ABT: Anti-Ballhaus Thread

Shockwaves went through the Hostage world when some skank stole the gilded crown from Sweet Vapid Ellie. Whatever, we’re tough and can move on. After all, it’s what we did twice during the Obama years for 8 long years.

Where’s Jewstin?


Hanging with Jam Jam I bet


I hope you get things straightened out with PP Pepe. And also hoping there are alternatives that will work for you


I had the best breakfast this morning


I see VMan stopped by last night


So exactly what are you cooking again Laura?


Hockey parents tend to be intense


One last picture for everyone freezing their coconuts off



  1. Remember, you’re a bad person if you don’t go along with this unhesitatingly


  2. robust:

  3. I think you guys are probably all transphobic. Here is the test.


  4. I don’t like tats. I’d make an exception for the lettuce hater.

  5. from c ar in ‘s piece

    “Another trans woman continues by claiming heterosexual men who dismiss trans women’s claims to be women are secretly attracted to trans women:”

    rock solid argument that there…

  6. After a few minutes of the video I had to bail Carin. Good Lord, those people are crazy. I’ll leave them alone if they leave me alone but apparently that’s not enough.

    I guess, for them at least, my rights don’t end at my squeakhole!

  7. Jimbro, you are obviously a weak man, or you would be more than happy to dork a dude in a dress.

  8. Took Erin and a friend to breakfast. Now waiting for it to digest so I can go running/work out.

    Boring Saturday. Pat’s at work. Erin’s at work. blah. Weekend. What is it good for.

    absolutely nothing.

  9. Call me crazy, but I have an aversion to dating a chick with a dick. And whatever doctors condone and endorse this mental illness as normal should be in prison.

  10. After graduating from dishwasher to busboy I helped out on a few of those big groups at the restaurant I first worked at. The owner built a new restaurant and there was a little room off the main dining room for big parties. I dreaded helping out the waitresses there because the normally polite, together women that worked there transformed into stress baskets that I didn’t want to be around.

    I do remember one night, totally out of the blue, a waitress I wouldn’t have expected to, shared part of her tips with me. I was busting my ass in the banquet room and she must have got a big tip. We ordinarily got a share of the pooled tips divided among the busboys and hostesses. She slipped me a twenty and told me to keep my mouth shut. Which I have until now.

  11. It’s the same thing they did with homosexuality: if you were opposed to homosexuality it meant you were secretly gay.

  12. Boring Saturday. Pat’s at work. Erin’s at work. blah. Weekend. What is it good for.
    absolutely nothing.

    Do you have Moose? Then you don’t need anything else for a good weekend.

    I’m probably going to go get a haircut and pancakes, and later drive into LA for an open forge.

  13. Yea, big parties are just a pain, and you’ve basically got all your eggs in one basket tip-wise. They usually drag on too.

    The worst is the drinks. Usually by the time you set down the last glass of soda or whatever, the first person has already finished theirs and wants a refill.

  14. Moose is right here at my feet. I guess you’re right.

  15. Time to get the firewood restocked beside the stove and do the dishes. Paula took the dogs to the groomer and is getting some groceries so I have to at least pretend I’ve been doing something while she was out.

  16. Just in case …..

    Sorry about your night, Car in.
    Some of the snottiest people i have ever met were Canadian. (group of collectors)

  17. Good.

  18. High speed internet porn basically tricks some men into thinking they are attracted to trannies, and others into thinking they ARE trannies. Either way they stay porn addicts, so the sites win.

    As does Satan.

  19. Dating a tranny is just basically admitting you don’t want to be gay. You’re attracted to guys, you want to date someone who is basically a guy, but you’re don’t want to be gay.

  20. I watched some video of a tranny who talked about his experience as he transitioned to post-op faux female. Said first time he had sex with his new vagene, it felt ‘sooo goood’ (say that in an effeminate voice that didn’t believe what he was saying) but he bled like a stuck pig. “But quite honestly, I prefer the sex I had as a gay man.”

  21. That anyone believes it would be otherwise ^ is either seriously mentally ill, or has a major agenda to push.

  22. Speaking of transgenders, I dreamed that Obama wore a hijab in support of the Iranian gov’t. Wouldn’t surprise me if it actually happened.

  23. Saddened to learn that astronaut John Young passed away yesterday.

  24. I was lucky enough to meet him and Bob Crippen at an STS-1 anniversary party. Nice guy.

  25. I have to wait until 4:00 to watch football?

    This is bullshit.

