One for You, One for Meme

















  1. Could this work in Canada?


  3. Excellent poat, Pups.

    Up since 4:30, the fun never stops.

  4. I was sorry to read about your Uncle J. I just noticed ISU vs WVU on TV today, you want to put up a couple a bottles on the line?


  5. Scott, what are you packing



  7. Morning all…

    And I got nuthin


  9. Hi Mr. Science.

    How’s the boy?

    Boy2 is working morning shift, Boy1 is off today, wants to go to the grocery store.

  10. Erin is at a friends, Pay is at work, Ethan is … playing video games most likley.

    Just got back from the gym, broke my fast, now spot of tea and I head outside to do some yardwork.

  11. Where’s Pat?


  13. MiniScience is doing fine. The new Nephrologist is loving the once a month infusion of the anti-rejection med as its not likely to be skipped as the patient is feeling better.

    Work is one of those years where I have super-duper highs and Why-does-G-d-hate-me lows

  14. Probably hiding out in the woods.

  15. Glad to hear good news about your son, Mr. Science.

    I went to a fundraiser dinner and dance last night for a charity that organizes daycare for special needs adults (mostly autism). They performed a dance to “Bella Notte”, which makes me want to watch “Lady and the Tramp” today. (Not the version with your mom)

    Work sounds normal.

  16. You didn’t mention Matt, Hannah, and Ian. What? You don’t love them anymore?

    Oh, I get it. Those are Pat’s kids. Right? Erin and Ethan are Pay’s?

  17. They don’t live here anymore.

  18. Ian usually comes up to visit, so he may show up. Matt is in LOVE and doesn’t have time for us anymore. Hannah works and studies on the weekends in Detroit.

  19. BUt, I got the paternity part right, right?

  20. The NYT’s new BBFs.

    LOL Fuck you.

  21. Yes.

  22. Driveway nap. Had to drive for a full half hour to get her to drift off. Managed to park close enough to use WiFi.

  23. I still have an 8# pumpkin to get off the vine. I missed it the first time because it’s 9 feet up in an oak tree. Gonna need a ladder to get it down without hurting it.

  24. Smashing Pumpkins would be a great band name.

  25. Matt is in LOVE and doesn’t have time for us anymore.

    Oooh, a new subplot! So what’s the drama? Is she older? Single mom with six kids? Dying of some rare disease?

  26. Spin off potential even. “Matt & The Single Mom”

  27. Yes, ISU plays the WVU couch burners in the Riot Bowl today. I’ll bet a couple homebrews on it. I’m sure there’s some skunky ones in the back.

  28. How are you feeling today, TTroy?

  29. Heh, the Bush’s are right, Trump is blowing up the GOP. Not always a bad thing.

  30. I like the direction Lapeer Creek is going.

    Are we going to have more focus on other members for older viewers?

  31. Heh, the Bush’s are right, Trump is blowing up the GOP. Not always a bad thing.

    Trump’s an asshole, but he’s our asshole. And he’s not wrong.

  32. 2000-2016 NYT: Bush is Hitler
    2017 NYT: Bush knows how to be presidential.

  33. Local talk radio host is sure that Trump is going to get his comeuppance in 2018. Imho, it depends on the economy and how many more times the libs shoot themselves in the foot. Gillespie said his donations tripled after the redneck truck ad.

  34. 1/8 people currently in the US is foreign-born. Wages have stagnated since the 1965 immigration overhaul that started the cascade. Trump picked the winning issue at the kitchen table. Anyone on the nativist side is going to have momentum with the middle class, and anyone not on that side is going to appear out of touch.

  35. Add in children of immigrants and that number is 1 in 5, btw.

  36. Leon, here’s our play schedule next week if you want to bring possum to see:

    Sat Nov 11 10:15 am Vs Northland United
    Sat Nov 11 3:40 pm Vs Troy SC Alliance 00 Girls
    Sun Nov 12 8:35 am Vs Royal Oak FC 99Girls Green

  37. Probably do lunch between games.

  38. I’m very well today thanks. Surprisingly smooth so far. I don’t know how he did it, but no burning sensation or super spasms post op like the other ones. Hopefully, I can expedite getting off the meds. Being fuzzy headed gets old after a while.

  39. Are we going to have more focus on other members for older viewers?

    Actually, there’s a rumor that if the ratings continue to drop they’re planning a SUPER-ULTRA-MEGA-DOOPER CROSSOVER EVENT! with Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Riverdale.

