November 28th is Head Day – POS Observances

That may be a somewhat concatenated  version of an amazing international day of ponderous ponderings… I’ll let you decide.

Other amazing factoids about November 28th:

1) a metric buttload of people we’ve never heard of were born this day in history


2) a surprising number of people we’ve never heard of, or really gave two craps about drew their last breath – including jeffrey dahmer who interestingly enough kept heads in his refrigerator – coincidence or a TRUE Believer in the Observance of Head Day…. you be the judge.

We missed the observance of world toilet day… i’ll have to mark that one for next year.

Time to come up with some head memes – if you win, you’ll go to the head of the class


Job Title

Breaking News


Bad Choices

Remember to send leon a g-string missive if’n you want to take part in the 2017 H2SS festivities!!!


OK – now it’s time to head out and be productive


  1. Secret Santa Reminder:
    If you want in on this year’s gift exchange, email my name at the gmail thing with:

    Your handle, your real name, your physical address, your phone number (optional in case anything goes wrong in shipping).

  2. Hi, MJ. Glad to hear the baby is doing well. How are you and GND holding up?
    Hi Sean.
    That’s the first time anyone has asked about us. Thanks. It’s always about the baby. **eyeroll**
    We’re doing ok, which in reality is great.
    Its challenging, rewarding, fun, and all of the good possibilities of life rise to the surface when I look at him sleeping.
    His beard hasn’t come in yet, which is a huge disappointment. Looks like he’s gonna be a redhead, though, which is kind of fun.

  3. Fatherhood of a baby/toddler is a job for younger men. Not the physicality of it, it’s psychological. I love her so much, but my brain is still very used to having my own time and my own way because I mostly did for almost 40 years. That plus being a moderate introvert has made it tough to adjust. I find myself tired a lot more often in the evenings now, and I often fall asleep before wife and child. My body and brain just shut down.

  4. I have the opposite impression of it so far.

    Lots of energy and thinking more clearly than every before.

  5. It was like that for the first year. It changed when she started walking. I love her and enjoy spending the time when I’m doing it, but I’m drained a lot after that.

  6. Could also be related to my 50 hour work weeks and having to carry a team of utter incompetents.

  7. Society has changed, but there is a reason we’re supposed to have kids young. There are hordes of articles out there “Why I’m a better parent because I’m older” and they talk about patience, and bla bla bla. And you know, it’s fine, because people have babies when they do /can. But to put it forth as “BETTER” is a lie. There is a reason to have kids in your 20’s. Because you have moar energy.

    All the 20-somethings I know delaying relationships and babies, because they have all the time in the world- because they believe all that bs put out there. I suppose it’s better that the 20-something baby-mommas, but both are simply not ideal, imho.

    I don’t know what I’m saying. I need more coffee.

    wakey wakey

  8. Parenting also got easier – from a baby toddler perspective- with the subsequent kids. Matt was a holy terror but only because that was his personality. Because he was a second child, though, I knew it was not anything I did – so I could roll with it. If he was my first, I would have probably lost my mind.

  9. Could also be related to my 50 hour work weeks and having to carry a team of utter incompetents.
    My boss is ‘retiring’ in 7-10 days. I’m sure this is purely coincidental after the total implosion of our warehouse management system implementation.

    I find out tomorrow if I still have a job. If not, 6 months of glorious severance and I become a full time manny for a few of them before I take the jerb in Atlanta.

  10. For a woman in particular, I can see a much stronger argument for delaying college and a career to have kids earlier.

    Marry a slightly older man with a job at 18, have kids from 19-24 or so, start college if you still want to when husband has more latitude in his own career.

  11. What I’ve learned with baby stuff is that everyone is trying to justify that they are right.

    It’s all a crapshoot because every baby is different. There is no secret formula other than change baby, feed baby, threaten to sell baby if he doesn’t stop crying.

    The entire $125689 trillion baby industry is load of shit.

  12. Why don’t I have slanty eyes again? I can never seem to keep that straight.

    Is the sun brighter in Asia or something?

  13. What I’ve learned with baby stuff is that everyone is trying to justify that they are right.

    Pretty much.

    but ideally – kids young is best. More energy. More energy when they’re teenagers. Hopefully you can be a grandparent that can still get down on the floor and play with the baby. Yada yada yada.

    I just bring this up because many of the REASONS to have kids later don’t hold up.

    The only good reason is “It took x-years to find someone”.

