And thank heaven for that.  I was beginning to feel really lazy waking up an hour before sunrise and still having it be after 7am.  I’ve been doing some pig-farming math.  I’m pretty sure I can – at a minimum – get paid to raise my own pork.  The question is, how much?  Net profit (i.e. after feed costs, not accounting for infrastructure), per pig, after 7 months, is about $350 but most estimates.  If I raise 10 per year, keep 1 for my family, and sell 9, that’s $3150/yr profit, plus a lotta ham, bacon, sausage, and ribs.  If managing the pigs takes 20 minutes, every day, for 7 months (30.5 days), that’s 4270 minutes, or 71 hours and change.  This gives an hourly rate of $44.36.  Not bad.  Infrastructure is key, though, as that reduces time invested, and anything I can do to bring down feed costs will improve the economics of the net profit.  It looks like I might have a better chance with pears at my new farm than apples, which is fine by me, since the plan was always just to have cheap animal feed.  Couple that with eggs that can be almost free with pastured hens and an acre or two of three-sisters garden, bees for honey and pollination, and we might have a pretty viable side hustle that also feeds the family.  Well.

Okay, enough about my retirement plans, on to pictures.  Monochrome squats.


Not a pretty smile.  More like an uncomfy grimace.


Ma’am, I need to get to the 90s.  Ma’am?


I think she’s stuck.



Too many shadows here.  Not sure what camera guy was trying to do here.


Nice cans.


Warm, sunny days at the beach are a long way off.


And the new week begins.  Start fasting now to be ready for Thanksgiving.  Not all the days, but some of them.


  1. First!

  2. I’m going to be doing so much farming, you don’t even know. At some point, you add up enough side hustles and I can pay the mortgage.

  3. Talking to some family farmers would be a good first step. Probably save you some troubles down the line

  4. That’s in the plan, Jimbro. Farming in earnest is a few years out. Planting the fruit trees starts ASAP so they’ll be ready at the same time as I’m getting things really rolling on food production. If I can learn how to butcher the pigs, it adds 8 hours per pig, BUT, if you can get 10 people to pay $15 to come watch you do it and learn how to do it…

  5. Have you by chance talked to your local NRCS guys, Leon? I deal with them in my neck if the woods on engineering stuff (drainage) and they’re pretty helpful; can’t vouch for their farming skillz.

  6. Obviously camera guy was trying to hide that dude’s s going.

    Last two are mighty cute though…

    Effing autocorrect

  8. SCHLONG is the new COCK

  9. Haven’t yet, Tex. I know we’re digging at least one pond (planning to stock that), that should help.

  10. SCHLONG!!

  11. I thought pig farming was a smelly, smelly business?

  12. Depends on how you scale it and whether you pasture the pigs. Distribution of manure is always the deciding factor.

  13. Modern pig breeds have so much less fat than the old-timey ones of just a few decades ago. If Leon raises ‘heritage’ hogs, a lot of foodies will pay top dollar for the meat and fat. I suspect that is his entire plan.

  14. I saw an awesome buck on the way back from dropping Ethan at school.

  15. If he can ‘finish them on acorns,’ like they do in Europe, and learn how to make prosciutto, forgetaboutit. That stuff is $100/lb.

    Got any oak grove on the property, Leon?

  16. Leon should breed mulefoots.

  17. Heritage pigs for sure, haven’t picked a breed. I don’t recall seeing a lot of oaks, sadly, so we’ll likely be finishing them on pears, eggs, and pumpkins.

  18. And yeah, cured cuts, smoked bacon, and sausage sales could really, really raise the profit margin. Prune pear trees in spring, use prunings to smoke bacon in autumn.

  19. Has anyone read the justification the judge had for letting deserter off?

  20. Pretty sure he was thumbing his nose at Trump, Carin.

  21. Car in,
    I read something about it having to do with Trump’s rhetoric leading up to the election. No, I’m not kidding. Don’t remember where I read it, but I know I got the link either here, at Twitchy or Weasel Zippers.
    It would’ve been on the day it was headline news.

  22. Doesn’t make sense, because Obama had this prick’s family on the White House lawn fawing over the scum. Wouldn’t that have the same off setting influence?

    Plus there was no jury, WTF are Trump’s opinions going to influence. The judge was a POS political hack.


