MMM 310: Shovelling in the dark

That’s what you do when you get 6″ of snow but have solo custody of a very small child the next day and you know you have to be able to drive to the store at some point.  Did that for just over an hour tonight (I’m writing Sunday night because I have to get up with the toddler in the morning for day 3).  Tired.  Time to put the pics in the post and then kill zombies for a while.

Her booty is well labelled.


Surprisingly tidy room.


Looks warm there.



What’s that on her thumb?


Looks warm there too.


Ab vein quota: achieved.


Feel free to conjecture about what’s below the cut-off.


I have no interest in surfing.  Why do people do it?


This tiny leopard died for a good cause.


Have an excellent Monday.  I’ll be checking in sporadically.


  1. wakey wakey

  2. Day 3 started at 530 am. She’s been awake since then and we’ve been busy busy.

    Oh hi there coffee!

  3. Snow day up here.

    My teenagers may never wake up .

  4. At first glance I thought this poat was entitled “Shoving in the Dick”. Which would probably be an appropriate title for one of Leon’s Monday testosterone celebrations.

  5. I only watched a minute or two of the game. I did sit on the couch while Erin and Pat watched it. I worked but we closed really early because of the game and snow (slow). I had three tables but made $100 – lol. Just got lucky – and I made about what the doubles made – so I was NOT popular last night. $30, $10, then $60.

    The $60 was from a 15 top. Short/boring story: I did NOT want them. They were being fussy about where we put them (always a bad sign). Then they wanted me to run the Keno for them. OH HELL no.

    It was stupid. They didn’t arrive together, and I’m passing out the first round of drinks (no small feat – it’s actually the hardest part of a party table – and they had gotten all sorts of drinks) and as I’m handing a drink, the guy hands me a keno slip. ARE YOU INSANE?

    I tried to be nice, but I’m not running Keno and he seemed miffed. They played keno all dinner, but I was actually pretty busy just waiting on them. I can serve you dinner or run your keno. Choose wisely.

  6. Will you be a dear and go get me a scratch off, too?

  7. GFY.

    That’s not going to affect my tip, is it?

  8. And actually, the reason I REFUSE to run Keno is that bs happens. They claim I ran the wrong ticket. If I’m run a ticket to check for winnings, they accuse me of switching tickets – because they KNOW theirs was a winner. @@ fuck that shit.

    If I KNOW the people well, and they know be – I’ll do it if I have time. But I do NOT get between a gambler and their Keno. As least when bartending, the machine is RIGHT there. Show me how I screwed you.

  9. “You ran the wrong ticket”. “I didn’t want that much”.

    The idiot at the table told me that the bartender should check before it’s ran – and I didn’t engage in a conversation about it, but how the fuck do I know what the person intended?

  10. As I’m trying to nicely explain why I don’t run it, the dude’s brother (jokingly) said “SHE MEANS GET YOUR ASS UP WALK YOUR OWN TICKET OVER TO THE BAR”.

  11. Ah yes, the other customer riding to the rescue, providing insight to the obvious.

    I like doing that.

  12. Yea, the other guy was nice. The table was a mixed bag of nice people and grumpy folks. The grumpy dude paid the bill, but I gave them excellent service. The only thing I did was refuse to run the keno.

  13. Trying the sous vide bacon for 24 hours. Will report back tonight.

  14. Sous vide this.

  15. I am a sous vide connoisseur. I made brats and gyros this weekend.

  16. Fancy French terms annoy me like Keno annoys Carin

  17. Oui oui, mon ami.

  18. I make money moves.

  19. Hillary! is speaking at Georgetown today, on women’s issues! Better go listen!

  20. Speaking of Women’s issues …

    You cannot unsee this.

  21. Women’s biggest issue is that they’ve gone as feral as teenaged boys.

  22. Alternatively, women’s biggest issue is thinking that Hillary’s election success or failure means a damned thing for their safety or prosperity.

  23. Women’s biggest issue is that they don’t understand the following feral male behavior will not lead to happiness for them. That’s it’s a lie, spread by males to get what they want – unattached sex.

  24. I just made some sous vide deviled eggs.

  25. When did you get a sous vide?

  26. I bought it with my huge Keno tips.

  27. Deviled Egg Party!!!

    Infinitely better than a Salty Lemon Party

  28. I’m still poaching that deer, it’s aaaaaaaalmost done.

  29. Women’s issues?

    “It’s not about the nail!”

  30. Women’s biggest issue is they’ve bought into a lie that goes against their basic nature.

  31. Saw the thread at Ace’s on knives yesterday. I thought, “cool!” Then I clicked on a couple of links. Yeesh, mostly cheap Chinese junk.

    Being around knife people all the time, I tend to forget how uninformed most people are.

  32. A little while ago, a “best knives of 2017” video showed up in my YT suggested list.
    I guess because I did a Bing search for the Cuatro? They seemed to like yours – one guy picks it for his favorite.

