Merry Christmas



The special relationship means Brits can show up here


Christmas Monday is still a Monday IYKWIM



  1. If I had to guess the you’re in “you’re choice” was a gift to the grammarians among us

  2. Or at least folks looking for low-hanging fruit shitposts. Like yrs. trly.

  3. Plow finally arrived to dig us out. I’m not sure how much we got but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a foot.

  4. Back to work in the AM. Just not feeling it. Hopefully my patients aren’t either and we have no shows. No one wants to be there but we’ll all make awkward conversation about how everyone’s Christmas was. I usually go with the big smile “GREAT!” “Yours?” Maybe I’ll switch it up and tell a tall tale of drunken mall Santas showing up thinking the party was here and how the pepper spray was ineffective so I had to break out the .357 S&W.

  5. Offer to show them your mistletoe thong.

  6. Heh, that will be used tomorrow. Only if the right people are in the room. You need to maintain decor with the new ones to make sure they’re not moles who are gonna rat you out.

  7. Merry Christmas, Hostages! I’ve had a wonderful day with my family and friends and your mom.

  8. Paula is driving with a friend to Boston tomorrow to drop the friend’s 19 year old daughter off to a trip to Norway. 0400 wake up for me. Going to visit a kid she met on a chat room for the first time. In a foreign country. Haven’t I seen this movie before? I told Paula the kid is probably part of a Muslim rape gang. She tried talking sense into her friend to no avail. Whatevs, some people are their own worst enemies. Time to dream of figgy pudding and stakes of holly through hearts, talk amongst yourselves.

  9. Paula’s friend is an idiot.

  10. Comment by Brother Cavil on December 25, 2017 7:54 pm

    Post nice things about baby Jesus, or talk shit about xbrad – you’re choice

    So you’re saying I’m not “choice”?

  11. I’m prime.

  12. Jimbro’s Monday link is excelente.

  13. I want to play babalu on dat ass…

  14. She seems nice.

  15. Sundance at CTH is having a good Christmas;

    Yeah, if you’re a professional politician and some damn outsider “businessman” waltzes in here and fixes things that you couldn’t, what good are you?

  16. I am not sure if I should be discussing politics on a day of cheer. Ignore me if you don’t care.

    I have been reading about news items speculating that the DOJ Office of Inspector General is about to drop a metric shit load of evidence about senior DOJ/DBI leadership conspiring (presumably with top Democrat operatives) to first derail the campaign of, and then derail the Presidency of Trump.
    This is a pretty standard article that covers a lot of ground:

    Now, I certainly want the whole load of these bastards rot in jail, and making Hillary wear a striped pant-suit will be cherry on top. But what if Obama (or Bill Clinton) is found complicit, and they try to send him to jail?

    Here, the waters get murky. We do not have a precedent for an ex-President going to jail. I am not saying that the left and right have any bonds today, but this will tear the nation apart like nothing else since 1860s. Democrats, and especially blacks, will refuse to believe that the sentence is just. They will go to their graves believing that Republicans couldn’t stand a black president, and brought him down, because they did not want him in the history books. It does not matter whether they would be right or wrong. A lot of centrist and right leaning people will be uneasy about this, though not in the same side as Dems.

    I am not saying that the rule of law should be subverted to avoid this. I am just wondering what will happen if this comes to pass.

    What was that ancient Chinese blessing/curse – May you live in interesting times.

    Interesting times indeed.

  17. Excellent article, ChrisP. I’m really hoping they can actually drain part of the swamp.

  18. I’m hoping and praying part of the swamp gets flushed. Love him or hate him, Trump is needing some of those prayers to get ‘er done….and stay safe.

  19. Tushar, I love the piggy and kitten pikshur.

  20. Romacita, if you’re around, I sent you the graph for the Tardis blanket. This past Thursday. Receipt says it should be there tomorrow, if you haven’t gotten it already.

  21. It’s still snowing here like a muthafucka. Temps are going to be in the mid teens to below zero for the next ten days. I keep polluting my ass off but global warming just won’t cooperate.

  22. And Merry Christmas, everybody.

  23. Mr. B and I bought a 50 inch teevee for Christmas. Couldn’t find or turn off the SAP on the Walmart cheapo we bought last year, so upgraded.

