Garden Variety POS Pooté

So – i was reading something or other recently and came across a reference to these things:


I’ve seen them in the past – weird little things; they fit right in with the random stuff that grows in this chat room.

I’m thinking we need to have a vote on the official flower of the H2 chat room. So here it goes – and remember the vote is binding – so don’t screw it up:

What’s your dumbass vote for the official H2 flower

All right – let’s hope you performed your civic duty properly


re-updated just because


  1. Good morning.

    Whose turn is it to tell Moose he’s a Good Boy?

  2. I wanted to ask Hotspur for his recipe for skate wing but it looks like the chance there will ever be any skate in my local grocery stores is zippo.

    Yet I remain skate-curious. I love trying new animals foods.

  3. Important Halloween Update, What would Walter Sobchek do?

  4. It’s snowing

  5. I’ve had skate a few times and I remember thinking it was just ok.

    Part was preparation, part was knowing what I was eating.

  6. Important Halloween Update, What would Walter Sobchek do?
    OMG. I love this so much its ridiculous. Nicely done, puppyface.

    Bonus points for asking if anyone cares about the rules, telling no one in particular that you’ll be finishing your coffee, or discussing the ways in which a floor covering may add to the ambiance of a room.

  7. Huh. Weird. I was just reading about lithrops the other day myself. Plants that identify as rocks – this is SO 2017!
    (I’ve never seen them in bloom, though)

  8. Erin’s first night of work went well. She did a great job.

  9. I’ve never seen that movie, Pupster. But that’s still a good costume.

  10. Josh Homme dressed up as Bob Ross. It was pretty funny.

  11. Is she pregnant yet?

  12. You know it takes two weeks or so to test.

  13. Remind me from now on to only move during warm months.

    Also, to only hire movers that bother to show up on time.

    Also, to stop moving more than once a year.

  14. Should have hired Scott and Laura

  15. We don’t need no stinkin’ flowers.

  16. I’m just going to buy a flatbed trailer for next year’s move.

  17. We move stuff, but we’re not movers.

    That day that I was pissed at my friend for telling me for weeks she didn’t need me, then calling me for help on the last possible day?

    Well, naturally we ended up going over there, worked a few hours filling the van up anyway, with stuff that she supposedly had already packed. Yeah…no. Not even close.

    And she had hired movers to take a bunch of her stuff to vaulted storage, and could have easily had them also take a bunch of the shit that ended up in our truck. But she didn’t think of it until later, when we were pulling it out of her house.

    I have no idea what she was doing when she was supposed to be packing. Looks like she did a lot of paralysis-fuckall to me. Probably just walking from room to room, panicking. I feel badly for her. Hopefully she can get some peace and gather her wits, now that all that bullshit is behind her.

  18. Wing of Skate Recipe:

    Plan on one wing per person. Make sure it is fresh. Tell the fish monger you want to smell it. If there is even a hint of ammonia – pass.

    Not sure what the chances are of finding it in a supermarket, but you could ask them to order you some.

    I just winged it (LOL), because none of the recipes I found were quite to my liking. Some involved pan frying in the house, some involved doing them under the broiler. I DO NOT LIKE TO COOK FISH INSIDE. Smells up the house. The other recipes either involved exotic shit which usually means you lose the fish flavor. If the only way you can eat fish is to cover up the flavor, don’t waste your time or money.

    Anyway, I chopped up leeks, red pepper, yellow pepper, green pepper, cherry tomatoes, various seasonings, and sautéed it all in butter until slightly softer (not mushy).

    Also, I grated a good amount of asiago and parmesan into a bowl.

    Cut each wing into three. That way it’s manageable with a spatula. The wings are delicate and coma apart easily if you try to do them whole. (I found this out the hard way.)

    Then I laid nonstick foil to cover the grill, turned it on high and let it get really hot. Put each piece of fish on the foil then sprinkle with the veggies. Close the lid and cook on medium for about ten minutes, then sprinkle on the cheese. Close the lid and melt the cheese.

    Take the fish off with a spatula, and serve immediately. I served a White Muscadet which was a perfect pairing.

