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New hip day














  1. Good luck and speedy recovery to the missus, Jimbro.

  2. Nice collection of anti-vegan stuff here:

  3. Don’t forget this.

  4. Good Luck Mrs Jimbro.

    wakey wakey for the rest of you.

  5. Prayers for Paula. I do not envy her this day.

  6. She went in at 0800 which is a slight delay. Probably a combination of the brand new OR and equipment set up for a huge case. Spinal will take a bit the surgery.

    PG, her ass is a fraction of that size!

  7. Just gonna put this out there…things got a little emotional when I gave her a hug right before they wheeled her away.

  8. Jimbro, you can tell us you cried like a baby. We won’t judge

  9. Black plague outbreak in Madagascar has spread to the coast.

  10. Comment by Hotspur on October 25, 2017 9:05 pm
    I was going to buy your book, xbrad, but I went for the steering wheel desk instead.


    Hotspur made me LOL.

  11. XBrad’s writing is excellent, I just have limited interest in the subject matter or I’d have bought and read it by now.

  12. My favorite video by XbradTC is called, ‘Sox is especially fluffy here.’

  13. We won’t judge

    Oh, we’ll judge. We’ll just wait until she’s ok to start in on it.

  14. good luck to paula!

    Isn’t an autoclave kind of an electric pressure cooker?

  15. Good luck to Paula.

    Paula, you grab the doctor right by the balls, look him in the eye, wink, and say, “Now we’re not going to hurt one another, are we?”

  16. “During this period, I did pursue relationships with women that I worked with, including some junior to me,” Halperin said in a statement to CNN Wednesday night. “I now understand from these accounts that my behavior was inappropriate and caused others pain. For that, I am deeply sorry and I apologize. Under the circumstances, I’m going to take a step back from my day-to-day work while I properly deal with this situation.”

    Fuck you, asshole. You’re only sorry you got outed.

    What is it with these fucking douchebags?

    “I now understand that my behavior was inappropriate…”?

    Why? Did you do this shit when you were twelve?

  17. An autoclave makes one hell of a “beef” stew

  18. In the current wave of sexual harassment claims the libs are not getting their usual professional courtesy and I love it.

  19. Good luck, Jimbro.

  20. We could have built her a new hip.

  21. I must have done something wrong in life. I’ve never been in a situation where I could effectively sexually harass anyone. At best they could have lied about me and wrecked my career and secured a place in management.

  22. Just got an update. They got started at 9, the socket is in and they’re starting on the femur. That’s the tricky part.

  23. I read somewhere that Halperin was a perv so I sincerely doubt people didn’t know.

    I can’t remember where it was, but he was described as a creepy/grabasser horndog that tried to use his relative fame to bang young, dumb chicks.

  24. Canadians of European origin are now only 56% of their total population after the millions of “refugees” they’ve taken in.

    We’re gonna need another Wall.

  25. sending good luck vibes thru the ether-sphere for mrs bro

  26. “We’re gonna need another Wall.”

    i’m not a big fan of michael savage but he has always harped on the fact that modern western liberalism is a mental disorder –

    he is correct.

    the modern proggy lib is hellbent on killing our culture and us with it

  27. Canada is committing suicide, and Our Betters are trying to do the same thing to us.

  28. Many years ago we had a secretary that would cut through my office to get to the main drafting room. My office connected to the front offices and the drafting room, so she would use my office as a short cut. I asked her several times to stop doing it. Then one time I took my 18″ architectural scale, and whacked her in the ass.

    I suppose today that would be considered sexual harassment. She did have a nice ass though.

  29. Leon, did you read about this asshole?

  30. We should invade Sarnia and see if Canada even notices.

  31. If you see any photographs at SANGB for the last 7 years or so, there’s a better-than-coinflip chance that my wife took them.

  32. We should invade Sarnia and see if Canada even notices.

    Canada can go fuck itself. I’m sick of their shit.

  33. Carin’s on the warpath.

  34. Is warpath racist?

  35. Jay,

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier, been a little crazier than usual around here.

    Regarding the Cards coaching changes: Hell yes!

    I love Oquendo and his absence is why our defense has sucked the last couple of years.

    I do have some qualms about how healthy he really is.

    When the club decided to keep him in Jupiter, FL, it was said that he was recovering from a motorcycle accident and wouldn’t be able to handle the travel of a major league schedule.

    A friend who has a friend who is the clubhouse janitor’s ‘side-piece’, said that there were some substance abuse issues involved. IF so, and a big if, I hope he has gotten the help he needed and is healthy.

