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Fuck You Minneapolis
















  1. Hey Hotspur! I found your Christmas tree!


  2. Today I get my upstairs bathroom back

  3. Hey Hotspur! I found your Christmas tree!



    Nature is funny…and rude.

  4. I’m having a carb day. My brain is wrecked from all the caffeine and bad sleep and I need piles of comfort food. Had some steel-cut oats and an almost-green banana for breakfast.

  5. Duuude. Eat some buttered sourdough bread.

    Mare, did you make the chowda? I’ve been thinking about making it again and Leon reminded me that I can buy round loaves of sourdough bread and hollow them out for soup bowls.

  6. I did a killer workout with my friends (we do open gym on saturday, and the workout is more of an agreed upon torture). Broke my fast with some salmon. I need something else though.

  7. https://is.gd/P6pSjk


  8. I have gluten-free brownie mix for later and I’m making some curried beef tenderloin to put on rice for lunch.

  9. One of the girls turned 40 today so she picked the workout. It was pretty bad. 10 movements 66 times. Killer.

  10. For my b-day, we’re going to do some horrible death by 50 thing (I’m turning 50 next month).

    I really really like my gym friends. We have a lot of fun dying together.

  11. I haven’t been able to work out in 9 days. No time and not enough rest.

  12. /cries

  13. Well, that just sounds swell.

    Mrs. Pupster and Boy2 are working, Boy1 is sick so we are having hourly discussions regarding sudafed…pros, cons, cough syrup, throat lozenges, and tea with local honey.

    Watching college football and cleaning house.

  14. I’ll be back at it Monday. Going to do some walking, a tabata drill, and then my calisthenics in the afternoon. I just need to get back to real sleep and avoid caffeine until I’m back on track.

  15. When I had little ones, it was harder to work out. My obsession has been much easier to manage as they’ve grown up.

  16. I used to feel really guilty taking time for myself. Now they don’t care if I’m home or not.

  17. Erin has managed to get 5 boys to take her to Bronners in Frankenmouth today. Instead of watching football.

    I’m amazed that the outliers aren’t dropping off at this request.

  18. I haven’t worked out in 9 days either. I probably won’t be fully recovered before next weekend. I’m going to do quite a bit of walking over the next five days, and try some bodyweight exercises that don’t involve my leg.

  19. I’m reminded of the quote from “10 Things I Hate About You”…

    “What is it about this girl, has she got beer flavored nipples?”

  20. https://is.gd/yU2bvp

  21. 5 boys to take her to Bronners in Frankenmouth


  22. This is bronners:

  23. So … not exactly a teen-age boy’s “Dream” day.

  24. I can’t remember the last time I had Bronners in Frankenmouth. Feels like a lifetime ago.

  25. /gets in car and starts driving to Pupster’s house.

  26. You know who I bet likes Bronners in Frankenmouth?

    Well, everybody probably, but especially Girl Next Door.

    That shit is awesome.

  27. Tell me this is some elaborate reality TV setup.

  28. CoAlex, I don’t even know anymore. But seriously, she has 5 or 6 guys taking her and one other gal to Bronners RIGHT now.

  29. Pupster, you’re married. You only get it on “special” occasions, such as anniversaries divisible by five.

  30. *checks google maps*

    I’m good for a while.

    “Your Frankenmouth is on my Bronners!”

    “No, your Bronners are all over my Frankenmouth!”

  31. You know the difference between Bronners and Frankenmouth?


    It takes 5 Guys to take Erin there.

  32. *calls Lauraw to see if her Monkeys are available

  33. I…I think that’s it.

    Where is that store again?


  34. I’m at the hotel. It’s nice. The city is packed because there’s a marathon tomorrow morning.

    I’m currently watching some Spanish show about the U.S. Navy fighting aliens. It’s not Battleship, but something stupider.

  35. When it’s demons, you call a catholic priest.

    When it’s aliens, you call the USA.

    Nice to know even other nations respect these traditions.

  36. It’s the Spaniards. They can’t use their own navy, because no one would believe that they could stop an alien invasion with two frigates and a party boat.

