MMM 311: Just the goods

I managed to get behind on work over the weekend, so today will be quick.

Looks warm there.


What’s the pink stuff?


Nice skirt.


Ocean or Great Lake?


Abs and tasteful underboob.


Matchy matchy.


Does she speak the language her tats are in?


Monday!  Lent starts Wednesday, get ready!


  1. My guess is that the workshop wasn’t in the listing because the interior was still really cluttered. Fine by me if we get it.

  2. What’s the pink stuff? Either vaginal mucosa or reflected foreskin.

  3. Good luck with the new possible house Leon.

  4. Or it wasn’t permitted.

  5. The house/property/extras you described Leon sounds fantastic. Exciting!

  6. Fingers crossed.

  7. Wakey wakey.

    Does the house have a spiral staircase from the bedroom, to an office below? Because that’s now my sticking point for any new houses.

  8. It’s a single story.

  9. nice job on the doods today leon!!

  10. Figure skating has been ruined by the “flaming” gayness aspect of the skaters and announcers. It’s not horrible because they are gay (we shouldn’t really know for sure), it’s horrible because they are the crazy, far left/right side bell curve, flamboyant, in your face femmy that is so distracting it’s unwatchable. I’m not participating in their crazy.

  11. Normalizing crazy…no thank you.

  12. Fack. The blue words are back.

  13. they keep picking at a healed (mostly) wound & are succeeding in opening it up again.

    The legacy of the JEF may actually result in a Post Modern Segregation Movement that sticks…

    what a friggen mess

  14. [watching curling]
    after 1 mins: ugh this is dull
    10 mins: he’s overdone the turn on this stone
    30 mins: three in the house means nothing if your centre guard is ripe for a hit and roll

  15. I can’t believe Trump has been in office for over a year.

    It seems like he was elected 3-4 months ago.

  16. 1st nite, the “males” are warming up, they are presenting the presenters…..some guy name Johnny Weir is sitting there looking like something out of the Hunger Games meets Liberace’s closet….shut it off right then and there. Im sick of sodomites and their “lifestyle” being promoted as healthy and normal.

  17. Comment by lauraw on February 11, 2018 5:35 pm

    Next time we’re doing three at a time. As long as there is already a water bath going, there’s no reason not to piggyback more meat in there.



  18. Lisping commentators on figure skating must appeal to a certain demographic and not just the spunk drunk management that hires them for the job. When I see any figure skating the main reason I watch any of it at all is to laugh at the commentating.

  19. Jam, in that video ( the fist 2 minutes) because Nebraska is a red state SHE DOESN’T KNOW what people are thinking about her and how that may affect her.

    So no one bothered to say/ask——-“if you don’t KNOW that someone is prejudice, they aren’t, or you’d know!!!” If they SECRETLY are it doesn’t matter anyway.

    And by the way, that bitch us openly racist toward me!

  20. [watching curling]
    after 1 mins: ugh this is dull
    10 mins: he’s overdone the turn on this stone
    30 mins: three in the house means nothing if your centre guard is ripe for a hit and roll



    This is exactly me watching curling.

  21. Those women are crazy. We should encourage crazy women to go and form their own nation elsewhere. That one black lady who says she has no friends in NEbraska?I bet it’s because she’s a first class bitch. When she feels more welcomed in a foreign country, it’s because those people don’t know her yet.


  22. If you’re not gay, black, or a woman, you have no place at the Olympics, from what I gather.

  23. #Blaxit

  24. As Prager says, there is so little real racism/harassment in this country we have to have “micro” aggressions. Or secret racism like that stupid bitch was talking about.

  25. They should emigrate to Wakanda. It’s what Africa would be if whites hadn’t interfered, after all.

  26. Re: men’s figure skating. “The love that dare not speak its name has become the love that won’t shut up” – Robertson Davies

    Normally I would watch the figure skating, but the over-the-top drama queening, mincing, and lisping was just too much. I don’t know why they feel like they have to talk and act like that.

  27. I don’t know why they feel like they have to talk and act like that.

    To embarrass us on the international stage.

    To the rest of the world, America is femboys on skates.

  28. because gay has become a tribe with it’s own codes.

  29. A reversion to tribalism won’t end the way they are hoping. “Gay first, American because that’s the uniform I’m in” won’t end well.

