MMM 309: Stoicism

So what I’ve learned is that I’m not managing stress well at all lately.  I’ve taken too much on, or at least what I’ve taken on has swelled beyond what I can cope with adequately.  I need to spend some effort on dealing with that, managing it, because it’s not going away any time soon.

Looks warm there.Aerl8fR.jpg

Checking those abs.


I hope their doc hasn’t been handsy.


She’s over 18.  I promise.


Instagram must be a major source of income for a lot of women.  How?  Why?




Looks like she’s been kickboxing.


I miss deadlifting.


Last Monday in January, AD 2018.  Make it count.


  1. This post is terrible and I’m ashamed.

  2. Going to kill zombies for a little while then go feed horses and donkey.

  3. “This post is terrible and I’m ashamed.”

    i know right….?

    2 of the dudes look like chicks

  4. Wakey wakey.

    Snow up here, roads suck. School to the north of us closed, but ours are open. GOOD.

  5. Some band I’ve never heard of won “Rock album of the year”.

    A band I’ve never heard of.

    The entire Grammy awards are filled with the same exact names of BIG STARS, the same ones performing every year. And they give the best rock album of the year to band “I’ve” never heard of.

    I listened to them this morning. Major yawn. Absolutely nothing new about them, and sound like half a dozen other “soft rock” band who came before them.

  6. I should probably start working out again.

    Its been a few months and I’m close to 400 pounds.

  7. Mj – you probably missed my comment yesterday about the run-walk-run method. It goes contrary to how many of us “learned” to run/train.

    But it cut my 6 mile run time down by at least 10 min. Probably more if I’m being honest.

  8. They joke, but there are a lot of young men doing exactly that while consciously realizing that it’s the only way left to be edgy. They share images of handholding and happy families with children.

  9. Snowflake pissed his friends off by tell them he was going to marry Erin. Edgy.

  10. So, the Grammys used Fire and Fury as a source for the show.

    Everything is political now. Nice job, Nikki Haley.

  11. Its been a few months and I’m close to 400 pounds.

    I’ll bet I’m closer. Lets have a race!

  12. Car in’s mad because Cats Fucking in a clos… QOTSA didn’t win.

  13. The Grammys can go fuck themselves.

  14. No, I’m fine with them not winning. The show is just a joke. How many awards can they hand out for hip hop/rap? The answer is infinity.

    Record of the Year
    Album of the year (what?)
    Song of the year
    Best pop solo performance
    Best new artist
    Best pop duo/group performance
    Best traditional pop vocal album
    Pet pop vocal album (what?)
    Best Dance recording
    Best dance/electronic album
    Best Contemporary Instrumental album
    Best Rock performance
    Best Metal Performance
    Best rock song
    best rock album
    Best alternative music album
    best r&b performance
    Best traditional R&B performance
    Best R&B song
    Best R&B album
    Best Urban Contemporary Album (they’re just making shit up now)
    Best Rap performance
    Best rap song
    Best rap/sung performance (see what I’m saying?)
    Best rap album

    Then it goes on to country, jazz, and rather obscure stuff.

  15. What are you drinking?

  16. How many Grammys did Led Zepplin win? Pink Floyd? Glenn Miller?

    It’s a popularity contest.

  17. Whose turn is it to chain J’Ames to a rock in the middle of the ocean where his puns can’t hurt anyone ever again?

  18. The Pro Bowl was probably better.

  19. Some chick wore an anti-abortion gown with a stylized fetus on a white background and a purse that said “Choose Life”

    That’s EDGY for those cuntmuffins

  20. No it wasn’t. I watched a few minutes of it and decided to do the dishes and make supper instead.

  21. That wasnt a award show, that was a political propaganda hit piece designed to sell a lie to the American people.


  23. Was it this bad in 1981? I’m too young to remember.

  24. The protesters in South America transmitting the sound of their in-utero babies’ heartbeats through their bullhorns was incredible. Brilliant, why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?

  25. My teachers at school were programming everybody to hate Reagan, but I don’t remember every single cultural institution being politicized. Certainly, mainstream musical artists performed and you didn’t know what their personal politics were at all. Same with actors.

  26. The professional political class constantly berated Reagan’s intellect, and made fun of his age. Some entertainment figures made fun of him (SNL, for instance, with the sleeping in the White House meeting sketches) but it wasn’t a constant pop culture barrage.

