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  1. This post sums up my thoughts on basically everything.

    Bravo, retarded sir.

  2. *drums fingers

  3. Last I read was that Africa isn’t really the seat from which humanity spread, it was something closer to Syria/Northern Iraq. There were multiple, punctuated diasporas from that area, into Africa, Asia, and Europe. The earliest Europeans semi-speciated into Neanderthal in the areas around modern-day France and Germany, the earliest Asians semi-speciated into what we now know as the Denisovans. There were two distinct hybridization events as subsequent middle-eastern humans migrated into in Europe again and then again a few thousand years later, and one distinct hybridization event in Asia. Africans appear to have been added to steadily enough that there wasn’t really a semi-speciation, just a lot of local adaptation as they moved further south into Africa.
    The migration path that gives you Aboriginal Australians I know less about, iirc they are a mix of African and Asian migrants who came across what is now effectively a sunken/inundated continent in the area of modern Indonesia. North America appears to have had early European settlers first from across the Bering Strait who were later mostly supplanted by Asiatic migrants who spread down into central and South America prior to the end of the last glacial maximum (LGM). North America was basically all glaciers as far south as North Texas at the time, so it’s not surprising that most of the civilization in the Americas was well south of that.
    Thank you very much for the response. Can you please define ‘diaspora’ ‘Denisovians’ ‘hybridization’ ‘semi-speciation’ ‘last glacial maxim (LGM)’ and ‘south as North Texas’ ?


  4. This is why I love this blog:

    Leon’s comment:

    He has to be taken with a large grain of salt, but I’ve enjoyed Graham Hancock’s Underworld and Magicians of the Gods. He’s good when he’s citing scientists and historical maps, but his speculation can get pretty… speculative. I’m still looking for a more science-heavy writer on the topic, but the notion of a catastrophic end to what might have been an “advanced” (i.e. sea-faring and monument building) civilization prior to the end of the ice age is risky for an academic, even with the finds at Gobekli Tepe, and you end up surrounded by pyramid power crystal wavers fast if you lean in that direction.

    Jay’s comment:

    I have an electric pressure cooker, which I believe is the same thing.


    It’s completely unintended but those two comments together are so goddamn funny that two of the MJ household are currently shatting their pantaloons. From now on, whenever someone says something serious, I’m going to say:


  5. I agree with MJ.

    And something else you can take to the bank, leftism is a mental disorder. Period.

  6. wakey wakey

  7. Been up since 3.

    Baby hostage isn’t really the cause. Just the catalyst.

  8. I added a few pics to the POL tab but Car in has probably already seen them.

  9. There is actually hidden, secret content here??
    I KNEW y’all were a bunch of Russian spies!

  10. OFFS, would one of you good people give me a hint on the POL password?

  11. I’ll just email you some pictures, mare.

  12. Look for an email with the subject line:



  14. Instababy?

  15. You can look all of those up, pleb.

  16. Please define, pleb.

  17. Pleb: you.

  18. Diaspora is what teenagers do when the cops come to the cornfield.

  19. ” ‘hybridization’ ” is what the kids were doing in the kornfield

  20. good looking scion de la muppet mj

  21. That kid is adorable.

  22. Mornin’ All.

    Honestly, I don’t recommend cooking babies in crock pots. Too messy and they don’t render down well enough.

  23. For those of you who haven’t seen MJ’s baby…you’re losers.

  24. I still need the stupid POL password. CYN!!!

  25. Life imitates Iowahawk.

  26. If you can read this, the bitch fell off.

  27. Day 2 of my 21 day challenge.

    First meal 12:00pm.
    Arms and Abs
    Chicken casserole made with cauliflower rice (could be crap could be the answer to all questions asked in the universe).
    10,000 steps.
    insult a lefty for being spectacularly stupid.

    *all yesterday’s goals met

  28. Discuss your idiot ideas:


    Well, you make the rules, I’m just complying.