  30. Seriously, I think we should encourage everyone who doesn’t believe they can live with “us” to … leave. Go form your own commune wherever (not in the United States). I imagine it would be a lot of gender/racial/bla bla “justice” majors.

    Go on! I’ll throw you a party. The rest of us will all live together w/o you trying to divide us with your stupid, ignorant bullshit.

    And imagine how fun it will be to watch those little “societies” mature.

    Ba haaa haaa haaa …

    honestly, I need a grant to help make this happen.

  31. No other place would take them and deep down they know it. Africans generally detest American Blacks, and no where else is safe for flamboyant gays.

  32. Don’t crush my dream, Leon.

  33. Believe me, I’d rather crush theirs. Maybe then they’d pull back just a little on the whining. A parasite that doesn’t irritate the host can get along quite well for a long time. Itchy fleas get scratched eventually, and I don’t want that for them or for whoever’s going to do the scratching.

  34. i had a pretty frank conversation about some of this shit with my daughter this weekend –

    i laugh and joke and generally am an ass at home and around my friends – i recognize i’m an ass;
    but one thing i am not is a hater, racist, misogynist, homophobe, etc – if you’re a douche i’m an equal opportunity harasser and i will point and laugh at you so fuck off.

    i talked with her about homo vs hetero vs tranny
    referenced good ole webster’s dictionary on words such as Normal and Abnormal – good old scientist dad showed up – no rancor, no hate, no judgement.

    no where in there does it say if you use the word normal or abnormal that you hate the person, place or thing being described.

    so once again if you’re so touchy or stupid as to think i’m a racist, homophobe, hater, etc. when i use the english language appropriately – then fuck you, go away.


  35. A big part of the culture war is the war on language itself.

  36. But, they lose the argument if they can’t just simply shut you down by saying you’re a hater? !!

  37. If radical American blacks created their own country, eventually the flambouyent gays would move in and start renovating and opening coffee shops and art galleries.

  38. Hotspur is extremely devilish and needs a smack!

    Also, everybody, it’s time to prune the blueberry bushes. Try to get to it in the next couple of weeks.

    I’m gonna prune them, but first I also need to research how to make new plants from my best one.

  39. I think its obvious that they adopt these ultra effeminate mannerisms in order to gain attention. They don’t want to be ignored and left in peace. In order to compete on the “attention” block they need to adopt more and more outlandish behavior to differentiate from the other attention seekers. They end up a persona and a more of a characterization than a character. I believe they are mentally ill or genetically deviant.

  40. DEQ guy emailed and asked if we could push the on-site back to Friday.

    Convenient, since we’re waiting to hear from the seller regarding our offer.

  41. Prune my blueberry bushes? They’re under about two feet of snow.

  42. /checks calendar

    No. I’m right on this.

  43. They end up a persona and a more of a characterization than a character. I believe they are mentally ill or genetically deviant.

    My longstanding theory is that the born gay folks are a minority, and are generally normal, while the more flamboyant gays are actually just mentally ill, and are drawn to the lifestyle because it allows them to excuse any and all behavior. It’s not that they have a personality disorder that makes them clash with society, it’s because everyone else is a “hater”!

  44. I had a friend who was “bi” for a while, and when he decided he wanted to be full time gay he acquired the lisp and the fabulous physical characteristic- hand gestures, etc

  45. Gotta let others know that you’re a very willing dick receptacle, I guess.

  46. So, it isn’t how you’re born?

  47. You know who is a very willing dick receptacle?

  48. Your mom is more than willing.

  49. Haahhhaaaaa, Michelle Obama’s official portrait looks NOTHING like her. Stooge husband calls it “hot.”

    Obama’s portrait looks just like him sitting around taking a dump while letting the grass grow around him. It’s perfect in its stupidity.

  50. That portrait is awful. It looks like the artist barely finished blocking out the basic colors. And yes, the facial features are all wrong.

  51. Well, he refers to her “hotness.”


  52. Obama’s looks like him, the but leaves are stupid. It looks like some freshman art collage where the student cut out Obama’s picture from a magazine and pasted it onto a different background. All it needs is text scrawled everywhere in neon pink and yellow #justicefortreyvon, #endthewar, #marriageequality, #wecanalldream, blah blah blah.

    In other words, they’re befitting the Obama Presidency: two people more concerned with appearing like they’re part of the hip crowd, who will ultimately be looked at in history as dated and sad.

