Artistry – POS Mardi Gras Edition

Remember when Chumpo used to post really interesting things about art? This isn’t it –

So Your Boyfriend BO & Your Girlfriend Mooshel had their pictures done; no offense to the skanky (insert Hotspur word)/ wenches that did them, but DAAAAAAMMMMMn!

So I tried my hand at a truly befitting preznitz-dental portrait :

I think it captures the essence of the oblah-blah years.

This was my other attempt – not sure if it violates the “no nipple” rule, or just your sensibilities

Now on to more important stuffs.

It’s Mardi Gras you fat bastards!!

your mom said to say hi






  2. Keith thinks the same as I – Obama is cartoonish in his portrait:

  3. Should I go buy beads? Anyone?

  4. I started Lent after the last poonchkey was et.

  5. I don’t eat those 600 calorie donuts.

  6. blue words are back.

  7. Honestly, that painting of Obama is the best thing that could have happened to a slow day. IT’s truly a gift that keeps on giving.

  8. *wonders if anyone throws beads at carin*

  9. throw them at carin jay

  10. I don’t eat those 600 calorie donuts.

    I stopped after I ran out.

  11. I’m still wearing a shirt.

    Let me go find my pasties and then you guys can commence with the bead throwing.

  12. If I’m going to eat a 600 calorie treat – it’s gonna be a tad better than a donut.

  13. the obama painting are truly awesome
    i agree with carin –

    with a caveat: they’re the second best thing to happen to their presidency
    – first was it ended
    – second is htese paintings correctly sum up the total fake pos that was their occupation of this country

  14. s

  15. Fucker couldn’t be bothered to put on a tie.

  16. Edgy is just another way of saying it sucks.

    I know you will be shocked SHOCKED to know that the artist that painted sperm on Obama’s face is gay.

    I looked it up.

  17. Does he figure skate?

  18. You know there’s nothing more gay than cum on a president.

    Wait, that’s not how the saying goes, is it?


  20. Have we featured Angela White on Big Vacant Eyed Stare Friday?

  21. I mentioned this in the last thread, but it got stomped.

    The artist captured the Wookie’s resting bitch face well.

  22. Does he figure skate?

    He likes to watch.

    I looked it up.

  23. Well, the Photoshop evidence in the portrait background is a huge “Fuck You” to those of us who were able to spot the artifacts in the fake birth certificate.

  24. I think the artist really captured his greenish hue.

    That reminds me, did car in ever decide on a paint color?

  25. What’s with the “first openly gay Olympian” bs? Do these people have no sense/knowledge of history?

    Greg Louganis was pretty open- they shot the camera to his boyfriend in the stands all the time. and Johnny Wier was one of the gayest people ever.


  26. They didn’t actually say “I’m Gay!” before competing.

    As far as I can tell, that’s the difference.

  27. Kinda sad. Next Olympics they’all have to publish pictures of them smoking bone to get any recognition.

  28. So true, we all predicted this

  29. Oh man, this was funny, heard it during the opening ceremonies, and said WTF? Dutch don’t use canals as transportation with speed skates in the winter? Stupid Katie Couric.

    What newspapers do you read, you ignorant overpaid hack.

  30. That wasn’t nearly as eye popping as this one:

    Joshua Cooper Ramo’s on-air remark that “every Korean will tell you that Japan is a cultural and technical and economic example that has been so important to their own transformation.” Japan occupied Korea for four decades. NBC later fired Ramo.

  31. New millenial challenge!

  32. This guy was gay? Shut the front door:

  33. Heh, just listen to him during the figure skating broadcast.

  34. 2 things:

    A) why does an artist put sperm in his paintings
    2) why does Obama look like he had a sixth finger removed?
    3) Obama does look cartoonish in the portrait, the way it’s painted.

  35. I used to look forward to watching the Winter Olympics. It used to be the highlight of my winter every four years.

    But like the NFL, it’s been hyper-politicized, therefore I will no longer watch.

    Katie Couric thinks the Dutch are great speed skaters because they use the canals for transportation.

    What a vapid cunt.

  36. Mare, the painting is full of Photoshop evidence in the background – fake artistry for a fake president.

  37. And Mooch’s painting does not look like her, unless she has gray skin. Maybe she does. Who knows.

  38. That video of Weir almost made ME gay. The 1 minute I could stomach it.

  39. Hotspur, regardless of the color on the face, that does NOT look like Michelle Obama. Not necessarily a bad thing IYKWIMAITTYD.

