Tuesday Detention – POS Slips

Taking bets on who in this chat room spent the most amount of time in detention – the first one to say “never” is a filthy liar (or was a late bloomer).


Imma guess that Tee-Roy was a model student.

Xbrad was prolly quiet in the back of the classroom.

Mare was always thinking about swim club.

HotSpurt was beening his normal self and correcting grammar.

Texas Jew was doing his own thing.


I had detention once. It made me late to chess team practice. I usually was a fairly quiet kid in class. My dad was a teacher in a neighboring school district and taught summers where I went, so all the teachers knew him and it probably would have been unwise to fuck around too much; I saved that for college.

– Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Fasting –



You can see the two colors here – in the center is a bit darker brown that I don’t care for, and then top, middle, and to the right is the  color. It’s pretty dark – NOT like the pictures on the website.



  1. I don’t really see a need for me to fast longer than 24 hours – and it honestly would mess up my workouts. I can’t even do OMAD – because I can’t eat enough in one meal while fasting- and my workouts suffer. The shortest eating window I can do is 4 hours and even that’s hard. I do 24 hour when I work because it’s easy (eat before my shift and then don’t eat until late afternoon the next day.

  2. Yeah, I read that autophagy happens on-and-off when you’re just eating keto, and turns on pretty quickly during shorter fasts. I think after this one is over I’ll just do a longie every few months, and figure out a good daily IF schedule. 11-7 used to work out pretty well for me, I might go back to something like that.

  3. I only got detention once when the whole class got it for talking.

  4. I got away with a lot. **looks innocent**

  5. I think Erin’s about to get into trouble. Just saw that she’s allowing that idiot Brian to plan a party at our house.

    Oh really?

  6. Why would he think he could do this? Are you going out of town or something?

  7. I guess she’d really hate it if I started a painting project in the big room downstairs.

    Guess I know what I’m doing today.

    I’d better clear out the workroom as well.

    Things are going to be a bit cluttered for the next few weeks while I work this out.

  8. No, we’re not going anywhere.

    I know how she’d play this. A few days prior, I’d get the “i’m having a few people over saturday”

    “How many people? Who?”

    “I don’t know … I”m not sure yet …” bla bla bla

    IN her defense, she’s a home girl. She doesn’t want to go out. She wants people to come to her. She’s had a few social things/issues the last few months and I can see her wanting to have friends over to pep her up. IF only so many of her friends weren’t complete assholes.

  9. The last time she had people over, one of them ran over my garden. So … I’m not really in the mood for this.

  10. I mean, mind you – this is a guy who’s living with his girlfriend because he’s been kicked out of his house (got punched in the face by his stepdad, but then was also kicked out of his sister’s house). Erin’s other good male friend, Kyle, has also been kicked out of his house recently. Kyle is living with the fellow who drove over my garden. So …?

    Somehow Erin sees the good in these assholes. I don’t get it. She’ll even tell me they’re stupid.


  11. They didn’t have detention when I went to school. They had boards. The last time I got the board was in 9th grade. For farting.

  12. Hannah lost her phone. I have zero way of contacting her.

  13. Why do you have to get sneaky and start a painting project? It’s your house. When she floats the idea, just say no. Right?

  14. Wow, they just said on the news that 96 people in New Mexico have died from the flu so far this year. Glad I’m a hermit.

  15. Being a teacher at your school must have been great, Pendejo. I wish I could paddle public farters too.

  16. They didn’t have detention when I went to school. They had boards. The last time I got the board was in 9th grade. For farting.

    Yep. 7th grade for me. We were making each other too loud in math class about Mrs. P’s chin and chest hair.

    The woodshop teacher made the paddles. Nice handle, and the flat part had a bunch of holes drilled in it.

  17. 1) I was planning on doing it anyway
    2) because its funny
    3) because this: “Oh, I didn’t know you were planning something … I guess you should of asked first?”

  18. of- have

  19. It’s a pissing contest. THIS IS MY HOUSE. Not yours. I only have a few more months of this, then high school is over.

  20. LOL, that’s awesome, Carin. Point #2 especially.

    the flat part had a bunch of holes drilled in it.

