Hello  brave puppers, and welcome aboard Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today is a Cosplayer from Ft. Worth, TX. Please sit back and welcome Miss Bunny Ayumi!



  1. Good morning Leon, what’s on your mind?

  2. There’s a house 2.5 miles from my parents. 15 miles from my sister and brother-in-law.

    Last August they wanted $280k. Now they want $250k. House. Barn with 4 stalls. Fenced pastures. 6 acres. No wetlands, I checked.

    I could cancel the build, discharge the construction loan and get the down payment back, and make an offer on that place contingent on selling this one, and have this whole thing over by April. Plus free child care basically forever on very short notice. And free hay until it’s the right time to sell the Kalamazoo land.

  3. Also today’s model is excellent. I volunteer to get her spunk drunk at any time.

  4. Well, that seems ideal Mr. Carruthers. Wasn’t today the meeting with the local wetlands burgermeister?

  5. A horse farm near me with a smaller house and slightly more land went for $315k after being on the market for 11 days.

  6. She is a cutie, I think she may have bunny teeth, she doesn’t smile with her mouth open.

  7. That’s next Tuesday. I may cancel it.

  8. Yeah, she’s got some dental crowding in her instagram, but it’s not off-putting.

  9. My builder will either be pissed or relieved. Not sure which.

  10. Bit of both, probably.

  11. sounds like a decent plan little brother

  12. Glad to see a better option opened up, leon…

  13. Me too, but it’s not a done deal by any means.

  14. I’ve never cancelled a loan before, so that will be a fun learning experience.

  15. She probably knows Teresa. People from Fort Worth are like that.

  16. nice joob pup

  17. yeah – bunny and T probably swim together

  18. Snow day.

    wakey wakey

  19. She’s cute, except for the one where it looks like she has to pee real bad.

  20. still can’t “like” a post… friggen firefux must have fuxor’d something.
    i’ve disabled everything, restarted, tried other machines….


  21. Good luck, leon, that does sound like a better deal.

  22. I liked it for you jam.

  23. *jiggles teh handle*

  24. thanks carin

  25. Anytime.

  26. So … I’m trying to finagle my way into going to a rock festival in May. Pat brought it up. Rock on the Range. Ian would go with me. Maybe my friend Laura – she’s always up for this stuff.

    /tingles with excitement

  27. Tool. Breaking Benjamin. Perfect Circle. A bunch of other bands.

  28. Leon, it sounds complicated to me, but I hope you work it out to your best advantage.

  29. Since this last Christmas, I’ve embraced the Google Borg. Chrome browser, chrome book, Gmail everything, single sign on for all my personal hardware. I still have an iPhone for work and I’m typing this on an IPad, but I’m done trying to disconnect from Don’t Be Evil Incorporated.

  30. Thanks, Roamy.

    I’ve driven past that place a probably a literal hundred times and looked at it thinking it’d be good for us, it’s on the way to Mom and Dad’s place. Going to see it in person would be nice, but honestly if a home inspector can’t find anything and they’d agree to a contingent sale, it’s not needed. Their photos tell the story on the interior.

    I’m tempted to slice like a hammer on this. I could start making phone calls at 9am and be done with Kalamazoo by noon (aside from, y’know, owning it still). Possibly even have an offer out to the seller sometime today.

    And still owning Pferdscheisse ain’t so bad. Free hay, and it’d only be an hour away. I could still go up there to hunt if I wanted.

  31. I haven’t had any issues until this week I noticed my yahoo! mail hasn’t been updating in my gmail profile, I can log in on their site but it seems yahoo! wants to be fiddley.

  32. We can clean this place up over the weekend and have it listed Monday.

  33. ” I could still go up there to hunt if I wanted.”

    NOW you’re thinking straight!

  34. Trivia for today: the space Tesla reflects sunlight like a 16th magnitude star.

  35. Why not 15th?

  36. Didn’t choose a nice shiny color.

  37. For a second there I thought she was a bed duster.

  38. If she doesn’t have that uniform, I’d be shocked.

  39. Leon, I know you’ll get everything to work out to your best advantage. Sorry you had to have so much heartburn up to now, but maybe it’s for the best if you don’t also have to go through a house build, which I hear is often a monstrous pain in the ass too.

    Keep finding those bright sides.

