob of bitterness, french fry grease, and sweaty clothes.

  25. When God created me…

  26. Just did my rounds. I’m supposed to be “off”. Also reviewed referrals and the clinic list for tomorrow too. Time to begin my “day off” after I drive home.

  27. I think we’ve given MJ plenty of time with his baby. It’s time he came back.

    I’ve been patient.

    What should we talk about now?

  28. If someone asks for a donation in lieu of flowers, I’m donating to the Spearmint Rhino Single Mothers Education Fund.

  29. j’bro –
    would you be a doll and pick up a few bags of lime on your way back?
    spring’s almost sprung

  30. amazing weather today

  31. We can’t talk now. My power is out. I have to just sit and watch for the magic power to return

  32. Let’s talk about why you are all such dickbags.

  33. Ok you start.

  34. 40’s today, 60’s tomorrow and then it’s back to our regularly scheduled winter

    Too late Jam, drove by the hardware store in Hampden already

  35. I like the term “dickeuropeanbag.”

  36. 55 here which is good since I have no power.

  37. 65 here and soaking wet out. Hope it dries out a little before we show it.

  38. I tried throwing the frisbee for Rowan earlier and discovered it was a bad idea. It’s so muddy in the driveway that the frisbee is soaked with muddy water and he shakes it like a dead animal or one he’s trying to kill and it goes everywhere. I’ll have the boys play in the backyard which is still covered in snow

  39. Hi everybody, I’m TT …and I’m a dickbag…..wait…..this is the DBA meeting isnt it?…..

  40. Like everyone else I didnt start off to become a dickbag although I was born genetically inclined to dickbaggism as I am white. No, I started small….thinking about things like freedom and individual’s rights and duties in society. Of course then I started to dabble in “the role of government.” But I didn’t hit rock bottom until I got my first gun….

  41. Hi, Troy.

    I’m a dickbag because I’m still bitter about the Anglican schism.

  42. https://tinyurl.com/y9y9w66o

  43. 22 and snowing here. Just helped pull a calf.

    It’s not a dick “bag” , it’s a dick “satchel”.

  44. Dickduffel.

  45. So, now the Olympics is a participation sport?


    Spoiled is right. Skipping an event cuz you can’t medal. No, you just sucked in qualifying. Probably worried about your press releases. Nice example you are setting for young skiers.

  46. Pepe’s link is a dickbag.

  47. Hmm, double points day. Do I go out to eat? Surely no one will be out, since they can’t show up for work.

  48. Oh, please, Lord Jesus, not another George Clooney is going to run in 2020 deal. What a smarmy ass.

  49. Car in, make sure you’re cleaning your Instapot correctly!

  50. DTE can eat a bag of dicks.

  51. Who?

  52. Power and gas company in our part of Michigan.

  53. 8 parts to clean … 8 !!!


    Not so “instant” now, huh?!?

  54. Ah yes. REC here (in rural areas).

  55. maggots are protein, just sayin. Probably keto too.

  56. Crockpot’s got 2 parts. Lid is usually just a rinse.

  57. Mare, Clooney ought to run. It will expose him for the light weight he is when he gets any serious questions. Not that he’ll face any from the Democrat-Media Complex but at some point he’ll need to face a real interview.

  58. Haha, wiser just came down on a caller about the “gun show loophole”.


  59. Isn’t America great? wow.

  60. Who is DTE?

  61. Oh, just saw Leon’s answer.

  62. Im going to change my name to Richard Satchel and run for Prezzy.

  63. LOL….”Daddy and “Bich”……too freaking funny….outside the door with arms up in “touchdown”…..

  64. Why now?

  65. I think we should close the gum-shoe loophole.

  66. heh, Kirstie Alley needs help putting out the flames:




  67. A Warning… I’ve been all but killed on Twitter. They are requiring a phone number to get back in, I can’t get a new twitter without a phone number. I’m not dead dead… @M1911_ but i can’t log in.
    The anonymity aspects seems to be dead. Once you piss off a blue check mark it’s over. Can’t even start a new account without giving up a number to verify to. Your account that has never posted a tweet has exhibited bot like behavior… (in 5 min of doing nothing) Not sure I want a twitter account bad enough for a drop phone.

    Moved to GAB but it’s a lot of crickets.

    Anyway I’m just putting warnings on the blogs I use to read before twitter, which is before the break of the Original Hostages. Long time reader… rarely posted

    Wrong think will be punished.

  68. John Kasich is a fucking moron.

  69. lots moved to gab, but not a lot of talk, there.

  70. Kasich got votes in my GOP caucus, had a very respected speaker also.

  71. I could call Chelsea Handler a drunken slut all day in gab and no one would care.

  72. What? Why did you vote for Kasich, Jay? He’s been a moron for a long time. Besides being incredibly weird. And liberal.

  73. We don’t care here either because it’s true. She is a drunken slut.

  74. Kasich is really kind of a joke.

  75. M1911 – Same here. I gave ‘em the phone nr. But, somehow I lost over 200 followers. Strange, it only seems to be happening to conservatives. . .

  76. Maybe if he had referred to her as a perpetually intoxicated amateur sex worker?

  77. I did not vote for Kasich.

  78. Maybe Chelsea made this when she was sober?


  79. I never had any followers, I just like to read tweets and make casual comments but oddly, even I, with about 160 followers lost some this year. And I can’t tell you how I noticed since I never look at that crap. Social media is strictly for me to be amused or get the news. Maybe throw out a comment because it makes me feel good. I have also noticed that I have to RE follow people and of course, they are conservative.

    I don’t go on twitter to read more liberal crazy. Although it’s hard to miss.

