MMM 296: Picking up sticks

As we prepare for winter here, I’m trying to prune back and tidy up as much of the landscape as I can.  I’ve still got those two big pine trunks (dead and fallen 3 years ago now) laying in a nearly-dry pond.  My hope is to surround them with enough fuel to burn them down almost completely in place, because they’re too heavy to move without cutting them down to logs or chaining them to my truck.  They are a little over a foot in diameter at the base, and I can’t get them positioned well for bucking with the chainsaw, so I’ve had to resort to using my axe.  Excellent workout, but tough on the hands.  And before someone says “gloves”, that’s a great way to lose your grip on an axe, at least if you’re me and almost no glove fits as the word would imply.  Anyhow, now it’s supposed to rain most of the week, so it may not even be dry enough again to light up until November.  Yay.

Use a spotter.


Possibly a belt if your core can’t hold it.


The kid jailed in the background makes this photo extra good.


How’d this get in there?


Word tattoos are silly, but at least it’s probably in a language she speaks.


Good color composition here.


I should work on these.


The big rock on her hand says she’s taken.


C’mon, lady, move.  I’m waiting to grab the 90s.


Real scorpion pose, fake hair color.


And with that, we begin another fantastic week.


  1. Best post this week.

  2. Help with the point of these posts, again?

    Is it to motivate our workout routines or are you just attracted to fit chicks? Or both?

    Also, can you please explain how Asians, crackers, and blacks look different but are evolved from the same Africans? I remember it had something to do with Neanderthals which sort of explains French people.


    And lastly, why are people so dumb?

  3. What’s with all the questions today?

  4. I want to look like the gal that’s taken. I also want to live in a huge house on the beach in Hawaii. But I can work to my own attainable goals. Also, I got on the scale today and it’s official I gained back 5 pounds of the 18 I lost. So, I’m starting to get serious again today and by the end of November I should be down to my next weight goal.

    See, MJ, Leon’s post “helped” motivate me. Although pics of fatties might be even more helpful.

    Goals for today:

    Fasting until 2. HIIT workout right now. Too windy for a bike ride but I’m wearing my TOM TOM and will hit 10,000 steps (at least) today.

    Ribeye and asparagus for dinner. No wine until next goal weight.

  5. Also, COCK!

  6. Also, can you please explain how Asians, crackers, and blacks look different but are evolved from the same Africans? I remember it had something to do with Neanderthals which sort of explains French people.

    Well, thousands of years ago, before the earliest Mediterranean or Middle Eastern civilizations, there was a hyper-advanced African civilization with flying cars and holodecks and shit. There lived a black scientist, Yakub, who wanted to destroy it all. So he moved with his followers to the island of Patmos and began genetic experiments…

  7. Wakey wakey

  8. Today is squats and overhead presses at the gym, along with some cardio on the treadmill.

  9. Today is find a new gym day.

  10. I think I’m going with the Murph again today. Mile run 100 pullups (scaled as needed), 200 pushups (not scaled, because I’m not a total pussy), 300 airsquats, and another mile run. for time.

    I’m gonna keep doing this on Modays until moral improves.

  11. huh. Weird.

  12. Is it to motivate our workout routines or are you just attracted to fit chicks? Or both?


    Also, can you please explain how Asians, crackers, and blacks look different but are evolved from the same Africans? I remember it had something to do with Neanderthals which sort of explains French people.

    Last I read was that Africa isn’t really the seat from which humanity spread, it was something closer to Syria/Northern Iraq. There were multiple, punctuated diasporas from that area, into Africa, Asia, and Europe. The earliest Europeans semi-speciated into Neanderthal in the areas around modern-day France and Germany, the earliest Asians semi-speciated into what we now know as the Denisovans. There were two distinct hybridization events as subsequent middle-eastern humans migrated into in Europe again and then again a few thousand years later, and one distinct hybridization event in Asia. Africans appear to have been added to steadily enough that there wasn’t really a semi-speciation, just a lot of local adaptation as they moved further south into Africa.

    The migration path that gives you Aboriginal Australians I know less about, iirc they are a mix of African and Asian migrants who came across what is now effectively a sunken/inundated continent in the area of modern Indonesia. North America appears to have had early European settlers first from across the Bering Strait who were later mostly supplanted by Asiatic migrants who spread down into central and South America prior to the end of the last glacial maximum (LGM). North America was basically all glaciers as far south as North Texas at the time, so it’s not surprising that most of the civilization in the Americas was well south of that.