    That’s a good design detail. Cuts wind resistance during the swing. Max power.

  21. What color do you guys think I should paint it?

  22. crossfit is 150 wallballs.

    I think I may be too busy today. Wut with the painting and stuff.

  23. Go with a soft green. Something along the lines of a muted honeydew melon color.

  24. I have bad luck with greens. I never get the tone right.

  25. Death of Your Social Life Yellow.

  26. Hello treasonous parents and onlookers.

  27. Obama Green/Brown.

    Why did he always look so funny? I mean, Trump is orange but Obama looked like breast fed baby poo.

  28. You just know that Obama was wearing makeup whenever he appeared in public.

  29. The hardest paint color to get right is a neutral beige.

    Also, your Mom is a whore.

  30. Pups, your link of Tom Brady rage eating an extra almond made me lol.

  31. Hahahhha, stupid Obama couldn’t even get her half black color right.

    Truly, everything he touched turned to crap including his face.

  32. Ashamedly….. I showed up highly intoxicated at 0800 in the morning 1st day of 9th grade. Lets just say my “high school career” was rather short. I did “attend” for a couple of months and while there took advantage of our smoking area (thats right, we could smoke at school then with “parents” permission). In 8th grade it was classic “smoking in the Boys Room”. Going into one between class was like going into a smoke house. They stopped prosecuting and went with a cease and desist strategy. As soon as I turned 18 I went and got a GED. The test was so easy I could’ve passed it when I was 15. At 15.5 I was renting a room in a biker house and working full time, thought I was hot shit. The folly of youth and distracted parents.

    PS. Car In, what I dont like about the situation is the failure to be completely honest about the planning. It is a unnecessary omission and manipulative in a passive / aggressive way. If they want something bad enough they should stand tall for their shit. Anything else is weak.

  33. Starting two weeks ago my symptoms:

    Sorish throat (now gone)
    Chest cough that has lessened but persisted but now mostly in throat
    No fever
    No pain or soreness
    No nausea
    No headache

    I don’t get sick often but I think this was the flu. I’m hoping I’m at the tail end and this bs will soon go away.

  34. Oh, and runny nose.

    Also, your Mom is a whore.

  35. This thread seems kind of roomy.

  36. The hardest paint color to get right is a neutral beige.

    Every flip house I did for the last decade was painted a neutral beige/tan/khaki. It looks nice, but after a couple dozen houses, it’s boring as all get out.

  37. That’s what your mom said.

  38. My house is way too off-white. It’s not straight up beige, or even a “cream”. BUt it’s white.

    My dad was scared of color.

  39. “My dad was scared of color.”
    Was he in the Klan?

  40. Rayciss

  41. Dammit Pepe.

  42. Mare, I have the same thing. If this is the flu, then what is the hype? I don’t even feel all that bad, just couldn’t talk for a day. All it is doing is pissing me off.

    I didn’t know you knew my mom. She says “hi”.

  43. I don’t think either of you got “the flu” that is really bad. Or you didn’t get a very extreme case.

  44. Ok, I”m going to get color samples.

  45. “WhSorish throat (now gone)” fify

  46. b
    good to see you

  47. I got a comment in spam. If I pay twenty dollars will someone release it from detention please?

    Yer Mom says beige is a breeze.

  48. The kid didn’t have the flu so the case was a go.

    I got to the OR room and said Hi to the scrub tech only to learn the instrument pans were contaminated by a hole in the wrapping caused by an errant pair of scissors. We have back up stuff but they have to break everything down and reset the whole room.

    Thumb remains firmly up ass

  49. Hahahhha, stupid Obama couldn’t even get her half black color right.
    Truly, everything he touched turned to crap including his face.
    This is why I love this shithole dump. OMG, that’s hilarious.

  50. Okay, that’s what I thought, Carin. I was also able to take it very easy, read, not do too much activity so I didn’t make it worse

  51. “The last time I got the board was in 9th grade. For farting.”

    you get an A for effort

  52. you’re out t-roy

  53. “Rayciss”

  54. My thumb is sore

  55. Mucho Grassyass Jam

  56. Women’s biggest issue is that they don’t understand the following feral male behavior will not lead to happiness for them. That’s it’s a lie, spread by males to get what they want – unattached sex.