  24. Good morning. I had a date yesterday that seemed to go well. Nice gal. 34. Horse trainer/riding instructor.

  25. Good Job CoAlex.

  26. Moose is not happy that my pants have a zipper at the ankle. He’s trying to take it off.

  27. So leon is building a smokehouse, too? Fun!

  28. Plus she has her own riding crop, Colex! Win win!

  29. Smokehouse and probably an outdoor kitchen/butcher station to which I’ll want to attach it.

  30. I’m doing No Shave November.


  31. Those outdoor cooking areas are cool. I’d like to have one, with a stone oven.

  32. Outdoor cooking areas are a scam.

  33. Hotspur, it’s mostly for butchering and prepping big stuff, like whole rolls of sausage, or prepping 50 chickens for canning/freezing.

  34. must have been a slow news day

  35. It doesn’t matter if those two guys were the one who did the actual kill shot, because it was THEIR chase that led to his demise. If they hadn’t attacked and followed him, who knows how it may have ended, or not ended.

  36. JK. Leon. I have the bbq, smoker, and a variety of tables outdoors to keep a lot of the mess and prep out of the kitchen. Keeps a lot of the lingering odors out of the house as well.

    My company has built some pretty elaborate setups complete with grill, exhaust fan, refrigerators, sinks, built in ice trays for serving fish, shrimp, clams, etc.

    Too bad in our climate it is useless about five months out of the year.

  37. exhaust fan outside? interesting.

    Fryers should ALL go outside.

  38. HotBride found a photo of me when we went to FL in 2001. LOL

    I might need to go on a diet.

  39. exhaust fan outside? interesting

    Yeah, it takes the smoke up and away instead of being trapped under the canopy area where the grill is. The canopy allows use of the grill on rainy days.

  40. This thing is like a dream setup, only missing a smokehouse:

  41. I’m all for getting impaired drivers off the road, but this seems like a blatant fourth amendment violation.

  42. Agreed, Hotspur, not to mention that a blood secreter will be giving up DNA on a traffic stop.

  43. I hadn’t thought of that. That seems huge.

  44. How long does THC stay in the system?

    Asking for MJ.

  45. I thought it was a week for blood and a month for hair. Should be short-lived in saliva.

  46. Whew. Okay, MJ, you should be fine. Just don’t drive while you’re stoned.

  47. THC is 30 days (or so). It stays in your hair until you cut that hair off. Six months ago? They can see it.

  48. I know it’s long-lived in blood and tissue (because it’s fucking toxic and the human body has no biochemical machinery to break it down), but I’d thought that it wouldn’t show in saliva for all that long.

  49. Right, the hair thing was “if you smoked 30 days ago, it’s growing out of your follicles today”.

  50. Comment by Hotspur on November 6, 2017 10:58 am
    How long does THC stay in the system?
    Asking for MJ.


    Mare loves Hostspur, our conservative, little pot head.

  51. I’m not giving DNA to shit without a warrant.

  52. “Now before you get excited, here’s the disadvantage of saliva tests. They are very good at detecting very recent marijuana use. If less than 24 hours has elapsed between your last joint and the time of the test, you will likely test positive. And more sensitive laboratory tests can easily detect it up to 72 hours after intake. Chronic heavy users facing a sensitive saliva test can be detected for up to a week in general.”

  53. Why is that different than a breathalyzer test? Meh.

  54. I mean for the 4th amendment issues, not the scientific ones.

    I always thought the impaired driving was one of the major legalization roadblocks.

  55. Breathalyzer is testing exhaled gas, not a bodily fluid. It’s a fine legal point, but your exhalations don’t belong to you in the same sense as your bodily fluids, and all the breathalyzer does is “smell” your output in a more objective way than the cop’s nose.

  56. pretty sure that’s the saliva test, too, chemical sniffing. The blood draw is more invasive, agreed.

  57. Because it’s random, Jay. When you are pulled over for drinking and get a brethalyzer (which you can refuse) it’s for probable cause.

  58. Don’t know anything about saliva testing (never really heard of it). Just remember some urinalyses, blood and hair details.
    Weed is about a month, cocaine 3 days I think – and yes. Heavy/chronic users will peg the needle easier. Hair is a different story. What I remember is that traces will always be there (Crystal Gayle is screwed!).

    As an aside, I remember hearing years ago that LSD couldn’t be detected with normal testing. That required a spinal tap. Probably not true, but scary to think a judge could order one…

  59. The difference is that you have no choice but to exhale, but your bodily fluids – historically – have been held to a higher property standard.

  60. Wait till they start doing prostate biopsies.

  61. I still think the “DWI” roadblocks are illegal. Stop you, question you, “show me your papers”……. really pisses me off.

