MMM 306: The first real Monday

Since last week’s Monday was basically a bye week for Monday enthusiasts, as was the week before that, I’m calling this the first real Monday of 2018.  You don’t read my defunct blog, and shouldn’t, but I posted some goals there for the year.

Today’s pilates workout:

Going to follow that up with my normal calisthenics at some point, maybe just treat this as a dynamic warmup.  I think this would be plenty if I didn’t also want big gunz.

Ikea shopper.




Pretty smile.  Shame about the nose ring.


Arm veins.


Spreading her legs for peace.


35F here this morning.  If I were closer to the beach…


This belongs here.


I should look up her financials.  Pretty sure she’s living well on just her Instagram.


You miss out on things by working out only at home.  I would be surrounded by resolutioneers this week, but I might also see this.


And the week begins!


  1. So inspiring!

  2. wakey wakey. More white stuff today but it’s 33 degrees! Unbelieveable. The air didn’t hurt my face today.

  3. How did those first two pics get in there? They’re both actchule wimmins!

    And good morning. Snowing and 33°. Tropical!

  4. The sunrise this morning was spectacular. Pink, red, orange. Wowza.

  5. It is, Tex. I mean, except for the blinding snow falling. If you can overlook that, it’s running weather.

  6. I’m looking forward to shoveling at lunchtime, should just need a t-shirt.

  7. 4 year old St bernard needs a home.

    Just saying.

    I mean, inquiring isn’t actually adopting. I’m just asking questions.

  8. /looks for sunrise through blinding snow.

    I don’t know what the frick Lauraw is talking about.

  9. Should I be ordering seeds?

  10. Only if you want the good ones. Wait too long and you’ll be left with the obscure “ethnic” vegetable seeds

  11. Warming up to the 20’s today with light snow later. We have rain forecast for Thursday through Sunday which ought to clog many storm drains with all the melted snow.

  12. Kudos on the first picture of an Ikea shopper Leon.

  13. Yeah, snow here later today.

  14. That’s the dude, Jimbro. Man, I thought you were a doctor.

  15. We’ve got 6 pizza places within walking distance.

  16. Gonna have a little food just because I overdid it on coffee already. Then a quick workout. Might just do light weights + the 7-minute workout app on my phone.

    Then, job applications/ resumes. Lots of stuff happened in the first week of the year. And I’m finally coming out of my despair. Exercise is definitely helping.

  17. Headline should be “Relieving Your Moms Piles.”

    Much better.

  18. *squints*

    *gets inappropriately close to monitor*

    Ohhhh….I see it now!

  19. 3 pizza places in our town. 2 are less than a mile away, one is way out on the other side of town. With the kids considering pizza a food group we tend to go through a lot of frozen pizza. Paula buys brand name. I buy store brand. It all gets eaten by them.

  20. Frozen Stouffer’s french bread pizza was a big childhood thing here. Even in Hartford, surrounded by real pizza, my grandparents would have a couple boxes of Stouffer’s in the freezer so we could just pop them in the toaster oven when we felt like it.

    The roof of my mouth just grew back a couple years ago.

  21. Screamin Sicilian, jimbro. Just sayin!

  22. Carefully redistributing the frozen toppings before cooking is so important. As is stealing some of your sister’s toppings, if she was foolish enough to trust you to put hers in the toaster too.

  23. I used to make excellent bread toast pizzas too. Kids should know how to make ordinary slices of bread into little toaster pizzas. Or else they’re spoiled brats.

  24. OK so apparently I need to make some french bread loaves and recreate this magic from scratch.

    So, there’s this week’s hobby/ frozen food project. After I’m done with the burritos.
    Freezer is gonna be stocked with ready to go meals pretty shortly.

  25. I’ve had 2 of those Jay. Pretty sure we’ve discussed them a while ago and I was shocked to see them in my local Hannaford’s supermarket. They only have one variety at a time since it’s a niche brand and relatively expensive compared to its neighbors in the pizza section. Pretty sure we had the mega cheese and mega meat ones (names may not be exact).

