MMM 293: October!?

Yeah, it’s Fall.  I can tell by the crunchy sound when I walk outside that isn’t a plague of locusts.  I am now officially a plantation owner of some kind, as I have a contract with a sharecropper on a goodly portion of Pferdscheisse Acres.  I still need to do some research on tree planting in that soil, both as barriers and possibly fruit crops.

Are her lips real?


What’s this doing here?  It’s not Friday.


Naughty gym ladies.


Hideous backdrop here.


Power clean.




Not the earrings one should use in the gym.


Ready for Carnivale


I miss the gym.


I bet she still can’t do a fireman’s carry.


Monday already hit me pretty hard this morning.  Best of luck to the rest of you.


  1. No amount of snake juice is going to make today okay.

  2. I have a feeling we’re going to have a narrative fail today.

    Just spitballing.

  3. I’d say it’s far more likely it will fall on our side.

  4. The target alone makes me think this.

  5. I like it better when we can talk about Lapeer Creek love tragedy stories all day instead of crap like this.


  6. I’ve stayed at the Mandalay, and the Luxor. Weird seeing it like that.

  7. A little levity – this from facedouche on Milo Y’s page – on his wedding over the weekend: ” Congratulations Leftists. You have pissed me off soo bad and driven me soo far away that I find myself cheering on homosexuality. Let that sink in. This redneck likes homosexuals more than your politics. Best wishes Milo!!”

  8. Sorry, I like Milo well enough, but I can’t celebrate that. I’ll keep praying for his safety and conversion.

  9. Eh. God can sort that stuff out. I’m always happy when people find happiness and are in a committed relationship. Rejected the modern mode of endless hook-ups and one-night-stands to form something … is always a good thing.

  10. /libertarian except I hate drugs

  11. Statistically, “married” gay men have 1-2 “extramarital” partners per month. Monogamy is foreign to the whole subculture and to gay men in general.

    “Married” lesbians don’t have sex with anyone, even each other.

  12. I’m always happy when people find happiness and are in a committed relationship. Rejected the modern mode of endless hook-ups and one-night-stands to form something … is always a good thing.

    Is it a committed relationship? The story that the left has been pushing with gay marriage is that a lot of them are open “marriages” and that we straights need to get over our hangup about monogamy and be more enlightened.

    Meh, congratulations to Milo and may he find some measure of peace and happiness that I suspect he doesn’t have in his life.

  13. I just don’t think truly gay folks can go straight. They can pretend, and everyone is miserable. Mostly the non-gay person they are married to.

    God can sort it out.

  14. I never said they could. Some desires are disordered, though, and shouldn’t be satisfied. We all have them, and some are admittedly a heavier burden than others, but we all have to overcome them if we’re to find lasting peace.

    On that note, I found a “hackbook” that someone wrote. Basically a fan re-write of the Allen Carr stop smoking book for porn.

    It worked. I wish I’d read it 4 years ago when I first started trying to quit.

  15. May Don Malarkey rest in peace. He was by far my favorite character in Band of Brothers, and by all accounts was a true hero and patriot.

    When I contrast those MEN to the likes of BLM, Antifa, Pajama Boy, safe spaces, and micro aggressions, I wonder if we are so far gone as to be truly doomed.

  16. I’m gonna confess: I don’t care about Las Vegas.

  17. Our men by and large survived the Great Wars and came home to have families, Hotspur. America still has her fighting blood. I see Millenial men reading Marcus Aurelius, embracing stoicism, and rejecting the degeneracy they see in the world. Don’t lose hope.

  18. I don’t care about the city of Las Vegas.

    The innocent people killed OTOH…

  19. Urrgh, turned on the TV to see Vegas coverage. Anchor was asking why don’t they have metal detectors on all the buildings………..

    I hate wind. It’s been blowing here for 3 days straight…..much like your mom during Fleet Week.

  20. As I was exiting the bedroom dressed for work, HotBride was sitting in her reading chair, iPad in hand and mentioned fifty people dead in Las Vegas. But, she said, “They aren’t calling it terrorism.” I stopped dead in my tracks on the first step down the stairs and said, “Fifty people are dead, but it isn’t terrorism? What planet did Las Vegas move to?”