  53. Waiting for the seller’s response is killing me.

  54. Leon, I’ll keep you and the missus in my prayers that everything goes smoothly for the place.

  55. I don’t care for Obama’s portrait. His face is shiny, his features almost cartoonish (but kinda artless, imho). I would get sick of seeing all that busy, needless, and uninteresting greenery after a week.

    Michelle’s is artistically more interesting, but no, it doesn’t look like her. The artist intentionally misrepresented her skin tone for … political reasons or something. ” She gives all her figures gray-toned skin — a color with ambiguous racial associations — and reduces bodies to geometric forms silhouetted against single-color fields”

  56. Waiting for the seller’s response is killing me.

    Go shovel some snow. It will make the time pass

  57. The more I look at all those leaves, the more I hate it.

  58. Can’t shovel, interview at 1pm.

  59. Wait a second. Are you guys telling me that men’s figure skating is dominated by gay dudes.


  60. Straight men who can skate well play hockey.

  61. Straight men who can skate well quickly figure out that there’s more pussy in coaching figure skating.

  62. Don’t be so sure, CoAlex. Hockey guys are hot.

  63. Hockey guys don’t spend their working hours surrounded by young women and girls, or their mothers.

  64. Most of whom are going to be underage.

  65. The hockey players get to grab mish pretty much at will.

  66. see, coalex, you need to listen us. We know shit.

  67. Yeah, and?

  68. A friend grew up competing in the horse world. Same issue: trainers surrounded by lots of young women and their mothers. She says it was basically a free for all. A lot of girls screwing their trainers. I’m not saying it’s right…

  69. Professional athletes of any sport have easy access to pussy. The only problem is that when you’re a professional you have to worry about the girl looking for a big payday, either by lawsuit or paternity suit.

    When you’re a coach, you’ve got a captive audience that looks up to you…

  70. MJ, it’s not that we didn’t know there were gay skaters, it’s that this years bs SJW crappolla is the FLAMING, femmy, flashy, in your face, “”we’re queer and we are fabulous!!!” coming from not only the skaters but the announcer and the stupid, preachy commercials.

  71. I suck dick. I take it in the poop shoot.

    Watch me tear up the ice.

  72. Straight men who can skate well play hockey.

    Or roller derby.
    Do guys even still do that, or is it all Rhonda Rousey type chicks?

  73. Roller derby is now a chick thing. It’s fun to watch, and the girls are usually cute.

  74. Urrggh, at the dentist for the first time in years. Had to initial and sign a jillion forms. One question was sexual orientation, I told them to ask their mom.

  75. That may be a nice way of asking if you “engage in risky behavior.”
    They should’ve just asked if you enjoy watching male figure skating.

  76. I do find it really interesting that gay dudes all decided to act the same.

    A lot of the gay guys I knew were totally straight acting. It was almost odd that they were normal, if that makes sense.

    It was like, ‘hey, you’re gay! Ok, then. Hard to tall because you aren’t in leather chaps sucking on a banana lisping about how fabulous everything is while being really catty.’

    But then I guess stereotypes have to start somewhere.

  77. Was there a big meeting? Hotspur was probably there, we should ask him.

  78. Did the seller contact Leon yet?

  79. I haven’t seen much of the Olympics but that one guy skater is so EXTRA gay. Oye.

  80. Ask away.

  81. Someone sent an envelope of white powder to Don Trump Jr.

    Cue teh Fred.

  82. Did the seller contact Leon yet?

    I think they just asked for a letter of pre-approval. I’m getting that as fast as I can.

  83. FYI

    I got a phone call from a number with 230 area code. I looked it up. There is no area code that uses zeros. So it was likely a spoof. Don’t answer any calls with a zero in the area code.

  84. My area code has a zero. 720.

  85. Are you talking about Michigan area codes, Hotspur?

    I had a 206 area code.

  86. 703 is Fairfax.

  87. 804, 540, 703 are all valid Area codes in VA.

  88. D.C. is 202. MD uses 240 & 301. There is a 330 in OH…

  89. Area codes with 0 are for straight people.

  90. 810- Pat and all my kids have 810.

  91. HhhhahaaAaaaa, MJ!

  92. I looked it up. There is no area code that uses zeros.

    Where did you look this information up, Hotspur?