  62. As an aside, I remember hearing years ago that LSD couldn’t be detected with normal testing. That required a spinal tap. Probably not true, but scary to think a judge could order one…

    There’s a urinalysis test for LSD.

  63. you can refuse the saliva test per the article. same penalty as refusing a breathalyzer

  64. You guys may be vastly underestimating how many folks are driving around, daily, completely stoned. bad. I understand your concerns about your rights, but seriously … it’s bad.

  65. doesnt mean you can just pull over people. although it happens like pepe says or anyone in a young persons car in a college town

  66. you can refuse the saliva test per the article. same penalty as refusing a breathalyzer

    And in many states, refusing a breathalyzer means an automatic one year license suspension. Then, it’s your word against the cop’s word in court about your status of drunkenness. Guess which way the judge rules.

  67. but seriously … it’s bad.

    Agreed. They should test for Taco Bell, that’s probable cause right there.

  68. refusing a breathalyzer means an automatic one year license suspension

    Don’t blow hard.

  69. I wonder what happens to your drug test if you have Maple Syrup Urine Disease.

  70. Is that a thing?

    That sounds made up.

    No, I’m not going to google it.

    You are totally making that up.

  71. I’m supposed to be studying for a certification renewal.

    I don’t wanna.

  72. That’s what I always tell your mom.

  73. Pupster, it’s a real thing.

  74. Holy crap. Not only is it a real thing, but when I went to search it on Bing, I didn’t get farther than the ‘y’ in syrup before the first recommended result showed MSUD.
    It’s a crazy world out there.

  75. *paws over ears*

    LAHLAHLAHLAH I’m not listening LAHLAHLAH

  76. It’s also a thing from right here on this old blog. Might be on the pre-March 2009 version that was assassinated, though. Rosetta used to like talking about it, IIRC.

  77. Sen. Tim Kaine, Democratic vice presidential candidate: I thought we would win, but I was more wary than many for the simple reason that the U.S. had never elected a woman president and still has a poor track record of electing women to federal office.

    You know what you are, Kaine? An opportunistic disingenuous political hack. Go fuck yourself, and go fuck Hillary. Nobody else will.

    What a cock.

  78. LOL

    That whole article is worth reading.

  79. LOL

    Only a lib would do this: Rebecca Traister: People were throwing up. People were on the floor crying.

  80. So, if one has a calcified maple syrup blockage in their ureter would that be called a Rosetta Stone?

  81. Rock candy.

  82. Sen. Tim Kaine, Democratic vice presidential candidate: I thought we would win, but I was more wary than many for the simple reason that the U.S. had never elected a woman president and still has a poor track record of electing women to federal office.

    And yet, when Dems had a chance, they failed to push the hag over the top.

    And this is not an indictment of Democrats… how?

  83. Some hipster will pay a lot of money to put it in his civet cat dung coffee.

  84. Reza Aslan: My wife stayed up and I went to sleep, then she woke me up around 1 or 2 in the morning bawling and told me that it was over. My poor, sweet wife. She wanted to hug and kiss me but I went into a panic attack and couldn’t breathe.

    I don’t know who this guy is, but he gets quoted often in the article, (too lazy to look him up) but his statements are hilarious.

  85. “It’s okay, honey. Never fear. If a burglar is in the house I will protect you.”

    *wife goes and buys a gun*

  86. He doesn’t sound like a “guy” at all.

    Fragil pussy.

  87. And yet, when Dems had a chance, they failed to push the hag over the top.

    And this is not an indictment of Democrats… how?

    Thus all the recriminations against “white women” who apparently didn’t like the bitch either.

  88. I remember watching foxnews election night when Brit Hume starting staying that Trump could win. It was a beautiful moment. It was HUME not Wallace that first started saying that.

  89. the article i fun, though.

  90. Hillary was like, “Where all da white wimmin at?”

  91. There is a Republican woman running against a Democrat “guy” for mayor in my town.

    It’s going to be hilarious to hear how the women who vote against their own voice justify it when the “guy” wins.

  92. I couldn’t watch the returns because we don’t have tv. But in the morning HotBride got up to make coffee as I was getting dressed. When I came down with my phone in my hand she said, “Well?” I handed her the phone with the Trump Won headline on it. She looked at me, took a deep breath, and said, “Val and David will be inconsolable.”

    I LOLd.

  93. I remember watching Fox news election night when Brit Hume starting staying that Trump could win. It was a beautiful moment. It was HUME not Wallace that first started saying that.