  37. Frankenmouth is also known as Fish Lips.

  38. Wife has an idiot friend who calls it Frankenbooth.

  39. I’m tracking her, and they’ve left the Christmas store and appear to be at a mall.

  40. Frankentooth

  41. Frankenthisblogisdead

  42. I don’t want to clean anymore.

  43. If you were playing a drinking game in which you took a shot every time the announcers mentioned “Baker Mayfield” you’d be needing a stomach pump before the 1Q was over. 18th century European Emporers would be aghast at the ball licking this guy gets.

  44. Waiting to see the new Justice League movie

    First time in a theatre since I left England according to autocorrect

  45. I think it was when my senior was in 8th grade. So 4 or 5 years

  46. We are getting a mini donkey so Ricardo Grande won’t be lonely. His name is Donatello.

    I have been assured that he is neither a ninja nor a renaissance painter.

  47. 8th century European Emporers would be aghast

    Name ONE.


  48. Fredrick the Great.

  49. Aw, shit. He was just a king.

  50. Emperor = ruler over an empire
    Emporer = guy who sells discount furniture in a bad part of town.

  51. Hi Sean.

    How many Bronners do you have in Frankenmouth right now?

  52. None, Pups. All my Bronners are in Werewolfmouth.

  53. Frankenmouth is what you get with those new sex robots, right?

  54. I’m a real believer in the idea that God knows what He’s doing and that He provides me with everything that I need, but after eight years of this shit, I’m starting to wonder if there’s some Netherworld deity I might sacrifice a goat or two to in order to get a fuckin’ victory against Stanfurd and their stupid, shitty tree.

  55. I feel ya, Sean. As an ISU fan, I’m quite familiar with the football gods shitting on you, time and time again.

    Yelk made it. Seneca was in. Niang took a charge. Craft was blocking. Murdock caught a TD.

  56. Like I mentioned, J’Ames, this makes eight straight years that we’ve lost The Axe. That’s the longest consecutive streak in the 120 years of the Big Game. I have no idea what I’ve done to deserve this.

  57. We went 15 straight losing to AIB East, err, University of Iowa. #16 was memorable.

  58. Someone please clue me in on what “dilly dilly” means. (Other than part of an old Burl Ives song. Lavender blue…)

    Drove 2+ hours to attend a funeral today. I was tail-end Charley in the funeral procession. Interesting having flashing blue lights in my rearview mirror without the pucker factor. The cemetery was 27 miles from the funeral home, so in one little town we went through, the state patrol car passed me in order to block the cross traffic. (In some of the towns it was coordinated with the local police. Interesting to watch the handoffs.) Guy put on his flashers, got in line behind me, sailed through all the red lights in town, turned the flashers off, then peeled off before the cop dropped back. I thought that was hilarious. Disrespectful, yes, but what the heck.

    Drove 2+ hours back through some shitty weather, made it in time for evening Mass then home before Rocketboy arrived. Power was out due to the storm for a couple of hours.

    $20 worth of flashlight batteries (that’s FLASHlights) and candles.

  59. I guess it has something to do with this commercial for garbage swill, roamy.


  60. Silly roamy, fleshlight doesn’t have batteries.

  61. Now how can I say it
    And how can I come on
    When I know I’m guilty
    Hang on to your ego
    Hang on, but I know that you’re gonna lose the derp

  62. OK who put in this comment prompt? Frickin’ funny. But now I have to tell my story about Al Franken touching my huevos peludos.

  63. It was a cold and stormy night…

  64. *dons little grey wig and skort*

    *clears throat several times*


    *removes wig*

    How did I do? How did I do?

  65. I’ve been up for hours. I walked across town to the art museum, then grabbed some breakfast on the way back. I’m sitting here eating a croissant and watching the marathoners run by.

  66. Laura, 7.5/10. You needed more ranting about your daughter’s social life and a your taste in music.

  67. Sounds like a pleasant way to start the day, Colex. Have you had any macarons while perusing the local bakeries? I’ve always wondered what the fuss is about. A cookie can’t be THAT good.

  68. Hmmm. I have no daughters and very little interest in music. This is probably why I’m not any good at waking the blog.

