The Post From Ipanema

The first time I ever heard the song “The Girl From Ipanema” was on an album by a 90’s band but I forget the name at this point It’s been covered countless times so it’s anyone’s guess who it was. I thought it was a Yo La Tengo album called Fakebook. It’s an album of cover songs! When I went to find the song I discovered it was not that one. Still a great album worth a listen.

Let’s try this one from the lovely and talented Elise Trouw

“Tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking
And when she passes, each one she passes goes – ah”

Tall, tan, young, lovely? The Anti-BBF Model! If you don’t already know, Ipanema is a beach area in Brazil near/in Rio de Janiero


Looks warm there


Lots of great meat culture in Brazil


Have a caipirinha!


Don’t forget this Brazilian invention!


And lest we forget one of their most  famous female exports (the one on the left)


Heh, Gisele and TB12 are among the most hated people out of Patriot Nation. I can’t believe the Patriots are favored to win. I’ve never once watched a Patriots playoff game with any sort of relaxed feeling that they’d actually win it. “28-3” sounds great now but as a fan I almost missed the come back because I nearly turned the TV off out of disgust. Well, that’s why they play the games. Have a great Thursday and try not to overdo the Keto Cheetos.





  1. Well well well. A brand new threat. Shame if anything happened to it.

    wakey wakye

  2. carin seems a tad sceeeeery this morgen

  3. ” (the one on the left)”



  4. happy BD – Vmax!

  5. we all pitched in an got you this

  6. Huh. Brazil.

    I’d go back. The people kick ass.

  7. i really liked brazil for business travel –
    great ppl
    amazing food
    pretty girls

    the only real downside was how dangerous it was to toddle around without armed escort

  8. Kick ass? Can you clarify?

  9. Judge Aquilina: Unhinged or On Point?


  10. Judge Aquilina: Badass or Dumbass?

  11. Your Mom likes lots of great meat culture.

  12. I didn’t like the grandstanding, jimbro. Very unprofessional.

    Also overruled Snyder’s attempt to declare Detroit bankrupt. She was elected in 2008, reelected for another 6 year term. Not appointed.

  13. Holt was probably ordered to give that glowing review in the interest of national unity.

  14. How does anyone get duped by the Norks anymore?

  15. Hawaii did. But they are but a tiny nation.

  16. I didn’t like the grandstanding, jimbro. Very unprofessional.

    She’s trying to get a cable tv job. I don’t care how guilty the guy is, justice should be dispensed dispassionately.

  17. I don’t really know that I would call it grandstanding. I certainly don’t have a dog in this fight but from what I’ve read, he was a pretty horrific predator. A purely evil fuck.
    I wouldn’t have been able to hold back on him.

    FWIW, Simone Biles had no problem with it.

  18. Of course they didn’t, they were directly involved.

    Feelings have no part in justice. Thats for civil court.

  19. Gah, reading twitchy shows me that I agreed with Matty Yglesias. I feel dirty now.

  20. She’s going to have a problem with it when the appeals court gets done with it.

  21. I was thinking the same thing myself Cavil. I’ve read a few reports in each direction, pro and con. I just think a sitting judge out to at least give the outward appearance of impartiality.

  22. But, but, but, she’s there to validate that the victims have been wronged!

    I thought that was what the guilty verdict and sentence was for.

  23. One post on Twitchy was of the “You go girl” variety and made me wonder what I had missed. They pointed out she is a retired veteran and the first woman in her state guard’s JAG Corps(e). It doesn’t change the facts of what she did. We all agree the guy’s a monster and justice will be served. Implying he just got a death sentence and he may end up getting gang raped only helps his lawyers get him moved to a more secure facility

  24. I had a hard time not getting really sarcastic one facedouche friends who were applauding the judge for her bravery, etc.

    Seriously? The guy was a complete …

    this was a no-brainer.

  25. I think just about everyone would have felt exactly as that judge did, although they may have expressed themselves differently. There isn’t exactly a huge “pro-molestation” crowd outside of the middle east.

  26. Her call for an investigation into his activities at the college that he worked for is something she said that I agree with. Michigan? The president of the college resigned anyway, I saw that as a news update that I deleted and didn’t read.

  27. A woman being nasty to a condemned man while surrounded by armed guards is brave?

    Low fucking bar right there.

  28. I’m going to start calling it “bravery” when I drown the varmints I catch in my live trap.

  29. Yep, heard about the college president resigning. That was political, of course. What did she have to do with it?

  30. Bravery would have been someone taking the accusations seriously YEARS ago. I imagine that you had parents who didn’t want to believe it because they had their eyes on their children’s gymnastic career. I can see no other explanation.

