Hello yoga enthusiasts, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born on November 15, 1993 in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan.  4′ 11′, 34G-24-34 and light as a feather, please take off that costume and say hello to Miss Saaya Irie!



  1. Wakey wakey

  2. Wow, she’s actually attractive

  3. Yeah.

  4. Her hobbies include swimming, bathing and dusting beds when needed

  5. Next week you can do a post on Russian presidential candidates.

  6. Hmmm, exotic and unusual for this place.

    Good morning.

  7. Putin’s probably funding her campaign.

  8. I’m making rice and potato polpette today. Probably.

    One of the last few days when it will be warm out, good for doing the frying on the gas burner outdoors instead of polluting the house.

    I’m going to fry them in beef fat. Nomnomnom.

    Noticed there was a lot of parsley going untouched in the garden, and it’s a good way to use it.

  9. She’s cute, Pupster. No gravitational distortion.

    Didn’t know Peter Marshall was still alive. His real name is Ralph Pierre LaCock (now I want to hear Mare shout that).

  10. Meeting with builder today to do our option pick’ems, then get our schedule drawn up.

  11. This is so good, these kids give me hope:

  12. Wow. She’s a cutie!!!!

    Excellent work, Pupster. Two boobs up.

  13. I’d buy her a farm and put babies in her.

  14. I already have a farm…

  15. I’d buy her a farm and put babies in her.

    That never works. They eventually come right back out.

  16. Nice change of pace.

  17. She’s probably received her fair share of dick pics.

  18. I’m even going to send her a dick pic.

  19. nobody wants to see your dick mare, car in says so

  20. Mare has a female dick? Or a male vagina. I’m confused.

  21. Oh, a dick pic has to be your own?

  22. Anyone believe Mare is that naive?

  23. Otherwise is false advertising.

  24. Mare sent me a dick pic once by mistake. I hope.

  25. Both guys. Transitioning to women.

    But no mental illness here. Nope. Just two normal she-males, finding love.

  26. The 21yo either has no parents, or they just wake up every day wanting to die.

  27. I never send my own dick pic. It scares everyone but your mom.

  28. Hotspur is standing in line for the iPhone 10, isn’t he?

  29. He claims he’s not getting one.

    He’ll probably just use the cataract as an excuse to get an iEye.

  30. Wow, no prison time for Bergdahl.

  31. Bergdahl receives a sentence of dishonorable discharge, no prison time.

  32. They should have marched his ass to the wall.

    Final question, blindfold or no blindfold you traitor fuck.

  33. How are you feeling, TTroy?

  34. Dad’s last brother passed away this morning. I’ll miss you, Uncle Fred.

  35. Condolences Jay

  36. Sorry for your loss, Jay. (((HUGS)))

  37. T-roy is right. That fucker Bergdahl should have been executed. His vile existence isn’t worth the steam off an earthworm’s shit. Yet here we are

  38. He’ll probably just use the cataract as an excuse to get an iEye.

    Medical marijuana, baby.

  39. Heartfelt condolences, Jay. Lost my last uncle at this time two years ago. End of a generation.

  40. His sister is younger, and still with us. There’s a term for that, the baby that’s a lot younger than the others, isn’t there? Anyway, that was the last uncle, but still have that aunt and mom’s sister.

    Hate getting older, but it’s better than the alternative.

  41. Mom and her sister are 10 years apart, too.

  42. My condolences, Jay.

    There’s a term for that, the baby that’s a lot younger than the others, isn’t there?

    Siblings called me every name under the sun (mostly ‘accident’)but Mom always referred to me as “a pleasant surprise.”

  43. I don’t care if he’s executed or not, but he needs to serve at least a year behind bars.

  44. Bowe Bergdahl will commit suicide to the back of the head.

  45. How is that MFer not serving time? FU stupid military court. FU.

    This a thousand times:

    Kurt Schlichter‏Verified account @KurtSchlichter 1h1 hour ago
    I was just informed on air by Tony Katz that Bowe Bergdahl walks. I’m livid. This is a disgrace. I am ashamed of the Army, but never of the troops – just the Army officer corps that has so disgracefully let us down.

