Hello medicators, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model was born August 7, 1978 in Wembley, England. 5′ 4“, 46-26-36 and 122 lbs, please welcome Miss Linsey Dawn McKenzie!


Update/car in



  1. That is not a well balanced situation.

    But either is this place so…

  2. Thinking of you, Chrispy.

  3. I don’t think Chrispy is unbalanced…just those enormous boobs in relationship to everything else.

  4. Look at the faces this “model” is making. They are kind of hilarious.

  5. The 5’4″ link was my favorite, Pups.

  6. These early morning BBF’s are kind of roomy. Nice. May have to take this baby on a road trip with friends.

    *kicks feet up in back seat*

  7. I feel like Jam today.

  8. Jimbro, how’s Paula doing and did her legs get shaved? Not a euphamism.

  9. Goals today:

    10,000 steps (which I did not hit yesterday even though I went on a bike ride in very windy weather)
    Under 15g carbs today.
    Arms and Abs.

  10. Any takers on which #NeverTrumper, RINO or Lefty will say the most insane thing today?

    And if Nancy Pelosi had children who loved her for more than her money they would sit her down and tell Mom her symtoms are no longer hidden. She’s full on nerologically messed up (that’s a scientific diagnosis).

  11. So H7 happened?

    You sons of beeches.

  12. Good morning Mare!

    Reality hit hard last night when the spinal wore off completely. It was a long night. She got some relief with the oral pain meds they were giving her (dilaudid, tramadol, Tylenol, IV ketorolac). We’ll see how her PT goes today. She REALLY, REALLY wants to GTFO today and is likely to succeed if she can maneuver during PT.

    Leg shaving is more of a long term project. Say, next week when she’s feeling better off the narcotic medication.

  13. Younger patients worry about this stuff. One of my younger patients was all embarrassed of her slightly hairy legs. I told her we know she’s in the hospital and nobody cares. Before that, when we transferred her from her transport bed to her hospital bed, as everybody was grabbing on, she blurts out “I’m really heavy!” as some kind of a warning. She’s a totally normal size young woman. Everybody chuckled. Then later when someone was assisting her to the bathroom (in her hospital gown), “Don’t look at my butt. You must see a lot of butts working here?”

  14. Awwwwww, hang in there, Paula.

    I don’t know if I understood you correctly, Jimbro but part of the hip replacement was making both her legs even length. Goodness. It all sounded very scientifical, complicated and painful. Drugs, that’s the ticket! And love, lots of love, and by love I mean be her slave, when she wants to kill you smile and make sure the boys are doing thier chores.

  15. Yeah, people are funny.

    GND apologized to the Dr and nurses multiple times while having a baby sans drugs.

  16. Ha! What was she apologizing for?

  17. I don’t remember but something along the lines of, the IV line is caught in your hair and we need you to lean forward.

    She was like, ‘oh, sorry, I’m a total mess right now.’

    Meanwhile she’s gushing blood everywhere and they’re massaging her belly, trying to cut the cord, and yelling to get drugs so she doesn’t die.

  18. This woman is not endowed, she is cursed.

  19. 122 lbs…………..on the moon.

  20. Wakey wakey.

    Pound opens at 8:30. I have to run to the vet and get shot records- I’m sure they’re going to want that and they open at 8:30.

    /shakes fist at sky

    This was funny from last night:

    “He caught the scent of douchebag: axe body spray and a V6 mustang.”

  21. I don’t remember apologizing to any nurses … but I do remember SCREAMING at some young doc who wanted to check me before I had ethan. Umn … the nurse checked me, and I was obviously about to have the baby SO GET YOUR FREAKIN HAND OUT OF ME. He probably had to have it on his little check-box – I’m assuming he was a resident.

  22. HOLY SHIT Pupster!!!!!!

    grandslam with this chick!!!


  23. Notice the one with all the other pictures up – all small chested. This gal obviously has feelings about her big boobs.

