Secret Santa 2017

My secret Santa sent this wonderfully-wrapped assortment:


Which turned out to be this neat selection of goodies:


And this lovely ornament that I almost missed:


Jimbro received this:


And this:


**********Pupster’s Update*********

Waiting for me when I got home from OHIO; Big Ass Scary Box.

*doesn’t smell like a bone*

Good Looking Crew

Christmas Goodies Inside!

Christmas Booty!

2 Bags Coffee, mug, travel mug, coffee ammo box, sticker.

I Love It! Thanks Secret Santabro!


Mystic Monk Coffee, Pepper Jelly, Southern Relish, Spaceship bottle opener.

And a new Sous Vide Bag! Thanks Santa!

Roamy’s assortment of gifts:

DSCN4713 crop.jpg

Sean’s Update:

I got this cool Diet Dr Pepper Christmas Tree ornament and an AA coffee mug.  Thanks, Secret Santa (In Fort Worth)!


  1. There is one more thing in that box Leon.

  2. Found it, thought that was packing material.

  3. How would you know what’s in Leon’s box?

  4. Updated!

  5. Everyone’s still having dinner… I bungled this, I knew it.

  6. I had a feeling.

    Seriously, I mailed that box just regular thinking Saturday was the opening. I can’t believe it got there in -basically- under 24 hours.

  7. I’m cooking

  8. I’m just glad it didn’t have Erin in it.

    Seriously, though, many thanks. The book is hilarious, the mug is awesome, wife loved the calendar (yay, not horses next year), and Possum was already trying to play with the the ornament, as you can see.

  9. CoAlex on a date

  10. Yea!! I’m glad you like it. I thought the mug was appropriate. I was *really* leaning toward the book “go the fuck to sleep” but thought maybe it was too close to reality to be funny- lol. Plus this was less offensive.

  11. Welcome to the party, Pepe.

  12. Dykes are curious creatures. Do they go that route because there’s no fucking hope of attracting a man?

  13. Updated.

    Mug says ‘Fuck Your Sensitivity’ , company motto appears to be “Coffee or Die” based on Ben Franklin’s political cartoon.,_or_Die

  14. When I wear this down in MA it trigger my sister

  15. Hotspur, no matter how heinous the woman, somewhere there’s a man that thirsty.

  16. He’d have to be blotto to be attracted to these whales.

  17. Thanks again.

    God Bless Us, Every One.

  18. Heh, I was thinking 7pm central. Added mine.

    Thanks Santa!

  19. He’d have to be blotto to be attracted to these whales.

    Well that’s what Everclear is for.

  20. Central? People live there?

  21. Fly over.

  22. Sounds deplorable.

  23. Bibles and guns.

  24. Merry Christmas, Snausages!!!

    I am impressed by the courage some of you have to actually eat something sent to you from a fake internet friend.

    Miss hanging with you morons.

    Hope to have more time to spend here next year.


  25. Who is this fag? ^

  26. I promise to try and listen to your radio show more often, Richard.

  27. >>>Who is this fag? ^

    So you HAVE been listening!

    So much has changed this past year….


  28. >>>>I promise to try and listen to your radio show more often, Richard.

    I appreciate that you are willing to blatantly lie like this just because you think it will make me feel good.

    Bless your heart.

  29. I listened the day Meathead was on. Great spot.

  30. I wasn’t going to say anything, but my SS gift still hasn’t gotten here. I feel very depressed and unloved.

  31. It’s okay, Laura, we still love you even though your SS is a dickhead who can’t get their act together.

  32. I didn’t get a lot of signups this year, but we’re still waiting for a few folks.

  33. I never actually signed up. Is that a problem?

  34. It did present a problem, yes. I had to match you up with yourself.

  35. >>>I wasn’t going to say anything, but my SS gift still hasn’t gotten here. I feel very depressed and unloved.


  36. I know Roamy got hers, but she must have been extremely disappointed in its contents.

  37. Well, I’m very disappointed. But it does explain a lot.

  38. I think you got yourself a smoked cheeseball, Laura.

  39. >>>>I wasn’t going to say anything, but my SS gift still hasn’t gotten here. I feel very depressed and unloved.

    A donation has been made to the Human Fund in your name.

  40. I got cool stuff, but the WP thingy sez Jay is editing.

  41. Man, Jay really is deplorable.

  42. We had dinner at the dinner table with the Advent wreath candles lit and my children actually involved in the conversation. No one was on their phone, and the TV was off. That is why I’m late.

  43. Those are terrible reasons. You ought to be ashamed.

  44. No excuse.

  45. Darn it, how do I stomp on Jay’s editing session?

  46. Or, you know, just stomp Jay?

  47. I don’t know. It shows a little padlock.

  48. This looks like it was a lot of fun fun. I kinda wish I joined in – I had a few decent ideas, depending on whom I may have been assigned.
    But, like I told Leon, I don’t feel like I’ve been around long enough to be all that welcome. Maybe next year? Meh – Merry Christmas to all.