  93. Now I wonder who called Hotspur.

  94. Hotspur has a “special” encyclopedia.

  95. For gay people.

  96. Did I ever tell you guys the time I ordered the fish and chips at the ghetto bar?

    I did?


    Well, it was a really nice dinner and I thoroughly enjoyed the company.

  97. Encyclopedia Dicktannica

  98. I misread the article. Sorry.

  99. Stop, stop. My penis can only get so erect.

  100. Someone sent an unknown white powder to the Trump Jrs. Maybe it got lost in the mail and started out as an unknown white liquid.

  101. Trump’s budget is released.

    Many federal agencies — including the State Department, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Interior Department — would see budget cuts compared to the fiscal 2017 enacted level. Some agencies and programs — such as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts, the TIGER grant program for infrastructure projects and the Community Development Block Grant program — would be eliminated.

    But other areas, such as the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments, would see budget increases.

    The budget also proposes reforms to welfare programs and Medicare as part of the administration’s effort to reduce deficits. And it calls for repealing ObamaCare and replacing it with legislation modeled after a bill from Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Bill Cassidy (La.) that proposed converting funding for ObamaCare’s subsidies to block grants for states.

  102. 1963 version of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

  103. I misread the article. Sorry.

    OH no. We’re not going to let you off the hook that easily.

    /clears schedule

  104. Encyclopedia Dicktannica

    ha ha ha ..

  105. Other information Hotspur has looked up:

    Chemtrails are causing Cancer.

  106. STDs your mom’s been cured of.

  107. he’s the first “openly gay” slater, so it’s a big deal. yeah we just weren’t sure about Johnny weir. who sucked in multiple ways.

  108. Hotspur believes that aliens probed his rectum. You know how he knows?

    He looked it up.

  109. Leon should watch speed skating. robust hindquarters central.

  110. ate winter uniforms nomex or lycra?

  111. Hotspur wears foil on his head when the census people come to his house. Why?

    He looked it up.

  112. Aliens did probe my rectum. Dammit.

  113. Where those “aliens” named “Miguel” and “Jorge”?

  114. Hotspur, can you look up which male skaters are gay?

  115. Hotspur won’t eat potatoes after MJ has put up curtains. Know why?

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  116. A venn diagram of gay male skaters, and male skaters – just solid one circle.

    I looked it up.

  117. Female speed skaters can crack walnuts in their ass cheeks.

    I looked it up.

  118. Kim Yo-jong has won gold for diplomacy at the games.

    I looked it up. In the NYT.

  119. Leon should watch speed skating. robust hindquarters central.

    I’d have to watch TV, though.

  120. My wife was an avid rollerblader when we met. True story.

  121. Id fuck her. I hear those Norks are tight.

  122. Don’t stick your dick in commie, MJ.

  123. anti sjw biathlon on now

  124. I need magic beans to clean stuff. I don’t like doing it myself

  125. Enough beans will clean your colon pretty well.

  126. Ask Carin about her magic bean

  127. I don’t know shit about magic beans. SWIDT?

  128. I’m sure you know more about the magic bean than the average Olympic ice skating dude. Or, apparently, Hotspur.

  129. Humn … this is the same artist that did Obama’s painting.

  130. Someone go grab me a big bag of WTF while they’re out, please and thank you.

  131. Obama’s painter hates white people.

    I looked it up.

  132. Olympics preempted Jeopardy, but not their soap operas.

  133. Wow, the picture at that link looks like Obummer too, Car in. I bet she has a stack of canvases with the leaf motif pre-painted…

  134. Or is that xe?

  135. Wow Teh Won’s artist is better than Gilbert Stuart….

  136. Just wait. You won’t even have to look it up

  137. New Masters

  138. That female Russian curler really is lovely. Perfect skin. Well balanced face. Pretty much a knockout and without makeup.

  139. For Leon and Car in.

  140. I think Moose likes ice cream.

  141. Derp.

  142. The guy in the squat challenge needs to focus on his calves.

  143. 100 squats is not a lot. Maybe for someone who never does them.

  144. Some male figure skaters aren’t gay. Scott Hamilton, for one. And don’t tell me if Philippe Candeloro is, because I would still smash 10/10.

  145. You’d have to be an invalid to not be able to do that.

  146. Of course, Roamy, that’s not what annoys people. Flaming mannerisms that aren’t natural (even to females) and non stop, flamboyant, crazy that they chose to have as an announcer. It’s not hyperbole to compare his pics to that of the Hungar Games. It’s actually a perfect comparison.