  26. Trying a sous vide turkey today scott.

  27. Wow, I only have to wait until 2:00

  28. The whole bird or did you cut it up?

  29. You’d have to have one hell of a vacuum pack rig for a turkey.

  30. http://tinyurl.com/y9dbx4v3

  31. “You’d have to have one hell of a vacuum pack rig for a turkey.”


    Your mom supplies the suction. She’s got skillzzzzzz

  32. Hefty bags work.

  33. We talked about how we’d do it, if we had vac bags big enough for a turkey. I’d cut a very long section of bag and seal one end. Slide that inside the cavity of the bird, with the sealed end coming out the neck.

    Turn the bag inside out where the open end comes out of the cavity, and pull it over the bird from legs to neck. Then when you vac-seal that end, the bird will still be whole, but water will be able to circulate inside the cavity too, so it cooks evenly.

    Doesn’t get rid of the problem with the breast and legs needing to cook to different temperatures, though. Better to cut it up and do it right.

  34. I did your mom right.

  35. I’m cutting it up, cooking the thigh sections a lot longer, starting at 150. Then lowering to 135 and adding the breast (boneless, tied up together to make one piece).

  36. This sure sounds like a bondage/dead hooker disposal discussion…..

  37. What temp. do you do the heart liver and gizzard?

  38. secret’s in the sauce, pepe

  39. 225 in the oven, in a dutch oven, with the rest of the body parts and water.

  40. Sounds good, Jay! The only thing I would have changed from when we did it is the wings.

    The recipe called for leaving the drumettes attached to the breasts, making them airline breasts.

    But by cooking them with the breasts, they didn’t come out as tender and juicy as the other wings did, which I included in the leg bags.

    Next time I’m putting the drumettes in the leg bags too and packing the breasts by themselves.

  41. That’s what I’m doing. They are practically dark meat anyway

  42. You guys have inspired me to do a duck. I love duck. It’s all dark meat. (Like Obama’s mom… oh wait.)

    Anyway, Ima do one next Sunday.

    So how do you finish poultry?

  43. So, do you bright people think Trump and his people are really going to get something done about the corruption in the FBI/DOJ/State Dept, etc. and actually move against the Clinton organization? Will they hav any success since they are fighting the entrenched bureaucracies? or is it all posturing?

    Trump has to know if he goes after the Clintons, it’s a fight to the death.

  44. The skeptic in me says no, but Trump has surprised me at every turn thus far.

    My guess is that he’ll tweet something innocuous and they’ll blow themselves up overreacting. He’s like a wizard.

  45. If I was Trump, I’d tell crooked Hillary we have enough on you to put you behind bars for a long time. Cooperate with the investigation, plead guilty to charges, and just before you go to prison I will pardon you. Then you and the bimbo dicker need to take your Clinton Foundation millions and disappear from politics.

  46. And take your Mr. Ed look alike daughter with you.

  47. Man, the refs are really trying to keep Tennessee in the game.

  48. The Clintons will walk. Their cronies, however, should be nervous.

  49. I remember when the e-mail server came to light, everyone I know with a security clearance was shocked. The very fact that the unsecured server existed meant she was guilty. They said they would be in jail immediately.

  50. Pepe, yup.

  51. There was:

    – the personal unsecure blackberry that she lied about
    – the unsecure home brew server
    – classified emails all over the fucking place including Anthony’s weiner laptop
    – lying about a fucking youtube video
    – foreign donations to the Clinton crime syndicate
    – bimbo dicker meeting crooked Lynch
    – Comey’s May memo exonerating Cankles before all testimony was in
    – the hiding of her health issues (not a crime but definitely evidence of the media giving cover)

    What did I miss?

  52. Haiti?

  53. Ummm….its already a fight to the death and I think Trumps understands this. Its a fight to the death for all of us. The progs want us to become socialist Europe. If they get back in power things will get real ugly real quick. They almost pulled it off this time.

  54. This ant no party
    This ain’t no disco
    This ain’t no foolin around

  55. Chefs are in trouble.

  56. Yep. A couple of iffy calls, and an extremely lucky play. Such a slim margin in the NFL.

  57. https://is.gd/8zaJ30

  58. I think my dog found some meth or something. He’s running around the house like a naked Florida tweaker stopping every once in a while to bark at me as if Timmy fell down the well. We have neither a Timmy nor a well.