  29. Cauliflower rice works in curry, but it’s a stupid amount of work/cleanup IMO.

  30. I just bought the stuff in a bag, Leon. Frozen. Put it in a pan with a bit of oil to “cook” it. Then used it like I would have long grain and wild rice.

  31. There’s no insult quite as good as “I hope you die at Christmas dinner.”

    This was originally said by some chick whose name I can’t remember on some blog called The Superficial, that I used to hang out at back in the early 2000s. That was a wild group of people.

  32. Chicken casserole made with cauliflower rice ……
    10,000 steps


    That seems like a lot of steps to make a simple casserole. Also, cauliflower is awful.

  33. From CoAlex’s link

    “Hale, a tall woman with a breathy voice and a mop of curly red hair, had come to Wisconsin fresh off a silent Zen meditation retreat in California. She had spent her career building organizations and training activists to work for social change. Instinctively warm and curious, she easily struck up conversations with strangers and often ended interactions with hugs. ”

    How is this a career? And how do they get funding to spend $20 million on post election research?

  34. Soros, Tides Foundation, Ford Foundation, MacArthur grants…

  35. They’re corporate funded. They’ve been around for like 30 years.

  36. She may also have given out a few beejers to get the “job”.

  37. Beejers?

  38. Productive morning. Short break then back at it.

  39. I still have an electric pressure cooker.

  40. I’m not sure what that means, Hotspur, but I hear the young people talking about trading them for favors when one is of low moral character.

  41. My credit union won’t do construction loans as VA loans, so I either have to put 20% down and be cash-poor until this place sells or find a lender who will.

  42. Beejers = Oral Sex of the sword swallowing variety.

    It’s not like we’re trying to interpret OsoSpeak here.

  43. can’t do PMI on construction loans?

  44. I am shocked and repulsed now that the beejer meaning has been revealed to me.

    I stand by my comment about the Third Way whore, though.

  45. Even if they would, Jay, I wouldn’t bother. I can get a VA loan from someone or I can put the 20% down. The latter makes me a little nervous, but it’s survivable. It’s only for that gap period while we have 1+ houses.

  46. MJr. is adorable.
    I don’t remember if you mentioned it, MJ, but how much did your little muppet weigh at birth?

  47. I needed to put myself in a better mood than I have been TH last couple days, so I did what every man does – I went shopping.
    Just got back from Wal-Mart with a cheap Zebco baitcasting combo, a couple lures, a frog and some worms. I’m going fishing, dammit!

  48. Trouser trout?

  49. Bob Corker can eat a bag of dicks. So can SE Cupp.

  50. I haven’t heard the term Trouser Trout since I was twelve – thank you for that.
    Your mom likes my mullet, btw.

  51. He weighed 7.9 electric pressure cookers.

    He’s gaining weight fast, which is nice.

  52. 12 lbs, 56 ounces, and fitty-do cents.

  53. Has he had any fish sticks yet?

  54. I hope Chi kicks some fishes ass.

  55. What bait do you use to catch fish sticks?

  56. I think foreskins work best.

  57. That’s what MJ said, anyway.

  58. If you use fish sticks as bait, you’re certain to catch a few lot lizards. Maybe some trailer trash. Chicken nuggets work, too.

  59. What about a can of PBR?

  60. “What about a can of PBR?”

    You just caught my Mom…

  61. Huh. VA doesn’t require me to release the invasive snakehead South of the Potomac.

    Isn’t it normal everywhere for the State to require you to destroy any snakehead you catch? In fact, you can be fined for releasing the same fish you caught 10 seconds ago, right?

  62. Jeff Flakes will not run for reelection.

  63. Leon and CoAlex,

    Read the ‘Extinction Files’ books by A. G. Riddle.

    It’s sci-fi, but has a very well thought out theory on why we are here and the Neanderthals/denisovians/flourisians are not.

    Plus, it’s cheap on kindle.

  64. Good riddance. Fucking RINO.

  65. When I think of Flake and the senate I think of a pile of vomit on top of diarherria, you are already sickened and neaseated and yet you still have to clean up the mess.