  69. Oh yeah, people can sit at tables outside here and smoke. I’d forgotten that.

  70. I was leaving a store the other day and caught a whiff of the most delicious-smelling smoke. Cherry vanilla pipe smoke, maybe? That kind of sweet but leathery scent. I looked around but couldn’t find the puffer.

    As a nonsmoker I’m kind of glad the ‘smoking in the breakfast diner’ scene is over and done here. That was disgusting. Trying to eat next to a chimney. Their butts crushed out on an eggy plate next to half-bitten toast, bleargh.

    Although the post-dinner ciggy used to be awesome. No denying that.

  71. Co-worker smoked Captain Black pipe tobacco, and I usually liked the smell of that.

  72. I don’t miss smoking in restaurants or bars, but I hate how it came about.

  73. I remember nurses smoking in break rooms, doctors in the OR lounge and the hospital cafeteria having a smoking side separated from the larger nonsmoking side by a screen wall (you know, to prevent tobacco smoke from wafting over). Patients frequently smoked in their bathrooms.

  74. That was in ’87 when I began med school. By the time I left there in ’97 the smokers had been relegated to the outdoor smoking structure dubbed the butt hut. I’m sure that’s long gone by now.

  75. Yeah, public places are just generally more bright and clean than they used to be, and the smoking ban is likely a big contributor to that (along with a general rise in affluence among all socioeconomic strata).

    People aren’t stamping their butts out on the grocery store floors. The walls and counters of convenience stores aren’t getting coated with that yellow mung that bleeds through fresh paint. People won’t frequent or even tolerate a public environment that always smells like tobacco smoke.

  76. Wakey wakey muthafockers.

    ^that’s how it’s done when in doubt Lauraw

  77. Sometimes in movies from the 70s I see and remember what ordinary department stores and public offices used to look like and it’s just so stark, how much nicer everything is now. Back then everything had kind of a narrow, crappy cheap look.

    Design, production processes, materials, everything is making our environment so much more upscale today.

  78. There’s no way I’ll ever be able to do that, Carin.


    she makes it look so easy

  79. I’m a little sore today from yesterday’s monster workout. Nothing specific, just an all over FU from my body. I think I’ll take it easy and to the Murph today.


    (did someone put something in my coffee? Like crack?)

  80. Pat ok’ed me seeing QOTSA again in May, so just when you thought hearing me talk about them was over …

    They’re playing in Ontario and it’s only a couple hours drive. I don’t know which tickets to get yet … I want a GA, but the floor is huge and if I don’t get a good spot I’m boned.

  81. I’ve got an extra boy who has been kicked out of his house. Got hit in the face by the stepdad, and then later that night the boy told the step dad via text exactly how he felt about him. The ironic part is that they just welcomed home the stepdad’s son (older) who just got out of jail. For beating his girlfriend. Apparently that’s ok, but don’t you dare not cut the lawn before your stepdad asks you.

    Hopefully this will just be for the week and then he can go live at his sister’s house.

  82. Car in’s Home For Wayward Young Men, And Those Who Just Hope They Have A Shot With Erin.

  83. We need a new poat. This one is getting all nicotine stained.

  84. Give me an hour and I’ll put something up.

  85. Car in’s Home For Wayward Young Men, And Those Who Just Hope They Have A Shot With Erin.

    Ha ha haaaaaaa ….

    nailed it. Which hopefully doesn’t apply to any of the young men what are ALWAYS AT MY HOUSE.

  86. You seriously haven’t been putting any of those boys to work around the place? Chopping wood? Picking up around the yard? Grooming the dogs?

  87. Are you feeding them? Because if you’re feeding them, you should never have to chop carrots again.

  88. I’m not really feeding them, and yet they’re thriving. The appear to live on pizza crusts and Gatorade.

  89. New Poat

    nailed it. Which hopefully doesn’t apply to any of the young men what are ALWAYS AT MY HOUSE.

    When the Census taker asks about how many people live in your home, do you laugh hysterically, or just sob quietly?

  90. Going to brave the grocery store later today.

  91. Wear a cup.

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