    Good morning errybody. Scott is making me work with him again today. I can’t even believe this crazy bullshit. This makes twice in about a month.

  40. I hope he at least treats you to a radish or two for lunch

  41. What else were you going to do today? Crossfit?

  42. Crossfit was cancelled. Snow day.

  43. Late morning case and leaving soon. Percutaneous heelcord tenotomy for a clubfoot as part of the Ponseti Technique. I’ve previously done them with anesthesia as did my partner. He recently started doing them under local which about half of surgeons do in our professional society and is how Ponseti himself did it. Today is my first go with just a local.

    -little tense-

  44. You got this Jimbro.

  45. Maybe if you play this song during the procedure it will help calm you?

  46. Or maybe this.

    It’s a song about sex.

    Just trying to help.

  47. Amazingly the world shrinks to just what I see in my field of vision. A foot, my hands and the blade. A bomb could go off and I wouldn’t hear it. Focus. Just a bit of mindfuck to cut a tendon on an awake baby. With my partner leaving I’m getting all the new clubfeet. I’ve got about 5 lined up in the next 4 to 6 weeks. Some of them bilateral.

    le sigh …

    I’ll report back later

  48. I’m super board. Maybe I’ll run to the store and see what a grow light would run me.

  49. bored.

  50. Jimbro, you’re going to nail it.

    (Or don’t come back here)

  51. Jimbro….right before you enter the sterile zone, pause and say to yourself…”I OWN DIS MUTHAFUCKA!” then proceed like John fucking Wicks to slay that shit.

  52. What is the incident rate for clubfoot? How many of these you do a year? Is it higher in your region cause mainer’s are as inbred as the Saudi Royal family?

  53. I read the Disney article linked last night, and I have to disagree with it. Beauty and the Beast is part of the problem. The Beast only transforms after Belle admits that she loves him, and that is pure myth of the magic pussy: that somehow, her love can make him into something different. It doesn’t happen. In real life, you might be able to sand down a few rough edges, but a Beast is always going to be a Beast. And worse, most women will look at Gaston and see the Beast, and continue to do so for far too long. At best, she’ll get out with a few lost years. Worst case? Single in her middle age, kids, abuse, financial ruin, or all of the above.

  54. We’re supposed to believe that Gaston was the real beast and that the Beast character was just wounded and in need of affection.

  55. Yeah, but that’s exactly the sort of magical thinking that gets women into trouble.

  56. I suspect that real-world Gaston would have landed Belle straightaway, actually, the hard part for her would have been wrangling a commitment out of a guy who basically had his pick of the other local women.

  57. When you insert a 150 watt bulb into a shop light that says “max 75 watt”, it will melt.

    I need a new block heater.

  58. Snowmaggedon is now.

    Realtor is trying to schedule a showing for Sunday.

  59. Realized we don’t have to do a contingent sale, we just have to discharge the construction loan. We never took out a VA loan, so that’s an option.

  60. I think if you look at in a “meta” way – it’s the easy access to nookie that has turned too many men into beasts. I get what the article is saying and you can turn into 2 dozen different ways to debate … but I do think the underlying point is truthy.

    Good women can have a humanizing influence on men.

  61. Pat took my Lesbaru. Then had the nerve to complain that it slide. Well, that’s the TIRES, not my perfect car.

    I swears, if he hurts my ‘bu …

  62. Good mates humanize each other, really. Men trying to provide for a family make better decisions and take better care of themselves, but they won’t do that without the love of a good and faithful woman.

  63. Gaston wouldn’t exist if there weren’t women willing to scratch his itch.

  64. Then had the nerve to complain that it slide. Well, that’s the TIRES, not my perfect car.

    He was probably trying to figure out why the QOTSA CD was only playing Melissa Etheridge’s Greatest Hits.

  65. Discussion for FIL has turned to palliative care or hospice. He’s back in the hospital as his heart failure is progressing. The decision will be his when we can catch him awake. We don’t think it will be here because 24 hr care.
    I guess the difference between the two is, hospice won’t administer any meds outside of what is required to keep him comfortable. One of four things will do him in.
    First time hospice was mentioned, he said no to it because he thought it kept his brother alive for too long….not understanding it took his brother’s body that long to shut down once they took him in. (A week after his bro was diagnosed with liver cancer, his gall bladder shit the bed. He was told if he didn’t have it removed it would kill him in a matter of weeks due to infection. He chose that route over dying by cancer and went straight to hospice.)