  66. Wait, there’s neanderthals in Florida?

  67. Hey phat, do you like the new coaching changes in StL as much as I do? It’s been over 4 hours for me.

  68. I’m as much neanderthal as the average German.

  69. Has he had any fish sticks yet?
    Yes but nothing like the ghetto bar.

  70. What’s his favorite Scotch?

  71. Watching Flake and the other actors in the senate put on this play they think we want to watch makes me want to puke. They really don’t get it, we hate them, we hate them because they are so bad for this Country and the ultimate vote whore who has never delivered, except a plane to the vietcong, needs to go away. And by go away I mean DIAFDCD.


  72. What’s his favorite Scotch?

    Its a lesser known, but pretty high quality single malt. Gets angry when he drinks too much.

  73. DIAFDKD.

  74. Kwanzaa?

  75. LOL, Mare.

  76. Flake won’t rule out a run in 2020.


    Who does he think his base will be? He’s not lefty enought…yet for the dems and Trump supporters/conservatives won’t touch the prick. He’s in a dream world like Kasich.

  77. Did we have the foreskin debate with MJ’s muppet? that would be fun.

    /ducks for cover

  78. We have Oban at Sam’s Club. Premium Spirit lockup. In the MidWest Sam’s doesn’t lock up anything. My Mid West friends don’t lock their doors or garages. They don’t change their patio furniture!!!!!

  79. Mare, I saw that. Can’t win in AZ, but hey…2020 beyotches

  80. We don’t lock our doors.

  81. /plans trip to rob Hotspur’s house

  82. If my shit is going to get stolen, I’d prefer not to have to replace the jimmied door knob, or broken window.

  83. We don’t lick our doors.

  84. If my shit is going to get stolen…

    You mean by a turd burglar?

  85. Chain not change. Oops. Theft is a way of life in the Southwest. I blame Jean ValJean

  86. We don’t lock our doors either, if someone comes in, think of all the money I could save on dog food!

  87. WTFIWWYP? We lock everything! Charlie Bars, window locks, steel doors…I even have a re-enforced safe-room/closet.

  88. Why is there a picture of my rice cooker up at the top?

  89. I can’t guarantee the doors haven’t been licked though. Any burglar would probably be OK if he brought hot dogs, or was very, very quiet.


  90. Instant Pot even has cookbooks at the Club.

  91. I lock the doors so they’ll make noise breaking in. I want time to plan which weapon to kill them with.

  92. Comment by osoloco11 on October 24, 2017 7:28 pm

    Theft is a way of life in the Southwest.

    No shit, lowlifes will take anything that’s not tied down in NM. A few years ago there was a group going around and cleaning out hunting camps. They’d wait until the hunters left in the morning, then go in and steal everything.

  93. Pepe, my uncle is an AUSA. The first case he lost was a guy stealing picnic tables from National Parks. New Mexican juries are considerate. Theft is ok in NM.

  94. A 12ga Ithaca pump lays loaded under my side of the bed. Chamber is empty because the sound of racking a pump will make a seasoned burglar crap his pants.

  95. “Bravo, retarded sir.”

    so – Domo arigato Mr. Muppetto –

    i am humbled by your praise

    i actually am chuckling now as i type this –

    thanks dude

  96. We have graduated response. No castle doctrine.

  97. Knee surgery complete. Unfortunately, the surgeon did NOT put oxycontin on the list of drugs I could be given (I kind of freaked out last year when he mentioned it, but consented to its use in the hospital only).

    So now I am getting ready to call his office and start begging.

    Hope he doesn’t think that I am drug seeking……

  98. Good to hear TinFW. Good luck with the drugzzzzzz.

  99. And it’s loaded with five double aught buck shot shells. That’s 9 .33 cal. pellets.

    Big mess.

  100. Good luck, Teresa. Tell your doctor to do his fucking job. That should have been an automatic ‘scrip.

  101. NM juries:

    Atty: Will the fact that the defendant is your uncle influence your decision?