  14. Women can go to college. It’s the “I need to party through my 20’s ” thing I take issue with.

  15. It’s always funny to see a dating profile of a woman in her mid thirties who wants to have children “someday”.

  16. “I’m too young … I’m still having fun … I’ve got plenty of time.”

    I hear it all the time.

    My boys don’t have that mentality. I’m working on a blind date for my oldest. He needs to get over his high school girlfriend (who’s kinda strung him along all through college – because it’s super awesome to have this back-up guy who takes you to places – but “we’re just friends” bs).

  17. Why don’t I have slanty eyes again? I can never seem to keep that straight.

    Because your dad didn’t have yellow fever.

  18. I ordered some glasses online yesterday. They were $65 bucks delivered. How do I pass that by?

    I will let you guys know if they are acceptable.

    I really just want to get that surgery. I hate wearing glasses.

  19. Why don’t I have slanty eyes again? I can never seem to keep that straigh

    I bet you can have that surgically corrected.

  20. When I met Paula she flat out told me I was too old to deal with kids (I was 43 or 44, I forget). She was right but it was the first time I’d heard that and it stuck with me. I was 34 when I was married first time around to a woman my same age. Conception didn’t happen naturally and, in retrospect, I’m fortunate it didn’t for many reasons.

  21. OH – lol, I missed the “fun” yesterday because I don’t bartend anymore …. lol…

    Two of the regulars got in a fight. The one accused the other of wanting to “Fuck” his wife (in his words). The wife in question is one of the drunks /reasons I hated bartending. I really doubt the other guy wanted to have carnal knowledge of her, but the two have been hanging out a lot lately and it’s WEIRD.

    Anyway, police were called, surveillance tapes were watched. People are cray cray.

  22. I don’t think there is a rule for anyone – X is “too old”. It’s just not ideal and a model to be followed.

  23. When I see young women who I cared for when they were in high school coming in with their own kids it makes me happy for them and also confirms the fact that I’m old.

  24. I just bring this up because many of the REASONS to have kids later don’t hold up.
    Yeah agreed. Its easier in many respects, but that doesn’t make it ideal.

  25. On the upside of late parenthood, money has never been an issue.

  26. Eh. You don’t really need money until they’re teenagers. then it’s never-ending.

  27. i got married late and started a family even later
    by the time i figured out how awesome having a daughter / being a dad was we were too old to have another

  28. You two just need to pace yourselves. You think babies are hard? Wait until they’re teenagers. if it’s not one thing, it’s another. The worry. Ugh.

  29. i’m pretty sure little jammette thinks spending money is an olympic sport – and she’s trying to make the team

  30. I talk to young moms who complain that their 4 y/o is really headstrong … and I laugh and laugh and laugh. I mean, if your 4 year old is already controlling things, you’re in for trouble.

    One gal thinks its really cute that her daughter is so demanding,e tc … I feel kinda sorry for her. She is most likely going to have her hands VERY full when she’s a teen.

  31. I think getting Erin a job has really helped, Jam. The worst was that she really seemed to have no concept of cost/value/worth. What’s $20 here and there?

    She’s doing a good job, and everyone likes her. She says most of the other hostesses are lazy and kinda bitchy. Good. I mean, it’s good that she doesn’t fit in with that. She has a few girls she likes. Most of them are lazy and bitchy.

  32. DId I tell you guys what she asked me?LOL. She asked me the “How much longer do I have to work?”

    The rest of your life.

    As if this was just some sort of “work for a few months” thing. silly girl. She has not been a good student and barring some major turn-around college is not in her future. Trade school maybe, if some fire gets lit underneath her.

    I’m trying to lite that fire. Right now, snapchat is extinguishing that fire.

  33. I’d happily trade in my teenagers for babies at this point.

  34. The only thing better about not having young kids is that I can go work out w/o getting a sitter/worrying that I’m being selfish by not spending time with them.

    Besides that … when they’re young I could fix things. Take away the toys or put them in their room. At this age, the return on facile punishments is low. I can’t just STOP stuff. Things I had control on, I no longer do. And they don’t have that complete love/focus on me which made them strive to behave.

  35. Nobody knows the value of money until they have to provide it themselves.

    Also, everyone should have a service job at some point in their life, so they can experience how people are assholes, and how they shouldn’t be like them.

  36. Plus, they can figure out how to remove the shock collar.

  37. I remember when they used to fight to sit next to me on the couch.

    I’m going to go and have a good cry now.

