RimShot – another POS Offering

How many rimshots has your favorite startrek actor taken in the past month – round to the nearest gross.

How much time do you peeps that are gainfully employed waste any given week –

Get out there and skew the Productivity numbers… it’ll give Geoff an opportunity to edify us with some economy numbers.

this should help you burn a few minutes of your life –





MJ learning from his master


Words of the Day:

Poatsterbation – liking your own post

shrinking violet – no one here

roué – xbrad at the farm


  1. Water pressure is too low here this morning.

  2. https://www.myinstants.com/instant/trololo/

  3. H2O, H2O everywhere and not a drop to drink –

  4. http://tinyurl.com/yaqhdt7y

  5. Netflix has a new children’s cartoon: Tarzan and Jane. “Jane” is now a spunky, street-smart black girl, rather than a staid, British daughter of privilege. The substitution strikes me as incredibly racist.

  6. who plays Cheeta?

  7. It also strikes me as the wrong demographic to target. Blacks are a shrinking minority. Should have gone with a Latina.

  8. Should have gone with your mom.

  9. OTOH, I’m seeing a lot more white male-black female pairings on screen lately. Feels agenda-driven. I think in the real world it happens exceedingly rarely. The only interracial relationship less common is Asian male-black female. I’m sure white/Indian pairings happen but I’ve never seen statistics, and most of those immigrants seem to have come over with a spouse or find one in the community already here.

  10. All children’s toys depicting a group will have a smattering of ethnicities. White males are often omitted from such groupings. I’m sure it’s just coincidence.

  11. Picked up my new glasses yesterday. Doctor says I will probably need surgery in about two years.

  12. https://is.gd/sMj6Ve

  13. You are that surgeon’s annuity plan

  14. Boo!

    It’s 38 degrees, raining, and I have to spend the rest of the day working outside.

  15. Heh, if you want to see minority advertising, watch a McDonald’s commercial.

  16. Baby in arms.

  17. At present he can correct my vision back to 20/20. When it gets tot the point where that doesn’t work, and my night vision starts to deteriorate, I’m going to want the surgery.

  18. My mom had the surgery in both eyes, and did not need to wear glasses again.

  19. I don’t watch TV, and thus see no commercials. I block the ones on youtube.

  20. Minorities shouldn’t be targeted for ‘bad’ advertising. No junk food, booze, cars that depreciate quickly, payday loans, alcohol, etc.

  21. Sounds like a good outcome HS.

    How’s her prostate?

  22. It’s true. Selling Doritos to Shameekwa is racist and contributes to the obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemics.

  23. Referring to “Shameekwa” in any context, however, is more racist, so I should be jailed for life, regardless of my noble intention not to see people exploited and injured by Big Food.

  24. Messiah deWeaver

  25. Pretty sure that’s racist.

  26. So the NorKs shot a guy in the back 5 times after squeezing off some 40 rounds.

    No wonder they need nukes.

  27. They have poor eyesight.

  28. But all the aid programs are aimed at not limiting their choices at all. In fact we disguise the aid program completely, allowing the wanton purchase of prepared (read high in sugars and salt) bad for you food.

  29. The worst part is that it’s a vicious cycle. You’ve got little foresight, so you choose and eat shitty, easy food and possibly some chemical entertainment with the little actual cash you have. Bad food and booze further harm your cognitive abilities, leaving you even less discerning as time goes on, to the point where you can’t even choose real food because your taste buds and dopamine reward system are so out of whack that you can’t enjoy it.

  30. I’m done worrying about dumb people. Fork ’em, regardless of color.

  31. Back when there was shame there seemed to be fewer upset poor people. Maybe that was a bad thing, but I don’t think so.

  32. Unfortunately, our kids are going to end up suffering by virtue of their multi-generational dysfunction, MJ, if only because they’re going to be stuck with the bill.

  33. Every time I go to the drugstore I see what these parasites are buying with their food stamp cards – huge bottles of Coke, chips, candy, donuts, ice cream, etc.