    Someone tells me someone touched my child inappropriately, and I’m going on a rager.

    Of course, I was molested as a child (stranger danger) so perhaps that gives me a different perspective? Na . Probably not.

  31. What did all the folks who went down in the Sandusky case have to do with the abuse?

    The president of the college was the head person in charge … and it is hypocritical for her to not lose her job just because she was a woman.

  32. I imagine that you had parents who didn’t want to believe it because they had their eyes on their children’s gymnastic career. I can see no other explanation.

    Yup. It’s the same with Hollyweird, where parents look the other way because the checks coming in are too good to give up.

  33. Plus -” MSU officials are accused of improperly handling or ignoring multiple reports of sexual abuse from student athletes who were abused by Nassar during treatments. The Detroit News reported that 14 MSU representatives, including Simon, had been told of sexual misconduct by Nassar across two decades.[5″

  34. Someone tells me someone touched my child inappropriately, and I’m going on a rager.

    This is the natural reaction of a sane human being. No matter what happened to you as a child, this is how you should react. No amount of money or success buys back a child’s innocence.

    Mattocks make shitty weapons, too heavy and too unwieldy for repeated blows. I’d have put mine through this coach’s skull if it were my kid and I knew it.

  35. Ok, so people are saying this is worse than the Penn State scandal.

    I seriously … dunno. Wasn’t there penetration in the Sandusky stuff? As ” sister survivor” (gag), I would say molestation is definitely not as bad as penetration. With penetration, (of young boys) you actually also see physical damage.

    I hate that I’m talking about this.

    I never got any money or settlement or therapy. That’s what they’re talking about now.

  36. Yeah, MSU is going to take it in the pocket in the “cash and prizes” part of the criminal proceeding.

  37. See, I had almost no knowledge of the MSU connection. I followed what i could of the story, but i tend to shy away from these sickening things a bit.
    I knew there was something mentioned about a school somewhere, but…

    I don’t mean to put blinders on, but I just get enraged and depressed. Not to mention the whole ‘questioning faith’ aspect. I know there is evil walking the earth, I just don’t need to know all the sordid details.
    Justice will be served one day.

  38. I hope it’s served cold. It’ll taste more like vengeance that way.

  39. Change of subject:

    Have y’all seen Burger King’s hot take on net neutrality?

  40. It got linked in the company Slack channel. I refrained from comment. Glad to see so much of the response was negative. Added BK to my boycott list.

  41. The whole BK Net Neutrality thing is stupid. For one thing, comparing standard service / standard price with a modest increased price / instantly ready burger would have been more realistic. But not as dramatic. And secondly, why ta fuck does BK give a shit about Net Neutrality? Are they trying to appeal to a young gullible crowd?

  42. Thing is, that is how everyone understands Net Neutrality. I’ve had discussions with many people, and they all understand it like that.

  43. Our ISP will cap us, when we go over a certain amount of data. Soon that will be due to Net Neutrality, when all the ISP is doing is charging for usage. Before I go over, I get the same speed as everyone else. After, it’s extra. Simple to me, but some think everything has to be unlimited in that instance, which is what Net Neutrality actually is.

  44. BK wants to be “woke”, jimbro. Hence the link to Obama’s site at the end.

  45. Net Neutrality was never about consumers, that was always a lie meant to allow regulatory control. The content providers who didn’t want to pay heavy freight made it a meme.

  46. I think the average maroon out there knows about as much about NN as they do quantum physics. They just know it’s bad to repeal because TRUMP! ELEVENTY!

    And yeah, BK just wants to jump on the ‘woke’ bandwagon.
    I wish I could boycott them, but one less whopper per year ain’t going to hurt their bottom line.
    The best comment I saw so far was “I bet a bunch of the franchisees aren’t too happy about this. They certainly didn’t get to have it their way.”

  47. I basically never eat fast food unless I’m travelling, and I don’t think I’ve eaten BK in 20 years. Now I’ll make a point of avoiding them even more, or using their bathrooms and not buying anything.

  48. Hell, the only fast food I do eat when travelling is Chipotle, and even then only if I’m outright starved.

  49. Would be nice to complain to BK, but it wouldn’t do any good. I do eat there occasionally, but I guess I won’t anymore.

    Just like Arby’s. Haven’t eaten there since their Rush comments years ago. They don’t notice.

  50. I rarely do fast food myself.
    I make a point to patronize Chick fil A occasionally. Subway during the summer for a cold cut sammich isn’t horrible. If I’m really craving a burger, I prefer Rally’s.