  33. Women’s biggest issue is they don’t just calm down.

  34. Pupster is right.

  35. I thought women’s biggest issue was that they just never fucking listen??

  36. Did you guys hear someone talk? All I heard was hysterical screeching.

  37. *draws on face

  38. Pepe, I saw an article on the Internet yesterday where a blacksmith and knife maker out of Tuscola Tx set a new record for long distance shooting. He hit a refrigerator sized target at 3 miles. You know him?

  39. Women’s biggest problem is that they’re just like their mothers.

  40. Oh no he didn’t

    /throws gloves on ice and dives at CoAlex

  41. welp, looks like we hit the limit for mom jokes

  42. This is good. None of you will care. Mommy stuff.

  43. I saw the article, Pendejo, but I don’t know him. Tons of new knife makers nowadays. Hmmm, evidently nowadays is an actual word.


  45. /explains the birds and the bees to CoAlex.

  46. First mommy and daddy love each other very much, so mommy starts tracking her cycles …

  47. My favorite is one where the mom gives birth in a car, and the dad does the MOST EXCELLENT JOB EVER of coaching her while he drives. BRB. This one is really good.

  48. Dad is so calm.

  49. Childbirth is one of those miracles of nature that I’m fine with remaining completely ignorant and oblivious to TYVM. Please tell us more about your workout/chickens/garden/erinsboyfriends.

  50. First mommy and daddy love each other very much, so mommy starts tracking her cycles …

    I’ve heard this one.

    “Next, mommy waits until daddy is out of town on a business trip, and then heads to the bar…”

  51. Or is it, “Well, when a mommy and daddy kinda know each other through mutual friends, and get very drunk one night at a party…”

  52. The car-one has basically no gore, except for crap on the baby. if all women could have their baby’s in the car (with their pants on) I think fewer people would feel as Pupster does.

  53. “When mommy loves daddy, but daddy only kinda likes mommy because she’s fun and easy, but a little clingy, and there’s a hot new clerk down at the Shop-n-Save, so mommy pokes holes in the condoms with a needle…”

  54. My OB/GYN rotation in med school was 6 weeks of hell. Half OB, half GYN surgery. It involved holding retractors for C-sections (the “bladder blade”) and some kind of retractor for vaginal hysterectomies. I still remember driving to and fro the hospital listening to RHCP’s Mother’s Milk on a cassette tape.

  55. If Roamy is still around, condolences on the loss of that young man – this flu is SCARY stuff.

    FWIW, what (I think) happens with organ donation and brain death is that life support is continued until the surgeries for donation begin. The sooner you can get the teams assembled, the better. But the organ donation organizations have to contact all of the other organizations across the country to see what, if anything, can be used.

    My guess is that if they are able to use any of his organs, it would be in a research capacity (CF), but obviously I am just guessing. They can also harvest tissue.

    In our case, Michelle wasn’t brain dead – they had her organs assigned to recipients, and she was already surgically prepped when she was disconnected from the machines. I assume they would have reconnected whatever was needed for successful transplantation.

    It was rather surreal in that operating room, praying that Michelle WOULD die in that 1-hour window.

    We were assured that is quite normal….

    And don’t worry – we are fine talking about it. I just did a blog post about that – (it’s not sad, I promise!).

    Sorry for the long comment 😊

  56. Oh, and there were LOTS of machines running – the only thing that was disconnected was her breathing tube.

  57. *orders “I am become Death, destroyer of blogs* T-shirt*

  58. get one for chi and vmax, while you are on the ordering page

  59. Super Bowl letdown here. Last year I finally wised up and took the Monday off afterwards. This year I didn’t think the Pats would make it and by the time they did it was too late. After work I’m going to a thing for my departing partner. It was my idea but I really didn’t think out the timing very well.

  60. If it’s a formal affair be sure to wear your black yoga pants.

  61. Should be a fun drive home:

    3 inches of snow. Morons.

  62. *finds 20 bucks*

  63. whose is this?

  64. Yet Comey allegedly signed three of the FISA applications on behalf of the FBI. Deputy Director Andrew McCabe reportedly signed one and former Attorney General Sally Yates, then-Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein each reportedly signed one or more.

    Sounds like a who’s who of the left’s greatest Hillary! heroes.

  65. *sheepishly raises hand, yanks $20 bill out of jam’s hand*

    Wut? I thought we got paid by the word here….

  66. I’m pretty sure that was my $20. My comment at 8:53 was kinda long.

  67. Anybody see a twenty? I had one when I got here and now its gone.

  68. Let me check for you. What was the date on your $20?

  69. I lefty last twenty on your mom’s nightstand.

  70. please read back the serial number, if it’s really yours.

  71. so what was so great about Pink doing the National anthem? Seems like the usual drag it out to highlight my perceived talent. Nice of her to take out her gum right before singing. 3 time grammy winner!

  72. Ugh, now there’s 1 death in that crash I posted earlier, and both directions are closed for emergency vehicles. Up to 70 vehicles involved.

