MMM 304: Almost Christmas

Today’s Pilates Workout:

Looks really hard.  I might die.  Or get toned bunz.  We can’t know.

Pre-contest-stage selfie


Lucky ropes


Cleaning in a dirty basement


Deadlifting, possibly too far forward


Looks like plate pinching or the start of a farmer’s walk.


Safe from aerial assaults




Military, or military fetish?


The binders are running low, very low.  But this week is done.


  1. Time to clean and jerk. Foist!

  2. I’m planning to just do a straight Christmas post for next week unless someone else wants to do one.

  3. OK, I’ll do that Pilates video this morning. As soon as Scott wakes up.

  4. She looks like she’s going to fall on her ass with that clean. Plus there is close to zero weight on that bar.

    wakey wakey

  5. The problem I have with workout videos is that none of them use metal music to motivate.

  6. ANd yes Lauraw – everyone KNEW what the end game was going to be in Venezuela. We’ve watched this slow march to complete destruction, as it’s supporters have slowly exited the discussion.

    I know this gets old but I say we fly Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Jimmy Carter and all those other asshats down there.

  7. Pilates came out of ballet, metal really seems like the wrong genre.

  8. Zombie apocalypse fiction is thinly-disguised socialist utopia stories.

  9. Weird angle on that pic, Car in. Looks like a 45 on one side and a 35 on the other.

  10. Which is kinda interesting because the Walking Dead destroys that hope.

  11. Chi- they look like 10s to me.

  12. And those rope climbs- I can do them no problem – except at the Spartan race, the rope was a different material and thinner. IT was impossible. I was pissed.

  13. So, is anyone over here a vet? I know Grammie Winger at the other place was (or a vet tech) for decades.
    My buddies doxie went lame last week. It’s sad to see. He’s only 5 or so. He got some ‘scripts that are helping but I’m wondering what may help get him back to 100% – lots R&R?

  14. I’m reading old news articles about Chavez’ first election, and the press speculation about him. It’s fucking hilarious.

  15. I think that’s sort of the point, Carin. Zombie fiction shows you the brutal truth of what socialism brings: government can’t help you, and most of the people in it will just be looking to steal from you, the masses will be nothing but slavering beasts looking to steal from you or kill you, and you’ll end up either dying alone or joining a gang to survive. Your gang won’t be better people than the other gangs, they’ll just be your people, and that’s the best you can hope for.

  16. “…much of the electorate is fed up with Venezuela’s traditional political establishment, which has failed to stem corruption or do much to ease poverty in a country that has the largest oil reserves outside of the Middle East.

    With oil prices at a 12-year low, the government has been forced to make deep cuts in essential services, from health care to education. Inflation, at 31 percent, is the worst in Latin America.

    In this atmosphere, Chavez has seized the national imagination, often invoking the image of the hero of Venezuelan independence, Simon Bolivar.”

    Okee dokee. Sigh.

  17. I forgot about Sean Penn and Danny Glover slobbering over Chavez with an added disdain for Americans who couldn’t understand how great he would be for Venezuela.

    It is to laugh…except for all the abject misery he’s caused and the straight up stealing of Venezuela’s wealth.

  18. I wish ( wishes are like cat turds, there is always another in the box) Penn and Glover would be hounded over their ridiculous worship of a dirty, stupid, thief.

  19. I say we fly Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Jimmy Carter and all those other asshats down there.

    Hear, hear.

    Is there any way to get help to Venezuela? Any charity that’s not cut off from the rest of the world?

    Laura, in a similar way, I point out to a co-worker every time it snows here that he was wrong about global warming, to the point when he sees me after a snowstorm, he says, “I know! Al Gore!” He believed the hype, must have been 11 years ago now because Mini-me was in kindergarten, that our kids would never again see snow. Probably still believes it because you can’t change people’s religion.

  20. This also makes me think Leon has the right idea for prepping. Shit hits the fan, I can hold out for a while but not forever.

  21. Venezuela needs a Pinochet at this point, or a Giuliani. There’s no precedent for bypassing the “military dictatorship” part of the cycle, but it could be milder than helicopter rides for the commies.

  22. Roamy, the NYT article yesterday said that Maduro is not allowing international aid. Because of ‘political reasons.’ The Times did not specify what those reasons were, undoubtedly because of their own ‘political reasons’.

    Maduro can’t help his people survive, and the NYT can’t tell the truth.

    Doing the right thing is so clear, but they can’t bring themselves to do it. Because it’s against the party line.


  23. I work with a couple of Venezuelan immigrant physicians who just shake their heads about how things are back in their home country.