  59. Chiefs suffer from conservative play calling, ala Andy Reid.

  60. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on January 6, 2018 2:19 pm
    I was lucky enough to meet him and Bob Crippen at an STS-1 anniversary party. Nice guy.

    Crippen’s kids attended our high school. His eldest daughter was my younger sister’s Class Valedictorian. She and my sister were good friends. She was very sweet and smart as a whip.

  61. Heh, hope the review goes our way

  62. Marcus Peters, sits for the Anthem all year, suspended for throwing a ref’s flag into the crowd. All around great guy.

  63. Mariota has been impressive, as has Henry.

  64. Andy Reid playoff magic.

  65. Wow, huge block by Mariota springs Henry, and Titans will win.

    Nice tackling, and game, Chefs.

  66. 2 4 pound bags of dark meat going in, 6.75 pound tied breast in the morning.

  67. Are we not boycotting the NFL anymore? I could have switched from active disinterest back to casual disinterest, had I known.

  68. I bet Andy Reid is a horrible poker player.

  69. I fucking H8 Andy Reid. He’s the new Schottenheimer. Chef front office: We need a coach that can’t beat the Broncos. We play them twice a year. I know…Marty!!!! New Chef front office: We need a coach that can’t win in the post-season, but at least he’ll get us there and fill the seats. I know…Andy!!! (Fist bump)

  70. He’ll bet a pair of aces, but you can bluff him into folding everything else.

  71. I discovered the joy of grocery delivery yesterday – my refrigerator and pantry are now stocked up, and my muscles are thanking me. I even had enough energy to cook dinner tonight (CFS, mashed potatoes, and corn, as well as homemade cream gravy).

    When I showed up at the door with my walker, they were kind enough to take all of the groceries into the kitchen for me.

    Well worth the (very reasonable) delivery fee/tip – for this gal, anyway! 😊

  72. Sean, I can’t quit the NFL.

  73. I’m still boycotting everything on teevee.

  74. I picked all the underdogs this weekend.

  75. We’re still watching. Brady/Belichick too good to not watch.

    Playoff football is great.

  76. Even Steven!!!!

  77. Only one guy in Dan’s Draft Kings playoff league took the Titans and Mariotta. Money league. I’m irritated that Dan didn’t listen to me about Reid. HE SAT RIGHT NEXT TO ME AT ARROWHEAD AND STILL WENT WITH THE CHEFS!!!!!

  78. I am looking forward to the Patriots Steelers rematch.

  79. Hotspur, I would imagine that sous vide recipes for duck would have some special ways of dealing with the skin that are different than for other fowl.
    I can envision removing the really thick stuff from the breast and dealing with it separately. I doubt it would be appetizing after it came out of the sous vide bag, nor could it be easily crisped up like a thin chicken skin under the broiler.

    This might merit a little research. Tomorrow.

  80. Same here Scott

  81. Scott, I’m not!!!

  82. TiFW, which service did you use?

  83. Never mind Hotspur, found a perfect duck recipe.


  84. I only watch the Chefs.

  85. I think there’s some duck confit recipes out there, which would be much easier sous vide than conventional (cooking in duck fat).

  86. nfl…. phooie

    the world will be a better place when the multimillionaire babies playing games become penniless morons digging ditches

    with spoons

    cuz theyre too stupid to be trusted with shovels

    giving those cretins a soapbox was a travesty

    my contempt is equally spread on the nba and mlb

  87. wild duck is amazing

  88. Chefs had their chances. When it started to get out of hand early, the refs evened it up. That “forward progress was stopped” non-fumble was a horrible call.

  89. Duxplanation.

  90. They had blown it dead. I haven’t liked that call, but they’ve been consistent with it. But if the QB moves forward, they keep it going.

  91. Well, I promised PJM that I would boycott the Chargers and since the Rams are pretty good this season, I can’t get on board with them without feeling like a frontrunning douche, so I’m just going to continue ignoring pro football.

  92. Refs blew the whistle.

    Nothing matters after that.

  93. laura, have you tried the sous vide bacon trick? supposed to make it cook quicker.

  94. refresh

  95. Dad used to hand out his Packers flag, wear the jersey, blah blah blah full oso for Green Bay. Hasn’t watched a game all year. Can’t stand Ay Ay Ron. Didn’t know about the Ay Ay Ron joke until I told him.

  96. Every time I have a patient named Aaron I can’t help myself with the whole A-A-Ron bit. (Not to the kid, they’re probably sick of it by now).

    Paula likes Rogers because of the commercial he does with his blue heeler.