  26. Those Stouffers pizza things are one of those “I remember them tasting better” deals.

    You can’t go back.

  27. But we never stop trying.

  28. I think Laura is onto something with French or Italian bread pizza. Recreating the Stouffer’s moment with real food.

  29. My niece spent the last couple of nights at our house. Hotbride is taking her to the airport where she boards a flight to Japan.

    23 yo nieces shouldn’t walk around the house in their underwear like they did when they were 6.

  30. I’ve tried several times to make pizza at home with the dough from the store. It’s okay but the taste :: caloric intake ratio isn’t worth it. Using French/Italian bread is a great idea. Sounds like a Friday night project.

    I’m making Chicken Marbella next weekend. My sister used to make that every Christmas Eve but I haven’t been there for visiting in a long while.

  31. They probably did taste better, back in the day. They cheapen everything nowadays.

  32. What kind of dough do you use, jimbro? Boboli makes a good one. Chef Boyardee needs a LOT of help, but Pillsbury is kind of good.

  33. Air hammer in the pipe to the upstairs toilet, I think it shook something loose in the wall. FML.

  34. Wanna borrow a movie?

  35. They have a Hannaford’s store brand and also dough from a pizza joint down in Portland that I’ve never heard of before.

  36. No pizza place delivers here. Closest is absolutely terrible pizza, to the point I wonder how they stay in business. Cardboard crust, ketchup sauce, cheap cheese. Next closest is Domino’s. New one in town is Papa Murphy’s, that you bake at home. I tried it once, would get it again for a party.

    Christmas Eve tradition is homemade pizza. We used Pillsbury this year, have also made the crust from a Wildtree mix.

  37. I do have either a Screamin Sicilian or an Aldi’s everything pizza in the freezer.

  38. Dough at a pizza place defines their pizza, along with the sauce. Toppings are the same for all places, for the most part.

    We make ours by hand, never frozen, and it’s one of the best I’ve had. High protein flour (gluten!) is key for texture. We do have gluten free crusts, but those are frozen discs from the store.

  39. I obviously didn’t watch the Golden Globes, did Oprah Winfrey say she was going to run for President?

  40. One of my co-workers is from Iowa State and spoke fondly of your pizza place.

  41. And Chris Christie thinking he would be President if Trump had not run is clinically insane.

  42. Looks like the roads are better now. Worky worky.

  43. Homemade pizza used to be a thing for my family at Christmas, too, but the last several times we tried it seemed like we couldn’t get the crust right. Now everybody’s schedule is borked so it’s fallen by the wayside. (Dad was the main pizza cook for that anyway, and I think some details went with him to the grave, sadly.)

  44. Plumber might be able to come today. I wonder how much drywall we’ll have to cut through.

  45. I had always hoped that someone would want to make pizzas for christmas, but no one ever does. The kids used to have fun doing things like that, but as they grow up, they lose interest.

  46. Heh, that reminds me of dad cutting through the lathe and plaster walls when they were remodeling the bathroom at home. Pro tip: always check where the house wiring is going before using a sawzall.

  47. Drywall in the living room already took a light hit (not “water damage” exactly, but it made the paint ugly), so if we have to cut in, we’ll likely start there, depending on where it shook loose.

  48. No response on the St Bernard
    inquiry. Probably got zapped up already.

  49. I can’t believe you guys aren’t more supportive of me getting another 150 pounds of dog.

  50. I love it, now everyone (besides us) knows that Jake Tapper is a true pussy.

  51. Pets inside the house are a mistake.

  52. Meh, Miller was avoiding questions, so Tapper wasn’t quite the bad guy. At least that was my read from the article on The Blaze.

  53. I can’t believe you guys aren’t more supportive of me getting another 150 pounds of dog.

    You eventually need five of them, one to replace each child as they leave the house.

    If the kids complain, respond with, “I wouldn’t need more dogs if you’d give me grandchildren!”