    He will be a big league manager in the next 2 yrs, if he wants it.

  36. Mrs. Jimbro…a woman barely…well actually she’s quite alive.

    Gentlemen…we can rebuild her. We have the tools. We have the technology. And the check cleared.

    We can make her stronger…faster…better…well OK a bit, but it counts…

    Mrs. Jimbro IS
    THE $60,000 DOLLAR WO-

    (director yells “CUT!” and fires everyone involved)

  37. Evidently there is no difference between saying you can grab pussy, and actually grabbing pussy.

  38. If the bill is under $60,000 I’ll shit a cookie.

  39. Where would we be without scientists?

  40. Supposedly it’s in the $30-45k range without insurance. With insurance, it’s off to the races…

  41. Is warpath racist?

    I’ve been informed that white people wearing feathers* is racist, so probably.

    *Because white people never used bows, right? Or domesticated birds?

  42. Where would we be without scientists?

    Two thoughts:
    1) all the important science has been done
    b) at least they aren’t wasting money on CAGW “research”

  43. Where would we be without scientists?

    LauraW hardest hit.

  44. Car in, why do you hate pupster so?

  45. White people stole bows and bird domestication from the advanced ancient black civilizations of Africa.

  46. Jimbro, does it bother you that a team of men have spent time dislocating your woman’s hip this morning? 😂

  47. My Dr told me at my one year check up that it took four guys to pop my hip out of joint. I felt really violated. I wish I didn’t know.

  48. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 26, 2017 10:44 am

    If you see any photographs at SANGB for the last 7 years or so, there’s a better-than-coinflip chance that my wife took them.

    Have you encouraged her to start shooting “artistic nudes”?

  49. I’ve managed to misplace one of the skulls I made in class last weekend. It was the better of the two. Blegh.

  50. White people stole bows and bird domestication from the advanced ancient black civilizations of Africa.

    The same sources told me that we also robbed them of their ability to generate and throw lightning bolts at will. I’m thoroughly ashamed of my ancestors.

  51. As a side point, OregonMuse (from over at the mothership) apparently went through his shoulder surgery quite well, and will soon begin physical therapy. Must be Moron Rebuilding Week.

  52. She’s petite so I’m guessing it was a one man job

    Rumor has it they’re closing up. After I give her a hug in PACU I’m checking her leg lengths and nerve function (in her foot you pervs).

  53. When canada elected that loser PM, I decided I could give a fuck what they did.

  54. She’s petite so I’m guessing it was a one man job

    Usually one man is enough.

  55. Could or couldn’t?

  56. I could give a whole bag of dicks, Hotspur

  57. Surgeon gave me a text. He just broke scrub and he said it went great.


  58. cigars all around!

  59. From that Sarnia article.

    In 2009, Selfridge pilots began to fly the A-10 Thunderbolt, also known as the “Warthog” – a much noisier model than its F-16 successor, according to the Times Herald.

    Complete and utter horseshit.

  60. Very true, but j-school doesn’t encourage fact checking or research.

  61. Glad it went well, Jimbro!

    You should really try to come to a meat face sometime. I have the muddler and we’re targeting Spring of 18.

  62. The F16 was the successor to the A10?

    The fuck, over?

  63. heh, smart military blog ENGAGE!

    Give that mayor a quick brrrt from an A-10 to show him what the business end looks like, for comparison.

  64. Pretty sure an F16 is louder than an A10, isn’t it?

  65. I’ll keep working on Paula to attend a meatface with me. She’s mostly concerned about my association with what she and my younger boy call “the Big Boob Friday blog”

  66. Judging by this, we could have a new Hostage site to frequent:

  67. I’d try and tell you we’re mostly normal, but we all know that’s bullshit.

  68. Lovely

    What’s next? Bill Nye groped a six year old boy?

  69. GOPe called this morn, asking for $200, which would be “DOUBLE MATCHED!!!” by a big donor.
    I told the guy that, as far as I can tell, the establishment repubs, like McCain, McConnel, Moorcokeski, Collins, Corker, Flake, Graham, and Ryan, are doing everything they can to block Trumps agenda. See Obamacare, taxes, immigration, Mueller, etc…
    I support the president, so why the fuck would I give you money?
    He hung up…

  70. I detest Tyson, but I don’t buy it.

  71. Crashy McCrasherson is having an anniversary.

  72. Now, Leon, Hillary says we are to always take these accusations seriously.

  73. Yes, I believe all of her husband’s victims.

  74. I’ll keep working on Paula to attend a meatface with me. She’s mostly concerned about my association with what she and my younger boy call “the Big Boob Friday blog”

    Tell her you just read this blog for the articles.