    There are just too many mom & pop joints around here to get a quick cheap meal if that’s on the schedule. Be it hotdogs, tacos, burgers, whatevs.

  51. Everybody gives Arby’s a ration of crap, but I crave a beef n cheddar a couple times per year. And those new(ish) Loaded Curly Fries are pretty good. Almost a meal right there.

  52. I haven’t had arby’s in … I’ll guess 40 years. As soon as I was old enough to refuse it, I started doing so.

    Burger King I probably haven’t had in 15+ years, and I only had it then to see if it was as I remembered.

    It wasn’t.

    Once you stop eating fast food, you kinda lose the taste for it. I think it’s addictive, and you’re addicted not so much to the flavor, although you think it tastes good.

    I know that sounds kookie, but I used to LOVE that shit. now it’s just disappointing.

  53. Gotta head out to PT. Apparently we’ve got two more appointment, and then we’ll switch to more observation on their part. I don’t know how often that means I have to take him down there, but I’m happy about that.

  54. I missed the changedotorg link Jay. Elsewhere I’ve read stories about Obama and Jarrett leading the opposition to Trump for the ’18 election season. I guess it’s now okay for former presidents to actively campaign against current presidents. Once again, the JEF over reaches.

  55. And Hannah’s friend who had the psychotic break – still in the hospital. The only thing he’s said is that he wants to go and be in nature with Hannah and Truman – his best friends. That’s the only place he feels safe.

  56. Ah, good, someone sent Ace my CNN link.

  57. I don’t doubt the addiction mechanism for fast food. Once you’re off it long enough, it doesn’t even taste good. The closest I can get now is a burger at Culver’s.

  58. To be fair, Culver’s makes a tasty butter burger.

  59. Sorry to hear about Hannah’s friend. Hope things improve.

  60. ok crypto-ppl:
    what exchanges are you all using?
    i’ve tried to sign up on gatehub but the fuckers are not responding.

  61. Heh, first hour of Rush is entertaining (I’m on delay in DSM)

  62. wha? gatehub?

  63. trying to trade in your bitcoin?

  64. jay that feminist thingy is teh funny!

  65. my latest batch of kimchi is not percolatin’ very fast – i wonder if i overdid the brining process and kilted the wee beasties


  67. thinking about ripple

  68. If it’s cold, everything slows down, jam. give it a little more time in the winter.

  69. I just watch the cryptos, I haven’t actually taken the plunge yet. Too much of my financial ass is already hanging in the wind for the construction project.

  70. I always give your mom a little more time in the winter.

  71. butter burger

  72. i’m storing it in my office
    @ about 72

  73. I watched a video on making Wisconsin butter burgers (Test Kitchen) and it doesn’t resemble Culver’s. It involves a LOT more butter, looks kinda gross.

    Anyone had them? (not Culver’s, but the other variety)

  74. is that a bbf thing?

  75. is it 72 on the floor? I know I have to store beer upstairs while it carbonates. The basement is 60 on the floor, and in the corners.

  76. Never had a butter burger. Comments in that video were brutal.

  77. Never had a butter burger. Sounds a little much. But I do finish my steaks with a chunk of butter.
    I did make some Oklahoma onion burgers after watching a TV show once, though.
    Not sure if it was ATC or Alton Brown or what, but those things were delish.

  78. I knew something smelled bad with this:

    Dinesh D’Souza:

    My file—obtained by the House Oversight Committee—shows the FBI red-flagged me as an Obama critic and allocated $100k to investigate a $20k case. The corruption ring involved in my case extends to the FBI, Eric Holder’s DOJ, and also that Indian water-carrier Preet Bharara.

  79. Indian water-carrier Preet Bharara.

    Raaaaaaaa… oh, wait.

  80. i diluted my kimchi to cut the [NaCl]

    and sampled it –

    the beasts are working, it’s getting a little bite

    i bumped up the [spice] this time…. good heat level

  81. I have a Screamin Sicilian in the oven.

    Plastic and cardboard were removed.

  82. I’ve never had kimchi. I think I’d like it.
    Mom brought me a jar from the commissary once, but it was rotten stuff. Literally, it was rotten.

    When I put groceries away that day, I just stuck it in the cupboard like I would any jar of pickles, olives or saurkraut.
    A while later, when I went to try it and make some shredded pork rolls, I opened the jar to find a smelly bubbling mess of rot.
    Then I found out that she found it in the refrigerated section, not the Pickle aisle.

  83. How did laura capture him?

  84. Plastic and cardboard were removed.

    Doin’ it rong.

  85. We tried a Screamin’ Sicilian pizza a few days ago. Toppings were good, but the crust didn’t come out right. Probably our altitude (7,000 feet).