    His parents gave us some monies, which we will share with the kids, and I crocheted his mom a cover for her sofa. Goofy woman sits down there all cold but refuses to break out her throws to keep some heat in.
    “Hey, you look cold. I’ve got a couple of warm throws upstairs you can use.”…..”No, no, I have some in my closet”. o_O

    And…Church handed out copies of ‘Finding True Happiness’ by Archbishop Fulton Sheen at Christmas mass.

    Later taters. Hoping I can sleep more than a couple of hours as my shoulder still sucks. Debating on getting a cortisone shot. The thought skeers me.

  24. Angels from the realms of glory
    Stars shone bright above
    Royal David’s city
    Was bathed in the light of love
    Jesus Christ was born today
    Jesus Christ was born
    Jesus Christ was born today
    Jesus Christ was born
    Lo, they did rejoice
    Fine and pure of voice
    And the derp shall fail
    And the right prevail
    Jesus Christ was born today
    Jesus Christ was born
    Jesus Christ was born today
    Jesus Christ was born
    And we’re gonna get born now

  25. Comment by Scott on December 25, 2017 8:56 pm

    Paula’s friend is an idiot.
    No disagreement there. She is a friend from her youth and over the last 5 years or so Paula has spent less time with her. She is a person who defines “poverty mindset”. Too many stories to tell.

  26. Boxing Day

  27. First Day of Kwanzaa

  28. Patton’s troops reach Bastogne

  29. Jimbro departs for work

  30. wakey wakey

    Many Christmas visit cancellations yesterday. My boys made it up, but one wrecked the front of his car.

    What else? Umn. Nothing. I got a bunch of pylons for Christmas.

  31. I got a new set of Hand-made pottery pylons from Bennington Vermont. These:

    I’ve gotten a few pieces here and there through the years. Now I have 10 plates and a huge serving platter. I lurve them.

  32. NO ONE CAN USE THEM. They’re just for looking at.


  33. Early to work on Boxing Day
    On Boxing Day, On Boxing Day
    Early to work on Boxing Day
    But I’d rather sleep in this morning!

  34. *whistles*
    Nice plates! I bet food tastes amazing on them.

  35. I got a new book for Christmas.

    Meaning, I bought it for someone, then realized I didn’t need to give it to anyone, so I’m keeping it.”Lenin” by Victor Sebestyen. I got my bil the new Anne Applebaum book on the starving of the Ukraine. That one got great reviews. I may purchase that one with some of the gift cards I received 😉

  36. *whistles*
    Nice plates! I bet food tastes amazing on them.

    I bet it would. Too bad we’ll never know. …

    (we actually used them last night and yes, the food was 500% better)

  37. The good thing is now Pat has gift giving ideas for years to come as he works to complete the set.

  38. Good morning all.

    Coffee and internetting, then some daughter time while wife feeds animals, then I gotta go dig us out of all of this white sh*t.

    Then I’m roasting the prime rib none of us was hungry enough for yesterday.

  39. I gotta teach Moose how to clear snow.

  40. *Bennington Potters discontinues Classic Dinnerware line…….*

  41. Tie a snow shovel to his tail and take him out for play and treats. Let the wagging do the job. Though keeping him focused on the target area may be a challenge, I suspect.

  42. I was picturing Moose coming in out of the snow and shaking all over the house.

  43. They’ve made that stuff forever. If they discontinue it, Pat would have to up his buying timeline …

  44. The snowballs stick to his fur, and since that coat insulates so well, i’ll find snowballs still on his butt 20 minutes after coming into the house.

  45. My sil has a friend with a Great Pyrenees she’s trying to rehome. We’re still thinking it over.

  46. Moose on my feet, Oschi beside me. I may be stuck here a while.

  47. After we move I’m planning on a plow for the F150. Or for the tractor I’m going to need someday.

  48. A Great Pyrenees…that’s the missing piece of the puzzle. That is exactly what your home needs. My God, how did we not detect this earlier? It’s all so crystal clear.

    You’re short about 100 pounds of dog.

    Hey, just an aside, why do they call them Pyrenees? Do they start fires?

