Get Your Costume ASAP

It’s still not too late to get a good costume for Halloween. Don’t wait till the last minute or you’ll end up going as Gumby again.

Beer belly + doll parts + super glue = Still going home alone


Anyone else smell fish?


Evergreen costume


Too many Slave Leia’s? Unpossible!


No comment (I was gonna say “tasteless” but thought the better of it)


MJ and MJunior in about 15 years


And, because it’s a Thursday, I give you THE GOD OF THUNDER !!!


Alright, you’ve been a great audience. I gotta go, just got a call from my bail bondsman, no applause, just throw money and panties (preferably not the cheap stuff that chafes awful)!


  1. Car in on October 19, 2017 at 4:25 am
    Wakey wakey.

    Just FORCED Ethan into the shower – ugh. DUDE, you got STAPH A last time … you’re scrubbing up as best you can before surgery. Seriously I’m arguing with you this morning?


    How’s everyone’s day going so far?

  2. Moved from last poat, because I’m still here by my lonesome

  3. Slept in this morning, now I am compressing my morning routine into half the time.

    *brushes teeth with coffee*

  4. good luck carin/ethan

  5. Today I contact the credit union about a construction loan. Might want to go with another lender if they don’t do them as VA loans.

  6. Thanks jam. He’s all prepped and should be in surgery now, but I don’t see his name yet up on the screen

  7. why are you getting a Virginia loan in Michigan? I thought you hated Virginia

  8. don’t they scrub Ethan before surgery?

  9. A common prep now is called ChloraPrep. Pretty sure it’s chlorhexidine with alcohol and an orange dye so the nurse knows where she’s been. Mechanical “scrubbing” has gone by the wayside. Every now and then I’ll prescrub with a scrub brush if it’s a dirty limb in an emergency situation or just a stink foot


  11. Waiting around for my elbow

    MAFAT = mandatory anesthesia fuck around time

  12. I’m sure, James, I just wanted to be extra cautious.

  13. Virginia doesn’t ask you to put any money down, Jay. Why do you think DC is so bad with money?

  14. Can you live blog the surgery? That would be cool.

  15. Well, well, well, fat, gross, loud mouth, Michael Moore has been accused of being creepy and disgusting to 4 underage girls.

  16. I don’t want it to be a true story, but I want it to be a true story.

  17. Sure MJ. Right now they’re …. I don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. He’s been prepped since 7, but his name JUst appeared on the screen as being in the OR.

  18. No news yet

  19. Michael Moore’s gaze falling upon thee is creepy and disgusting on its own, so it’s true either way.

  20. Leon, I kind of feel that way. He’s got the creepy leer and disheveled look like Weinstein. Birds of a feather…

  21. No news yet
    OMG this is so boring. Can you spice it up a little?

    After Ethan is able to walk again, do you think we can work on his story? I really think we can make something out of this kid. Does Erin have any friends that like him?

  22. Audience survey says no crutches, we need to see a rattan cane. It’s going to be a key prop in the latter part of the season when he accidentally goes to a CrossFet class.

  23. Good add. I like call backs. We’ll need a snappy comment about the rattan cane this season that we can flashback to when its appropriate.

    We’re going to have to start casting for his love interest soon. I hear Rose McGowan is DTF. We should call her.

  24. Mare🐴, where did you read about MM? I haven’t seen anything.

  25. Could we get Brigid Brannagh instead? She’s looking pretty milfy these days and we have a lot of audience crossover with Kindred: The Embraced according to our fan-fiction researcher.

  26. Ethan has a girlfriend. Been seeing her since April

  27. OMG this is so boring. Can you spice it up a little******

    Seriously. I’ve been here for almost 4 hours. He’s been back there prepped since 7, but I don’t know when they started. His name didn’t appear on the board until about8:30, which means I’m looking at 11 or so before they’re done

  28. Has she cooked a meal for him or done his laundry?

  29. Not yet.

  30. The Dorks

  31. There’s a really cute PA that works with Ethan’s doctor that I’d like to work into the script. Ethan has said he’d go gay for him (joking, I think) he’s that attractive. Nice dresser too.

