Me Me Me Meme


















  1. wakey wakey

  2. What what

  3. Erin starts working at my restaurant on MONDAY.

    so excited. This is going to be a whole new chapter of Lapeer Creek where she doesn’t laze about the house as much.

  4. I just finished watching this really long documentary on the Fed and history of private central banking. It’s friggin’ terrifying.

    Hope Paula is doing okay this morning, Teresa too.

  5. Oh, “Dress like a slut” night is coming up. What is everyone wearing?

  6. There are so many options. Slutty nurse. Slutty police officer. Slutty witch. Slutty slut? Has that been done? I want to be original.

  7. I’m putting together a Walter Sobchek outfit.

  8. Slutty Walter Sobchek.

  9. we should all dress up as mare

  10. I have to go shopping for some picture frames today.

  11. I’m going as burly, ass kicking, General Mattis.

    And “F8ck your Feelings” may be said more than once.

    Oh, and give me your candy, you, skinny jean, man bun (with knitted hat), fitted cap sleeve t-shirt wearing, latte drinking, pussy!

  12. Excellent post, Pups.

  13. I’m dressing as Liberace.

    Halloween is merely a coincidence.

  14. Erin starts working at my restaurant on MONDAY.

    The Brady Bunch morphed into Alice so gradually we hardly noticed.

  15. I barely remember Liberace. Google says he was the highest paid entertainer in the world from the 50’s through the 70’s.

  16. Yeah, he was a workhorse.

    But his lifestyle caught up with him. Butt pokey in the 70s and 80s was a death sentence.

  17. This story needs a Fonzie.

  18. I’m dressing as Liberace

    Make it a slutty Liberace.

  19. The Brady Bunch morphed into Alice so gradually we hardly noticed.

    Kiss my grits.

  20. Three people in this little house is going to be a lot.

  21. Little late for that ^

  22. And a little story from work last night. Sooooo… we had a contest – I’ve been wanting to do this for months, but I always forget until the night is halfway over. Server game. $2 to play. Whoever gets the lowest percentage tip (bill has to be over $20) wins – gets all the money. It was $20 last night.

    I thought I had it in the BAG when I got 7.8% (total shock, they seemed normal – but I got $3 and some change on $39 bill). But then another server got $3.5 on a $50-something tab and that worked out to 6.6%. DANGIT. I really though I’d won.

    She said she could tell she was gonna get douched (and she’s very nice and a good server), but mine was a shocker.

  23. When did Erin get pregnant?

  24. A slutty Liberace is a great name for a mixed drink. I just don’t know what would be in it – nor do I want to know.

  25. Great game Carin, definitely promotes bad service.

  26. Great game Carin, definitely promotes bad service.

    It was fun. Shitty tips are usually (at my restaurant) a result of cheap motherfuckers. You can’t even get an interview if you haven’t waited tables for at least two years, and when you’re talking a 6.6 % tip … that’s not the service.

    Our worst server (who played) got 20% all night – it really is very often bad luck. Some are regulars who are notorious for it.

    Just before I got my low tip, a table went on about what excellent service I gave. And as I said, Angela is a really good server, who would never ignore a table because she suspected she was going to get a bad tip.

    It would be stupid to try to win, because through the night, you’re really going to lose.

  27. So cool. Just found out from my narc (ethan) that Cole offered Erin pot just about every day. She refused.

    Which is probably why he broke up with her. She just didn’t share his interests.

    MJ, work this into the story.

  28. A better game would be the lowest percentage of the night gets $5 from the other servers playing.

  29. Who the fuck is Cole?

    *searches for the old TV Guides

  30. Ha! I knew it.

    I heard coughing the night we were there.

    I told Laura “someone is smoking pot on the dock.”

  31. Cole is not a boyfriend and apparently not hooked on sobriety.

  32. Sorry Hotspur, but I kind of liked it better when there was a stigma attached to smoking weed by the small minority, now it’s out of the ordinary if you don’t.

