MMM 305: New Year, Old You

Let’s face it, you’re not going to change.  You’ll wimp out, make excuses, and stop trying to improve yourself sometime around Thursday of this week, assuming you were “resolved” (HA!) to do anything of the sort.  That’s just the kind of person you are.  And that’s okay, right?  I mean it kind of has to be, since it’s essentially set in stone.

Did that make you mad?  Make you want to object, say something angry to me and possibly about my mother?   Good.  That’s anger, the good kind.  You gotta be so disgusted with the way things are that you’ll utterly refuse to accept it, and anger is an essential part of that.  Use that.  Be enraged at the schlub you don’t want to be, and kick that bad crap out of your life and yourself.

Do girls still get bellybutton jewelry, or is that finally going out of style?


Smart girl glasses.


The third frame makes this hilarious to me.


Socks would be better.  I feel misled.


This is so much better than the “how did Jabba put on the Leia outfit?” cosplays I’ve seen.  Also a nice throwback to before all the fan-fiction became canon.


I’m given to understand that this woman is a mother of multiple chillrens.


If this woman has chillrens, I’m unaware of it.


Ginger bonus points.


Now back to winter.


Happy New Year!


  1. Best poat so far this year.

  2. Gyms are going to be crowded as fug today. There won’t be an open bench press station anywhere if Monday=Chest Day holds.

  3. I need to find a new Pilates video for today.

    And Good Morning! This must be the first New Year’s Day MMM, right?

    I need to record this weather in my garden journal today so I will remember how my artichoke plants on the porch died. If they die. We’ll see. I brought two indoors last week as insurance against a total loss. I think I’ll bring them down to the grow light table in the basement that I haven’t used in a few years.

    Maybe this year will be the year it finally all works out?

  4. It might be the first, I’d have to look.

    No garden for me this year unless the septic appeal fails. I’ve got a pretty bad cough right now, so my first workout of the year will probably be tomorrow.

  5. I might try and take a walk, though, just to get fresh air.

  6. Really REALLY fresh, lol. Teach those nostril hairs who’s boss.

  7. Minus 11 this morning. This is getting old.

  8. 9 here, going to get up to 14. I haven’t left the house since Saturday.

    I really wish I’d built that sauna. I have to make one at the new place. Sorta toying with the idea of combining it with a cold smoker at the other end, assuming you can build a sauna around a woodstove.

  9. Our temp here has rocketed to +1!! One degree! WOOOOOOO!!!

    IN YOUR FACE, Iowa, Maine, and Michigan!! YEAH!

    I’d do a victory lap but I’m afraid my toes will shatter.

  10. Oh shit, it’s warmer in MICHIGAN?

    I withdraw that state from the ‘in your face’ list. Damn.

  11. Happy New Year, Hostages?

    Not a fan of the oversized butt. (REALLY not a fan of butts that look like someone glued on a Buick edgewise. Yes I’ve seen those.)

  12. I’d only class a couple of these butts as “oversized”, but I’m admittedly a preferrer of the larger-than-historically-desirable posterior.

  13. It’s going to be a great year!!

  14. About 10 minutes before midnight Paula’s phone rang. The oldest boy was calling to say he was pulled over. (To his credit he was heading home because the group he was supposed to be spending the night with were heading out drinking, legally, in bars). Unfortunately he was going 50 in a 25mph zone. Bangor cops sit by the edge of the road leaving town and it’s like shooting fish in a barrel for them. He lucked out with a verbal warning because either a) he was sober and they were looking for drunks or b) all the paperwork in the car (registration, insurance) has Paula’s name on it and she knows most of the cops socially from the crossfit gym or coming in to the ER with psych patients or drunks. She half wished he got a ticket to learn himself a lesson since he’s a habitual speeder. As predicted he was giving rationalizations this morning of why he didn’t get a ticket not based in reality. Sooner or later I guess…

  15. Happy New Year, Hostages!

    14 degrees here, brrrr.

  16. *wonders when the first mention of Hoppin’John will occur*

  17. I’ve made the pork with sauerkraut thing before and it’s good that day. As a leftover? Not so good.

  18. 3 here, but it’s had a few hours to warm up.