    I hope I wasn’t drooling earlier. I wasn’t mentally prepared/ know he’d be here again.

  32. Hmmm. Hot male nurse. Great plot line.

    I think we should have some sort of conflict between the MILF and her son to win the love of this guy.

    I think we should make him gay but straight curious.

  33. I was really hoping I could introduce him to Hannah, but she’s pretty hard in love right now. I’ve never seen her so happy

  34. I like the straight curious angle. Well, I don’t like it but MJ knows what he’s talking about so let’s go with it.

  35. Surgical complications. Damage to cartilage. Where the hell Jimbro? Didn’t I put him on retainer for the day?

  36. Mare should make a cameo.

    Come in as the wise Aunt and dispense folksy common sense about growing up.

    Then we’ll learn she has a fatal diagnosis and she’ll slip away peacefully. Tears will be shed.

    She’ll win an Emmy for best guest appearance, comedy, teen drama, or animated puppet series.

  37. This shit is boring.

  38. Jimbro’s cutting off an elbow right now, I think.

  39. I’m about to start stress eating.

  40. Oh, and STFU Hotspur

  41. This shit is boring.
    You just want to be in the show.

    Sorry dude. We’re not writing Cheers.

  42. I’m about to start stress eating.

    Do some pullups. Grease the groove.

    I haven’t eaten since Tuesday. Get on my level.

  43. MJ, Hotspur is one of those who hates the incredibly deep and moving show we are trying to produce. Can’t a shitholedump blog like this do some good for the world?

  44. Can’t a shitholedump blog like this do some good for the world?
    I ask myself this question everyday. Then I pick a booger.

  45. I don’t want to be in the show. I AM the show.

  46. I haven’t eaten since Tuesday. Get on my level

    No thanks. I skipped dinner last night (just had a snack) so I’m starting to get hungry

  47. What the hell is this place now?
    It’s turning into a CSI:Lapeer spin-off.

  48. I don’t want to be in the show. I AM the show.
    You’d actually be great on a TV show.

    We should start a reality blog.

  49. We should start a reality blog.

    Yeah, Mare could make the sammiches.

  50. Good idea, MJ.

    I’m going to need you folks to spice up your lives.

  51. The ongoing turf war with my neighbor isn’t riveting?

  52. I would love a show where Hotspur says EXACTLY what he’s thinking and he gets to skype whomever he wants to say it to.

    Then after that Hotspur’s shows becomes a wine and dinner party faggotry show. Must have this in order to show his “soft” side.
    For those of you who will make a stupid remark (all of you) that is not referring to his weiner.

  53. I don’t eat bread, however, I am willing to make sammiches if one of you asslickers would keep my wine glass full.*

    *Just a splash I don’t drink as much as I use to since not wanting to be a fatass.

  54. When I met Mare I don’t recall looking at her ass, so I cannot confirm its fatness.

  55. Was reminded on twitter, The British surrendered at Yorktown on this day in 1781.

  56. Come in as the wise Aunt and dispense folksy common sense about growing up.

    Like Aunt Peg?

  57. Hotspur, since we met, I have lost 18 pounds but have probably put a few back on since.

  58. Actually I did look at your butt. It wasn’t fat. And I don’t see how you could have lost 18 lbs. Not that I don’t believe you, just that I don’t see where it could have come from.

  59. Mare loves Hotspur.

  60. OMG this is so boring. Can you spice it up a little

    *watches a Kodiak bear get wheeled into the OR*


  61. I would love a show where Hotspur says EXACTLY what he’s thinking and he gets to skype whomever he wants to say it to.
    Then after that Hotspur’s shows becomes a wine and dinner party faggotry show.
    I love this idea. We have our first spin off, people!

    I also think the Hotspur show should have a segment where he reads the script for Lapeer Creek at the ghetto bar and corrects the grammar. That would be funny as shit.