  40. Being fuzzy headed gets old after a while.

    Figured you’d be used to it by now!

    (glad you are feeling better)

  41. Someone’s going to have to jump a shark tank. I’m thinking DH.

  42. We’re gonna need a bigger popcorn bucket.

    Former Democratic National Committee head Donna Brazile writes in a new book that she seriously contemplated replacing Hillary Clinton as the party’s 2016 presidential nominee with then-Vice President Biden in the aftermath of Clinton’s fainting spell, in part because Clinton’s campaign was “anemic” and had taken on “the odor of failure.”

    In an explosive new memoir, Brazile details widespread dysfunction and dissension throughout the Democratic Party, including secret deliberations over using her powers as interim DNC chair to initiate the removal of Clinton and running mate Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.) from the ticket after Clinton’s Sept. 11, 2016, collapse in New York City.

    Brazile writes that she considered a dozen combinations to replace the nominees and settled on Biden and Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.), the duo she felt most certain would win over enough working-class voters to defeat Republican Donald Trump. But then, she writes, “I thought of Hillary, and all the women in the country who were so proud of and excited about her. I could not do this to them.”

  43. In the beginning I was getting a euphoric effect that wasn’t unpleasent. Now the meds are making me “get off my lawn” level grumpy

  44. Today I packed a bronze sculpture, an antique oil painting, 2 giant framed antique maps, 2 more large paintings, an elephant carved out of wood and a hall tree.

  45. I am always “get off my lawn” level grumpy.

  46. The line about Hillary being as sincere as possible made me LOL.

  47. The obvious question is why remove Tim Kaine, if Hillary was the problem? Why not move Kaine to the top of the ticket and slide Booker in as VP?

  48. Because there is no way in Hell Kaine could win. The asshole shouldn’t have even been on the ticket. Hillary demonstrated her first act of incompetence by choosing him.

  49. I have to wonder if Tim Kaine wasn’t insurance against the DNC removing Hillary. She knows she’s sick, but desperately wants to be President. She picks Kaine because he’s a “safe” choice, but if her illness becomes public and the DNC tries to replace her on the ticket, Kaine would fight to be the nominee, splitting the party.

  50. That’s a valid point.

  51. Probably hiding out in the woods.

    Check the dock.

  52. I bet Clinton was making all manner of deals and favors, and saying, “When I’m president…”


  53. J’ames is probably excited right now.

  54. Bored. I hate you all.

  55. I don’t think words alone could express how much I hate you all.

    I wanted to go see the new Thor movie tonight, but those hopes are dashed. Bored bored bored.

    I should have picked up a shift.

  56. Erin is decorating the house for Christmas right now. The tree won’t appear for another month, but we’re pretty festive looking at this point.

  57. Still hate you all.

  58. Still hate you all.

    Even me?

    (Think carefully before you answer. There may be Josh pics in it for you.)

  59. Sean gets a reprieve

  60. If you think Notre Dame is Legit at a 3 ranking you’re mental.

  61. Its ok to hate me, but you’ll have to get in line behind the entire democratic party…..I am after all, (looks around to see who’s looking and whispers)……..white.

  62. I should have picked up a shift.

    I hate having to do that.
    It’s why I’m glad Tucker is just a minpin. His shifts basically disappear into the grass, so I just let them lay.

  63. I’m at the forge making skulls.

  64. When do you put on QOTSA’s Christmas album.

  65. Hommekka

  66. Sean gets a reprieve

    Say what you will about the Lady from Lapeer, but she knows where her bread is buttered.

  67. Very nice. I’m on a “homme” facegroup fan page (that’s how I got my good seats – all the info I learn there) and I haven’t seen that one before.

  68. All the QOTSA albums are appropriate to play during the holiday seasons.

  69. No Christmas decorations until Black Friday!

  70. I still hate Christmas.

  71. Can you show us on the doll where Santa touched you, scott?

  72. It looks like every woman in Alabama has blond hair.

  73. Santa isn’t real.

  74. YOU SHUT UP!

  75. Santa Claus is real. I saw daddy kissing him underneath the mistletoe last night.

  76. Well all right – so I’m being foolish
    Well all right let people know
    About the dreams and wishes you wish
    In the derp when lights are low

  77. What time is it where you live?

  78. Right about now.

  79. Gorgeous sunrise.

    Have a great day everyone.