    Hasn’t my facebook deal with Paula done ANYTHING to assuage her concern?

    Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea …

  75. It’s probably my fault, Car in. Your family banned me, after all.

  76. What does Jimbro’s wife have against boobs?

  77. Before this is over, if you’ve ever asked someone out romantically and been rejected… sexually harassed that person.

    This shit is fookin hilarious….the proponents of wanton sexuality are busily attacking each other over wanton sexuality….

    “Wait, Whut? I wasnt supposed to try to fuck everything? But I thought you said it was Ok?”

    Im waiting for the homo vs homo (saw a swipe at Ellen already)

  78. Comment by Car in on October 26, 2017 11:44 am
    When canada elected that loser PM, I decided I could give a fuck what they did.


    Simpatico, Carin. F Canada.

  79. Comment by Hotspur on October 26, 2017 2:10 pm
    Crashy McCrasherson is having an anniversary.


    hahahahah…He’s a jackass.

  80. That tweet by Ellen was pretty retarded, especially since she’d been bumping her gums abut harassment. Just another day in the life of a lefty hypocrite.

  81. Via stupid feminist perception, everyone, EVERYONE, has sexually harassed or been sexually harassed.

  82. What was Ellen’s tweet?

  83. probably my fault, Car in. Your family banned me, after all.

    Just my mom. She doesn’t count.

  84. What the hell did Jay do to get banned?

  85. The more Jimbro talks about his wife’s operation the more I appreciate the pics in this excellent post.

  86. It’s kinda neat to see the Left cannibalizing itself. I guess the accusers didn’t get the memo that it’s okay for Lefties to grope.

  87. Interesting, even lesbos are now targets of harassment…as they should be.

    If a man cannot be an overnight girl scout leader for obvious reasons, doesn’t it also make sense that a gay scout leader should not do overnighters with boy scouts?

    The link between homosexuality and pedophilia is getting a lot of play in the news lately.

    Hollywood, is there anything it won’t do?

  88. The link between homosexuality and pedophilia is getting a lot of play in the news lately.

    Leave MJ out of this.

  89. NONE, NONE of this Hollywood stuff as well as shinning a light on the systemic rot in our government would be as exposed if Hillary would have been elected.

    I think there is a providential element to Trump’s Presidency. As was Reagan’s.

    Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama…not so much.

  90. Never bring facts to a feelings fight, HS.

  91. I found $40 in the post office parking lot.

  92. What the hell did Jay do to get banned?

    He dared to tell my mom facts, etc.

    It was as if he didn’t care about her feelings at all.

  93. Trump 2020: F*ck Your Feelings, Now More Than Ever

  94. I wore that shirt the other day –

    I wasn’t (obviously) a big trump gal, but that shirt summed up my vote that day.

  95. Mine too. My expectations going in were just Hillary losing. All of the winning has just been a bonus.

  96. TRUMP 2020
    Because You Obviously Didn’t Get The Point The First Time

  97. CAVIL 2024
    Fine, You F***ing Idiots, I Do It Myself

  98. Excellent, Scott!

    Now you can tell a couple of long stories, gratis!

  99. Gout sucks.

  100. My baby does the hanky panky. . .

  101. Mare sexually harassed me.


  103. Are you guys just going to look the other way?

  104. Mare sexually harassed me.

  105. Thanks for coming forward, Chief.

  106. I have to look the other way. That’s where the SloMo monitor is.

  107. How’s the “old ball and chain”, Jimbro?


  109. Sending positive healing vibes to Mrs. Jimbro.

  110. She is doing great. I checked her leg lengths at the ankles and knees and they are dead on. Her left leg has been shorter for years and she walks on her left tip toe to compensate and has had a trendelenburg gait forever. Her nerves are all working properly after gaining the length. Even her hip contour looks improved. She was very happy about that. Her left hip has always been more prominent with an unusual contour. It now looks even with the other side.

    In a sign of how far total joint surgery has come she was out of bed crutch walking by late afternoon, using stairs and the car simulator for entry/exit of a vehicle.

    I have to pick up a couple of these for the shitter:
    Her hip can’t flex more than 90 degrees while she heals to keep the hip in socket while the soft tissues heal. On a related note she also wants me to grab some paint stirring sticks so we can tape a razor to them for shaving her legs. There was a no shaving rule for a week and she is a little more hairy than usual. Then ever actually.