  54. Watch it, Jay.

  55. Tapper is a dick and always will be.

  56. The Blaze???? That website still exists? I figured it imploded with Beck years ago.

  57. Is the dog larger than you are?

    If so, you may have a problem.

  58. Coalex, I told them exactly that.

    As for pet’s in the house …. seriously, dude, wait until you have a teenager.

    You don’t even know.

  59. Is the dog larger than you are?

    Yes. It’s fine. you just gotta let them know who is boss.

  60. Dent corn was on the verge of extinction? I find that very hard to believe.

  61. just that particular variety of dent corn. Field corn is dent corn.

  62. Meh, Miller was avoiding questions, so Tapper wasn’t quite the bad guy. At least that was my read from the article on The Blaze.

    That made me lol in my pants.

    You should probably watch the clip, Jay.

  63. As for pet’s in the house …. seriously, dude, wait until you have a teenager.

    Do they shed much? Pee on the rug or down the furnace vent often? Bark when they hear a truck in the road?

    Asking for a friend.

  64. I’ll have to find it, HS. Right now I’m listening to wiserradio, and spending.

  65. Yeah, I was planning to use dent corn in a giant “three sisters” garden to feed my pigs when I get them, so I was perplexed. I suspect the rest of that is NPR puffery and most of his “findings” would apply to dent corn in general, or any of the non-gmo popcorn varieties.

  66. o they shed much? Pee on the rug or down the furnace vent often? Bark when they hear a truck in the road?

    Asking for a friend.

    What they do is much worse.

    Plus when you yell at a dog, they have the courtesy of looking ashamed.

  67. I’m legally obliged to have a teenager someday – more than one, should I be so blessed – but I can choose whether to have a quadrupedal source of chaos and dander.

  68. And LOVE.

    That’s when you really need a dog. When you have a teenager. You need something that gives you a LOT of love.

    /hugs moose

  69. Elliot helps when work isn’t going great. And kickboxing.

  70. Nothing loves me, the dogs just want me to do things for them.

  71. So the democrats want to run a chocolate whale in 2020.

    I thought we were done with that wagon.

  72. Moose loves you Leon. He loves everyone.

    Except the next door neighbor’s dog, but I think he’s just pissed he can’t play with it.

  73. The Dems are locked into the Identitarian Folly. Victims of their own success, or excess, or both. It’s just a question of what they take with them when they go down.

  74. heh, Tapper is a little bitch, but Miller is talking over him all the time.

    But really Jake, telling him to calm down? That always works.

  75. 17 years isn’t “temporary”. I have no sympathy.

  76. Wow, cutting his mic at the end was extreme. Tapper was a bitch, but Miller was actually filibustering. But that’s his job.

  77. Miller’s larger point was that Tapper and CNN report nothing but negative things, and lies, about Trump. He was asking for three minutes to highlight some good things. Tapper tried to shut him down.

    Miller persisted.

    Tapper is a lisping cum guzzler.

  78. It’s Tapper’s show, so he asks the questions. Miller was avoiding. Legitimately, possibly, but still avoiding.

  79. Either way, I don’t care for that type of journalism.

  80. Tapper even went so far as to inject some fake news into his fake news network when he claimed that Trump’s approval was in the 30s.

    It’s in the 40s you lying sack of shit.

  81. Tapper’s questions are akin to “when did you stop beating your wife”.


  83. That’s a really good idea, Laura. I used to love those Stouffer’s French bread pizzas. Homemade could actually be much much better.

    Now, tell me I wasn’t the only one that did this as a kid – somewhere, I learned to make mini pizzas using biscuits. Wop open a can of biscuits, flatten them out with the back of a spoon, ladle on whatever sauce is around (Mom’s homemade, Ragu?), add cheese and bake. They were horrible, but a favorite.

  84. Heh, those approval numbers that so accurately predicted the election of Her Royal Highness to the Crown, right?

    No one has asked me in years.

  85. you can do that with crescent rolls too, chi.

  86. Can we stop talking about pizza?

    I hate you people.