  24. Here is my report on the pork tenderloin sous vide:

    It was about a 15 oz. cut covered with a concoction of 2 parts sugar to five parts salt, then vacuum sealed. Cooked it for 2 hours at 136º. Finished it in butter in a very hot skillet. Then topped it with a herb oil concoction I made of parsley, chives, garlic, shallots, olive oil, and chili flakes.

    Tenderloin on the grill can get dry and a bit stringy. This was really moist, and very tender. The herb oil added a bit of heat due to the chili flakes, which was good.

    It was super easy to make.

  25. That sounds good. Dried out pork tenderloin is one of the reasons I avoid making it.

  26. I usually stir-fry tenderloin in a lot of butter and hot sauce.

  27. Yesterday you wrote ‘tenderloin’ and but I kept reading it ‘loin,’ thus my concern about thickness/duration. Derpty…and SYWM, again.

  28. I usually cook tenderloin to medium.

  29. 136º makes it still a little pink inside. I probably should have done 130º because finishing it in the hot skillet took it to a little more medium than I would have preferred.

  30. ANd yes Lauraw – everyone KNEW what the end game was going to be in Venezuela. We’ve watched this slow march to complete destruction, as it’s supporters have slowly exited the discussion.

    Ayup. We were posting on it in 2006.

  31. A zombie apocalypse would also improve Venezuela at this point, particularly if it starts in the president’s residence.

  32. So what’s the over/under on days till Al Franken finally resigning?

  33. I say no, Jimbo.

  34. Hotspur, it always keeps cooking, so I err on the side of underdone always.

  35. So what’s the over/under on days till Al Franken finally resigning?

    He won’t resign.

  36. And BTW, the first one with the red phone has hideous bolt-ons. Why do women do that?

  37. On the plus side, if Franken doesnt go, no one can talk about Trump. After all, there is a photo of Franken in action

  38. And BTW, the first one with the red phone has hideous bolt-ons. Why do women do that?

    Because many men fall for it, I assume. I’d like to think that the fake tit thing is dying as a fashion trend, but who knows? Lots of smaller gals in the fitness world appear to have got the hint that A’s are fine if you have a good figure and booty, but there are also women that still get enhanced thinking it will help their modelling career. I don’t know how true to life that thinking is anymore. Men seem to universally hate fake bewbs, but women buy magazines with fake-bewbed fitness models on the covers.

    Maybe the bolt-ons are for the women buying the magazines.

  39. Men don’t seem fond of sagging boobs, since it’s also often something men joke about negatively.

    /just saying

  40. chuck roast is still “cooking” here. Will finish it up later today

  41. Yeah, “perk” I think matters a lot more than size to most men.

    My wife wants one if she ever manages to get back to pre-fertility-treatment weight, but the hormone rollercoaster of that then pregnancy then breastfeeding has put a wrench in anything she’s tried to do on that front.

  42. A “lift” that is, not a pair of bolt-ons.

  43. off to visit ill relatives, toodles!

  44. I gave your mom a lift.

  45. Amtrack between here and Portland *was* a slow scenic route along the waterfront. It was slow because it shared the track with freight.
    Today, they opened the new “High Speed” route.
    Now, there are passenger rail-cars laying in the southbound lanes of I-5 and people are dead.

  46. I wouldn’t mind a little “refreshing” in the boob department. I don’t know that I would be willing to undergo the trouble.

  47. Mrs. P wants a lift. I’m happy with them just the way they are.

  48. I wouldn’t ask her to, either, this is entirely up to her.

  49. Paula has had them done. Unless you see her naked you’d never know. Her proportions are such that they don’t look like beach balls on a broom stick.

  50. So, new vape news. Anyone who thought a 19 year old would be able to handle using a vape machine without trouble erred in their call. Paula just texted me to say he is suspended from school because of … vaping in school. Part of the $209 he spent was on a new odorless juice and he must have figured if he could fool the folks he could fool the school too. I don’t have all the details but I’m sure I’ll hear them tonight. She’s on her way to the school to get him now.
    Holy crap, what a wonderful Christmas this will be!

  51. That boy sure enjoys skirting with danger.

  52. Paula has had them done.


    Pics? 😉

  53. Maybe this was the intervention he needs. Perhaps someone in an appropriate behavioral field could help.

  54. Sounds like he’s a perfect match for Erin.

  55. Women who go up a cup size can often make it work, especially if they pay a little more for a quality surgeon.

  56. She’d kill me Pepe!

  57. She’d kill me Pepe!

    I fail to see how that’s our problem.