  97. What’s the joke, Colex?

  98. Rams are going down.

    It’s a dog day.

  99. Fitness tip of the day

  100. Rams can’t hold on to the ball tonight

  101. I work with A A Ron

  102. A.A. Ron was my first temporary sponsor.

  103. And thanks, Jimb. I had forgotten about that sketch.

  104. Sean ISWYDT

  105. Read Ruth yesterday, onto Samuel.

  106. Rams should have drafted your moms.

  107. I figured you’d seen it before. The announcers have been using it in game time banter this year so it’s officially passe

  108. https://imgur.com/gallery/7a7br

  109. Heh

  110. Better a vet than an undertaker, I guess.

  111. Dan is a lousy control for Cornhuskers. He just borrowed my O’Keeffe’s.

  112. Chris Collingsworth can single handedly send me to the next room to read. Even if I wanted to watch the games. I’d rather listen to Louis Farrakhan.

  113. He’s not Joe Buck.

  114. Man whore at work brought home an STD. Baby mama moved out. He can’t afford house payment without her check.

  115. *perks up ears*

    bacon trick?

  116. Sean, I am still boycotting the NFL entirely.

  117. Good for you, roamy.

    *silently judges everyone else*

  118. I would boycott the Olympics, but Dan sucks when it comes to sports. At least I can count on him to MST3K the Opening Ceremony.

  119. Man whore at work brought home an STD. Baby mama moved out. He can’t afford house payment without her check.

    It’s never free. There’s always a price to pay. Some folks just don’t learn.

  120. Now I’m not boycotting the Olympics. Might have it muted if Bob Costas or Johnny Weird is on.

  121. I’m not boycotting the NFL. I just can’t be bothered to watch shitty games with shitty officiating.

  122. 👊🏻 Pendejo. Roamy, I really H8 the Hallmark/Lifetime aspect of modern Olympics.

  123. Sends out an #UGA towards Xb

  124. I just can’t be bothered to watch shitty games with shitty officiating.

    Well, there’s that, too.

    I just think if a bunch of spoiled brats want to make a difference in their community, they should look at what J. J. Watt has done in Houston. Or at the very least, marry their baby mama, stay married, and be an involved father. Kneeling for 2 minutes won’t accomplish shit other than showing disrespect. It’s their right to do it, and it’s my right to ignore their bullshit.

  125. Dan’s skin cancer isn’t really huge. I’m just a poor nurse. No blood, so I should be able to be nurse Nancy. Really getting tired of his shit.

  126. G’night. As long as I adhere to my side of the bed and don’t touch Dan I can sleep in the family bed. I really H8 cancer

  127. adhere = glued?

  128. I just had to turn down a whole freshly steamed crab.

    Stupid goutcho.

  129. J’ames, pretty much. I cling to the side and keep my own blankies.

  130. Medical accident!

  131. I just had to turn down a whole freshly steamed crab.

    I know that this is English, but I do not understand these words in this order…

  132. Well, Chi, as a result of being a fat, lazy drunk for a solid fifteen years, I developed gout. And once you have it, it never goes away. In addition to alcohol (which I avoid anyway), I’m not supposed to eat much in the way of red meat, shellfish, beans, or deli meats with nitrates. All of these contribute to flareups, which hurt like a bastard for a few days.

  133. so, I’d starve if I got goutcho. Good to know.

  134. Seriously. They should make an afterschool special.

  135. mmm, turkey stock smells amazing, and the thighs look great.

  136. you can have turkey, then? I’ll send you some of this.

  137. Poultry is fine. Thank you. Much appreciated.

  138. I remember only for an hour
    Derp right through me can you feel the power
    I don’t know what’s going on
    It scares me but it won’t be long

  139. **checks calendar

    So I can be a fat lazy drunk for about 7 more years before the bill comes due. Good to know.

  140. I think my goutcho bill got lost in the mail.

  141. Interesting, Jay. Too late for my slab bacon, which is already cooked to 150 degrees in the smoker, though.

    I’ll try it with some raw store bacon. I do have some storebought in the cellar freezer.

  142. https://tinyurl.com/yaysuys5

  143. Gout would kill me, but no one in my family has it yet. Only one alcoholic and he’s stayed thin.

  144. I think gout is one of those conditions like a kidney stone, tennis elbow or plantar fasciitis, etc. You hear about them because they’re relatively common, understand a little about how/why they happen, express sympathy because your friend/relative/patient is suffering but have absolutely no insight into how much they hurt until you experience it yourself.

