MMM 297: No Halloween costumes

Because I just didn’t have time to dig any new ones up.  Oh well.

Selfie or progress photo?




This is great for your lower back and glutes and easier on the hips than deadlifts.




I bet she can haul hay bales.


This needs a mirror, I hate when I can’t see faces.


Lotta junk in this trunk.


Not so much in this one.


Too much shadow here.


Pretty smile.


Bed looks fully dusted and ready for napping.


This just looks dangerous.  What if you get stuck like that?


Happy last Monday in October 2017.


  1. Jazzersize gal is doing thrusters. We did those wednesday and I was sore until Saturday.

  2. I think everyone thinks my vaguebook status is real today. I’m getting good at this.

  3. What is your dickface status, Carin?

  4. We always start with good intentions. But lose ourselves along the way.

    It’s always lyrics to a song. Always. A crossfit friend finally got it two weeks ago when I posted something she knew.

  5. I chopped a 12″ pine log yesterday and raked leaves onto that pile, that was enough workout. Sadly, the woodpile never got hot enough to ignite.

  6. John Boehner is exactly who we thought he was.

    Again, I love how Trump is making the scum reveal themselves, so openly too.

  7. I didn’t realize #vaguebook was much of a secret.

  8. I’m luking for a gud book

  9. Official Antifa Mascot

  10. Yay, giffy!

  11. Rain and wind here. Super windy. Pepe/Oso Windy.

    Grill migrated across the deck. I’ve spotted 5 shingles in the yard so far.

  12. Made it home late last night, wreck on I-65 had traffic backed up for miles, delay of 2.5 hours. I slept in this morning, will go to work in a bit.

    Glad I visited my dad and stepmom overall, but that was not a fun visit. Something in the fridge smelled bad, and Dad wouldn’t let me clean it out. He repeated old stories with different details that had me saying “wut?” He made tomato-cabbage soup that did terrible things to my stepmom’s and my digestion. She farted loud enough for my hard-of-hearing dad to hear it, and I’m sorry, that was funny. Some jet propulsion going on there. And everything was just loud, loud, loud. I drove the first hour with the radio off and prayed in the wonderful silence.

  13. Maybe he had some tabasco, to get the afterburners fired up.

  14. Mueller is a GOP plant:

    Remember, Donald Trump admitted in a nationally televised interview to criminal obstruction of justice in firing James Comey to quash the Russia investigation. Bob Mueller has a Dead Man’s Switch.

    Maybe I should start posting liberal crazy comment of the day.

  15. Firing an employee = obstruction of justice.


  16. I gotta comb through my DVD collection and cull all the ones that have rapists in them or involved in their production. Should fit in a shoebox after that.

  17. Just remember, folks, Kevin Spacey is Gay, not a pedophile. Just because … Gay. And gay men are not pedophiles. They just like them young.

  18. I’ll bring that up next time someone references the priest scandals in the 90’s.

  19. The incidence of men abusing boys is consistent across all areas where men come into contact with adolescents – teachers, Boy Scouts, athletics, clergy, etc.

    Yet it’s the Catholic Church that is evil.

    I like to drop that H-bomb at times as well.

  20. I accidentally left this for Mare on last night’s thread:

    Mare, when HotBride and I were dating years ago, these were all her close friends (now mine as well), I would just listen and mostly not comment because I was the newcomer in her house or theirs. Just before the ‘04 election, the first one after HotBride became a citizen, our really active political friend David, was inundating her with shit from Huffpo. We were having everyone up to the cottage for a fall weekend, and I said to HotBride, “Our friends know my political persuasions, yet they say the most hateful things about republicans, without considering my personal feelings. If we’re going to get together in MY cottage, there shall be no discussions of politics, or we won’t get together at all.”

    So that was our rule, and it is to this day.

    We have plenty of other things to talk about – books, food, wine, music, movies, local activities, travel, kids, grandkids, etc., etc.