  38. Cookie Roberts says they everyone knew not to get into an elevator with John Conyers. Then why didn’t you report it?! You have an entire media apparatus at your disposal. Hell, set up a sting with a young reporter and a hidden camera. Catching a Congressman harassing young women should be the kind of thing every young journalist lives for!

    Burn it all to the fucking ground.

  39. He’s a detroit rock star politician, that’s why.

  40. “You don’t really need money until they’re teenagers.”

    Start buying phone charging cables now.

  41. ^true story. And earbuds.

  42. Also, everyone should have a service job at some point in their life, so they can experience how people are assholes

    I waited on this party last night, and this one older lady was such a bitch. Ugh. For all the running around she gave me $5 on $40. The rest of the party made up for her, but seriously. If you are a crappy tipper, maybe you shouldn’t run me so much?

    Of course, some people are just SO NICE to wait on. So pleasant, nice. I had a few of those last night.

    is it really so hard to not be a raging bitch?

  43. She asked me the “How much longer do I have to work?”

    The rest of your life.

    And this is why in ages past we made such a strong case for the discernment of vocation among young people. You’ll be doing something with your waking hours for most of them, find something you can stand.

  44. I forgot that she was working as a hostess. Our 14 yo has been asking about a work permit. We’ve researched it and they have to have a job lined up and the school superintendent has to sign the form. So many restrictions. They’ve been asking about him coming to work at the McDonald’s where his brother works. Pretty sure he can cashier, mop floors and stuff like that but not cook at his age.

  45. We’ll wait till next September when he’s 15 and have more options. It’ll get him (and us) through another summer at camp without him needing rides to and from work. He’s many times more responsible than his older brother. As it is now he works as a cashier at his middle school cafeteria and helps clean the kitchen with a couple of his friends. He works helping out relatives with odd jobs in their yards and barns and almost always gets $20-40 for the day.

  46. I know it’s a job, but there has to be a better place than McDonalds. They have to cater to the lowest common denominator. Perhaps you can nudge the 14y/o in another direction? None of my business, of course, but I’ve seen the people working there.

  47. McDonalds is a fine place to start. I worked at a FF place and it was so horrible I made sure I found a better job.

  48. Heh, refresh.

    He’ll come to realize that his current setup is MUCH better than that corporate hellhole, where seniority will crush him.

  49. And this is why in ages past we made such a strong case for the discernment of vocation among young people.

    Right now, apparently Erin thinks she can make a life out of snapchat and her social life.

    She’s in for a very rude awakening in a few months. I’ve tried talking to her, but when her friends all move on to college (which isn’t necessarily a good thing, since most of them will go to a middling state school and party for four years) she’s going to crash hard.

    They’re going to keep the party going elsewhere (not that she parties, but the whole social/friend thing). And she’ll be here.

    I’ve been trying to … soften the blow by getting her to think about what she needs to do, but she’s like the river in Egypt.

  50. She asked me the “How much longer do I have to work?”
    The rest of your life.
    As if this was just some sort of “work for a few months” thing. silly girl. She has not been a good student and barring some major turn-around college is not in her future. Trade school maybe, if some fire gets lit underneath her.
    I’m trying to lite that fire. Right now, snapchat is extinguishing that fire.

    Maybe I overbid with those Silkies…

  51. There may be some agricultural jobs he can do over the summer.

    When I was young, most 14 YO kids signed up to work tobacco fields in the summer.

    It’s too icky for today’s kids, all the labor is imported now.

  52. Coalex – if she could go just straight to mom/home maker that would be the best.

    Hannah was bad with all that social media bs/selfies when she was a teenager too. Truman has been the cure for that. He hates all that bs, and actually made fun of erin for it.

    She can cook. She can clean. Good breeding hips and loves babies.

  53. If I were ten years younger, I’d be looking for a job in the Michigan area…

    As it is, I can understand Roy Moore’s decision to date late-teens/early twenties when he was in his early thirties.

  54. What’s this, scott? Kids doing agricultural jobs? The hell you say!

    That used to be my entire summer. I didn’t need 2 a day football practice and conditioning for baseball, I was throwing 90# haybales around, and walking beans in the morning. Detasseling corn is for the birds. Ugh.

  55. …Roy Moore’s decision …


  56. Erin has a lot to offer. I just don’t want to send her to college ($$) to get her Mrs. Does she need to mature? of course.

    I just need to find something to giver her confidence, and some sort of job she likes/can fall back upon if things don’t sort out. I don’t want her to be a waitress … but would I help her learn the business so she could open her own place? Of course.