    She said, “Well, evidently it isn’t a muslim.”

    Really? That’s our new standard? The left breathes a collective sigh of relief.

  21. I’m guessing it will eventually be classed as “workplace violence”.

  22. Either they’ll find rightwing propaganda and he’ll be held up as the face of the Trump movement, or he’ll turn out to be a Bernie-bro, in which case the whole thing will be quickly forgotten.

  23. My money is on getting fired from one of the hotels at some point right now.

  24. Why shoot country-music concert goers then?

  25. Available target.

  26. This is weird: “Lombardo said law enforcement authorities had located a “person of interest” who he named as Marilou Danley, believed to be the suspect’s roommate. She was later cleared of involvement, authorities said.

    Lombardo said officers had located a Hyundai Tucson and a Chrysler Pacifica Touring, both with Nevada plates, which were registered to the dead suspect.”

  27. My mind went where Car in’s went. Anti-Trumper taking it out on who he thinks caused Trump.

  28. Could also be a gambler who couldn’t cope with the loss.

  29. Maybe he just really, really hated country music?

  30. That part I can understand.

  31. So he has 2 cars there, but no accomplice?


  32. Steve Scalise type who just had less opposition and thus more kills. That’s my guess. I’ll give the media 48 hours to shovel their bullshit theories and half truths, then time back in.

  33. Tune back in.

  34. Straight up nut job.

  35. I love country music.

  36. I love girls who love country music.

    The music itself I’m indifferent to.

  37. That’s the only music on in Paula’s car or truck. I’ve adjusted. So much in fact, I recognized the name of the performer at the Vegas concert.

  38. A lot of the ho’s I work with are huge country music fans. Faster horses, etc.

    I’m not a country music fan, though, never have been. Obviously.

  39. I used to hate country. Now I listen to it because I am so sick of “classic rock”.

    Seriously, they are still playing the same crap I was sick of 25 years ago.

  40. Nirvana is now “classic rock”. I mostly listen to talk or CDs.

  41. * call radio station *

    * requests Cocaine by Eric Clapton *

  42. Probably easier to list the genres of music I don’t like to listen to.

    Ska, Dubstep, Industrial … etc

  43. Today is AC day.

    I take them out, take them apart, clean up their guts, and put them away.

    Window units turn into mold farms if you aren’t careful.

    I was getting asthma attacks before learning this.

  44. ……cuz there ain’t no one to remember your name…. nah nah nah

  45. I was anti Classic Rock for years but recently stumbled across a station here with a 70’s and 80’s classic rock format that I’ll sometimes listen to. We have limited options for free over the air stations.

  46. At this point, I don’t know who is crazier – Stephen Paddock or ISIS.

  47. My daughter sets her car to the country music station. Says it calms her while she’s behind the wheel. (Driving stresses her out.)

  48. I learned to lime country music during basic training. Civilian bus drivers would play either country or R&B when driving us anywhere. I can’t stand R&B.

    I still hate most pop-country.

  49. What was he firing from the 32nd floor? He’s firing from up to 400 feet away.

  50. I hate Country Music. All those songs about love, family, god, patriotism, rebelliousness, living a uncomplicated life, hunting, farming, trucks and Momma….. that shit sucks!

    I need some teenage angst music, or some utopian everybody hold hands music. Or maybe something with a endlessly repeating bass line really loud, oh and dont leave out the autotune….gotta haz sum dat autotune to make one sound like a really cool robot.

    You should’ve seen it in Color…..

  51. Some of the videos are fun to watch.

  52. I hate Country Music. All those songs about love, family, god, patriotism, rebelliousness, living a uncomplicated life, hunting, farming, trucks and Momma….. that shit sucks!

    My life morphed into a country song so slowly I barely even noticed.

  53. “Regardless of what he was he was shooting, we need to ban assault rifles with large capacity magazines.”