    It’s all crap. They’re whales, and their kids are whales.

  34. And then they whip out cash for their beer, booze, and cigarettes.

  35. This has been an exciting morning.

  36. Erin get engaged?

  37. Unfortunately, our kids are going to end up suffering by virtue of their multi-generational dysfunction, MJ, if only because they’re going to be stuck with the bill.
    We probably have one or two more Baby Boomer governments before Gen X takes over, which I hope will start to reverse the problem.

    The bigger problem is the very large and well defined Millennials that will just vote themselves lavish benefits like their grandparents.

  38. Erin is hosting a tournament to eliminate suitors?

  39. I don’t think young people suit anymore. I think they mainly just grope and grunt.

  40. Tinder, swipe right.

    How did we meet people in the old days, says millenial with his phone.

    WE WENT OUTSIDE! morons.

  41. No, Ethan had PT across town early this mornings, so that. And Erin overslept so was stuck at home until I got back ( I left before she gets up and she didn’t know I’d be gone).

    Apparently snowflake stopped by with a hot chocolate for her. He tried to take her to school, but Erin (stupidly) thought I’d let her skip today.

    ba haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa …. oh, oh …

    ANyway, kids are at school now.

    Snowflake and the suitors did all show up at work last night for a visit too.

    WHo will win?

  42. I don’t think young people suit anymore. I think they mainly just grope and grunt.

    Erin isn’t perfect, but she definitely has the guys attempting to woo her. And they’d better move slow, or they definitely get the boot.

  43. I mean, she had the dude over here making paper snowflakes with her! And he gets her muffins and hot chocolate … all sorts of stuff from Timmy h’s.

  44. LOL Kaepernick was named Citizen of the Year by GQ magazine.

    I can’t say I’ve ever looked at a GQ magazine.

  45. He’s trying to give her the diabeetus!!

  46. GQ = Generally Queer

    Thought it would be on your to do list.

  47. Well …. look at all Kaepernick did for us!

  48. He’s trying to give her the diabeetus!!

    Maybe he’s trying to fatten her up so he has less competition?

  49. It’s easier to catch the big ones.

  50. Snowflake and the suitors did all show up at work last night for a visit too.

    WHo will win?

    Time for an endurance run to thin the herd.

  51. Good morning. Been gone a couple days. Did I miss anything?

    Spent the morning on the phone with local PD trying to get a special invitation to use the range that my tax dollars paid for. No luck, Chuck.

  52. He IS person of the year.

    I love that the Left is destroying the Left. Moar please.

    We’re seeing a slow motion destruction of every institution which is quite nice.

  53. Hahahahaha

    Three geniuses from UCLA got busted for shoplifting in China.

    Snowflakes gonna snowflake.

  54. Just spit ballin’ here, but do you think maybe she slept in knowing the house would be empty, and SF showed up just to be nice?

    Not related: can I borrow some money?

  55. Not just person of the year. CITIZEN of the year.

  56. And, BTW, the author of that article, Thomas Lifson, is so wrong-headed he needs to be cunt-punted into the next county. He blames UCLA, and thinks the douchebag students shouldn’t be punished.

  57. No one should be punished for anything anymore.

    Society is to blame.

  58. Just spit ballin’ here, but do you think maybe she slept in knowing the house would be empty, and SF showed up just to be nice?

    This is why no one likes you MJ.

    I’m pretty sure they haven’t got passed the cuddling on the couch stage.

    How much money do you need?

  59. The home page for the Marshall employees’ internal website had a diversity pic of a bunch of people. No white guy. After enough grumbling in the ranks, it’s now a pic of the center director (white guy).

  60. Kaepernick is GQ’s Citizen Of The Year

    $37,000,000 Hurricane Relief Fund JJ Watt Hardest Hit

  61. Hotspur, you are right, but I would still pay $ to see Janet Napolitano kowtow.

  62. How much money do you need?
    Uh, $12M should cover it.

  63. A freshman fell out of the dorm and died at Rocketboy’s school. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess alcohol was involved.