  145. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on January 6, 2018 11:35 pm
    I just can’t be bothered to watch shitty games with shitty officiating.
    Well, there’s that, too.
    I just think if a bunch of spoiled brats want to make a difference in their community, they should look at what J. J. Watt has done in Houston. Or at the very least, marry their baby mama, stay married, and be an involved father. Kneeling for 2 minutes won’t accomplish shit other than showing disrespect. It’s their right to do it, and it’s my right to ignore their bullshit.


    Nailed it.

  146. https://is.gd/_____MAAAAAaaare___POW

  147. Mare! https://tinyurl.com/yblm3nf8

  148. wakey

  149. What’s on deck today? Hannah goes back to school tonight (although she’s only been here half the time, since she spends so much time with her boyfriend). Gotta take her grocery shopping.

    We’re supposed to warm up to 25 today, so that will be exciting. Maybe the chickens can come outside for a few hours. I’d like to throw some fresh shavings in the coop.

  150. Left to right:

    Scott, Pups, Mare

  151. It’s chilly here today, the high is only 65 degrees.

    *Runs….like a MOFO*

  152. We just watched Catholic mass on the teevee. Getting paranoid about the nasty bugs going around. Giving sign-of-peace gives me the willies on a good day.

  153. Scott, Pups, Mare

    Is this the start of another sous vide recipe? ;)

  154. Even tv mass makes Mr. B. sleepy. Looked over and his eyes were going bloodshot.

  155. Hahhhaaa, I just read the header pic tag line.

    Whomever posted that gets a beer, Chardonnay or soft drink of their choice.

  156. Beasn, I wish we had EWTN. I watched Mass online from some place in NY. If you time it right, there’s live Latin Masses.

  157. Hahahaha, comments are Hostage-like.

  158. I continued to be a Ben Shapiro fan, even as I increasingly became a Trumpist, and Ben continued to be first totally opposed, and later easing a bit about Trump (as he saw more good policies).

    This podcast, that ritually disembowels Steve Bannon, is a good example of why I love Ben.


  159. I just watched Attack of the Puppet People.

    It was as good as it sounds.

  160. What’s on deck today?

    Four mile walk, grocery store, laundry, violin, reading, maybe some duolingo. I’d like to clean the house as well.

  161. If any of you are running an HP laptop, there is a battery recall due to fires.
    Is your laptop on the list at the bottom of this page?


  162. “I just watched Attack of the Puppet People.

    It was as good as it sounds.”

    i raffed

  163. truck bat tree shit the bed
    time to go change it
    we’re up to 15 degrees so i should be fine

    *mutters mild profanities on the way out*

  164. /sees categories

    /blinks twice

    …I wasn’t THAT drunk last time I posted…

  165. Buffalo is getting ready to bust a move.

    I can feel it.

  166. Pancakes with craisins for lunch. This was a damned good idea!

  167. or throw an interception

  168. …I wasn’t THAT drunk last time I posted…

    That goes well with your avatar.

  169. Booyah. Bills on top.

  170. I just made enchiladas for the first time ever! YAYY!

  171. maybe some duolingo.

    You must be really flexible.

  172. Comment by lauraw on January 7, 2018 2:14 pm
    I just made enchiladas for the first time ever! YAYY!

    Did you make enough for the whole blog?

  173. I was promised a baby picture poat.

    This is fucking bullshit.

  174. So a longtime friend from high school just unfriended me on facedouche because I support Trump. First time I’ve lost a RL friend over politics.

  175. I lost a bunch to BDS,

  176. He’s a far-left San Francisco douchebag, and we hadn’t spoken in any meaningful way in over a year, and rarely before that. But I have enough trouble making friends that it sucks when I lose the ones that I do have.

  177. Colex, please remind me what sad news the lefty in your avatar was reacting to? I forgot. I remember it was hilarious and schadenfreudy but I don’t remember what it was.

  178. That’s why I don’t talk politics with my meatspace friends. It’s a bunch of libertinearians with TDS. (The Moore fiasco did NOT help.)

  179. It never ceases to amaze me how so many on the Left are more invested in Trump’s failure than in America’s success. The perfidity is nothing less than astounding.

  180. Anyone who is no longer your friend because of politics was never your friend to begin with.

  181. In college we were all nonpolitical.

    I think facebook turned most of my friends into crazy Obama loving liberals.

    Liberals like Car in’s mom.