  62. *watches a Kodiak bear get wheeled into the OR*

    If he reverts back to manform, don’t bother continuing the efforts to resuscitate. That’s what happens when they die.

  63. In the spinoff Hotspur would move back to his hometown and dispense advice in the radio.

  64. In the spinoff Hotspur would move back to his hometown and dispense advice in the radio.


    Maybe we could get him to do it like that YouTube guy who drinks a whole bottle of wine before he starts.

  65. I’m not going back to my hometown. I left that shithole forty years ago. No turning back.

  66. I kind of wanted to start a vlog where I answered questions posed to other Q&A shows, sourced almost at random.

  67. Hostage Advice Hour.

    There’s no way it could go wrong.

  68. Just don’t cast me as myself. Nobody would go for that shit.

  69. Go away. You and your dad and your retarded brother can eat a bag of dicks.

  70. We need a constitutional amendment that prohibits any former president from speaking in public. The FOAD Amendment.

  71. Seconded.

  72. Thirded.

  73. Hey, dummy, Bush (yeah, I know, which one) we’re not wishing away anything. WE VOTED for a candidate who knows globalism is a rights and money give-a-way. And like us, puts America first.

    Hey, we had a nice run, I liked you until the “religion of peace” bullshit, now it’s time you went away while I deal with your TSA and other leftover piles of shit that do nothing but cost money.

  74. I’d support summary execution at the end of your elected term of office. Every level. Judges get 7 years in office.

  75. Elbow surgery came out great. Which is awesome since her dad is a 6’ 6” state trooper who looks like he could snap a felon’s neck with just his thumb and pinkie. I had to see patients after Carin. Sorry, check hasn’t cleared yet.

    Where was the cartilage damaged? Did he give you a grade? Did he talk about things like microfracture, abrasion chondroplasty, drilling or OATS either today or down the line?

  76. Let’s not put leon in charge of recruitment, ok?

  77. We need a constitutional amendment that prohibits any former president from speaking in public. The FOAD Amendment.
    This is the funniest and most yet most most necessary policy I’ve read on this blog.

  78. No mention of the JV team in the article.

    Fucking asshole.

  79. Okay fine, no public speaking is good, but I like the deterrence my idea brings.

  80. hahahahaha, FOAD Amendment.


  81. There seems to be no shortage of bricks just laying around in Iraq these days

  82. Jimmy, George, George Jr., and Barky, when we want any of your lip, we’ll pull Hillary’s cock out of your mouth.

  83. And you too, Bubba.

  84. Hillary Clinton November 9, 2016: How much cock does a woman have to suck to get elected president around here?

  85. George McGovern
    Michael Dukakis
    Hillary Clinton


  86. Oh, and

    Walter Mondale
    John McCain
    Mitt Romney
    Bob Dole


  87. And lest we not forget

    Al Gore
    John Kerry


  88. I think I just invented a new word – shitheap.

  89. No execution. However, every election the population gets to vote whether or not the outgoing elected officials are publicly whipped.

  90. Up it to scourging and we have a deal.

  91. Wow. This guy is really smart!

  92. I don’t think the loss of both pinky fingers is too much recompense for several years of public sector income and the trappings that go with. Factory workers make similar trades for much less.

  93. The major flaw in this concept is that it will cause a lot of people to vote for the person they most want to see flogged/maimed. This complicates things.

    I didn’t vote ‘for’ Trump, I voted against Hillary. Now, if voting for her would guarantee her a keelhauling, I really can’t fucking tell you how I would have cast my ballot. That’s a tweener, people.

    In the end, you still want people to vote for the least of two evils, not the greatest. I think. I don’t know. My goal for today is to have a beer and take a nap. Halfway there.

  94. This is what passes for wise decision making in Ann Arbor.

    I guaranfuckingtee you that every single council member who voted for this, is against building a wall at the border.