  46. Was it the officer corps, or just the judge?

  47. I think the POS Nance is Air Force. Makes more sense.

  48. Fucking zoomies.

  49. Exactly. Soft life, soft brain.

  50. I was in San Antonio several years ago, and there were a lot of AF recruits walking around. I swear to god their uniforms are the faggiest thing I’ve ever seen.

  51. You are correct, Sir.

  52. Donna Brazile looks like a tackle with tits.

  53. So Bergdahl receives the punishment of someone who gets repeated cases of VD, returns late from leave for the 15th time, has been involved in numerous fights on base, numerous instances of insubordination, and caught with drugs, but never caused a death, or gave comfort to our enemy.

    Military – rotten to the core.

  54. Or, as Onama would say, “Rotten to the corpse.”

  55. That f8cker, Obama had Bergdahl’s parents on the White House lawn, fawning over them. He loves himself some America haters.

  56. He’s a closet muslim.

  57. Meanwhile, this man sentenced to a life without the use of a lot of himself, because he had to go look for Bergdahl:

  58. Sorry for your loss Jay.

    I just arrived back at hospital to get this stone blasted. I’m hanging tuff but good lord this is wearing me out. Thanks for asking.

    PS. tylenol with codeine has a definite limit as to what it can effectively mask. Amazing, they give you high end stuff at the hospital to deal with this shit but send you home with the narcotic equivalent of motrin….makes sense right?

  59. They wouldn’t want you selling it to the neighborhood juvenile delinquents.

  60. Very sorry about your uncle, Jay.

  61. Troy, after your blasting how soon after will you be back to “normal”?

  62. Mare, when I had my stone blasted, it was 3 days of pissing blood and sand, and I really didn’t feel back to normal until a week later when they took the catheter out. But it was all much better than with the stone in.

  63. Might have been a stent instead a catheter. Either way, it felt weird.

  64. Yikes, Roamy, sounds icky.

  65. When Mrs. Jay had a stone I got to see an xray of a kid who stuck a qtip up his nose. Interesting.

  66. LOL The geniuses at CNN are putting up a paywall.

    That’ll bring in some money.

  67. I may read your fake news for free, but I ain’t paying for that shit.

    How come Trump didn’t call for the death penalty for Vegas shooter, like he called for the death penalty for the Home Depot Terrorist?

  68. If I wanted to listen to an asshole, I’d fart.

  69. Karma beat him to it?

  70. Every weekend…

  71. Comment by Hotspur on November 3, 2017 3:09 pm
    If I wanted to listen to an asshole, I’d fart.



  72. HA! Good one, Jay. Great start to the weekend.

  73. Jay at 2:22…heartbreaking story of the paralyzed sergeant and 6 others killed searching for that POS Bergdahl

  74. Michelle Obama must fart a lot.

  75. Ok….must be getting close, got a iv lock in and have done the multiple physician q and a for the umpteenth time. Last was the anesthesiologist who was promising all kinds of chemical delights along with assisted breathing apparatus.

    I’m like, just knock me the fuck out already, please….

  76. Most high class women do. Little known fact: Mamie Eisenhour could clear a room.

  77. Mamie

  78. There was a murder up the street from us last night. 18 YO was showing off his first gun by loading, unloading, and dry firing at his friend’s head……..while smoking pot.

    Dead kid was only 16.

  79. Darwin

  80. S-T-U-P-I-D

  81. “I’m going to rape you like I rape my daughter,” Rubin barked during one of the alleged assaults.

    In one session, he beat one of the women’s “breasts so badly that her right implant flipped,” the papers state.


