POS Tuesday – Odors

I vaguely remember Dave(?) talking about being behind a truck that hit a vulture – the odor was evidently intense.

I worked as a chemist for a while at a specialty chemical company; we had a lot of flavors and fragrances roll thru the lab for quality testing. Almost everything had to be organoleptically assayed – odor and or taste. It was best to try to pawn off the furfural and mercaptan testing to someone else – they linger. Civet, onion, ass, cheese, baby powder, fish oils, skunk, and a myriad other funk was tested – It paid well…. don’t judge.

It’s amazing how concentration of odor changes your perception of it –


  1. rotten potatoes

  2. Thermadin – i pulled you out of teh spam bucket….

    comment as follows:
    “””Comment by Thermadin on November 7, 2017 1:37 am


    I don’t want to throw cold water on your dream of a bacon empire, but pigs can be a lot of work. Growing up in the wilds of Missouri we ran around 1000 head of hogs in a farrow to finish operation. Those were all grain fed, but we did pasture some one time. In the early 80’s my Dad had about 40 acres of a 150 bushel/acre corn that he couldn’t harvest due to it being wet as hell that year and then the wind blew the corn down. So my brother came up with the idea of putting an electric fence around the area and running about 100 feeder pigs in there. We didn’t get around to getting this done till the next spring so by the time we got the pigs in there the whole area was in weeds head high. Those pigs disappeared in that like going into a jungle. By the time they were 100 to 150 pounds that whole 40 areas was dirt with not one stitch of green. We then finished them out on grain.

    The thing with pigs is they will tear everything up including concrete and steel. I’ve got two brothers that still farm and neither of them have hogs. They both have cattle now. If your going to go with a ‘heritage’ hog breed look in the Berkshires, but there aren’t many around. At the end we really liked the Lacombe breed, but I don’t think they are a heritage breed. Both are gentle and not as big pain in the ass as some of them. Some breeds can be pretty aggressive.

    One advantage of pear trees is you won’t have to spray like you would with apples.”””””

  3. XB was in there too

  4. Wakey wakey

  5. I appreciate the advice, and I’m well aware that strong walls/fence are job 1 in hog farming. I don’t intend to go big on it at all. The whole point is to get paid to feed myself, so I’m planning something like 5-6 different side hustles for the farm, each of which could net $1-3k/year in profit. At that point, I’m fed, my family is fed, my horses are fed, and the mortgage/taxes are paid for, and I’m putting in maybe 10 hours a week to do it, and most of that in the Summer months. That means that – barring capital investments in buildings and the like – nearly all of my salary can be savings.

  6. I think I need some metal this morning.

  7. Good spam retrieval Jam. I’d be pissed if I wrote one that long and it disappeared

  8. i tried to talk mrs jam into letting me raise one of those lazy chinese pigs….
    she was not convinced =

    my reading indicates that they are great table fare because they are fatty

  9. Erin had a gaggle of boys over again for Monday night football.

    How many are in love with her – there were 7 or 8- so percentage wise? Squeakhole was the last to leave- I think he’s still hopeful even though she’s already shot him down once.

    She was kinda bummed about the female friend situation (none there), which has never been an issue for her. but – most girls aren’t football fans . Plus, a few of her girlfriends have boyfriends and that’s all they care about. Even when Erin was seeing dick head, she always gave her friends priority. They could come over anytime -didn’t matter if DH was here.

  10. jewstin

  11. pig hammer

  12. even though i hunt and fish and have raised animals for food in the past – i’ve gotten to a point in my life that i’m not sure if i could wack an animal that i raised….

    i may be turning into a pussy

  13. Very likely. It’s a switch you have to be able to flip to get the job done. Go cold, make the kill without hesitating, then relax.

  14. I’m sure I can do it. It’s my wife I worry about.

  15. Ugh. I overdid it with the bourbon last night…

    Look, hostages – I’m aware that y’all don’t know me but would it be too much to ask for a prayer or two?
    My Sister is in a lot of pain right now. Her husband is on the way home to be with The Lord. I don’t even know if he made it through the night, tbh.
    Lynn doesn’t deserve this struggle (she lost her first son before he was 11 months), and while I didn’t know Lewis well, he seemed to be a pretty decent guy overall. It’s been a trying couple of years for them both.
    Thank you in advance.
    And fuck cancer.

