Mental Problems – POS Ponderings

Sometimes I’d like to start out a conversation with Fuck You!! I’ve been told that that’s rude and I need to moderate my tone. That’s like only having one drink when you’re out with the boyz trying to get crunk.

The f-bomb conversation starter usually is reserved for the jack asses in DC or the State Capitol (Albany in my case).

I was pondering on writing a retrospective on Chucky Manson – but I decided to say fuck him – I’m glad he’s dead: the world is a better place without him. He left a wake of misery in his path – so good riddance, too bad he lived into his 80’s.

onward to better meme’s:

al franken sexual assault justice ruth bader ginsburg.jpg

al franken chuck schumer sexual assault.jpg

Image result for al franken groping meme

Here’s to having a gropy good day –



  1. Disgusting all around!

    Nicely done my unevolved friend.

  2. Apophasis

    i forgot to wish wiser a happy b-day….

    maybe i’ll remember next year

  3. ww

  4. i saw where scott posted about pirro’s speeding ticket – i just looked it up; she was a little bit west of me – there are a couple of stretches out there that i could see being able to hit 100 mph – but, like you all mentioned the deer strike thing in that region is very likely.
    she was driving a cadillac – not sure how that would hold up to a 119 mph impact –

  5. that speeding ticket is gonna be expensive –

    i think in NYS if you get pulled over for excessive speed (25+mph over) there is a high likelyhood of visiting a judge before continuing your travels

    at 40ish mph over she will most likely have her license suspended

  6. you all still drunk?

  7. No. I’ve got a sick kid, a house to clean, and shopping to do.

  8. Is still being drunk an option though?

  9. Not drunk, and the hangover is going away. I may skip the military history museum, however.

  10. Is still being drunk an option though?

  11. scott helping a friend move:

  12. I’ve got shallots to roast and burgers to cook.

    Big day.

  13. Amazon kicks ass. I purchased a part for Laura’s sewing machine on Saturday night.

    It arrived in Monday’s mail.

  14. Fuck it. I’m cancelling thanksgiving.

  15. Jeanine Pirro is 66?


  16. Comment by Car in on November 21, 2017 10:31 am

    Fuck it. I’m cancelling thanksgiving.

    Thanksgiving is cancelled. Moose in the back yard should have told ya.

  17. I’m going to the grocery store to buy turkey and shit. That doesn’t mean I’m still going to cook it.

  18. buying a turkey on tuesday? interesting strategy.

  19. STFU

  20. I’m in no mood.

    I’ve got a kid failing a math class, and a daughter who’s thrown up 22 times since 11 pm last night. I don’t have time for your bullshit.

  21. What’s the soup today?

  22. i was reading some stuff on korea and ended up on a list of Medal of Honor recipients…. this guy stood out –

    is bayonet charge(ing) still a thing?
    maybe xbrad could enlighten me

  23. get a bucket too, you’re gonna need to thaw it.

  24. Why not 23 times?

  25. can we get some coffee over here?

  26. *slips an aripiprazole into carins’ coffee*

  27. I was just at the grocery store.

    Turkey aisle was busy.

  28. you should have had scott get your turkey

  29. Perch Sticks

  30. little jammette had a bball game a couple of days ago and i was joking around with one of the kids from our church re: his report card –
    99, 100, 102
    he got an 83 in french class, the teacher left some comment that led me to believe that he yikyacks too much in class and had screwed up some quizzes as a result –
    anyway – when his mom saw the french grade she was obviously pissed at him. i had never seen her mad before – that boy prolly had an uncomfortable ride home


  32. Fuck this place is busy. Someone kick j’ames in the poon for me.

  33. Charlie Rose is gone on the CBS morning show.

  34. Jam, when I was in the 27th Infantry Regiment, COL Millett was the honorary Colonel of the Regiment, and he came to visit us in Hawaii. Really inspirational guy.

    And while most Infantry guys are still issued a bayonet, no, charges are not a thing anymore.