  182. *tackles a wild enchilada, rides it to the ground*

    *bites it all to Hell*

  183. Libs never were big on “American success”. It undermines their case that America should be rebuilt in their twisted-ass image. Trump personifies the “old America”. Him succeeding completely refutes them.

    That about covers that ground, I think.

  184. I generally don’t do anything political on FB, because it’s mainly for business. One guy was freaking out when they were considering Ben Carson for Sec of Education.

    Him: “He believes in the Bible, he’s anti science, he’s going to burn all the science books, eleventy!!111!!1”

    Me: Give him a chance, he’s an actual doctor, he may not be anti-science.

    Him: An actual doctor? I guess since I have a PhD I’m not a real doctor!!! etc.

    Me: Should have said medical doctor.

    Him: *unfriends and blocks me*

  185. Laura, I don’t remember. I know it was hipsters gathering at a bar in NYC, Brooklyn I think, but I don’t remember if it was the inauguration or a rerun of election night.

  186. Correction. It was James Comey’s testimony.

  187. Leon, at what point does the “no porn” thing extend to politics?

  188. People who unfriend someone over their politics most likely ground their entire political belief system in emotion.

    Fuck those people.

  189. He’s always been a bit of a pretentious douchebag. I blame insecurity from his home life. When we were in high school, I beat his score on the ACT and SAT, and his mother lost her mind and made him study for weeks and retake them to get better scores than me.

  190. As long as the schadenboner is metaphorical and not literal and the fapping is rhetorical rather than manual, you’re fine.

  191. I remember during the election they had a deal to check Trump’s and Hillary’s FB page to see how many friends were on each. I had 173?? on Trump’s and 0 on Hillary’s.

  192. That said, it’s hilarious that Pompeo is characterizing Trump’s policy toward the Norks as ‘breath play’.

  193. As long as Melania is wearing the leather bustier and the knee-high boots…

  194. I guess since I have a PhD I’m not a real doctor!

    Randy Pausch of The Last Lecture fame said his mom once introduced him as “a doctor, but not the kind that helps people.”

  195. Took Mrs. Pupster’s car and filled it with gas and got it washed, because I am the greatest husband on earth.

  196. https://is.gd/tw6j2m

  197. Took Mrs. Pupster’s car and filled it with gas and got it washed, because I am the greatest husband on earth.

    Wait, you get car washes during Snowpocalypses?

  198. Ah, thanks Alex.

  199. All our vehicles are covered with road salt and frozen snow in the wheel wells and mud flaps. Is it any wonder Toyota found holes in my frame?

  200. We had a “warm” day today, high of 30. Most car-wash places around here are open when it’s close to freezing, just not at -15 like it has been this week.

    We got a few inches of snow in the middle of December, a little bit more on Christmas Eve, but not much after that. It’s been so cold it can’t snow, it just heads east and kick’s Chi’s ass.

  201. I got my car in late August. A 2014 with 18,000 miles, never driven in winter. So this is its first exposure to salt.

  202. Today was our last cold day. The temperature is supposed to start rising in a couple of hours.

  203. It’s 25° right now but the temperature is supposed to rise steadily throughout the night. High tomorrow 36°. Weird to think of 36° as warm.

  204. It’s almost time to plant the garden again!!

    *big goofy smile*
    *sniffs more glue*

  205. https://is.gd/0ZUcYW

  206. Carolina covers.

    Nailed it. Underdogs covered in every game.

  207. It’s been so cold it can’t snow,

    I thought that once, until it was snowing last week at -10.

  208. how does the Mini handle in snow? Is that an all wheel drive one?

  209. I love that, Pupster! You know I have to do that now.

  210. It was only mini when I handled it in the snow because of shrinkage, J’Ames!

  211. Comment by xbradtc (@xbradtc) on January 6, 2018 8:30 pm
    TiFW, which service did you use?

    I used Tom Thumb on Thursday for a Friday delivery.

    Yesterday, I used Instacart for delivery in 2 hours, with a choice of 12 different stores (including Whole Foods, which carries lots of GF items for Rebecca, Paul, and me).

    Instacart also delivers (in our zip code) from Tom Thumb, Kroger, Aldi, Central Market, Petco, CVS, Costco, and a couple of others. They do same day delivery.

  212. Haha, when was the last time you saw snow, Sean?

  213. Anybody notice that Drew Brees twitches like he has Tourette’s?

  214. Lauraw…enchiladas? Talk to me!!!

  215. 26F here, feels tropical.