    Now in the Trump era, it has crept back a bit, but whenever they bring up some of his antics I can almost always point out their hypocrisy.

    Last night the subject of sexual harassment came up and one of them brought up Trump’s comment about the French president’s wife’s body. I just looked at them and said, “For real? After Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, and all the shit in Hollywood, that is your example?”

    Then HotBride changed the subject slightly, to how society has evolved. For instance in our parent’s generation it was widely accepted that men would sometimes make lewd comments around women. It is no longer, but we can’t judge our dads by today’s standards. Likewise, we have a niece who gets greatly offended if a guy looks at her tits or her butt, yet she wears low cut shirts and really tight pants. But she says that pointing that out is shaming the victim of sexual harassment. And we say, “No, Lily, if you don’t want guys looking at your tits, keep them covered. If you put them out there, guys will look at them.”

    So we’ve begun having conversations along these lines, but then I’ll always drop an H-bomb. Like last night when we were talking about rape culture, I said, “You do realize that men in the U.S. are raped in higher numbers than women, right?” LOL They went apeshit. Even HotBride left the table for a bit. When my friend looked it up on his phone he said, “Oh yeah, if you include prison inmates.” And I laughed and said, “Seriously, that doesn’t count?”

    So anyway, they now realize that there will always be irrefutable push back from me. They won’t even dare to mention Russia now that Uranium One and GPS Fusion are known about.

    So it’s mostly books, food, wine, music, movies, local activities, kids, grandkids, travel, etc., etc.

    LOL They’re good people.

  21. Rape culture in Hollywood would have been my go-to.

  22. We did talk about that. Also they were all aghast at the news of Mark Halperin. I just leaned back and grinned.

  23. I don’t watch movies or listen to music, so I mostly talk food, farming, and kids.

  24. The left started out by believing every word from Anita Hill. But then they excused or did not believe the things about Clinton. Then they breathlessly reported on the Catholic Church, Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, etc., while all the while lionizing Teddy Kennedy, Hugh Hefner, JFK, etc.

    Then along came campus rape. We have to take these accusations seriously, don’tcha know.

    When the Weiner shoe dropped, then Weinstein, then all of the other Hollywood assholes, and then finally one of their media gods, Halperin, they’re now up to their fucking eyeballs in perverts, pedophiles, rapists, and predators.

    If it’s good for the goose…

  25. There are some really bad pictures of KEvin Spacey out there.

  26. Pretty smile, indeed.
    She’s absolutely gorgeous.

  27. Hotspur, I know exactly what you mean. When we meet up every year or so with our old dear friends from Madison (who both have state government jobs), we go out of our way not to bring up politics. But they’ll start bitching about Scott Walker (whom we LOVE) in 30 seconds flat.
    Drives us fucking nuts sometimes how uncourteously unaware they are…

  28. [redacted funny image that was way too big]

  29. That came through way too big, I’ll cut it.

  30. Tex, I’d tell your friends to respect your feelings, or see ya later alligator.

  31. “I’m sorry I sexually assaulted your 14 y/o daughter but, I had a few drinks. Now, I choose to live the life of a heterosexual man.”

    Pretty weak sauce, ain’t it?

  32. My friends get all of their information from like three sources – Huffpo, MSNBC, and facedouche. They are so full of Koolade they piss red, green, and purple depending on the day of the week.

    But to their credit, we’ve all agreed to leave politics aside. It gets a bit dicey when social issues like rape culture, Hollywood, or global warming come up. Last night David confessed that he isn’t worried about any long term devastating consequences toward mankind with two exceptions – nuclear holocaust and global warming.

    On the nuclear issue, I pointed out that Jimmy and Bubba gave the norkonks 2 reactors and $5 billion in exchange for an agreement not to develop nukes. Then the norks immediatly began to violate the agreement. Then Obama pulled practically the same shit with Iran. Then Cankles sold 20% of our uranium to the Russians. But you’re worried what Trump will do?