    Maybe think this one over a bit more carefully. You might fill your deficient dog status with, like, 5 corgis instead. Corgis don’t start fires.

  49. Corgis would disappear in the snow.

  50. Paula sees the Facebook page of the breeder we got Rowan from and gives me updates now and then. Rowan’s mother Mandy is going to be bred one last time and then she’s retiring from baby making. She’s their last red bitch so no more red dogs from them unless they find a new one. I asked Paula if she wanted Rowan to have a new sibling and she said only 2 dogs at a time.

  51. Benny disappears into snow, then comes in encrusted.

  52. Eldest brother’s corgi is suffering from age. 10 years old, and this year diabetes, cancer, and cataracts, poor thing.

  53. I think I misspoke. I believe the actual breed is a Great Pyloneese.



  56. The dog is three years old and is used to change because it’s lived at the girl’s house and the parents house (different “owners”). I need more information.

  57. I got a desktop weather pylon, now I know how bad it is going to suck before I open the door.



  60. Leon, hopefully this spring we’re buying a serious tractor. We need it to clear crap out of the woods, and plowing snow in the winter is an added bonus.

  61. I mostly want one for earth, snow, and equipment moving. None of the farming I want to do on that land will ever require tilling, and I’m hoping to keep the “lawn” area fairly small, so I shouldn’t need one to mow. Some of the larger chicken- and other livestock- tractors I’m considering might need one to pull them around.

  62. Liberals are losing their damn minds over the White House magnolia being taken down. It’s a 200-year-old tree, it’s rotten, and it can’t be saved. 99.9999% of them couldn’t have told you there was a magnolia planted by Andrew Jackson at the White House before this story appeared. But Melania is a bitch for ordering it to be taken down and replaced with one of its seedlings. Sheesh.

  63. Magnoliagate

  64. It’s a 200-year-old tree, it’s rotten, and it can’t be saved.

    Now there’s some symbolism for you…

  65. Pups, I wasn’t sure where that turnip deal was heading but I liked the ending!

  66. Christmas was very nice – plus or minus the flu like virus that swept thru

  67. I hope youse’ll’s all had a marvelous Baby Jesus BDay day –


  69. Thinking of a hot toddy and a nap.

  70. Oh yay, depression…

  71. Shoveling snow in 9º temperature sucks. My fingers are numb.

  72. I’m pretty sure Shameless is secretly the most conservative show on TV. Especially this season.

  73. I shoveled for 2 hours and broomed off the cars and trucks. On an empty stomach. Toughen up.

  74. Try using a shovel next time.

  75. Shameless is disgusting. I channel surfed on it and saw what looked like a 16 year old boy doing what looked like a 14 year old girl doggy style both completely naked she’s indifferent and he’s talking about something stupid during and I felt dirty for seeing that scene, I figured it’s just cable porn as usual crap.

  76. Shovels are for the ground, the big push broom is for getting 8″ of snow off a Venza.

  77. ^^^ new Mare’s musing.

  78. That was about 2 years ago.

  79. It’s disgusting, but it fits. The general theme is how much these people fuck up their lives with bad decisions. Drug use, excessive drinking, promiscuity, petty criminal acts, etc. They make bad choices which keep them poor.

    Meanwhile, it also pokes fun at white urban liberals. This season, one of the characters volunteers at his son’s private school PTA (the kid was admitted on scholarship because he’s mixed race and the school wanted to show how “diverse” they are) and the mothers have the hots for him because he works with his hands and isn’t afraid of manual labor, unlike the other wealthier dads who don’t know how to change their own oil.

  80. -1 at high noon.

  81. It’s supposed to go to -3º tonight. High for tomorrow is 13º. Supposed to pretty much stay this way for a week.

  82. ^^^ new Mare’s musing.

  83. Returned gift that needed to be returned (amazon, arrived non-functioning).

  84. I think today is a do not much day. I’ve read a lot this morning, visited with Hannah and her boyfriend for a bit. Went and got Erin paint for her bedroom. Crossfit later, then leftovers. Tonight – the Christmas episode of Dr Who. I was too tired last night to enjoy it.

