MMM 299: when it rains…

So we’ve now concluded that the water damage upstairs is entirely due to my piping of the cold drip into the hot tap not actually stopping the water.  It might not be so extensive as to need a drywaller, but we are going to have to mud and repaint part of the living room ceiling and the entirety of at least one wall.  The subfloor is coming out this afternoon and we’ll see if there’s anything more to it.  Also, one of the tires on the station wagon was leaking fast enough to make an audible hiss last night when we got home from church, so I get to change the tire as soon as it’s light out, assuming the spare (thank heaven it’s full-size) doesn’t need air first.  Also, I have a software delivery on Friday and the wife needs to be at the base tomorrow, so I get to spend all day being dad and then work a full day as soon as she gets home to catch up on that.

I think that’s everything.  I fully expect to twist an ankle feeding the horses shortly too.



Silly pants.


Tae bo?  Is tae bo still a thing?


This might be Carmen Villalobos.


Hotel room.


What’s this doing in here?


She looks “glum” rather than “determined”.


She must be planning some burpees to need those gloves.


Pupster issues dire warnings about shoulder impingement.


Happy (?) Monday.


  1. Pupster, thanks for the update. I often read the comments on a recipe and a few said it was too salty so skip the salt. You nailed it.

  2. The first gal looks like her upper body was photoshopped onto someone else’s legs.

  3. Time to go wash the dishes.

  4. Liking your own post is like wearing a Queens of the Stone Age t-shirt to a Queens of the Stone Age concert.

  5. I love it when Jam likes his own posts.

  6. I make the best posts. They are worthy of praise.

    Cup of coffee now and some work work before I go feed animals and change the tire.

  7. Well, just so you don’t feel so alone, out well/pump thing has an issue. I just called a guy – he’s a regular and loves me so I know he’ll be give me the best price he can. Also, one of Erin’s best friends works for him.

    I’m sure this will be cheap.


    wakey wakey. It’s MONDAY.

  8. I’m trying to go see QOTSA again when they’re in London Ontario, and I’ll wear my QOTSA shirt again. Because I’m not a poser who cares what anyone thinks.

    *gives MJ a dirty look and drops a dish just as junior is about to fall asleep

    Oh. Did I wake the baby?

  9. That last lift doesn’t look so good. I’m thinking it’s an overhead squat, otherwise she looks too far forward for a snatch.

  10. I don’t know why people do that with the end of the bar instead of just doing deadlifts.

  11. click/click.

    That’s what my “bladder” thing is doing.

  12. Click click.



  13. So … they are planning a surprise dinner for erin on Wednesday. She thinks she’s just going out with two friends, but there will be a whole bunch others there. She’s going to love it. I asked for the guest list and yes, snowflake will be there.

    I think he needs a pep talk. I think he’s afraid to make a move because she shot down his best friend when he tried it (squeakhole). Apparently squeakhole is a whore- and she’s not into that. He’s burned that bridge.

  14. You will be surrounded by filthy Canadians.

    It sounds horrible.

  15. Carin, those are rows, meant for the lats/biceps/rear delts. Deadlifts do some of that, but these are a better specific exercise.

    Time for horses and chickens and the tire now.

  16. Can’t you just do rows with barbells? eh. I don’t really care. I just saw someone selling some fancy bar for it and it just seemed silly. To spend all that money for a special bar.

    Fool and his money.

  17. You will be surrounded by filthy Canadians.

    For Joshua, I’d endure it.

  18. Erin is into girls.

    It is written, so it shall be.

  19. Comment by MJ on November 13, 2017 8:44 am

    Erin is into girls.

    Nah, she’s not on the softball team.

  20. Erin really likes her girlfriends. She actually is very well balanced – not so boy crazy that she gives up friendships. With Dh and this new boy – she never tells a friend that they can’t come over because she’s with X. If a guy wants her alone, he’s going to have to actually take her out on a date, because otherwise all her friends just show up. Her surprise b-day has more guys showing up than girls. One is driving from an hour away (he moved last summer).