  24. Any takers on which #NeverTrumper, RINO or Lefty will say the most insane thing toda

    That’s easy. My mom. Because she just repeats the most outrageous accusations out there.

    Next question.

  25. nice job warming up the post mare

  26. Carin, be sure to submit your Moms dumbest comment.

  27. We wanted to avoid drugs, but the only posture they’d let her be in (because of all the monitoring equipment) was on her back, so her labor stopped and her pain was absurd. If I had a do-over I would have thrown more of a fit about all of it and fired one of the nurses.

  28. My dad still thinks Russia hacked the election for Trump. We don’t talk politics and haven’t in years. Not worth fighting over. He might not know who I am in ten years, so I’m trying to keep fights out of it.

    And my mom thinks Dan Brown is a good writer.

  29. Buys Jam a drink.

  30. Dan Brown is a good writer. He shows the world the hidden truth that the Catholic Church has long sought to suppress…

  31. What a gorgeous morning. I’m slowly putting the garden away for the Winter. Think I’ll gardenblerg it. It’s just all too Autumnal and beautiful. The storms left a carpet of leaves and pine needles and it’s just freakin’ lovely.

    No frost yet. It’s late this year. REALLY late. Usually we have it around the 15th Oct. No complaints about the unusual warmth except this means my carrots haven’t sugared up yet and I am kind of interested in getting some sweet Winter carrots before they grow too big.

  32. Fence guy is coming by to plant posts in about 20 minutes. I’m cautiously optimistic that the new fence might be done soon. Too late in the year to stain it, of course.

  33. I had frost on the north side of our buildings yesterday.

  34. Dan Brown is entertaining. I’m not looking for a factual textbook, and he spins a good yarn.

  35. Stephen King does too. Anyone else read all the Dark Tower books?

  36. we had our first frost last night

  37. really windy and cold here today. I think it snowed a little last night. 34!

  38. I’m almost done with the latest Hannibal book. It’s worth a read.

    I will bet my life that HS has already ordered the iPhone X.

  39. I gave up on Dark Tower after Blaine the Mono. Lost interest.

  40. Blaine is a pain.

    Wolves of the Calla is fun. You should read Wizards and Glass, leon. You learn about young Roland and Susan Delgado, along with Cuthbert and Allain.


    So could Christianity, Buddhism, etc. Instead they teach sex.

  42. * invents iPhone 10.1 *

  43. Wolves of the Calla is fun. You should read Wizards and Glass, leon. You learn about young Roland and Susan Delgado, along with Cuthbert and Allain.
    Got boring until the last few hundred pages. Blaine was a pain and the vampire, other book crossover stuff was fun but pointless.

    If someone would have edited that series down to around 1200 pages it would have been a masterpiece.

  44. I like how he develops characters. Plus I don’t see his crazy politics in his writing.

  45. Didn’t see the movie but wasshisname struck me as a good man in black.

    He also could have been a good Roland.

  46. I liked the movie Roland, except Roland is white in the books.

    Movie disappointed me. Tried to cram too much into one movie.

  47. Holy shit.

  48. Re: leg shaving.

    A little over 7 years ago Mrs. Pendejo went to bed early complaining of oncoming migraine and she was gonna try to sleep it off. She woke me up about 3:00 and said she was feeling numb in her left arm and leg. I told her to slip on some sweat bottoms and I’d take her to the ER. Nope. She had to shower, wash her hair, and shave her legs before she could possibly leave the house. Got to the ER after a 20 minute grooming delay and her BP was 226/180. Stroking like xbrad in a latex shop. She lived. We’re very lucky.

  49. 25 degrees here, light breeze.

  50. I’ll probably never get around to it, Jay. I’ve got mountains of books now waiting for me, and I have a tough time getting into fiction anymore.

  51. Pendejo, I’m telling that story to Paula

  52. Moose is home.

    His invisible fence collar is dead.