  40. You know what the Obamas are good for?

    Living examples of why choosing anyone for anything because of affirmative action will only bring on a shit show. Both artists are perfect examples. Amateurish crap. As was the Obama Presidency.

  41. Seriously, Obama’s weird missing sixth finger is grossing me out.

  42. It’s five fingers and a thumb.

  43. dried Valerie Jarret jizm

  44. This is a mistake by Ben. I have the utmost admiration for him, but Beck’s brand is tainted (with dried jizm). The guy is a fucking blithering idiot.

    Just keep building your own brand, Ben. This can’t help you.

  45. Husband is spending day two in arranging for his dad to go to a nursing facility…..since things are not imminent. Doctor gives him six weeks and hospice won’t take anyone who has longer than a week. Hospice will visit him twice a week for starters.

    After visiting a couple of facilities yesterday, which were staffed with a lot of Shaniqua’s RAYCISS! (his assessment includes the swath of low education, low paid employees of various skin tones), he understands why a lot of people choose to do this at home.

    On the other hand, after entering his dad’s hospital room two different times yesterday, to the stench of the shit his dad was sitting in, degreed people are no better in his opinion. Not sure how long Pop’s was sitting in it and not sure why noone came when he hit the call button to get one of them to take him to the toilet. Then, they put the soiled disposable bed pads in an open trash can and soiled wash rags and gowns in the laundry bag….making quite the unpleasant atmosphere for lunch and for visitors.

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to use flushable buttwipes rather than cloth, which gets sent off to a laundry somewhere? Or how about throwing the bedpads and wipes in a bag, which gets tied up and tossed in an incinerator? And how about answering the fucking call buttons within a few minutes instead of standing around yucking it up with other nurses? (my husband saw this happen while someone’s call lights were blinking…..and the call also goes to their phone)

  46. Seems like a bad investment.

  47. ^^That hospital is not a podunk backwoods facility.

    Anyway, once he’s moved, we’ll be spending most of the day with him. The facility says they have a 7 minute window to answer call buttons. They have three assistants per 10 residents, which is supposed to be a good ratio. It’s only a year old.

    We’ll see.

  48. Oh, and he’ll have three different people visiting him a week.
    Hospice, twice a week.
    Personal care for bathing, twice.
    Social worker, once a week.

    Less chance of someone f*cking something up if there are lots of eyes watching.

  49. That seems like a bad situation, Beasn. I’d be furious if it were my dad.

  50. That’s why those places suck. Just about all of them. You can be furious all you want (Leon) or you can just bring them home.

    Those are minimum wage people doing a lot of those jobs. Perhaps the only jobs they could find at the time – NOT because they care about elderly care.
    /just saying
    /steps off soap box

  51. I get that, Carin, it would not alter my emotional response.

  52. My dad (when he first went septic and lost his leg) went from an ICU, to a step down (long term- high care) center, to a hospital based care with various therapy, then to a full fledged nursing home – it was all sorta ok until he got to the nursing home level, and then he wanted to get the HELL OUT ASAP. Also, my mom has worked at those for years and years. The one she was at was pretty nice but it was also very big bucks- in Grosse Pointe.

  53. Same thing with preschool.

    Why would you want a bunch of otherwise unemployable minimum wage people raising your child?

  54. When Pogo was in the hospital with pneumonia, we were fortunate that our circumstances allowed us to have someone with her at all times. I’d be there from 8am to 8pm, Viki from 8pm to midnight, and Tania from midnight to 8am. A month in the hospital, and a month in rehab.

  55. It’s really the only way to do it. We pretty much made sure my dad was never alone when he was incapacitated.

  56. Once he was “better” the last nursing home – we could leave him. He hated being there, but he was aware/with it enough to handle himself.

  57. My cousin found it – the artist saying the theme of the beheading paintings are on the “kill whitey” theme.

    She’s good.

  58. I see no reason to concern myself with ‘racism’ as a live issue or problem ever again.

  59. DEQ is refunding my on-site fee, Kazoo should be refunding my appeal fee (board never convened), builder has been let down gently (we felt very guilty). Now we have to have the house inspected, get a quote for insurance, cancel the construction loan, get a mortgage, and sell this place.

    And we need to get some fences and lean-tos built and a livestock well dug. And move 4 horses across the state.

  60. Matt’s at the Er. 103.8. They’re taking xrays.

  61. And plant all that pot/mushroom stuff, too. Wow.

  62. Der, I mixed up Ethan and Matt.

  63. Prayers for Matt.

  64. Complications with his leg, Carin? Hope he’s okay.

  65. One of the other kids, leon, not the leg. Flu.

  66. The x-rays confused me.

  67. Prayers here, too.

  68. Hope it’s not flu. Given this year though it may well be. My nurse was antsy to get home today with 2 of her 3 kids with fevers over 101.5.