  33. heard coughing the night we were there.

    I told Laura “someone is smoking pot on the dock.”

    I knew he did that, but 1) not the extent and 2) not how completely stupid he was.

    I’m taking down the trees/bushes so I can see the entire dock.

    The only good thing is that he didn’t get her into that. But she was attracted to him, despite it. I guess that explains why he’s come and hang out for a few hours and then leave. He wanted to completely party and she wasn’t interested.

  34. Sorry Hotspur, but I kind of liked it better when there was a stigma attached to smoking weed by the small minority, now it’s out of the ordinary if you don’t.

    You know, it’s one thing for people to “experiment” in college and what not. But when it’s the regular thing in high school … and just about everyone agrees that it fucks with the teenage brain. We’ve got a problem.

  35. Long night. Up at 0400 to pee which is, to this point, a group activity. Once she was up we decided to move the party down to the living room and got the coffee going. Most of the pain is from where he cut the bone. Every time she moves her thigh she’s in agony. That being said, I’ve noticed an improvement in her moving between yesterday and today. My egg cooking skills are improving.

  36. *looks up the word stigma*

  37. JImbro – how’s your sammich game?

  38. I think there are some folks in our kitchen who have basically become retarded by the pot smoking.

  39. A better game would be the lowest percentage of the night gets $5 from the other servers playing.

    Eh, at $5 fewer people will want to play. At two bucks, all but one server played.

  40. And – it’s only $20. You’re really not going to try to trash a tip if things are going south for $20 (and risk pissing off a table)

  41. I think there are some folks in our kitchen who have basically become retarded by the pot smoking.


    *studiously avoids looking anywhere near Hotspur*

  42. *wonders why Scott keeps staring at me*

  43. She’s all about the egg sandwiches. Bagel Thin, cheese, 2 fried eggs. Her appetite really hasn’t returned yet. I’ll shop tomorrow and keep it simple: meat, rice, veggie. Repeat.

  44. Epic vaguebook post by my muse: “I wasn’t mad till the world forgot about me, best believe I’m back bitch.”

    Do you think she knows my vaguebook posts are ridiculing her?

  45. I’m just saying, if you have low ambition, and aren’t very smart to start with … you may want to avoid pot.

    Unless you really are content living in your parent’s house/out of your car/on the street.

  46. Who does Erin think she is, someone with ambitions and a future?

  47. Maybe she just doesn’t like living in my basement?

  48. Gawd i hate you people so much.

  49. Got Monster started, haven’t had it on the road for a few weeks, taking it over to the shop this afternoon. Stop by the liquor store and then watch The Ohio State play the nifty loins, then Gophers/Hawkeyes. If I get some help I’ll take the air conditioners out of the winders and put in storm winders, seeing as how there is snow on the ground.


  50. I’m just kicking it and chillin it. Probably go work out in a bit. Erin is having a bonfire later, so I’ll try to dig up some material for our series.

  51. You don’t think Scott and lauraw have already been killed by the new room mate?

    I figured it would be a month or so.

    that really escalated quickly.

  52. Death scene? What’s the wimpiest way to buy the farm?

    These were funny last night, but i was at work you jerks.

    Unfortunate clarinet accident

  53. Choke to death on bong water.

  54. Drowned by Moose, who never took his dog “water rescue” lessons seriously.

  55. Head-on Segway collision

  56. Lost on 20 acres, dies of exposure 20 feet from my house

  57. trips on Moose trying to sneak into my house after hours, lands on head.

  58. Runs into my deck on atv.

    Oh wait. that one’s not funny

  59. You don’t think Scott and lauraw have already been killed by the new room mate?

    She’s probably already copying Laura’s hairstyle.

  60. I need to go do laundry, and then decide if I want to go into LA for an open forge night. I probably can’t go for all four hours, but three hours might be worth the headache of dealing with LA traffic.