    HotBride waved her arms and said “Change of subject!” Then looked at me and said, “Don’t you say a word about global warming.”

    LOL, it was a little tense for a minute.

  33. and then you lit a tire fire, and laughed

  34. Iowa State, NOT the pit of misery

  35. We’re all foodies and winos. So it’s good.

    HotBride was pretty liberal when I met her, but has become fairly conservative. I tell her, “That’s what owning a business and knowing someone with different information will do to you.”

    She thinks we need conservative friends in the mix. And I tell her, “My echo chamber is the Hostages. You’re welcome to log on to WordPress and join us anytime.”

  36. She should. We always have a good time at meatups.

    What could go wrong?

  37. Mrs. Jay lurks once in a while, but I usually have to fill her in on the funneh stuff. She’s just not the blog/chatroom type. I can hardly get her to answer texts.

  38. Thank you for your answer, Hotspur. Well done.

    It crossed my mind that almost anything can circle back to politics, it’s good you put a “no go” sign up early.

  39. Rush said something today that I have been thinking about, Clintons received 145,000,000 million for thier foundation and Bill recieved $500,000 for one of his idiotic speeches (obviously a pay out). What did the American people receive for THIER uranium? And why isn’t that theft?

  40. What gender are you?

  41. Speaking of signs, HotBride found a “No smoking at this table” sign amongst stuff left over from the inn. She taped over “smoking” and wrote “cellphones”.

    It totally changes things.

  42. For the better.

  43. We never got anything for the gold from Ft Knox, either.

  44. But, how can you post everything you eat on instagram then?

  45. So, now that Kevin Spacey is a villain, do you think Netflix will cancel House of Cards?

  46. LOL Usually before we sit down to dinner, after the food is all out on the table, someone will take a photo.

    We’ve eaten some amazing shit. Last night was no exception.

  47. I’m off till Friday to help out around the house and got to miss a lousy day at work. This wind storm has knocked out power to a half million power customers in Maine. Which is staggering considering the population of our state. Most of the shingles from my ridge line are on the ground now. We have power from the generator so that’s good. It’s gonna be a PITA getting roof work done because most of the roofs are in the same condition. On a positive note I made this

  48. I’ve reached the same point with my lefty friend in MA. He was bad during the Bush years but during Obama’s reign realized he was no prize either. He was all in for Hillary and when I saw him last fall everyone was giving him shit at our conference we attend together. We mostly talk about work and family now.

  49. We’ve eaten some amazing shit.

  50. What did the American people receive for THIER uranium?

    Some ranchers lost their land and some lost their lives, when the Russians kicked them out.

  51. MJ, how is the little snigglet doing?

  52. He’s good. Getting big and trying very hard to do things like keep his head upright.

  53. Is he potty trained yet?

  54. I’ve heard that milk stout is good for a baby, especially if they don’t care for lagers.

  55. Is he potty trained yet?
    We just hold him over the toilet and squeeze his belly.

  56. hahahahaaaaahh

  57. Brilliant plan. When he sees the toilet he’ll associate that with voiding. Think of the diapers you’ll save on. Invest that money in his college fund.

  58. Have you guys seen the gif on twitter of Family Guy’s Stewie, running naked through a shopping mall yelling, “I just escaped Kevin Spacey’s basement!”? It’s an old episode.

    Yeah, they all knew he was a pedo freak too.

    Nice letting the asshole do as he likes, Hollywood.

  59. Think of the diapers you’ll save on. Invest that money in his college fund.
    College. Ha. We’re renting him to a band of traveling gypsies and teaching him to steal, spit on the ground, and give people the evil eye.

    There’s a lot of money in it.

  60. Alex asks. NY Post answers

  61. The first movie I saw Spacey in was Shipping News. He just had one of those faces that were repulsive to me. Never watched another thing of his.

    Didn’t know he was a fag and a pedo. But I did know he is a creep.