  69. 2 kinds of flu, isn’t it?

  70. Shoot, Carin, prayers for Matt.

  71. Really not sure Jay. I read about a Texas mom who died after recovering from one variety of flu and then falling ill with a different strain about a month later.

  72. Comment by lauraw on February 13, 2018 4:19 pm
    I see no reason to concern myself with ‘racism’ as a live issue or problem ever again.


    I’m not sure what prompted you to say that but I think it’s brilliant in its simplicity and decisiveness.

  73. I know people that had it twice, too. Nothing serious, though.

  74. This group of flues/cold/pneumonia/sepsis are very brutal bitches.

  75. You spelled sarcasm wrong, mare.

  76. The baby’s femur was broken after mom tripped on a ladder in the living room and landed on her. Their roof over raised ceilings had a leak and dad had got a tall ladder in to deal with it. They weren’t convinced it was 100% fixed so they left the ladder inside in case they had to deal with it again.

    The good news is that the fracture was a greenstick break with the posterior cortex intact. I was able to get her into a spica cast in the treatment room with just Tylenol and Sweet-Eaze for comfort.

    And proving my theory yet again, everyone said “Oh, mom must feel so bad”. When dad falls carrying the baby the words oaf, klutz and lummox are bandied about.

  77. Prayers for Matt and Beasns FiL

  78. Looking at lungs would be my guess.

  79. Guess that happens more than we know, jimbro.

  80. Even if it is sarcasm, Jay, it made me think, “wtf, do I think about, comment on, or mentally philosophize about something that isn’t even relevant to me?”

    We voted in a black President, and through his ( and his administration’s) identity politics have made micro racism, secret racism, not real but perceived racism oh and white priviledge an actual thing people say and bitch about. And these are “people of color” earning millions and in the highest levels of government, entertainment and industry. I’m done.

  81. Someone reported me as a racist at work yesterday. I don’t like brown people, because I won’t spot for a lift driver who is Mexican American. Manager should’ve never told me about the complaint. He thought it was funny. I’m lucky that the two MODs yesterday know why I won’t spot for the douchebag. I reported him for reckless driving awhile ago and they have him on video clearly violating lift safety and putting Members at risk. He had to recertify, and I was told at the time I don’t have to spot when he’s driving. Internal. He doesn’t know it was an investigation. He doesn’t know I was behind it. He knows I won’t spot for him and he’s telling everyone I only spot for Anglos. I am so pissed off. What if I hadn’t gone to management about him? What if the managers didn’t know I’m half Messican? $20

  82. Oh, and most importantly? I don’t care anymore. Kind of wonder if I ever did. See, there I go mentally philosophizing again. D’OH!!

  83. I’m glad I don’t work where I could be randomly called a racist, Oso and have it possibly screw with my employment. D’OH did it again.

  84. “I’m not sure what prompted you to say that”

    Obama choosing a “kill whitey” artist.

  85. Mare, there are so many what ifs. If it was any other managers other than the 2 that were on duty yesterday, it would’ve escalated to Bentonville. His recklessness was diminished by old GM, because he didn’t want to risk our Sam’s Share. Instead of writing an incident report or coaching the DB, our GM allowed him to recertify and agreed that I would never have to spot for him.

  86. I had a hunch but didn’t know.

    And an excellent reason to dismiss racism as a live issue or concern.

  87. Dan and I can’t say anything, because we aren’t supposed to know that I was open doored for being a racist.

  88. I feel like cussing the lazy POS out in Spanish.

  89. Regarding the Obama portraits. You guys have said most of the things I’ve been thinking and pointed out a lot of new stuff. For me it is two separate issues. The style of the art and the decision to use it for a presidential portrait. The art style is meant to be provocative and, if you pay attention to it, it is definitely over the top. But before yesterday had anyone here heard of this sperm painter? He probably had a small following of people who thought he was edgy and out of those admirers he probably sold enough paintings to be comfortable. Whatever, the art world is big and not everyone likes every form of art. Live and let live and let this guy paint his shit and sperm all he wants. The crux of the problem is the Obama decision to deliberately elevate this guy to presidential portrait level. Rubbing everyone’s faces in it. Now we’re going to be looking at sperm faces everywhere and other artists will mimic his style. As people appreciate the line up of presidential portraits they’re going to get to leaf man and just shake their heads while wondering what the fuck America was thinking when we elected this jamoke.