  21. water water water

    click click

  22. Leon, what do you think about Tabata total 9 min vs 45 min of regular cardio, walking, jogging, bike, etc..

  23. 45 min of cardio is endurance. Tabata is HIIT. I know what Leon will say, but I like to mix the two.

  24. Holy crap, this makes me sick to my stomach:

  25. But my goals are not the same as others.

  26. The physical therapy guys on youtube sited the study that muscle, cardio and general fitness were exactly the same (they even did muscle biopsy) between the two groups in the study. Well, actually, there were three groups but the 3rd group did nothing as a control.

    It’s actually supposed to REPLACE the 45 min cardio deals.

  27. Thanks for the link, Carin.

  28. As I said, my goals are not the same. Since I like to run long distances/ 10 mile obstacle races, HIIT isn’t going to get that done.

    Crossfit WODS are basically HIIT. So often I add in a run or a bike on lighter days – when the WOD was short.

  29. But very few of them are 9 mins. Some are. but they range from 5 min to 45.

  30. It’s usually a good idea to read the comments on a recipe to catch things like too much salt, too much pepper, too much water, etc. I have to laugh at the ones who substitute three or more things in the recipe then talk about what a great dish it is.

  31. 2 min warm up
    20 seconds burpees with jumps
    2 min ab work
    20 seconds burpees with jumps
    2 min ab work
    20 seconds burpees with jumps
    2 min cool down (ab work)

  32. Roamy, the comments are fairly important. Like you, I laugh, they totally change the recipe then give it a 5 star.

    However, sometimes they make the recipe easier and I love that. For example, I’m going to use pre-cooked bacon and do the veggies in a simpler manner.

  33. The first gal looks like her upper body was photoshopped onto someone else’s legs.

  34. Hey, keto people, I’m going to make crack slaw (which I had never heard of but, evidently, every keto person knows about except me) what can I substitute for coconut aminos?

  35. 20 seconds of burpees is 4 or 5. For me personally, this would be a warm up (and we do similar warm ups all the time at crossfit).

    from the article:

    “Helgerud et al. showed that 4 repetitions of 4-minute runs at 90%–95% of heart rate maximum (HRmax) followed by 3 minutes of active recovery at 70% HRmax performed 3 days per week for 8 weeks resulted in a 10% greater improvement in stroke volume than did long, slow distance training 3 days per week for 8 weeks (total oxygen consumption was similar in both protocols). ”

    So 4 sprints – basically – for four minss is 16 mins of fast running.That’s 2 miles. And comparing it to “slow distance” – this is part of the issue – for many folks the endurance stuff is down at too low of an intensity. They’re not pushing themselves hard enough, while they do for HIIT.

  36. Pups, you likey the thick-thighed woman? FINE!

  37. Hillary Clinton is a cunt.

  38. I do more than 5 in 20 seconds. I was doing about 8 sometimes 9. The idea is to go full out, is it not?

  39. HIIT is supposed to be better for body comp, but a longer workout should give you better conditioning. I’d rather do a 4 min HIIT and then a 40 minute walk outdoors than 45 min on the stairmaster.

  40. Never go full out.

  41. Since leaving Texas, I never work out on a treadmill or machine…and good riddance…to the machines.

  42. It’s the glasses.

  43. She’s a cute girl.

  44. 4 minutes of all out is hard.

    That’s what your mom told me.

  45. I can give four minutes all out if I get a ten-minute smoke break in between.

  46. I do more than 5 in 20 seconds. I was doing about 8 sometimes 9. The idea is to go full out, is it not?

    Well, I was estimating based on my rate – but I’m usually tired when I do burpees in a workout. Never just did 20 seconds max.

    We do one that is 5 min, max amount of burpees. It’s hard. At the end you’re trying to speed up to max up and beat the gal next to you.

  47. So, evidently George HW Bush was a lecherous old cock knocker.

  48. I do the treadmill for short runs. the murph has a mile at the beginning and end, and if it’s nasty out I just run inside.

  49. But it’s also for time, so for the run I’m trying to push it. Especially at the end. So I’m hitting upper numbers on the HR. The murph is a mix- the pullups get your heart rate WAY up, then the push ups and squats are the down time. The run – again, max effort.