    Once it was over, I immediately switched over to MSNBC to watch their reactions. It was Must See TV! They searched for every single path that the hag might still have to pull this off. They were down to counting individual homes in counties, saying “well, if this family voted for Hillary, that might indicate…”

    It was absolutely hilarious, especially as the reallzation that it was over began to set in.

  94. Reza Aslan has an Op-ed today:

  95. “Aslan has made numerous appearances on TV and radio, including National Public Radio (NPR), Spirited Debate on Fox News, PBS, The Rachel Maddow Show, Meet the Press, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Anderson Cooper 360°, Hardball, Nightline, Real Time with Bill Maher, Fareed Zakaria GPS, and ABC Australia’s Big Ideas.[64]”

  96. “Rebecca Traister: People were throwing up. People were on the floor crying.”

    Ha ha haaaa

    “Maggie Haberman: I was getting bewildered texts from my child who couldn’t sleep, asking me what happened. I think this election was really difficult for kids to process.”

    Yea, well maybe it’s your hysterics keeping jr awake?

  97. Rebecca Traister: In the cab home, the cabbie had on the news, that’s when I heard his acceptance speech, and I said, “Can you turn it off?” I couldn’t hear his voice. I was like, “I can’t listen to his voice for the next four years.”

    8, Rebecca. It’s gonna be 8.

  98. Some hipster will pay a lot of money to put it in his civet cat dung coffee.

  99. Rebecca Traister: I got back to Park Slope, I went to check on the girls. When I went to say goodnight, I looked at Rosie, and I had this conscious thought that this is the day that will divide our experience of what is possible. This is the day where a limitation is reinforced for her.

    Oh, I’m sure she’ll go just as far with her Gender studies/ puppeteering degree in Trump’s future world as she would have if Hillary had been president.

  100. Reza Aslan: You take your kids to school, you go to the store, you go to the post office, you’re looking around, and you’re thinking, “These people hate me.”

    No. That’s not it. I just think you’re stupid. It’s wrong to “hate” stupid.

  101. Jelani Cobb: I went to the airport the next morning for a 7 a.m. flight. There’s an African-American gentleman, maybe in his 60s, working at the check-in counter. He starts talking about how disastrous and dangerous this moment’s going to be. And he’s seen history in the South and thinking that we might be headed back toward the things he thought were in the past.

    That guy’s probably dead now. Killed by KKK. Or maybe he’s a slave?

  102. This is for Mare.

    No one else look.

  103. Carin, those quotes are so full of hyperbole – delicious, boner inducing hyperbole.

  104. I had waaaaay too much fun with that article. Sorry.

  105. I agreed to bartend tonight. Gah. the gal has a sick kid. I’m a sucker.

  106. Told her I was NOT coming in early , though. I don’t really want to bartend.


  107. No, I actually actively hate them, as much as I’m capable of hatred.

    But they hated me first. They aren’t stupid, and they want to harm me or take things from me. They’ve said so repeatedly.

  108. *high fives Hotspur*

  109. Leon?

  110. Every time I read one of those what-color-is-the-sky-in-your-world lib comments about Trump, especially Trump winning, I think of Lincoln and Grant. “I cannot spare this man, he fights.”

  111. And as for electing women, Tim Kaine et al ignores or insults Mia Love, Jenean Hampton, Joni Ernst, and Shelley Moore Capito, and sure as hell didn’t support Sarah Palin in 2008.

  112. Does anyone know how to tranlate this?

  113. My favorite memory of the election last year was stopping in a hardware store on the way home from a conference. It was an all day conference but I was so happy I left at noon to listen to talk radio on my way home. I drove by the store located in Belfast which is an uber lefty town. It was a sad day for the employees who were clustered near each other discussing the election. They simply had no idea that a significant part of the country had felt that way under Obama for 8 years. I purposely dilly dallied near them to listen to their lamentations and tried to not be obvious with my delight.

  114. Ha! Drudge headline: Weiner Goes In

    (Of course referring to Anothy Weiner going to jail.)

  115. Fence is finished. Lunatic neighbor actually came out halfway through them putting it up and tried to dig out the post stumps with a shovel. They’re each in 40+ lbs of concrete, which is why all my guys did was saw them off at ground level. I guess he was surprised that they weren’t getting excavated.

    He says one word to me about them and I’ll tell him my hourly rate if he wants me to do fuckall about it. Those belong to him, and technically always have. He’s lucky I bothered having them remove his fence.