  86. BTW, Rising crust pizza was a big fail. Screamin Sicilian and the like are 1000% better.

  87. Now maybe they’ll find his college applications, grades, and real birth certificate.


  88. I found the frozen pizzas from this place in my home town in my grocery store

    I never had it until high school when we’d drive to the south side to hang out with our friends over there. Read the first comment. The guy mentioned Ronnie Noonan as a pizza cook. I knew him from Boy Scouts and would see him from time to time when we went there. He crashed his motorcycle at high speed one night and that was that.

  89. So, the offer for a path to citizenship for 1.8 million has been made.

  90. What about the other 42 million that are here illegally?

  91. Re: CNNs cuckold piece… this isn’t new. The left has been pushing the whole end of monogamy thing for decades.

  92. Hi Cucks!

  93. It sounds like Trump wants broader powers to quickly deport the other 42 million.

  94. Apparently they arrived at their “58% of men” by only asking gay men, then completely omitting that in the article.

    Hi MJ, have you or Paolo had any luck “literally nailing things down” yet?

  95. I’ll take 2 million if we get to boot the rest and put the wall up behind them.

  96. Still thinking about it kiddo number two.

  97. Totally agreed. I’ll let the dreamers in to solve the problem at the root.

  98. Agree on citizenship but defer the final decision on DACA until the wall is built.

  99. End the lottery, chain migration and set up skills based immigration too

  100. With English proficiency as the cherry on top

  101. Donny Two Cherries

  102. No chain migration, only your spouse and minor kids.

  103. Plus no lottery.

  104. No fatties.

  105. I understand that it is cruelty to send people ‘back’ to a country they don’t know anything about and probably will have trouble functioning in. Because we are humanitarians and we actually think about people’s outcomes.

    The foreigners sending their minor children here, however, are not humanitarians. They are thinking strategically, and taking advantage of our kindness. Every time we fail to think strategically, and indulge humanitarianism, we cause more of them to flood in and demand entitlements. Enough. It’s time to fight strategy with strategy.

  106. “Totally agreed. I’ll let the dreamers in to solve the problem at the root.”

    it didn’t work for reagan it won’t work for trump – the US tax payer and more importantly our Unique American Culture takes it in the ass.

    the root of the problem is our congress

  107. and THIS –

    “No fatties.”

    is why leon may be the smartest one in the room

  108. For every new immigrant we have to deport two old ones.

  109. The root of our problem is a dysfunctional southern neighbor coupled with those who seek to exploit that situation.

  110. is why leon may be the smartest one in the room

    Watch Telemundo. Mexico isn’t exporting its poverty and crime, it’s exporting type II diabeetus.

  111. Half the commercials in espanol are for blood sugar medications.

  112. i started looking up fat jokes and the like…

    i’m pondering a pos fatass tuesday poat

  113. j’bro’s fat kid on the swing will open it

  114. heh –
    i just managed to spam my comment

  115. It’s time to fight strategy with strategy.
    So what would be a good strategy? I’ve been sitting here for awhile thinking and the only thing I can come up with is that they have to go back.

    Everyone illegal regardless of any circumstance goes back.

  116. That would be best, so the right starting point is reversing every amnesty since 1985, then conceding down to only current illegals.

  117. POS fatass jam? You need content?

  118. Everyone illegal regardless of any circumstance goes back.

    Ideally via trebuchet over a freshly built wall.

  119. The most important thing is to effect a change in the breathtakingly entitled attitude of the people who are illegally crossing the border and then demanding shit.

    I have this crazy dream that as Trump goes on, he’s going to offer Dems less with every offer, not more. That they’re going to be kicking themselves for not taking the first offers that they scorned.

    If the Dems knock each proposal down, and each successive deal just gets shittier instead of better, from the illegals’ perspective its going to look like all the Japanese ‘victories’ in WWII, getting closer and closer to their island.

  120. *votes for will for congress*

  121. I may get a chance to move to Dallas, set up a team and lead it.
    In a quandary whether to accept….

  122. I suspect this is the best deal that will be offered. Of course, the House and Senate will offer all of the above plus free blowjobs, chain migration limited to 22 second cousins twice removed, a reach around, and grant amnesty to anyone currently living in Mexico just in case they decide to come after the bad man is out of the White House.

  123. Wow, Tushar! That sounds like quite the opportunity. Let us know when you’re hosting the Dallas meetup. 😉

  124. Tushar, you live in New Jersey.

  125. Laura,
    It would be fun to have one, isn’t it?
    We haven’t had a big meatup in a while.

    Me and the Mrs. are debating this really hard.