  50. I need a new tank for the well.

    The guy who’s here servicing me (SYWM) says I’ve waited on him before. the guy who owns the well company is a regular. Darkhorse works for him too, but he’s obviously at school right now.

  51. Everyone is gone. Thank you baby chocolate hayzeus.

    We’re not people that don’t want our baby held or anything like that, but the constant juggling and ‘oh he’s asleep, how cute, I think I’ll shake his feet,’ sticking a face in his face and making faces and loud noises, and endless streams of advice to get him to stop crying after shaking him to wake him up are slightly annoying.

    Also, I think I’ve figured older people out. One type of person retires and does nothing but bitch, whine, and relive days gone by while the other lives life.

    Also, I met a nice family at church that had 10 kids. Ho Lee Fuk. They’re pretty serious about being Catholic. They had, or were watching a severely handicapped kid and it struck me that the Left talks about abortion as a convenience option but they’re also deliberately targeting the most vulnerable. Its sad and makes you wonder how anyone can look at someone in need, yet loved, and come to the conclusion that it would be better if that person had never been given a chance to live.

  52. RE well: Move to town, you crazy fringe weirdo!

  53. I need a new tank for the well.

    Hauling water in buckets is a great workout, I’ve heard.

  54. We’re not people that don’t want our baby held or anything like that, but the constant juggling and ‘oh he’s asleep, how cute, I think I’ll shake his feet,’ sticking a face in his face and making faces and loud noises, and endless streams of advice to get him to stop crying after shaking him to wake him up are slightly annoying.

    You should have another one immediately for attic stock / backup / advanced replacement.

  55. /blows whistle

    Oh, I’m sorry MJ. Did that wake up the baby?

    Is he on solid food yet? He really should be on solid food by now.

  56. A young man with Down’s is an altar server at my parish. He’s a great kid, but of course it would be better for him if he’d been torn apart in the womb, then the rest of us would be spared his joy and his desire to overcome his disability and be helpful in spite of it. The world would be richer without that.

  57. In addition to 2-3 HIIT workouts, I ride my bike for about 55 min, 4-5 times a week at a more than moderate pace. At least that is what my TOMTOM says…based on my weight, height, heart rate, distance and calorie expenditure. Even if I adjust down 15-20 % for TOMTOM error, I’m happy with the calorie burn and just being outside is great.

    I like the P90X plyo workout and the Beach body PIYO workouts.

  58. If you have a heart rate monitor, it’s all good. I find that with some endurance training – the problem is people simply don’t get their heart rate up high enough. Biking is especially problematic for me, but the HR monitor solves that and I know when I’m slacking.

    But on the stair steppers – etc – people often are not working out as hard as they think they are.

  59. SCHLONG!!

    Also, your mom is a whore!

  60. MJ, people are weird.

    You should have one of us call your home (if they come back) and we will, in a creepy voice, (make sure they answer the phone) say stuff like, “Get out now, while you can!” Or, “We’re watching you, touch that baby again and you’re dead!”

  61. Eh, people like to hold, touch, and shake babies. Then they like to tell you about how to raise them. I’m good with it.

    I just think its funny that they wake them up then tell you how to get them to sleep.

    I’m all like, you voted for Hillary didn’t you?

  62. You need to swaddle that baby.

    DON’T SWADDLE A BABY. you’ll crush their spirit.

    He needs a binkie.

    Binkies are bad for their suck reflex (that’s what your mom said)

    You really shouldn’t assume it’s gender

    I think the baby is hot.

    I think the baby is too cold.

    Did you take your carseat to the fire department so they could determine if you installed it correctly?

  63. What do you know? You don’t have 5 kids of varying gender identity!

    Congrats on your first gay kid by the way. I’m sure Erin will make you proud by taking over the car supply business and marrying a nice lady named Toni or Deb then raising a bunch of cats and a python.

  64. I could send you some of Erin’s old dresses for MJ Jr, since she won’t need them anymore. Let me know.

    Does he even KNOW his colors yet?

  65. No, sadly he doesn’t. So far behind.

    I think we just sell him and get it over with. I’ll start the bidding at $1.