  27. #blammys

  28. I blame rock the vote. For all this bullshit.

    It empowered people to feel that their political views mattered even if they didn’t know shit. This works through on so many levels. From those who think they’re educated because they read Howard Zinn’s bullshit, to those who get “informed” by the likes of Alyssa Milano. They have feels and they’ve been told the feels are valid.

    It feeds upon itself into this frenzy of bullshit we see everywhere.

  29. I love that lauraw.

  30. My hope is that they are getting louder because so many people have stopped listening. Cry for help from a drowning victim.

  31. Those ladies are after the dreaded 20-24 week period, right?

  32. I don’t think that is the case, leon. More people are jumping on board.

    However, more people are also jumping off the train. That’s how we got Trump.

  33. I meant in the sense of shrinking audience. TV in general is down, football is abysmal, I have to believe the grammies weren’t well-watched.

  34. This is probably going to be the least-watched Superturd in decades.

  35. Leon, you’re not getting chickens this year, are you?

    I want to order some from McMurry, but I don’t need 25. I’m looking to see if anyone wants to order special ones.

    The ones I got last year really are my best group of chickens ever.

  36. Again, I think that’s the people on the right side abandoning it. The left continually signs up new feelers for their campaign. I see it a lot on my facebook feed. The people who aren’t involved, or just don’t want to get involved, are 90% leaning to the left. Moderates, as you say.

  37. If we call off construction, I’ll want new birds. We sold off the whole flock because keeping them in winter didn’t make sense if we were moving in May. If that goes away, I’ll want 4, maybe 5 birds.

  38. When do you think you’ll know? I’m not in a super rush, but I have started looking. Because they’re so cute.

  39. I order them from here:

    You can get specialty birds sexed, which is nice because usually (locally bought) it’s just the most common that are sold as pullets.

  40. I can also order 2 of this and 2 of that, as long as I get the minimum. It’s fun.

  41. Grammys: once you go black, you’ll never go back.

    Racist or no?

    it’s not just me.

  42. I don’t know, unfortunately. The DEQ thing could take a month to resolve.

  43. Are these chickens full grown, and clean and ready for cooking? I might be interested, then.

  44. There may be some gutting and plucking involved

  45. I watched a minute or two of the Grammys. It sucked in it’s ghettoisation. Mr. B, who is sorta LIV when it comes to entertainment turned it off after 2 more minutes.

  46. That’s incredibly racist.

    Also black music mostly sucks. This statement is also racist.

  47. Rap sucks. Where have all the black crooners, with good voices, gone?

  48. Grammy = subroutine € of the Grande Entertainment Strategery to coup d’etat El Trumpo.

  49. Walmart locks up high-cost products most frequently stolen.


  50. Simple answer: stop carrying these products altogether.

  51. From yesterday….

    Is he getting nebulizer treatments, Beasn?

    He’s got a nebulizer and two different inhalers for his COPD. Thing is, he doesn’t take his nebulizer as much as he probably should and we don’t know how long he stopped taking his Brio before we noticed he stopped taking it…which is nuts because Mr. B is diligent about setting out his weekly meds . (Now, after getting the new one, we check the counter on it everyday. )

    He’s angry he’s lived so long and I suspect he may have been purposefully sabotaging himself by ‘forgetting’ or making up stories that he was told not to take that inhaler anymore. I can sort of understand seeing as how he’s always been an active man. He could never sit still. On the other hand, how many make it to old bones, pretty darn healthy…up until about 2 years ago? (His 90th bday is in March) He’s not in any pain. Just getting weaker.

  52. Walmart locks up high-cost products most frequently stolen.

    Guess which shops got looted first in places like Ferguson. Go ahead, guess.

  53. When I was in Germany the liquor was locked up. Probably because of the Muslims.

  54. Does Ferguson even still have a drugstore in it?

  55. I suspect Walmart will do that very thing. Stop carrying it. After they pay her off because they’re pussies.

  56. Ferguson actually was coming up before Soros and obama’s BLM had their way with it. Though it sits next to other shitholes with plenty of drug houses.

    They do have a Walgreens.

  57. Detroit doesn’t have a lot of convenience stores at all. Those that are there have a lot of lexan and you ask the guy to get you most things.

  58. I generally dislike music where there isn’t actually any instruments being played on stage. General rule of thumb: if there are more dancers on the stage than musicians, than the music probably sucks.