  57. Women’s biggest problem is that they’re just like their mothers.

    Sprinkles salt on the raw, quivering pulp, left after Car in got through with Co Alex.

  58. PS. Car In, what I dont like about the situation is the failure to be completely honest about the planning. It is a unnecessary omission and manipulative in a passive / aggressive way. If they want something bad enough they should stand tall for their shit. Anything else is weak.


  59. So, I watched Trainwreck last night and I have thoughts.

    The lead character (whom I hate as an actress) plays this whore-type person. Sleep on first date. Doesn’t even pretend it’s about liking someone, etc. Like the typical male behavior

    Then she meets a guy, and she’s lost etc because she likes him, but doesn’t know how to do this.

    In the end, nice guy wins when she realizes she needs to change her ways, and she “can” do this.

    The lie in the movie is that a nice guy WOULD NEVER BE INTERESTED IN HER. While on the outside, it would appear that the message is a good one (whorish life leads to unhappiness, because the gal is unhappy, and true happiness occurs in relationships), but the LIE is that you can act like a whore until you meet mr Right.

    And I know people like this.

  60. Paint samples are on the walls. drying.

  61. but the LIE is that you can act like a whore until you meet mr Right.

    And I know people like this.

    Yup. An entire generation has been told this lie.

  62. There’s also a sense of entitlement. Mr. Right has spent years building up his career, credit, etc. and now that she’s ready to settle down he needs to jump at it.

  63. Most popular neutral beige that people remarked on positively when I worked at the hardware store: Hopsack (Valspar paint). It has a nice warm tone without being so warm it ends up looking like flesh color when it’s up on the wall.

    Very popular lighter neutral halfway between beige and cream: Cream in my Coffee (Valspar paint).

    You can look up rooms painted in these colors if you do a GIS with the paint name.

    I’m still loving my Shark Loop (Another Valspar color, but I had it mixed in Olympic One instead) in the bedroom. That’s halfway between grey and bloo.

  64. Those are both too light. I’ve got such big rooms, all the lite/white/cream color – I’m sick of it.

  65. Think drama

  66. Wow, you’re really going for it! I’m not really brave enough to do a lot of color. Even the Shark Loop was just two walls.

    What are your samples? Are you doing neutrals or color?


  68. I’m going to do my big room all in one darker color and then upstairs big room i’m going to do all but the two end walls (they are simply too tall and I’m afraid of hights) in a darker shade. The cream walls – I’ll just do them when I can afford to pay someone to do them. Until they, they’ll just remain the offwhite.

  69. *jumping up and down just a little bit*

  70. A brick color was considered.

  71. awwww

  72. The basement room is sorta a bricky color. The upstairs I”m considering doing it in what they call … cavern clay.

  73. That will be a lot of color in the big upstairs room. Both sides and all the interior walls.

  74. what paint brand

  75. Vwge NE

  76. Behr marquee

  77. It looks darker on my wall. It’s drying really dark.

  78. Benjamin Moore (Aura) Cape Hatteras Sand.

  79. This it?

  80. Yes, but on my wall it’s pretty dark. Much darker than in that preview wall.

  81. You should prolly go with Caucasian Penis Beige

  82. You only need two colors.

    Repose grey and web grey. Sherman Williams.

  83. I have a few rooms done in gray already. I like it, but it wouldn’t go with the trim/wood/cabinets.

  84. Paint samples in poat.

  85. Kilim Beige – Sherwin Williams. That, and Divine White, is on my walls throughout the first floor.

  86. If I could find the proper green that would work too … greens are so hard though.

  87. We didn’t have detention back in my day. The nuns weren’t giant pussies like modern day teachers. They just smacked us.

  88. I’m not really brave enough to do a lot of color.
    Unlike your mom…..

    There, fixt the nerdy paint blog.

  89. Something close to this.

  90. Why would you pick Shark Week color? That’s gross.

  91. I think there are details in PG’s farting story that are left out.

    Like the standing on the desk with pants around the ankles part.

  92. pretty bad when facedouche loads faster than Ace.