    On the plus side: good career opportunity for me, bigger/cheaper housing, no taxes, no snow, no liberals, plenty of guns.

    On the minus side: Mrs. will have to leave her easy University job, and hunt for a job again. Kids will lose opportunity to study cheaply because of mommy’s job, spiders, snakes, heat.

    But most importantly, we don’t know yet if my kid who is on the spectrum will get the services in school he needs.

    That last one will pretty much make or break this.

  126. Scott, yes, NJ is a shithole.
    But I have been here 14 years.
    I have gotten used to it.

  127. Well, sounds like your decision will be made with just a bit of research. Exciting!

  128. It’s a step up from here.

  129. Cost of living will probably offset education costs.

  130. we can curse liberal states for all the other things, but they do have a positive here and there. Support for special needs kids is one of them.
    Sure, I pay taxes up the wazoo for that, but at least it is available more readily.

    Hoping to find some good charter school or something that will address his needs.

    Funny, I have been dreaming of moving to Texas for a long time. Now that the opportunity is almost here, I am in two minds.

  131. I suspect you find some VERY good educational facilities in TX.

  132. XBrad, I am sure of that. But I need to find them within a reasonable distance from my workplace.

  133. Dallas is a good opportunity. It gets you closer to Texas and you could hopefully move there one day!

  134. Pepe we adjust heat and time for Screaming Sicilian. Usually add green chile.

  135. >>Dallas is a good opportunity. It gets you closer to Texas and you could hopefully move there one day!


  136. Green chili covers up the taste of cardboard? Good to know…

  137. You’ll have to give up pizza.

  138. My homemade low carb pizza kicks the stuffing out of any pizza in NJ.

  139. I’ve never ever left the plastic on a frozen pizza!!!

  140. Tush,
    I am in Houston not Dallas, but I have connections there and watch it closely. It is about the same as Jersey in the winter, but it is hotter than hell 110 or so and just as humid as Jersey. It is only 200 miles from here.

  141. I’m starting to think I work at a bad luck Club. Co-worker lost her husband a few years ago. Her new husband has been great with her kids. Last night, they picked up their puppy from the vet, it had been fixed, were on their way to a Chinese restaurant for take out for her son’s 16th birthday…t-boned. Dog dead. Son is non-responsive in ICU. 14 year old daughter in ICU. Every day is a gift

  142. Tushar,
    DO IT!
    Raise your boys in Texas. Let them experience freedom!
    The big cities in Texas are pretty liberal, but the rest of the state
    is pretty sane…

  143. VMax,
    no way it can be same as Jersey in winter.
    We were at below freaking zero this year.
    I guess I can handle 110.
    I grew up in a town that used to reach 118-120.

  144. Tushar, my vote is for Texas. I read what your new governor has planned for you all. MOAR taxes to pay for the new agency that will look out for and protect illegals.

    I have no doubt you can find a good school for your son.

  145. oso, that really sucks. I pray their kids make it.

  146. Mr. RFH would like to know how to get a text transcript off of a DVD. I figured one of y’all might know.

  147. Beasn, I’m pretty sure she’s a Gold Star wife. We’re waiting to hear if the person that hit them was a drunk or an illegal or both. Local media isn’t saying.

  148. Romacita needs some 🤓knowledge

  149. Oso, you (I know, Dan) cook at a lower temp?

  150. Seriously Tush,
    It might not be below 0 but it was 20 here and Dallas was 15. That is some serious cold.

    BTW I lived in NYC for 5 years and it only hit the teens when I was there, that was freaking cold for a South Florida boy!

  151. Yes. Low and slow. He uses an airbake pizza pan. We really like the Screamin’ Sicilian.

  152. I love the pic and all the comments. Cover Song Theory is the best yet!!!

  153. Binge watched Mindhunters on Netflix. Nightmare material. Recommend though. Co-worker recently busted for child porn. I’ve known him for years. Never saw this coming. His attitude about the charges is what is freaking us out. He got caught up skirting a 14 year old. His computer had child porn. “Just a few pictures” “No big deal”

  154. Osita, ew. Co-worker was busted for child porn some years ago. He had it on three work computers, including one I used. Ick ick ick. He was a little weird, but I never would have guessed.

  155. I grew up in a town that used to reach 118-120.

    Ok, I just had an image of Apu saying, “This is just like India, except there are more guns, and we can eat steak without guilt!”

  156. This is where I want to be
    Here, with you so close to me, until the final flicker of life’s ember
    I who was lost and lonely, believing life was only
    A bitter tragic derp, have found with you
    The meaning of existence oh, my love

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