  64. How much money do you need?
    Uh, $12M should cover it.

    No problem. I have an African Prince who’s been investing money for us, so I’ll have him shoot you an email on how to transfer the money into your account.

  65. The alumni magazines/newsletters from every academic institution I’ve ever attended feature POC on nearly every page.

    My recall of them in the years I attended:

    HS: 2 black kids, the girl got pregnant junior year and left school, the guy was our star basketball player.

    College: Every black kid who attended was on the basketball team, on scholarship

    Med school: many of the minority students needed 5 or 6 years and a lot of “coaching” to finish

  66. Since the bank is open…..I’d like a small loan of 750K please. I will gladly repay you on the second Tuesday of next week.

  67. Truth of the matter is that hannah’s academic scholarship is to “up” the graduation rates of Wayne State – which has a LOT of black students.

    Do I need to point out that Hannah is white?

  68. many of the minority students

    Just curious. What percentage would you estimate?

  69. About half, so like 5 out of 10 obvious racial minorities. Back then the class size was fixed at 100. I just read that the new class size is like 130-140.

  70. So, 35% for those who don’t want to switch. I will add that I think they’re playing games with the demographics. There are a lot of “muslims” of who knows what nationality. I’m guessing they’re putting those folks under “white” because I don’t see a category.

  71. What about trans students?

  72. Erin is hosting a tournament to eliminate suitors?



  73. Actually, I think Erin is perfectly happy with the throng of fans. It’s just driving the rest of us nuts.

  74. Heh, back when I attended our gays were just happy to be plain old gay. And none were of the flamboyant variety IYKWIM.

  75. Put Erin’s suitors to work. That way you weed out the lazy and useless ones, gauge who has best earning potential, and get stuff done for you at minimal charge.

  76. It’s a good idea – I’d be happy if they’d just run the turkey trot with me.

  77. Fuck Trump. This is bullshit.

  78. Hopefully, the deal to bring those three hoodlums back home involved them going straight to jail here.
    I seriously doubt it, but I can hope. Still it doesn’t stack up to OBumble’s Bergdahl deal. These idiots allegedly shoplifted from a counterfeit Gucci store (or some such BS), they didn’t desert their post and get people killed.

  79. Or get kidnapped and held in Iran while we gave them untold billions to build nuclear weapons (while being unreported by the MSM). Let’s put things in perspective if we can…

  80. No question that this is not an equivalent situation to Ogabe’s fuckups, but Trump should have let them rot. He is, after all, a fucking racist.

  81. I don’t know the details, but I did read that there is video evidence of their shoplifting. (?)
    If that’s the case, I would’ve left them there in a chinese prison to eat fish heads & rotten rice for a while. But Trump just proved his diplomatic bonafides and brought them home on his first Asia trip. China. That has to account for something.

  82. Fuck Trump. This is bullshit.

    Any university student body that’s worth a shit would make sure that their student section was 100% clad in cheap sunglasses anytime fucla came to their place.

    Won’t happen though. Kids are too pc to mock bros these days.

  83. I don’t know. ISU made fun of Marcus Smart “flopping” in basketball a few years ago. It was hilarious live.

    Student Section “flop” at ISU

  84. I was at UM Ann Arbor at the height of undergrad affirmative action. I saw some black kids when I was in my prereqs for engineering. Very, very few by the time I got to 300 level math/physics. Lots of Asians, though.

    There was one black student in exactly one of my graduate math classes, and it was one of the ones crosslisted as 400/500. He spent 10 minutes of the final explaining his answers out loud to the professor while the rest of us (in a class of maybe 19 students) were still trying to finish. I finally told him to put the paper down and leave if he was done because the rest of us were still working. He threatened to find me after class. Out loud. In a room full of students in an advanced math class. I stared at him and said he was welcome to wait, I still had 20 minutes to work on the test. He left. Never saw him again. One white girl thanked me.

  85. I actually had her in another class after that. I guess it was memorable to her too, because she asked if anything happened afterward.