  147. I really like Scott Hamilton. He has a very nice, I am Second video.

  148. Hostagettes only

  149. Comment by leoncaruthers on February 12, 2018 6:35 pm
    You’d have to be an invalid to not be able to do that.

    Or have had knee replacement surgery….

  150. Of current singles male American ice skaters, I bet 85% of em are gay

  151. At first glance, I thought the background on Obama’s portrait was pot.

    Someone commented that Michelle looked like she’d been wrapped up in an old quilt. My response was, what, no boob belt?

  152. My longstanding theory is that the born gay folks are a minority, and are generally normal, while the more flamboyant gays are actually just mentally ill, and are drawn to the lifestyle because it allows them to excuse any and all behavior.

    This. Probably explains why transgenderism is on the rise, it’s not enough to be gay or bi any more, you have to make everyone call you by your pronouns.

  153. 100 squats is a good goal for people who don’t work out. For the more advanced you need to add weight

  154. Seller’s agent wanted to see that we were pre-approved, but nothing since then, and that was at 3pm.

    House has been on the market since last July. What’s to ponder?

  155. Roamy, that Philippe Condelaro video was fantastic! Perfect choice for skating. Manly costume, movements that looked like real sword fighting (manly) , great music and execution. Wow. Amazed I’ve never seen this before.

  156. Well, we did ask to wait a while to close, maybe they would rather wait for a better offer in springtime.

  157. Considering Michelle’s dressing boners, I kind of thought the dress in the portrait was cool. However, it’s a ridiculous portrait because it does not look like Michelle. Only die hards unwilling to say anything negative ever about Michelle won’t admit it doesn’t look like her.

    And that whole artistic representation bullshit is an excuse for a poor portrait artist getting it all wrong.

  158. For sale since July? I’d think they’d be thrilled.


  160. Breath leon. It will happen or not. Breath. If it works, awesome. If it doesn’t … something better will come. Who knows – maybe they’re freaks who know something would go wrong in the process because they’ve lied about this or that. BREATH. Or go squat. That’s a good idea.

  161. Mare, there’s another video of Candeloro performing to Rocky. Excellent.




  163. My response was, what, no boob belt?


  164. That Leon feller got his pre-qual letter over here really fast. He seems desperate. Lets let him sweat it out until tomorrow and then counter.

    HA HA HA ….I used to love this part of real estate.



  167. Play it cool, leon. If they call, tell them you’re thinking about getting with several other houses and maybe you could hang with them and buy their house this weekend if you don’t have anything better to do.

  168. * Leon answers phone on 1st ring *

    Add 5K to that counter offer!

  169. I squat everyday.

    Twice on Sunday.

  170. We went 5k under asking, requested a closing near the end of April, and asked them to pay closing costs. I fully expected them to decline the last one, but I only asked so they’d have something to ask us to drop in a counter offer.


    “Hi leon, this is Grandpa…”

    “GET OFF THE PHONE!!!!!”

  172. Is it contingent on the sale of your current house?

  173. What is the tip percentage for indifferent service and cold food?

  174. small change gets their attention. And a note, so they know it’s not a mistake.

  175. I’m guessing cold food is the fault of the food bringer outer or the chef, but my glass was empty twice and they put me right by the door in 12 degree temps. Also the sever is named Bree and is cute but aloof. I’m thinking 12%.

  176. too much

  177. No contingency on sale, we just asked for time.

  178. Write “More hustle” on the tip line. Toss ’em about a buck in change, give or take.

  179. You’ll get it.

  180. Indiffernt service and cold food usually gets a request for a visit from the manager. It’s the only way they’ll know what is going on. They need to know.

  181. Chloe Kim is pretty good in the half pipe. Good vid of her earlier jumping on a trampoline with her snowboard.

  182. I think you said it was on the market for a while. They have got to be sick of people tromping through their house, and 2-3 months is nothing.

    It could be too quick for them.

  183. Smashed a Chicom years ago.

    Dad was a visiting professor and she was totally repressed.

    Freedom made her do wonderful things.