  16. I’m sorry Chi. That’s sad. Will do.

  17. Very likely. It’s a switch you have to be able to flip to get the job done. Go cold, make the kill without hesitating, then relax.

    This is why I keep Leon’s number on speed dial.

  18. Prayers sent chi-chi

  19. Leon Bait.

  20. As thermadin mentioned – cows might be the way to go. Those things are so stupid I’m pretty sure I could off one. If I need to call Leon I’ll pay him for his murder services in mushrooms and meat

  21. Heh

  22. Putting down all the chickens and opossums and raccoons have made it easier.

    Prayers made, Chi, and condolences.

  23. How many are in love with her – there were 7 or 8- so percentage wise?

    What is 100%?

  24. Leon Bait.

    Good lord. That shit ain’t right.

  25. She’s horrific, Alex.

  26. Real Leon bait

  27. I’m sure that’s all natural.

  28. I really wish she’d just date one. So many young men in my house at once is kinda loud. Plus, they’re all competing – roostering around.

  29. Car in, you’re failing to see the potential for free manual labor you can exploit from this situation.

  30. Get some axes and make them clear some woods.

  31. Sounds like you need to cull the herd. I recommend drug testing.

  32. Carin, do you have forsythia anywhere? It grows fast, smells nice, and it might help you block LOS to your neighbor’s house.

  33. I do not have any forsythia. I don’t know what it does well if it’s not protected close to the house up here in Michigan. Usually that’s where people put it.

  34. ounds like you need to cull the herd. I recommend drug testing.

    Ha ha ahaaaa

    Well, the bar is low on that front now, since her last boyfriend was a DRUG DEALER.



  35. I’ve got one growing about 20′ from the house on the fence line (under it now). I don’t think it’s deer bait, but I could be wrong. I could get you cuttings in the spring before we leave.

  36. I’ll try anything.

  37. Oh, I was thinking of Rhododendrons that need to be close to the house. I keep thinking of putting forsythia up … but they’re always pricey in the spring when they’re in bloom everywhere, and then I forget.

  38. Prayers, Chi.

  39. I’m planning to take cuttings from it to the new place next May. Seems like a good barrier bush.

  40. Leon and Carin, fundraiser for Fisher House tomorrow night at Hill Auditorium.



  41. Forsythia is the zucchini of ornamentals – once it takes hold it’s off to the races.

  42. I’m planning to take cuttings from it to the new place next May. Seems like a good barrier bush.

    Previous owners of previous house planted it in the front yard, I assume to make a hedgerow type barrier, but it never took off and connected with each other, in the years I lived there it just looked like sticks stuck in the ground. I finally cut it down/dug it up and never looked back.

  43. Eh, it’s free, just like the willow branches. If it doesn’t take hold after a season I’ll try something else.

  44. Medieval Sci-Fi

  45. Gardenias are great up next to the house.
    Of course, I did it not to protect them as much as for the scent when they bloom.
    When they flower, I have the windows open and the slightest breeze will perfume the whole house.
    I don’t know how they fare up there in the winterland of MI, though.

  46. Well, the bar is low on that front now, since her last boyfriend was a DRUG DEALER.

    Did you tell her that her current street value is six silkies and a gender-fluid goat?

  47. Did you tell her that her current street value is six silkies and a gender-fluid goat?

    Well, it’s her judgement that is questionable, not her quality. She still holds her value, I just need to exercise extreme caution on who she spends time with.

  48. Jam thanks for pulling that post out of the spam bucket.

    Leon, I’m sure you’ll be prepared, just be prepared with time the bastards will tear everything up. My oldest brother did raise some hogs here awhile back and made good money from some outfit that wanted antibiotic free pork. They paid a premium and made sure you made a profit.

  49. The doghead people sound like my kinda folks.

  50. i think teh hammer linked something about the meishans –
    they are evidently extremely docile & extremely lazy – minimal fencing required

    i’m so busy with so many projects that pigging is not an option

  51. i pig
    she pigs
    they pigged
    we all went pigging

  52. it was a college thing

  53. Doesn’t Xbrad have experience with pigs?

    Wait… nevermind. That’s hogging.

  54. No, sheep.

  55. My thought was to have a set of paddocks to move them through so they didn’t have very long in any one area to do real digging.