  53. Well, it’s not like he can hide!

  54. Yup, ya gotta put those battery change dates on the calendar.

  55. Do they last long? Could do it at Daylight Savings Time, like smoke detectors.

  56. He’s gone through two collars in less than a year. I need to find a way to waterproof them. That’s what’s obviously wrecking them.

  57. I enjoyed the Dark Tower books. Liked the Roland character, really liked the the concept of ” He has forgotten the face of his father”.

    High of 47 here today, when I woke up it was 43. Low of 34 tonight. Northwest wind has a “bite” to it. going to break out the winter wear this weekend and put up the summer wear. In actual term, this means I put up my cargo shorts and take out my cargo pants.


  58. Comment by scott on October 27, 2017 8:53 am
    * invents iPhone 10.1 *



    Why not 10.2?

  59. She’s a couple PSI low on the right front?

  60. Tex has excellent eyes.

  61. It’s like the aspect ratio of the pictures is wrong – they should be narrower and taller.

    Maybe she’s the origin of the term “broads.”

  62. Have you ever wondered if trees are in pain when they are losing their leaves?

  63. No, not really. I wonder more about whether the Exodus happened as the bible records or if it’s a lifted Sumerian myth, and if so, what are the implications for Christianity?

  64. hahahahahahahahaha

    I’m with Leon.

  65. Why do cats cover up their pee and poop?

  66. So things that eat cats won’t find them as easily, and so things that cats eat won’t be spooked.

  67. I cooked salmon in a pan with butter and I completely ingored whatever knowledge I may have had about “smoke points.”

    Ufffffff got candles going, sliding glass door open and window for cross ventalation . Also cleaned my stove vent filters. Cats are enjoying the freedom to move on and off the lanai at will.

  68. Thousands of year ago cats and dogs were friends.

    The dogs threw a party, and as was their custom, they required that each attendant check their asshole in the check room upon arrival. The cats decided to play a prank on the dogs, and they switched all of the dog assholes to the wrong hangers.

    When the dogs left they discovered they were given the wrong asshole.

    To this day, the dogs are still mad at the cats, that’s why dogs and cats fight. And that’s why dogs always go around smelling one another’s assholes, They’re still trying to find their own.

    True story.

  69. Cats are enjoying the freedom to move on and off the lanai at will.


  70. Imma gonna need documentation on that one, HS.

  71. I wouldn’t shit you, Jay.

    You’re my favorite turd.

  72. This is an awesome site.

  73. I wonder if MJ has a dog collar.

    We could auction off a shock button, raise money.

  74. *in before all the #metoo comments

  75. I’m still getting scorpion peppers and the leeks, onions, and cabbage are still growing. The weeds are bad enough that I might have to run the lawnmower over it, though.

  76. I just moved my peppers inside. Only got a couple peach ghosts, no reapers. Stupid birds got that one.

  77. My vaguebook muse speaks to me. Today’s status:

    “So over the lies the bullshit. Just want to be treated right.”

    Her sister pipped in with this:

    ” Constantly bitching on social media and to everyone but yet continuing to stay in a negative situation does nothing. ”

    I would worry that she’s going to wreck a good thing, but I really don’t see this gal stopping.

  78. Which Lapeer Creek subplot is that one?

  79. Way back when we had 4 dogs with an invisible fence. Batteries for 4 dogs was expensive and it was my ex wife’s thing to be in charge of all that. The collars were frequently dead but only one dog went walkabout often. Daisy the border collie mix used to run down the store and sit outside to be petted by the customers coming and going. The dog catcher knew her by name and always took good care of her.

  80. I gave up on my leeks ages ago and took them out. They made nice little leeks but never sized up the way I like. Starting fresh with new Musselburgh seed next year. I think I inadvertently selected for skinny leeks when I ate all the fatties and let the runts reproduce. Next batch I’ll do the opposite and see if I can keep going year over year and develop a strain that reliably grows plumpies. Gardening IS exciting, just in slow motion.