  80. It looks like every woman in Alabama has blond hair.

    which is why I’m not allowed in Tuscaloosa.

  81. and probably had Seth Rich murdered, too.

  82. If true, Donna Brazil’s comments about Seth Rich (in her book) are pretty damn interesting.

    –After he was killed she feared for her life.
    –She kept her blinds closed so a sniper could not see her in her home.

  83. Totally forgot about DST/clock change. I was up at new 0500 per my phone and wondered why I was so wide awake. It was old 0600 … duh! We only have a couple of manual clocks in the house and they’ve been adjusted now.

    I’m on call and not happy about having an extra, uncompensated hour of call dammit! (Not really, just feels good to rant sometimes)

  84. Anything happen with Antifa yesterday, or did Soros’ check not clear?

  85. I am extremely happy about the end of DST. I can finally start waking up “early” again.

    I might have to accelerate my plan to add a bunch of thirsty trees to the new land. Builder said he had to hoof through some very deep mud after all the rain we’ve had lately. Probably ought to find out what a truckload of sand costs too.

  86. The fake Antifa accounts on twitter are hilarious. They have pics of the fake Antifa’s in thier stupid outfits talking about the struggle waiting for 2 hours in line at Starbucks. He adds at the end,”… for my machiatto with extra drizzle and whipped cream.”

  87. Wakey wakey 2.

    May go see thor. Pay’s working and the weather sucks.

  88. Going to be a lot of inside time today for me and Possum. Bleh.

    The internet says pear trees will do okay in wet soil, so that’s one possibility. Probably still want a couple of willows near the house, maybe another near the pasture.

  89. I planted a willow tree sapling near a stream way off in the corner of my yard. Around 2001 or 2002. It hardly grew year to year and I finally stopped checking it. After the fields were bush hogged in September I was walking down there and saw it had grown to about 15 feet with a trunk 7 or 8 inches in diameter.

  90. Apparently deer and even rabbits are a threat to willows when they are small, so it doesn’t make sense to plant them before we’re on site.

  91. *buys designer Anarchy jacket so he can fight The Man in style*

  92. When you spend that much on a jacket, don’t you worry that it may get wrecked if actually worn to a protest?

  93. I think mine took a long time to establish roots that reached the water table. It’s a seasonal stream and I planted it about 5 feet away from the edge. When it got established it must have taken off then.

  94. That’s a $30 jacket with stencils applied

  95. Roamy, I thought you weren’t allowed in Tuscaloosa because sorority bitches can’t hold the liquor, and shut their goddamn mouths, and can’t take a punch.

  96. Holy shit, I should go clean out the army surplus store and grab a couple cans of spray paint and make a fortune.

  97. I am extremely happy about the end of DST. I can finally start waking up “early” again.

    I’m happy to have light in the mornings so I can get things done before work. Right now I leave in darkness and get home late in the evening.

  98. Not sand, Leon. Take off the topsoil, and have 6” of compacted 21A crushed aggregate placed. Depending on subsoil you might want to ask for a layer of geotextile fabric placed before gravel.

    Sand will never last.

  99. This is just my opinion, but look at that main pic on Drudge of the Saudi guys and tell me those people aren’t really unattractive. Uffffff, really unattractive. Inbreeding? Just shitty genes? Too culturally different from my own norms? What?

  100. Bleargh.

    Still need to move stuff, trying to finish off a cold, and neighbors blaring R&B shitmusic way too loud.


  101. If the topsoil is deeper than 6” make the gravel base equal to that. You’ll never get stuck. After construction you then have a suitable subbase for asphalt, or a rural type crushed limestone drive.

  102. Also, I need to learn how to draw. Because I really want my Gravitar to be the Porg With No Name.

  103. You have got to be fucking with me.

    And he told a meeting in San Antonio, Texas: “There’s plenty of room to put a uterus in there. Men and women have the same blood vessels.”

    He said the next step would to be trials involving transgender women to help them become natural mothers.

    Such ops are not allowed in the UK. However, medical ethics lawyer Dr Amel Alghrani joined calls this year for the NHS to consider them.

  104. Mare’s been going to church more often.

  105. Great. So now they’ll be Frankenstein freakshows even worse, on top of being total whackjobs. Good medical supplies wasted on this fuckery.