  61. he’s probably already copying Laura’s hairstyle.

    HA haa haaa

  62. ISU plays their first game as a ranked team since 2005 today. #4 TCU.

    We already took out #3 at their house, time for some home cookin.

  63. heh, good one, Colex. The rest of us have to up our game now.

    Gee, thanks.

  64. what to eat. Need lots of energy, gotta make pizza all day, starting at halftime.

  65. heh, good one, Colex. The rest of us have to up our game now.

    Gee, thanks.

    Wrong … he just killed the game. How can anyone top that? It can’t be done.

    Good going CoAlex. You could have given us 45 min or to try first and then dropped that one.

  66. Storm windows up, screens down. Toilet repaired. Ceiling fans cleaned. Front storm door handle repaired. Fall wreath hung. And still, another hour until Penn State plays the OSU Fuckeyes.

  67. Will there be strife on Lapeer Creek when the attractive daughter starts making better tips than mom?

  68. Wow, ISU TCU is on ABC. We’re never on national tv.

  69. Must not have froze very hard last night. My outdoor hibiscus still haven’t wrinkeled up.

  70. Will there be strife on Lapeer Creek when the attractive daughter starts making better tips than mom?

    Then i can just start charging her rent.

  71. JiA – we had our first frost 2 nights ago. . . About 2 weeks late.

  72. Will there be strife on Lapeer Creek when the attractive daughter starts making better tips than mom?

    No, however sweeps week will feature a return of Sean’s Penis.

  73. Last night was supposed to be the first hard freeze. It was so windy. That might be why nothing got hit. It was definitely below freezing, but it didn’t dip down to the lower 20s like it was supposed to.

    Today is sunny, instead of snowy.

  74. No frost here and it’s nearly November. Forecast says above freezing to at least Halloween.

  75. I ran the AC in my truck this past Tuesday after shopping at Sam’s

  76. My entry for untimely deaths?

    Paraquat poisoning

  77. I’m at my dad’s this weekend. Dad really needs hearing aids, so my stepmom just yells at him. 6:10 AM, I was awakened out of a sound sleep by “HOW MUCH COFFEE SHOULD I MAKE?”

  78. So, is Erin going to be waiting tables? She has 2+ years of experience?

  79. I think she’s running Keeno.

  80. She has 2+ years of listening to her mom rant about waiting tables. Close enough.

  81. We had a light frost a few days ago. First one this fall.

  82. The last of the scorpion pepper salsa is sitting in a pot out in the barn waiting to be cooked down in the morning. The air in the house is a cough hazard just from cutting all the damned things.

  83. Imma just leave this here. . .

  84. No open Forge today. I feel a headache coming on and want to just sleep it off.

  85. Hostess

  86. Hostess is a better gig than bussing tables and being ripped off by waitresses.

  87. Cool, hostess is good. 🙂

  88. I love cream-filled hostesses.

  89. Leon Bait

  90. I think this game will kill me. BRB gotta read comments. Also Twitter with Heather radish is like watching college FB live

  91. *imagines shot consumption at the Pupster house*

  92. Oh. My. Gosh. Ohio State won!

  93. Me too, Jimbro! Exactly what I was thinking.

  94. Whew. J’ames, Russ, and Radish are good.

  95. Greetings, people who are trying to decide which culture to appropriate for their Halloween costumes.

  96. Ha! Sean. Yeah, what culture are we going to eff over with a costume.haahhhaa.

  97. Pupster is having home town, upset, winning sex

  98. Chat ya later. ⚾️👋🏻

  99. etings, people who are trying to decide which culture to appropriate for their Halloween costumes.******

    I’m going as a slutty slut!

  100. *medic

  101. Comment by mare on October 28, 2017 7:20 pm
    Oh. My. Gosh. Ohio State won!

    Pupster is getting lucky!*

    *or holding Mrs. Pupster’s hair while she prays to the porcelain god.