  87. See- my dogs would never do this to me.

    Ethan – ride to school at 7
    Erin- ride to school at 9:30
    They both need to be picked up at 2:10.

    Now erin is texting me would I please then later driver her to down (at 3:30) to meet with friends and eat. And I work at 5.

    NOOOOOO. I will not. Gah.

    No, Moose is perfectly happy for me to just sit here all day long. Never makes me drive him anywhere. He’s sitting on my feet right now.

  88. down-town

  89. Your mom works downtown.

  90. Why doesn’t Erin have a license and a car?

  91. she could go get you a pizza.

  92. Jimmy Red grits are better than Jimmy Hat grits.

  93. Erin just passed her written test last month. She needs a lot of practice before she takes her road test.

  94. she’s got all those fine young bucks to ferry her around.

  95. Very true. They can also show how helpful they are by driving Ethan to school as well.

    Car in should set up a schedule.

  96. Leon?

  97. They won’t drive her more than occasionally unless she dates them.

  98. I’ve been a week w/o sugar and bread. I don’t miss the bread (etc) but I do miss having something sweet.

  99. You should go to the store, Car in. We always run out of milk! (J/K)

  100. I am going. I need a new shirt for work. but I”m going NOW then picking the kids up. Then working out, THEN going to work.

  101. My mini horse is a bit bigger than that.

  102. And his wang-jangler would bust that tray right off the chair.

  103. Meryl Streep is a bitch. The kind of smug bitch that men hate. And women too.

  104. So is Oprah. No man wants her as president, I don’t care what color he is.

  105. Do you have this, Lauraw?

  106. Wait. Did I read this right? They’re actually saying this with a straight face?
    The ocen floors are sinking under the weight of all the extra water from melting glaciers.

    And people wonder why I daydrink…

  107. 17 years isn’t “temporary”. I have no sympathy.

    Shit, I do. Maybe it’s because I’ve worked around Mexicans all my life, but basically the govt, by enforcing rules that have been neglected for almost a generation, is de facto changing the rules after the game got started. It’s not this poor bastards fault the rules are now being enforced. He’ll be lost as a goose in a hail storm down there. And his kids damned sure will be.

    About five years ago, a kid who was valedictorian of his graduating class and an all state football player in a town do n the road from me got deported. He hadn’t stepped foot in Mexico in 15 years and spoke almost no Spanish. Every where but on paper he was an American boy on his way to living the American Dream. Then he got loaded on a prison bus and dumped out on the street in Acuna. He ain’t got a cut dog’s chance down there. I’m just not sufficiently conservative to feel good about shit like that I guess. Especially since finding a white man who wants to work in the oilfield is damn d near impossible.

  108. Comment by leoncaruthers on January 8, 2018 1:12 pm

    “And his wang-jangler would bust that tray right off the chair.”

    Isn’t you wife a My Little Pony” fan?

  109. WTF happened to Bill Kristol? Did Trump buy out a company underneath him?

  110. Someone will counter with “Bill Kristol!”

    My statement remains factual.

  111. Actually, North America is still rebounding from the ice melt at the end of the LMG.

  112. Isn’t you wife a My Little Pony” fan?

    Yes, but all those characters are female, IYKWIMAITYD.

  113. So … if the ocean floor is sinking because of melting glaciers, doesn’t that mean the bathtub is bigger and the surface water won’t change all that much? It’s like nature has a plan!

  114. I’m just going to take the opportunity here to ask why growing glaciers would be better, assuming they are actually shrinking.

  115. if the sea floor is sinking, then those islands in the pacific that all the global warming idiots are concerned about aren’t in any danger, anymore.

  116. I think there is more to PG’s story that we have been let in on.

  117. Wait. Did I read this right? They’re actually saying this with a straight face?
    The ocen floors are sinking under the weight of all the extra water from melting glaciers.


  118. >>>I think there is more to PG’s story that we have been let in on.

    Such as?