  86. *waits for leon outside the blogchatroom

  87. That Marcus Smart flop was funny. I saw one with him on the Celtics “Top 5 Marcus Smart Flops” that was funny. Regular speed was pretty convincing, slo-mo … hilarious and fake!

  88. I just remembered that the professor thanked me also. Pretty sure he had wanted to say the same thing, but wasn’t an assertive fellow.

    *gets extending baton ready for Jay*

  89. *pops corn

  90. The prof was probably scared shitless of being reported for racism. He probably secretly thanked you for your racissness.

  91. He was very well known for that in college, too. He can even flop twice on one play!

    Marcus Smart double flop

  92. I miss Milton Friedman: Milton Friedman: The Rise of Socialism is Absurd

  93. Beatification Mass for Fr. Solanus Casey in Detroit this Saturday. Cool. They expect 70,000 to attend, largest Mass since the Pope held one at the Silverdome.

  94. My parish was going to charter a bus, Roamy, but every bus within 50 miles is booked, and you can’t get within 3 blocks of the event with one.

  95. Where’s Pup?
    I have a request for BBF – since you’re on a roll with actual good looking women, how about Jennifer Love Hewitt?
    As far as beauties with nice racks goes, it’d be hard to beat the perfection of JLH. (Nobody tell me that she’s another Lib dingbat!)
    And, no – I won’t waste the space with a pic or video.

  96. We should just play these on endless loop, since it’s the same questions over and over:

    Milton Friedman schools “young Bernie Sanders” about poverty

  97. Jennifer Love Hugetits, seconded.

  98. I will take it under advisement. I thought she had been featured already but a site search says nope.

  99. Oh sure, I make a request, and I get “do it yourself, asshole!”

    *huffs off

  100. I wish I knew who (whom?) J’Ames request was.
    I may be dumb, but I know how Google works!

    *when I’m home & bored, Ghost Whisperer is on TV. It’s reminded me of my crush on JLH.

  101. She made Heartbreakers almost watchable.

  102. Ugh. I think I watched that with the TV on mute once. Even SHE wasn’t enough to wash away the stench of Sigourney Weaver. Never found her appealing – not even as Ripley.

    Another Trump hating LGBT activist.
    At least she isn’t as vocal as most other washed up actresses, I guess.

  103. Shoplifting counterfeit Gucci accessories.

    I can’t help but laugh at that.

  104. Guchi

  105. Goochi? That stuff sucks. Should have grabbed some Cooch bags or something.

  106. Watch the video of the Ball family shoe shopping. It’s hilariously dumb.

  107. I grabbed your mom’s Cooch bag.

  108. In Ireland, on a tour, and everybody seems to be a socialist, except for one young doctor. All non-US people, but they have a lot of of opinions on Trump, none good. Penelope keeps kicking me in the shin, so I keep quiet. I did mention what a cluster fuck Obamacare is. The Dr. heartily agreed. Bang, change of subject.

  109. Every worthwhile Irishman left the country decades ago, if not centuries. The best the Green Isle had to offer live here now.

  110. The only thing the fucking micks were good at was bombing each other, and they don’t even do that anymore.

    Fucking nazi collaborators.

  111. I would have dents in my shins like a demolition derby car. I still wish I was a married man, though.
    (With certain reservations)

  112. Did I mention the Uber driver I had last night? That woman made Beyonce look like Oprah. So beautiful, I think I proposed to her before she dropped me off at home. A smokeshow at 40, and could easily pass for 20.
    I think I need to get get out more often. And maybe shave.

  113. Oh sure, I make a request, and I get “do it yourself, asshole!”
    *huffs off

    Don’t leave angry. I’m sure I’ve suggested that blerg regulars post some BBFs from time to time, I just can use a break every once in a while. I appreciate the tips, keep them coming.

