Dead Mouse

This guy has a ton of mouse trap videos. A recent one hinted that YouTube was getting complaints about all the dead mice he was showing when the trap was effective. He was using wood shavings in the bucket in that video.

Ass tats are the new tramp stamps


This is why we trap mice


Flushed Away is good cinema


Underground Comix version of a lovable mouse


Between two kinds of cheese balls and the seafood au gratin prepared for New Years, I’ve had so much cheese in the last week or two I feel like a mouse. Blizzard today (Bombogenesis!) then back to the deep freeze. Happy Thursday!


  1. Off to the Toyota joint to get my oil changed and a new inspection sticker. It expired in September but I have dilly dallied and avoided getting it done. New year, new sticker color = easy cop stop.

  2. Car inspections are Police State shit. One thing MI really has going for it is that crap don’t fly here.

  3. Sirloin tip roast in the crock pot on high with some salt, pepper, and vinegar. Should pull apart in about 6 hours and then I can drain and season it and put it on low until dinner time.

  4. I’m on the fence with state vehicle inspections. Knowing the average Mainer they’d be driving a shit box with rust falling off as they crept down the road. Every 2 years would be better

  5. We have a lot of older cars on the road here, but so what? The ones that fall apart on their own get replaced. Mostly it means that work trucks can be used a decade longer here than elsewhere.

  6. I really don’t know if they do emissions testing in Maine. That was the feared part of the test when I lived in MA. They stuck some device in your tailpipe (SYWM) and you were at the mercy of the high school dropout running the machine.

  7. Sounds like a scam.

  8. wassssssuppppp RectoRotors?

  9. We have to deal with that bullshit in TX too. AZ was a basic emissions check every other year. Here they check a bunch of other stuff (acceleration and braking, lights, horn, the safety systems, even the fucking wiper blades) annually and check emissions through the OBD jack.

    There’s an awful lot of bureaucratic bullshit for such a “rock-ribbed” conservative state.

  10. I just looked at the ME inspection manual. 208 pages and no quick way to find the checklist.

    It was a scam. Not sure if they still do it the same way down in MA. With my Jeep Wrangler passing inspection always involved a mechanic tweaking my carburetor to fine tune some shit. Then going back a couple of weeks later when it kept stalling at idle.

  11. Will, my requirements for a carry permit are lighter than yours, I’ve checked. WTF TX?

  12. leon, MI uses so much salt that cars fall apart faster, so you don’t need inspections. Especially around Detroit.

  13. I like that GAB exists as the conservative counterpart to twitter. I have an account there that I never check. I followed a couple of sites. For the past few weeks I’ve been getting followed by “women” who are obviously pron/scammers. You can block them but I’ve had 3 or 4 of them. If it continues I’m outta there and it’ll be another failed experiment from my perspective.

  14. The roads have no load limits either, so there’s that. The salt is because of the mine. Someday it will run out, but until it does, it’s the cheapest way to deal with snow and ice. Hurts the roads and the cars (well, the domestic cars…), but it isn’t changing anytime soon.

  15. I remember driving on the interstate in Detroit back in the day. inches of salty slush all over the place.

  16. On the upside, our roads don’t stay icy for long if the salt trucks are out.

  17. What image do you see?

  18. Stayed up until 1:20 talking to Hannah and her bf – Truman. Yawn. wakey wakey

  19. So, The Truman Show?

  20. Still trying to get to know the young man my daughter is in love with. He seems rather smitten with her and (after a couple of drinks) declared his love for her several times and stated that he was going to be around for a long time.

    Now, you know … who know, right? But it is nice that he’s not some sort of relationship adverse jerk.

  21. Yes. The Truman show.

  22. Nice that he can talk to his girlfriends mother like that, too. I never did, specifically, just let actions speak for me.

  23. Averse.

  24. “Aversive” is an antonym for “attractive”. “Adverse” is a negative consequence from an otherwise desirable action.

  25. *sets out a bucket as a trap for leon

  26. use meat as the bait. you knew that.

  27. Hannah’s got a thing going where she wants me to hang out and talk with her friends. She wants me to take friday off and hang with some friends she’s having over.