  13. #KneelforDenisovans

  14. I strangled a hobo for this?

  15. The Flood/meltdown changed everything, starting in about 11600 BC. Evidence is mounting that in many places, it was not gradual. There’s a good chance that there was a comet or asteroid impact or series of impacts into the heart of the North American ice sheet, leading to an abrupt melt and deluge rather than a slow, easy rise in sea levels as it gradually receded.

  16. Leon, what are some good books that go over the history/theories?

  17. I like how Leon slips in one pic of a chick with curves and a bit of extra femininity.

  18. Anyone here have one of those instapot things?

  19. He has to be taken with a large grain of salt, but I’ve enjoyed Graham Hancock’s Underworld and Magicians of the Gods. He’s good when he’s citing scientists and historical maps, but his speculation can get pretty… speculative. I’m still looking for a more science-heavy writer on the topic, but the notion of a catastrophic end to what might have been an “advanced” (i.e. sea-faring and monument building) civilization prior to the end of the ice age is risky for an academic, even with the finds at Gobekli Tepe, and you end up surrounded by pyramid power crystal wavers fast if you lean in that direction.

  20. I have an electric pressure cooker, which I believe is the same thing. It’s easier to use my stovetop pressure cooker, but the electric one starts and stops by itself. It’s ok, I just like cooling off the stovetop one in the sink with cold water, much faster. Electric one takes a while to depressurize.


    That’s the essential Catastrophist argument. Ice Age was ending in the normal way, gradual thaw, and then an impact causes a rapid melt, then a cooling, followed by subsequent resumption of the thaw, only now with glacial lakes held back by ice dams that can burst rather suddenly in some places, like the scablands in the Pacific NW.

  22. Instapot seems trendy. Buzzfeedy if that’s a thing.

    I imagine salvage liquidators selling Instapots for pennies on the dollar in a couple of years alongside dusty copies of “What Happened”

  23. hahahaha…Good one, Jimbro.

    “What Happened” can be used several ways and for several things. Like WTF happened to my ceiling when I used this pressure cooker?

  24. Everyone’s off reading about the Younger Dryass Era

  25. Not me, I’m busy being interrupted and distracted.

  26. The Younger Dryass was followed by the Middle-Aged Swampass Era.

  27. No. Haircut. Kitty litter and chicken food procurement (two separate stops).

    So … Erin wants to go on spring break in florida. hell to the fucking no.

    If she weren’t so … undependable, her friends make it worse. They literally have no idea.

    (she’s not a bad kid- on the relative scheme of things, she’s pretty good). BUT HELL NO.

    We told her she could plan a weekend deal camping or skiing in Michigan, but she was NOT going to florida for spring break.

    “But I’ll be 18!”

    Yea, we got a really good laugh from that.

  28. Spring break in Florida is something you do when you’re 21, not 18.

  29. I want to go on spring break too. Anywhere.

    Life sucks.

  30. Apparently there is a generation of young women who do not recall Greta Van Sustern’s breathless reporting on Natalie Holloway’s mysterious disappearance.

  31. “lady”.

  32. Heh, White Rose Coffeehouse Manager Says Officers Don’t Need To Be Humanized, Bans ‘Coffee With A Cop’

    the “heh” is because she’s the daughter of the owner, and the owner did not agree with daughter on her facedouche tirade. Not even daughter’s job was safe, then.

  33. I never went on a spring break to the beach when I was in either HS or college due to being an exceptionally poor farmer’s son. Also, the part of TX I grew up in is about 700 miles from the beach. So about 15 months into my marriage I let Mrs. Pendejo talk me into vacationing at South Padre Island during the spring break window so that we could do some fun shit that we’d missed out on as kids. I tried to explain to her that being married wiped out most of the reason you’d want to go to Padre during spring break but she persisted so we went. Her ultra-white body and face got sunburnt so bad she blistered on Day 1 and we went home.

  34. Natalie Holloway is the biggest reason she’s not going. MTV’s spring break coverage (that they used to do) is another.

    Nope. Nope. Nope.

  35. Looks like Hillary needs cupholders for her coffee cups, in her new rig

    Wonder what that jacket cost. Looks like Scarlet O’Hara made it out of some curtains she stole from a funeral home.