    Murphy & Blumenthal

  54. It’s not the lyrics – those are usually fine. It’s the music.

  55. I generally don’t like any pop – and country is basically pop music with better themes in the lyrics.

  56. Country music sucks.

  57. This is the perfect country and western song. He proves it in the last verse.

  58. Damn, just found out a friend of mine died last week. 37. No idea what happened.

  59. This Cowboys Hat.

  60. From AoS:
    At 10:45 (LV Time) the Democrat DA says;

    “This not a Democrat or Republican issue.”

    So, I guess the shooter was a Hillbot or BurnieBro…

  61. Hillary Elector?

  62. He was a LONG way away: Area Map

  63. I don’t want to go all cray cray, but I don’t think they have the shooter.

  64. going grassy knoll on us?

  65. Yep.

  66. With the right weapon, that is not too far. There were some people saying they say smoke coming from that window. Do full autos smoke?

  67. say – saw

  68. Do you believe his family had no clue he was a tad goofy? Family is teh debil and everyone knows who the kooks are.

  69. If he wasn’t in regular contact they may not have realized how far out of it he was.

  70. If he wasn’t in regular contact they may not have realized how far out of it he was.

  71. I haven’t been in contact with my brothers for years. Had they done something like this, the only surprise would be them finding the money to buy all those guns.

  72. I just read that the scrunt CBS legal executive has been sent down the road talking to herself.

  73. What is that about, Hotspur?

  74. Oh, saw it at Aces. Scrunt indeed.

  75. Looks like Tom Petty is gone.

  76. They really live in a bubble – that they think it’s ok to make such comments.

  77. I will miss Tom Petty. Genuine talent.

  78. Cocaine is bad for your heart.

  79. Ethan’s surgery got scheduled – the 19th.

    Erin is broken hearted today. I will seriously key that kid’s car.

    I’m about to call squeakhole or Dark horse or whomever and tell them to MOVE NOW.

    I have to work

  80. He didn’t look like the picture of health.

  81. Tom Petty is one of my favorites. Not his politics, but his music.

  82. I’m about to call squeakhole or Dark horse or whomever and tell them to MOVE NOW.

    I have to work

    This sounds like a job for MJ.

  83. 1200′ from his victims:

  84. 400 yards is easily accomplished with a bit of practice. And remember, he was firing into a massed crowd, not looking for individual targets.

  85. What Alex said.
    22,000 people standing shoulder to shoulder, he would have had trouble NOT hitting someone. Just point at the center of the crowd and start shooting…

  86. Actually, I wonder how many were killed by bullets versus trampling…

  87. One of the reporters was talking to a father, who threw himself on his daughters to shield them. The reporter said there were footprints on his back…

  88. Some of the videos are fun to watch.

    Southern Rock is not country. Pop is not country.

    My life morphed into a country song so slowly I barely even noticed.


  89. I think modern country is pretty close to 70s-80s Southern Rock.

  90. I hated country as a kid/teen, Dad was a Statler Brothers Oak Ridge Boys John Denver listener. As I got older, my best friend was a hair band rocker like me, but got me into Waylon/Willie/Merl/George drinking music.

    Now I’m 50, I like bluegrass and southern rock, along with metal, grunge and funk, blues and folk and old school country, I listen to everything except for soul, pop and gangster rap. I’m musically retarded, as if you couldn’t tell by my BBF musical selections.

  91. Southern rock? Country? Cats fuckin in a closet?

  92. That was kinda dark for me, PG.

    Storming like heck here in southern Canada. No satellite TV. Trying to work up the energy to do dishes. Failing.

  93. Mr. B. read some article that the shooter’s dad was a wanted bank robber back in the day. Said to be a psychopath. Will go see if I can find it.

  94. A bad seed.

  95. Plant a bean, get a bean.

    No offense, beasn ;)

  96. Kind of smells like a patsy.

  97. Should be getting pretty close to the muppet baby birth.

  98. My new Ops Manager at work looks like this guy:

    I gave the owner MJ’s resume before they hired Scooter, it still cracks me up everytime I talk to him or when y’all talk about MJ’s felt fetish.

  99. MJ will make a good dad. ‘Til his kid is four. Then the little tyke will kick his ass.

  100. ?