  93. Donald Trump made me sit down and watch 3 hours of Gorilla Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, which was tremendous.

    The Gorilla Shark is illusive, yet beautiful to watch.

  94. Comment by Hotspur on February 6, 2018 12:26 pm
    We didn’t have detention back in my day. The nuns weren’t giant pussies like modern day teachers. They just smacked us.

    I read that fast and thought it said “dentition”.


  95. My name is Idaho Montoya

  96. New sign for my desk

  97. Elusive.

    And Erin “should have asked” or “should’ve asked”. “Should of”? Reallllly?


  98. laying on the H8 a little thick, aren’t we?

  99. “but the LIE is that you can act like a whore until you meet mr Right.”

    one of the main problems with dating a whore is that they don’t stay bought

  100. Dammit. I can’t find my field guide.
    Just had a new visitor at the bird feeder, and I want to know what it was. Some kind of warbler, I think. Maybe a video?

    Meh. Gives me an excuse to clean house and organize unt I find it.

  101. I lost my field guide to trees for 3 months because it fell behind some other books.


  103. I have the field guide to your mom.

  104. On of the other oft-noted problems of the whore who’s settling down is that she’s usually settling for a guy who doesn’t spark her sexual interest, so she is usually grudging about the bedroom stuff. At least with him.

    Paolo still gets what he wants.

  105. The H2 Paint Co. ®

  106. Go Fuck Yourself ™ purple

  107. Shark Attack Red ™

  108. Your Moms’ Cooter green™

  109. “Monthly Visitor” reddish-brown.

  110. “Pus”.

  111. “New sign for my desk”

    i work with a guythat says something similar when ppl irritate him
    “You should probably leave the room because i’m about to hurt your feelings”

  112. Wow, that’s pretty funny

  113. And Erin “should have asked” or “should’ve asked”. “Should of”? Reallllly?


    Should uf aksed.

    On point, though is that since she didn’t ‘aksed’, I’m going to fuck with her.

    Also, I don’t give up my sources (secret dossier), so at this point ‘I don’t know that she’s planning a party.’

    My two options are to wait until she eventually asks or mentions, or do what I’m doing.

    I’ve got the basement TORE UP.lol.

    The third option is that she admits when she sees the destruction, then asks if she can have people over, and is – of course – forced to help me with my project.

    /insert evil laugh

    This is a win /win for me at this point.

  114. My work room has really needed attention for a while. I’m going to finish the workroom, then paint the family room. Upstairs will be last.

  115. I got bored and went to youtube last night when y’all got quiet.
    For some reason, there was a video on home page in the list of (I guess) recommended for me.
    Some lady driving around her Walmart talking about NASA, underground tunnels, something about the water surrounding the Walmart (retention pond).
    I had to check out another video, and it was all chemtrails and anti-vaccination.

    Bug. Fuck. Crazy.
    I was oddly attractied to her – for a sixty something whacko I bet it would be a hoot.
    (The comments were as bad or worse than she was)

  116. Fresh grass is close, but I think I need … more. I suck at picking greens.

  117. Regarding ‘green’….bathrooms upstairs are a soft, muted, spring green.
    Forest greens for say, dining rooms, are okay. I’ve been in model homes where the entire color scheme was a dull, olive-ish, infected green, that made me nauseous. Had to get outta there asap.

  118. Going to pick the brats up from school. Soon … she’s going to see what’ve I’ve done.

    Ba haaa haa haaaa …

  119. Think I’m going to re-paint the one bathroom in white, with gray decor.

  120. New sous vide technique

  121. Lapeer Creek – now moving to HGTV every weekday at 8pm

  122. leon?

  123. FBTOWBS

  124. What’s the drama? Erin is planning a party?

    Huh, that’s weird. She invited me so I assumed it was well known throughout the Midwest.

  125. MJ, I assumed you were put in charge of pot procurement.

  126. I made a huge snowman the other day. I really should make the video I kept meaning to do, but the 4 day guard weekend has eaten all my time.

  127. I made a huge snowman the other day. I really should make the video I kept meaning to do, but the 4 day guard weekend has eaten all my time.