  62. Yeah, they all knew he was a pedo freak too.
    Nice letting the asshole do as he likes Hollywood.

    Did you see Rosie at Twitchy this morning? “Fuck you Kevin. Like Harvey, We all knew about you!”
    When called on her complicity, she doubled down on stoopid. NEVER go Full Rosie folks…

  63. Given the cost of college you may be on to something there.

    Professional Grifter

  64. You mean like Cankles?

  65. I’ve been thinking about moving to the dumbest county in America and running for a house seat.

    One term, then lobbying and grifting.

    The baby will help.

  66. I’ll help you run against the widow Dingell.

  67. Given the polling against Stabenow, I’m pretty sure you could beat her, too.

  68. I dunno. People here are pretty dumb but my House rep is a cardio something surgeon.

    He lives in my hometown, which isn’t surprising. There’s really nothing here but farm land, white people, and a dying manufacturing town.

  69. You should run there and Make It Great Again.

  70. Ok. You’re going to need to run the campaign.

  71. Which district? I got this.

  72. I’ve lived among white people, farmland, and dying industry my whole life. I know as well as anyone can.

  73. Indiana 8th. In 2018 we’ll need about 90-105K votes.

  74. Someone needs to kick this shitstain in the nads.

    He’s a sour grapes man-baby who knows doing this would just hand the seat to a dem.

    Someone really needs to fuck him up.

  75. Planning to primary or is he retiring? It’s likely too late for the former.

  76. Actually, run as a D and I think you’ve got it.

  77. We have until Feb 9th to get on the ballot, then the primary is May 8th.

    Let’s stake out every position to this Larry Buchson guy.

    He’s pretty pro 2nd Amendment so we should probably just call for the legalization of tanks and personal ICBMs right now.

    He’s also pro life, so we should probably be pro sperm.

    He’s for low taxes. I’m for no taxes, bishes.

  78. He’s being primaried, and has announced that he won’t run because polling shows he can’t beat his republican challenger.

    If he’s was honest, he’d just switch parties. But he’s a dickhead.

  79. I can’t run as a D. They lose like 65-35 out here.

  80. Ah yes, the racist homophobic Indiana rural voter. Closely related to the Iowa Farmer.

  81. Okay, district is probably staying R in any event. Tanks are already legal-ish, let’s go for repeal of the 1934 Machine Gun Act and legislation overturning Wickard v Filburn.

    I’m not sure how nofap will poll, but it’s an extreme position that’s easy to remember in debates and lets you embarrass the opposition. Pro-sperm it is.

  82. I can’t run as a D. They lose like 65-35 out here.

    Just come out of the closet. George Soros will buy the election for you.

  83. Hotspur, you know what Flake is?

    Yes, yes you do.

  84. I don’t have to worry about Flake. I use Head and Shoulder.

  85. I think Flake will pull so few votes, he’ll be nothing but, “that guy who suckered idiots into giving him money for his narcissist bid to screw it up for the republican candidate but instead is a giant shitpile of fail.”

  86. Hailstorm now. Not terribly surprising that the fence crew didn’t show up.


  88. So, who is this judge that sealed Fusion GPS records to save Hillary’s bacon?

  89. How much did Hillary wire to his foundation?

  90. Greetings, last group of people on Earth who haven’t been molested by anyone in the entertainment industry and Hotspur.

    (It was Rudy Vallée in his case.)

  91. Dan was an altar boy for years…nada. My abuser was a school bus driving Messican. Sexual abuse lottery sucks.

  92. My only sexual abuser was me.

  93. Did y’all watch the VA anti Gillespie video? Most racist ad ever

  94. My abuser is dead. My night terrors are still real.

  95. I hope he suffered, osita.

  96. I molested your mom.

  97. love ya like a brother oso

  98. Condolences, CrazyBear. My niece got molested by a neighbor when she was about ten. Didn’t tell her mom until years later when her life had become pretty messed up. She’s 26 now, and not living a very easy life.