  119. Deported why? I don’t think DREAMers are being deported just for being DREAMers, I think that’s against policy.

    15 years here, how were they employed, if they weren’t legal?

    I feel bad that real people are caught in a bad situation, but they clearly benefited from it. they are trying to make a better life for themselves, however it was illegal.

  120. BTW I agree about finding workers. I used to work in farm fields when I was younger. You don’t see that anymore. The detasseling crews are all immigrant workers, instead of american teenagers.

  121. I’m not an expert on immigration law. But there is plenty of talk between communities in the oilfield regarding INS and flying under the radar. It’s not unheard of for legals to drop a dime on illegals if they think they’re getting too big for their britches.

  122. Oprah running.


  123. So what’s going on in this shithole dump these days?

    Also, just asking, but how is that we developed a startle reflex that keeps us awake as babies? What’s the point?!

    And lastly…these Asians. They evolved differently. Why the more feminine body types? Why the super hot chicks but ugly guys? Huh?

  124. I doubt she could even powerwalk.

  125. The detasseling crews round here are all americano. My son will be leading one this year (third or fourth season and 18yrs old)

    Regarding the Bundy situation. “flagrant prosecutorial misconduct” Judge should have remanded the prosecutor to state custody on the fucking spot. If the evidence of misconduct is enough to dismiss charges it should be enough to convict of misconduct.

  126. *waits patiently for Leons thesis level response to MJ’s questions….

  127. Why the super hot chicks but ugly guys? Huh?

    A dentist my wife and I used to go to adopted a Chinese girl 20 odd years ago. She’s now considered to be 26 but nobody really knows her true birthday. Shes always been cute, but now. She. Is. Scorching.

    My wife, knowing full well that I don’t care for Asian food, used to goad me by asking if I’d b interested in eating some Chinese. One time I answered, “Only if we’re talking about eating Mandy.” I took a pretty good ass whipping for that, but she no longer suggests Asian food.

  128. MJ, you ignorant slut, you now owe 2 baby picture posts.

  129. Yeah, I read about the prosecution’s lying and obstructing. It was remarkably corrupt, evil even.

  130. Nifong working for the feds now?

  131. *waits patiently for Leons thesis level response to MJ’s questions….

    No time, doin’ Pilates.

  132. whoa, this will go over like a lead baloon:

    I may be mis-remembering, but didn’t somebody get shot and killed over this deal? Not a Bundy, but one of the crazy hanger-on anti-government nuts? Brandished a firearm at an attempted roadblock/arrest during the standoff?


  133. I hear they’re touting Oprah/Tom Hanks! *Tim Allen Whaa*

  134. Govt: Did you copy the emails to another computer?

    Huma: no. Nuh uh, no way.

    Govt: What are these things on Weiner’s computer?


    How do these people avoid jail time?

  135. so sick of #MeToo

  136. Wow. It’s really warmed up out there. At least 25 or 30°.
    If you’ve never seen a 15lb minpin and a 120lb lab chase each other and play in 10″ of snow, you’re missing out on life. That was funny as all get-out!


    So yeah, not directly related I guess.

  138. So, jake kept going after ending the Miller interview:

  139. LaVoy Finicum was killed and a Bundy son was injured when BLM and/or other federal agents opened fire on them, Not Pup.

  140. So what happens to BLM now that it got thrown out?

  141. Hopefully, Trump eviscerates their budget and they get erased.

  142. Also, just asking, but how is that we developed a startle reflex that keeps us awake as babies? What’s the point?!

    Another hypothesis is evolutionary, stretching back to our primate ancestors. A study at the University of Colorado has suggested that a hypnic jerk could be “an archaic reflex to the brain’s misinterpretation of muscle relaxation with the onset of sleep as a signal that a sleeping primate is falling out of a tree. The reflex may also have had selective value by having the sleeper readjust or review his or her sleeping position in a nest or on a branch in order to assure that a fall did not occur.”

  143. Next time a leftist asshole laughs at the notion that the Second Amendment is our protection against a tyrannical government, as though a tyrannical government couldn’t exist in the USA, remind them of what was done to Clive Bundy, from surveillance, to snipers, to crooked prosecutors.