  128. Leon, i occasionally read advice columns where that comes up. The wife/gf writes, “he wants me to do XYZ, and gets mad that i won’t even though I’ve done it in the past. He doesnt understand that I’m past that stage in my life!”

  129. How in the hell did I do that?

  130. MJ, I assumed you were put in charge of pot procurement.
    I’m out of the pot scene these days. I do think its a huge business opportunity, though.

    I’m in charge of the tasteful, Swedish house music. You know, stuff that has a nice beat and you is pleasantly danceable.


  131. So who wants to hear about my wine cellar project? Anyone?

  132. Does it involve painting?

  133. We don’t want to hear about your stupid wine cellar.

    Well, maybe Mare does.

  134. Mare is a wino.

  135. MIAW

  136. Yea – What color are you going to paint your wine cellar?

  137. Its more of a wine collection in an unused part of the basement, so no, there’s no painting.

  138. And why the eff would you build a wine cellar when you’re moving in a few months?

  139. I think there are details in PG’s farting story that are left out.
    Like the standing on the desk with pants around the ankles part.

    Sadly, it’s much more mundane than that. Sitting on a pine bench in the dressing room in a grey tshirt and grey pair of shorts. Coach was giving a come to Jesus talk and didn’t appreciate the interruption.

  140. Much less paint it. Wow.

  141. *farts

  142. When Erin gets home, car in can re-name the basement “The Whine Cellar.”

  143. Mr. Olin who was my 9th grade Civics teacher had a good technique. He’d catch two guys goofing off, and hold up the paddle to them and say, “You swat him, and he’ll swat you, then I’ll swat the one who hit the lightest.”

    It was hilarious.

  144. Mr. Olin would find himself in front of a judge pretty quickly these days with that technique.

  145. I have a liquor cabinet project. Unfortunately there’s a lot of other crap in that cabinet.

  146. So, if you just heard about a 45+ baseball league and weren’t sure about it, would you sign up?

  147. I’m tired of the cold weather. I want summer to get her already.

  148. My hair started falling out in college when I was eating like Covert Bailey told me to.

  149. I think CARin is just being mean about the grammar thing Leon. Tell her to to go fuck herself.

  150. Ha!
    I actually met Covert Bailey. Fit or Fat was required reading when I started in the fitness industry. I saw him speak once – actually, a pretty funny guy.

  151. I can’t tell if I love being right more than I hate being wrong.

    Sales Engineer dipshit just had to admit that I was right and he was wrong in a room full of cow orkers. I didn’t rub it in or anything, he owned up to it, but we will still have to live with his being wrong for the next couple of years, since the product and bad design was sold and will propagate.

  152. Ok, the boosters landing from Falcon Heavy was very cool.

  153. 26000 km/h

  154. Just took my MIL out to do her shopping. Stopped at the Walmart for a couple of things. After getting in the car, some stoner came out of nowhere and tapped on my window wanting me to sign his petitions to get things put on the ballot next election cycle.

    1. Increase minimum wage.
    2. Legalize pot.
    3. Something to do with decreasing regulations something something.

    They’re working on that RIGHT NOW. Pass.

    Lots of dumbasses pass through the Walmart parking lots. Looked like he had a lot of signatures.

  155. He looked like stoner, sounded like a stoner, and if I sniffed him, I bet he’d smell like ass.
    Didn’t want to hear the sales pitch, told him to get to the point.

    Like…the first one is like….
    Okay, like the second one is about like…

  156. Welp. I’m eating a meal. Found myself sitting here feeling kinda weird and staring into space. Not like myself. End fast.

    53 hours. Not bad!

  157. think CARin is just being mean about the grammar thing Leon. Tell her to to go fuck herself.******

    I was just hanging here, bitching about my teenager, when I was ATTACKED.

    Attacked. And sorta triggered. I went to grade school in Detroit. You’re lucky you don’t get more Ebonics.

  158. I’m only trying to help.

    No hate for Covert. He writes and speaks well, I just wish I’d read Atkins and Mentzer instead.

  159. http://tinyurl.com/yat8n33b

  160. I’m on day 4 of solo dad duty. Almost done.

    Meijer had pork ground with bacon. I bet it makes good burgers.