  95. This is what passes for wise decision making in Ann Arbor.

    Wait…. couldn’t someone use that (or another) ladder to get over the fence?

  96. The brilliant part is that they are only putting this ugly bullshit on the top floor. If you really want to jump, just go down to the fifth floor.

  97. Wait…. couldn’t someone use that (or another) ladder to get over the fence?

    Yeah, because chain link fence isn’t at all climbable.

    Stoopid stoopid fucks.

  98. I suggest the loser of the election gets scourged immediately on live TV, and upon the completion of their one and only term, the winner is banished from the mainland for life.

    Their choice of Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam……

  99. That is so stupid.

  100. Wiser, looking good! I didn’t watch the whole video but just happened to find out that someone has ALL of my information and has tried to open several charge card accounts in my name. They have my date of birth, SS#, address and phone number. Nice to see you in the flesh so to speak.

  101. Also, Hotspur, “shitheap” is excellent and appropriate.

    We really do have a lot of stupid douches as politicains.

  102. On the show Black Sails they showed a Keelhauling and man, it’s horrible. But I would agree that had HIllary been up for keelhauling if she won and served, I would have been very torn on my vote.

  103. Golden Gate suicide prevention fence…$200,000,000

    They are insane.

  104. Wiser, looking good!

    Thanks, Mare. Howard does my show all the time, and when I found out that he had his show, I guilted him into having me as a guest.

  105. Keelhauling was a death sentence.

  106. Jimbro- apparently the nurse who told me that was incorrect. He was merely fixing up the damage from the previous surgery – removing the “buttons” he called them. The surgery went fine. He used a piece of the hamstring.

  107. I think Alex’s “flog the outgoing?” ballot question has merit. More than my idea, anyhow.

  108. I’ve been tempted to try and get a ballot initiative here in California that says every quarter where the state runs a deficit, the legislature and the governor are publicly caned.

  109. Looks like Weinstein-gate is over. Not a single reference on Drudge today.

  110. Keelhauling was a death sentence.

    Stop trying to make the sale.

  111. That’s good news! Now begins the rehab phase

  112. Have there been many parking structure suicides?

  113. And which council member is a blood or marriage relative of the fence contractor?

  114. This is worth watching.

  115. There were a few suicides this year. Not sure the exact number, and one of the deaths might have been an accident.

  116. $200,000,000 is truly insane.

  117. When I was living in Mary Markley, a girl high on GHB went out one of the windows and died. Probably fell off the shade block on the outside of it. I think they welded the windows after that, but I don’t recall.

  118. “Empty barrels make the most noise.”

    Bingo, nailed that stupid cunt.

  119. I remember that incident at Mary Markley. I think they installed devices that only allowed the windows to open a certain amount.

  120. Hotspur, thanks for the link that video was excellent. Without saying her name he shredded her pathetic attemps at politicizing a difficult phone call.

    FFS what is wrong with people?

  121. I also loved how he worked in her little stunt at the dedication of the FBI building in Miami a few years ago. She’s a despicable narcissistic pile of dogshit in a fucking cowboy hat.

  122. Oh, my GOSH, I missed that it was the same bitch at the FBI building????

  123. Any of you low-carbers every have parmesan crisps? Cheese based crackers? Mrs. Pupster brought some home, something like this but with sesame seeds and some other binder, and they were damn delicious.

  124. Yeah, Miami is the bitch’s district. She was taking credit for the building at its dedication – a building named for two slain FBI agents.

  125. I’ve made cheese “crackers” a few times. Pretty good.

  126. It’s Thursday! No new thread?! Lazy bastages!


  128. LOL

    Kurt Schlichter is a funny mofo.

  129. We had two poats today. MJ did one that got a whopping four responses.

  130. New post, faggots.

    I accidentally posted in the past cuz I’m a sooper genius that doesn’t understand military time.

  131. We should bring that one back to the top in time to get stomped by BBF.

  132. Ah, perfect.

  133. *puts MJ’s poat back in time, again

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