  66. Well, you guys know I’m going to win the bidding war, so let’s just eliminate the charade.

    MJ, I need you to start playing QOTSA to Little Joshua right away. Get him used to his new home.

  67. I fully expect someone to hide a full recipe in the categories some poat.

  68. Right. Let me get on that.


  69. Snake juice IS a recipe.

  70. “Is he on solid food yet?”

    does that mean silicone bewbs?

  71. I’m just saying that some of that gay music (NTTAWWT) you play around the house … he may need a little bit of toughening up.

  72. I’m just saying that some of that gay music (NTTAWWT) you play around the house … he may need a little bit of toughening up.
    If he listens to your adolescent tough boy music he’ll be locked in his room playing vidya games and jerking it all day. We don’t need that.

  73. *replaces jam’s bananas with ghost peppers

  74. i’m sure your plan is much better than mine. Fierce.

    I mean, who would want to have your son grow up and turn out like like this loser.

    Buy stock it Ulta. Maybe you’ll get a discount.


    MJ’s parents should have read this book.

  76. Quads girl would crush my skull between her thighs, but oh what a way to die.

  77. day is completely wasted.

  78. A day is never truly wasted when you have us.

  79. It’s 6:30 pm here and I’m already in bed. I didn’t sleep at all last night, and I’ve been driving all day, getting in and out of the car and standing and sitting, so I’m tired, hurting, and car sick. You fuckers need to entertain me until the Benadryl kicks in and I can sleep.

  80. It’s true, CoAlex, but it’s kinda slow. I don’t want to get anything started. Can’t really cook dinner. I work tonight, so I can’t work out in case I don’t have any water.

  81. Benadryl is about 15 minuets, right?

  82. So much wrong in such a short thread.

    How’s the weenie convention going, Alex? You meet up with PG yet?

  83. Richard’s owner wants to give him to us. We’re going to have a gelded, fabulous miniature horse.

  84. I work tonight, so I can’t work out in case I don’t have any water.

    Baby wipes and deodorant.

    Benadryl is about 15 minuets, right?

    I don’t know. I think it takes longer than thaafdl;ajdaf;lsf *clunk*


  86. I had to give ethan some benadryl yesterday and he was napping w/in 15 min.

  87. Quads girl would crush my skull between her thighs, but oh what a way to die.

    There are much, much worse ways to go.

  88. I got the tire off, drove it up to Belle Tire, and dropped it off. Half the workday lost. I may not sleep much this week.

  89. ugh. don’t use cornstarch to thicken salad dressing.

  90. You’re not my real mom.

  91. The results just came back from Gloria Allred’s colonoscopy. They now know where her head is.

  92. The quiche recipe from yesterday worked after removing the crust and swapping wheat flour for almond flour.

  93. I think I’ll go to facebook and post Calm Down on some feminist’s poat.

  94. Do it, Jay!!

  95. LOL Been nice knowin’ ya.

  96. I get a lot of traction out of “veganism is a death cult” on youtube.


  98. This imgur guy has my sense of humor:

  99. Hehe, love the Play Doctor one.

  100. Play Doctor

  101. I’m not a real doctor, but I play one with your mom.

  102. Kind of a stupid protest, but a funny response:

    Hannity appeared pleased at the response from his supporters.

    “I am humbled and speechless and frankly laughing my ass off,” he tweeted after posting videos and articles about the boycott. “I love all my deplorable friends. Thank you and Game on!!”

    Why break a perfectly good coffee machine? Just don’t buy the cups. I like how he’s giving away 500 coffee machines on his show today.

  103. Your mom always wants me to check her prostate. I keep telling her there’s nothing to check, but she naaaaaasty.

  104. I kicked ass today and punched out at 2:00.

  105. Mitch McConnell needs his balls cut off and crammed down his turtle face cake hole.


  107. Oh boy!
    High wind warning: 45 to 50 mph with gusts of 65mph.
    This is gonna be great!


  108. Why not 66 mph?

  109. Mare is VERY interested in Hotspur’s newsletter.

  110. Mitch McConnell just guaranteed a Roy Moore win.

    Do they actually think the people of Alabama are going to do what McConnell and McCain want them to do?

    Moore will win and win big.