  161. Insomnia the whole time because she won’t go back to sleep after mom gets up at 530, which means I’ve been up since 430 because I have an anxiety-based internal alarm. Stress is through the roof already because of work and house stuff. Good thing I’m already bald.

  162. Ok, three more paint samples on my wall. I think maybe I found it. lite cocoa. Again, it looks a little darker on the wall than in the image/sample chip.

  163. I found a nice gray, but I think it’s just not the right tone for the big rooms. Maybe if I repaint my dad’s room.

  164. Fish wine.

    Why hasn’t this been tried?

  165. And I picked eggshell … but I think I want … is it satin that’s the next one up?

  166. Fish wine.

    Is that a color?

  167. Chinese fish sauce is fermented, smoked fish that’s been grated fine. Basically wine.

  168. It doesn’t smell like wine.

    You first.

  169. Looks like I’m going to miss the 150 wall balls today.


  170. Yes. Paint finish generally go matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, gloss.

  171. Yeah, satin is one shinier than eggshell. Semi-gloss is for trim.

    Unless it’s my house, where the original plaster walls are for shit so I do flat paint and satin trim.

    Or unless it’s my mom’s house, where she puts up beautiful, expensive wallpaper with a satiny sheen here and there in the floral details, and then she paints her ceilings with satin paint, which looks frickin’ nice.

  172. Yea, I think I usually use satin. I grabbed eggshell because I couldn’t really remember. It’s just a little too flat for my liking.

  173. The wall in my computer room is painted 6 different colors.

  174. Cool, you should leave it like that

  175. It’s just a little too flat for my liking.

    So is your mom.

  176. Lite cocoa = Halle Berry’s nipples.

  177. You should paint a giant mural on the basement wall with the words, “STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY GARDEN!”

  178. Rachel Corrie is a little too flat for my liking.

  179. /steps up to mic

    I hereby denounce the scurrilous implications in the categories today.

    I did not ask for a “recipes” category. My actual statement would make no sense in that context, as there are already a satisfactory number of categories which do, in fact, reference your mom.

    Also, I locked your wallets in the car Elon Musk just sent to Mars.

    /drops mic and struts off

  180. Too many meetings today. I have a keep a smile on my face headache. Being fake upbeat is exhausting.

    Hey Cavil, CARin says “go fuck yourself”.

    No, really…she says it all the time.

  181. There’s some burn cream in the girls bathroom.

  182. The SpaceX launch was awesome. I love the “Don’t Panic” sign in the Tesla. Made fun of the co-worker who hadn’t read Hitchhiker’s Guide.

  183. *high fives Pups*

  184. Mare! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DVYt9_PX0AAaQwy.jpg

  185. Mare, what you have sounds like what I had. Four weeks to finally shake the damn cough. I slept in the recliner for two of those weeks. I also fried a humidifier.

  186. Mare, how often did you get your ass paddled in junior high?

  187. Eh, I’m used to it Pup. Even if I don’t hear it I just kind of assume it. (And sometimes I probably even deserve it!)

  188. https://tinyurl.com/yca8s4wp

  189. https://is.gd/F2HK0P

  190. I never got detention. I did get tossed out of class once, sophomore or junior year, for being disrespectful to the dopey art teacher. I went and sat in my counselor’s office and shot the bull.

    My friend and I would sit in art class and draw monkey pictures of that teacher. A year or two later, I ran into that friend at a theatre. I’m like ‘MONKEY!!!!’ I was so happy to see him. Did I mention he was black? Got some funny looks from the people standing in line for tickets.

    It was all good. He was happy to see me too.

  191. Aww, poor doggie in the can.

  192. We had different levels of detention and suspension on Taiwan. In Texas, you could choose between a paddling or detention. I would always choose the paddling. I used to be very small. Teacher/VP/P were too afraid to paddle me so I’d just get a warning to find better friends.