  90. Jimbro, we need to just understand that the arugula bunch is above the Wal-Mart shopping Trumphumpers. I bet you like Norman Rockwell.

  91. This hangs in my home office

    My childhood Pediatrician had a copy too

  92. I ❤️Norman Rockwell. Art Appreciation Prof first day: If Norman Rockwell is your idea of art, this isn’t the class for you. (Oso stands up and starts walking out of class) Prof: Where are you going? Oso:This isn’t the class for me. I like Norman Rockwell. I’m glad I can get full refund for a really good class.

  93. Way back in the day, my parents sent Rockwell prints to my first apartment. FedEx and apartment office fought over who got my prints. I never got the four freedoms. FedEx/apartment office fought for 2 years over what happened

  94. No one is updating me . Grr

  95. I want to throat punch the lazy fucker that called me racist.

  96. On face douch I have a screen shot of the article where he made the kill whitey comment. My cousin found it. She’s in the midst of writing some art thesis, and I brought this up and I think she diverged into r searching this for me.

  97. On face douch I have a screen shot of the article where he made the kill whitey comment. My cousin found it. She’s in the midst of writing some art thesis, and I brought this up and I think she diverged into r searching this for me.

  98. On face douch I have a screen shot of the article where he made the kill whitey comment. My cousin found it. She’s in the midst of writing some art thesis, and I brought this up and I think she diverged into r searching this for me.

  99. Where is the kill whitey comment from Carin?

  100. was talking to a friend about the latest portraits –
    most thinking ppl agree; this stuff will go down in history like shag carpet in a flop house.

    i think it’s absolutely AWESOME that the Bammas went with these particular painters. I mean that sincerely. History will be clear on this.

  101. i’ve seen houses painted with more skill

  102. Early 1500’s

  103. Clinton and TFG with the spooge reference on their official pic

  104. Comment by osoloco11 on February 13, 2018 6:55 pm

    I want to throat punch the lazy fucker that called me racist.
    Shouldn’t you want to cut him?

    Gotta be careful, you don’t want to appropriate another culture… 😉

  105. 1st Century

  106. This may be your best post yet Jam2.

  107. I really want to cut him!!! I was trying to deny my culture. I can’t afford a Pepe knife…YET!!!

  108. Totally agree. Choosing these painters to make their portraits is spot on for a couple of clowns.

  109. So hip. So cool

  110. I saw a tweet that said , “one of these portraits is not like the others” and had several classic portraits then of course Obama’s was in there. It really highlighted the amateurish, ridiculous, unserious nature of these crap paintings.

  111. Overwhelmed.


    It’s perfect

  112. Fading into obscurity.

  113. I got to tell my sad but redemptive tale about how I ended up in southern Canada to some cow orkers today. I don’t really “like-like” it here, but I feel like I’m supposed to be here if that makes sense. One of the owner’s sons was in the audience, so I might have sold the “redemptive” part a little hard, it’s all true though. I like making money for good people, I was making big money for shitty people at my last jerb.

  114. I like the fagola leaving a sperm trail on his outsourced Chinese portraits

  115. Pups, you may have honestly earned several PR points for your speech.

  116. Kill whitey thing is now in the poat

  117. I’m so angry about being labeled a racist, I’m ready to Maui with Californians until I can Molokai

  118. Nobody has done more to advance “kill whitey” culture since Mugabe, so it all makes sense for spermface.

  119. Is Johnny wier modeling his look after pee wee Herman?

  120. Matts in the hospital for the night. Pat was there and his girlfriend is with him. He still feels like shit. First test came back neagative for flu but they say the first test has a high rate of failure. He was badly dehydrated.

  121. 103.8 says something was serioulsy wrong. That was the temp the nurse got in the er.

  122. If you want a laugh, go read all the butthurt and whining on Earther. Trump is living rent free in their heads.

  123. I reported him for reckless driving awhile ago and they have him on video clearly violating lift safety and putting Members at risk.

    Why wasn’t his ass fired immediately? Surely firing a jackwad before he hurt someone would not have hurt the bonus thingie.

  124. The crux of the problem is the Obama decision to deliberately elevate this guy to presidential portrait level. Rubbing everyone’s faces in it

    Exactly. The artist is known for hate whitey shit and obama chose him as one more parting F U to most of the country. And noone is asking him about it. F*cking POS.