  106. Those of you who are married, count your blessings.

  107. There’s that whole business of one’s center of gravity and pelvis design that enables having a tiny human hanging off your ribcage without making you fall over.

    (I blame low caffeine levels and the time change for the incoherence of that sentence.)

  108. Well, of all weeks for the softball team to decide to become one big massive fail, this was the worst.

    Championship game against a team we should easily have beaten and we suck on both defense and offense, losing by mercy rule in 5 innings.

    What an awesome fucking finish to a great season.

  109. Hotspur, that sand was for the horse pen. The site work for the house and barn match what you describe, but I’ve got to think about a cost effective way to keep the horses from breaking ankles or spending months wading.

  110. and probably had Seth Rich murdered, too.

    Confess your unpopular opinion-

    Seth Rich was probably just a random robbery gone wrong.

  111. Putting a “uterus” in a man is probably the worst form of early child abuse short of abortion that I can imagine.

  112. Mini-me went to the homecoming dance last night. Mr. RFH waffled on cleaning the shotgun in front of the young man; he was, after all, brave enough to ask Mini-me out. Comments on the suit of armor in the foyer led to Mr. RFH retrieving the halberd he bought in Germany. So here’s Mr. RFH, pole-arm in hand, asking the young man, “So tell me why I should trust you with my daughter.” He stammered through a reply which included that his mom taught him to respect women and ended with him saying that he was carrying a rosary. It was very sweet.

  113. Whole lotta “robberies gone wrong” and “sudden suicides” to Hillary’s benefit over the years, XBrad.

  114. XBrad, apparently I didn’t jump on your website invite the moment you sent it, so it expired. Would you please try again.

  115. Robbery usually means wallet, watch, phone, etc. taken.

  116. The rosary was a nice touch.

  117. Sent

  118. He was probably carrying more than a rosary in his pocket.

  119. Ok, I finally cleaned that big window in my living room. I may actually do all my windows this week.

    I love my life.

  120. Headline from Alex’s link:

    Hookups, sexting and unwanted threesomes: first-time dating in the age of Tinder

    Yeah. That sounds terrible.

  121. Got it that time, thank you, XBrad. I hope to have poats on the SAC museum and the WW1 Museum up later today. Or you can save them for later.

  122. Making beef-vegetable soup for healthy boy1, fried potatoes and sausage for boy2. Neighbor’s neighbor’s neighbor just got a new puppy, the fence wars have begun anew.

  123. Hotspur, probably true, but I think he was convinced not to mess with Mini-me.

  124. JK, Roamie, he sounds like a good kid.

  125. Mini-me appears to have sound judgment, but the guy *is* 16.

  126. OK, half past noon and not a peep from my buddy that was going to help me move more stuff from former hosts’ place. Just. Fucking. Lovely.

    I officially refuse to ever help anyone move ever again.

  127. Sean’s Penis not on the list:

  128. I officially refuse to ever help anyone move ever again.

    *fist bumps Bro Cav*

  129. I officially refuse to ever help anyone move ever again.

    But you’re still a go on helping hide bodies, right?

  130. – Can you help me move?

    – Sure. Here is $40 for the rental truck.

  131. I will help our roommate move out when that time comes, but other than that I am done helping people move.

  132. The only person I’ve ever helped move is my sister. And I’ve never asked for help to move.

  133. I’ve asked for help moving, and helped people move. If I ask for help, it’s for the big stuff I can’t move on my own without difficulty, and I make sure that boxes are packed and taped and stacked by the door beforehand. Basically, you’re helping me load a truck with everything already prepared, and I’ll buy pizza.

  134. Things I would do before I help you move:

    Take your mom out for a nice dinner and never call again.


  136. Many years ago a buddy helped me move. This was back in the day when everyone was poor, and we just helped each other. My wife spent two weeks boxing everything up.

    When it was my buddy’s turn, (he had a van), he asked if we could use my FIL’s trailer, so I said sure. On moving day I called him to say I was on my way. Then he said, “On your way over could you stop at Kroger and get boxes?”

    When I got there not one damn thing was packed. Nothing. I was so fucking pissed. Three bedroom townhouse with a full basement.

    Last time.

  137. Mass shooting incident at a church in texas.

    Prayers for the victims and responders

  138. Anyone who showed up to help me move just had to handle the other end of the couch and I’d get dinner afterward. I always showed up to help when I could and expected nothing for it.