  102. *medic



  103. I’m sad for MCPO.

  104. I’m going as a slutty slut!


  105. All the other “slutty x” has been the taken, so I’m going meta.

  106. I’m sad for MCPO.

    Did they stop making Werther’s Originals?

  107. MC3PO still has the Eagles.

  108. Is that supposed to cheer him up?

  109. Eagles are looking great this year.

  110. The End Times are surely upon us.

  111. They’ll lose and their fans will be back to beating their wives and kicking puppies soon.

  112. How did the test go, ChrisP?

  113. The Philly fans comment may have been a little harsh.

  114. No, no. You were right to say those things.

  115. Fun day in football. Woo hoo!

  116. You’ve scratched my albums, and you broke my HI FI
    You didn’t like it when my friends all dropped by
    You let the derp flow when I meet other girls
    You get aggressive, much too possessive

  117. Moved into new place. Can’t sleep, everything hurts…


  119. G’mernin shmoopsies.

    Today I will be making mushroom risotto and flatiron steaks, grilled in the rain.

    Rain-grilling is a new method that is stuper-trendy and technical. I’m leaving that typo there, both to mess with Hotspur and also because it’s apt.

  120. I’ve never made or eaten risotto before. I hear it’s good.

  121. I also have to get to the fabric store and pick up some material for bedroom curtains. I’m hoping to find some without a goat pattern on it.

  122. Also, Hotspur, that George Blood 78 records site is frickin’ awesome.

  123. wakey wakey 2

  124. Erin had friends over last night.

    They are cray cray.

    6 more months, people. 6. More. Months.

  125. Jimbro, that is amazing about Rep Wilson and Niger.

  126. That is amazing – I read the article too.

  127. Pay’s got the saws-all out.

    Everyone be prepared.

  128. No one will call the Saloon Hooker out on it though. That’s a given. As Howie Carr often says “They’ll give that a good leaving alone”.

  129. At the pharmacy with the boy waiting 5 minutes till they open. Shower chair I bought Friday has one leg that’s busted. It had telescoping legs to adjust height and one lock button is busted.

    Then we get groceries and some gauze for dressing changes on Halloween. Her surgeon uses an occlusive dressing with some sterile stuff and leaves it on 5 days. She can shower with it on

  130. Paula is lucky to have A SURGEON as a nurse.

  131. “Moved into new place. Can’t sleep, everything hurts…”


  132. Brother Cavil, you’ll be in the new place a good, long while correct?

  133. We have a horsepoop problem. I shoulda bought that bobcat.


  135. WTF is wrong with people,PD? That horse should have kicked him to death. He’s not fixable. So gross and wrong.

  136. Pupster, you’re the crackup king. After Scott, of course.

  137. Mare, him surviving the encounter suggests that he may have done this before and managed to spot a mare in heat. The poor girlfriend must be having a breakdown about now.

  138. Help me. I’m at Home Depot.

  139. It’s in aisle 9.

  140. I’m sure it’s in an associates pocket- I just need to find him.

  141. We were there yesterday.

    Lots of nice plants 50% off.

    We got a new dehumidifier, so much better than the 25 year old one we had.


  143. Big Sale on Snow Shovels!

  144. We’re having skate for 6 for dinner.

  145. Mr. and Mrs. Hotspur are very social.

    Oh, and Pups, how do you feel today? Big win yesterday!


    This is insane. Let’s wipe all of our incredible history and the incredible men that shaped it. Fuck you, assholes.

    George Washington is one of the greatest men that ever lived.

  147. I’ve never made skate. This is going to be interesting. We may end up having to order a pizza.

  148. I’m actually angry now. Most universities should be burned to the ground…METAPHORICALLY!!

  149. Dave dosen’t coblog at Ace’s anymore, what happened? Was Dave a #NeverTrumper and left because of Ace’s eventual support for Trump?