  49. It let me edit just now if you want to just email me photos, Roamy.

  50. Pic sent. Rocketboy wants the salsa.

  51. CoAlex on a date

    You laugh. One day this shall be mine.

    Or, one of these.

  52. Black Rifle Coffee Company is great. I don’t drink coffee, but Mat Best makes awesome youtube videos.

  53. Pic added, thanks Roamy!

  54. CoAlex, I have a replica suit of armor in my foyer. First day of school pics always include it for scale.

  55. Geocentric Cosmology?

    Like your mom’s makeup?

  56. The world is not flat, that’s a psyop. But there are people out there still seriously arguing that it – while round – is utterly immobile.

  57. It’s fun to think about when drug trips are too expensive or you might lose your clearance.

  58. Where the heck is MJ?

  59. Or Shawn?

  60. Might have to decorate a later post with more presents, I guess.

  61. I want to know who sent the Mrs. Campbell’s Chow Chow – somebody is from the south. Nobody up in Michigan knows about Chow Chow…

  62. WTF is it?

  63. Roamy sent it.

  64. Chow Chow is a condiment – 100’s of varieties out there. Probably as many as there are grandmas.
    Basically, it’s a relish.

  65. Chi, that was the reason I picked it and the pepper jelly. Southern things. Chow chow is really good on black-eyed peas or other beans, hot dogs, bratwurst, etc. Pepper jelly is usually served with a schmear of cream cheese on crackers. I knew Jay liked peppers, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with either. (Or the coffee, for that matter.)

    This year’s NASA Christmas ornament was ugly, so I went with the bottle opener.

  66. Sanders Fudge and the bar soaps are locally made; wife made candles, I made the salsa and grew almost all of the ingredients. The book was a bonus based on who the randomizer chose for me.

  67. Made in America for the win!

  68. The soaps and the candles smell nice. Maybe I can get Rocketboy to use one of the soaps.

  69. Just please don’t let him dip a chip in the salsa. It’s an ingredient, not a condiment.

  70. Okay, what should we do with the salsa?

  71. I think the red stuff Chicagoans put on hot dogs may qualify as Chow Chow. May.

    And Roamy, I can’t wait until New Years – it’s a perfect excuse to make a big pot of black eyed peas! The few friends I have will freak out, but they’ll get a good mea out of it. I should buy a jar of Chow Chow for the occasion.

    Oh – I forgot to comment on the pepper jelly. That stuff is awesome on toast points. We might not get Vernor’s down here, but at least we get pepper jelly and collard greens.

  72. Okay, what should we do with the salsa?

    Stir it into a melted brick of Velveeta?

  73. Spray it at your enemies?

  74. Personal lubricant?

  75. I add it to chili, taco meat, stew that needs a kick, or you could melt it into queso dip. There might be someone out there who can eat it straight, but I’m yet to meet them. That said, as hot as it is, it grows on you. I can’t do without it in a messicanish dish anymore, even if it does make the top of my head sweat.

  76. Hey leon, please check your male.

  77. I woulda done SS but my previous recipients have been Hotspur, Cathy, Herr Morgenholtz, BCock, and Cyn. Anybody see a pattern here? I didn’t wanna be responsible for running anybody else off.

  78. To be fair, Los Pendejos, Hotspur is still here.

    You, um, coulda tried a little harder that year.

  79. Oh, and thank you, Teresa.

  80. Loved the gifts, can’t wait to try them. I’ve had the pepper jelly, it’s awesome as a pork loin rub.

    I had a window open with the site. I admit it. it was probably making a lock, and I apologize.

  81. Plus, Imma gonna use the sous vide bag!

  82. Comment by Sean M. on December 22, 2017 12:14 am
    Oh, and thank you, Teresa.

    How did you figure out it was me, Sean?!?!? I was so careful to keep my identity hidden….

  83. Seanm I know. The one time I could truly make a meaningful contribution to this shit hole dump and I fuck it up.

  84. Do you have pictures of those items? One of them was a custom order, and I have no idea how it turned out!

  85. I should top off my day of healthy eating with a nice, nutritious dessert. I’m thinking that coffee ice cream with crumbled bacon and Hershey’s chocolate syrup should do the trick.

  86. Added a pic, Teresa. I guessed it was you because the Priority Mail sticker on the box the mug came in had a leeeeetle tiny line that said it was sent from a zip code in Fort Worth, TX.

  87. When the snow man brings the snow
    Well he just might like to know
    He’s put a great big derp on somebody’s face
    So if Santa brings that sleigh
    Along the milky way
    I’ll sign my name on the rooftop in the snow
    Then he may decide to stay

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