  59. Yeah, beasn, sometimes they get like that near the end. In his last year dad really resented all the pills he had to take every day, including the thrice-damned diuretic. I wonder how I came off, standing watch to make sure he took every one of the meds.

    It was as it had to be, I suppose. You wonder if it’s worth it, though.

  60. Someday, Possum will lament that Daddy won’t take the damned pills.

    I should write her a letter about that so she gets some peace of mind when it happens.

  61. That first gal has a great body.

  62. Snowflake pissed his friends off by tell them he was going to marry Erin. Edgy.

    We should all pitch in to buy him a boom box and a Peter Gabriel CD.

  63. I hope their doc hasn’t been handsy.

    They’re from WVU. Their doc would have to compete against their daddies and their half-brothers.

  64. We should all pitch in to buy him a boom box and a Peter Gabriel CD.

    In Your Eyes

  65. I can while a while before I order my chickies.

  66. Ugh, I had a nasty political fight with my mom, which ironically started because I told her about my idiot former HS friend (she knows him pretty well and his parents). Then I couldn’t sleep, because I was so worked up, so I went for a run around midnight, and got about 4-4.5 hours of sleep. I have a looong day ahead of me.

    I’m in a dark place at the moment. I hate California: it’s too expensive to live here, I have no social life, and the job hunt has stalled.

  67. I don’t listen to much rock or pop music any more. I’ll confess that the stuff on the radio doesn’t bother me too much if I have to listen to it, and I have some songs on my mp3 player. Mostly what I listen to are pandora stations for Tom Waits, Robert Earl Keen, and Great Big Sea. So lots of folksy, bluesy music.

  68. Hang in there, Alex. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

  69. The Grammy’s…pfffffffffffttttt…I fart in the direction of the Grammy’s.

    And Hillary reading a gossip book? She’s obvious being controlled as a useful idiot. Pathetic and sad.

  70. Just keeping going Alex. you’ll get through this. Hating California is natural.

  71. The Clinton Foundation only has one source of income, she can’t afford to let go of it, and if it looks like they’ll never be in power again, the knives will come out.

  72. I’m surprised that the knives haven’t already come out. I think that it’s only because the Dem leadership is so fractured at the moment.

  73. A lot of the DNC are Clinton’s people still. No one has had a chance to purge them. Look for a lot of staff turnover in 2019 if the Blue Wave doesn’t materialize.

  74. And it would be almost like we had a viable two party system again!

  75. Here Alex, I wrote this song for me, but you can listen to it.

  76. This is not surprising.

  77. Yeah, beasn, sometimes they get like that near the end.

    Most of the pill taking keeps him out of the hospital. He does not want to go to the hospital.

  78. Since I don’t garden much and haven’t been working out much in the last five y are or so, I have to devote my spare time to reading. Within the last month I’ve read a biography of Hitler (the real one) by a guy named John Toland and have reread The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer.

    Both are loaded with Hitlers rants against International Jewery. There is literally nothing that the Nazis couldn’t figure out how to blame on Jews. The rhetoric is very similar in its lack of logic, and hate filled tone to the way I hear the left assail the White Patriarchy today. Somebody smarter than me ought to start fighting their crazy Bullshit with parallels to the Germans of yesteryear.

  79. Pops really doesn’t take a lot of pills. He’s got a heart pill, an antibiotic, aspirin, fiber pill — twice a day. Diuretic every other day. Two inhalers.

    Not bad for COPD and heart failure.

  80. He crabbed that we were being mean to him for cutting his sodium intake. Told him to quit his whining as I can’t have dairy and he can.

  81. Shirer is a must read.

  82. link?

  83. My general rule of thumb is: if the singer/group ever name-drops themselves in a song, they’re shit. Their entire catalog front to back is immediate garbage. This instantly puts all rap firmly where it belongs while catching a few other bands out who weren’t watching where they step.

  84. Hmm, that adds a new wrinkle to cover song theory.

  85. Carin, Shirer is the author in Pendejo’s comment.

  86. ah.

  87. I aint reading that.

  88. You’ve tried reading Gravity’s Rainbow, and you won’t read that?

  89. If you check those out at the library, you get put on a list.

    Same list if you order from Amazon. Proceeds go right to the Dreamer College Tuition Fund.

  90. Run walk run.

    That totally works. Nice job, Car in.

    Now what do we talk about?