  150. I’m good Mare. Jay on the other hand…

  151. I haven’t heard anything about this so far.

    Lots of pop up ads at this site, at least on my iPad. Looks like Antifa wants to rear it’s ugly head again. They’ve been quiet for a while…too quiet!

  152. /pol has been warning of “Purple Revolution” for a couple of weeks now. Soros just gifted like 18 billion to his “Open Society” organization, too.

  153. “They’ve been quiet for a while…too quiet!”

    fuk ’em

  154. weird couple of weeks at casa – d’jam

    mil is in tough shape, so my beautiful bride and i have been a little preoccupied with that.

    mil has fairly advanced dementia, so communicating with her is challenging – she threw me out of her hospital room last night but wanted a hug and kiss first…. weird

  155. she was diagnosed with an inoperable mass/tumor that is strangling her esophagus – she’s lost a lot of weight

    had a mild heart attack 2 nights ago

    so it’s palliative care only now

    this aging thing is starting to bum me out

  156. onward thru the fog –

  157. i’ve gotta finish the porch project (hopefully today – it’s of course cold and raining – flooding expected – yaaaayh)

    this will be fun

  158. time to get out there and grab this bitch by the ass

  159. Scorpion salsa is cooked, time to jar and can, then maybe go shovel manure.

  160. Jam, I know it doesn’t necessarily help but you are not alone. So many of us go through this with our parents. Thier brains do not function correctly and thier behavior, at times, is not in keeping with thier personalities. It’s a wild ride, every day is different. Some are horrible, some are great. And you’re right, it is a bummer, but good things can come from it. May not be apparent at the time.

    Thinking of you.

  161. Skate? I don’t think I have seen that on a menu.

  162. It isn’t very common. I had it in France years ago. I’ve seen it a few times here, usually in French restaurants. Thought I’d try something different.

  163. It sounds good from what I read.

    It goes bad quickly, maybe that why stores don’t carry it.

  164. Hard to believe it isn’t more popular to cook at home:

  165. And, for the Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder file, check out this lovely, tolerant lass:

    I hope she’s being investigated by the FBI right this moment. Conveying threats is a felony dumbass.

  166. Skate? Take a cookie cutter to them and just tell your guests you’re serving scallops.

  167. MJ is drunk


  169. Canning done. Now coffee then shit shovelin’.

  170. Leon’s running for Congress??

  171. This guy linked us a few times every now and then

  172. Hah, no hangover here pups, but it was fun!

  173. Leon’s running for Congress??

    If he promises to take his flamethrower along, I’ll campaign for him.

  174. Holy cow, ISU jumped 11 spots to 14, 16 in another poll.

  175. ISU is a scam.

  176. ISU’s coach is gonna get offered lots of money starting about December 15 or so.

  177. yep, that’s what I’m afraid of. He’s really good.

  178. As long as we’re talking about ‘true’ history and how it needs to be discussed:

    MLK was a whoring, womanizing, sexual assault artist that happened to make a few good speeches.

  179. I have no illusions that a living MLK would be any different from Jesse Jackson.

    He probably would have stayed pro-life, though, and that might have changed how the Dem party platform evolved over time.

  180. Why do you believe he probably would have stayed pro-life, Leon?

  181. Greetings, people who probably aren’t watching the World Series.

  182. Just a guess based on interviews I’ve heard with his niece. Maybe he would have “evolved” on the issue, but I have to think he’d have seen the stats on black abortion and been horrified.

  183. This actually made me lawl:



  186. If your doorstep wasn’t buried in snow 11.5 months out of the year there in Southern Canada that would be awesome for your house, Puppeh.

  187. Snow. Rain hasn’t stopped since last night and now the wind is picking up!

  188. I’ve had to wear a light jacket over the last two days. Madness.

  189. Pepe asked about the tests.
    The blood panels, urine cultures, CT scan, and ultra-sound all said that “Every thing is fine”. The organs are all there, they are the right size, in the right place, no tumors, ducts are proper size, open, and working, no stones anywhere, the 7 cysts on your liver we found in 2007 are still there and you are fine, *just fine*!
    Therefore, I am well and in no pain.