  35. Can we get 1993-2000 back?

  36. Philanderer-in-Chief Clinton has no comment

  37. Xbrad thanks for the info.
    COL Millett most have been some kinda guy.
    Bayonet charge uphill. I don’t know what to even say.

  38. Must

  39. In reading the actions of the Medal of Honor guys – I noticed a lot of them were for jumping on grenades. A couple of pilots crashed their planes into the enemy on purpose. And a bunch of medics/ corpsmen….. pretty amazing ppl

  40. I’m trying to make a batch of kimchi – who wants some?

  41. Large scale charges aren’t a thing anymore but hand to hand combat still happens once in a while.

  42. Laura made kimchi.

    I made her eat it outside.

  43. CAPT Hudner, MoH, who crashed his plane of purpose, just died last week.

  44. At about 6:13 am, house guest went out back to have a smoke.

    At about 6:15 am, Laura left for work and locked the door behind her.

    It took about 15 minutes for me to realize that Laura wasn’t pounding chicken on the counter.

  45. In 1995, during the Siege of Sarajevo, French Marine infantrymen from the 3rd RIMA carried out a bayonet charge against the Serbian forces at the Battle of Vrbanja bridge.[39]

    The British Army mounted bayonet charges during the Falklands War (see Battle of Mount Tumbledown), the Second Gulf War, and the war in Afghanistan.[40] In 2004 in Iraq at the Battle of Danny Boy, the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders bayonet-charged mortar positions filled with over 100 Mahdi Army members. The ensuing hand-to-hand fighting resulted in an estimate of over 40 insurgents killed and 35 bodies collected (many floated down the river) and nine prisoners. Sergeant Brian Wood, of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, was awarded the Military Cross for his part in the battle.[41] In 2009, Lieutenant James Adamson, aged 24, of the Royal Regiment of Scotland was awarded the Military Cross for a bayonet charge whilst on a tour of duty in Afghanistan: after shooting one Taliban fighter dead Adamson had run out of ammunition when another enemy appeared. He immediately charged the second Taliban fighter and bayoneted him.[42] In September 2012, Lance Corporal Sean Jones of The Princess of Wales’s Regiment was awarded the Military Cross for his role in a bayonet charge which took place in October 2011.[43]

    From Wikipedia.

  46. “Pounding chicken on the counter”

    Is that what you kids are calling it these days?

  47. bayonet charges were a thing in Korea, weren’t they?

  48. Car in, did you pick up some coffee on your turkey trot?

  49. They were a thing in most wars, up to this century. They’ve declined in each war since WWI.

  50. I took something from colex’s inspiring post:

    Americans have guns, Europeans are still using knives.

  51. I found a fresh turkey

  52. Keep pounding that chicken.

  53. Carin is so energetic she’s gonna pound a turkey.

  54. pretty sure that’s a zumba workout

  55. someone better warn pay

  56. Car in, the pumpkin butter is in the dairy aisle.

  57. We now have a spare key hidden outside.

    Problem solved.

  58. because I am a thinker

  59. At about 6:13 am, house guest went out back to have a smoke.

    At about 6:15 am, Laura left for work and locked the door behind her.

    The passive aggressive behavior is beginning.

  60. ar in, the pumpkin butter is in the dairy aisle.

    You just made that up.

  61. “because I am a thinker

    and an awesome engineer

  62. jay likes his pumpkin buttered?

  63. I hid a spare key on a nail in an apple tree a couple hundred feet from the back door.
    20 years later, when I actually needed it, the tree had grown around the key.
    I had to break a window to get in the house.

  64. we hide a key outside – it mysteriously keeps getting brought back inside…


  65. We just never lock our doors.

  66. I’ll have to eat all of HS’s porridge! jam doesn’t have any.

  67. You can eat my porridge, just don’t break any of my chairs or sleep in my bed.

  68. I don’t know why we lock them.

    You could cut a hole in our door with a chainsaw and nobody would suspect a thing.