    Juror: Nope

    On the jury!!


  102. TiFW needs Oxy. 🙏🏻 for successful rehab

  103. Good luck with your recovery, Teresa!

  104. Okay, NM is a shithole. Give it back to the Messicans. Two fewer democrat senators and a few less representatives.

  105. T – prayers for a quick recovery!!!

  106. Why do we have to look at Joe Buck’s punchable mug in the World Series?

  107. Pepe neither Dan nor I have ever been called for jury duty at any level. I’ve worked with multiple illegals that have served on juries. Retarded D-rats (BIRM) that have served on multiple juries. Dan and I 30+ years of crickets.

  108. Fox

  109. I want to punch Bcoch, Roamy, and random Hostage for Smoltz.

  110. mmm sloppy joes

  111. didn’t know you were a braves fan, oso

  112. haha, it’s 103 for a world series game

  113. Did Sean’s job AC ever get fixed? Really H8 for him to be sweating it out in Cali.

  114. “Smoltz.”
    sounds like an opportunistic infection of the foreskin

  115. This guy has the weirdest fucking windup.

  116. doyer fans aren’t late today

  117. the stutter step, yep HS

  118. Kershaw is glad he didn’t have to lose to the Cardinals this year.

  119. Well Houston has our former ace, Verlander. So at least we have that going for us.

  120. Larry King is sitting in the first row directly behind the plate. That’s not where I would want to watch from.

  121. Bregman’s dad is an ambulance chaser.

  122. he’s always in that seat. With one of his sister wives.

  123. I’ll bet HS is a big Puig fan.

  124. Upton Verlander nekkid pics were hacked. I totes understand Verlander. Totes. Katerday was meh in comparison.

  125. Oso, go punch whoever that was singing butchering the national anthem. Ugh.

  126. Commie Arbor passed an ordinance that bars have to turn on close captioning. Nobody does it. If I’m a cop, I’m like fuck you. You want me to go in there and write them up for this jackassery? Not happening.

  127. Hahaha Roamy!!!

  128. Bleeding gums Murphy!!!

  129. HS, most bars here have to play music and aren’t allowed to play game time audio

  130. WTF? You can’t hear the game in a bar??

  131. most bars here have to play music and aren’t allowed to play game time audio


    Pet peeve of mine. Sports bar, 99 thousand TV’s showing every game imaginable, I have to listen to whatever the 10 year old girl recognized on the jukebox, or Rodrigo in the kitchen’s mix tape.

  132. I have always preferred no audio. I have no interest in what these stuttering clusterfucks have to say. I can count balls, strikes, and outs on my own, thank you.

  133. ” I can count balls”

    Whatever floats your boat.

  134. Laura, you can hear it if they turn the sound on. (One bar I go to never does, and I like it that way.) But by ordinance you have to turn the captions on.
    I mean, how many deafs go to a bar to watch a game? And if they’re too stupid to keep score, they should be required stay home.

  135. Lauraw, yep.

  136. I love reading close captioning at bars.

  137. No scrolling braille?

    Michigan hates blind people!

  138. We were trying to watch Bama/LSU a few years ago. In Roswell. None of the chains would turn on audio. Local restaurant owner invited us to the bar in his restaurant. 30 plus. All TVs on our game. Stayed open past hours just for us.

  139. https://is.gd/RaDlUC

  140. We definitely hate blind people. We won’t give them driver’s licenses. Ann Arbor wants to change that.

  141. So the deaf people can see the game but the blind people can’t hear it?

    That’s not right.

  142. My MIL once asked Dan why so many blind people rode buses?

  143. She had just completed Braille training. Worked at the library at UNM as a tutor.

  144. She was buried today. Ladies Guild and Altar Society. It was actually pretty moving all the Q tips coming forward and placing flowers at the altar.

