Cheeseball Fiesta

It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year. My shopping is all done, I bought a big supply of white tissue paper and gift bags and that’s my “wrapping plan”. Let’s face it, my attempts at wrapping a present most closely resemble a kindergartner’s art project. Part of the preparations include cooking and meal planning. My fruitcake is done. We’re debating the Christmas meal. Some kind of beef or pork. The meat case at Sam’s will determine my final choice. Another thing I’m tackling for the first time is a cheese ball. Tackling as in preparing. I’ve partaken in many a cheese ball over the years. So …


Well then …


Wrong cheese balls dawg


This one


Things I’ll never make


This post is just a place holder till the Secret Santa gift post later today. If I have the date right.



  1. Early morning Sam’s run planned today. Watching local news and the weather looks sucky for the weekend. Snow and freezing rain for Christmas Eve and Day.


    Perhaps Frau Merkel should consider competing.

  3. Wakey wakey

  4. In the comments section to that article about the Somali cop killing that woman, commenters keep posting ‘subotai bahadur’ or however his name is spelled. What do they mean by that?

  5. From what I understand, it is a commenter’s handle. He comments at the Belmont Club.

  6. mares probably running around the neighhhhhhhborhood yelling cock!

  7. No terror connection – why would you think that, haters?

    “A man arrested after a car was driven into pedestrians in central Melbourne has a history of drug use and mental health problems, police have revealed as they said the incident is not believed to be terror-related.

    The driver of the white SUV that ploughed into crowds – leaving 19 people in hospital, four of them critically injured – in what officers believe was a “deliberate act” was a 32-year-old Australian citizen of Afghan descent.

    There is no evidence or intelligence to suggest a link with terrorism at this stage, Victoria Police chief Shane Patton said, adding that there is no known continued threat.

    He added that a second arrested man, aged 24, is not believed to be involved. He was seen filming the incident with a mobile phone and was then searched by police, who found three knives in his bag. ”

  8. I mean, since radical Islam IS a mental disease, I guess they’ve got me there. And a second man – filming it – with three knives in his bag … not suspicious at all.

  9. I think there was another similar attack somewhere recently where the cops claim the person was mentally ill.

  10. i carry multiple knives around in a bag….

    ok you got me; twas only that one time at the ginsu convention

  11. I’m around turd breath. I read the threads. My youngest is here with us for 10 days and the oldest is hanging out here to spend time with her. Last minute shopping and one more trip to the grocery store should do it.

  12. Authorities around the world seemingly enjoy embarrassing themselves trying to avoid saying the words immigrant and terrorist in the same sentence.

    Pathetic and dangerous.

  13. I should probably add a knife to my daily wardrobe. Open carry, not concealed. Blade limit on concealed is too short for real defense.

  14. They’re not wrong about the car drivers being mentally ill. I mean, radical Islam is a mental illness.

  15. Mental illness that makes you kill people while appearing lucid moments before should not be an affirmative legal defense.

  16. Jimbro is really making me want to transform all this smoked cheddar we made, into holiday cheese balls.

    But it’s more work. And it means I would have to go to the store and buy cream cheese.

    I won’t do it!
    *stamps foot*

  17. cream cheese isn’t real cheese.

    There, I said it.

  18. Neither is Muenster.

  19. Cheeseballs aren’t worth the effort.

  20. What about cheese sticks? Deep fried tidbits of decadence.

  21. almost time to give a presentation. wish me luck!

  22. Well, well.

    What do we have here?

  23. luck

  24. Good luck, Jay. If you do badly enough, you won’t have to do it again.

  25. Good luck Jay.

  26. Break a leg, Jay!

  27. Knock ’em dead, J’Ames.

  28. *ears perk up*

  29. LUCK !!!11!!!!11!!!

  30. Should someone tell him he’s got spinach in his teeth?

  31. This would be awful:

    Jay is a bit nervous and his tummy is acting up. He thinks he can let out a little gas, assuming it will be silent. But instead, it sounds like he has a tiny clarinet in his pants.

    The horror.


  33. I just read the President’s Agenda for today:

    “The President has no public activities scheduled for today. “

    I interpret that as: Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women!

  34. It went well, and I only pooed a little bit in my panties.

    Thank you all, for praying for me to fall on my face into the spinach patch.

  35. I’m barely working. Its wonderful.

    Need to talk to Pups about Minn, though.

  36. I was thinking more of black raspberry vines, but the sentiment is the same.

  37. Minnesota elected Al Franken, maybe. What more is there to know?

    It’s like a crappy version of Michigan with more scandis.

  38. Was it like this J’ames?

    His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
    There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti
    He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs,
    But he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down,
    The whole crowd goes so loud
    He opens his mouth, but the words won’t come out
    He’s choking how, everybody’s joking now
    The clock’s run out, time’s up, over, blaow!

    In related news, idiot rapper Eminem is opening a restaurant called “mom’s spaghetti”.

    It was opening at “The Shelter” which was a sorta undergrownd dance club when I was a teenager.

  39. Is that DH’s rap?

  40. Ace’s epitaph “90’s nostalgia act Eminem” was very apt.

  41. Lol, Mare.

  42. If he was smart (natch) he would have faded into production or something and just lived off of his early earnings. IT’s the egos of these guys – it makes it harder for them to face aging, etc.