  101. Shooter was a high stakes video poker player. I have a feeling they wiped him out and the shooting was revenge.

  102. We must ban gambling

  103. High Stakes Video Poker?

    I did not know such a thing existed.

  104. Ban stakes. Especially high ones.

  105. I heard $100 per hand.

  106. Scott, I agree.

  107. $100 per hand? Your mother charges one tenth that amount.

  108. But where the eff did he get the rock and roll weapons? He had to be on someone’s radar. This thing stinks to high heaven.

  109. active fermentation

  110. High Stakes Video Poker?

    I did not know such a thing existed.

    You have to beat the main boss in regular video poker before they give you access to it.

  111. Comment by Jay in Ames on October 2, 2017 8:34 pm


  112. I need a beard update Sean.

  113. Is that some kind of pumpkin brew?

  114. Mmmmm…yeasty.

    Just like your mom.

  115. “But Eric Paddock also told the Washington Post that his brother was a regular player of high-stakes video poker. “He .me a text that says he won $250,000 at the casino,” he said”

    I bet he lost that and chased it to the bitter end.

    He wasn’t stupid, you can see rock bottom as it approaches.

  116. Beard Update, Day 701:

    After trying to keep it pretty short during the summer, I’ve got it at a length that I like right now. Trying to decide if I’ll grow it longer as the weather gets cooler.

  117. hard orange juice


    It’s hard for me to believe that you don’t tech poly scie at a juco with that look.

  119. tech = teach

    I blame Red’s Wicked Apple Ale

  120. I need that tiara!!! BRB reading comments

  121. The guy was not a bad gambler, apparently. He owned, at least, 4 houses, two airplanes, and a couple cars. His brother said he made millions in real estate…

  122. I actually teach a course on the Postmodern Power Dynamics of Consent in the Curb Your Enthusiasm/Schindler’s List Slash Fiction author/reader community. It is…not well-attended.

  123. you need a pipe and a tweed jacket sean

  124. Good gamblers don’t play video poker.

    John Daly was smarter than this guy, and he lost $55 million gambling over 15 years.

  125. Punster…😂😂😂😂

  126. Invoking 24 hour rule. Wife or GF? Filipina or Indonesian? Money transfers out of country

  127. Scott,
    “Good gamblers don’t play video poker.”

    Do *you* own two airplanes, four houses, and a couple of cars? Manage to send “tens of thousands of dollars to Philippine girlfriend” in the last couple weeks, own a bunch of guns, some full-auto?
    He did okay

  128. Nope, but I bet John Daly did at one point.

    Rich people do stupid stuff too.

    See John Daly, Tiger Woods, Anthony Weiner, Elliot Spitzer………

  129. Daly could blow a million in a weekend.

  130. I could blow a million in a weekend, but I don’t. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to have to be here, so the money needs to last. Situational awareness, I suppose…

  131. Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley as well. I think Ben Affleck and Toby McGuire.

  132. I am probably wrong, but I know a thing or two about this stuff.

  133. scott knows about blowing.

  134. Where’s MJ? If they’re having that baby and he’s not telling us, I’m going to kick his ass.

  135. Oschi has a pet bird. It’s not alive. I’ve caught her with it several times over the last few days. She’s brought it inside for the night.

  136. a gal at work thinks the Vegas thing is fake. @@.

    Also, Sandy Hook and 9/11.

    My eyes can’t roll hard enough.

  137. Where’s MJ? If they’re having that baby and he’s not telling us, I’m going to kick his ass.

    You probably still have time to make it to the hospital before they grow too attached to the bebbe.

  138. I’m thinking I’m going to have to kidnap GND too. I’ll net a wet nurse, because I’ve VERY pro-nursing.

  139. Passive aggressive Dan: Pres called. My CT scan is 4K. We have to pay $890 I’ve decided to be like you and just ignore my health from now on.

  140. a gal at work thinks the Vegas thing is fake. @@.

    Also, Sandy Hook and 9/11.


  141. Sean, this chick also told me a few years back that she doesn’t think History should be taught in schools, because we should concentrate on the present and future.

