I Can Make a Poat. You may not like it, but that’s not my problem.


So, yesterday was my birthday, and not ONE person asked me this.   You guys don’t care.



At work, they like to call me Karen to piss me off, so these are always amusing:



Dog memes are always funny:



Ok, this is a tad hurtful …


And now, we’re almost to the point we’ve all been waiting for …



Here it is – the QOTSA video you all knew was coming. This isn’t on any  of the albums- it was released to those who pre-ordered one of their albums.   It is freakin amazing.



Oh … this is bound to be good …


Yes, Yes, it is Josh.


This song is amazing:



  1. Jane Fonda can go fuck herself, Mare.

  2. Not enough videos

  3. I can add more.

  4. Except for the music (which I didin’t listen to because like Nancy Pelosi I’m a jackass) this was a great poat!

  5. I’m in Virginia and the mountains above my house are on fire and my town is being evacuated.

  6. My book arrived. See you guys in a coupletree days.

  7. As much as McConnell annoys me, he did hold off on Merrick Garland so we have Neil Gorsuch. Travel ban would have overturned for sure and all other kinds of mayhem.

  8. Jesus. Welcome home, Alex. Sorry, that sucks!

  9. ooooppppppssssss

  10. i’ll kill that

  11. whups, sorry I misunderstood

  12. Just delay.

  13. That sucks Alex.

  14. Michigan almost never catches fire. Too wet.

  15. hehe, stomped the stompening.

    You don’t have to be nice to Karen, it’s not her birthday anymore.

  16. *tries to find a billionaire to accuse of plagiarism:


  17. Clarification: my home in California is threatened by a fire, but I’m stuck in Virginia.

  18. anyone know how to move something from trash to draft?

  19. So, is “Rush morphing into Mark Levin” a good thing?

    I don’t listen to Levin anymore, too depressing. Rush is at least entertaining once in a while. Levin is definitely smart.

  20. i’m off

  21. running late


  22. I think I scheduled your trash post for 12:59pm, jamster.

  23. I’m still conflicted about bitcoin. I don’t trust it as a store of value at all, but I could see utility in it as a medium of exchange. It seems really, really stupid to leave money in that form for any length of time, but that’s how you get “billionaires” from a currency that’s theoretically even less fertile than the barren metal of the Merchant of Venice. Gold is at least a real, tangible thing. A blockchain is just a series of bits flipped up and down, meaningless without context.

  24. made their money by accusing Zuckerberg of stealing facebook. His lawyers just paid them off to shut them up, I’m sure. What’s 65 million to a billionaire?

    Sometimes I wish I was a lefty, so I could covet others possessions.

  25. J’ames is the new cynn

  26. Who?

  27. My mom is on a bender on facedouche. I’m going to have to walk away for a bit.

  28. Premature enstompenation? What is this, the HQ in disguise? We’ll all be killing each other putting up shelving next…

  29. We used to stomp each other all the time. It was a sport.

  30. What is your Mom blathering on about, Carin?

  31. She’s putting up anti-Trump and similar memes fast and furious. It’s batshit insane.

  32. You’re Rosie’s kid?

  33. *signs up with a new name, so I can taunt her

  34. Hope yer shit doesnt burn up in Cali Alex. Made me worry there for a second. The Blue Ridge (Shennandoah Valley North) is what I consider “home” and I was wondering what was on fire in Va.

    Anyone see the thread on Rosie fat fuck over at HQ last nite? She wrote that people “are coming to get Trump and his family.” I got news for Rosie, she better pray that nothing happens to Trump or his family. There are many many people with guns who would view that as the last straw in this fucking nonsense. We live in interesting times, and things are going to get a hell of a lot more interesting before any sanity returns to our society.

  35. This country will rip itself apart if anything happens to PDT. Pence won’t be able to halt the bloodshed.

  36. Rosie is truly an idiot.

  37. She’s turned into such a bitter nasty person. The media is complicent. Lying liars have warped their minds. I think the virulent left all needs to take a summer camp session in some real hell hole so perhaps they can begin to understand they’ve been mislead. Nancy pelosi needs to go too.

  38. How you doin’, Troy?

  39. An acquaintance recommended an article about the block chain things and how it was going to revolutionize everything. I didn’t really understand how they worked.

  40. It’s basically a gigantic, public ledger, and everyone gets a copy. Every exchange of a coin or fraction of a coin gets written to the ledger, so everyone knows what coins are owned by what wallets.

    My gut says it’s too complex to survive any significant disruption of the internet.

  41. The blockchain is also software. I don’t care how many eyes are on it, I don’t care how well tested it is, it has a bug. When that bug is found, the whole thing will crash.

  42. A lot of “wave of the future” things are heavily dependent on the fragile and vulnerable Internet and other technical infrastructures of the current time. I don’t trust much of it–I have this sinking feeling that one good shove and it’s back we go, and if we’re too dependent on all this tech, we’re screwed massively.