  19. Ham and black-eyed peas planned for later, so Hoppin John without the rice.

  20. This is the one time of the year I watch HGTV, for the Rose Parade. I gotta look up what channel it is.

  21. WTF is Hoppin’ John?

  22. the grow light table in the basement that I haven’t used in a few years.

    You are not fooling anybody, pothead.

  23. Sauerkraut with ham bubbling on the stove, I have two nice pork roasts but I didn’t want to use them with the kraut, nobody likes it but me. I need to come up with a good pork roast rub with what I have on hand.

  24. Chuck roast in slow cooker with an au jus packet a ranch dressing packet, butter and banana pepper slices.

    “This is gunna be great!!”

  25. A balmy 24 degrees here. We had cold weather a few weeks ago.

  26. Sounds good Mare.

    I made a seafood casserole last night. We’ll be eating leftovers for a couple of days off of that. I had a bacon potato corn chowder in the works but we’ll hold on that because of the surplus in the fridge.

  27. Hoppin John is black-eyed peas and rice, traditionally eaten for good luck on New Year’s Day. Mom would make “black-eyed peas for pennies, collard greens for dollars” with some kind of pig meat, usually ham but sometimes pork chops.

  28. I’ve never heard of it, must not be an Irish or “Dutch” thing.


  30. It’s a Southern thing.

  31. Today is the start of a 14 day challenge at our gym, so apparently I’m low-carbing. It’s basically paleo, but they’re calling it low carb. whatever.

  32. I am pleased that Gary Sinise is grand marshall of the Rose Parade. He supports vets, and he doesn’t appear to be batshit crazy. Mr. RFH commented that he must be a safe pick and not one of the Weinstein groper crowd.

  33. Heh

  34. Ah, none of me is Southern in any sense. Culturally or genetically.

    Okay, 1 Iberian ancestor 7-8 generations back, but that’s about as close as it gets. I don’t even have any family that have moved there and stayed.

  35. Awwwww, that doggie with the horsie is precious!!!!

  36. My recipe is called, “Mississippi pot roast.”

  37. That chick with the pink Lu Lu Lemons looks to be all of about 14. Gross.

  38. Somehow I didn’t die last night. I’m not sure how.

  39. I had a nasty headache most of the night, so I’m moving slowly this morning. Plan today is change the oil in the truck, laundry, and a run later today.

  40. Happy New Year!

  41. Relax, Chi, she’s of age:

  42. I’m shedding bacteria again, I think. The cough is winding down and the sneezing/congestion/snot has started. Sick twice in the last month. Must be stress or all the junk I ate between birthday and Christmas.

  43. Found a couple packs of the old ‘Sunshine Mix’ gazania flowers a couple days ago at Home Depot. I’m pretty psyched to get them started in March! Grew this strain years ago and absolutely loved them. They are dazzling.

    Will have to be for the new front yard bed where it’s much more sunny, hot, and dry in Summer.

  44. I was sent a verra nice seed catalog a few weeks ago. Going to order some of those large snapdragons and some cleomes.

  45. the old ‘Sunshine Mix’

  46. I love cleomes.

  47. PJM’s got the Goat Curtains up.

  48. -1 here.

    Birds emptied all the seed out of the feeder again. I’m thinking they* do it to spread it around for everyone so there is less friction while feeding.

    *sparrows seem to be the only ones doing this….probably because more of them hang out together than the cardinals, juncos, finches, and doves.

  49. LOL I miss her.

  50. HAHA…silly ol’ pothead laura.

  51. Happy gastrointestinal distress day!

  52. Haha. Happy New Year, MCPO.

  53. Happy New Year Master Chief! Don’t be such a stranger!

  54. I fasted last night so no distress here. Except tired. Erin had a horde of micreants over last night.

    I think I have enough evidence that this will be the last time.

  55. Good intro to the new season of Lapeer Creek.

    Evidence like what will piss-off Pat or like what will get you shanked in the holding cell?