  144. They’ll just say he’s a winger who had it coming.

  145. exactly, leon.

  146. They lack the foresight to understand the risk of a weaponized government pointed at them, because it never has been.

  147. 36º today, bitches.

  148. The heatwave killed it.

  149. It was probably the ginormous fart I cut loose.

  150. *sprays Kerosene liberally on chat room*
    *sets it on fire*

  151. *wonders who let hotspot eat beans again*

  152. I didn’t notice the temp, but we took MA to the park and we were wearing tee shirts and sandals.

  153. we’ve got mounting evidence of militarized federal government organizations that seemingly operate outside of Congressional and / or Executive oversight –
    I consider the FBI a rogue organization – I have ZERO respect for them

    many of the political killings that they’ve perpetrated in the last couple of decades have been nothing more than executions

  154. I look at all the jihadis the FBI missed under Mueller and I agree with Trump. They are politicized against normal Americans. My AUSA uncle was thrilled that TFG was going after white collar crime. My uncle was a VN War protesting sack that nearly got his ass handed to him by my Rocket Science Uncle.

  155. I’ve got $62 left on an old Olive Garden gift card. I’m leaving this stank behind and taking my nerd buddy Mike out for dinner…
    Damn you, Hotshot – it takes a lot to make me leave. They better have some decent wine and soup.

  156. Hey, I was rather proud of that.

  157. Sling TV kicks all kinds of ass. $20 per month.

  158. Ending net neutrality was supposed to wreck the internets.

  159. Internets, schminternets. Ending Net Neutrality was supposed to end life on Earth as we know it.

  160. Vape Update: So school started late Friday because of the storm and a senior’s schedule. He had the car since he was working after school. Before school went to deposit his check. “Accidentally” cashed it because “That’s the first thing the lady said and I panicked”. Then according to the GPS unit in his car he went to Bangor and then back to school. Paula asked me to look at his trip summary and it led to an address near the mall. The program uses google maps so I took the little person icon and put it down at the address and zoomed in. Big neon sign with red letters “VAPE STORE”. Paula texted him that afternoon and he denied even being there. When she sent photos of the store he suddenly stopped arguing but still denied buying his 3rd vape machine. The next day she went into his room to wake him up at 9. She noticed a stack of books under his bed which was odd since he hasn’t cracked a book voluntarily since forever. Behind the books? Vape machine #3 which is now gone again.

  161. Trump at BCS

  162. How old is the kid, Jimb?

  163. 19 but still a senior and living at home.

    Emotional/intellectual level of 14 or 15.

  164. It would be nice if he would follow the whole “My Roof, My Rules” thing, but if he’s of age to buy the stuff legally, it’ll be tough to stop him. Is it 18 or 21 there?

  165. 18 unfortunately. Portland went to 21 but it’s just the city.

  166. ““Accidentally” cashed it”

    I hate when that happens.

    Has he figured out how you are tracking him yet?

  167. LOL Alabama just boned themselves going offsides on a FG attempt.

  168. Has he figured out how you are tracking him yet?

  169. Oh he knows. CellControl is the program with an app on the phone and transceiver on the car window. He turns it off regularly but it just avoids live updates then. It gives a log later on.

    And Friday? We just got an email that he never showed up for school at all. Dead meat.


  171. Ouch

  172. You could try an old sitcom trick: Start vaping yourself. Talk endlessly about how cool you think it is. He’ll be sure to lose interest.

    *pats self on back*

  173. I may think that’s funny but if I mention that to Paula right now I’ll be sleeping solo for days

    He said he was working late tonight. Since it’s snowing out Paula stopped by on her way from work to see if he wanted to follow her home. She saw a car running with 3 kids passing a vape around. His car with his cow orkers. There was a very loud public scene right in the parking lot.