  216. It’s been so cold it can’t snow, it just heads east and kick’s Chi’s ass

    Heh. If you only knew. I haven’t been farther than the trashcan since Wednesday. It’s been fun watching the idiots next door get their Jeep Cherokee stuck at the street/driveway tanstion. Three times so far.

    I think I’m going to walk up to the grocery store at the end of the street just to get out of the house. And pie. I might buy some pie.

  217. I can usually see snow from my house during the winter and early spring. Up on the San Gabriels. Now, the last time I was actually in the snow…unless I’m forgetting something, it was probably more than 20 years ago. Maybe closer to 25.

  218. Looks like the Cranberry Wheat and the hard cranberry are ready to bottle, ABV has stabilized.

  219. Last time I was in the snow was 20, maybe 25 minutes ago.

  220. Nothing like what you’re used to, I’m sure, Oso! But Scott liked it. I have a ton of filling leftover for making freezer burritos.

    I find the taste of corn tortillas kind of obnoxious so I used a commercial 1/2 flour, 1/2 corn version for the enchiladas.

  221. That’s the ones I like too, laura.

  222. Sean, do you know the street value of those mountains?

  223. Lauraw, corn tortillas don’t work for us. Dan uses no bake lasagna noodles

  224. If you really want tortillas, flash fry before layering.

  225. Burritos are good. Heat filling. Heat tortilla of choice. Fill

  226. Ha!
    “Gee, I’m real sorry your mom blew up Ricky.”

  227. Heh. It’s been too long since I’ve seen that flick, Colex.

  228. Chi, one time in my early 20s I drove home from work just for lunch. When I went to back out of the driveway later, I slid and turned and did something stupid and ended up getting my car stuck up on an iceberg at the end of the driveway. No wheels could contact the ground well enough to get me any traction.

    I had to call my boss and tell her that I was late getting back to work because my car was up on an ice pedestal and I was chipping away at it with a shovel and I didn’t know how long it would be.


  230. Not even good flour tortillas, oso? New Mex probably has them on every corner

  231. Whatever happened to Monique? She was no Boof, but she was pretty cute.

  232. Dan makes enchiladas with lasagna noodles?

    Are…you…can…is that legal?

  233. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diane_Franklin

  234. Heh, funneh Mariota meme

  235. Thanks, Alex.

  236. Turkey sounds great, Jay. I didn’t think of smoking it afterwards, hmmm.

  237. I remember recognizing her in Bill&Ted, now that I read the filmography.

  238. Flour tortillas get doughy in casseroles. Corn tortillas for enchiladas.

  239. Dan makes enchiladas with lasagna noodles?

    Are…you…can…is that legal?

    Yeah – growing up, we called this either cannelloni or mannicotti.

  240. Corn tortillas break down with the liquid from chile and cheese. No bake lasagna noodles thrive on moisture.

  241. Flash fry corn tortillas and layer. It really depends on what you want

  242. OK. I’m gonna need a diagram for processing this kind of fucked up information.

    Are you actually saying that you put mexifood inside of dago noodles? Am I gonna have to call the UN about this fucking bullshit?

  243. Flour tortillas are post cooking yumminess.

  244. HAHAHA yes

  245. Alfredo sauce with green chile and sausage

  246. Red chile marries best with beef

  247. Kung Pao chicken spaghetti

  248. I put garam masala in burrito meat sometimes. And hungarian smoked paprika.

  249. But Oso and Dan are apparently cultural appropriation monsters.

  250. Yes we are!!!

  251. ALFREDO sauce?… Garam masala…the Indian must never touch the Hungarian…you food-misceginating perverts.

    Wars have been fought over this sort of abomination.

    They will be fought again.

    As soon as I finish taking notes and trying this shit out.

  252. True Story. We love Kauai. Local restaurant is an ABQ native and his Kauai wife. Best fusion food ever.

  253. General Tso’s Hamburger Helper

  254. Chicken Tikka Marinara

  255. Pro tip: Take the plastic off the no bake lasagna noodles before you cook them.

  256. CoAlex, what movie is that?

  257. Lasagna alla Baloney

  258. There’s a Vietnamese-Mexican fusion place here I have been wanting to try.
    Sounds like this might be the week.

  259. There’s a place in Canton that sells butter chicken directly on naan with chunks of paneer as a sort of bbq chicken pizza.