  81. Yea, it’s not the battery going dead. His daily swims are wrecking the unit. I’m going to have to do a weekly inspection of the damn thing.

    Oschi did NOT go anywhere. He took off, and she just was sitting on the lawn like a good girl. She didn’t even appear to miss him last night. I think she actually enjoyed being a single dog.

    Moose was SO excited to see me. He tried to get in the car w/o the ramp (virtually impossible for his big ass) and while I used a treat to get him to go up the correct way, he didn’t even want the treat. he just wanted to go home.

  82. No garden next year, I suspect. Maybe a pumpkin mound or two if I can sneak over to the new land and get them started.

  83. I wonder how Paula’s doing today.

  84. Comment by lauraw on October 27, 2017 12:21 pm
    I gave up on my leeks ages ago and took them out. They made nice little leeks but never sized up the way I like.


    I can’t believe Lauraw is using a garden euphamism for her breasts.

  85. Moose’s little exploration yesterday really fubared what would have been a perfect day. I got SO much done … and I was going to run to the grocery store to get Hannah some food, then drive down to Detroit and take her and her boyfriend out to dinner.

    That little shit. He was in the empty 20 acres … doing who knows what, then came out on Hunter’s creek when some cars saw him and stopped. He was picked up pretty fast … luckily he was such a muddy mess they took him to the pound instead of keeping him.

  86. I could be filling everyone in with the skinny on Hannah’s boyfriend today. I know no one but MJ cares, but I was really looking forward to it.

  87. I can’t believe Lauraw is using a garden euphamism for her breasts.

    ha ha haaaa

  88. Paula is gritting her teeth and trying to leave this afternoon

    Putting thigh high compression stockings on was painful but her doctor wants them on and she did it

  89. Is he proposing, Carin?

  90. I haven’t even met him – lol, so probably not yet. She’s really happy and I’ve never known her to be so anxiety-free.

    We are supposed to run the turkey trot together, so maybe he’ll do it then? J/k. He’s only a JR in college, and she’s a sophomore. I’m happy that she’s serious about her relationship, though.

  91. Ethan just took those off the other day – I don’t know how long he was supposed to wear them, but I assume it’s ok now.

  92. That’s what I asked her (duration). No idea either

  93. Isn’t turkey trot what happens when you eat the week old turkey?

  94. I’ve grown to enjoy Lapeer Creek as well. Since Riverdale seems to suck this season, LP is my only entertainment.

  95. We’re in mid-season slump. An introduction of new characters is just the shot in the arm this series needs.

    Dinner is rescheduled to next week. 8:30 EST, but check your local listings.

  96. I can’t believe Lauraw is using a garden euphamism for her breasts

    Of course! I mean…wait…did you think I actually garden?

  97. My garden mounds are disappointing.

  98. As long as they are perky, they’re fine.

  99. If any of you still harbor feelings that Leon Panetta is a good guy, you’re wrong.

    He’s a tool and he enjoys being used.

  100. You know what? I can’t remember ever asking a friend to drop all of their plans NOW and come do a day of heavy hard work under time pressure for me. The reason I can’t remember is because it has never happened. But I’ve sure gone and helped others at those times. Other people seem to think that massive impositions like this are what friendship is for.

    When you own a moving van, the panicky eleventh-hour “drop everything in your life, I have to be out tomorrow, come rescue me and move my shit” fucking phone call gets old, like, ten years ago. I said no, and I don’t feel like a shitty friend. You had since July to get most of this shit done, and you pull this crap on me at 1 PM on my day off, on the last day before you move??

    Jiminy Crickets!!!

    The last person we rescued from burning disaster on the last possible fucking moving day was my sister, and she will remain the last person we rescued.

    Just a warning to all you muppetfuckers.