  58. He is a skilled liar to the unsuspecting. He saw his Pediatrician recently and spent a lot of the visit talking about how he was tired and depressed to the point where she wants to see him again in 2 months (he usually goes once a year and this was his first solo visit without mom there). He neglected to say he was up all night vaping and snapchatting with friends. If he keeps saying the right things he’ll end up on antidepressants when all he needs is a good night’s sleep.

    So does Erin Snapchat?

  59. Good point Leon. We’re thinking of making it official next fall and if we do I’ll slip wedding pic into POL. Hopefully her gown won’t be too risqué for this place.

  60. wow getting your oil changed is fun

  61. they are showing police flying a drone by the train derailment

  62. Erin snapchats ALL DAY LONG.

    Her guy friends are just as bad. Young folks are addicted to it.

  63. I’m re-reading the Sharon Kay Penman books. They are so good.

  64. Car in, any luck finding NB’s song online?

  65. found it. soundcloud. “coon society”. It gives you a few different “artists” with that name but they have two songs and one has a picture of a bunch of teenagers acting tough/flashing gang signs, and the other is two boys with dog faces as heads

    It is HORRIBLE. The words. I just can’t believe Erin dated one of these guys. PTL she had the good sense to not … let things advance far, IYKWIM. He’s disgusting.

  66. There are two boys “singing” – one is NB and the other is a “friend” of hers name Jack. He’s SO NICE she still says. Please. If he’s so nice, he wouldn’t be making this stuff – even if it’s NB who says the worst things.

  67. Most “nice” guys have a lot of sublimated rage.

    I stopped being nice a long time ago, but I still have trouble not being passive-aggressive at times. Still trying.

  68. I did that Pilates workout this morning and it was pretty easy. I did skip one exercise that I could feel tweaking my lower back as soon as I started doing it.

    I’ll do the 7-minute phone workout tomorrow morning then try another beginning pilates workout the day after that.

    I just went food shopping and now I’m having a beer. I think I’ll make a pan of mac and cheese now. That will make Scott happy when he gets home from work.

    It’s for Scott.

  69. I haven’t done it yet, hopefully in about half an hour.

  70. “What we witnessed here in the Security Council is an insult. It won’t be forgotten,” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said after the vote.

    We need to pull out of this bullshit organization and take their building away. Revoke all diplomatic immunity.


  71. Credit Union finally followed up on low appraisal. They say I can put 10% down and not have to pay PMI.

    Eff it, let’s build. I’ll take truckloads of wood chips from whoever will bring them and pray the hayfield perennials will break up the clay.

  72. Booyah! Kickass, Leon. I see ads in craigslist all the time where people tell local tree services they can dump in their lots.

  73. What are you doing with the woodchips again? Is that for building topsoil?

  74. Been doing a lot of reading on clay soil improvement. Sand is a bad idea unless you want to make bricks, so that’s out. Any and all organic material is a good idea because it will build loam. Deep-rooted perennials will expand the soil and allow mycorizae to flourish, give channels for water to drain, and decrease “heave” in winter and excess drying in summer. The horses will naturally stomp wood chips into their holding area, so we probably want to put a mountain of them there and let them crush them into the clay.

    The single best remediation is agreed to be rotational grazing, and that should be easy after the hay is established.

  75. Chris Farley died 20 years ago today.

  76. Have you dug down to see if there’s any hardpan under the clay?

  77. Opioid CME class tonight

    1/11 babies born in Maine have NOWS

    Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome

  78. New workout routine for 2018:

  79. Chris Farley died 20 years ago today.

    Huh. He was only 33 when he died.

    I just realized a weird thing. I can remember the day Phil Hartman died a lot more clearly than the days on which any of my grandparents passed away. I feel kinda bad about that.

  80. Have you dug down to see if there’s any hardpan under the clay?

    I have not. I’m pretty sure the water table isn’t far from the surface based on our borings for the septic, not sure what that means for presence/absence of hardpan.

  81. Everyone is still watching the elf, aren’t they?

  82. Opioid CME class tonight

    Discussion or hands on usage?

  83. Discussion tonight

    There’s homework though

  84. good the hear about the property, leon. It will be worth more than that stupid appraiser’s job sooner than later.

  85. Jay, how was the roast beast?

  86. Turned out great, perfectly cooked, juice in the bag alone was worth it. And the seasoning was perfect (salt, pepper, italian seasoning with olive oil). Have to work on browning, though. My gas grill doesn’t get hot enough, I guess.

  87. If I’m going to make a prime rib, I will cook a cheaper piece of meat like this, just for the au jus. Might even cook the prime rib with it.

    The 5 gallon cooler was perfect.