  85. Ha! Pupster, that gif is stupid funny.

  86. Making split pea soup with the hambone from Christmas dinner. I didn’t get the Instapot for Christmas so stove top will have to do for now.

  87. Where is that cauliflower recipe? I just started baking the florets and now I can’t find the whole recipe.

  88. NM, found it

  89. Hotspur, check out grapefruit moon gallery – all one word – .com.

    I just picked up a bunch of stuff for them.

  90. Jeff Flake is a c$nt and Brad Thor retweeting him puts Thor on the c&nt list.

  91. Warning light came on today, it looks like my alternator is croaking.

    The day before the Ice Age hits.

    Just perfect.

  92. I’ve had grapefruitmoongallery bookmarked for years. I bought a bunch of stuff from them many years ago. Not so much anymore, I’m trying to get rid of stuff.

  93. Plus they’ve evolved into a much higher priced gallery. They used to have things that normal people could actually afford.

  94. colex, I’m glad I’m not the only one making the Shameless connection. They are trying to make conservatives dirty.

  95. Prime rib in oven. Could take hours, so I’m making some bacon and eggs.

  96. I didn’t know Scott and Laura are visiting Denver

  97. Patriots signed James Harrison.

  98. I wonder if he’ll play Scott. Their defense has been rocked with injuries so there’s a chance. Could also be Belichick wanting a chance to coach an All-Pro (and get some insight into the Steelers defense at the same time)

  99. I didn’t know that Florida had a city named Denver…

  100. 2 question Harrison interview:
    1. Do you feel like the Steelers disrespected you?
    b. Do you want payback?

  101. I have improvements for the cauliflower bake. It’s freakin’ delicious but you know how it is, gild the lily. Gild that bastard lily within an inch of its life!

    First of all, it makes too little. Two people can eat it all up in one sitting and feel ashamed of themselves. There needs to be leftovers, so that we can stuff but still feel virtuous. The whole recipe needs to be doubled. Then, add 1/2 teaspoon ground dry mustard powder and 4 ozs. cream cheese to the cheese sauce. I would like it a little creamier, and with another savory note.

    I might just think that because I left out the hot sauce, though.

  102. It’s a brilliant move.

    I can’t believe Pittsburgh risked this.

  103. brilliant for who?

  104. Co-worker fighting stage 4 colon cancer had paracentesis (sp?) procedure done right before Christmas. Pulled 5 liters of fluid, but apparently it helps with the liver and the havoc the tumors are causing there. He looks terrible, but at least he was home and with family yesterday. If you could say a prayer or send up warm thoughts for Chip, I would appreciate it.

  105. Even if Harrison doesn’t play a snap, Bill Belichick is living rent free in Mike Tomlin’s head from now till (hopefully!) the AFC Championship game

  106. For the Superbowl bound NE Patriots.

    He may still have some gas in the tank, and nobody knows the Pitt defense better than him.

  107. Your spelling is correct Roamy. He has my good healing thoughts. That’s a rough diagnosis for him but at least he was with his family this Christmas.

  108. Jimbro, thank you. February will be 4 years since he was diagnosed, and I’m afraid he’s not going to last that long.

  109. I’m of the mind that if I’m ever hit with a stage 4 diagnosis, I’m probably going to get my affairs in order, make my goodbyes, and check out by my own hand. Of course that’s really easy for me to say now, but I can’t see putting myself and the family through the deteriorate till in a coma end. But ultimately I just want to check out with some dignity. Scary stuff to think about…

  110. Ugh, 4 years of cancer. My MIL went through that, wouldn’t wish it on Obama.

  111. It’s freezing outside : -2 and I had to take out the garbage. My toes are frozen.

    Prayers for Chip.

  112. That Bennington Potters stuff is really good Carin. We’re still in the kids breaking dishes and hoping we don’t notice phase. Can’t see us getting any. My mom tried giving me her wedding china about 5 years back (sister has her own she never uses) but I declined the offer.

  113. On it, Roamy.

  114. I plowed your mom.

  115. I don’t know which recipe Lauraw was using, mine is;
    Heavy cream

    I do double mine because Lauraw is right, you need leftovers, she is also right, cream cheese could make it creamier which would be good. I’m also going to add the dry mustard. I also micro the fresh cauliflower to make sure it’s not too crunchy.

