A Magic Carpet Ride

Bet you forgot about this one, didn’t ya?



Happy Weekend, GO VIKINGS!


Crack is so nineties, Grandma.


I Think Phat’s Plane is Sick


Happy Vacation Oso Loco!  



  1. Ah, the great northern spherebear.

  2. That’s a great song for starting a day.

  3. I want to be a fighter pilot when I grow up.

  4. so what’s the post colonoscopy text message pestering etiquette in hostage land?

  5. I’m starting to worry they found something really bad up there.

    Like a bullwhip.

  6. pup – that dump bear is a thing of wonder

  7. bullwhips arent so bad….

  8. i’m concerned that he may have forgotten about the cat-o-19 tails

  9. i’ve had a number of the ‘scopy things done (over achiever) –
    was always good to go within a couple of hours

  10. “Comment by Jimbro on January 21, 2018 7:21 am

    Brady cut the skin somewhere ”

    the fore area?

  11. forgot to wish
    MCPO & Will a HBD!

  12. ahh-ite i’m off

  13. That utube was posted in 2006, and I don’t even know if it is original. Ponder that you bunch of old effers.

    Speaking of old, Happy Birthday Will! I got you three of these:


  14. Happy Birthday MCPO, I got you 10.000 of these:


  15. yesterday i got 1 of 2 packages that i’ve been waiting for..

    so far so good

  16. Huh. So it’s like Kalua Pig for Mainers.
    Learn something new everyday.

  17. Jimbro, sounds like something Jas. Townsend would make in one of his cooking videos.

    I remembered that I had Hotspur’s number from TITS, so I texted him. He said everything was normal and he’s okay. Whew.

  18. I really want to visit Townsend’s at some point. The shop isn’t too far a trip, and it’d be really cool to meet John in person.

  19. Thanks for finding out!

  20. It’s not really normal until he’s in here making’your Mom’ jokes.
    But glad you heard from him.

  21. He may be making your mom a joke right now which is why he’s not here.

  22. Hey Scott,

    What is your over/under for the word “glove” in the next five hours?

    Round to the nearest brazjillims.

  23. Watching Celtics-Magic until kickoff. Just can’t take it!

  24. Flyers – Capitals here.

  25. 472.

    Take the over.

  26. Heh. Tom seems testy.

  27. I really like Tony Romo on the broadcast, he is good.

  28. I think it was a boo boo blister.

  29. City called, and left a message that we used more water than ever, and more than anyone in the association.

    Checked the toilets, one ran long, so Imma gonna fix that with new innards. Anything else I should check?

  30. Does your meter have a little red arrow that spins while water is being used, Jay?
    Turn the bad toilet off, then look at the meter.
    I would check your hose bibs (outdoor spigots) first and then maybe stick your head under the house to listen for leaks (if you’re on a crawlspace).
    Hot water pipes will usually freeze before cold water in unheated/uninsulated spaces, btw.

  31. I have a basement, it’s not frozen pipes.

  32. https://is.gd/Vdmkbu

  33. If your city is run by liberals they probably say that to everyone.

  34. well, it’s a college town, so it’s obviously deep blue.

    Water meter isn’t moving right now, so it’s probably the toilet.

  35. Ha! My city wouldn’t bother giving you notice other than a water bill for 10x what youve ever paid in 25 years.
    What they will do though is amend your bill to your average if you show a receipt for a plumber or even parts you bought yourself. So save the toilet rebuild kit receipt, Jay.

  36. Since I evidently have the memory of a turnip…. What was the brand of frozen pizza you guys thought was the best?

  37. The last time I replaced the guts of a toilet I ended up buying a new toilet.

    I must have tightened a tank bolt just a tad too tight.
    Everything was fine until the tank filled.

  38. I think everyone was raving about Screamin’ Sicilian brand. I looked in my local shithole grocery store but couldn’t find them.

  39. Check and see if there’s a hose running from one of your spigots to the neighbor’s house.

  40. Chi is correct. Also Brewpub (we’re having one right now). $5 sale

  41. a big extension cord too?

  42. And, have they asked you for your wifi password?

  43. Since Hotspur is ok, is it now time to speculate why he’s been mia since the “big explosion”, so to speak?

  44. Well, he’s no longer full of shit, so he has nothing to say.

  45. Fine. How is anyone supposed to top that? Way to end the game.

  46. I bet they found a potato. I got $5 on ass potato.

  47. sigh. always forget to hit refresh

  48. He’s busy repainting the bathroom walls

  49. I got nothing. I had a few ok ones, but the effen J’ames swooped in early with the thread winner.

    Whatever. It’s fine.

  50. Check and see if there’s a hose running from one of your spigots to the neighbor’s house.

    Heh. I did this once when my neighbor got caught bypassing his meter. They dug everything out of the ground next door.
    So I rigged him up some water supply.
    City came by 3 weeks later and saw, tried to tell me that I was breaking the law. I told them to kick rocks. As long as I pay my bill, it’s none of their business what I do with my water. They threatened to come back with Police and city Atty, but never showed up.
    Meh, neighbor got evicted soon after anyway. Problem solved.

  51. Hahahaha – J’ames

    Got home from hospital about 5 Friday. Still a little groggy, so slept for a bit. Then went to some friends. Saturday played catch-up in the office. Out to dinner last night. Then out today looking at fireplaces.

    No bullwhips, pennies, potatoes, or your mom’s fingers could be seen. Two small polyps, a couple small diverticuli.

