Hello shooters and benchers, welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model was born May 18,1995 in Las Vegas, NV. 44K-24-40, 5’2″ and 130lbs, please cooperate and say hello to Miss Codi Vore!


  1. Fresh out of the trailer park

    Just the way Bill Clinton likes ‘em!

  2. another award winning poatation by TEH PUP!!!!!11!!1eleventy!!!1

  3. *awards Pup 13 of these*

  4. Kind of chilly this morning

  5. finally had to break out a jacket this week, was in the 40s

  6. *gorf*

  7. In case you were wondering:

  8. LEt’s go to war. LETS GO TO WAR.

    wakey wakey.

    I’m obsessed with this new album.

  9. Pupster – did I share this with you?

  10. I probably did. I’m obsessed with this performance.

  11. /cue everyone saying my music sucks.

    /to save everyone the trouble

  12. There is no way she can exercise with those.

  13. She could swim… slowly. But yes, tragic what’s happened to this poor girl.

  14. You think he’s going for the Jim Morrison look or is it happy coincidink?

    You didn’t share with me in particular CARin, but the musical selection popped up in YouTube when I was searching for something to insert in today’s post. I was going to go with this until she started “singing”:

  15. Oh my, people still sing about school being awful? Well, ‘sing’, anyhow.

    How quaint.

  16. “until she started “singing””

    the lullaby’s she sings to her kids must be interesting

  17. Oh my god, that is horrible. She sings like that the entire time? I kept waiting to see if she’d stop.

    She’s banging someone. That’s the only way she the “frontman” for a band.

  18. This is how women in metal should be (this is at the Machine Shop in Flint – where I saw that last concert):

  19. Second look at Leon’s farm stand:

  20. She sings like that the entire time?


    No idea. I think throat-singing death/black metal has it’s place, but I don’t see how anyone could listen to that for more than 30 seconds. There is a guy I work with that fronts a metal band, that is how he sings. He can get through about a 15 minute 5 song set then not talk for 2 days. It’s not my thing but whatever.

  21. I don’t mind if my metal does it for a bit here or there, but I don’t care for the cookie monster genre of music.

  22. I’ve been reading a bit about that, Pup. A lot of anecdote says low-dose psilocybin is great for mild to moderate depression. You don’t even have to trip on it, just a little here and there in food.

  23. Awful.

    And I haven’t even seen the post yet.

  24. the cookie monster genre of music

    LOL because it’s true.

  25. I wish I had come up with it, but alas …

  26. The heart wants what the heart wants.

  27. Today’s model hasn’t missed many meals in her lifetime.

  28. She deals with her father’s abandonment of his family through sex on camera and Hagen-Daaz. And she’s all out of sex on camera.

    Her favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor is Creamy Nut Juice.

  29. I just don’t think she’s gong to age well.

  30. i

  31. I’ve known women with tits smaller than this chick’s vulva.

  32. She’ll be a triple-hundo landwhale before she’s 35.

  33. Joe Scarborough is a c&nt.

  34. She’s in her 20’s and already hasn’t aged well.

  35. Anyone who would see anything in that vapid twat Mika is definitely a cunt. And anyone who wastes their time watching those two is beyond stupid.

  36. I’ve never seen the show but twitter says the c&nt switched parties which only an attention whore would do publicly.

  37. I’ve never seen the show, but I generally watch very little. I usually listen to music all day long. When the kids get home from school, they usually watch something stupid until I make them turn it off – more music while I make dinner. Maybe I sit down at 9 pm and try to find something, but that usually ends in frustration.

    I sometimes watch a bit on my spin bike, but that usually doesn’t have a happy ending either. Tv sucks.

  38. WTFITS?

  39. I can’t watch most anything now, I’ll have to keep wondering who they blew to get on camera.

  40. That was just supposed to be a regular link but whatever.

  41. WTFITS?

    Clickbait in a dying institution.

  42. So the c$nts of the NFL didn’t have the balls to show the National Anthem being played?

    Mr. Mare and I didn’t watch one second of pro football this weekend and surprisingly didn’t miss it.

  43. Im never watching, buying, or supporting the NFL again. I hope that it dissolves and all those oppressed guys can be free to compete in the job market just like everyone else.


    PS. This pretty much goes for all professional sports. They play a fucking game for a living.