  139. Estimated 24 dead, including a 2yr old.
    Puts my petty problems in perspective…

    Definitely yes on the prayers.

  140. I’m reading 27 dead now. 33 yo guy named Christopher Ward. No motive reported.

    Trump should call for the death penalty, but he won’t because the guy sounds white.

  141. If you want to retain your sanity on a pleasant Sunday afternoon, DON’T go to Twitchy to read what that rocket surgeon Chelsea Handler is saying about the massacre.

  142. I don’t know who Chelsea Handler is. I take it I’m better off.

  143. She’s a monster in need of a reality check and/or curb stomp.

  144. Police took care of the death penalty, sounds like.

  145. Police took care of the death penalty, sounds like.

    Hands up. Don’t shoot.

  146. Xbradtc, nothing was stolen from Seth Rich.

  147. Robbery
    Weight lifting accident
    Plane crash

    At this point what difference does it make?

  148. Devin Patrick Kelley


  150. He’s got no ears.

  151. So fricken interesting updates – that the pussy may have dropped his gun, and then killed by a local with a shotgun.

  152. Xbradtc, nothing was stolen from Seth Rich.

    I know. Botched. Once it escalated to violence, robber fled/didn’t want to hang on to incriminating evidence.

  153. I share the same unpopular opinion as b-rad.

  154. We will find LIKE EVERY OTHER WHITE, AMERICAN MASS SHOOTER, that he was Nuts and on meds, emphasis on meds.

  155. Ex-military, dishonorably discharged, court marshaled. But 24 hr rule.

  156. chris’s link keeps getting updated.

  157. 24 hr rule, but:

  158. ChrisP, how are you feeling?

  159. Not really a reliable source, though, that last one. I’m just passing along what I see.

  160. Roamy,
    Still pretty bad. Like someone kneed me in the kidney. The pancreas is back there, too though. Could be pancreatitis, I suppose…

  161. Got to be frustrating they can’t figure it out. Pancreatitis usually has abnormal labs (amylase?, lipase? … been a while since I thought about it)

  162. Is it time for a rant? Yes, it is time for a rant. I drove to Norfolk VA yesterday, had a therapy session for my kid, and drove back today. I reached home just 30 minutes back. The therapy session was excellent. No complaints there.

    My complaint is about all the slow moving assholes who clog the left lane in the VA/MD/DC area. Passing 65 MPH assholes from right is irritating. Passing 85 MPH BMW driving assholes is much more fun, especially when you are driving a mommy-wagon minivan. A mommy-wagon with a sweet 3.6 Liter V6, but a mommy-wagon nonetheless. That 10 year old, 120K on the odometer clunker is still a bruiser. short bursts of 105 MPH don’t even revv it past 4K RPM.

    I do understand that a lot of them were Military members who can’t drive beyond speed limit without getting in trouble. Buy guys, they made the middle and right lanes just for people like you.

    There was just one guy I didn’t pass, out of respect and fear. He had a veteran sticker, and a special forces sticker.

    Oh, and as I drove by the Naval base, I spotted two Aircraft carriers. Those floating cities are huge beyond comprehension. Beach houses in the foreground look like they are made of matchsticks. Yes, it does take more than 4 hours for it to subside after you see two Aircraft carriers.

    According to’s ‘Where are the carriers’ page here:

    those two were most likely CVN 75 Harry Truman and CVN 77 GWH Bush.

    Also drove past Dover AFB and saw a huge Military transport turning for landing at an angle that would get any airline pilot fired. Definitely not C-5. That one would have taken up most of the sky. Most like a C-17. I am not very good at plane-spotting.

  163. fuck. Driving 370 miles with just one 10 minute break is hard…

  164. My complaint is about all the slow moving assholes who clog the left lane in the VA/MD/DC area. Passing 65 MPH assholes from right is irritating.

    When I rule the world, you will legally be allowed a burst from your side-mounted machine gun at such assholes as you pass.

  165. >>When I rule the world, you will legally be allowed a burst from your side-mounted machine gun at such assholes as you pass.

    I knew I could count on you, Sean. Though I would have preferred Sidewinder missiles, machine guns would work just as well, and create a smaller inconvenience for everyone else. I am considerate like that.