  52. Doctor said she was sure the polyps were benign, but would send them to the lab anyway. I have to go through it all again in five years.

  53. Wouldn’t that be Chad’s plane?

  54. Man, 4 penalties in a row on Jax = Pats TD. :)

  55. >>>>Man, 4 penalties in a row on Jax = Pats TD. :)

    Funny how that works, huh?

  56. Works either way, really.

    How are you Richard? How many sacred cows have you verbally firebombed in the last week?

  57. Wearing my team colors. Black and white stripes.

    Tom Thumb needs all the help he can get today!

    C’mon, who wants to tune in to Blake Bortles in the SB?

  58. No one is covering “Chelsea” Manning crashing Mike Cernovich’s party in NYC? Antifa showed up and sent a guy to the hospital. WTF.

  59. Trending on FB right now are cops greasing the light poles in Philly so fans can’t climb and damage them.

  60. Given Cernovich’s fan base, I’m disappointed that there weren’t more casualties on the pantifa side.

  61. Trending on FB right now are cops greasing the light poles in Philly so fans can’t climb and damage them.

    Notice how the Crisco Cops are out there doing this irrespective of a win or lose situation.
    Ya gotta love Philly fans.

  62. C’mon, who wants to tune in to Blake Bortles in the SB?

    *paw in the air*

  63. you a vikings fan today, pups?

  64. Is Brady covering his terminator hand?

  65. Game is on, I’m listening, not watching. Can’t take it.

  66. Romo really is pretty good. Cheerful guy.

  67. Jax needs a touchdown now. You just know Brady is gonna score another one.

  68. So SciFi is releasing mainstream movies now? Rampage. Big ape vs flying wolf.

  69. No, Jax needs to toss a quick interception.

  70. Romo does pretty good commentary. Paula can’t stand him. When she rants about him I just make an uninterpretable “Hmm” noise.

  71. Listen, and understand. That terminator Tom Brady is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead out of the playoffs.

  72. “He caught it. Shut your fucking hole Romo”

    -An example of the ranting

  73. Pup hearts Paula.

  74. From some guy on twitter…..”Tony Romo is getting more and more excited as he realizes there’s no way that he personally can blow this game.”

    That right there is funny.

  75. Belichick cracked a smile

  76. I think I actually saw about 5 minutes of that game

  77. Bortles delay of game penalty at the end of the half changed everything, It forced them to settle for a field goal, leaving enough time on the clock for the Patriots to score a touchdown.

  78. Gilmore earned his outrageous salary on that last defensive play

  79. Dude NAILED the anthem. Excellent work.



  80. Boo. Hiss. Bad guys cheated. Refs threw the game. Etc.

  81. Well, that’s not very good.

  82. Ah, my favorite Led Zepplin video.

  83. Zack Ertz might be the best football name since Dick Butkus.

  84. Blake Bortles needs to find a nice girl whose maiden name is James.

  85. Refs don’t throw the games, but at a certain point, they will even them up a bit. Basketball is worse, I won’t watch it anymore.

  86. mmm, hard cranberry is tasty.

  87. Vikings used up all their magic last week.

  88. Iggles look good. Saints would be here but for that wiffed tackle with 0 seconds left

  89. Blake Bortles needs to find a nice girl whose maiden name is James.

    It would work better if he had a sister who married a dude with that surname.

  90. His sister married a Frenchman, Pierre Alizé.

  91. They greased the poles in Philly, so that’s probably where Hotspur is.

  92. Hotspur is Polish?

    He doesn’t look it.

  93. https://youtu.be/6zXDo4dL7SU

  94. So, is Philly on fire yet?

  95. Nah. Just really greasy.

  96. So greasy.

  97. An’ I want to liquefy everybody gone dry
    Or derp into the aerials that poke up in the sky
    Or burn down the suburbs with the half-closed eyes
    You won’t succeed unless you try

  98. Houseguest puts coffeemate in her coffee. She’s currently on a flavor called coconut creme. I just poured a little into a cup to taste it. Oh it is so disgusting. She knows it’s poison and wants to get off of it but it’s like a daily morning drug to her.

    The coconut version tastes like if you put seven tablespoons of sugar in some suntan lotion. Gakkk.

    Gonna see if I can whip something up with light cream and coconut extract that will help her transition over to real food.

  99. I had a pile of pasta, excellent sauce, meatballs, wine, and bread at Dad’s house yesterday. No regrets it was awesome. I never eat like that anymore.

    Back on the wagon. Giant salad day! Gonna make a humongomaxwhopper salad and subsist on that mostly for the rest of the week, along with the rich fatty snax that make greens work better.

    I’m down about 6 lbs from three weeks ago. Wore a pair of pantaloons yesterday that I couldn’t fit into last Summer. I would like to lose about ten more pounds.

  100. When Paula and I first got together she used powdered coffee whitener. At some point she read about what it actually was and now drinks her coffee black. I went to black coffee a long time ago. If there’s fresh dairy cream around if I’m staying at someone’s house I’ll mix it up but that’s it.

  101. I switched to black coffee after Scott and I started dating, 20 years ago. I used to take just a splash of milk in there but he never had any milk in his fridge.

  102. About… 20 min. Sleep last night was elusive and I didn’t want to let it go when I caught it.

  103. You doing low carb, Lauraw?

  104. I used to take just a splash of milk in there but he never had any milk in his fridge.


    Nice euphemism.

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