  145. I was fine until The Beatitudes. Really? Like I’m not going to GLAR at the Peacemakers.

  146. Benson died. sadness

  147. Soap Benson was better than Benson. Discuss

  148. Condolences to Dan, Oso.

  149. I assume you’re going to be socially purging your SIL?

  150. Lauraw, yep. Just a few more legal dealios. I was barely civil to my niece and nephews.

  151. Feel better soon, TiFW.

  152. Aw, well, that’s too bad, but hopefully she learns someday how not to be toxic/useless.

    We’re having a noisy overnight storm. Toddling off to bed now, hope I can get some good rest.

    Have a good one.

  153. My MiL loved her grandkids and her daughter. My FIL knew things. Whatever. Not a single grandchild visited her. I just want to settle all the legal 💩 and say goodbye. Looks like we’re taking on Dan’s psycho aunt.

  154. I saw Dan’s Psycho Aunt open for The Shins at The Pit in 07.

  155. We call her Wacky Jackie for a reason!

  156. It is really very sad. Dan has agreed to call and represent.

  157. Pepe knows. Dan’s Aunt and his two cousins were victims to the Snow Heights Rapist. Address released before families informed. My FIL put ironworks on windows the next day

  158. We have lived in a fortress our whole marriage.

  159. How can you not visit your sick grandma? gah

  160. Did Sean go to the game? Epic beards all over the place!

  161. Laura lived here for about 5 years before she got a key.

    I never locked doors.

    She has a different philosophy.

  162. This game is flying.

  163. You people don’t live around Messicans. We steal everything

  164. Comment by osoloco11 on October 24, 2017 8:02 pm
    TiFW needs Oxy. 🙏🏻 for successful rehab

    Turns out I DID get prescribed Oxy; they just use the generic name(s) for it.

    Still didn’t do shit.

    I have had 4 c-sections, a D&C, a tonsillectomy, a gall bladder removed, a diverticular abscess removed (with a two month hospital stay), a colostomy, an ileostomy, a reversal of said ileostomy, a left knee replacement, a panniculectomy / brachioplasty / breast lift (all 3 on the same day), and a left knee revision.

    Starting with the diverticular abscess, the last 9 surgeries were all done in a 2-year span from October, 2015 to now. In every instance, the medical staff marvelled at how quickly I was up and moving around, and how little pain I seemed to be in.

    I guess this surgery is making up for it.

    I caved and called my eldest to come down and help out at home during the day…..

  165. mom has been taking her pain medicine too, after her knee replacement. She’s got a really high pain tolerance too, went a year long before getting her knee done.

  166. Well, now we know why I am in so much pain from this knee surgery.

    I have always suspected that one leg is (very) slightly longer than the other one. The surgeon had to do 2 medial muscle releases (L2 and L4) – which are both very close to the adductor nerve – during the surgery.


    He also had to release a lateral muscle below the knee when he was closing up (that’s the part that REALLY hurts….).

    Every muscle on the outer side of my right leg – from the lower part of the pelvis to the upper outer part of the knee, and the back “meaty” part of my calf – is on fire.

    But at least we know the reason 😛. And now we know that I will need to concentrate on muscle relaxants to ease the pain.

    Rehab and recovery is going to be a bitch this time….

  167. This time

  168. My MiL loved her grandkids and her daughter. My FIL knew things. Whatever. Not a single grandchild visited her. I just want to settle all the legal 💩 and say goodbye. Looks like we’re taking on Dan’s psycho aunt.

    I’ll admit that it’s been years since I last saw my grandparents. They live in Oregon, and I don’t. It’s hard to find time to travel. I still try to call. Dad seemed only to see Grandma and Grandpa the minimum amount necessary to be the good son. There were a lot of issues on that side of the family. Aunt got to take a trip to Europe after high school. Financed by dad’s college fund.

    My maternal grandma is in the early stages of dementia. I need to be better about calling her and grandpa. I called yesterday for her birthday.

  169. I can’t stop crying can’t you see
    Here I’m pleadin’ on my knees
    I’m on my knees
    Won’t you derp me, derp me please

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