  36. Going to FLorida in the winter time is awesome. You do it with your family, or your friend’s family. NOT with a bunch of stupid young adults or teens.

  37. Looks like Hillary needs cupholders for her coffee cups, in her new rig

    Nah. Theyll just fill up a Camelback with gin and strap that on her hump.

  38. well PG, it’s better than her usual Chairman Mao drapes.

  39. “Looks like Hillary” changed her name to Timmy

  40. Who needs crutches for a fucking broken toe? Fake cunt, always working every angle.

  41. Did I tell you that Laura gave me her notice?

    Saturday was her last day.

    I’ll be all alone at the company christmas party.

  42. At least now you can sexually harass her without worrying she’ll report you to HR.

  43. She works a 12.5 hour day.

    Last week she worked Sat Sun Tues Wed.

    I scheduled her to work with me on Monday.
    It didn’t go over well.

  44. When does she find the time to make sammiches?!?

  45. Take that job and shove it, Scott. She ain’t working for you no more.

  46. ““Looks like Hillary” changed her name to Timmy”


    Maybe she’ll fall down a well.

  47. But Hotspur,

    She persisited…

  48. What Happened?™

  49. And another narrative all shot to Hell.

  50. She probably broke every bone in her foot. The things can’t be much stronger than matchsticks after the life she’s led.

  51. Did you have security take her badge and escort her to the parking lot. Her belongings will be mailed to her in two weeks.

  52. Usual deal for a broken toe is a bunion boot aka post-op shoe. It’s a rigid bottom shoe with crutches used while it’s still too sore to walk on. Wean crutches and shoe as tolerated (most people can’t stand the bunion boot and get back to a sneaker within a week or two). I’m guessing they don’t want to deal with the PR fallout of having Cankles taking another digger in public.

  53. Couldn’t match Laura’s wage demands?

  54. Nah. Mostly it was due to the risk of her getting injured..

    I had to hire a guy today and it was actually a nice change. He was about 240 lbs and strong as an ox.

    I made him do all the lifting.

  55. Laura tried to unionize the other employees.

  56. Nope. Nope. Nope.

    Send the big brothers on Spring Break with her, on her dime.

  57. All goals met today. Stormy right now. Chamomile tea with collagen in it.

  58. Gif:

    Mit Geräuschen:

  59. has a 21 day challenge if any of you are looking to downsize. It’s a simple keto plan. No alcohol. Meat, eggs, vegetables, etc.. Skip breakfast. 12pm-8pm eating window. I stop eating at 6:00-6:30.

  60. Gif:

    Mit Geräuschen:

    Whatever the male equivalent of ovulating is, I just did it. I want to help them both make more Germans.

  61. IK,R?

  62. The fact that Germany has a lack of children… German men should be ashamed.

  63. Back-to-back world war losses didn’t do a lot for their morale.

  64. We should go kick their asses now.

  65. Hello, good folks. Just here to let you know that I am not dead. Just too busy.


  67. Pretty sure Austria and Poland are gearing up to invade Germany next. Frankfurt is now majority non-German, so I can’t see how the invasion wouldn’t ultimately be for the best.

  68. Pretty sure Austria and Poland are gearing up to invade Germany next.

    Hitler’s Ghost: “I FUCKING KNEW IT!!!”

  69. I did a BBF in your honor a few weeks ago Tushar, sorry you missed it.

    I hope you are kicking ass for the bank you capitalist race traitor.

  70. Our brown man is back. Yay!!

  71. Hey Tushar, good to see you, even if it’s a drive by

  72. Hey Tush, if you see Chris Christie, kick him in the FUPA for me.

  73. Well, Chris Christie’s FUPA killed it.

  74. blerg

  75. We spent fall break in Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois. Suggest that one to your daughter, Carin.

    Which reminds me, I need to ask XBrad if I have keys to the new blogsite, because I can poat about the Strategic Air Command museum in Ashland.

  76. Leon?

  77. Check your Ymail, Roamy.

  78. Spring Break in NOLA was epic!!! College though. 18 drinking age. LA was still flipping the bird to FEDS. Drive through Daiquiri Shacks!!!

  79. Prayers would be appreciated tomorrow – I’m having my right knee replaced (thank goodness!). Then I get to be on the good drugs for awhile…….😊

  80. Prayers for the knee and the good drugs.

  81. Maybe you wonder where you are
    I don’t care
    Here is where derp is on our side
    Take you there, take you there

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