  82. That’s why every firearm in my house is under lock and key

  83. Everyone is describing the shooter as a nice kid. Bullshit. You have to be 21 in this state to purchase or carry a firearm, so this was a street purchase, and the witness didn’t call the police for 45 minutes because he “was afraid of being shot or stabbed”.

    Nice kid.

  84. Well, he was a nice kid until he went out and made an illegal purchase, never learned basic gun safety, pointed the gun at his friend and blew his brains out.
    But before that, he was definitely a nice kid.

  85. Nice kid. Always talked about killing Buckwheat.

  86. Manhattan Penthouse Sex Dungeon was an early album of what critically acclaimed 80s pop group?




  90. It’d be funnier if it was, “Because SpaceY would only land on Uranus. “

  91. Greetings, people who are trying hard to resist the leftover candy.

  92. Boy1 needs picked up at work at 9PM central.

    So tired.

    Got about an inch and a half of snow at rush hour today.

    Boy1 probably didn’t wear his boots. He’s going to be cranky.

    Bored bored bored.


    At least it’s not soccer.

  93. But how was your zumba workout?

  94. Too many wallyballs and burpees.

  95. Comment by Pupster on November 3, 2017 7:19 pm


    I love that so much.

  96. I know they probably aren’t, but wallyballs sound fun.

  97. Back from builder. I picked green shingles.

  98. Have a cocktail and download uber.

  99. or have Hotspurs mom pick him up.

  100. Condolences, J’ames

  101. I picked green shingles.

    Man, this has to have been one of the funnest days of your life. I love lining up future details and plans like that.

  102. Out of surgery. It went well. Please accept my sincere gratitude for the prayers and well wishes. Special thanks to Mare. Pretty sure it was her prayer that put me over the top with the man upstairs.

    Thanks again y’all.

  103. Feel better soon, Troy! Hang in there.

  104. 🙏🏻

  105. Hope you feel better soon, Troy! Mr. TiFW had kidney stones a few years ago – he was miserable. Make sure they send you home with the good stuff 😊

  106. Prayers for wieners are always answered! (Well, that’s what Hotspur’s Mom said) So glad you’re going to be alright, Troy.

  107. Glad you are ok, Troy.

  108. It wasn’t awful, Laura, but I’m glad it’s done.

    Condolences for Jay and continued prayers for Troy.

  109. We also nixed a giant bathtub from the master bath, picked carpet we will want to tear out in 5 years for vinyl floors, and agreed on a gabled porch.

  110. I didn’t know you were having surgery, Troy, otherwise I would have prayed for you.

    [aside]: Yes, yes. That’s totally why I didn’t pray for him.

  111. Troy,
    Glad it went well. Hope recovery goes smoothly.

    Leon, we had a shower built that is 6′ long, two shower heads, and a bench on one end(leg shaving or whatever). I love being able to stand in hot water with my wife in the morning. It’s usually the best thing that’s going to happen to on any given day…

  112. It’s not a proper shower unless it fits at least six…

  113. The thing about he Bergdal sentence is that I was a witness in a case where a MSgt skipped out on guard duty over a Fourth of July weekend and went AWOL with his new GF thinking that he would browbeat one of his subordinates to cover for him. Might have worked except for the CSM and his wife went around with a fried chicken dinner for everyone that was on duty that weekend and saw the same E-4 three nights in a row.

    He got one month confined to quarters and six days in the stockade to be served on weekends and a reduction in pay.

    The E-4 went on leave for a week and then transferred to Fort Sill.

  114. Everywhere you want I always go
    I always give in because, derp, you know
    You just say so cause you give me that
    Feeling inside that I know must be right
    It’s the singer not the song

  115. ww

  116. Packy packy.

  117. Guard weekend. Possum has been awake – and thus I’ve been awake – since mom left at 515am.

  118. Leon, do you still follow Mountain Men on History Channel? I’ve been catching up watching episodes from last year.

    I’ll have a meme poat up in a few minutes unless someone has a better idea.

  119. I’m up to date on it, Pupster. Sad about Preston.

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