  80. Sorry, Jay, I thought you went insane there, it was just me reading like a moron.

  81. Who does a sex tape for a comedy interview? A drunken slut.

  82. We don’t know that she was drunk.

  83. M1911, you have to tell us who is the most boring character on H2. We need a new character to kill off in Lapeer Creek. Sweeps week is coming up, and we need to get rid of some dead weight around here.

    You can vote laura safely, she’s on the road.

  84. We also don’t have any evidence that she’s a comedienne.

  85. But we have lots of evidence she’s a whore.

  86. maybe she can be a funeral stripper.

    As a joke.

  87. Oh look, Hollywood hates Clint Eastwood’s new movie. Time to buy tickets:


  88. Aww, the Taliban doesn’t like Trump:


  89. West Virginia, birches.

    Sigh. Auto-correct is a total prude but I’m leaving it.

    Gorgeous day. We’re driving. I look out and see people’s garden patches and my heart leaps, hahaha.


  90. You coming into Northern Va via 81?

  91. I interviewed in Morgantown, WV for my residency. Went to a basketball game with a few residents and then out to a bar. Good time. I think it was snowing on the way there.

  92. If I went to LA, via Omaha.

  93. I can still read my lists on twitter, it’s weird. Best news feed around. I Just can’t call some of them dumb fucks anymore, but I can in GAB. Like screaming into a cave.

    Be a good time to go to LA or any where warm. I’m sick of this cold shit.

  94. Like screaming into a cave.

    Are we still talking about Chelsea Handler?

  95. Actual footage of Chelsea passed out

  96. I may be a birch but I feel it’s important to speak your mind.

  97. that can’t be a video of Chelsea, there would be a funnel taped to her neck. She Don’t want to miss a drop

  98. >>Like screaming into a cave.

    >>Are we still talking about Chelsea Handler?

    Only if you hear multiple echoes.

  99. Still no power.

  100. Other than walking in the operating room and saying “Good morning bitches” they got nothing on me!

  101. Do you have a generator Carin? And, why no power? Did you guys have a storm or did a transformer blow?

  102. #lapeerstrong

  103. CaRin blew a Transformer? Did it taste like WD-40?

  104. The doctor of an 80-year-old woman had finally retired. Therefore, at the elderly lady’s next checkup, the new doctor told her to bring a list of all the medicines that had been prescribed for her.

    As the young doctor was looking through them, his eyes grew wide as he realized that the little old grandma had a prescription for birth control pills.

    “Mrs. Smith, you do realize that these are birth control pills?”

    “Yes, doctor. They really help me sleep at night.”

    “Mrs. Smith”, he said, flabbergasted, “I assure you there is absolutely NOTHING in these that could possibly help you sleep!”

    The old lady reached out and patted the innocent, young doctor’s knee. “Yes, dear. I understand. But believe me. They definitely help me sleep at night. You see, every morning, I grind one up and mix it in the glass of orange juice that my 16-year-old granddaughter drinks!”

  105. I got locked out of Twitter about 18 months ago for my stating my opinion that the Muslim immigration problem in Europe was a direct result of having a pussy in the White House who claimed there was a red line and then turned his back and walked away. And that having a pussy in the White House was catastrophic to everybody and not just Americans. They sent me an email offering to reinstate my acct if I’d give them my phone number. I’m too paranoid for that.

  106. Which Transformer is a Subaru?

  107. How long does your mail take, pepe? Seems like they keep your packages in the truck for a couple days.

  108. Rollie O’Donnel?

  109. They said it was equipment failure. Finally got it back at 6:30. We do have a whole house generator but the battery ( to start it) was dead and I don’t like to mess with it. Since it was supposed to be on at 1 … then 4 … I didn’t want pat to have to drive home

  110. but the battery ( to start it) was dead

    The irony is killing me here.

  111. J’Ames, Penelope got it ready to ship, but then it was the weekend plus veteran’s day. Went out today. Should be there in a couple of days.

  112. Narrator: It’s not Veterans Day

  113. but the battery ( to start it) was dead and I don’t like to mess with it.

    I know a guy.

  114. I see, pepe. I wasn’t complaining, just know you live far away.

  115. I wonder where Car in, Pay, and Pat will find a battery.


  116. Comment by xbradtc (@xbradtc) on February 20, 2018 9:10 pm

    Narrator: It’s not Veterans Day
    Whoops, Presidents day. I’m lucky if I get the year right.

  117. “You coming into Northern Va via 81?”


    Did a piece of skyline drive today. Got out just before dark.

  118. This was awesome for dinner tonight. Mini-me picked out the mint but claimed the leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.


  119. Chi, if you still wanted to send that info, we’ll be there at the end of the week.

  120. I sent it the next morning (yesterday?).
    Email box is saying it sent successfully…
    Maybe check your spam folder? It’s coming from an AOL acct after all.

  121. Eh. We’re supposed to set the darn thing to start once a week, but something got messed up and we haven’t reset it.

  122. Yep, was in the filter, thanks!

  123. Do not rub your eyes after eating wasabi almonds.

    /free advice

  124. You need to find a battery guy,

    /free advice

  125. When Erin has her party, just swap your dead battery with whatever punk’s you like the least. Maybe the kid that drove through the flowerbeds.

  126. If you got on skyline drive you passed by my old place. I lived right below skyline drive at about 1500 ft on the west side of the mntns. The road to my house was the next left if you hadn’t turned onto the drive. I loved that property.

  127. Picking through the cards
    Knowing what’s nearby
    The carvings on the derp
    Say they find it hard
    And the engine’s failed again
    All limits of disguise
    The humor’s not the same
    Coming from denial

  128. Give me a few, and I’ll have HHD up.

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