    Lying liar

  174. Is it just nicotine, or are they vaping something else?


  176. Don’t say “just nicotine” to Paula, either.

  177. nicotine primarily. He’s hanging out with a couple of stellar losers so I’m sure there’s some weed at some points.


  179. Pretty sure it is more about the lies than the vaping. Pretty sure

  180. Jimbro, eventually you’ll have to kick the kid out due to his breaking the rules. How many rules does he have to break before enough is enough?

    I know what you’re going through having raised three teenagers.

  181. Yeah, the lies are the bigger problem.

  182. I kicked one of my daughters out on her 19th birthday for lying to me. She’d been warned.

    Good news is that she became a productive awesome person.

  183. Paula is at her wit’s end. He is taking advantage of her desire for him to get his diploma. It’s only 4-5 months to go and he’s been sleepwalking through school this whole year. The lying is nothing new. The scope of the lies is escalating. She doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the vaping .. just not in our house. He says fuck you to that rule as well as most others. Pretty sure he’s going to be forced to give his notice, ride the bus to/fro school and hang around the house till he graduates and then sayonara.

  184. I begged my parents to let my sister back home after she got kicked out for lying. My dad told me that her homecoming was on me. She lied and got kicked out again. My dad was mad at me. For supporting and defending a known liar. My mom continues to support my sister

  185. Jimbro, my point is why wait? The high school diploma is worthless. If he applies for a job, he’ll just lie and say he graduated. Who even checks that shit out?

    I’m thinking of you and the wife’s sanity. The confrontation is inevitable. Why wait and go through all the extra agony?

    Again, I’ve been through this, so I don’t make light of it.

  186. Well, that went as well as you’d expect. When you piss your own mother off to that point it’s time for some soul searching (which won’t happen for 5 years or so).

    She laid into him, told him he’s giving his notice, she’s driving him to school where he can work or not and come June he’s gone because she’s all out of fucks to give. Not working = no need for money for car insurance = no money to blow on multiple vape machines = not hanging around with loser friends at work = $20

  187. Sorry dude.

    I’m sorry for the whole situation. I did not appreciate everything my parents did for me until they didn’t do it anymore, it’s a hard lesson to learn but it is one that sticks. Sometimes you just have to go through it for things to sink in. I do not envy the worry and pain you both must be going through, but I hope you can get to a point in the relationship that works for everybody.

  188. In her mind that’s his likely maximum educational achievement. So many jobs list HS diploma as a minimum requirement. Who knows if they’ll check.

    The only thing he has going for him is her motherly love. I’ve never seen her this mad before and as you said, it’s the lies.

    He’s not my kid so, other than him abiding by house rules which he barely does, it’s all on Paula as far as discipline and expectations. She has a bit of guilt about getting pregnant at 18, him being a preemie and realizing she chose the wrong guy for genetic material for her oldest son.

    Like every time before this I fully expect her to soften as time goes by and give in because she feels like she’s being cruel. And she will get burned like all the times before.

    The other boy is the polar opposite. Teachers are shocked to discover they’re brothers. Half-brothers, but raised in the same environment.

  189. Sigh…new topic!

    Let’s talk about the Moro Reflex!

  190. Go Dawgs!

  191. Maybe he needs some direction. A sous vide machine and a smoker ought to do it. That ought to provide enough smoke. If it’s too dry you can put a pan of water over the fire.

  192. I have the first week of intermittent fasting just about done. I’m starting to get used to it. Still getting kind of headachey in the hours before it’s time to break the fast, but other than that, it’s been a little easier than I thought it would be to stick to it.

  193. After the coronation that Alabama has had this week, 13-0 seems pretty good.

  194. Chilly outside today

  195. Been doing it for years, Sean. Between that and my dietary choices I have basically forgotten what normal people eat like.

  196. Jesus, again, the officials step in. 3 calls in a row go Alabama’s way…..and now we have a ballgame.

  197. was just noticing that

  198. I will cut you, Jay

  199. Site tagline improved. This kid picture is like pure gold.

  200. Okay, goodnight mufakus.

  201. wow, what a pass.