    After how she was in high school (very secretive, never wanted me around, never spoke to me) … this is nice.

  28. I won’t fall in that until after 7pm.

  29. I don’t know why the TX CHL laws are such a mess. The very first version was tightly regulated, and there’s been no apparent hurry to relax the laws now that the “blood in the streets” argument has been proven to be the bullshit it always was.

    I moved out of AZ just as they were enacting constitutional carry in 2010. TX only enacted an open carry law in 2016.

  30. We lost power around 0400 so i took a shot of Nyquil and curled up under a blanket with the puppy. Woke up to an absolutely freezing house.
    Global warming is still falling hard. Almost a foot now, I think. Windy as Hell. 3 deaths that authorities know of so far.

  31. I lubricated your mom’s vent hole.

  32. I’m glad that this storm is finally severe, now that it has hit the east coast. At least according to the media.

    When it was in flyover country, it was another day that ends in Y.

  33. Bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb-o-genesis
    Bombogenesis! Oh, it’s our nemesis!
    Yeah we’ll be shiverin’ and shakin’, slippin’ and a-slidin’

  34. Having a hard time mustering sympathy for coastal “elites” with some cold weather myself.

  35. Where’s Pupster?

    With Jam?

  36. Any back up heat sources Chi?

  37. The fact that I’m actually even considering whether or not to get one of these is causing me great concern

    (same company making the animal face masks)

  38. Seriously? The I-R-motherfucking-S now claims dad’s 2014 taxes weren’t paid?

    Fucking money grubbing abusive fucktards…

  39. Claim he was an illegal. Problem solved.

  40. My stress level is finally descending, I was about to start moving forward, but I just can’t get anything put to rest so I can move on with my life, goddamn bloodsucking assholes why can’t this crap ever be settled…

  41. Nah, Jimbro. We coastal elites just burn stacks of $100 bills when necessary. And sometimes just for fun!


  43. Not filed or not paid? Big Difference. How much to make them go away?

  44. @ Chi

    So does this mean you’re not one of them “crazy” prepper types that has a plan for if the power goes out in the winter? How long til yer cell phone dies?

  45. Don’t know yet, don’t care, going to check records when I get home, I remember this getting done, this is bullshit, trying to get blood from a dead man, the IRS should be disbanded, imprisoned, and flogged…

  46. the IRS should be disbanded, imprisoned, and flogged…

    … hanged, drawn and quartered, tarred and feathered, iron maidened…

  47. BroCavil, hopefully the forms can be found from 2014.

  48. Jimbro, that viking hat is hysterical. Doesn’t look like a terribly hard thing to crochet.

  49. So I was told to start taking some Vit. D.
    Looked up where they make it from…cholecalciferol…

    “Vitamin D3 .. is formed naturally in the skin when exposed to sunlight, is present in significant levels in certain fish and eggs, and is also commercially made from lanolin washed from lambs’ wool.”

    WTF? I am allergic to lanolin. If I put on lotion or lip balm that contained lanolin, I will break out in tiny, itchy, blisters.

    Now what.

  50. j’bro the viking dealio is humorous

  51. B’Cav –

    i like leon’s remedy better

  52. Irradiated lanolin. I wonder if irradiating it changes the proteins in a way that doesn’t mess with allergic people.
    Kinda like the whole cross reactivity with pollens and certain foods. Example – family friend can’t eat apples but can eat apple sauce (which has been cooked).

    But maybe not since my allergy to lanolin is a true allergy.

  53. “swamp-ass commie jacktards”

    that should prolly be a new category

  54. There is a D supplement that is made from cod liver oil.

    We were just looking for it at Walmart.

    No gots.

  55. Cod liver oil is racist.

  56. Counting us there were about 4 people at Walmart.

    It’s about the only store open.

  57. Now what.


  58. I don’t really prep for winter power outages because it happens so infrequently. I do have a couple of these:
    but I didn’t think to get bottles for them this time.
    Worse case scenario, I head to a friend’s house for a bit.