  43. There are a few things in its favor. I definitely like the intent, which I perceive as an attempt to evade government fiat currencies and the attendant inflation. Gold and silver can’t do that – at least not well – if only because then you’d have constantly exchange physical metal, and the supply of metal couldn’t expand as needed to fulfil transaction needs. Part of the visible volatility we see in bitcoin is an automatic expansion/contraction of how many coins are chasing how many goods, and thus the shifting in the fractions needed for exchange. The amount of coin expands very slowly, but any fraction of one can be spent.

  44. Alex might have some more salient points, but I think there’s at least one doctoral dissertation to be had on the topic of money as a technology, and one in need of disruption.

  45. I guess my study of history and technology just leaves me with a sense that anything that doesn’t work with varying levels of infrastructure is dubious, at best. Especially an infrastructure created, owned, and operated by the very folks it’s meant to undermine.

  46. I tend to agree. I don’t see how it survives any real disruption, be it internal or external. The proponents claim that it’s robust against such things, but I’m skeptical. The real answer on this is going to be something else, or nothing at all. Regional currencies and physical stores of value have a good track record. Central banking doesn’t, and I think that’s what has to change/be disrupted. If bitcoin does that, it will have served its purpose, even if breaks thereafter.

  47. http://www.dailywire.com/news/24328/abc-news-chief-eviscerates-staff-over-michael-emily-zanotti

    Aww, poor ABC. Well, they can rest assured, their ratings did not decrease with me! Can’t go negative!

  48. Fractional reserve banking, too. That shit has to go, at least as it is currently practiced.

  49. OK, enough with the “smart talk”. Who wants paste?

  50. Not buying what Goldston is selling, Jay. If I were supposedly that angry at staff, heads would roll. I wouldn’t merely impose a four week unpaid vacation on one person.

  51. @ Pepe

    Im hanging tuff. Still battling this kidney stone thing. Last procedure was not successful. Dr tried to hand me off to another Dr in his practice that does not accept my insurance. They have so far been unresponsive to my question of “Exactly how is that supposed to work”? Did I mention that the other Dr. is not at “my” hospital (Catholic) and is over at the other non faith based local hospital that I dont like (cause they’re not faith based)?. So here I sit, same symptoms for the last 9 weeks, no fucking resolution, waiting for these people to get their collective shit together. I’m giving them till tomorrow to get something going, and if I don’t hear from them, I’m going to start going down the list, starting with my hospital patient advocate and then to the State. This surgical group seems to do fine when your right there come treatment time. Outside of the OR, they just don’t seem to care. I really really don’t want to make this a hostile situation, but I cant help but think something isn’t right here. I have no confidence in this physician anymore but feel like transitioning to a “new” Dr. is going to delay an already over extended process. Holidays are right around the corner, job is falling apart, better half is tired of grumpy Troy and I’m just holding on, but I am holding. Fuck them. Ruck up, one foot in front of the other and all that good boolshite. I got my woobie and my gun.

    Im sure it would help if Mare would pray for my penis again….

  52. Yeah, recording was “leaked”, not leaked.

  53. very possible it was a PR move. However, I don’t think that is going to work out in their favor. Lots of opinions were already 0.

  54. It will reinforce many existing negative opinions and add some more. The folks dumb enough to go for it didn’t care to begin with.

    No upside, all downside.

  55. Whoa, Russia banned from 2018 Winter Olympics, for doping.

  56. Can someone please check and see if I have a comment stuck in limbo? I crafted a response to Pepe’s inquiry, but it seems to have not posted.

    Tank you berry much

  57. Retrieved.

  58. Haha, Rush is recalling the Scooty Libby situation.

  59. Not buying what Goldston is selling, Jay. If I were supposedly that angry at staff, heads would roll. I wouldn’t merely impose a four week unpaid vacation on one person.

    Also there wasn’t a single Fbomb dropped. I mean, go to the HQ and listen to Paul Anka drop the hammer. That’s what pissed sounds like. The fuckin guys fuckin get fuckin shirts. Don’t make a fuckin manic outa me.

  60. Mucho Grassy Ass Leon. Didnt want Pepe to think I was rude.

  61. https://tinyurl.com/ydagqgmx

  62. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2017/12/05/breaking-trump-administration-officially-moving-the-us-embassy-to-jerusalem-n2417597

    Not sure about this. I appreciate the message, but seems like a magnet for violence.

  63. Man, Troy, really hoping you’ll get it fixed soon. Blame Obamacare. If you were an illegal, you’d probably have it fixed by now……..

    I’ve had a few small stones, fortunately they’ve passed with no problem. Pretty much “take an Aleve and HTFU”. Nothing like that “somebody slowly sticking an icepick into your kidney” feeling.

  64. SCHLONG!!!

  65. Can I substitute avocado oil for vegetable oil 1:1?

  66. …in a baking mix?

  67. No.

  68. Coconut oil can be subbed like that, though.

  69. New post. Less QOTSA-y.

  70. Appreciate the kind thoughts Pepe.

  71. Thanks Leon.

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