  69. You could cut a hole in our door with a chainsaw and nobody would suspect a thing

    Heh. Just the opposite here.
    I don’t know why I bother locking the doors. You couldn’t get with 50 meters of my house without Tucker the Guarddog minpin letting me know.

  70. With my driveway being so long anyone trying to break in could park in the woods where the plow guy pushes the snow and have all day to break in. It helps that we have pretty random schedules here and 2 loud canines who raise hell when anything comes down the driveway.

  71. Darn it. I have to shell a crap ton of pecans tonight if I’m going to make a pie for Thanksgiving. Not even sure if we’re doing much this year, anyway. The memorial service was just this weekend, so I know my sis isn’t coming into town.

    And I still need to find that recipe I used last year. Everyone loved those pecan pies.

  72. Mince meat and pecan pies are my favorites. Pumpkin is nice too.

  73. Pumpkin is by far my favorite. But I have an ancient pecan tree out front that has been producing like Octomom. I learned to make pecan pies.
    I need to look up a few good recipes then experiment tomorrow. I’m thinking of using bourbon and molasses in one this year.
    (Anyone have a favorite recipe?)

  74. It takes a lot longer than you might think to resume pounding chicken on the counter after your wife has a baby.


  76. Colex – i hope your trip is going well.
    please pinch a pretty spanish chick’s ass for me –

    tell them charlie rose sent ya

  77. Ha!
    Scott, that pic is me right now (sans afro).

    Now, I have to go outside to patch a hole in the driveway. I scored a free wheelbarrow full of cement from a guy on the block pouring a new driveway. Its dark and late, but free shit is free shit, right?

  78. chi-chi
    pecan pies are teh awesome
    i’m the only one in the house that likes them, so i rarely get to enjoy them…
    if you find the recipe hopefully you’ll share

  79. Men in the workforce are going to be screwed by the end of all this.

  80. It takes a lot longer than you might think to resume pounding chicken on the counter after your wife has a baby.

    New baby, new housemate, same same.


    Dangint. I get up at 4AM but I can barely keep my eyes open after dinner.

    Frank Thomas says I should try Nugenics.

  82. Jam, the trip is going well. I am trying to stay awake all night so I can catch an early flight to Frankfurt, and then sleep most of the way home.

  83. Valencia is full of beautiful women. 8s, 9s, 10s. MJ would smash like Hulk on a three-day cocaine bender.

  84. New baby, new housemate, same same.

    Both are usually are the result of poor planning, or in the worst case an old college buddy crashing on your couch for a couple weeks?

  85. At this stage of his chicken pounding career, MJ would smash just about anything.

  86. pup – you may have misunderstood Frank Thomas –

    he said you should try methamphetamine’s

  87. I may have.

  88. so –
    lil’ jammette doesn’t have school tomorrow – but, she does have a scrimmage 1.5 light years from here…. at 0830


    i cant even get in a morning hunt with that kind of dumb ass schedule

    *grumble grumble*
    *soccer moms*
    *grumble grumble*
    *it’s friggin bball dammmmmittt*
    *grumble grumble*

  89. What I thought Jam’s fuck link was going to be. (NSFW)

  90. dagnabbitttt!
    that would have been a better link roamy….

    i’m musically challenged –
    among other things

  91. Harvey Monkeystein –

  92. The cleaned up version was on the radio on the drive home. I was alone in the car, so I sang the NSFW lyrics. Loudly.

  93. Heh, as long as the windows were down.

  94. “Comment by scott on November 21, 2017 7:06 pm”

  95. It takes a lot longer than you might think to resume pounding chicken on the counter after your wife has a baby.

    I’m still trying to figger out how people have second children.