    We prep for hurricane season outages, as that’s our normal annual concern. I once ran all my household elec needs during Isabel for eleven days off of a giant inverter connected to my diesel F250. 3 buddies that got flooded out stayed here the whole time.

  59. Glad we didn’t schedule a trip to visit our friends in Florida this week. It was 37º there this morning going up to a high of 54º. Beats the hell out of what we have, but we go there to be at the pool and out in the boat.

    Mare must be freezing her butt off.

  60. Or, some there parts too.

  61. scott, thanks. Going to see if anyone carries that around here.

    Leon, no can do this time o’ year. Though I did sit out on the deck – in my shorts – before the frigid cold set in. Temps ranged 40- low 60s. I’m sure there was a tiny bit of benefit as I started to see the band from my flip flops on my feet.

  62. Get a tanning membership at a gym. I’m serious. I did this a couple of years when my SAD was really bad and 6 minutes in the bed made a huge difference.

  63. there = other

  64. maybe like you new years avatar, HS?

  65. Jay, sober up. New Year’s Eve was four days ago.

  66. But I have to get rid of all this liquor!

  67. It doesn’t spoil.

  68. That’s why I’m putting all my money into mid-shelf vodka in glass bottles.

  69. LOL I can hear liberal heads exploding all over the fucking place.

  70. I did not know that The D was a lanolin byproduct. At one point I took a spoonful of cod liver oil which was barely tolerable. There was an orange or lemon flavor mixed with it which masked some of the fish taste. I finally gave that up and went with the capsules of fish oil. There’s also the Happy Light! made by Verilux

  71. Trump opens up offshore drilling AND reopens the investigation into Hillary’s email?

    Sorry, NoFap, but I’m only human…

  72. My penis can only get so erect.

  73. Trump is such an idiot. He’s so dumb and doesn’t know anything about anything but is also doing so many things that are so huge that we’re all going to die.

    Its gotta be hard to be a liberal right now.

    My micro penis can only get so big.

  74. Tanning beds and lights can make Vit. D?

    I’m going to nix the idea of a tanning bed. For people who tan to tan under those, I hear the risk of skin cancer is greater. Not that I would use it to tan…just no likey. I can find a cheaper way to get some D. SYgigglingWM

  75. The comments in the NYT article that Ace links are hilarious.

    When liberal heads explode it really makes a mess, because it explodes their colon too.

  76. Go to Texas for Big D, and Indiana for Little D.

    *starts the 4 hour timer, set to call Jimbro collect

  77. A meteor made of diamond flying at the speed of sound just bounced off of my Trumpboner.

    Please let it be true.

  78. You can make D under tanning lights, and you don’t need to actually get tan to do it. I needed it to beat the SAD those years, supplements weren’t cutting it.

  79. Beasn, I just ran out of a bottle of Bluebonnet brand D3 in the 2000 iu strength. It is made from deep sea fish liver oil. If you can’t find it at the store, they sell it on Amazon.

  80. Thanks, laura, I’ll look for that brand. What kind/how much magnesium did you say you took? Some scattered reading I’m doing says it probably is a good idea to take mag when you take D.
    Regardless, I am probably lacking that too. and need it.

  81. Please let it be true.

    Yes, let it be true and may Sessions not f*ck it up. Someone really needs to go to jail over this crap…you know, like what would happen to everyone else in the federal government had they ‘mishandled’ half of what Cankles did.
    If it were me or you, we would have been frogmarched to an FBI office or had our houses turned upside down with no warning.

  82. I try to take D in the morning, shut up you whores, 4000 iu per day, and magnesium at bedtime since it has a calming/sedative effect anyway. I’ve been taking Slow-Mag. Just one at night. less likely to cause the Milk of Magnesia thing to happen. I believe it does improve my sleep, when I remember to take it.

    I think the recommendation I read somewhere was if you are deficient, to take 2 slow-mag every day for a coupletree weeks to get you out of trouble, then go down to one per day for maintenance.

    I rarely remember to take vitamins regularly. They have to jump out and shake their tails at me to remember. Just has never been a lifelong habit.

  83. Why not 4001 Ds in the morning.

    Side note: That’s a lot of Ds.

