Sh*&hole Thursday

Last week we learned that Democrats and their media enablers are very offended when you call backwards corrupt countries what they really are … shitholes. 9461539164_6a04d53c31_o__1_-0


So now the liberals are defending shithole countries and I read somewhere one of the late night hosts (Conan O’Brien) was going to film a show there. That will fix things up right quick! So will wearing this t-shirt


Display this sign to #resist


I can see how that sign might get a woman in trouble, especially around Hollywood. Keep this map in mind when booking your next vacation


And this map if you’re wearing shoes you’d like not to have to burn upon returning home


So, are you feeling lucky? If you want the shithole experience without leaving the US you could always do a mud run



  1. Second map is of “open defecation”

    It needs a zoom in on San Francisco

  2. Thanks for the new environment, Jimbro. Somehow it has already been defiled.

  3. How long did it take PJ to finish sewing her curtains? I’m challenging her record.

  4. I can’t believe they discontinued production of Copra onion seed. That is one of the most popular hard storage onions ever. Why???

    Such a shame. But it’s a hybrid, what can you do?

  5. Caca.

  6. Leon, what does tae bo do for you?

  7. I just thought up a terrible pun. Somewhere, Jay twitched in his sleep.

  8. That article is excellent, Lauraw. I just sent it to my girls and my husband. Absolutely nails it.

  9. wakey wakey

    Oschi let out the loudest (and first for her) howl at 4 am. Just one. I’ve been up ever since. She did some angry sounding bursts of barking.

    I’m pretty sure she hears coyotes,so i can’t get mad at her.


  10. Today is 3 months after Paula’s new hip. She texted me from her box (SYWM) to tell me she was able to do toe to bar with both legs yesterday. Before surgery she could get her right leg up and the left leg would go halfway at most.

  11. Good job Paula!

  12. That’s wonderful Jimbro! She must be so happy to get the freedom of movement.

  13. Very happy overall. Her pain is now from muscle fatigue more than anything else. She wore leggings and a skirt yesterday and she’s excited that her ass cheek is building muscle on the left side.

  14. Leon, what does tae bo do for you?

    Cardio/conditioning. Way less useful and manly than manure hauling or brush clearing, which are my cardio of choice.

  15. You need to make lewd suggestions about her increased flexibility.

  16. If “open defecation” doesn’t define “shithole”, what does?

  17. I was waiting for MJ to ask me about her increased flexibility but since he’s abandoned us I’ll andwer you: two thumbs way up!

  18. That’s great news, Jimbro!

  19. two thumbs way up!

    We didn’t ask for details, dorkwad!!

  20. Puns kept inside and secret cause cancer.

    Just sayin

  21. must not be that great, it wasn’t 3 thumbs up.

  22. Bad things are in store for the ass with three thumbs up it.

  23. Silly Jay, Star and Rowan don’t have thumbs!

  24. The really striking thing in the article Laura linked is the French cop turning a blind eye. I expect shithole people to act like that, but non-shitholers should NOT be tolerating their shitholery on their own soil.

  25. Like that wouldn’t happen in the US if we let these 3rd worlders in. It’s ridiculous, they literally aren’t ready for a well developed western country

  26. This place is a shithole.

  27. Yes, Hotspur, but we have designated areas.

  28. Horses and chickens defecate wherever they are, because this is actually an adaptive strategy. It leaves behind some seeds of the plants they’ve been eating, as well as a nice amount of composting material. So long as they move on from the area and don’t return to it too quickly, they’re rewarded with better grazing later. As a keeper of livestock, this is a problem because the animals are usually confined to a smaller area than needed for this system to work, but you can’t really get mad at them.

    They do this because they are animals.

  29. I thought we had a special tab for the designated area

    Worst. Click. Ever.

  30. Even my dog goes off to a quiet corner of the backyard to shit. And he makes it obvious that he doesn’t like being watched while he does it. Publicly defacating is the epitome of living in a turd world country. They want to bring that crap (literally) to us.

  31. Let’s bring this around to gardening. If we all eat more seeds, then we can spread those seeds in other peoples gardens.