  184. I think tomorrow is day 237 on the market for them, Scott.

  185. Slip em a note that mentions you’re good for a double axel lutz into a flying sit spin.

  186. You’ll get it, and I bet you can make them pay for half of your closing costs.

  187. The internet is a cesspool of filth and degeneracy (yay!), but every once in a while it’s useful for something good. A guy I know posted a picture of an old guy in his khaki Army shirt and a baseball cap denoting his service in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Someone was able to find a tweet with the same pic and his nickname, and a quick search yielded his story, which is pretty badass:

  188. Wonderful things like what? Let you buy dinner, then ask what action movies you owned, or what Wii games you like?

  189. Meh. I left 12 percent but felt dirty about it. I’m not a bad customer but when you pay a premium for prime rib it should hit the table hot, and just because I wear tactical boots and cargo pants mean I’m a deadbeat.

  190. I’d definitely short them on a high dollar item, and not feel bad at all about it.

  191. Heh, I just found a 20 year old broken Zippo when I was searching a drawer for something. It was in the repair envelop already, so I put 3 stamps on it and sent it in.

  192. Scott nailed it, half the closing costs was the counter.

  193. I think it was the faded NO FEAR T-shirt that marked you as a deadbeat, puppeh.

  194. Ooooh, so close…

  195. That was a great story, Sean, thanks.

  196. Wow, half pipe skier already had the gold, but went after an even higher score.


  197. Whoa, from a 93.75 to a 98.25.

    And she didn’t even have to do the last run.

  198. No problem, J’Ames. Sadly, it appears that he passed away a couple of years back.

  199. Congratulations, Leon.

    Counter with 75% of closing costs and 9 pounds of blue M&M’s.


  201. I don’t put my finger in people’s food but if it’s cold I’ll make it right.

    And some people drink A LOT of soda. I’ve dropped drinks off, started taking orders and people ask for refills right in the middle of order taking.

    Sometimes I’m tempted to just go right that second and refill the drink. People are ridiculous and drink waaaay too much pop. It’s gross

  202. Stoli raspberry and soda at 6.50 a glass. It ain’t Diet Coke.

    The place is nice, it’s directly ajacent to a major hospitality chain’s corporate headquarters, so most of the patrons are big dollar dilberts with ties. I get that I’m not the dream table, but I can be a diamond in the rough if I get good service.

  203. How do you know it’s cold?

    If you don’t use a finger, what do you use?


  204. lick it a little

  205. Night vision goggles. Duh.

  206. Rectal thermometer.

  207. Exactly how many fingers does Obama have?


  209. Sean, That’s an honest lol.

    Pup, that gal in the first pic of Leon’s would be a good candidate for a BBF post. He must be under too much stress. I did some preliminary……..research. Her name is Viki Odintcova.

  210. Thanks Therm.

  211. We started living in an old house
    My ma gave birth and we were checking it out
    It was a baby boy, so we bought him a toy
    It was a derp gun, and it was 1981

  212. So, finally got around to tearing out that stairway carpet yesterday.

    Stairway carpets apparently require the use of seventy brazillion staples in addition to the tack strips and etcetera. So that was fun.

    Surprised, the steps look pretty good under all that old crap. Nice wood finish. Lot of holes, though.

    Today I sand and prime the trim and the risers and the balusters. Scott’s first wifey had painted some little leafy vines going around all the balusters. Cute, but dated now. I wonder how much effort it’s going to be to make those disappear.

  213. Just went down for coffee…we need some grippy treads on those stairs asap, they’re slippery as fuck.

  214. *Dick Van Dyke theme song*

  215. She probably was just a shitty server, Pups.

    Singles are easy and often can shock you with a good tip. And if they don’t? well, they’re usually pretty easy. It’s ONE person.

    But people are ridiculous with drinks. They behave in a restaurant unlike they would at home – start panicking if they only have HALF a drink.

    My favorite is when I tell a table I’ll be RIGHT back with a pitcher of X to refill their drinks and they stop me and ask me to refill their drinks.

    ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU SPEAK IT? I just fucking said that.

    wakey wakye

  216. Once, I told a waitress that she had not brought me my coffee, when it was sitting right in front of me.

    The waitress and my family all had lots of fun with me throughout the whole rest of the meal. It was a nice time for them.

  217. A good server is paying a LOT more attention to you, than you are to them.

    A lady ordered veggies for her son – mixed veggies – “because then maybe there will be something in there he like”. When I brought them, she said “I ordered broccoli” … uh … nope. And I repeated why she ordered what she did.