  44. Trump is gutting Iran as we speak.

  45. I’ve never seen the show but twitter says the c&nt switched parties which only an attention whore would do publicly.

    Definitely an attention whore. We already knew he his party affiliation. Just like Songbird McCain.

  46. 130. Ha!

  47. Hey MJ – guinea_5 @ yahoo dot com

  48. Oso, regarding Target –“Situation treated as assault. By cops. Target was scrambling. Fired APE. Fired groper. Tagged me and other accuser.”

    Not surprised in the least. Target sucks.
    Once, some thief was trying to leave the store with the goods. Security tried to stop them. Guy threw punches. Security defended themselves. Security was fired. Told them they should have let the guy go. Okay…so why have any security?

  49. Security is there for the teenage girls shoplifting underwear, or the kids trying to take a video game. The fear is that if they take down a shoplifter who fights back, then the company will be sued.

  50. F**k Obama, Jarrett, Powers and Kerry for the POS, boondoggle, finger to Israel and Americans that was the Iran deal.


    Oh, I’ll free them all right, I’ll free ’em to go flip some burgers. At least until the burger flippers get replaced by robots. Then, fuck ’em.

  52. Hey MJ – guinea_5 @ yahoo dot com

  53. Sent

    Reply All:

  54. Heh.

  55. It hits me, the current arc of “consumer economics” doesn’t make a damn bit of sense. Money created by a central bank gets loaned out to companies who make things bought by people who it seems increasingly got that money from the government that it got from, er, central bank and taxes on the corporations who made things, and…well…it’s just one big masturbatory cycle. No creation. No real risk. Everyone pretending to ignore that money is either leaving the system or just spreading so thin it’s becoming meaningless.

    Now we all here know this is going to go splat in a messy and showy display, but the people conducting all this, what the hell is the end game? What do they have to replace it when it hits, or do they seriously believe they can keep it going forever?

    I used to think there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t “get” how the world works. Now I realize, it’s just all fucked, I’m fine.

  56. “do they seriously believe they can keep it going forever?”
    Not forever, just until they get a big enough piece. All politicians employ the “kick the can down the road” principle. See public employee pensions.

  57. The plan was always to tank the currency when the debt became unsustainable, from the moment the Fed was founded. That’s why we were on the gold standard when we needed to borrow from others, and dropped it after WW2 left us the only industrial power standing. The current greenback will be diluted to worthlessness when needed and then we’ll switch again.

    Pardon me, gotta go look up how to liquidate my 401k so I can buy more land.

  58. WTFITS?


    Fisked it a week ago.

  59. Can we get back to discussing CARin’s horrible taste in workout music and today’s models future back problems?

    Thanks in advance.

  60. Poor Scott. The floor sander he rented from HD is a POS. We’re going to be using a lot of elbow grease in the coming days.

    Also my house is full of fucking wood dust.

  61. Geoff, have you ever worked at Garfield Ridge??

  62. Garden is almost put to bed. Still picking beans and tomatoes. I’m kind of sick of both, tbh.

    Thursday I’ll pick the last of the beans and take the vines down. Do the same with the toms and pickle the deep greenies. I’ve never had pickled green tomatoes so this will be an earth-shattering new experience.

  63. Geoff at Garfield Ridge? That’s old.

  64. Fried Green Tomatoes. The secret’s in the sauce.

  65. Pups, your “Friday” link was exceptional. Holy cow. She’s got an amazing body.

  66. Gonna have to set up my porch for overwintering a variety of potted creatures soon.

  67. Just saw that on Twitter and it made me LOL.

    And it’s in keeping with BBF protocol.

  68. I just saw a monarch butterfly, about thirty feet up, flying like a bird due South.

    It’s that time of year.

  69. I just saw a bunch of cars, on the road up from the office, headed out of town.

    It’s that time of day.

  70. hmm, sounds like we might be able to buy the Weinstein company soon, for Newsweek type money.

  71. Heh, twitter hashtag #HillaryCollegeCourses is fun.

  72. MED 304 – Recovering From That Stroke You TOTALLY DIDN’T HAVE

  73. PolSci 410: The Electoral College and Why Ohio Matters

  74. Yeah, at this rate TWC will be a straight up fire sale.

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer monster.

  75. She’s got an amazing body.

    She is a porn star if you wish to investigate further, Mare. I’m sure Xbrad can help.