  114. And my workday begins.

  115. I’d do a BBF, but I got bannded.

  116. I lack proper motivation.

  117. Me too. That’s why they banned me.

  118. If I did big boob Friday it would be all butts.

  119. Bodacious Booty Friday could be a thing.

  120. https://imgur.com/XAjqhEy

  121. Bodacious Booty Friday could be a thing

    I nominate Hotspur’s Mom for the inaugural post.

  122. My mom was a babe back in the day.

  123. I should do a poat about what an awesome woman she was.

    Maybe it could be a Your Mom poat.

  124. The guy who made the roasted facehugger needs a kick in the balls or three.

  125. Everybody’s Mom was a babe back in the day.
    Want Proof?


  126. Yes, you should. That would be an awesome poat.

  127. Good point, Chi.

    Ima make a poat tomorrow where we can all honor our moms by posting photos of how beautiful they are.

  128. Mom will be 80 soon. You have our permission to use her images as the centerfold.


  129. And yes. The “Happy Wanderer” was Dad’s baby. A ’58 Plymouth Fury – think back to the movie Christine. Same car.

  130. The Happy Wanderer is pretty fucking cool. Color is awesome.

  131. Your mom is wearing a maternity top. Is that you in there?

  132. My goodness. I’ve looked at that picture 1000 times and never thought of that!
    But looking at the datestamp, I guess my oldest sis is percolating in there.
    I didn’t pop out until ’67. I waited ’til they were on a tropical island to interrupt things.

  133. How about you run your post on Thursday Hotspur? I’ve been right out straight between work, helping out at home during Paula’s surgery recovery and dealing with an ungrateful teen who thinks our rules don’t apply to him anymore.

  134. Excellent comment thread on Moore at Ace’s. I’m convinced it’s all bullshit.

  135. Thursday it is, Jimebro. I’ll need most of the day to do it jusstice, and don’t want to stomp HHD. I hope youse guys will update it with pics of your moms.

    Crude Your Mom jokes will be dealt with. That will be Laura’s jerb.

  136. Paula’s hip recovery is going well. The first week was hell. Her thigh was so swollen from the osteotomy he had to do that every time she moved she was in agony. She slept in the recliner for the first week or so. She’s off all meds except Tylenol and aspirin, up to 50% weight bearing on crutches and no longer needs to wear the thigh high compression stockings. The best news was being allowed to drive again. Second best news? Her dad shot a buck.

  137. Crude Your Mom jokes will be dealt with mandatory.


  138. Jimbro and Paula are on a roll.

  139. Her legs are the same length now and her hips are even after 37 years of being uneven. She is looking forward to being able to wear shoes with a heel if she wants to now. She always wore flat shoes/sneakers because the leg length difference made it treacherous.

  140. She still can’t abduct her legs which is a shame. That new hip needs a stress test soon.

  141. Leg abduction isn’t your job?

  142. Nope!

  143. Her hip abductors, adductors and hamstrings are all super tight from bringing the femoral head down to the true acetabulum. The only muscle group that’s not tight is her quads from the subtraction osteotomy that took 3 cm of femur.

  144. I refuse to make crude jokes about Mrs Jimbro’s hip movements.

    But, did y’all realize that John Carpenter wasn’t very original? Same music from Halloween shows up again in Escape From New York when Ernest Borgnine picks up Snake in the taxicab. Very important news, I know…

  145. mmmmmm femoral head

  146. Happy birthday, tomswifty!

  147. Hotspur, I put a pic of my mom in the media folder.

  148. Well, my work here is done. Squishy hugs and good night!

  149. Hey Xbrad, can you send Hotspur a pic of my mom?

  150. pups, I’m sure you know I was kidding

  151. https://is.gd/rB0ctP

  152. I’m the victim here, and I demand recompense for my pain and suffering, I require that you demean yourself in a humiliating fashion immediately.

  153. Thanks for the birfday wish, Roamy!

  154. My workday for yesterday is now complete.

  155. Okay, NOW it’s complete.

  156. Follow where Mary goes
    Cherish the things she knows
    Says if I derp my stride
    Then I’ll fly
    She makes me want to die

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