  193. Jam2!!!!! George is one of my Sharks!!!!!!

  194. Still trying to catch up with comments. Still trying to decide between Chocolate or Battleship to go over my Claret. Dan is really tired of “Burgandy” walls. Oso, pointing chin to chest and whispering “claret”

  195. What time is the mare paddlin’?

  196. That poor puppers!!!!

  197. It was probably the cat’s fault. It usually is.

  198. Guy that hit co-workers car was a Rez living Native. He’s hiding out on the Rez. No insurance. Cops and DA can’t do anything. Thanks, Raul. FBI and AUSA won’t do anything. Thanks, Uncle Pres. Best they can hope for is an arrest off the Rez for something else. Keeping her case open. Hope “Something else” isn’t an accident with fatalities. She is so happy her kids will live without permanent damage, she is less angry than our other associates.

  199. When isn’t it mare paddlin time?

  200. Batteries got expensive. $150!

  201. Sous vide brats update: very good, after browning. I also cooked up extras, and put them back in the bag after browning. Warmed back up in the water, and the snap was still there, and very moist. Recommended!

    Cooked with a small amount of beer, and cajun seasoning.

  202. I hope you served them with pierogies and sauerkraut. That’s the only way to go.

  203. If you have 5 minutes and want to listen to a lunatic, check this out.

    I only link this because I’ve read her book and my douchebag producer will probably force me to interview this nutbag.

    Her book is maybe 150 pages long and misses not a single liberal trope, including “the myth of black-on-black crime in Chicago.” Oh, and includes “erotic” passages, as well as serial killing/mutilation.

    That’s a lot for 150 pages, doncha think?

    I will quote passages soon….

  204. Perogies are great dogs.

  205. Why would I ruin them with rotted cabbage?

  206. Should I troll my cousin’s DA page on behalf of my coworker knowing that Natives have a better get out of jail free card than an illegal in a sanctuary city?

  207. because I’ve read her book

    **sends Wiser a six pack of Corona, which should kill off all those brain cells damaged by that bullshit**

  208. Today was The Gipper’s birthday – how did I miss that?
    Happy Birthday, Dutch!

  209. Okay, I did make it through the whole thing, and it got slightly less crazy at the end. Amused by the hosts being surprised that Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist and Planned Parenthood targets black neighborhoods. I can’t tell if they were just ignorant or uncomfortable with the Dem party line being exposed.

    Still doesn’t make me want to read the book.

  210. I really cannot describe just how horrible this book is.

    Obviously, this chick enjoys taking it from behind, but that’s every single encounter.

    “Turn around…”

    I’m wondering how much of this story is based on her life…

    Including the concept of her being impregnated by the young, caring and incredibly handsome Chicago lawyer with, according to the psychic, a “savior”

  211. But = because

  212. >>>Planned Parenthood targets black neighborhoods

    According to the author, the “new president” supports the placement of PP “clinics” in black communities.

    Because of course he does.

    Honestly, this looks like a parody written by s far-right lunatic based on what they believe someone on the left would write.

  213. this chick enjoys taking it from behind

    Doesn’t have to look at them, can fantasize about who’s doing the doing. Which sounds like it’s Obama. Reggie would be upset at her.

  214. DJT endorses PP? I thought JEF was the anytime, anyplace guy? Trump validated the PP video.

  215. >>>Which sounds like it’s Obama.


    No fucking way!!!!!!

    Why, that’s just all kinds of raci…sexi….

    That’s just crazy, that is!!!

  216. Btw, when she dreamed about the gorgeous black messiah who nearly made her orgasm in her sleep, he just so happened to have…….

    Two dogs.

    He was also divorced.

    Unfortunately, the book is only 150 pages, so there just wasn’t enough room to go into that back story.

  217. I thought the dogs were props. Probably being taken care of by the dogwalker or some staff member by Jan. 21 and forgotten.

  218. Was this Oprah new book Tuesday?

  219. Center stage was lost, only one of the three engines relit for the deceleration burn. Ah well, it got the payload to orbit, and both side boosters were recovered. Damned impressive.

  220. 🤓

  221. Shorties are the most fun for paddlin.

  222. Girl, you thought you found the answer
    On that magic carpet ride last night
    But when you wake up in the mornin’
    The derp still gets you uptight
    Well, there’s nothin’ that you ain’t tried
    To fill the emptiness inside
    When you come back down, girl
    Still ain’t feelin’ right

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