    Oh … right …

  218. This is pretty funny.

  219. I just remembered, I dreamed last night that somebody sent me a cat. Two of them, actually. Two cartons arrived at my house, and each one contained a cat. I cut the tape on one carton and one of the cats came out. I didn’t open the other box. These were supposed to be some kind of fancy imported cat, but they just looked like regular grey stripers to me.

    The rest of the dream was me trying to call somebody to get rid of these things because I’m allergic. The one cat was annoyed but understanding when I told it that I had to take it away somewhere. I felt guilty about not opening the other box and freeing the other cat but I didn’t want it to get out and wander around, possibly be hard to catch later.

    This was one of those dreams where there’s a service in which people can send each other animals. Kind of an inconsiderate gift, really, was my thought.

  220. /cancels Lauraw’s Cat-A-Gram gift for Valentines day

  221. working on toozdaaaw
    gonna be a little bit

  222. Yeah, please don’t I’M ALLERGIC, GUYS just in case someone else had that idea. Because we can all just use the animal-sending service at the push of a button. This is a normal feature of our world.

    *sends Carin another newfie*

  223. I developed cat allergy sometime between the 90’s when my older brother’s cat lived at my house for a few years and now. I can’t remember where I was that had a cat but my eyes got all watery and I felt itchy. Safe to say we don’t have a cat nor do we want one.

  224. Oof, interview today for a replacement for my partner. This guy used to be in practice here but got in a hassle with his old partner and left. He’s been back in Maine about 10 years working here and there but wants to come back full time doing just peds. He’s a smart guy with a great resume but he’s 64 which is damn near retirement age, he lives in Southern Maine and has a bit of an abrasive personality … kind of hard to describe. Not awful, but just odd. He may be on the spectrum somewhere but I really can’t be sure. We have another applicant scheduled. Egyptian living in Actual Canada and looking to move to the US. So hard to know who would be better.

    Then a baby femur fracture and lunch on the hospital for interview day!

  225. Viki Odintcova

    Hmm, skanky tattoo: check, big fakies: check, Russian assassin eyes: check, will clean your bank account out: check

    She’s perfect!

  226. workie workie

  227. /sends lauraw a hairless cat

    Thank GOD they had that option. It was either a hairless cat or a teddy bear.

  228. Ba haaaa haaa haaa .oh oh oh …. bahhhaaaaa haaaaaa …

    Look at Obama’s hands in the portrait. He is an alien.

    ba haaa haaaa … can’t … breath …

    /passes out

  229. Maybe the artist is trolling those of us who always suspected.

  230. Also – Milo found something interesting in the painting. Oh, this whole thing has been such an source of amusement and leftest fail.

  231. jebus, how does a baby break a femur?

  232. I’ve had to entertain myself this morning. I hope “you people” are happy.

  233. I was reading websites for home inspectors, sorry.

  234. The artist has lots of paintings of black women holding the severed heads of white women.

    Do they want a race war?

  235. Meh.

  236. Viki Odintcova is also known for another act:

    Safe Huffpo Link: Model Who Dangled From Dubai Skyscraper Says She Should Be Compensated

  237. I think the painting of Obama is rather good. The one of his wife is terrible.

    But most artists/Leftists aren’t exactly smart. Edgy decapitation of white folks is so tres chic.

    Cocaine jokes about Don Jr’s wife and anthrax. Didn’t see that coming!

    Trump wants to make America white again. So novel and no one saw that epic slam.

    North Korea is better than America cuz Pence and I like Asian snatch! Never would have guessed the adolescent press would say that.

    Its all so boring. No one says anything interesting anymore except for Trump, which is why he won. Oh, and Hillary feinted and got chucked in a van like a side of beef on 9/11.


  239. What did Milo find in the painting. And the flower/weed background is stupid, therefore perfect for Obama’s portrait.

  240. Obama portrait inspiration

  241. At least the artist captured the resting bitch face.

  242. Seems okay to have a super hero named Black Panther. I suppose his nemesis will be Kuklux Klan.

    Sounds about right for Hollywood.

  243. The artist has a thing for painting sperm into his painting. Also, he doesn’t paint the background. His underlings do that.

  244. Scott, someone put that gif on/over the official portrait. It’s hilarious.

  245. Milo found the sperm. It’s in Obama’s hairline

  246. LOL He’s right.

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