    The guy was a doctor at UofM. But had moved out of state. The prosecutor tried to get him extradited back to Michigan, but the prosecutor in Texas wouldn’t cooperate.

  99. i have a very serious question ————

  100. has any 1 checked the batteries in c a rin’s collar….?

    ‘cuz ifn’ she escapes the compound, river city may have to commission another musical

  101. Power is restored

  102. how many ppl did you have to execute?

  103. well, jimbro got new batteries, at least

  104. Good lord how can you not extradite a molester?

  105. Car in used all the new batteries on other, more important, devices.

  106. Evidently the dr. was connected enough in his new position to convince the local prosecutor to let him be.

    Not sure how my bil didn’t take care of it himself, but he’s an English pussy.

  107. No, hers is rechargeable.

  108. Teresa?

  109. Which presents a whole different problem. She can’t ask for the cord back for that device.

  110. Hers runs on wall current. Only way to draw enough amps.


  112. LOL, Pupster, that’s hilarious.

  113. She’s come a long way since the purple one.

  114. I think he was framed

  115. I hear the newest one has a kick starter.

  116. It also has cruise control.

  117. 6 cylinder.

  118. Lane change departure warning.

  119. Back up camera.

  120. It’s a manual

  121. one of the wheels is out of balance, shudders pretty bad.

    on purpose.

  122. Blind spot mirrors.

  123. Posi track

  124. Sport-tuned suspension.

  125. Corinthian leather

  126. Fog lamps

  127. Free oil changes for life.

  128. Tow package

  129. Fucket seats

  130. Keyless entry

  131. Attractive lease options.

  132. Seating for 6

  133. Mud flaps

  134. Rear-facing radar.

  135. OnStar

  136. Back Up Camera

  137. Roomy trunk

  138. Air freshener.

  139. Scratch-resistant paint

  140. Trim package

  141. Comment by Jimbro on October 30, 2017 10:01 pm
    Trim package

    *golf clap*

  142. Kick-activated rear door.

  143. Dual-zone climate control

  144. Just for shits & grins, go look at Wardens post at AoS and expand it. Then play the Obama clip at the bottom.

  145. Weather-Tech Floor Liners

  146. blerg. I see you’ve been trash talking me.


  147. Think of it as a roast, C arin.

    Also, 50,000 mile limited powertrain warranty

  148. Think of it as a roast, C ari

    That does make me feel better about it.

  149. Won JD Power’s Best in Class four out of the last five years.

  150. I still think Hitachi bribed the judges that other year.

  151. Posted this on Facechimp earlier today:

    Partial List of Better-Kept Secrets Than Kevin Spacey’s Homosexuality

    1. Existence of In-N-Out “Secret Menu”
    2. Location of Lenin’s Tomb
    3. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start
    4. Keith Richards’ struggles with substance abuse
    5. Recipe for peanut butter and jelly sammich
    6. True Identity of Ziggy Stardust
    7. Actual setting of Planet of the Apes
    8. Caitlyn Jenner’s previous life as male athlete Bruce Jenner
    9. Barney Frank’s homosexuality
    10. Boiling point of water

  152. Heh. Some crap remake of a “scary” movie just started. The l one where “the calls are coming from inside the house!” If I don’t get bored or laugh myself to sleep, maybe the bourbon will kick in?
    I almost forgot it was Halloween – I’m all set with candy, doggie costume, front yard firepit – all I need to do is decide which book to read and whether to be Billy Gibbons or Uncle Si as I pass out candy tomorrow night…

  153. Bluetooth enabled speakers and a year of Pandora Premium.

  154. Well, you know I went to a gypsy woman to have my fortune told
    She say, “You better go back home son and peep through your, your derp hole”
    You know the gypsy woman told me that you your mother’s bad-luck child
    Well, you’re having a good time now, but that’ll be trouble after while

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