  111. So sayeth Scott! (And scott knows elections!)

  112. Ha! Just noticed they brought Allred out of the bullpen.

  113. he’s down 4 points to the dem, but so was trump

  114. He probably has a 94.574 percent chance of losing too.

  115. Ca rin,
    Did the bladder in the pressure-tank fail?

  116. If Moore wins, it’s going to be like a Trumpening aftershock.

    In about 20 minutes, Ricardo Grande will be a permanent resident here.

  117. How does Gloria Allred make money “representing” people who seek nothing.

    Seems like a stupid business model to me, but I am only pre-law.

  118. What does Gloria get paid on the speaking circuit?


  120. You may all take shots at me, however, I don’t give two shits (not even one) about the women accusing Moore. I want him to win because I really do believe whether the accusations are true or not it’s classic lefty dirty pool. And, well, f them. Plus I believe that we need that seat in the Senate. Yes, yes I am saying some need to die to win the war.

    Also, Due effing process. Who gives a shit if McConnel BELIEVES the women????? Who is he? God? The Hollywood filth never denied the accusations, just hit the sex rehab or apologized.

  121. Emerson College poll has Moore up by 10%

  122. xbradtc, could you comment or make sense for me the Army’s decision (And who actually makes that decision) to lift the ban on cutters, mental issues, and substance abuse?

  123. I can do it for you. The military has been infected with assholes.

  124. I had an 18yo gf at age 27. Pretty sure that shouldn’t disqualify me for office, but if they dug her up and asked for details, who knows?

  125. If Moore did it, I’ll be against him. But it’s fishy, and I don’t think he did it.

  126. Hotspur, that is my obvious first thought. I’m just wondering if there is something we are missing because it’s such incredibly bad policy.

    So NO ONE in authority in the military reads the papers or watches TV or gets news from the internet? NO ONE in authority knows and understands all mass shootings are carried out by people with mental issues?

    Why do we need MORE insanity in the military instead of less?

  127. Moore has been a public figure for a while, why now? Obviously, the dems are desperate for that seat. Like I said, eff them.

  128. Many on the left are turning or have turned the military into a jobs program, Mare. It’s despicable. At functions on base, there’s an obvious divide between the “serving the country that I love” types and the “I needed a job after high school and wars aren’t a thing”. It’s probably worse in the AF than the other branches (because enlisted have very safe lives compared to the rest), but it’s spreading there too.

  129. I thought we agreed that when looked at with a microscope most of us could be accused and condemned for something that could screw with our lives presently.

  130. All it takes now is accusations.

  131. I think John McCain is at the top of my, “Who is the biggest shitheal who pretends to be conservative” list.

    I don’t like it when I see politicians being all chummy and cutesy with politicians from the other side. They are all rich and working the system to make millions. Thier first concern is the graft. Thier friendly manner with each other while democrat policies are killing me and my country REALLY pisses me off. There truly is a culture war and while they are yucking it up with each other we’re getting prison raped with regulations and laws.

  132. Exactly, Scott. That’s why I’m particularly pissed at McConnel. What a friggen ass.

  133. Holy shit, the new accuser just remembered an attempted rape?

    WTF is taking this seriously? Not me.

  134. She said no and he stopped.

    ” I thought he was going to rape me.”

    “He finally allowed me to open the car door and I either fell out or he pushed me out.”

    I bet she just got out of the car.

  135. Mare,
    It’s not a matter of guilt or innocence.
    it’s the seriousness of the allegation…


  136. So she accused him of nothing. typical, stop just short of getting sued for libel.

  137. I am sure there is some truth to the story but it just sounds too coached.

    How does one fall out of a car? You don’t know if you fell or were pushed?

    That detail sounds like bullshit.

  138. Holy cow. Gloria Allred.

    That seals it. It’s bullshit.

  139. Richard’s former owner wants to buy our house.

    Dare I hope?

  140. How does one fall out of a car? You don’t know if you fell or were pushed?

    …and he burned rubber to make his evil getaway?

    Straight out of Hollywood.

  141. I think the republicans want to lose that seat to make it easier to fight Trump and blame it on Dems. A “ cover our asses” kind of deal. They sure jumped on this early. Effing pricks.