  116. I like my plates They are from the Chinet line.

  117. hey hotspur, how do you reorder audiobooks on an ipod?

  118. Use the audible app and download them.

  119. these are some I already had

  120. Right. If you have the audible app they will be in your library. You can re-download anytime.

  121. Or you can go to, log in, go to your library, and download to your desktop. Then transfer to your iPod via iBooks.

    I loathe iBooks, so I prefer the audible app.

  122. oh I hate iBooks too

  123. I got these elsewhere, as I had the tapes and converted them.

  124. Prayers for Chip. Cancer sucks.

  125. If you made them into mp3s, put them in iTunes, then sync your iPod.

  126. Your mom is an audible app, you can log in whenever you want.

  127. they are out of order, even though I named them correctly. playlists are in music, and cant add audiobooks

  128. Oh, sorry, when you said reorder, I thought you meant redownload.

  129. It will probably be included in iphone 11.

    That means you have to wait a week or two.

  130. 1) Prayers out for Chip and his family, Roamy.
    B) Fuck cancer.

  131. Chip had pretty good quality of life until, oh, about September of this year. He ran in the local 5K breast cancer fundraiser (wrote “For T and A” on his placard) with a time of 28 minutes. I can’t do that, much less a couple of days after a chemo treatment. He decorated his chemo pump bag with a NASA patch and kept working. September, they pulled him off the drug trial, and whatever he’s on now isn’t doing jack.

  132. Polar vortex is coming this way tonight.

    I’m making pylon soup tomorrow.

  133. For some good news, Mr. RFH’s sister seems to be responding to the current chemo and is looking at a genetically-modified cell (either stem cell or T-cell, I forget) trial in the new year.

  134. I got introduced to this song this weekend while smoking some turkey and pork ribs. It is a pretty good approximation of what an H2 Christmas party would look like.

  135. I love Robert Earl Keene. I’ve got the REK station on Pandora in permanent rotation. It’s how I found Turnpike Troubadors.

    I always ask bar bands if the know “The Road Goes On Forever”, but they never do.

  136. And you can’t talk about Robert Earl Keene without Todd Snider’s Beer Run

  137. It’s colder than a witches’s pylon outside.

  138. Why don’t I know WTF ANYONE is talking about?

  139. Madonna wears pylons

  140. Is it wrong I want James Comey to be pyloned in prison?

  141. It’s so cold outside that my pylon shrank a few sizes when I was putting horse food in the barn.

  142. Why don’t I know WTF ANYONE is talking about?

    Oso will be by shortly to speak acronym.

  143. Then I’m laying out my winter clothes
    And wishing I was derp
    Going home
    Where the New York City winters
    Aren’t bleeding me
    Leading me
    Going home

  144. Good morning.

  145. Got any plans for New Year’s? We never do anything anymore. Not worth being out on the road. Also, polar vortex. We’ll be watching all the idiots on TV standing out in the single digit weather + windchill.

  146. I’m starting to feel like a lonely little pylon.

  147. *sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star*

    Hey that was kinda nice.

    *picks up a tambourine, starts singing louder*

  148. No New Year’s plans.


  150. We’re waiting outside the eye doctors for vision checks. Then breakfast at Dysarts truck stop. Then grab a few groceries, get gas for my truck and then the mail.

  151. NYE will be indoors and probably asleep by 10PM

  152. Trying to finish up some work this morning. We may drive to Tucson to visit my mom.

  153. OK, I’m seeing some weird tweets about one of Trump’s executive orders.
    Here is one:

    Roseanne says she voted for Trump and seems to be indicating that he is acting on a pledge to go after child traffickers/ pedo rings.

    I’m looking at the list of names at the end of the EO and I don’t get it…is this what she means? Are these guys human traffickers?

    If this is true…well I just don’t know what to say. I voted for him like I was voting for a turd sandwich. But it’s like there’s an angel guiding him. He just isn’t afraid of anybody.

  154. That is exceptionally interesting. First I’ve heard about it.

    How did xbrad not make the list?

  155. **sheep lives matter**

  156. wakey wakey. I wonder what those guys did?

    I’m worky working on NYE.

  157. New poat.

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