  91. Eat Poop Sleep is next on the syllabus.

  92. We should get to Cat in the Hat sometime soon.

  93. We should go to the bar for our tequila series:

    1 Tequila
    2 Tequila
    3 Tequila

  94. 1 Tequila
    2 Tequila
    3 Tequila


  95. If you check those out at the library, you get put on a list.

    Mein Kampf. Isn’t To Kill A Mockingbird on that list?

  96. Oh come on, you’ve seen me. I have the bulk for +4 tequila shots.

    We will be pushing the limit again on Feb 9-11.

  97. Heh. My best friend had a band named Tequila Mockingbird.

    He wanted me to buy an acoustic bass and learn to play it so I could join. Simply because he heard me singing while I was drunk and their vocalist sucked.

  98. The myth around GR is totally true. I asked the FIL know it all if he had read it and of course he had! Only idiots can’t get through it!

    That was an interesting week. Who wants to hear about our discussion of abortion?

  99. pretty sure we’re gonna learn all about when a person is a person, but shoot!

  100. A person’s a person no matter how small. I have that on good authority from Dr. Seuss.

    Also God.

  101. One day I will burn my copy of Gravity’s Rainbow. I’ll dance around the fire naked and laugh like a maniac.

  102. Are you going to use a copy of Silent Spring to start the fire?

    (PBS has been advertising an upcoming special on that crap narrated by none other than Meryl Streep)

  103. You should watch the interview between Cathy Newman and Jordan Peterson that is linked at Ace’s. The interview is filled with Newman being combative, building straw men, intentional misinterpretation, and other linguistic tricks. Dr. Peterson handled her with with absolute ease.

    Cathy Newman is a vapid, solipsistic, giant cunt.

  104. Whats the myth about GR?

  105. That someone can read it.

  106. That it’s good.

  107. “vapid, solipsistic, giant cunt.”

    Professor Hspur,
    You should consider teaching at a local high school –
    That would be awesome.

    most kids HATE sitting through engrish class; you’d be able to spice it up for them.

  108. Is it wrong of me to notice that Meghan McCain seems to have suddenly jumped 85 IQ points since she got hitched up with Ben Domenech?

    I’m not saying he’s coaching her, but he’s coaching her.

  109. Aww, poor Ben.

  110. Gawd, I lose IQ points when I listen to Joy Behar.

  111. 8 women have sexual harrassment claims against Trump?

  112. I’m not saying he’s coaching her, but he’s coaching her.

    He’s probably just pounding some sense into her.


  113. ‘Poor Ben’ has attached himself to an easily led, spoiled girl billionheiress. He’ll be fine.

  114. We should all be so poor.

  115. How many of those eight were paid to come forward?

  116. This is how the news is reporting about McCabe, “….McCabe, long targeted by Trump and the republicans….”


  117. He’s probably just pounding some sense into her.


    How does the Adam Sandler joke go, “Jennifer Garner’s half-jewish, and I’d like to put more in her.”

    Meghan McCain’s half-conservative, and he puts a little more in her.

    Also, he’s basically living the old joke about seeking out a big-tittied beer heiress.

  118. Java professor is now showing us a youtube video on loops. At this point he should just put up a bunch of videos on the course website and let us all have our afternoons back…

  119. I thought the memo was going to be a big fat nothing.

    Boy was I wrong. This is banana republic shit.

  120. Has Obama conveniently gone skiing in Barbados yet?

    Cuz he’s gonna get blasted in the SOTU.

  121. Aaaaargh. Switched form PayPal *spits* to the embedded payment system in Shopify. Really happy, it works great, and shipping is easy. Even automatically handles international shipping.

    Until we got a notice today “since you are selling knives, you are in violation of our user agreement, find somebody else to process payments.”

    Here we go again. The fun just never ends.

  122. Hey Leon, where did you get the plans for the flamethrower? I have a friend who wants to build one.

  123. Could I get the video link too? If it’s still up.


  124. Found the video.

    #nevermind in Emily Litella voice.

  125. There are two videos at the channel, Pepe. Unfortunately, the eBook no longer appears to be available through Amazon. I got it from there. The author’s site is and I have a pdf of it. It was $9 when I bought it, looks like he’s asking $27 now. The parts list is the biggest value, and the links in my pdf may or may not still be live in Amazon.

  126. It’s weird because I just got an update to the Kindle edition.

  127. I am available for tech support. He’ll probably break the green wire. Doorbell wire made an okay substitute.

  128. Okay, I was looking at the site on my phone. The eBook is free now. Get it! The other stuff is for “packages”, with videos and stuff.