    Is this how it works? Viva le Afrique!

  32. The videos I’ve seen of muslims defecating ON THE SIDEWALK in the Netherlands was enough to make me say, “NOPE, don’t want them here, never, nope, no way, yikes.”

  33. around these parts, its a sign of respect for other peoples property rights. Something else that isn’t well known in 3rd world shitholes.

  34. Jay,
    I’m heading to the post office at lunchtime. (And the liquor store if I sharpen my toothbrush in time)
    Is this what you’re expecting?

  35. Your own poo can be safely composted, but you have to get it really hot or wait a very long time. Even then, I’d use it for flower beds, not turnips.

  36. Reading that article, it seems that an even bigger problem is their idea of work and ownership. I mean, the shit sucks too, but it’s gonna remain a shithole until they figure some stuff out .

  37. The local wastewater treatment facility makes compost out of all the poop from at least 5 cities surrounding me before cleaning the water further and discharging it (I guess into the Atlantic).
    I’m pretty sure they burn it at higher temps than the average crematory. I used to get it by the palletful for my flowerbeds, but my sis got ‘retired’ from there a few years back.

  38. Right, the poo thing is a symptom, the root of it is something deeper. Ownership, work ethic, property, something essential.

    The mean IQ of a lot of these places being in the 70s and 80s probably doesn’t help either. I read Haiti’s mean is actually 68.

  39. Don’t forget OUR Judeo Christian way of life. Morals, ethics, right and wrong, private ownership, responsibility, cleanliness, manners, etc..

    And I think she mentions that in the article. VERY important.

  40. The mean IQ of a lot of these places being in the 70s and 80s probably doesn’t help either. I read Haiti’s mean is actually 68.



  41. Yes.

  42. The clannishness and inbreeding, crappy diets stunting brain growth (which needs a lot of rich animal fat), soft living not selecting against stupid ancestors…

  43. Everything is against them, and the outliers among them just become warlords rather than leaders.

  44. Not to mention, that anyone with any sense leaves.

  45. Also true. The rapefugees likely represent the smarter-than-average. That’s a scary thought on its own.

  46. Speaking of shitholes: This is my daughter’s ex-husband’s tenants living in the rental apartment below him. He is a total asshole. It wasn’t at all pleasant having him at family gathering while they were married. Thank God she finally got smart and divorced him.

  47. “Stephanie Rowland, 38, and her husband, Jeffery, 42, live at the residence with their six-month-old baby, their best friend Benny Danovi, 47, and three of his children. They have four pigs, the largest weighing 160 pounds.”

    7 people and 4 pigs in a lower?

  48. he goes by Jeffrey? douche

  49. IQ is based on a test, too. So they are going to score lower on one of our tests.

  50. They theoretically correct for that with the newer IQ tests, which focus pretty heavily on pattern recognition and reasoning in the absence of written language, but yes, that’s certainly some of it in the cultures with no written language and a spoken vocabulary of <1000 words.

    Haitians though? No excusing that on language.

  51. Mick Mulvaney requested $0 to fund the CFPB for the second quarter. His reason? They had $177 million in reserve funds and so they were going to use that. He asked that the $145 million that would have been requested go towards paying down the debt.

  52. Hahahaha

    Jeff Flake was born in Snowflake, Arizona.

    What a fucking douchetwat.

    Good riddance.

  53. Did they name the town that because someone saw one there once and got scared they might catch a chill?

  54. It was the first and only time they’ve seen one in Arizona.

    Sorta like the town of Full Teeth, New Mexico.

  55. Virgin, Arkansas.

  56. Conservative, California.

  57. Counselor’s office.

  58. Would someone please enlighten me on this whole budget/government shutdown cockup.

    I thought it only took a majority in each house to pass a budget. Why do the democrats think they can stop it? Are there some rinos who are going to vote with the scum?

  59. And if there are, isn’t it really them who are shutting down the government?

    I don’t see how a shutdown gets blamed on the dems.

  60. Comment by Car in on January 18, 2018 12:23 pm
    Counselor’s office.

    What did you do now?