  111. Leg and underarm hair don’t bother me. Never have. HotBride is a blond, so it’s almost invisible, but it doesn’t bother me on brunettes either.

  112. She may come home tomorrow which is remarkable. Back when I trained in the 90’s people stayed in at least 5 days and often went to a rehab hospital for a few weeks to get moving again.

  113. She has black hair and is a little self conscious about having visibly hairy legs or pits. The way I look at it is that I don’t shave my face every day, maybe 4 -5 times a week, and she’s more than welcome to let her freak flag fly. But she won’t

  114. She should move to Ann Arbor.

    Nowadays I shave on Mondays. It’s not like the old days, when I shaved every day, and wore a coat and tie. I probably haven’t worn a tie to work in fifteen years.

  115. Jimbro,
    Did they go in from the front, instead oft he 10 inch scar on the butt cheeks, like Anita has? I had heard there was a newer procedure with much less muscle damage and faster recovery than there was 15 years ago…

  116. “Mare sexually harassed me.”


  117. Oh, L H Oswald was trained by the CIA in 1957, for operations in Russia. Conservative Treehouse has the document…

  118. Yay Paula!! Kick ass.

  119. Evidently it was an “open secret”.

  120. I haven’t worn a tie since my wedding in 1998.

  121. She got the cut on the butt. For her situation she needed it for wide exposure. For the usual hip the anterior or anterolateral approach usually recovers quicker but at some point after surgery (can’t remember whether it’s 4 or 6 months or even a year) there’s no difference in function.

  122. Coat and tie were everyday garb for me from probably ‘67 until maybe ‘05 or so. But times have changed. My clients don’t expect it, and I don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks.

  123. I wore a tie up until 2006. I’ve worn one exactly once since then.

  124. I wore diapers in ’63.

  125. Used to wear ties all but 2 years of my school life until college. As a resident and fellow we wore them on clinic days. After I began practice I haven’t consistently worn a tie since ’98 I’m sure I have worn them for a few funerals along the way but my tie collection is down to just one UMass crest tie I got for a gift.

  126. I still have every tie I’ve ever owned. Skinny ones, fat ones, in between ones, paisley, flowers, etc., etc. I want my grandkids to un-sew them , and make a quilt. It will be a fucking blast.

    Actually, I should start it now.

  127. Mare didn’t sexually harass me. What am I doing wrong?

    I wear ties to weddings and very specific business meetings.

  128. i stopped wearing ties 10 + years ago –

    it was sporadic between the late 90’s till then.

    i rarely ever see anyone with a tie now a days

    i wore one to my uncle’s funeral a couple of months ago

  129. This girl is adorable and talented.

  130. Pupster – That was hilarious!

  131. You a weirdo who likes to wear a suit and tie. Nowadays I wear slacks and a golf shirt to work, and save the suit for client meetings.

  132. I’m a weirdo, not you. Stupid phone…

  133. Your mom is soup robot.

  134. my

  135. I pretty much dress like a refugee, but then I rarely leave my property. I wasn’t even born in ’63.

  136. MCPO, I saw this and thought DG should enter the contest.

    Don’t know if Carin’s Ethan or Jimbro’s kids are artists. Trying to remember who else has kids in K-12, but my brain shut down an hour ago.

  137. Speaking of space art Roamie…

  138. I’m old and no longer work. I wear a Levis’™ denim shirt and jeans every day. Easy to get dressed, no decisions to make.
    Works for me.
    I last wore a tie at my moms wake and a friends wedding…

  139. How are you doing health-wise, ChrisP?

  140. Heh, Pupster, that one made the rounds at work along with

  141. lil’ jammette had her last swim meet tonight
    took first in all her events –
    that talent is definitely from her mom – i’m lucky to make it to shore alive
    she uses swimming to condition for bball season – i hope it works – weird coaching at her school (and by weird i mean they suck)

  142. Pepe,
    Ultrasound tomorrow morning. Nothing by mouth after midnight, no-fat dinner tonight(really?), okay whiskey is no-fat., can’t take my meds with water in the morning?
    Hurt like hell and anticipate no diagnosis/resolution tomorrow morning…

  143. Good luck, please keep us updated.

  144. Three hour trauma here. Moose was missing. He’s at the pound- apparently . But, I walked /looked for him for 2 and a half hours – probably got poison ivy. Someone had picked him up pretty quickly.

  145. Moose was on the hunt.

    He caught the scent of douchebag: axe body spray and a V6 mustang.

  146. Axe body spray ran everybody off to H7.

  147. Drained emotionally, Randy panicked.

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