  129. I made this again tonight:

    It’s really good, but I’d use more flour (0.5 cup) in the roux at the front end…

  130. Thanks. I’ll send him the link. He studied mechanical engineering, plus he has some machine tools. This is right up his alley.

  131. I bought a few tools. If he has a decent set already he’ll be fine. The hardest part really is the wire in the bernzomatic torch, and it can be substituted. If he doesn’t have a drill press, I used ratchet straps. An air compressor will help a lot with cleaning out the filings and for getting the tank empty after use.

  132. I’m wrong again. The sample eBook is free, has the parts and tools list. With a few detailed photos, that might be enough, but I don’t recommend that.

  133. Dang, missed all the Gravity’s Rainbow talk earlier. I never get to have any fun.

  134. WoOT! Just ordered – “The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001-2018”. Free shipping and 15% off.

  135. Sean, I’m clueless about GR. Enlighten me.

  136. that looks good Chrisp

  137. GR is about a man and his dog.

    One of them doesn’t make it.

    So sad.

  138. So it’s like Old Yeller?

  139. It takes place at the very end of WWII, and is set in London, France, and then the various Allied-Occupied Zones of Germany, and it has to do with the A-4 rockets (commonly known as the V2). There’s a certain American junior officer in London whose sexual exploits around the city seem to correspond to rocket impact sites. That is, he has a dalliance with a woman, and then the rocket hits. Various agencies want to figure out the roots of this power, and there are all kinds of shadowy conspiracies that may actually transcend the two sides of the War. There are hundreds of characters, tons of jokes, quite a lot of deviant behavior, and a bunch of musical numbers.

  140. the dog shoots the underage male prostitute and his john tho

  141. It all turns out to be the imagonings of a retarded kid waiting in the living room for his mom to finish up with her “guest”.

  142. Holy shit, I thought Sean was kidding about GR.

  143. I NEVAR kid about Gravity’s Rainbow.

  144. That sounds terrible. Pass.

  145. It’s not for everyone. I’m a modern literature geek, so it’s right in my wheelhouse. I also enjoyed Ulysses, which is probably right around “getting a root canal” on most people’s list of fun activites.

  146. I’m more of a Neal Stephenson or Brian Lumley fan, although Brian’s been mining popular early characters for cash lately.

    I liked Rainbows End, though.

  147. Rainbow’s, dammit. Phone corrected my correct use of a post raphe.



  150. Chances are ’cause I wear a silly derp
    The moment you come into view
    Chances are you think that I’m in love with you

  151. Love that one Roamy

  152. I looked for the graphic novel version of Gravity’s Rainbow and came up blank. GR strikes me as a novel that’s assigned in college lit classes and painstakingly dissected over the course of the semester.. Claiming to have read it is acknowledgement of your membership in the club of elite university educated individuals. Or, as in Sean’s case, a strange affection for the bizarre hieroglyphics of Western Society

  153. I’m actually interested in watching the SOTU. This hasn’t been the case for years and years.

    Dems are saying they’re bringing illegals, Ann Coulter is urging Trump to have them all arrested, the memo dropped yesterday, everybody just got a raise, etc.

    This might even be an occasion for snacks and refreshments. I might have to make a giant foam finger.

  154. When the Dem side boos him or remains seated during standing applause, I might actually be doing that tomahawk chop thing.

  155. Streamers. I need crepe paper streamers, and balloons, and little paper top hats.

  156. I need to figure out the SOTU party menu. Wings, little swedish meatballs…cheeze and crackers….a cold veggie tray…

  157. When the Dem side boos him or remains seated during standing applause,

    We need a SOTU bingo game.

  158. I’m with you lauraw. let’s get our decorate ON!

  159. Vienna sausages

  160. is the light on under car ins door? you should check

  161. ooo Swedish meatballs!

  162. Got a good from-scratch recipe for those, Jay? I love them but have never made them.

  163. SOTU bingo?! Shit, that’s genius. We need to crowdsource this idea.

  164. Wakey wakey. been doing this and that.

  165. Don’t be sucked in my Sean’s stellar review of Gravity’s Rainbow.

    He apparently also likes the band that one best “rock” album of the year, despite the fact that they don’t actually … you know … rock.

  166. Pat was just going to make popcorn. Lauraw’s going all out.

  167. but car in, he SOLD it! sex, violence, how can it go wrong!

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