It’s A Boy!

Can’t believe the whole day has gone by without a post celebrating the yuge news of a new Hostage baby.



Then. Oops…THEN

Congratulations MJ and GND You guys must be walking on air now. Don’t hesitate with asking us for parenting advice. Between all the parents here there must be some advice that won’t mess your kid up too bad. I’m sure of it.

And now





  1. Apparently you can show milk filled human breasts on YouTube if your video is “Educational”

  2. Breasts full of milk are nutritional and educational… and off limits.

  3. ” and off limits”

    That’s not what your mom said.

  4. Breasts are a scam.

  5. Except for your mom’s.

  6. The booty is the true measure of a woman.

  7. “Birthing hips”.
    I haz ’em.

  8. Corruption in a Democratic stronghold, who da thunk it?

  9. Sorry, got off topic. Congratulations, MJ and GND!

  10. I thought about poating the baby’s arrival this morning, but I didn’t want it to happen on a Tuesday, because senseless reasons. Your mileage may surely vary and probably should.
    Thanks for putting it up, Jimbro.

    And welcome, Muppetboy!

  11. Muppetboy LOL We should probably come up with something else.

  12. It’s been nice having mj around. He seems like good people. I remember when peel and will hung out here. Then they had a baby and all of a sudden, poof. Same w morgenholtz and Rosetta.

    MJ. At least lurk occasionally.

  13. Like a dog returns to his vomit he’ll be back

  14. I have MJ’s digits. He can’t escape.

  15. He’ll definitely need to keep coming back for guidance. The others were smart enough to figure things out.

  16. Congratulations MJ and GND🎉🍾 Muppetboy? Feltbaby? Muppetbaby?

  17. MJunior.

  18. Seconded

  19. MJunior is awesome like Possum

  20. Aww, I like that.

  21. All in favor?

  22. Aye!

  23. booyah

  24. MJr.

  25. I like Muppetboy.

    Sounds like what Hotspur paid two bits to see in a carnival back in the 1800s…

  26. MJunior was born on a Monday, no worries.

  27. Monster (the race car) wasn’t really working out for Boy2, so today we picked him up another car, Audi A4. I paid for half and bought out his interest in Monster, now it is all mine. We took the Audi around the neighborhood for a while, I’ve been trying to teach him to drive a standard for years, first with the MR2, then Monster, now the A4. He just doesn’t have it yet, you develop a feel for it and it becomes second nature, unconscious. He overthinks it. We are working on it.

  28. MJr.

    Freakin’ awesome.

  29. BTW, Sean gets credit for coming up with MJunior, not me.

  30. Happy Birth, MJr, go ahead and start commenting.


  32. “Comment”

  33. Gratzes to the soon-to-be-sleepless couple!

  34. That always happens when you give your baby too much beer.

  35. Congrats MJ and GND
    MJ showing pics of trans women will help your son establish a gender fluid life, I am certain.

  36. Heheh, 7-lb babies are such lightweights.

  37. Heh, look who wore stilettos during their meeting in Puerto Rico. Hint: it wasn’t Melania:

  38. That’s like a shotput.

  39. I love the whistling of the sling as it whips around. ~130 yards

  40. Pup, what year of A4 did you pick up? I have a 96 with a manual and quatro. It is my 3rd car and I don’t really need it but keep it around for the winter because it’s been a great car. It’s the best car I’ve ever driven in snow, but everything is expensive to fix on it. I half heartily try to sell it to guys at work for their kids that are turning 16, So far no takers yet and I’m not sure I would sell if I did get an offer.

  41. Wow, watching Vietnam. The guy who was a Marine in Vietnam Veterans Against the War had a compelling story.

    Right up until Kerry showed up.

  42. 2003 looks like dis:

    Denim Blue

  43. purty!

  44. Oh great, Jean Francois Querie and Jane Hanoi Fonda in one episode!

  45. Wow, her laughing face on the AA gun. Video!

  46. Triggered by “It’s a boy”. Shouldn’t we wait until Xe makes up Xer mind?

  47. J’ames cold day in hell before I watch Ken Burns. His hair is more fake than Bob Costas. His history makes Howard Zinn look like a scholar. Fuck him. Fuck PBS.

  48. Jimbro, the diapering deal made me smile bigly.

  49. His history makes Howard Zinn look like a scholar.

    Was talking with my SJW daughter on Sunday and we were vigorously discussing race and microagressions ‘n such. She starts in on “Thomas Jefferson raped his slaves,” and I just said, “That sounds like a bunch of Howard Zinn bullshit. A complete load of crap.” So we moved on.

    She called back today, so I guess she took it pretty well.

  50. One derp was called Jean Marie
    Another little derp was called Felicity
    Another little derp was Sally Joy
    The other was me, and I’m a boy

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