  125. You can only fire white people these days. We are a dime a dozen.

  126. thanks pup

  127. I hope with a couple of bags of fluids, Matt will start to feel as good as new, Car in.

    My BiL is a pharmacist at a large hospital. He’s saying most hospitalizations from the flu is due to dehydration. My SIL’s friend’s son wound up in hospital for a week because he got so dehydrated, his kidneys started shutting down.
    If any of y’all start fevering, push the fluids immediately. Good chance if you can stay on top of it, you can also minimize any secondary infection.

  128. Listen to beasn, she’s pre-med.

  129. Interesting (or not), the more I read about the Obama portrait artist the more horrible a person is fleshed out. He’s an absolute creepy jerk. Obama purposefully picked a homosexual, racist, hating, no talent freak.

    In a way, no surprise.

  130. Texas teacher got a flu shot in Oct. after giving birth to her son. Couple weeks ago, she came down with both strains of the flu, which gave her pneumonia and MRSA. On a ventilator but is making some cautious progress.

  131. Maybe we shouldn’t be posting apocalyptic flu stories just right now?

    Just saying is all.

  132. My son has been studying about religions (on his own, not in school).
    He just declared that he and his stuffed duck have together invented a new religion called Quackism.

    Either I have a particularly bratty and dense kid, or I am the father of the father of a new religion and my kid’s name will be taken in the same breath as Abraham.

  133. I told him to push fluids but I got to him too late I’m guessing. Started feeling sick yesterday afternoon and I didn’t find out until this morning. He threw up all night. Most of today.

  134. I could be a Quacker.

  135. Beasn, no one expected that Sam’s was going to fire 30% of their leadership. It was business until then. We are still in post recovery

  136. That lady didn’t get MRSA from the flu.

  137. >>I could be a Quacker.

    You will be forever enshrined as Saint Scott, the first disciple.

  138. You guys want a horrible story?

    I went to high school and college with a gal related to him through marriage. Her dad also married- later in life- my aunts best friend.

  139. so i made the mistake of surfing the erfer site that leon mentioned –

    i guess they never took a bio class

    i think i might actually be a bit stupider after skimming thru that site

  140. Does one usually barf with the flu?

    *pinches Pupster’s nose*
    That wasn’t apocalyptic. The lady got both strains – what are the odds – and is doing better.

  141. Can someone check the grease trap and release my last comment? TYNP

  142. Holy shit, car in, that is awful. Poor guy.
    A few weeks ago, after going down various worm holes on the youtubes, there was a story about a young woman who got bacterial meningitis. She lost both arms…one at the shoulder, one above the elbow and both lower legs. She did recover and considering what she lost, has a remarkably positive outlook on life. (Because she felt so awful while it ravaged her body.)

  143. beasn, does this look infected?

  144. Correia Fisking “The Poor Can’t Cook”;

    Pretty funny…

  145. Type a

  146. >>beasn, does this look infected?

    **kicks Jam2 in the jimmies**

  147. waaaaatttt?
    i heard she was pre-med

  148. OMG WTF!!?

    Kicks jam in the vag.

    My specialty is not pus. I DON’T DO PUS!!


  149. If someone came to me with that oozing out of their neck, I’d hold you down and wipe them on you, for being a dumbass for letting that fester for so long.

  150. You’d think that would hurt long before his head was about to pop off.

  151. There is a person on facebook who likes that sort of thing. If you linked a video of that being drained, I’d have to gift it to her.

  152. *sends jam2 some botflies*

  153. >>*sends jam2 some botflies*


  154. Christel loves the pus. I just did my wifely duty and Dan is clear.

  155. Hahaha, good Correia article, Car in!

    Also, the ratio thing? Everybody who cooks know that’s nonsense. Spices are about taste. Good cooks season until it is right. Any recipe that calls for garlic, I just assume it’s safe to double the amount just to start.

    4X if it’s Italian

  156. Dan loves garlic. Dan sleeps alone. Oso isn’t a vampire. Garlic though

  157. Oso is a racist. Oso is pissed. Oso is getting ready to go medieval on fucking illegal racist bullshit starting with racist coworkers that assume Oso is white

  158. oso, VENGEANCE IS THINE!! Kick some racist messican ass….served cold, of course.

  159. Good evening, Haters.

  160. **man, that made me feel good to dismiss all yalls bullshit without having to listen first.

  161. The lady got both strains – what are the odds

    *feebly raises hand from bed*
    I’ve been dealing with my second strain of the flu since Saturday night. I can’t remember the last time I ran a fever or had a headache – I’ve got them both. Thank goodness for Tamiflu.

  162. I’ll be a pharaoh soon
    Rule from some golden tomb
    Things will be different then
    The derp will rise from here
    Then I’ll be ten feet tall
    And you’ll be nothing at all

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