  61. “Jeff Flake was born in Snowflake, Arizona.”

    Town was named after 2 families, the Snows and the Flakes. Anyplace in AZ and western NM where there was water, Mormon farmers settled.

  62. Rut Roh!

    I started the prep for my colonoscopy at 11 this morning.

    I think something is about to blow.

  63. Town was named after 2 families, the Snows and the Flakes. Anyplace in AZ and western NM where there was water, Mormon farmers settled.

    Joseph Smith goes on the Time Machine Checklisttm.

  64. I think something is about to blow.

    Yep, your mom’s right here.

  65. Tsk tsk.

    That was for xBrad.

  66. “I think something is about to blow.”


  68. Speaking of town names – Welfare, Texas.

  69. Climax, Michigan

  70. Intercourse, PA

  71. Hell, MI.

  72. Little Hope, PA
    (If you’ve ever driven through, you understand how it got it’s name)

  73. (If you’ve ever driven through, you understand how it got it’s name)

    Named after a midget stripper?

  74. Hey – by all accounts, Bridget is a very nice young lady.

  75. Fucking, Austria.

  76. Roamy, how is Mini-Me doing? Any updates? Wild parties on the Bus?
    Did she have to Krav Maga on any bad actors?

  77. Misery Gore, ME

  78. Fucking, Austria.

    That’s pretty much what the joos said when Hitler came into power.

  79. Thar she blows!!!!

  80. Comment by Hotspur on January 18, 2018 4:25 pm
    Thar she blows!!!!


    Speaking of shitholes.

  81. OOOh, can you live blog your colonoscopy tomorrow? that would be great.

  82. I think I’ll be out.

  83. Ugh, I’d rather be pegged. Good luck, Hotspur.

  84. I think I’ll be out.

    Big baby.

  85. I wonder if the inside of Hotspur’s colon looks like Hillary’s face? Hotspur, be sure and ask your doctor!

  86. Oh, don’t worry; the do takes pictures 😉

  87. ^do^docs

  88. They are going to find pennies.

  89. So, we’ll have independent verification of the number of bullwhips up Hotspur’s ass. Go for the record, HS!

  90. Don’t use the good sheets on your bed tonight Hotspur

  91. Disaster Pajama Pants.

  92. Poor HotBride. This might be one of those nights that are good for using the guest room. And plastic sheeting on the mattress.

  93. Sleep in the tub.

  94. They are going to find pennies.

    I had to read that twice. First time, I saw “penises”

  95. It doesn’t say penises?

  96. All of a sudden this place is fucked up. And I’ve been here since 08.. and still it’s fucked up.

  97. The ass penny video is almost 10 years old.

  98. I’m pretty sure I’m glad that I know nothing about that.

  99. It’s a classic.

  100. Excellent timing for a shithole post

  101. If there were any asspennies, they are surely out by now.

    Good grief.

  102. Wouldn’t it be hysterical if they rescheduled you?

  103. There are quite a few videos on the interwebs that are considered “classic” that I wish I never learned of. Ass pennies sounds like it falls into the category of 2 girls or lemon party – I. Will. Not. Google. It. Learned the hard way.

  104. Ass pennies. SFW, sort of.

  105. It isn’t one of those. It’s actually from a TV show.

  106. Mare, Mini-me normally texts me once, maybe twice a day. I have gotten literally a couple hundred texts since she left. Some were just venting (someone left their wallet in the restaurant, so that added 30-40 minutes to the stop), some were questions (what is a Lilienthal glider, what does the braille say at the FDR Memorial), and some were observations (Jefferson has big feet, Mass at St. Patrick’s was cool). She is already tired of restaurant food and has requested chicken parmesan when she gets home.

  107. I want chicken parmesan. Can I come home?

  108. There used to a place near here that made the best shrimp parmesan.

    That is good stuff. Right up there with lobster ravioli.


  110. that was the result of a search for “shitty thumbs up”

  111. good luck Hot-n-tot!!