  57. He’s admitted to dating women who were seventeen and older, I thought. It’s all perfectly legal there. The only controversy is whether he dated (and fondled) a fourteen-year-old.

  58. Houseguest took the garbage out this morning.

    She’s really trying to pull her weight around here.

  59. Yeah, he’s a pretty squared away kid, I imagine he’ll have more options when he looks around. We keep suggesting the gas station store or pizza place in town which are in walking distance and relatively safe environments. He already knows he doesn’t like loading hay bales which he’s done every summer for his grandfather since he was 6 years old. He’s only been able to toss them the past couple of summers though.

  60. I dated and fondled a fourteen year old.

  61. But I was thirteen.

  62. CA, at that time 14 was the legal age for marriage.

  63. It’s 30 freakin years ago, ffs! Meanwhile Conyers is fondling away in elevators in Congress.

  64. But he’s an icon, a friggin icon.

  65. Fact is, he was a race hustler 50 years ago, and has been living off the taxpayers’ tit ever since. He’s never worked a fucking day in his life. His slut of a wife is serving time. And he’s a pervert.

    Just because his skin is brown does not make him anything other than the douche bag he is.

  66. I liked loading hay bales a lot more when I was getting paid a lot for it, rather than doing it for “fun”.

  67. Our hay bales have never been more than 50-60#.

  68. icon:

  69. i worked on a black top crew in my late teens early twenties –
    it made me want to do something else –

    i was a mule for a mason, that made me want to do something else

    i started working in a grocery store at 14… meh

    i wonder if working as an intern for a congress critter makes you want to do something else, or just want to avoid getting cornholed

  70. Historically, cornholing spreads virally. Once you’ve been cornholed a few times, you start wanting to do it to others.

  71. Usually that’s true, leon, but 90# sounds much better.

    And sometimes they were.

  72. Staples is a scam. I will never enter that store again.

    Yesterday I picked up a printer cable, $19.99.

    I just checked Walmart, same thing is $6.53.

  73. I only shop locally for hardware and groceries. Amazon has everything else.

  74. We just re-signed our football coach for another 6 years. It’s good when the good ones stick around.

    Most coaches would jump ship to the “big programs” and he could have had any of those jobs. So glad he decided to stick with the Cyclones.

    This is what midwest recruiting trips look like (this is where he was when the news of his new contract came out):

  75. What is that foreign machine, you ask? It’s a combine!

  76. Bill Whittle: Socialism is for suckers

  77. J’ames, I wanted to make a note for all those people constantly sharing animal cruelty and “don’t buy from a breeder” folks (every liberal on my timeline shares those) to take note how socialism treats animals. I figure it would trigger too many people.

  78. Great link, Jay. Depressing but impactful. But I hate socialism already. I hope those 50% or so of millennials who think socialism is a good idea have an opportunity to see it.

  79. Trigger them, Carin. Why not?

  80. Bill has a way with a message. He’s like Breitbart was.

  81. Socialism treats animals like dinner.

  82. My mom keeps repeating that “TRUMP’S SON HUNTED IN AFRICA” meme(s), but somehow a country starving and then eating it’s animals doesn’t get a blip on the radar.

    If I knew how to meme, I was replace the picture with the starving elephant one with some snappy line about “oh, sorry, this is Venezuela …”

  83. Same reason Conyers is still molesting elevator riders, the D behind his name.

    Pisses me off.

  84. Hunting in Africa pays for conservation in Africa.

  85. Hillary Clinton brought slave markets back to Libya.

  86. Hillary will go down in History as one of the worst SoS ever. At least rational people will think so.

  87. Hillary will go down in history as a cunt.

  88. Indeed.

  89. And cunts don’t get to be president. Well, Obama did but only because he is a half black cunt.

  90. Ok, got my raised beds covered with rotting hay. Spread some grass seed and lightly covered them with some rotting hay as well, so it will be all set to spring up in the spring (the kids wrecked some spots with cars on the lawn – grrrr).

  91. I need to mulch mine in with some straw if I want the strawberries to survive.

  92. And to set the record straight, we don’t refer to Warren as Pocahontas.

    It’s Fauxcahontas, or Lieawatha.

  93. Still funny that Trump makes fun of her.

  94. I hear that ground up teenagers are a bit bitter and tough, so you shouldn’t mulch with them.

  95. (the kids wrecked some spots with cars on the lawn – grrrr).