  56. If liberals want “something” done, how about we find the person who did not put the TX shooter on a felon list? Shouldn’t be that hard.

    Then charge him/her with criminal negligence, and manslaughter.

    How would that work for you guys?

    Is that “something”?

  57. I would start with: Is there a codified requirement to report? When is it triggered?…..and then look at the specific case. Im wondering if the difference in any reporting requirement hinges on the difference between a Bad Conduct Discharge and a Dishonorable. My understanding of the discharge system

    Honorable Discharge
    General (under honorable) Discharge
    Other than Honorable Discharge
    Bad Conduct Discharge
    Dishonorable Discharge

  58. Neighbor has been mowing for 2 hours. It’s Nov 7. Grass hasn’t grown in weeks.

  59. I mowed my grass the other day, but mine did need it. I still have spots I need to get too.

  60. Also – I like to mulch the leaves into the lawn.

  61. Me too. I think it started with him mowing his ‘reclaimed land’ and then snowballed into hours of leaf blowing and mowing.

  62. Glad I moved all my stones yesterday.

  63. About time to mosey on over to the poll and vote for that GOP squish Gillespie.
    Not real motivated to even go, but we need him more than the alternative, so I’ll hold my nose and vote. I think a win will send a strong message to the Dems that we’re all tired of their crap,

  64. Chi, on your way home, be sure to run down to innocent brown chirrun with your truck.

  65. Ha!
    But I can walk there faster than driving – it’s that close. Maybe I’ll just wear my BDUs & Gadsden T-shirt instead.

  66. White folks don’t walk, we drive gaia killing trucks. It’s in the White privilege handbook you were issued. Page 74.

  67. The Texas shooter kinda sorta looks like one of my cousins. It’s a little unnerving.

  68. I’ve got piles and piles of crap for my compost heap.

  69. Me too!

  70. Let it burn!

    *slowly though*

  71. I’m covering my raised beds with rotten hay for the winter.

  72. #1 son had pigs for 4H. First year, no problems, they just smelled, tons of ammonia. The 2 pigs the second (and last) year were the spawn of hell. They destroyed everything, and they would slam into you at knee level anytime you went into the pen. A friend who is a farmer hated the wild hogs near him. They would tear up a 20 acre field in a night.

  73. Where’s that whore Mare?

  74. I wonder what kind of rifle the good guy used to interdict the shitbird in Texas?

    And the guy that drove the good guy…..lol…..that fucking guy has a “longhorn” tattoo’d around his freaking neck…breaks the mold on “type” of person that gets a neck tattoo eh?

  75. I read it was a shotgun.

    Not confirmed.

  76. I’ve seen shotgun, I’ve seen rifle… but no specific. Of course Im biased and hoped he (the good guy) used a AR-15. Which may explain why we aren’t hearing about what weapon he used. That would go against the narrative. Then again, it was the first weekend of deer hunting season, so it very well may have been a bolt action style rifle that was immediately in hand.

    And isnt it interesting that we “know” all this shit about this guy and his background within hrs of ID vs. what we know about the Vegas shooter?

  77. Perhaps an oatmeal bagel with cream cheese was not the proper cheat from a low carb meal plan.

  78. https://is.gd/yNKp2i

  79. Afternoon, weirdos.

  80. I heard both really flrle and shotgun too.
    As to the “hunting rifle close at hand” supposition I read earlier that he was at home. His daughter ran in and told him what was going down. He got his gun from his safe and ran outside without even putting on shows.
    Let me see if I can find that…

  81. Here it is:


    And what the hell is a really frfle, autocucumber?


  83. https://is.gd/ZkP20k

  84. https://i.imgur.com/8Do0Fwa.gifv

  85. Instant pot rfrlfe

  86. https://is.gd/ZkP20k
    Hahahahaha. No he’s not.

  87. I found Scotw’s Imgur Account


  88. NRA instructor
    AR-15 frlrle
    No wonder the fake news media isn’t reporting.

  89. No question that the neighbor saved lives. The fucking guy was going around offing babies when they uttered a sound.
    Everyone would be dead if it weren’t for him.