  73. Leon, what’s the longest fast you’ve done and how did you feel?

  74. Such a shame, Jay. Have that announced a cause yet?
    I’m sure the DOT cameras have it documented and recorded.

    I don’t want to speculate out loud…

  75. no cause, yet. I didn’t expect this, it’s only 3 inches of snow.

  76. Sadly, it’s usually one idiot that starts a chain reaction.

  77. 70 vehicles! Holy crap. There must have been ice or an unexpectedly slippery patch.

  78. 96 hours, but I did have broth each day and a bit of cream in coffee. Pretty good.

  79. 20 hour fast since yesterday. I figure one of these days I’ll try to go for 36 hours.

  80. A couple of years ago I was driving to San Antonio after Christmas, and drove through Oklahoma City the morning after the huge ice storm. That was scary. At one point I was stopped on the highway, and looked into my rear view mirror to see a semi jackknifing as it slid towards me.

  81. Hm. I’m about 30 hours in right now but thinking of extending it. I am drinking way too much broth though, ha haha. Tomorrow am will be 48 hours, and I’ve had no hunger at all. I read that day 2 is supposed to be the hardest day, but most of it will be happening overnight, so.

    I’m gonna look for a breakdown of the bennies to different-length fasts. I’m not going to bother doing 4 days if I’m already triggering significant autophagy. This has been so easy so far I could do a 36 or 48 hour fast every week, no problem.

  82. Is Broth a another name for Bourbon? If not, I don’t think I could fast for 36 hours without throatpunching somebody.

  83. It’s fucking easy.

    However, I started it yesterday morning when Scott made me a huge omelet stuffed with beef and pork and cheese. Great way to kick off a fast. Next time I should try to start one after an evening meal and see if there’s a difference.

  84. If I start on Sunday afternoon following my weekend splurge, I could probably carry through to Tuesday morning.

  85. You guys BE CAREFUL with this fasting, m’kay?

  86. It’s serfeptly cape, Reteeza, wo norries.

  87. I hope Jay has a friend with a spare couch close by.

  88. I could fast every day if it weren’t for all the food I eat.

  89. I fast 6 or 7 times a day.

  90. Fasting too long interferes with my lifting.

  91. Scott fasts really fast.

  92. Supposedly 3 days is when you do the immune system refresh. Some amount if turnover in the older junk.



  95. Greetings, fast talkers.

  96. I think you meant talk fasters.

  97. But I’m just talkin’ about fasts.

  98. uh huh

  99. Comment by Sean M. on February 5, 2018 8:40 pm
    But I’m just talkin’ about fasts.

    Can ya dig it?

  100. He’s a bad mutha… Shut yo mouth

  101. VFW Very few words

  102. no worries, everyone. It had stopped snowing by the time I went home, but the interstate was still closed. Had to pick up Elliot anyway, so I avoided that part.

  103. Thanks for the update, Jay. Glad you made it home safely.

  104. Flying just a derp place
    Coming inside and safe
    Flying just a derp place
    Never been known to fail
    Never been, no
    Never been known to fail

  105. Just before leaving work at about quarter till 5 the anesthesia NP called our office to say the patient for a spine fusion for today has the flu. The exact details on the timing of the symptoms were sort of up in the air. The kid is coming in this morning and the anesthesiologist will make the final decision. In my mind I’ve already made the decision to cancel but it’s not my case. Still need to mentally prepare for a big, all day case…ugh

  106. $80 tip on a $180 check for my group table. Alcohol was on each individual so I’m sure the waitress made mo money on the drinks. Gotta do it that way for liability reasons. This was a work-sponsored event and I don’t want someone telling the cops that I bought them margaritas and that’s why they plowed into the nuns crossing Main Street.

  107. That was a nice thing to do for your coworker, Jimbro.

    So the reason I’m doing this fast is to see if it has any effect on my blood pressure, which has been running too high for a while. I just took it this morning and systolic is not really down (2 points, so who knows if that is real or meaningful) but diastolic is down 8 points, to almost normal. Interesting. Lower is good, but the widened pulse pressure is not good.

    That was before coffee.

    I’m going to go for an extra day. Three days, a 72-hour fast. If it’s this easy and I got past the supposed hardest day, I’d be a dummy not to go ahead and tack one more on.

    If today turns out to be the bitch of a day instead, I can still call myself a winner if I quit, since this was supposed to be a 24 hour fast initially.

    Today I sand the stairwell walls one last time again, then paint all the things. Then remove the antique carpeting on the stairs and see what horrors lurk beneath.

    It’s gonna be a good day.

  108. Carin, what’s the longest fast you’ve done and how did you feel?

  109. 24 hours and I felt fine.

    wakey wakey

  110. I didn’t do any broth though. Or don’t when I do 24 hours.

  111. THe night crew really let us down last night.

  112. Yeah, I’ve done 24 hours a few times and it’s really not a deal. But I don’t even lift, bro

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