  96. It’s suspiciously similar to how they have the first one…

  97. “I’m still trying to figger out how people have second children”

    rent to own?
    it’s cheaper if’n you have to return them

  98. Dudes, you guys really suck at this. Some children are born 9 months apart.

  99. OR….
    you can go the woody allen route and amortize the cost over the joy of raising a child and grooming your next spouse……

  100. When a man and a woman love each other very much are sufficiently drunk to forget all about how they wound up knee-deep in diapers and screaming in the first place…

  101. Just do what comes naturally.

  102. We want more kids, it’s just getting the time when the baby is asleep and I’m not already exhausted that’s hard. She fights sleep like she gets OT pay for it.

  103. My first two were 13.5 months apart.

  104. The rest are about 2 years after each other.

    Do I need to whiteboard this?

  105. A four month old baby, and pregnant again.

    Chop chop mj.

  106. He’s already late, and that kid isn’t even doing math yet.

  107. MJ has another month or two right?

  108. Hurry up, MJ, before Car in starts breaking out the informative hand puppets…

  109. My older brother and sister are what the bitter racists used to call Irish Twins.

  110. I went to high school with a set of Irish twins (sorry Jimbro). 11 months apart, and their birthdays fell on opposite sides of the school cut-off, so they were in the same grade.

  111. I received an invitation to a Scout award ceremony. When I rsvp’d, I was told that I was *not* invited. Well, you send me a Powerpoint file with “You’re invited to…”, I kind of think that’s an invitation. But no, the official invitations were snail-mailed. I was just supposed to admire the pic of the young man receiving the award.

    People are weird.

  112. At this rate, my hopes of sexually harassing interns after I make it to senior management are pretty much toast.

    Maybe I’ll be able to afford a sugar baby instead.

  113. We didn’t qualify as Irish Triplets. My sister is 13 months older than I am. I’m 1 yr and 1 week older than my bro. My mom was pregnant pretty much from 1961-64. Slacker when compared to my Grammo though.

  114. The oso clan: keeping New Mexico’s population growth above the replacement rate for over 100 years.

  115. Pretty much. My great great grandmother had 23 children. Multiple multiples. The 5 that lived to adulthood, all lived to be 100+

  116. Okay, I think I’m about done working for the day. I have one more thing I could work on, but it really should be the job of the guy who took a month off right before a software delivery.

    Also fuck that guy.

  117. So, as of December 1st we will become a Sanctuary City again. Local radio host was talking about our soon to be mayor today. Caller talked about living in the South Valley and all of the new home owners around him were illegal. Radio host didn’t know that illegals buy homes. Didn’t know they get SNAP. Didn’t know they vote. Dumbass

  118. Cashiering quite a bit this week. You’ll be happy to know that in addition to Congressional sexy time payoffs, you are buying pies and turkeys for Thanksgiving. Lots of appetizers. Illegals don’t buy traditional Thanksgiving items, but their SNAP is still pushing WalMart stock. 3rd QTR was 💰

  119. At this rate, my hopes of sexually harassing interns after I make it to senior management are pretty much toast

    If Donkatello is basically an aide to mini-horse, doesn’t that make him a kind of intern?

  120. unpossible oso. I have been assured that illegals do NOT vote!

  121. if they were, we would be checking IDs. But we aren’t so they aren’t voting.

  122. Companion animals != interns. This isn’t that kind of farm.

    I suppose I could get farming interns after we move, but they might be hippies with hairy legs.

  123. Motor voter gave them IDs

  124. I mean Gov FatAss gave them ID. Motor Vote gave them the vote

  125. Aw hell.
    David Cassidy died tonight. Sad. He certainly entertained most of my generation for years. I can’t believe that he was 67.

  126. Loneliness is a derp you wear
    The dark shade of blue is always there

  127. Waiting in the Dublin airport to catch a flight toward home. No jet ways here, walk outside and climb the stairs. Should be fun in the pouring rain. ☺ 👍

  128. Flight from Frankfurt to San Francisco, and the central row is empty except for me. Four seats all to myself…

  129. Someone sat in the far seat. I am denied! Like Oso trying to watch one more Punisher episode.

  130. This flight doesn’t look full. Flight coming over was full with tiny seats. Knees hitting the seat in front of me for 5 hours. No fun at all. ☺

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