  166. Flamethrowers have the right range and don’t overpenetrate (like I do to your mom).

    Just saying.

  167. I can see a possible drawbacks from firing a flamethrower at 85MPH.

  168. That extra s is silent.

  169. The flamethrower is to be used ONLY for parking disputes.

  170. I wouldn’t shoot it forward, but it should be fine for a passing shot. Plus you’ve already got gas in the car.

  171. I’d really like to talk to full time left lane drivers, I have a theory that they are just oblivious, selfish dickheaded people, but I suppose it could be something else. I used to ride with a guy who just felt more comfortable, more in control staying in the left lane. Of course he made it a point to always be driving faster than everyone else.

  172. I was reading “The Wrong Side of Goodbye” Dead corpsman had the same military track as my dad. Except he died in VN. My dad loved his Chivas. While I’m reading, Chivas gift pack dropped to $8.71. Dan bought two. All you pennies from heaven people can kiss my scotch drinking ass.

  173. >>I can see a possible drawbacks from firing a flamethrower at 85MPH

    We can borrow a trick from Napalm devices. The fuel used in Napalm bombs is a jelly like type of petroleum. It sticks to all the targets and burns. This can solve the problem of wind working against the fire you want to light.

  174. >>Of course he made it a point to always be driving faster than everyone else.

    Pickup trucks and Minivans are ideal for speeding. Cops ignore them doing 90 MPH while keeping their eyes peeled for Porsche and Audi drivers who dare go past 70 in a 65 MPH zone

  175. I just read about the attack on Rand Paul. Anyone knows the motive? Is the neighbor a democrat/liberal/Antifa type? Mentally ill? Or just a neighborhood dispute getting out of hand?

  176. He’s a wealthy lefty.

    Probably suffering from TDS.

  177. Anti-Trumper lefty that had previous issues that resulted in Rand’s 5 broken ribs. In the meantime, WTF is going on in Saudi?

  178. Tushar,
    If you have to come back down this way, lunch and/or beer is on me should you care to catch up.

    You saw the USS Gerald R Ford for sure. And maybe the HW Bush, Lincoln or Truman.
    Check out if you care to.

    And yes, driving I64 sucks like a $2 crackwhore. ANY time of day.

  179. I drive nearly all the way to my morning AA meeting in the left lane. Traffic is fairly light and I can go at least 80 mph the whole time.

  180. I laugh at myself for cursing traffic on my commute. After living in MA, CO and MO and being in real traffic jams I frequently curse out slow drivers in no passing zones despite the fact my drive is 20 minutes max even on a bad day.

  181. Sean, have you been pulled over lately and had the cop ask you the last time you had a drink?

  182. I wake up at work.

  183. Me too, Scott. Makes it hard to come home sometimes.

  184. 2 miles to work. Last night, panel van didn’t even bother to stop. So glad that Dan drives a standard and is a defensive driver.

  185. The perfect commute is 15-20 minutes.

  186. My commute is 45 minutes without traffic, 70 minutes with traffic. Thank heaven for Pandora.

  187. Jay, the last time I got pulled over was about three or four years ago on the way home from work, sometime around Christmas. I had reached down to adjust the heat and wiggled a little in my lane. The CHiPpie just told me I had been a little unsteady, told me I was going a little too fast for his liking (75, I think) and then said it was obvious I hadn’t been drinking so I was free to go. I’ve never had one ask the last time question, though.

    (It’s been 2,260 days, but who’s counting?)

  188. I usually sit on the couch for 30 minutes or or so before I start working.

  189. Chi, I would love to have a beer with you. I visited the Norfolk-Newport News area for the first time this weekend. I can see myself retiring there. Awesome place. Not full of limp wristed sissies.

  190. Tushar requires strong wristed sissies.

  191. >>Tushar requires strong wristed sissies.

    I intend to retire with enough money that I never have to, um, take matters in my own hand.

  192. Strong Wristed Sissies opens for QOTSA.

  193. Back when I was working corporate IT, my commute was 15 minutes in the Lotus, 20 in the BMW, and 35 in the ’66 micro-bus…

  194. Netflix is getting serious

  195. No jury would convict them.

  196. Davey envied Rowena’s positivity.

  197. ww

  198. Goomehmeh

  199. If a D had been attacked by a right winger, it would be all over the news.

  200. Mornin’ Hostages. Someone empty a bottle of Fabreze in here…

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