    HotBride made her legendary au gratin potatoes, and fresh green beans with sliced almonds. Also, sliced Zingerman’s baguette.

    Friends brought a tossed salad, but by the time we’d done the main course no one was hungry for salad, because another friend brought a beautiful pecan pie.

    It was a pretty simple meal. Everyone raved about it.

  19. Jimbro, that article is behind a paywall. What is its conclusion?

  20. Anybody seen Xbrad? Haven’t seen his words in a couple of days and his blog hasn’t been updated same. Hope everything is cool with him. I luv me some world of warships videos…

  21. Wasn’t behind a paywall for me.

  22. I think they allow you a certain number of hits per month. Once exceeded you have to subscribe, or wait until next month.

  23. The obvious choice?

    Amorphophallus titanum.

  24. NE Pats trade a good backup QB for a 2nd round pick?!

  25. You can defeat a lot of “article limits” at newspaper sites by just reloading the page, then interrupting the page load.

    The idiots load the page before they trigger their own article limit code.

    You can also, of course, delete your cookies and accomplish the same.

  26. Another trick to bypass paywalls, especially at Hearst papers:

    Search for the article on Google on your phone. Clicking the search result will let the page load.

    Also, if the article’s author tweets out the link, clicking on that will also usually get you access.

  27. “Once exceeded you have to subscribe, or wait until next month.”

    …..or clear your cache.

  28. Pats have their eye on a certain player, you just know it.

  29. They probably weren’t going to be able to re-sign him at the end of the year, this way they get a 2nd for him. If Brady gets hurt, it was a bad move.

    Eagles got a good running back. They are already good this year.

  30. Pepe – Eagles needed the help. Pats are hosed if Brady gets dinged.

  31. So, if I clear my cache, does it clear stored log-in information?

  32. Coincidence?

  33. Bonus points for asking if anyone cares about the rules, telling no one in particular that you’ll be finishing your coffee, or discussing the ways in which a floor covering may add to the ambiance of a room.

    Way ahead of you there, Donny.

  34. Just got fabric for making my bedroom curtains SO CHEAP and it’s nice stuff. Discount fabric store had ten yards on a roll, some pretty nice overstock from a place in New Jersey. Goes with the rug and walls and furniture. Together with some backer fabric, $50 and done. Now I just have to sew them.

    I have enough extra fabric that I could re-cover the old wooden valances that I found in a wall storage cubby next to the dormer window, and mount them up top to make it look really finished.

    See how I feel. This will be a good rainyday/ Winter project.

  35. Thanks for the recipe, Hotspur! I love it. The best food is fresh and simple like that.

  36. You’re welcome.

    That’s my normal method of preparing most fish. I’ve used it for whitefish, salmon, trout, walleye. It never fails.

    Our fish monger removes the skin, then removes the filets from the fin cartilage, so there is no actual prep to do. It makes the cost/pound a bit higher, but it’s worth it.

  37. That fabric really ties the room together, AM I RIGHT?

  38. It needs more goats.

  39. It needs more goatse.


  40. Maybe even some Tubgirl?

  41. So the lost at sea story is starting to unravel.

  42. What lost at sea story?

  43. The two lezzies on holiday…. was fishy from the beginning.

  44. I wonder if they did any diving on their boat trip?

  45. I thought it was fishy too. You don’t go to sea without redundant systems. Two onboard marine radios, and a handheld would be minimum. Plus they had to have cellphones. Who the fuck doesn’t? They had an EPIRB that they never used. But they remain adrift for five months?

    Doesn’t add up.

    I think they want a book deal or movie.

    The Coast Guard doesn’t take such things lightly.

  46. “What lost at sea story?” Mare, you gotta start getting up earlier.

  47. That fabric really ties the room together, AM I RIGHT?

    THIS is why I love y’all. (Even if I am ignored 99% of the time)

  48. Chi, we never ignore anyone.

    Who are you again?

  49. I’m here, Troy.
    1. It’s been a busy weekend.
    2. Don’t have much to say.
    Z. Pats have their eye on a certain player, you just know it.