  260. Stir fried rigatoni

  261. Pad Thai Tacos

  262. Carnitas with kimchi

    Actually that would be frickin’ awesome

  263. There’s a very successful food truck business here in SoCal called Kogi Tacos, laura. Korean tacos.

  264. Jalopenos stuffed with Vienna Sausages and wrapped with bologna.

  265. Scott, it was cardboard under a frozen pizza…ONCE

  266. one and a half

  267. Super serial. My mom thought meat loaf was bland. She spiced it up. Red chile. Bell peppers. Tomato paste enhanced. She used red chile. We got brown gravy

  268. My mom became Navy chow legend

  269. We buy cardboard sauce.

  270. Local elementary school was due to open. My mom was lunch lady Doris. She re-calibrated prison chow for kids

  271. Navy Chow Legend is Jet Li’s most underrated movie.

  272. I saw Cardboard Sauce open for Lunchlady Doris back in 2001 in Foxboro. They both sucked, worst concert ever.

  273. Those lunch ladies knew how to stretch a buck, and most stuff was pretty good.

  274. Cardboard = Dominos frozen dough. Papa johns is too sweet. Pizza Hut is hit and miss.

  275. Egg rolls with shredded pork and red peppers instead of cabbage and shit.

    Oh wait….that’s a taquito.

  276. These guys make the best damn frozen pizza I’ve had in years.


    (Pls remove cardboard before heating.)

  277. Hey PG, who’s your Big 12 team? ISU is improving, but will be at the bottom of the league.

    Is this the year KU doesn’t win? Can WVU take them?

  278. Screamin Sicilian is indeed tasty.

  279. I think our Elementary School lunch ladies stretched a buck by serving beets twice a week and lima beans twice a week. Which meant I got home from school starvin like Marvin at least 4 days a week. Which led to an exceptional Cocoa Krispies and Milk bill for my mom.

  280. J’Ames, I don’t really follow it that much, but I’m kind of a default Texas Tech fan due to them being the only D1 school in WTX. I’ve not watched them play this year but noticed they kicked the ever loving shit out of KU in Laurence the other night.

    I watched about a quarter of BU women killing ISU women. I kinda think BU women are gonna kill everybody in the Big XII this year.

    I watched OU vs OSU women earlier today. Both teams have some extreme beefmasters but can’t match up athletically with BU.

  281. Are you actually saying that you put mexifood inside of dago noodles? Am I gonna have to call the UN about this fucking bullshit?

    Eating Mexitalian food causes a person to have the irresistible urge to surrender to the first American military unit that they come across.

  282. Cultural appropriation is what America is all about. We’ll take your native dishes, fuck them like the new guy on the cell block, and serve them out of a drive through in a paper sack.

  283. Screamin Sicilian is 3 times more expensive than any other frozen pizza, by weight.
    Little pizza, $8, I think not…

  284. Sure, it’s expensive Crispy. But it’s also delicious.

  285. Sure, it’s expensive Crispy. But it’s also delicious.

    This screams for a your mama joke, but I’m just not gonna reach down that low.

  286. Guess that’s one benefit of living in suburbia – I can have a REAL pizza delivered in 20 for $15. I even have my choice of goombahs to order from. I couldn’t tell you the last time I bought a frozen pizza. Ten or 12 years?

  287. Not enough goombahs in my corner of suburbia, I guess.

  288. Nearest pizza is 35 miles away, Domino’s. They don’t deliver out here.

  289. I’m lucky to have a decent local pizza place in town.

  290. I’ve got a wop from Brooklyn a mile away and another from the Bronx 2 or 3 miles in the other direction. Ray makes a better cheese steak. Sal makes a better falzon’s. The pizzas are about equal. It’s like Battle Of The Takeout Menus around here some weeks.

    Meh – who am I kidding? They’re probably brothers from Boca Raton using the same recipes and playing up the rivalry.

  291. Calzone. That’s a real friggin’ word, autocucumber. You bitch.

  292. Awwwwww, man. I was hoping to find out what a falzon’s was.

  293. The derp don’t ring
    And the sun refused to shine
    Never thought I’d have to pay so dearly
    For what was already mine
    For such a long, long time

  294. I’m so accustomed to being surrounded by all manner of Italian eateries that I just kind of assume they’ve taken over the rest of the country too.

    Good morning, dear hearts. How was your sleep? Can I get you anything?

    Houseguest was sick with a headcold all weekend and slept the entire time. She didn’t even eat anything for two days until I fixed her up some broth and a light meal last night. From the silence and lack of stirring downstairs it appears she’s calling out from work today, too.

  295. MMM in about 15 min.

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