  116. What is with my s key?

  117. Seems to be working on my end unlike your photobucket link

  118. The military uses the term “force multiplier”. My friend came up with a term for all of the fake news propagated on social media: “Farce Multiplier”.

  119. Leon, please refresh my memory on the lunatic neighbor and the fence.

  120. We lost power again tonight, one week after the wind storm. Ours was out just a day last Monday. We’re having rain only. Maybe some previously weakened trees took out a line. I was doing a case Sunday and the X-ray tech said her power was restored the day before. Six days, no power, that sucks.

  121. Greetings, scattered survivors of the Antifa Apocalypse.

  122. We got some strong winds with this front.

  123. We have not lost power since purchasing a generator.

  124. What kind of generator did you get? I’ve been trying to convince my dad to get one.

  125. Ours is a Kohler propane standby generator. Losing power in the warm weather is no biggie but in the winter it’s awful. I forget how many watts it is but we can carry on like we still have power with it. I still have everyone shut unnecessary things off regardless. We’re guaranteed to lose power in the winter at least a few times, usually just for a matter of hours. Sometimes it’s a few days.

  126. We bought a Honeywell, 5500 watts I think. Then someone gave us a brand new Honda generator about the same size.

    The Honda is quieter.

    They are a pain in the ass to maintain, but it should be worth it if we ever lose power again.

  127. Dumb question Scottw, do you know the language that is written, (With?)

    Goggle can try and translate with an app and a picture on your phone if you are so inclined…

  128. So Comey apparently drafted an early version of his letter stating Clinton was “grossly negligent” in her handling of classified info, but later softened the language.

    The German Army is conducting was games involving the breakup of the EU.

    And we have a president would doesn’t bow to foreign leaders, but faces them as equals.

  129. Scout’s image looks like Chinese writing. I’ll ask the Chinese woman that works in the next office once she comes in to work tomorrow.

  130. Generators actually come in far more handy in the summer around here. Either Edison plans to work on the lines for days at a time during the hottest part of the summer or the grid gets overloaded by everyone’s AC and it’s fucking miserable.

  131. Here is some feel good reading.
    Unless you are a liberal or a NeverTrumper.

  132. Ours runs itself weekly on a schedule for about 20-30 minutes to keep it ready to go. Every fall the company stops by and does a service call for about $150. Propane is expensive compared with gasoline but you don’t need to keep a supply of petrol on hand or trek to the gas station when the power is out.

  133. Thanks, Pupster. That app is pretty amazing.

  134. Tushar, welcome to about 6 hours ago.

  135. The thing to keep in mind is that the rated Kw can drop by as much as 20% with LP.

  136. Roamy, lunatic neighbor had a stake survey a few years ago. Turned out that the perfectly good fence that surrounded my back yard was 2′ onto his property in the front, and 4′ in the back, because whoever laid it in did it straight EW and the property line isn’t. It was 200′ long. Fence had been there for 20 years, long before he bought his place or I bought mine, but he got some kind of wild hair up his ass about supposedly building something close to that property line, and he asked me to have it moved. Cost me $4k. At no point did he offer to help with the cost. I have done him the last favor he’ll get from me in this lifetime.

  137. Maintenance

    – keep batteries charged
    – run them a couple times a year
    – each time you run them you have to get ALL the gas out of the tank and the carb

    OK, so it’s about 3 hours a year to maintain 2 generators.

  138. Your neighbor is an asshole.

    Mostly Peaceful Protest could have settled the issue.

  139. Scott, would Stabill in the gas solve the storage/carburetor problem?

  140. Maybe.

    How long does that stuff work?
    We’ve had these for 3-4 years without using them.

  141. I used to go a whole year on my pickup truck. Whole winter on my outboard motor.

  142. I considered that in darker moments, Pupster, but I figure the 2nd heart attack he has trying to dig up the post stumps will do the job for me.

  143. Google says Stabil is good for “up to two years.”

  144. Let’s be clear, I don’t want the guy dead or anything, I just want him to not be an asshole. I’m also fairly sure that being an asshole is eventually going to kill him.

  145. We bought the generator after the tornado of 2009.


  147. So, a pregnant woman got killed in Texas, and the clump of cells is included in the death count.
    Where is PP when you need them?


  149. You’d probably still need to dry the carb, but stabil is what my mechanic said to use if the gas is going to sit for more than a few months.

  150. Greetings Sobchecks and dudes.

  151. I’m out of my element.

  152. I’m out of cheddar cheese.

  153. Am I the only one that loves getting wrong number texts from random strangers? Fucking with them is fun!
    I should probably get a hobby…

  154. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a wrong-number text. How do I get some so I can try this?