  50. 2. Don’t have much to say.

    That never stops me.

  51. Work has really seriously sucked today.

  52. I think getting up at 5:30am is plenty early. Although I do not watch TV news and don’t get my news from the internet until I’m in the mood, which, on some occasions, is never.

  53. But I do remember something about the 2 lesbos and dogs too.

    They sounded nuts to me and I haven’t payed attention since.

  54. Full disclosure: I got up at 7:12 this morning. Don’t know why.

  55. I get up at 7, but then again working nights even two times a week kinda screws up my schedule. Not to mention when Erin has 30 of her closest friends over on a Saturday night …

  56. I had been getting up at 6, but small-bladder dog is wrecking my ability to sleep through the night.

  57. I have a moose story- one that doesn’t involve him at the pound.

    So sometimes Oschi doesn’t want to go outside with him. He’ll literally grab her by the scruff and drag her out. He’s scratched at the door from the outside and when we go to the door he just grabs Oschi and forces her out
    He did it again this morning. Cracks me up every time.

  58. THIS is why I love y’all.


  59. 7? LUXURY!

  60. Haha. Punster, that’s an awesome response.

    Very nihilistic.

  61. I wake up at 530. By the time I finish checking the new poat, my email, and the news, and then shower, dress, and practice violin, it’s already 715.

  62. HA! I thought Pups costume was from The Big Lebowski.

  63. Yea, 7. Suck it J’ames. Sometimes 6:30. But factor in my usual hour or two – or more- of insomnia in the middle, it doesn’t work out to be that awesome.

  64. I get up at 2 or 3 to let the dog out, then again at 5, which is just a bit too early. I’d go to bed earlier, but wife and Possum won’t let me.

  65. When I don’t sleep well, I wake at about 4:30 If I stay in bed I have great dreams and sleep until about 7:00.

  66. Nope. Elmer Fudd.

    Be vewy vewy quiet.

  67. Keillor buried whatever talent he possessed in his slide from an entertainer to a bitter partisan blowhard. He became unwatchable, hence he no longer has his show.

    The new guy sucks as well. The show will be dead within a few years.

  68. Sidebar at Ace.

    Margaret Sanger lives on.

  69. Carin, I read every word of that and I have no idea what I just read. How did that get published?

  70. Hotspur, it gave a long winded explanation how skate is usually by catch and frequently tossed back. Then described the difficulty in prepping it and possible ammonia smell if it isn’t kept on ice right away. It did come off as suggesting it was worth trying.

  71. You’re fortunate to have a fishmonger that knows what’s what.

  72. Really learning how much stuff Paula does around here. Picking up after the boys is a full time job if you want the house to look halfway decent. The older one is a lost cause. More effort to get him to do shit right than to just do it and be done with it. The little guy is a big help but he lacks attention to detail. And the really big guy has done more housework in the last week than I have in the last few months.

  73. Have you tried a taser? I hear that grabs your attention.

  74. Instead of doing more housework, I’ve learned to lower my standards.

    Win win.

  75. Don’t taze me, bro.

  76. The Garropolo trade baffles me. I’m guessing they know this year is a wash as far as another SB and they don’t want to pay big bucks to keep him around another year. 49’ers released Hoyer who knows the Pats system and I’ll bet he lands back in NE. They want to franchise DB Malcolm Butler next year while the whole mega contract for Stephen Gilmore sorts itself out (currently on the concussion protocol after sucking at his job for the first 3-4 games). The saying around New England is “In Bill we trust”. We’ll see…

  77. I do mind, the Dude minds. This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, Pup.

  78. I’d lower my standards Jay but I’m trying to keep Paula happy. She likes a clean house. It’s impossible with two shedding dogs who track dirt in the house.

    Back in med school I learned to live in filth with roommates who were just as busy as I was. Every now and then I think of the slime on the shower curtain and fridge contents and involuntarily shiver.

  79. Kaepernick in NE. xbrad called it.

  80. Pro football was lame before it was stupid.

    I just don’t get pro sports very much. Its all so elaborate.