  43. J’ames, I literally cannot write out Dh’s rap because it’s so disgusting.

  44. Yeah. If I’d had his success I’d just be producing and living on residuals and interest at this point.

  45. I think he probably is, leon. Certainly not off recent accomplishments.

  46. Right, but I’d have gone dark in public for the most part. Faded, as Carin said.

  47. Eminem is a retard. Its so sad when people don’t understand their time is passed.

    Its embarrassing for everyone except the people cashing the checks.

  48. It’s

  49. He has faded, but not by his own choice. That’s why his recent behavior is so embarrassing.

    And, I’m actually arguing with someone RIGHT now about this genius, and how his dissing of Trump and new album are awesome.

    it’s sorta amusing.

  50. Ok, I’m out. Bookstore. Physical therapy. Ethan to a friend’s house. Crossfit. Be home in … 7 hours.

  51. I like reading about local rockers that were popular in my younger years who are now married/divorced with kids and lend their musical talents to production, song writing, collaborations, advertising, kid’s music and occasional reunion tours, etc. Every now and then I’ll find a youtube video of a song I’ve forgotten about and look up the group on wikipedia and read about their later years.

  52. Mare!

  53. you guys need to be more active during my lunch break

  54. *cuts loose an enormous fart*

  55. My secret santa gift arrived!

  56. Fried chicken livers and grits for lunch today. That’s healthy and nutritious, right?

  57. Bacon #1 off the smoker. Bacon #2 on smoker.

    Off to the restaurant supply for the last bit of stuff I need to make cakes and happiness and such.

    *flashes gang signs, disappears in a puff of green smoke*

  58. Baby back ribs for dinner. They’ve been in the freezer… too long.

    We’ll see how that goes.

  59. just watched a sous vide brisket vid. wonder if it would be better than smoked.

    Although the taste test cooking with butter/without was surprising. Don’t use butter!

  60. As in, you got your as gift already Leon??

    Hole e phuck

  61. There is a reasonably large box behind me claiming to be from the North Pole, yes. It did not cry or protest when I told it it wasn’t pretty, so it can’t be from Carin.

  62. If you hear disgusting rap “music” coming from the box, mark it ‘return to sender’ immediately and put it outside. Maybe with Donkatello.

  63. Here is a nice list to decide who we will send aid to in the future.

    And we should give the UN six months to get the hell out of our country. Then never pay them another red fucking cent.


  64. And I can’t believe the fucking South Koreans voted against us. Fat Bastard, it’s all yours.

    See ya.

  65. Wife has a dental appt, but I should be free again to start adding pics to a fresh new SS opening post by this evening.

  66. Need to talk to Pups about Minn, though.

    Well well well.

    *clears throat*

    The family likes it.

    You can’t stay with me.

    They can’t build roads or infrastructure very well.

    Lot of lakes, even more swamps.

    Conservative in morals, liberal in politics.

    Is not MI and makes fun of Wisconsin.

  67. What insanity. Seems to me if a sovereign nation says city xyz is their capitol, thats the end of that, its their capitol. As a sovereign nation I wouldn’t give a rats ass if another nation “recognized” my capitol or not. You wanna do business or negotiate something? You’ll have to do it in my capitol.

    EVICT THE UN NOW. They can hold their meetings (and not pay their bills) someplace else.

  68. Well Wisconsin has it coming, as fellow losers in the Michigan War along with those turnip-truck rejects in O hi O.

  69. nope, doesn’t work that way, anymore. Has to be OK’d by everyone else, now.

  70. The UN is useless, expensive bullshit.


    Hear, hear. Have John Bolton serve the notice.

    Crotch-grabbing Party Santa approves.

  72. I have no use for the UN and agree that we should walk away from it & kick them out of NY.
    Knowing that will never happen, I really love the idea of moving them to some decrepit warehouse in Detroit.

  73. The UN has this fantasy that they’ll one day rule over Jerusalem directly as an “International City”. Trump just shot that dream in the back of the head and dumped its carcass in the desert like a tijuana hooker.

  74. Shut the Power and Water off to the UN from September to May. Turn it on June through August, they can do their business in the heat while the rest of us are on vacation. Fucking globalist nuggets.

    I want to see Trump release of list of “savings” from money that wont be being sent to these idiots.

  75. What does the UN do?

    No really. What is the purpose of the UN?

  76. Shut the Power and Water off to the UN from September to May.

    That will only make it feel more like home to most of these savage miscreants.


  78. *slow clap*

  79. Naw, the last thing the UN personnel want to do is return to any semblance of the homeland. They have been perverted by the “american lifestyle”. After dissolution we will have to hunt down all the personnel with INS and US Marshall’s in order to get them to go home.

  80. For real. What is the point? What do all of those people and billions of dollars do?

    Talk and go to lunch?

  81. Supposedly it keeps us talking and prevents shooting wars by facilitating dialogue.

    We at Animosity International – in the interests of real world peace – think that while the stated mission is a farce at best, it should still be stamped out utterly so we can get some needed shooting done.

  82. For real. What is the point? What do all of those people and billions of dollars do?

    Rape and pillage seems to have worked for them so far.

  83. SS opening in about 30 minutes. Send pics, add them to the new poat, or be ready to link them in comments.

  84. We at Animosity International – in the interests of real world peace – think that while the stated mission is a farce at best, it should still be stamped out utterly so we can get some needed shooting done.

    Amen, Leon!!!

  85. CoAlex on a date

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