  202. What do you people eat every day? Like, toast and stuff? Three times or something?

    Wait, this is useless, none of you are normal.

  203. I could have worn sandals while walking elliot, but the snow is too deep.

  204. Been doing it for years, Sean. Between that and my dietary choices I have basically forgotten what normal people eat like.

    Well, you seem like a guy who knows a thing or two about fitness, so I guess I’m in good company.

    *looks around*

    I have also abstained from…well, you know…for more than a week now. Not for any real reason. Just to see how long I can go without.

  205. Oh, so THAT’S why you’ve been paying attention to us. I thought we got interesting all of a sudden.

  206. I’m trying with all my might to not imagine any of you naked, J’Ames.

  207. This game is crazy.

  208. IF is a solid approach for a lot of people, I’m not sure what you’re trying to do with it, but even if all it does is save you time, that’s huge.

    Best of luck (and prayers) with the other thing. I’m still not entirely free of it.

  209. Wow, looks like 48 just ended his day, going after a coach, after punching a Dawg.

  210. I’m trying with all my might to not imagine any of you naked

    Sober, hungry and flaccid is no way to go through life, Sean.

  211. We’re not gonna get yelled at for watching football, are we?

  212. Seifield had a funny bit about George giving up …. and he becomes a genius.

  213. Fasting has a pretty good history of helping people achieve all sorts of things.

    Sadly, not flight or walking through walls. Mostly weight loss and hokey things like “holiness” or “self-discipline”.

  214. Seifield had a funny bit about George giving up …. and he becomes a genius.

    I learned Spanish and re-learned German. Got a 30% raise and went back to full-time telecommuting.

    And I can look pretty girls right in the eye and smile.

    And that’s without fully beating (SYWM) addiction yet.

  215. Sober, hungry and flaccid is no way to go through life, Sean.

    Who said anything about flaccid? I’m just not doing anything with it.


  216. We’re not gonna get yelled at for watching football, are we?

    No. This is college football, they did a nice job with the national anthem, and I didn’t see anyone kneeling.

    The halftime show, OTOH, was two cats fucking. Wish they’d shown the school bands instead.

  217. Crap.
    I may have actually hurt myself when I fell on my face in the snow earlier. I thought it was funny when it happened, but I just woke up from sleeping off my OG wine buzz, and my shoulder really freakin’ hurts…
    WTF, man? I fell in snow! It didn’t hurt at the time!

  218. Meatup activity!

  219. Seems GA forgot how to tackle.

  220. Impressive comeback mounted by the Alabama freshman QB.

  221. The swelling often hurts worse than the injury, especially if you’re buzzed when you get hurt.

    Sober up and try some ibuprofen.

  222. And ice.

  223. Hahaha shanked it

  224. What does Ace mean by Sonobi?

  225. Georgia going with the KC method of finishing games.

  226. Wow.

  227. Gee, I wonder who will get the MVP

  228. What a finish!

  229. I’m guessing not the kicker.

  230. I’m reading backwards to see what I missed. Seeing Jimbro’s posts. Dude, fix that shit while you can. My loser brother still lives at Mom’s house – he’s 57/58, she turns 80/in a few weeks. Time flies, man…

    He has some valid reasons to be mad at the world, but everyone hates him. He’s a straight up dickhole. Nowhere to go when Mom is gone – you don’t want that in your kid.
    Self sufficiency should be a course in HS. Beat it into him if you have

  231. Sonobi is an advertisement service/software/engine, it has been blowing out the margins on AoSHQ on my iPad and making the site not load or crash while trying to load. I guess someone figured it out, but Ace has been unreadable for me unless it’s on a laptop for a long time.

  232. Thank you, Pupster. I only read Ace on a laptop, and I guess AdBlock Plus is working. That does explain why I can’t leave Ace open in a tab without it crashing the computer at some point.

  233. Since I was young I’ve been very hard to please
    And I don’t know wrong from right
    But there is one thing i could never understand
    Some of the derp things that a girl does to a man

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