    You need to take this thing over there, but while you do it, you’re not allowed to go too far this way or throw the thing to that guy over there even though he’s on your team. And if this guy kicks the thing instead of handing it to that guy, and only that guy, or throwing it to these guys that made sure everyone knew they were allowed to catch the thing, then everyone can pick up the thing as long as it goes a certain distance. But if it doesn’t go far enough, no one can touch the thing. Everyone must stop what they’re doing and look at the thing until it stops moving. Then you can touch the thing but that also just makes things stop and the other team gets to start doing stuff with the thing.

    Jeebus, just let two guys beat the crap out of each other.

  81. I don’t know how anyone can still care about the NFL. They hate you.

  82. Thanks for sounding off xbrad, I guess after the loss of weaponsman, I’ve become alittle paranoid about the blogs I really like. I appreciate your efforts.

  83. My mountain is tired.

  84. Another muslim terrorist. Must be Tuesday.

  85. Ban Home Depot?

  86. Ban those who yell, “Allahu Akbar!”

    Seems like a no brainer and exactly what Trump is trying to do.

  87. Mare, Muslims founded this country. It was literally built on the back of Muslims who only wanted a peaceful world.

    George Washington was a practicing Muslim. So was the other guys.

    You know, Mohammud Franklin and Mohammud bin Hamilton.

  88. Well, I just got schooled.

  89. According to Muslims, Jesus was Muslim, so, you know…

    Look, I don’t want to fully genocide them, but they have to go back. And stay there. Far away from us.

  90. Unless they assimilate, really assimilate, their beliefs are incompatible with American, 21st century life.

  91. Make Dearbornistan Dearborn Again!

  92. I’d lose my effing mind if I was in Dearborn seeing a shit ton of hijabs or burquas or whatever those bullshit deals are.

  93. According to Muslims, Jesus was Muslim, so, you know…

    Heh, yeah, he was Muslim 700 years before Muhammed.

  94. Don’t they usually argue that Jesus was Palestinian?

    Except he was a Jew.

  95. Fucking Christians.

  96. Jesus was descended from David, but “Jew” wasn’t really a word in his time. There were a loose group of inter-related tribes and overlapping religions (Essenes, Pharisees, Sadducees, etc.) that all traced their faith back to Moses and the Pentateuch, but “Jew” wouldn’t have been meaningful to them at the time, “Hebrew”, maybe, but a lot of them were Greek-speaking or Aramaic-speaking even then, with Hebrew being a language for the Temple. They were Judeans and Samaritans and Galileans and so forth. “Jew” doesn’t really show up as a descriptor until you get to the time of John’s Gospel (thought to be written in the mid-60s, before the destruction of the Temple), and then it meant “those who obey the Law of Moses but rejected Jesus as Messiah”.

  97. Close the truck-rental loophole…

  98. Heh, yeah, he was Muslim 700 years before Muhammed.

    Moses too. Their whole theology is an illiterate mess created by a con man, and it shows.

  99. Leon, I did not know that Jew was not a term used at that time. You are a marvel.

  100. He’s just making shit up.


  101. Holy crap, this guy is from Tampa??

  102. HA! Kicks Hotspur in the ass as he runs away.

  103. “Jew” was shorthand for “Judean” at first, but that geographic description sort of vanishes after the Temple is destroyed in AD 70. By our reckoning, Samaritans would be Jews, but they lived in a different kingdom entirely. Lots of people we’d call Jews – who never called themselves that – recognized Jesus as the messiah and fulfilment of the Old Covenant. It would be entirely wrong to call them “converts” to Christianity, as they simply saw it as following God’s Revelation through His Son. The only “converts” in the early church were the pagans.

  104. If today’s terrorist would have been blocked by the travel ban, can we have the Hawaiian judge tossed in a volcano?

  105. Uzbeki green card holder. Entered in 2010.

  106. Can we volcano that other guy anyhow?

  107. It doesn’t have to be an active volcano. I’m not a monster.

  108. Truck rental loophole.


  109. But INRI translated means Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews.

    Maybe Jew as the term didn’t exist, but it’s the same religion.