  190. Wow, are you kidding me, Altuve? Kershaw’s post season woes, oh my.

  191. Prayers for Jam and ChrisP

  192. Man, this game is a fuckin’ rollercoaster.

  193. Thanks for the update, ChrisP. Hopefully you can figure it out. Maybe Anita is sucker punching you in your sleep. 🙂

  194. What Peps said. The figuring it out part, not the sucker punch part.

  195. Hope they find it soon, chrisp!

  196. East coast peeps that work tomorrow are bailing on ⚾️

  197. Porfirio is from the Dominican Republic. Dan has worked with him since 2009. Dan returned to work yesterday. Porfi knew Dan’s dad passed in 2014. Found out MIL passed. Grabbed Dan in a hug and burst into tears. Porfi’s mom contracted AIDS during a blood transfusion. Transmitted to his dad. He lost both parents years ago and it suddenly hit him yesterday when he saw Dan.

  198. The wing of skate was magnificent. Several bottles of Muscadet were consumed and everyone had a blast. Dishes are in the dishwasher. HotBride has turned in. It was a great night.

  199. SK8 or Die, Hospurt.

  200. this game is crazy. 2 of the top pitchers start an 11-10 game

  201. sorry 12-11

  202. Make the derp go away
    And get it off my shoulders
    Say the things you used to say
    And make the derp go away

  203. Wakey wakey 3

    hangs head

  204. Not trying to stir it up, Hotspur, but how do your get togethers avoid talk of politics or those things tangentially related?

  205. MMM shortly. It’s hell trying to get a full night’s sleep now.

  206. Mare, when HotBride and I were dating years ago, these were all her close friends (now mine as well), I would just listen and mostly not comment because I was the newcomer in her house or theirs. Just before the ‘04 election, the first one after HotBride became a citizen, our really active political friend David, was inundating her with shit from Huffpo. We were having everyone up to the cottage for a fall weekend, and I said to HotBride, “Our friends know my political persuasions, yet they say the most hateful things about republicans, without considering my personal feelings. If we’re going to get together in MY cottage, there shall be no discussions of politics, or we won’t get together at all.”

    So that was our rule, and it is to this day.

    We have plenty of other things to talk about – books, food, wine, music, movies, local activities, travel, kids, grandkids, etc., etc.

    Now in the Trump era, it has crept back a bit, but whenever they bring up some of his antics I can almost always point out their hypocrisy. Last night the subject of sexual harassment came up and one of them brought up Trump’s comment about the French president’s wife’s body. I just looked at them and said, “For real? After Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, and all the shit in Hollywood, that is your example?”

    Then HotBride changed the subject slightly, to how society has evolved. For instance in our parent’s generation it was widely accepted that men would sometimes make lewd comments around women. It is no longer, but we can’t judge our dads by today’s standards. Likewise, we have a niece who gets greatly offended if a guy looks at her tits or her butt, yet she wears low cut shirts and really tight pants. But she says that pointing that out is shaming the victim of sexual harassment. And we say, “No, Lily, if you don’t want guys looking at your tits, keep them covered. If you put them out there, guys will look at them.”

    So we’ve begun having conversations along these lines, but then I’ll always drop an H-bomb. Like last night when we were talking about rape culture, I said, “You do realize that men in the U.S. are raped in higher numbers than women, right?” LOL They went apeshit. Even HotBride left the table for a bit. When my friend looked it up on his phone he said, “Oh yeah, if you include prison inmates.” And I laughed and said, “Seriously, that doesn’t count?”

    So anyway, they now realize that there will always be irrefutable push back from me. They won’t even dare to mention Russia now that Uranium One and GPS Fusion are known about.

    So it’s mostly books, food, wine, music, movies, local activities, kids, grandkids, travel, etc., etc.

    LOL They’re good people.

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