  142. You should just teach the present, because the future and the past don’t exist.

  143. Car in, how many baby daddies does she have? Round to the nearest dozen.

  144. We get lots of people avoiding the news on days like today. Lots and lots of non-buyers, just people killing time. Lots of special needs kids/groups/families. Guy with black eye kept pacing and muttering about Transformers. No visible blue tooth. I hid until security cameras could confirm he was accompanied and unarmed.

  145. She actually has zero children. She’s 36, so her options are dwindling. She is currently divorcing her husband who is a drug addict/asshole. She admits she has a thing for bad boys.

  146. I don’t trust the FBI on Vegas Shooter. Waiting for weaponized Autism to weigh in. Dark web scary

  147. She actually has zero children. She’s 36, so her options are dwindling. She is currently divorcing her husband who is a drug addict/asshole. She admits she has a thing for bad boys.

    Does she do the “why can’t I find a nice guy?” routine?

  148. 7 lb 9 oz.

    8:52 pm



    Happy birfday, MJunior!

  151. I rolled on as the derp grew dark
    I put the pedal down to make some time
    There’s something good waitin’ down this road
    I’m pickin’ up whatever’s mine

  152. Fantastic news MJ! Congratulations to you and the missus and the whole famn damily.

    Did you save the placenta for later?

  153. wakey wakey!

    I’ve got a quick road trip to make today. No one worry themselves about what I’m doing.

  154. Anyone doing a tuesday poat?

  155. OMG how wonderful!
    Sheer happiness. MJ, you did it. You have a family.

    Carin told me placenta is good with carrots and onions. Tastes like pot roast.
    You shouldn’t judge her.

  156. Congratulations, MJ. He’s a giant compared to my daughter at that age.

  157. I did the Monday post. I’m still too tired to do another.

  158. (I have a picture of the bebe) Bwhaa haaa haaaaa

  159. It looks like a muppet. Just as we expected. That’s how we know it’s MJ’s.

  160. Placenta is good name.

    De’placenta if you’re feeling fancy.

  161. Congratulations to GND and MJ! I wondered where he was last night.

  162. Hotspur – I believe I called it before I went to work.

  163. Huh. My post didn’t show up. Just looked. Yesterday I was guessing he was off doing baby emerging things.

  164. Congrats, MJ, Mrs. MJ, and newcomer!

  165. Placentia

  166. I think it’s mostly peaceful protest time for NB. Erin was just broken hearted yesterday. I have to kill him. I see no other option.

  167. How do people raise complete dickheads? It must have something to do with their home life.

  168. My boys are SO nice to girls. I hope Erin learns her lesson about dickheads. It is who they are – it has NOTHING to do with you. They’re going to be dickheads to the next girl too.

  169. What did he do this time? Why aren’t you squeezing the kids for more information? You’re killing us with curiousity.

    I think you owe it to us to extract more intel. Children are young, inexperienced, and trusting. You can break them. Please try to apply your authority in a more useful/ treacherous manner. Thanks.

  170. meh, she’ll rebound, quickly.

    Congrats, MJ! Someone smaller than you in the house for once!

  171. waterboarding is fun. Plus, if there’s an “accident” you have a lake right there. Just get some cement blocks.

  172. We should kidnap NB and shave his head. That’ll fix it.

  173. What does Erin think about younger men?

  174. And thanks everyone.

  175. Well, he broke it off last week, then showed up at our house on friday uninvited – which basically fucked with her head. WHY did he show up?

    Plus, he keeps chatting with her on snapchat (or he was). WHY? Because he’s a dick.

    Yesterday, when I picked up Ethan, I saw another girl get into his car.

    I wasn’t gonna tell her, but Ethan did …


    I guess she was holding out hope – and he was doing whatever to feed this on. BECAUSE HE’S A DICK.

  176. What does Erin think about younger men?

    lol. She loves babies. She’s like her momma.

  177. Speaking of having non-dick sons, I just saw a picture of my Matt on facedouche WEARING a baby with one of those front carry things.


    (he really loves babies)

  178. Congrats, MJ! You’re gonna make awesome parents!

  179. So very wonderful, MJ!! Now starts the best time of your life!

  180. Congrats, MJ!

  181. She’ll bounce back, Car in, and she’s an excellent catch so some smart guy will see that and snatch her up once she’s ready.