  101. But you’d do it for me, right?

  102. NO!!

    *stamps foot*

    *runs into bedroom, crying*

    *slams door*

  103. *knocks on door gently

    “Just this once”

    *plays QOTSA to put Lauraw in a good mood

  104. *sends lauraw a picture of my well-stocked liquor cabinet

  105. *fluff’s up Moose’s hair and cues him to give “puppy dog eyes”

  106. Today has been a complete waste. NOw I go to work in a bit.

  107. I’m sore all over from zumba, so I took today off. Between getting Moose this morning and fixing his collar. And now trying to sweet talk Lauraw into ‘dropping all of her plans NOW and come do a day of heavy hard work under time pressure ” … that’s the day.

  108. Hah. You poor thing. I got a little light gardening done today, that’s it. We’re going shopping in a little bit and then I still have to pick & preserve beans, clean the bathroom, and do some online coursework.

    Some of that stuff I might do tomorrow. We’ll see. Maybe all of it.

  109. I did get to love on Moose a lot. Last night was really horrible when he was missing. BUT, I will say facebook is really awesome for that- I basically had half of Lapeer looking out for him. The woman who found him found MY number from one of the “lost dog” pages – I put him up on everything I could. WHile I was waiting for in the woods to see if I hear anything, I’d check the sites.

  110. There’s one site “Love of Louie” that’s JUSt missing dogs and cats. It’s pretty cool.

  111. Very important update to this poat.

  112. Heh. That update pic was the same one I sent in back when the pet thread was brand new. I think it was featured in tye early days? That thread wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for me, dammit…

  113. I got a bunch of code written, but I know I lack the fortitude at this moment to debug it, so I’m going to test it in the morning.


  115. Nice job, Pupper. Rosie would have been proud of you.

    and by “proud”, I mean he would have burned his entire collection of Kerry Marie pron and replaced it all with this beast’s.


  116. …wow. Good thing I got other help to move tomorrow…

  117. I like the addition of Hahhah and her boyfriend. In order to keep the show current the boyfriend is going to have to be a girl that identifies as a boy but is not a lesbian.

    Neither is Hannah for the record, but this will allow us to debate that your sex and gender are BOTH fluid.

    Oh, and side note, we’re killing of Squeakhole. I know we decided that he should move away, but given his amazingly giant pussy beta status I think we should just torch him already.

    Death scene? What’s the wimpiest way to buy the farm?

  118. Falls and impales himself on his knitting needles.

  119. Autoerotic asphyxiation. In an “I’m with Her” t-shirt.

  120. Pantyhose suffocation.

  121. Trampled at Women’s march.

  122. Pegging accident.

  123. Poisoned clove cigarette.

  124. Murdered by a tranny hooker. Beaten to death with a stiletto.

  125. Toxic shock syndrome.

  126. Thrown from the back of a scooter.

  127. Knocks jack from under car while chasing his kitty.

  128. Bulimia.

  129. Moose rolls over on him in his sleep.

  130. Crushed by male cheerleaders when Troy, the hot guy, walks by and everyone loses their concentration while attempting a pyramid.

  131. Bulimia. Hahahahahahaha.

  132. Chokes to death on a gummy bear.

  133. Axe body spray poisoning.

  134. Hideous chest-shaving accident.

  135. Eats a five pounds bag of gummy bears, only to discover that they are sugar-free.

  136. Infected butt implants.

  137. Pedicure infection.

  138. Bad clams

  139. Someone brought a knife to a slapfight.

  140. Trampled to death by a horse-drawn cart in Frankenmuth while at a PETA event.

  141. Chokes while trying to find out how many vegan hot dogs fit in his mouth.

  142. Killed by an angry goose during Earth Day park cleanup.

  143. Hopper attack

  144. Stops to straighten the line on the back of his nylons, gets run over by a bus.

  145. Toxic Chinese eyeliner.

  146. Catches the bouquet and gets shanked to death in the parking lot after the reception.

  147. Orders a Cabana Boy Rum Sunset, chokes on the garnish.

  148. Beaten to death a Lilith Fair.

  149. Hides out in the wrong cornfield.

  150. Previously unknown felt allergy, tragically discovered when trying on his pink tiger costume for an upcoming Furry-con

  151. Exploding cappicino maker , first day on the job at starbucks

  152. dehydration and exhaustion after finding the latest copy of Playboy in his sister’s room

  153. I think you mean Playgirl

  154. mysterious bikini-line waxing mishap

  155. I think you mean Playgirl

    I knew what I was saying….