  112. It’s all gonna come out, now.
    The public is going to get a taste of “Big Brother”, and how it can be abused.
    It’s about time. We’ve been watching these assholes for a while. If Hillary had won, it would never have surfaced, and would have been used against her opponent in 2020.
    Now, people are going to go to prison.

  113. Holy shit, my now former HS friend just sent me a long-winded rant about how we’re no longer friends because of my trump support.

  114. I mean, if you can’t handle being friends with someone over politics, so be it. But don’t be a whiny little bitch about it.

  115. Hopefully heads will roll, ChrisP. They have been dissecting what happened at for a while. Lots of good info there.

  116. CoAlEx, what a whiny bitch. Did you offer him a Midol?

  117. I guess we know what Hill Pickles meant when she said a Trump win meant they’d all hang. Heh. Literal. Not metaphorical.

  118. Still managed to have a great time at WDW even though I wore two hoodies and couldn’t feel my face for most of the day.

  119. Oso, day drinking is a marathon, not a sprint…

  120. I haven’t responded to him. Was tempted to reply, “Good riddance.” It’s not worth it. He’s obviously lost his fucking mind.

  121. Animatronic Trump had all of his mannerisms down. I thought it was a pretty good speech. We picked out the undercover lawdog right away. Haven’t seen that much security at Hall of Presidents since Oct. 2001.

  122. TDS is even worse than BDS. Still hard to lose RL friends/family over politics.

  123. Albuquerque and Orlando are currently both 39 degrees. 65% humidity here. 30% more than Albuquerque. Heater in hotel room works. Thankfully. Set at 74. Still chilled. In NM, I sleep with windows open. Keep condo in mid 50s. Frost expected tomorrow. In FL.

  124. Best lay in some French Toast supplies Oso!

  125. I think Oso is more the enchilada prepper type.

  126. Messican French Toast.

  127. It’s French Toast with green chili.

  128. Hatch toast?

  129. 45 degrees here this afternoon in south Canada.

  130. I think you might have been warmer than Houston Pups. Never fear we will be 75 Saturday

  131. Yeah, we are supposed to get snowmagedon this weekend, still…today was nice, got a car wash.

  132. I am having my Bee washed and Waxed Tuesday after the rain.
    I also signed up to run the Texas Mile. They open an airport for a weekend in March to let you drive as fast as you can for a measured mile. My Bee should go between 150 and 160. I will post the results and pics.

  133. I will post the results and pics.

    Hell. That deserves an entire post all by itself.

  134. I can do that Chi, but I don’t want to stomp on any one, and we are usually full up.

  135. If we get another cow like Bettie Balhaus on a friday stomp that one. Nobody will mind one bit. Well, maybe Hotspur…

  136. Heh
    Saturdays are a good day.
    what I hope to achieve
    I have a Jazz Pearl Blue 16 Scat Pack automatic. Only 480 HP but it is quick. After living in NYC I do not care for a manual trans.

  137. Ha!
    “Only” 480.

  138. Danny eats rice pudding.

  139. Danny has good taste. Rice pudding is wonderful. Especially how my Aunt Maria made it; she’d simmer a piece of lemon peel in the milk. Oh, so good with vanilla and cinnamon.

    I like pudding.

  140. Rice pudding just sounds yucky.

  141. I love rice pudding so much I can’t be trusted aroudn it.

    wakey wakey

  142. Early doc appointment for Ethan. Three months post opp. He’s hoping he gets cleared to start running.

  143. Homemade rice pudding is the best, but Kozy Shack brand is pretty darn good too.
    Pudding blog.

    I hope Ethan gets what he wants but takes good care of himself too.

  144. I’m starting to dig into my frozen veggies that I grew last year. It’s like having a piece of Summer. You can’t buy food like that.

  145. Well, maybe you can, especially if you live in California. But we can’t, here.

  146. You ladies should just stay here on this old thread and ignore BBF. It’s a horrorshow up there. I’m throwing away Pupster’s squeaky toys and all his rawhides too.

  147. I think the reason that model is so triggering for me is because I have an innate hatred of rodents.

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