  76. Porn? Really?? Shoot. With a bod like that she could have married the smartest guy in class, he makes a fortune, she gets to stay home (beautiful home, vacations, nice cars, etc.,) with her children and be the mom she never had!

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  77. Daddy didn’t teach her that good men exist, Mare.

  78. I don’t recognize Friday. I’m gonna have to use my “phone a friend”.

  79. I know you’re right, Leon. I was just being whacky.

  80. Daddy probably wasn’t even there…

  81. Or he was there in ways a father never should be.

  82. Ugh. Given current threads on the mothership, that seems a theme.

  83. For every action…

  84. Breaking News…

  85. Friday……the only day I bother to read the poat. Today’s reading was painful.

  86. The problem isnt that Weinstein got caught coercing women for sex, its that THEY (the collective) got caught covering it up. It undermines their ability to pander to the women’s vote and influence.

    Need to hammer the TImes and NBC and all those who over the years “cutely” referred to the shit in their monologues, etc.

    Too fucking funny watching all these “nice” people that so thoroughly deserve it, having to eat shit and then smearing it on their friends.

  87. Geoff, have you ever worked at Garfield Ridge??

    Heh. I was actually thinking of that when I wrote the comment. Whatever happened to him?

  88. But in my defense, the article came out in the NYT on October 5. In blogging years, that’s antediluvian.

  89. Comment by mare on October 13, 2017 4:28 pm

    Pups, your “Friday” link was exceptional. Holy cow. She’s got an amazing body.
    This is true. I may have gotten stuck watching that for a minute or two.

  90. Who would have thought that the FBI would become so corrupt. So much for that Fidelity-Bravery-Integrity motto.

  91. Who would have thought that the FBI would become so corrupt.

    *raises hand*

  92. None of this government-out-of-control bullshit is going to stop until people start going to jail. This needs to happen asap. Get busy LauraW!


  94. If your pee be sweet you got the sugar diabetes

  95. My search for Friday was fruitless. Found the gif alright but didn’t want to click on the foreign websites where it was hosted.

  96. She looks familiar to me, but I don’t dare help you look.

  97. Hotspur must be having one of his lefty, cheese and wine parties.

    Although… my brother and his lovely wife had 3 of the best cheeses I’ve ever had and some great wine when we stayed there the night before we got home from WA. Also, fig spread (SYWM) and chutneys and cigars and champagne and hilarity. And two of the cutest blond Weiner puppies you’ve ever seen. Gus and Woody.


  99. Beasn,

    Woke up this morning and saw your puppy pics.

    Thanks for making my day better!

  100. I told my Dad about the mower throwing a rod.

    His slow, measured response: ‘Son, engines work better when you put oil in them.’

    Awesome trolling by the old man.

  101. ‘Puppy pics’ is my new favorite euphemism for boobs.

  102. Woody the weiner?


  103. Still digging this band. Hope they come through STL soon:

  104. Mare,

    Gus is the left boob and Woody is the right?

    I’m sure they’re magnificent, but we need pics.

  105. I pushed that sander around for almost 6 hours.

    I’ll never do that again.

  106. It sounded like QOTSA.

  107. So, I have someone designing a Halloween costume for me. He thinks I should go as a snowman. He’s seven, and his supplies consist thus far of printer paper, a ballpoint pen, and glue.


  108. You’re going to be so convincing!

  109. You will need more glue.

  110. Most West Coast people don’t understand that our big ‘snowstorms’ consist mainly of paper and glue.

  111. YOU SUCK

  112. Don’t mind him, he had a supremely shitty day.

  113. Okay, so the costume is finished.

  114. Nice pic of a snowman in Alaska. Please let us know how the costume turned out.

  115. g’night

  116. Goodnight, laura. I hope there’s not any unseasonably early paper and glue out in your garden in the morning.

  117. So … the thing sticking up from your head is what exactly?

    /not judging.

  118. It is a tophat.

  119. Of course it is.

    That or someone’s slapping some BBC on Sean’s face.

  120. Top hat? That’s what the kids are calling it now-a-days?

  121. The kid is seven. Let’s hope he has at least another three or so years of filth-free thinking.

  122. She said she loved my show in Paris
    At Elysee Montmartre
    And that I stepped off the derp
    And took a piece of her heart
    We knew from the start that
    Things fall apart, intentions shatter
    She like that shit don’t matter
    When I get home get at her

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