  84. You’re telling me.

    *scuttles away, sideways crabwalk*

  85. Thank you. I can remember, most of the time, to supplement. Trick is to find something I can take. I always run into lanolin or coconut oil (also allergic) in vitamins.

    Okay, off to ice the shoulder and then PT. Ortho guy says they need to get aggressive with my frozen shoulder. Told me he wasn’t worried about my tendons. I almost think he didn’t believe me when I said it was my tendons that was causing pain and not the shoulder. I asked and he said not to worry about PT snapping them with aggressive therapy.

    Errm. Ookay.


  86. Slow Mag. Take it Easy!

    Great song by Foghat

  87. I take 5000 IU of D3 and 250mg of magnesium citrate. Regular magnesium was giving me loose 0bamas.

  88. 93 hours. Eating now so I won’t be busy with it when Possum comes back from the dentist.

  89. ” I believe it does improve my sleep, when I remember to take it.”
    Now if you could just find something to improve your memory….

  90. I hear D in the morning helps with that…

  91. Most women I know like D in the morning.

  92. LOL

    This is what we get for news around here. There’s been a helicopter overhead for about 45 minutes.

    I mean there’s fucking 8″ of snow on the ground. Why don’t they just fucking track it.

  93. The writing in that article, Hotspur, is horrendous. And repeating the title does NOT make a bigger impact other than to make me hate the writer more.

    It is cold here (FOR US), however, my constant hot flashing and chills have averaged out the temp to a nice 50-55 degrees.

    Also, I take my D in the morning unless I’ve hit the wine then it could be in the evening too. We are talking about sex, right?

  94. Listening to Joy Behar talk about President Trump’s state of mind is like listening to Michael Jackson give a talk on preventing pedophilia.

  95. HS, your link goes to a blog about Paris?

  96. WTF

    Try this.

  97. Ah. I think Jay would like the comments.


  99. It’s all a big Chik Fil A ad campaign.

  100. HAHAHAHA, There is a cow loose.

  101. Why don’t they just fucking track it.

    Have you ever tracked a cow? it’s not as easy as it looks. Plus they’re FIERCE!

  102. The Hamburglar is upping his game.

  103. I used to riff about cow hunting at vampire LARPs to see if I could get other players to crack up and break character.

    The hardest part of cow hunting – which must be done with a baseball bat – is evading the farmer afterward.

  104. Mare takes D via suppository.

    Just like your mom.

  105. Started a bunch more artichoke seeds today. They’ll germinate by the upstairs radiator then go under lights in the warm basement. Need to start them way early because I’m gonna try to do the thing where you start them way early then cold-shock the large seedlings outdoors in Spring to fool them into thinking they’ve been through a Winter, which will force bud production.

    This thing is gonna happen. One way or another.

    *flexes mighty hump*

  106. LOL The fucking helicopter is still up there. How much fuel do they hold?

  107. What is different about this storm? I’ve certainly seen far worse. But every place of business save a few big key supply stores was closed and the road plowing was shitty to nonexistent.

    Something has changed. People used to deal with this stuff far better and work through it.

  108. We have this going on in Ann Arbor too.

  109. “A total of 54 ovariectomies were completed last winter and the goal is to do a total of 26 this week.

    That’s to be followed by a lethal cull with a goal of killing up to 250 deer between Jan. 8 and Jan. 31.”

    LOL. So they are going to remove their ovaries and then kill them.

    Good plan.

  110. OMg, that is one of the stupidest things I’ve read since this morning. Why not do the cull first and then sterilize…….?

  111. Whadayaknow, they are finally selling Kinder eggs here in the states. They didn’t before because the toys have little parts and our kids shove them up their nose and die and then lawsuits.
    Our local grocery has a small pallet of them near the registers. Bought one for the toy. Had little pieces but was stupid.

    All protein/energy bars are on sale for a buck. Larabars are a nice, beasn, all natural, vegan, bland. Will buy more.

  112. So my regular PT person is still out sick, so I went with the man PT person. He gave me different things to do, including some strengthening. I may like this regimen better.
    I scheduled with him next week. Hope she doesn’t get mad.