    Pops has not been really happy the past year or so since he lost his independence. Says he’s lived too long. He’s an old farm boy not afraid of death and pissed because he thinks everyone is keeping him alive. Not sure he’s going to make it to his 90th bday next month. I think he’s good with that.

  66. Does he need 24-hour care? We hospiced my dad here – and in the end he didn’t need as much care, because he simply wasn’t doing as much. We had nurses come every day and got an aid to help out and give us a break. They usually bring ALL the stuff in. Beds, etc.

  67. CoAlex – my ‘bu was probably happy that it finally got to listen to NPR. I hates it with a passion, but Pat enjoys it.

  68. prayers for you and the family beasn –

  69. Car in, he’s at the point of 24 hour care. He’s very weak and it’s an ordeal getting him to a toilet. I am open to having him here but we have to think of my MiL’s comfort and then Mr. Beasn will want to hands on and that would interfere with his job, which he’d rather not lose even though he’d really really like to retire.

  70. My dad was pretty good at transferring, but in the end we just had to use diapers/ pads in the bed. He didn’t produce urine, so that made it a little easier, but he had a bad tummy, so the other end kinda made up for it.


  71. I just knew my dad didn’t want to die in a hospital. He had spend a LOT of time, though-out his life, in hospitals (two bouts with Cancer, then the kidney stuff, THEN the amputation – he was in the hospital for several months after that). In the end, that’s why he chose hospice. If he didn’t go on “hospice”, they’d just keep propping him up when he caught this or that (the hospital stays were becoming more and more frequent), until he was simply too week go ever go home.

  72. Not tmi, just the way life can be. The lasic (sp?) they are giving him is turning his other end to a mess. They have taken him off the blood thinner for the clots in his leg because there is a bleeder somewhere up in his plumbing.

  73. Yeah, my fil didn’t want to go into a nursing home but he worries about all the time his son (Mr. B) has been spending on him…his jerb. My vote was to bring hospice here but having a stream of people in her place, would stress my MIL out because she would have to help out and clean up after them. She’s going to be 89 in a couple of weeks.

    As it is now, my FIL sleeps most of the day and isn’t aware of what is going on around him. When he does wake, he is lucid, and it wears him out.

  74. So palliative care will keep him going in that he still gets his meds. Hospice takes away the meds.

  75. Hospice gives pain management only. You get the good stuff then.

  76. Hospice gives pain management only. You get the good stuff then.

    Shrooms, hookers, and blow?

  77. Whatever you want.

  78. It’s like Disneyland, only without Cinderella filing a restraining order against me!

  79. *wonders if Bunny has a Cinderella costume*

  80. Sorry, Beasn.

  81. How’s your MiL taking it, Beasn? She okay?

  82. Lunacy.

    Anyone who talks about The Divine Feminine should just admit that they are a Pagan and be done with it.

  83. leon, my MIL thinks he should have never gotten that clip in his heart a year and a half ago, which probably extended his life by a year. She wanted him to go out natural. Right now, she’s trusting her sons to make the final decisions. Mr B. is up at the hospital to talk to the palliative doctor again and to have his dad make the call.

    She’s sad as expected but accepts the inevitable.

    Both of them have DNR orders.

  84. Where’s Car in, she needs a Stodden update.

  85. Dad had hospice in the end. Refused more chemo, and adament he wouldnt be intibated again. Wanted to go at home.
    The only thing they gave him was a giant bottle of liquid morphine for pain mgmt.

  86. Beasnsnsnsnsns, I hope your children can be a part of this too. It’s tough, but I think a very important part of life to witness and contribute to.

  87. The house is already under contract.

  88. They accepted an offer yesterday. Missed it by hours.

    Oh well.

  89. Bummer.

  90. We’re at about 4 inches of snow right now, and suppose to get another 1-3 through the evening.

    So much for 2 inches in my area.