  56. Also Hoard of Miscreants is a shitty rap name.

  57. Carin’s a tease about the next Lapeer Creek scripts.

  58. A lot of empty seats for the Outback Bowl in Tampa. That state up north doesn’t like to travel? Maybe more into basketball this time of year?

  59. Everybody is at Erin’s house getting wasted?

  60. Someone’s pregnant?

  61. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

  62. Probably just loud and obnoxious.

  63. I bought Horde of Miscreants’ first two albums, and saw them live at Gathering of the Juggalos. I’m over that phase of my life. Mostly.

  64. bing’s home page is adorable.

  65. … I have enough evidence …

    Physical evidence? Like what, empty liquor bottles, condom wrappers and burn marks on the coffee table?

  66. Carin likes to drop these bombs then leaves everyone guessing.

  67. She needs to be paddled.

  68. Horde of miscreants were very (fucking) loud and I found beer cans in the basement.

    Also, one person was told he couldn’t bring friends (who Erins didn’t know and didn’t want here) and called Erin all sorts of nasty names, then showed up later then drove through one of my gardens.

  69. Erin was apologizing LAST night for it to me.

  70. Not the garden, just the event. The garden thing happened later.

    She just doesn’t understand testosterone at all.

  71. 30 carbs seems a little low. Plus, I like to worry about net carbs more than total. But perhaps because I’m a cheating cheater.

  72. Hahaha. That sucks, car in, but it’s still kind of funny.

    “Mom, I don’t know what happened! I don’t understand why they were so stupid!”

    “You invited teenaged boys over. What did you think was going to happen?”

  73. Seriously, she has NO clue. Boys are insane. They shouldn’t be allowed to gather in groups larger than 3.

  74. MCPO!!!

  75. When my boys were this age – at least THEY were here to keep some sort of … not exactly piece, but a bit of control. I told her last night that since she doesn’t have a boyfriend or similar, there is simply none that are “responsible” enough to keep the assholes at bay.

    She tried to get her friend Brian to do that last night (he’s got a girlfriend – and they are all bud) but that dude seriously … no. He couldn’t take control of a gaggle of chickens if he had feed in his hand.

  76. Where are their parents?

  77. Or one of my favorites: he couldn’t lead kindergartners to the playground.

  78. The boy at issue comes from what we call in the business “a bad home.”

  79. I gotta go to fucking work now.

  80. Erin all sorts of nasty names, then showed up later then drove through one of my gardens.

    This scenario sounds like the something a 17 year old Pupster might have been involved in, but I’d have done donuts in the garden.

    Did I tell you guys my “whipping shitties” story?

  81. Why do donuts in the garden? Just eat them inside, like normal people.

  82. I thought reading my pig-raising book today would be safe, but man, the butchering/curing/smoking chapter has left me starving.

  83. I broke down and signed up for a one week free trial of Sling TV.

    I haz ESPN!

  84. I took monster to the shop and they gave me a loaner car. I parked it in the shared garage and let my landlady know via text it was a loaner, she parks on the other side.

    Her text response was “Lets Whip some Shitties!”

  85. I am making some kickass Meatzza.
    Good way to start the year.

  86. So I killed my battery trying to start the truck the other day.

    Will any harm be done if I try to start it while it’s still hooked up to a battery charger?

  87. no scott, won’t hurt the charger.

  88. if it starts, you should unhook the charger. Alternator puts out more amps than the charger anyway.

  89. ESPN, for all their warts, has the best college football coverage.

  90. Thanks, Jay. Going to wait until tomorrow when we get up to a balmy 20 degrees.

  91. I’m charging the van, too. Remote start didn’t work last night, battery was dead. Hoping it just lost charge when the door got opened by mistake.

  92. Whip shitties?? Do tell, Frozen Pupster.

    Carin, since the ground was frozen I assume there was no damage to the garden? Or did the shitheel hit any shrubs? Grrr

    *makes stabby-stabby gestures*

  93. 4 pounds of cranberries into 5 gallons of wheat beer, mmmm.

  94. During one of my Christmas parties around 10 years ago a nurse drove in my front garden which was mostly shrubs. No damage that I could tell in the spring. Another person drove off the edge of the driveway and needed a tow. Good times.