  156. *that moment when you realize that Hef actually had some tiny shred of taste and class, and now even that is dead*

  157. Jesus.

  158. Jesus.


    I’m kind of shocked that no else here was aware of that……

  159. First of all, I was stunned to find out that Playboy is still being published.

    Second, I was not aware that the publishers of Playboy were upset by that and are now actively trying to snuff any tiny little remaining spark of life out of it.

  160. Your pumpkin sucks

  161. I saw that the other day. It struck me that Hef’s kids were just waiting for his death to push this little surprise. They probably had everything set up for months.

  162. They probably had everything set up for months.

    Without a doubt These things take months to make happen.

    Hell, it’s probably what killed him.

  163. Hit by a pitch at softball practice.

  164. I knew, Wiserbud, I just wanted to share the reaction I had when I first heard of it.

  165. I knew, Wiserbud, I just wanted to share the reaction I had when I first heard of it.

    I wanted to talk about that so badly this week, butt just never had the time. Crazy busy week this week.

  166. Hit by a pitch at softball practice.

    fuck off, muppetpacker

  167. Wiser, they gave him some bad news about the new “girlfriend” that they’d brought to the Mansion.

  168. Dickhead was killed by flesh-eating bacteria when he accepted an offer to visit the playboy mansion and accidentally dipped his toes in the grotto.

  169. Some animals, when threatened, will try to make themselves look bigger by arching their backs or raising their hackles. Other animals will just shit all over the fucking place to make themselves seem unpalatable to whatever it is they perceive as a threat. I bring this up because we found out today at the vet’s office which kind of animal Riley is.

    (Hint: He didn’t look any bigger.)

  170. Wiser, they gave him some bad news about the new “girlfriend” that they’d brought to the Mansion.

    That would make an awesome Columbo episode….

  171. (Hint: He didn’t look any bigger.)



    I mean…

    awwwwww, poor pooch……


    Oh damn. I read the above article. Now where can I find a doctor within next 4 hours at this hour? Maybe I should just get a cup of pudding.

  173. I have wanted to believe all this time that Sessions was doing some amazing ninjitsu shit off camera. I never imagined all the stuff that came out in the last few days.

  174. Leon, I didn’t think that far ahead. I thought the feud between Trump and Sessions was for real. I silently cursed Trump, because I know what an absolute gem Sessions is.

    I know Trump’s impetuousness and knee-jerk-ness has an element of drama, but that doesn’t mean he is not impetuous and knee-jerky.

    But if what that link is speculating is correct, I am in awe.

  175. Eleven-dimensional chess, indeed.

  176. What if Trump really is that impetuous and knee-jerky and Sessions just wanted to fuck a lot of people who tried to torpedo his nomination right in the ass?

    I find this scenario somewhat more likely.

  177. Entirely possible, but I also buy the fake feud as a strong possibility.

  178. Got home around 2:30 after stopping by the pharmacy where we picked up a shit ton of Rx’s. True love is helping your woman on and off the toilet to pee. I’m hoping she’s able to maneuver better before the laxatives kick in. Whatever. You gotta do what you need to do. Or doo doo as that may be.

    Rowan jumped up to cuddle with her despite the fort of kitchen chairs we built around the recliner. I was in the kitchen making eggs for dinner when he did it and heard cries of pain. What a fur tool.

  179. I don’t think Trump is as dumb as a lot of his opponents paint him, but he doesn’t strike me as an especially patient or prudent man.