  88. My browning method usually consists of frying bacon, then I put the bacon away for sandwiches, and use the bacon bits and grease in the pan to finish the meat. It kinda splatters all over the stove top, so it’s kinda messy, but delicious.

  89. Torch works well.

  90. Yeah, I eyed the propane torch too.

  91. I forget what kind of torch you use, Scott. I want to get one.

  92. I have a little butane torch for creme brulee, but it’s too small to do a cut of meat.

  93. I think browning before will add to the flavor, too.

  94. Need something like what I use for the pilot light on the flamethrower. That makes bonfires a breeze, too.

  95. I was going to use a standard propane torch, same fuel as the gas grill anyway.


  97. I have a little butane torch for creme brulee, but it’s too small to do a cut of meat.


  98. As long as the flame is blue.

  99. Holy shit. Politico?

  100. A torch would have been nice for the pork tenderloin, because it is basically a tubular piece of meat, so browning consistently all of the way around is a pain.

    Yeah, I know, my mom likes your tubular piece of meat.

    *preempts the low hanging fruit remarks*

  101. Yeah, well, uh…your mom likes to be browned consistently all the way around.

    *puts hand up for high fives*

  102. *sears Sean’s hand with my new sous vide torch*

  103. Chi, sounds like disc problems. We broke every dachshund rule when my girls were puppies. Dan walked them for miles and they were overly muscled. We let them drink all the water they wanted. Before they got old and fat, they were both deeply muscled. No back problems. No disc problems.

  104. Has anyone ever sous vided a dachsund?

  105. I wonder if the Politico piece is a Clinton hit against the Obama wing of the party.

  106. Hotspur’s mom likes deep brown tubular meat.

  107. I put my wiener in a bag and stuck it in your mom. Does that count?

    *back in the game*

  108. mmm, hot dogs

  109. sean, you can’t sous vide at 98.6

  110. SA Twitter guy I follow, has been writing about FARC, Hezbollah, Hamas, and TFG for years!!! MFM tries to put starving Norks on DJT: FU. LAT has finally discovered homelessness again… FU. Venezuelans ran out of zoo animals to eat a few years ago, Maduro negated the elections and brought in Cuban troops, suddenly the Venezuelan crisis is on Trump? F U.

  111. Mare, when you finally get back to visiting this shithole dump, I’d like your take on Linda Sarsour.

  112. I just noticed that mare’s musings is blank right now. Which one of you assholes fell asleep on the job with that?

  113. Sean,
    I think he was driving that Amtrack from SEA to PDX and got dis track ted…

  114. Someone cleared it. Probably while looking for implants for Car in.

  115. Dammit, why did Trump ruin Amtrak?

  116. This never would have happened if Biden had run.

  117. This would not have happened with net neutrality.

  118. Best part of watching Die Hard? The Credits

  119. Dark horse made a move, and was shot down.

  120. Refreshing. That’s a nice term for it.

    Anyone look up NB’s crappy song?

  121. She should have known it was coming. I keep telling her that guys don’t really want females for friends unless they want to date them. I mean, you can be friendly – joke and hang out with large groups. But a dude that stops by your house? He wants to date you.

    But why date a nice guy with a future? I’m sure there’s someone else out there writing/performing really, really horrible disgusting rap songs who is looking forward to partying on his parents dime through four years of college, only to drop out.

  122. you guys suck. I’m going to read a book.

  123. Erin has the taste of a teenager, I guess.

  124. I just got home. Listening to the song now. It is awful.

  125. Advice for NB:

    1. Get a day job.
    2. Hold onto it for dear life.

  126. 1. Get a day job.
    2. Hold onto it for dear life.

    You’re just a hater who can’t see his genius.

  127. You got me, man. I’m like the Salieri to his Mozart.

  128. Thanks for the reply, Oso.
    This little guy gets plenty of exercise time – Mike walks him every day, probably well over a mile. Plus, he has a doggie door to go outside at will. AND, some days they stop by the house on their walks and Oocho will run around with my minpin before taking the ½ mile trek back home.

    Mike says doxies are prone to back problems. I can’t help but wonder if maybe he fell off the couch or down some stairs? What do I know?
    He seems happy and pain free, but It was just sad to see him struggling.

  129. Nice Jerb on the header picture.

  130. Thanks for the lettering. I should note that it’s depressingly difficult to find a photo of a woman’s lower back that doesn’t already include a tramp stamp.

  131. Time to take a ride, time to take it in a midnight eye
    And if you want to go, get on below
    Pinking out the day, dreaming out the crazy way
    Finger on the derp, it’s all above

  132. ok
    I’ll put up a new poot, if there aren’t any drafts on board.

  133. It’s all you Lauraw

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