    I disagree with leon

  110. Iesus Nazorenus Rex Judeorum means “Jesus of Nazareth, King of Judea”.

  111. Judea being the kingdom under occupation by the Romans, this was the “criminal finding”, insurrection.

  112. and also why Jewish = Judaism.

  113. That’s what I’m saying, though. “Jewish” wasn’t a religious or ethnic identity at the time of Christ. That came later, particularly after the Temple was destroyed and the groups we’d now call Jews dispersed from the region. Without the Temple as a place of sacrifice or the Eucharist and Reconciliation to replace it, these people had to suss out how to obey the Old Covenant without it. Those discussions and the ultimate conclusions drawn form the modern Talmud.

  114. I just remembered why I quit doing the whole Halloween thing. As much as I love seeing the little ones in their costumes, I can’t take it anymore. I’ve turned into the “get off my lawn!” guy.,.
    Some ghetto mom just stopped in front of my house – in her Lexus – to let her 16 yr old sons out to come get some candy while I was sitting out front. Really?/you’re going to drive your teenagers around to other neighborhoods get a free roll of smarties??

  115. No one comes to my house… anymore.


  117. We had two kids come for Halloween. One toddler girl, and one older teenage boy with a pale moustache. The toddler got more than the teenager did, and I let her choose her candies.

    She was at least wearing a costume! The teenager was in street clothes, holding a pillowcase, and said, “Hey.” Then had the nerve to look disappointed that I only gave two candies.

    He’s lucky Scott didn’t answer the door.

  118. I have some respect for the moms from bad neighborhoods who bring their kids here for Halloween. They want their kids to experience this, and they aren’t going to get it in their own neighborhood.

    Yeah, but 16 is too frickin’ old. 13 is pushing it.

  119. My 14 yo went walking around town with 4 of his friends. Had dinner at the store and just walked up and down the main road. Saw a couple of their teachers. Stopped by one of the kids grandparents. Small town life makes for good memories.

  120. I had maybe a dozen cuties between 6 & 7 (Eastern).Then it was either nothing or kids old enough to join the Marines. When did it become NOT embarrassing for teenagers to beg for a snickers bar?

    But I just had the experience that saved Halloween five seconds ago…
    The young Navy couple from next door stopped by on the way home They freaked when I dumped the whole bowl of candy in their daughter’s pumpkin bucket.
    That little girl is so sweet, I think I got a cavity just listening to her say “twick or tweat.”

  121. Possum says it like that too. We went to Trunk or Treat at our parish on Thursday. She had a lot of fun, but it got cold too fast.

  122. I drag the outdoor fire kettle to the front yard and get it blazing hot, then hand out the goodies, we get lots and lots of kids.

  123. My family is so kind and thoughtful. I worked 2 hours overtime today, had a bad commute home (an hour 10 minutes instead of 30 minutes), and they waited until I got home to ask me what’s for dinner.

  124. On the other hand, when I asked Rocketboy if he had a Halloween costume, he said, “I’m dressed as a college student who has finished his homework”. Good boy.

  125. Comment by Pupster on October 31, 2017 9:37 pm

    I drag the outdoor fire kettle to the front yard and get it blazing hot, then …….
    fling boiling oil at the trick or treaters?

    heat the branding irons?

  126. Your mom was trick or treating earlier.

  127. I just trick or treated the fridge.

    Oh look, an American Amber Ale!

  128. Fire kettle makes me think of kettle corn, and now I want some.

  129. Hotspur’s neighborhood

  130. So was the nutjob in NYC inspired by the VA anti-Gillespie ad?

  131. So now, you’re off starting ’round here
    Bitterness at your demands
    In a place where they don’t expect nothing
    You’re trying not to dirty your hands
    I’m asking you as a person
    Is it a crime, is it a crime
    For you to fall in derp with Frankenstein?

  132. The overnight radio show guy was dramatically reading Poe’s ‘Tell-tale Heart’ when my radio clock alarm went off this morning. He was at the part where he dismembers the corpse.

    Good morning! Sheesh. Quite the wakeup.

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