  91. Ah rats, that sucks, leon.

    Mare, the kids are driving in today. My niece and nephew are also coming in but they don’t know how bad things have slid and my SIL didn’t want me or my kids to tell them until they get home. They are in their 20s. o_O

    Even when they were little, we’ve always taken them to the hospital, funeral home, and funeral, when one of the old ones passed on. It’s part of life. My SIL let hers sit it out when they were little because ‘they would’t understand’. o_O

  92. There is another… just needs some fences.

    And it’s not as pretty, which is good. I can do more with something less pretty.

  93. Regarding jimbro’s cattle dog link in the previous poat….

    Our neighbor, up at the farm, has a red cattle dog named Daisy. She is a character. The first time I met her, she was sitting in her truck and I asked her human if I could pet her. He said I could try but be cautious since she is protective of her (his) truck. My husband went first since she knew him. After 20 seconds, she showed her right fang to let him know he should stop. I offered the back of my hand for her to sniff first and she bared all her teeth, no sound, to tell me to GFM…then leaned back, closed her eyes and continued to enjoy the sun coming through the window.

    The second time we encountered one another, her human was putting up our shutters we paid him to repaint, when we went up for a weekend. I asked her if she was going to let me pet her pretty self this time since she was on my deck….and she did. She enjoyed it so much, she leaned her fat self against my knees/shins and slid down to lay on my feet for belly rubbins. Goofy dog.

  94. I read today that John Kelly is actually the president.

    WTF? Why are all of the stories the same?

    Its been:

    Steve Bannon
    Rinse Penis
    Mike Pence
    Steve Bannon again
    John Kelly

  95. Roads getting closed everyone around me. Fatalities. But yea, I need to go to work. Because … reasons.

  96. I’ve got 6″ already and it’s still going.

  97. They’re just preparing for the huge snowmobiler rush, car in.

  98. It’s still snowing up here too. I haven’t measured it, but it’s on the high end of what they predicted (and some said only about 2 inches for us).

  99. I’ve got 6” already and it’s still going.



  100. Ug, you guys are killing me. WTFITS?


  102. Bish, please.

  103. Tough times / tough choices Beasn. Sounds like he wants comfort measures only. My mom gradually withdrew meds and interventions as my dad’s time in the NH went by and his dementia progressed. By the end he was just getting the narcotics to usher him to the other side.

  104. Clubfoot baby went great. A little cry more from my nurse holding her leg till because she was kicking her legs vigorously. It was almost too quick compared with what I’m used to with anesthesia. I walked to the sedation suite, talked with mom and dad a bit, got consent, rubbed the baby’s head for luck and within 10 minutes from that I was done. Going to the OR is a 1 to 1 1/2 hour ordeal.

    1/1000 incidence. Must be higher in ME–conditions/clubfoot


    jimes think you can fix this for mj?

  106. don’t make the headlines with this:

  107. I’m really not a trained Sphincterologist. Other than Gorilla Glue, Kotex pads and Bazooka bubble gum I’m afraid I don’t have much else to offer for this rare condition.

  108. germans don’t want the sausage anymore

  109. Germany is being neutered.

  110. skip to about 45 seconds in:


  111. Why would she release it like that?

  112. Maybe if she got spunk-drunk more often her throat wouldn’t be so irritated.

  113. Longest bout of pneumonia ever

    It’s a reportable case!

  114. I’ll be anxiously awaiting her offer to give Juanita Broaderick an opportunity to rebut.

  115. Comment by Pendejo on February 9, 2018 6:45 am
    She probably knows Teresa. People from Fort Worth are like that.

    Knows me? Now I know what Daughter #3 has been doing behind closed doors…..

  116. Was Clinton talking about harassment?

    So no lefty remembers Bill was accused by SEVERAL women. This is insanity. Real Insanity.

  117. I think the only woman that stepped foot in the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion that DIDN’T accuse Bill of rape, harassment or groping was Hillary.

  118. I love that she couldn’t actually do another take. Its the only explanation to release that one.

    She probably passed out from the sweltering 68 degree heat in the studio and hugged a random child to prove she doesn’t have throat AIDS.

  119. Greetings, people who aren’t sure they can give up eating glue for Lent.

  120. We’re touring the other house Sunday.


  122. I’ll bet she told her underlings that it was fine and she wasn’t going to do another f*cking take.

  123. Get out of my mind, Sean!!

  124. Correct, Jam! Ha!

  125. im bored


  127. What a weird interview by Katie Couric, who started off either insulting her daughter or admitting her failure as a parent. Then repeated it at the end.