  90. The asswipe was in the process of reloading if the Wesal Zipper article is correct.

  91. Authorities say that their tally of those killed in Sunday’s shooting at a Texas church includes an unborn baby.

    Since when is this “killing”? Since when is it a “baby”?


  92. Hotspur, I don’t know why you are harping on this point, this is the second time you’ve criticized the body count because of the unborn.

    I don’t know if you are trying to be sarcastic or if you are trying to be funny or ironic but dead babies in or out of the womb counting or not counting offends my sensibilities and I don’t understand why you would want to engage on either side of the argument.

    If I’m missing something don’t tell me, I’m just planning on being pissy about it while I bang your mom.

  93. Well, smell me.

  94. “Well, smell me.”

  95. ass cheese

  96. fromage de la richard

  97. frum ‘un da

  98. eau d’beotch

  99. rectovaginal fistula

  100. cecal study

  101. hilary’s mouf

  102. things that come out of congress

  103. chicago

  104. smells that are worse than DC for 500, colex

  105. Fournier’s Gangrene

  106. Melana From A Lower GI Bleed

  107. so –
    i did a safe search off image look-see for foreskin’s gangrene….


  108. thanks jimes

  109. your a pal

  110. e

  111. https://www.revolvy.com/topic/Sense%20of%20smell&item_type=topic

    Key concept: “Molecules of odorants passing through the superior nasal concha of the nasal passages dissolve in the mucus that lines the superior portion of the cavity and are detected by olfactory receptors on the dendrites of the olfactory sensory neurons.”

    When you smell shit, actual odor causing molecules touch your olfactory nerve. In other words, when someone farts it goes to your brain via the olfactory nerve.

    *here, pull my finger*

  112. J-Bro’s link led to this –
    Mallory–Weiss syndrome

  113. i read an article that said we get smarter by smelling ppl’s farts

  114. not so sure of the validity of the study –
    butt it would explain the air of superiority emanating from the DC types

  115. Huh, it’s supposed to be Sense Of Smell.

    Mallory-Weiss Syndrome is its own fascinating topic I thankfully don’t have to deal with personally or professionally.

  116. i read an article that said we get smarter by smelling ppl’s farts

    If dogs count in that study, I’ll be a freaking genius by midnight.

  117. I’ve been trying to process this thing all day since I found out. A male nurse at my hospital, mid 40’s or so, great guy, married to another OR nurse, 2 kids in HS, perennial jokester, OR nurse, great with patients, etc. He pulled a bone headed prank in the OR recently and got fired for it. I’ll leave what he did out of the story but someone took offense and reported him which led to his firing. I’ve been off for Paula’s surgery and missed this news until today. Apparently there was legal action being taken against him, unsure of whether by the hospital or a patient as a result of this incident. Anyway, last night he shot himself dead. I am stunned. We’ve talked about suicide here before for obvious reasons and my conclusion was he was temporarily insane to do that. I just thought of him when I moved my shit from my old locker to my new one in the new OR on Saturday. A long time ago he gave me a keychain of a plastic teddy bear face to face with a blow up teddy bear that I hung in my locker for years. When he got it at a yankee swap for Christmas his kids were in grade school and he didn’t want to bring it home. We’d laugh about it from time to time as we passed each other in the locker room.

    You fucked up Paul and I’m angry you left your wife and kids to deal with your decision.

  118. * feeds dog broccoli *

    * cures cancer *

  119. I’m sorry about your friend, Jimbro.

  120. Sorry, Jimbro.

  121. So pointless.

    Take the blow, be ashamed of your actions, then heal yourself with time, nature, God, drugs, whatever and move on to the next phase of your life.


  122. I gotta wind down and get some sleep, it’s been a crazy week so far and the trend seems to be for continued craziness.

  123. I think hotspur is being sarcastic and thus the quotes- unless I’m wrong.

    That’s terrible about your friend Jimbro.

  124. *prays for Paul and especially the loved ones left behind

  125. Jimbro,
    He fucked up and did not leave himself enough slack for the results of his actions. Sorry about your friend…

  126. It sounds like there was more going on behind the scenes. I doubt that some legal action would be enough.

  127. Sorry, Jimbro.

  128. sorry to hear that jimbro, and chi. both really suck.

  129. You felt you must be derp
    ‘Cause you could find yourself
    Among a sea of smiling faces
    It’s a way I’ve never felt

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