  142. Agreed.

    They’re throwing it on purpose. Beautiful political strategy given all the shit going on in Hollywood and the media.

  143. The GOPe must end. If it doesn’t, there’s no way at all that we vote our way out of this. There’ll be a shooting war for sure.

  144. ……leaving her on the cold Alabama pavement, alone and in the dark.

    * coyotes howl *

  145. She was born a poor black child…

  146. Moore’s Dem opponent is for abortion at any time and transgenders in the military and any bathroom they feel like. Yeah, that’ll fly here in the Bible Belt.

  147. Greetings, fellow reprobates.

  148. Moore doesn’t do himself any favors by denying knowing her and denying knowing the restaurant.

  149. The real crisis is going to come when the senate refuses to seat him.

  150. That will bring 4 more years of Trump and Senator Kid Rock.

  151. If they don’t seat him what happens?

    * zappa voice *

    Jeb might be moving to Alabama soon….

  152. None of this would be a problem if it weren’t for that stupid 17th Amendment.

  153. I hate the 17th. That, Wickard v Filburn, and the 1965 immigration overhaul wrought the end of the republic.


  155. As a man sexually attracted to exclusively women 18+, I feel really, really normal lately.

  156. I get what you mean, leon. And I’ll add that nobody, so far as I can recall, has ever been surprised to see my junk. I plan on keeping it that way, too.

  157. I’ve never abused a ficus, either. If anything, I’ve been sexually exploited by conniving wimmenfolk.

    I’m a victim!

  158. Good to hear, guys, because the world wants us to think that everyone is gross and messed up sexually. Since everyone is, hey, it’s normal and don’t be so uptight and ridged about your stupid old fashioned sexual norms.

  159. I predict that “holding hands with a modestly dressed woman in church” will be the next major fetish.

    It’s the only way left to be edgy.

  160. Hey now, mare. I didn’t say that my sexual mores were old fashioned. I mean, you have no idea what kind of filthy things I want to do with consenting adult women and vice-versa.

    Also, some of them may be midgets. And we may or may not all be dressed up like characters from Mary Poppins.

  161. Mary Poppins was super sexy. Dem high collars and long skirts.

  162. **google “Julie Andrews Topless” for a counterexample.

  163. Ca rin,
    Did the bladder in the pressure-tank fail?

    It said it was corroded and thus the pressure issue stemmed from that.

  164. I can’t even anymore

  165. Can you odd?

  166. Nope. No math

  167. If you can’t even or odd, it’s time to get irrational, or transcendental.

  168. Time to go sleep for 5 hours then spend a day as solo dad followed by 8 hours of work work. Somewhere in the middle I have a plumber coming by to do my valve work.

  169. Somewhere in the middle I have a plumber coming by to do my valve work.

    bow chicka wow wow

    (Sorry, leon. I couldn’t resist.)

  170. Surely don’t derp long I’m missing you now
    It’s like I told you I’m over you somehow
    Before I close the door I
    Need to hear you say goodbye
    Baby won’t you change your mind?

  171. Good morning, shmoopses.

    Whose turn is it today to secretly dump 1/2 cup of water under Leon’s sink?

  172. i have a couple nice pears in the fridge that are too overripe for fresh eating. At first I was going to find a nice spice cake recipe for them, but then I remembered about meat.

    Grated pears are good marinade base for making korean beef.


  173. Wait, no, pork. I’ll do up that loin roast in the freezer.

  174. Surprise Penis would be a good band name.

  175. Those gals are amazing in concert. You really can’t tell until the end of the show.

  176. Stick it out.

  177. Stick it out, whip it out, peek-a-boo, etc…

    Yeah, but you can only do so much with that kind of finale, over time. People know what’s coming, they expect it, and it gets boring quickly.

    Maybe that’s why the band petered out too soon.

  178. wakey wakey

  179. Mary Poppins was super sexy. Dem high collars and long skirts.

    Just a spoonful of KY helps the dido go in…

  180. I saw Surprise Penis at the Ficus back in ’78…

  181. In ’78? Not likely. Yo mama take you?

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