  128. “Greetings, people who aren’t sure they can give up eating glue for Lent.”
    Give up glue? That’s just crazy talk.


  130. I have something that may be of interest to MJ:


  132. It looks like I will be able to take a week or two off before Laura starts work.


  133. A week or two to mock Car in’s paint color choices.

    this is gonna be great

  134. What is Cari n painting?

  135. The places her teenagers want to party.

    She should paint the dock when it gets warmer.

  136. Wut? Laura found herself some nursing to do? WOOOT!

  137. We all went to see Pops this evening. Took the north elevator and then we had to walk past the maternity wing (which was behind big double doors). Took everything I had to not run down there to see some babies.

  138. Not her teenagers….their jackass friends.

    Car in has good kids.

  139. Compared to last week, there has been a marked change in his condition. Glad the kids made it in.
    Earlier today, he said ‘no more’ and we are now looking for some hospice. He’s off all meds. And happier now that everyone finally listened.

  140. Sorry, Beasn.

    This stuff is hard.

  141. I don’t like Canadians anymore…all respect has been lost. Why?


    You should never vote a trans as President. Obama was close enough and look how that turned out.

  142. Puppeh is Canadian. Well, practically Canadian, anyway.

  143. (((HUGS))) to Beasn. BTDT.

  144. scott, it’s all good in that he’s lived a long, mostly healthy life, and has raised kind, successful sons who are there to help him over.

  145. Thank you.

    My husband is more upset than either of his parents. He’s doing everything he can to make it easy for them. He’s a good son.

  146. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, beasn.

  147. the drone show at the opening ceremonies is really cool

  148. Sweet. If it were me, I would have done the same. Forget about the idols, the evil vapors left by Bammy and the She Beast, had to be purged.

    ““Because apparently during the eight years when Obama was there, and maybe even some of the presidents before him, there were all kinds of idol gods and images and all kinds of artifacts in there that were demonic, even some of the stuff from the Clinton era because they were really tied in with the Haitians.”

    “I can tell you, you can read the Serpent and the Rainbow story and find out just how much Haitian witch-doctor influence was on Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s lives,” said Pastor Begley. “They constantly went back there. They spent their honeymoon with a witch doctor. Who does that?””

  149. Hugs and prayers, Beasn.

  150. Gym closes early on friday nights, and the squat racks are occupied by curl bros.

  151. Curl bros are the worst.

  152. Just finished season 2 of Broadchurch. Really well done. The acting especially is outstanding.

  153. Heh.
    Demo Williams just started on TV. This brings back memories. I almost wish I had a joint…

  154. Remo, dammit. Autocucumber is such a nerd.

  155. Hugs and prayers, Beasnes

  156. Jay, what is the name of your pizza place again ?

  157. ❤️Remo Williams. Books were so much fun

  158. I got carded today. Millennial peeps are stupid. You should’ve seen his face as he typed in 1963

  159. I had absolutely no idea it was based on a series of books, oso. Thanks for the tip!
    I’ll certainly keep an eye out for any when I hit the thrift stores.

    Side note – congrats on getting carded. That’s very rare for me these days (pretty grey 3 years of beard), but I’ll be ordering a beer at a restaurant tomorrow when we take Mom out for her birthday lunch. Maybe I’ll get lucky?
    Happy 80th, Mom!

  160. I just can’t decide on a color. I’m so fickle. I think next Saturday I’ll finally figure it out.

  161. I got stuck at the end of the driveway coming home. Thought I was going to have to park and leave it. Finally got it unstuck. This was pats car, the Lexus. The ‘bu could have made it

  162. Paul still has his collection of the Remo Williams books – I think he is missing only one.

    {{{Hugs, Beasn}}} I haven’t been in that situation, but I’m sure it’s coming. Dad has already said he is ready to go whenever – outlived his parents, all of his siblings, a daughter, and a granddaughter. At some point, I think folks past 80-85 say “it’s been a good run”.

    I hope he doesn’t have to suffer too long. 💕😢

  163. It’s far beyond a star
    It’s near beyond the moon
    I know beyond a doubt
    My derp will lead me there soon

  164. It looks like I will be able to take a week or two off before Laura starts work.


  166. I want to visit Minnesota, but now is probably not a good time.

  167. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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