  95. wow, UCF is gonna finish undefeated.

  96. Good game

  97. Notre Dame game had an amazing ending. The jerks won.

  98. “Whip some shitties” is a local colloquialism for doing donuts, usually in a field or lawn with big rooster-tails of sod and dirt.

    I had to look it up.

  99. High today and tomorrow is going to be 27 degrees. Lows of 22 and 23, respectively.

    We’re not used to this kind of cold!

    Had to forego our annual NYE party at friend’s house due to moisture on the roads. It’s not that we can’t drive in those conditions (we can), it’s all of those other idiots out on the roads that we don’t trust….

  100. I saw footage of multiple cars off the road in Texas this morning on the news. Not worth going in the ditch or worse.

  101. Whip some shitties

    And another category is born

  102. Around here people call that a ‘Lawn Job.’ When it’s a malicious act to someone’s sod.

  103. That UCF team is the real deal!

    Who was super happy with this win?



  105. The wailing and gnashing of teeth of the Auburn fans is fun to watch.

    UCF has a one-handed player. Kid kicks ass with sacks and a fumble recovery. They showed him with a prosthetic, bench pressing 260. He doesn’t play with the prosthetic, though, it was just a rig for him to do his exercises.

  106. You’ve got to hand it to him – that’s pretty impressive.

  107. Whose turn is it to kick Chi’s bottom?

  108. Pups, haaaahahhhha

  109. Shaquem Griffin

    His twin brother plays for the Shehawks

  110. They said Shaquem was inspired by Jim Abbott.

  111. Happy New Year, Hostages. Maybe this is the year that we finally get a troll.


    Do you think the winning side got a free beer and nachos?

  113. Interesting analysis.

    Posted by John Ringo on Monday, January 1, 2018

    If it doesn’t work for non-FB users, let me know, and I’ll cut and paste the whole thing.


  115. That was interesting, roamy. Who is that guy?

  116. There’s a John Ringo who is an author with a shit ton of sci fi books out there.

  117. If he is an author I read his Monster Hunter International offering.

    I enjoyed it.


  119. What Jimbro said. He’s a sci fi author.

  120. Very interesting, if true, Romacita.

  121. L to R

    Pupster, Lauraw

  122. The MFM is too hung up on resist we much and white rental vans to pay any attention.


  124. Andy must be very happy right now.

  125. You spelled drunk wrong.

  126. I am impressed with sling tv. Really good picture and no buffering.

    I will probably keep it.

  127. I finally got Dan to Netflix Peaky Blinders. RL friend started with his UCF BS and now it is all football. Go dawgs

  128. Whatever roamy linked, I cannot see. What am I missing?

  129. My son set our teevee up with netflix. He binged watched The Office while he was here.
    Saw some Stranger Things and part of one Godless.

  130. Work sucky sucky’d.

  131. Okay, this is hilarious, if true.
    Shades of “The Arms of Krupp.”

  132. Beasn, I linked it on your Faceplant page.

  133. I liked Godless. Ending was rushed, but the whole program was well done.

  134. That was really good, roamy. Thanks.

  135. ^^^What Isaac said.^^^

  136. I keep hearing good things about that show. I’ll have to check it out.

    Been reading Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy. I’m almost done with the second book, The Crossing. He’s become one of my favorite authors over the past year or so.

  137. I thought for sure some of y’all would be throwing out more hand puns. Sorry to assume any of you were as simple as I am.

  138. Heh, sous vide bacon, nice

  139. Can you derp it
    See it coming
    Just enough to tell a story bout a
    Portrait of a
    Young girl waiting for the ending of an era

  140. Minus 9 degrees this morning. After 10 whole days off getting the kids up and ready for school is as fun as you’d imagine. Paula picked up a shift 11-7 today and other than being on call I’ve got nothing booked today. Probably should do some cleaning around the house. Later, yeah, later today!

  141. I fell asleep before the Alabama-Clemson game reached the end of the first quarter. Lotta good bowl games yesterday!

  142. I went to bed at 730 and slept until 530.

    Thanks, Nyquil!

  143. Alright, I’m gonna do a Tuesday post with a funny meme I saved.

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