  180. Badminton accident……..chokes on a shuttlecock.

  181. As I was trolling Youtube to get my daily fix of Ben Shapiro, I came across this.
    More powerful than any other Ben Shapiro video ever:

  182. Sean, I know a lot of patient and prudent men. None have what it takes to ascend the most powerful throne ever devised – the American Presidency.

  183. Kitchen chairs…yeah, well it’s a worthy attempt. If Rowan is like my Dorkus was, he’ll crawl across broken glass to get to his special lady.

  184. I’ve pulled off gambits of that caliber in LARPs, and I’m not especially patient or prudent. I just made a point of having lots of them going at once. Only 1 in 5 worked, but I looked like a Machiavellian genius to the casual observer.

  185. It’s not supposed to be a throne.

  186. I find this scenario somewhat more likely.

    Me too. But, PDT has a penchant for faking out the left with seemingly petulant and bizarre statements and actions, only to be (grudgingly) semi-vindicated when the fact-checkers dig in to contradict.

  187. I loved setting people up in poker.

    Yeah, it doesn’t always work but it is so sweet when it does.

  188. Might just be happenstance. I enjoy it even if the perceived “slight of hand” is just an accident.

  189. It has been snowing for about 18 hours here in southern canada. If the ground was frozen I’d guess we would have about 20 inches.

  190. >>It’s not supposed to be a throne.

    No, it is not. But the chair behind the Resolute Desk is more powerful than any throne in history.

    You know what I meant…

  191. Pups, I saw the Indian themes BBF. It was awesome.
    I am touched and honored that you consider it a tribute to me.

  192. I knew what you meant, Tush, but our side is supposed to be the one who believes that the meanings of words matter.

    Plus, I’m a bit of a pedant, if you hadn’t noticed.

  193. It has been snowing for about 18 hours here in southern canada. If the ground was frozen I’d guess we would have about 20 inches.

    It’s still 80° here. And your mom will have about 20 inches regardless.

  194. >>It’s still 80° here.Fuck that. You live in desert.
    It touched 80° here a couple of days back here in Central NJ.


  196. Remember when Playboy wasn’t going to show boobs any more? That’s a real genius move…much like a trans centerfold.

  197. Roommate tomorrow.




  200. I hope your new roommate doesn’t sound like a herd of elephants doing zumba when you are trying to sleep.

  201. A herd of elephants doing Crossfit, though…

  202. No crossfit.

    We don’t allow that stuff in this house.

  203. Probably for the best. Keeps the riffraff out.

  204. We’ll probably have some good stories.

  205. Watching the Astros with my windows open for the first time since March. 55 is so much better than 110, and 4 runs to 1! Go Astros!

  206. It’s still 80° here. And your mom will have about 20 inches regardless.

    What, you’re going to do her 7 times? She’s on a schedule.

  207. You showed some admirable restraint in not going for the cheap and easy 10 times there, Puppeh. Good boy.

  208. Tushar posted a link to Ben Shapiro playing the theme from Schindler’s List on violin earlier.

    It reminded me of this:

    I was playing bass clarinet here and was barely able to get through her performance. That piece is so powerful, especially if you’ve seen the movie.

  209. UCSB will be paying for my nephews next two years of school. Beisbol been berry berry good to he. Heh

  210. Oso, he’s moving to Santa Barbara?! He’ll like it here. My afternoon walk three blocks to the gym is a parade of 9s and 10s, all 18-24.

  211. Yep. Baseball scholarship. He graduated from HS in Las Vegas. His prom pics were suffiently tarty. My niece is attending Loyola Marymount. Lots of selfies from the beach. I’m all 🎶let it be🎶 My baby Jesus loving sibling gets all righteous on the LV and SA prom pic “Whores”

  212. Eighties, by day we derp by night we dance, we do
    Eighties, I’m in love with the coming race
    Eighties, I’ve got the best, I’ll take all I can get
    Eighties, I’m living for the eighties

  213. How’s Paula, Jimbro?

  214. 🎶🎶 Hey, Hey Paula. I wanna marry you. 🎶🎶

  215. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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