  182. Comment by mare on October 3, 2017 9:41 am
    So very wonderful, MJ!! Now starts the best time of your life!

    Post-natal forced celibacy?

  183. Congratulations, MJ.

    I think you are supposed to wait until he can walk before you can share a beer.

  184. Well of course. Once he can walk, he can get the beer.

  185. Post-natal forced celibacy?

    This is a thing.

  186. If he can crawl. he can pull a cart.

  187. We bought a horse trailer without functional brakes. A guy with a pacemaker is out in the driveway fixing it now.

  188. What a douche. He’ll string the next girl along, too.

  189. I just need to teach erin that revenge is dish best served cold.

    Or …

    That moving on and being freakin happy with herself/dating actually a NICE guy is a pretty sweet revenge too.

    I haven’t decided which one to go with.

  190. I think you are supposed to wait until he can walk before you can share a beer.
    Welp, I have news. He likes a nice malty Porter.

  191. Yeah, it’s most beneficial to close one door before opening the next. She needs to slam it shut and get him off her back. He’s confusing her on purpose.

    DB thinks he is going to date new people while he also builds a stable of backup girls (this is what he’s trying to make of Erin), which is a common notion of douchebags. Some day his car is gonna get keyed real good.

  192. It’s a small price to pay, Alex.

  193. I’m wearing my spacemonkey scrub top on my day off because my new jerb requires uniform scrubs. I still need to wear it occasionally because it makes me giddy happy just to see myself in it.

    You guys ever stop and think about how awesome you are? You should, all the time.

  194. How’s GND, MJ?

  195. I do not lauraw. That’s why I’m going to get my head straight and go for a run.

    Because I really don’t want to key that dickhead’s car, but the urge is building.

    I think having Erin on his dossier builds his ego – because she’s pretty popular. She should have listened to … oh, every one of his friends. Her Best friend emily says he only really likes himself.

  196. Roamy is particularly awesome.

  197. She’s doing good. Resting and feeding.

  198. I was fortunate to witness one of the most sweet moments of new mother bonding during my maternity clinical. The part right after recovery, where the mother starts really falling in love with the baby. It’s a compulsion. She undresses the baby completely and closely examines his every little fold, lol. So frickin’ adorable. Apparently they all do this.

  199. You have to make sure they don’t have the mark of the beast, lauraw. duh.

  200. Well, wow,that’s a bit less benign than I had originally assumed. Makes sense, though.

  201. It’s nice to know what you’re dealing with from day one.

  202. Ok, the snake juice is a little gross. DIdn’t use the no-salt stuff, because Lauraw seemed worried about that, but figured there was nothing wrong with water, ACV, lemon and a little bit of Himalayan salt.

  203. I’m trying a longer fast today with two workouts before I eat, so I wanted a little umpfh.

  204. In another story, it includes a bit from the facebook post- and the guy’s friend pipes up that he’s single/available. LOL. Love it.

  205. Here it is: “Chance Wilk Yep… Brendan Kelly is my boy, drinking buddy, and a fellow Marine ladies. I can 100% confirm that he is single and not only a genuine hero, but a gentleman as well. Happy hunting! 😉

  206. Congratulations, MJ & GND! You’re going to have so much fun 😊

  207. Congrats, MJ and GND!
    Good luck sleeping, from here on out…

  208. Congratulations, MJ and GND! Bebbeh pics, stat!

  209. What is the gender of the MJ/GND offspring?

  210. Boy, Hotspur.

  211. Ooooooh, no, leon. No no no no no. They have to let the baby decide.

  212. “Spray urine straight up into the air if you believe you are a boy.”

    Mystery solved.

  213. Ooooooh, no, leon. No no no no no. They have to let the baby decide.

    This is among the worst ideas I’ve heard in my lifetime, and I first heard it in 5th grade sex ed.

    I should have formed a posse and burnt that witch at the stake.

  214. Do muppets truly have a gender?

  215. What was your gender at birth, xBrad?

  216. Pony, Hotspur.

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