  155. Stabil is definitely the #1 brand of pre-treatment fuel stabilizer out there usually used for winterizing.
    Lucas Oil makes one I would trust, as well as Amsoil. (Big fan of Amsoil here)
    If you’re going for ‘after the fact’ treatment, maybe try some Seafoam.

  156. I get texts from people trying to reach another Sean from their contact list occasionally, but never from strangers.

  157. Some chick named Renee Witherspoon had my mobile number before me. I’m still getting calls and texts intended for her.

  158. I don’t know what you need to do to get ‘the list’ for wrong booty calls, Leon. Maybe it’s because I live in a more condensed area than you?
    I usually get guys saying “hey girl!” But tonight I think it was a chick. I let it go on for 1/2 hour before I offered to send her a dick pic.
    I went with this one:

    I may have got a date out of it!

  159. Home. bartending went ok. Fat tips- people miss me.

    They want me to bartend on Saturdays- so I can manage for them.


  160. Send this one next time, Chi.

    Chicks love that Dick.

  161. Heh. Sean with the win.
    (I’ve sent that pic more than once. And maybe even posted it here for Car in?)

    Red beans are still simmering. I thought they’d be done hours ago, but they’re not even tender enough to start the rice, dammit. It’s 2300 hours!
    Should be good, though. Pound of beans, bag of zattarains crab boil, pound of smoked sausage, a few chicken thighs, the usual mirepoix – at this rate I’ll be reading the derp poem in real-time instead in the morning.
    Oh well. I guess lunch & dinner tomorrow will be all set.

  162. Did you soak them, Chi? I never soak overnight, but I do do the rush version.

  163. Yes, ma’am, I soaked them for a good 18 hours.
    But sadly, I don’t have an Instapot.
    I think that will be my Christmas wish?

  164. Were the beans fresh?

  165. Oh, no. Dried bag of kidney beans from the grocery store. Goya brand.
    (Which is quality, I think. No pebbles, and only two broken beans in the whole bag)
    The last fresh beans I had were Crowder peas from big Sis. They were awesome with bacon grease, btw.

  166. No, was the dried bag fresh? Older (dried) beans are harder to get tender. Some won’t.

  167. They want me to bartend on Saturdays- so I can manage for them.

    Make Erin work as well, and tell all her admirers that it’s a two drink minimum to hang around.

  168. I was thinking that Leon’s crazy neighbor was the one weedwhacking at all hours, but I may be confusing that one with Chi’s neighbor with the leafblower.

  169. Mr. RFH does the same thing Scott does with the generator, makes sure there’s no gas left in it. I get the gas without ethanol in it.

  170. Leon,

    I don’t want to throw cold water on your dream of a bacon empire, but pigs can be a lot of work. Growing up in the wilds of Missouri we ran around 1000 head of hogs in a farrow to finish operation. Those were all grain fed, but we did pasture some one time. In the early 80’s my Dad had about 40 acres of a 150 bushel/acre corn that he couldn’t harvest due to it being wet as hell that year and then the wind blew the corn down. So my brother came up with the idea of putting an electric fence around the area and running about 100 feeder pigs in there. We didn’t get around to getting this done till the next spring so by the time we got the pigs in there the whole area was in weeds head high. Those pigs disappeared in that like going into a jungle. By the time they were 100 to 150 pounds that whole 40 areas was dirt with not one stitch of green. We then finished them out on grain.

    The thing with pigs is they will tear everything up including concrete and steel. I’ve got two brothers that still farm and neither of them have hogs. They both have cattle now. If your going to go with a ‘heritage’ hog breed look in the Berkshires, but there aren’t many around. At the end we really liked the Lacombe breed, but I don’t think they are a heritage breed. Both are gentle and not as big pain in the ass as some of them. Some breeds can be pretty aggressive.

    One advantage of pear trees is you won’t have to spray like you would with apples.

  171. What the hell, my post just disappeared.

  172. Don’t jinx me Roamy – that asshat is liable to start up his blower right now.

  173. Your sister says that I’m no good
    I’d reassure her if I could
    All I want to do
    Is to spend some time with you
    So I can derp you, derp you

  174. Get up, it’s going to be a good day!

  175. I had to collect all my paving stones from next door last night, finishing my coffee before I go put them all in place inside the new fence. Today’s workout can be light.

  176. For reference, this was ~200 stones, each weighing 15#. It’s not hard work, exactly, but you can’t rush it or you might break them or damage the fence.

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