  113. No, article says they’re tagging the ones they sterilize so that hopefully the hunters won’t cull those.

  114. It’s just a way to shuffle taxpayer money around. I wonder whose relative/fraternity brother owns that contract company? Keep an eye out for who gets a new SnoCat this winter.

  115. No, article says they’re tagging the ones they sterilize so that hopefully the hunters won’t cull those.

    Ladies and gents, AA city gooberment.

  116. That reminds me of the sterilizing of the cats in Venice.

  117. Trump need to challenge Bannon to a duel using twitter.

    At dawn sir, 1911 45, single round, cocked and locked, 50 paces, white house front lawn.

  118. No shit about the storm panic. Same thing here. Businesses closed up early, state gov’t, outpatient clinics, etc. Paula got a mass text from the ER administration asking evening/night nurses to come in and stay at the attached hotel so they’d be there for their shift (thankfully she is off today).

  119. My vehicle didn’t pass inspection so no sticker. Rust holes in the frame. Apparently this is a recall/warranty item

    They will pay for a rental truck for as long as it takes to get the job done. The service rep said it could be up to a month. I had a bunch of stuff in my truck that I didn’t want to transfer over in the snow and wind in a parking lot so I’m going in next week to get my rental.

    Part of me thinks it’s a scheme to get me used to a deluxe new truck and feel regret when I resume driving my paid for truck with 145,000 miles on it. And who’s kidding who, those holes have probably been there for a while and they’ve been working through their backlog of repairs to the point where mine was finally selected for the work.

  120. Where is oso? She likes critters with fingers.

  121. i’ve got a couple of friends here with toyota pickups that had the repairs done –

    they put brand new frames under the trucks, along with brand new brake lines, cables, etc

    your truck will be good for another 200k +/- the motor

  122. Jimbro has discovered the brilliance of dealers giving free loaners. It’s marketing.

  123. Hospitals here and in GA are overwhelmed with flu and pneumonia cases. One FB friend with pneumonia told, “We’d keep you here, but there’s no empty beds.” Another is at the ER with her mother and reports people with flu on gurneys (she said stretchers, but I think she meant gurneys) in the halls.

  124. A new frame? Holy smokes.

  125. Sterilized feral cats have use to society, by keeping the rodent population in check. Deer are just oversized rats with better PR. Shoot them.

  126. Tasty oversized rats.

  127. My Tundra was on the recall list, they just inspected it and reapplied the rustproofing paint, no new frame. I traded it in soon after that.

  128. I’m supposed to “give” it to Boy 2 in 2 years and get a new one. We’ll see! He’s a good kid, I will …

  129. Can you convert the recall work for cash?

    If your truck had a 10K trade in value it should be close to 25K now.

  130. I doubt it. Getting the dealer to agree to that might be too much of a struggle. “Take the fix or leave it” on a 11 year old truck which, by the way, can’t pass inspection without the repair. I’m actually very happy with the truck. The only amenity it’s missing that I miss from my old Nissan Pathfinder is interval wipers. I’ve considered springing for a used car for the boy so I can keep it. We’ll see as the time approaches.

  131. “Having a hard time mustering sympathy for coastal “elites””

    You have a miniature pony.

  132. Re: flu/pneumonia
    Last time I saw my regular PT, she wasn’t feeling well. Had a cough and was eating cough drops like candy…said they were upsetting her stomach.
    She’s been out a week and a half. When the office called me to reschedule, they said she had URI and her family all had the stomach ‘flu’.
    Hmm…I really don’t want this sh*t.

  133. if someone was gonna put a new frame in my pickup, I’d let them.

  134. if someone was gonna put a new frame in my pickup, I’d let them.

    There’s a Your Mom joke in there somewhere, but I can’t make it work.

  135. You’re an accident waiting to happen
    You’re a piece of derp left in a beach
    Well, you tell me things I know you’re not supposed to
    Then you leave me just out of reach

  136. Dad gave me some wine and beer after Christmas that is sitting out on the porch. Going down to below zero in the next couple days. Below what temperature do beer bottles explode?

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