    Shoulda told them to get off of it.

  96. Wow, a Canadian TA was reprimanded for just playing a Jordan Peterson video. youtube interview with Lindsay

  97. Shoulda told them to get off of it.

    I wasn’t wearing my black socks and sandals. Didn’t seem right.

  98. Saw this Prager video today. This guy doesn’t exist, right?

    An Arab Muslim in the Israeli Army

  99. I’d hit it.

  100. The TA, not the muzzie.

  101. Uh huh, sure!


  103. Hotspur got a live Christmas tree?

  104. Pupster?

  105. Oh yeah, chicks like that are totally good to smash.

  106. Ace’s site seems to be boned.

  107. You’d make a great senator, MJ.

  108. Thanks! I’m kinda dumb, really opinionated, and pretty lazy. I also like the good life. Fine ass, and good wine.

  109. Do you have any Cherokee blood in you?

  110. Well to be fair the HQ’s always kinda screwed, but yeah, it seems to be kinda down right now…

  111. Even hamsters deserve a day off now and then.

  112. Even hamsters deserve a day off now and then.

    Tell that to Richard Gere!
    – the hamsters

  113. Huh. That’s been a while now.

  114. Kiwi fuzz

  115. So, when Bill Maher calls this lying cunt Pocahontas he’s not racist? But Trump is?

  116. Double standards – the only standard that exist on the left.

  117. How can calling a white person Pocahontas be racist? I don’t get it.

    Is she still claiming to be Native American?

    Fist in Butt make big lie with white man talk.

  118. The left is not insulted by lies that advance their narrative, only the truths that contradict it.

  119. GQ fired Olberdouche.

  120. Please…he “retired”

  121. Fired? Thought he retired.

  122. *refresh

  123. I really hate my job at the moment. Check that, I hate the people that I work with.

    Leon, how long were you with Ford before you bailed?

  124. Fired? Thought he retired.


    Leon, how long were you with Ford before you bailed?

    I worked for FMC for 368 days. I had started looking for another job within 2 months of starting.

  125. Might have been 375 days. Either way, I did what I could to be useful while I was there and document all my work so no one could claim I was disruptive in my departure beyond the mere fact of it.

  126. I just got bitched at for the crime of taking initiative to start working three weeks ago on a briefing due this week.

  127. I should have let someone know.

    Someone like the team lead? The one I told at the time I was willing to work on it? The one who said to go ahead? The one standing next to you as you lecture me?

  128. has been resurrected for the Mothership crisis.

  129. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, Alex.

  130. Interesting bunch at acedark…

  131. Yeah. The functionality of a modern blog + Ace of spades commenters = OH SHIIIIIT SON

  132. Ddos?

  133. HTML helpdesk, may I help you?

  134. Hey! I kept mine clean! (Strangely, it might get you fired faster than the bewbs would some places.)

  135. Eli has been benched.

    Does this mean he’s retiring? Going to Denver?

  136. Giants have problems bigger than Eli Manning. Geno Smith is not even close to the answer.


  138. Does anyone comprehend the word salad Pixy Misa is serving up?

    Jay, you probably do. Might as well be Navajo to me.

  139. That all makes sense, and it’s as stupid as Pixy says it is.

  140. Well, it gave Ace the day off.

    Crafty fucker.

  141. He jiggled the handle.

  142. Actual site is still down for me on FF.

  143. Working for me.

  144. It will take a while to propagate. Jiggle the handle, Laura.

  145. Try prugging it back in.

  146. is it RERE-Prugg’d in?

  147. ya-no
    i try to be a good person in my heart – but fuck – the hate – the loathing – the utter contempt keeps creeping back in…

    Lord please take the hate from my heart…

  148. killt my own pos

  149. go figure

  150. it needed killing

  151. Everyone is busy commenting on Ace.

  152. bring on the gay lads


  154. I just got home, and now I’m searching job boards.

  155. heh, always keep 1 IP in the drawer, just in case you have to redirect.

  156. bots shutting down bots. Skynet indeed.

  157. hah, my nephew took 2 benadryl the other day. He’s out of the coma, now.

  158. I took 3 Benadryl once. “This one time at band camp…” I was tackled and talcum powder poured on my face. I’m allergic to talcum powder. Probably should have gone to the hospital instead.

  159. The plaster’s falling off the wall
    My girlfriend’s crying in the shower stall
    It’s derp as a bitch, I shoulda been rich
    Now, I’m just digging a Chinese ditch

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